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desigrl05 #5 {pg144 AA/KaSh} (Page 149)

desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Angelic_Pari

u guys know how it is w/ avis that you want to make it look so pretty but photoshop is being a slow butt so u just hurry up and save whatever shit comes out? ...yeah...
Hahaha...ROFL I totally agree w/ you yaar... I know exactly wat you mean...
tht's why I havn't been making avis lately...LOL  but parrii ur avis are the best!!
But still tumhe to na maar padegi... Angryabb isse achha aur kya chahiye... Look at the freekin avis... what is there not to like about???Shocked Everything is just sooo gorgeousBig smileEmbarrassed great job making them DI... aur phirse bola na ke achhe nahi the to phir to danda leke piche dodna padega mereko...ROFL ahahah..theek hai meri maa nahin bolungi ;)
^^I wanted to make more on the white dream sequence but dudde..its hard working w/ those... I feel soo overwhelmed w/ all the pics rofll..but nonetheless will try anyways next time

I know exactly wat you mean w/ the white sequence of Kash...LOL I tried making them too and only one of them came out nicely..Confused
It's sooo haarrdd too work w/ soo many capsOuch It's like shuld I choose this one or that one... huh?? and in the end u just start getting frustratedDead i knoowww!!! im the same..i wante dto use just 7-8 caps but then ended up having 14 caps in the siggy and it looked so crappy so i trashed it :(
But this siggy came out beautifulll... and it's sooo prettyy.. I love how you chose pics from two different scenes and still were able to link them together...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed thanks yaar..yeah thats waht iwas aiming for..making sure they were in sync
^^ "Pagal Ladki" & "Gande Admi" are the infamous gaali's that AA always used to call one another by..these pics reminded me of it...

Haha... the dialogue sounds hilarious...LOL I know wat you mean... 
actually sometimes I'm watching another show and I can link so many dialogues to LKT's fav dialogues.. :( :( :( :( both are missing in action..they need to come backkk!!!! esp kt's 'chilgose' dialouge and I'm soo sadd KMH endedCry  mee too yaar..itna accha show tha :(
But the siggy is very beautifully done yaar... Why are you so good at everything Pinch omfg..u are the last one to say such, u are the one i get inspired from so pleaseee, aisa mat kaho lol
^^not a fan of the raj/jignesh track (i know im a party pooper) but they looked hot :P
This siggy also came out verryy pretty...Big smile Loved the picture arrangement
It's just perfectWink thanks jaan

^^Kritikaji, if you ever read this, know that you are highly envied by thousands of woman... to be in your position with karan (muahaha..no pun intended) what I wouldn't do :P *sigh*
HHaiiilllaaa...Shocked Never saw the scene but now after looking at the siggy...i feel I shuld go see ittEmbarrassed WATCH IT!! The siggyy is as freekiinn hott as the scene and their chemistry...Embarrassed 
Very well done DIClapClap

Great work as alwaysClap Keep it upTongue
thanks parii!! it feels soo good to talk to old friends Hug i missed u madd! ab kahin nahin jaana!
Originally posted by Sano88

omg goregous work jhansa.. loved them alot.. iloved the new style anc coloring :D thankk uu sanozz
Originally posted by Aditiloveskajen

AA Ones are amazing<3
its sad that the show is not on air anymore:( i knowww yaar..bakwaas ndtv 'unimaginative' wale uff.. but thanks for liking :P
Originally posted by wida

goshht hose aa stuff are liek mindblowing i lvoe the avis especially first oneee
and th sigs saved them will use them aftr being backk
lovelove themmm
second one the pic ya used of karan on the left aighttt ahhh so adorablee he's a cutiee
yepyep karan is frigginngg hott challoo koi ek toh hai jo meri sentiments ko samajh ta hai..haha aww wids i miss talking gandi gandi baatien w/ you about karan ahahahah
Originally posted by ..Ragzz..

gorgolicious update jhanuu Hug thankk uu raguu Hug
ur stuff on AA turns out the best :)) keep it upp!! when are u opening again ;)) arrey yaar..pichli baar ka sadma abhi bhi haii..ab toh vacation lena padega
Originally posted by -Harshu-

Gorgeous update Jhanuuu  harshuuu...gosh, this has become our tradition now ahah

KaSh sig is mindblowing
Shona is looking sooo innocent & beautiful <3333
Abt ' u - know - who ' I agree wid Anku :P ahah..we all do meri jaan..*sigh* nonetheless i liked KaSh..

KK stuff is HOT ;)
Loved the ' young love ' one the most <3
ur blue & black colouring is gorgeous<3333 thankss..seems like that one is popular

LOL I don't envy Kritika bcz I don't find him ' dat' HOT LOL . haha refer to my replly to anku on this one..KK look cute together Embarrassed aren't they?? they make a good couple

Ohhh ur almost done wid this gall :O
Yayy Congo :D :D yayyyl..ifnallyyy! thank u :)
Originally posted by -Farzana-

Jhannnviii you are almost done with this gallery. Woohoo! Early congrats hon! thanks dearr!! can't wait to be donnneee
OMG are you kidding me, your DDLJ sig was epic! Why are you surprised everyone loved it? Im not, cuz I looveddd it. The dark blue/black bg looked so beautiful! that siggy was so impromptu..maybe thats why..lol, but yeah it did come out nicely i guess.. This AA sig is similar to the DDLJ one and I love it. Its my fav from the update. thanks yaar!
Loved everything though! Gorgeous work. Cant wait for the next gall =) thank u jaan Hug hopefully it'll be upsoon :P
Originally posted by Angel-Pebby

You make me fall in love with you whenever you update! You're stuff is just so ... beautiful, that's it's really hard not to gaze at your computer screen. Seriously. I just love everything in this update. Everything's literally beyond beautiful. :-)that is such a damn sweet compliment..thankkuu
Originally posted by -Aish129-

OMFFGG OMFFGGG Hug i love love loveee. you're almost done w/ this shop? :OOO i remember thinking once you stuffed the title up because it was desigrl05 #5 you know the 5 twice? ahaaha yes i know you're thinking im out of my brain but expect no more on a sunday evening 5pm AHAHAH... yeahh..i named my gallery many things but then settled on my username as it's easiest for ppl to find when looking
anyway where was i going with this? at least i won't be confused cause now it'll be desigrl05 #6 and i'll just be happy that im getting further and fruther w/ numbers ahah

ANYWAYYY. the avis are so prettyyy no joke. like honestly i don't know why you would term them shit but then again it's you so i would expect that :)) this one &&; yes they are ajeeb se..not too fond of them :(

 < oh my goddd. colouring:OO just everything is perfect. see? LOOK at it :O jaan the only thing perfect in it is effing sexy kundra ahahahahldsfj a;  i am mad pagal i know

i love love love the kash one. have i mentioned how much I LOVE your textures? i think i have. short term memory loss but who cares. ahaha.. i dont know but you are a sweetheart i don't mind saying it again and again cause I adore the ones you use and the way you use them :)) hahaha paagal ladki gande aadmi? rofll i almost switched each around.. ;) but their expressions are so damn cute.. so is your sig <333 thanks yaar..i heart their expressions as well
second AA one is--i heart the styleee :) but but but wait for it :OO

^this is like OMFFFGGG oh my god my god GODD.. why why whyyy is it so AMAZING?  this scene was amazing hence siggy is amazing :P
the DDLJ sig was of the sameee style right? yup just to tell you it looks super amazing in my dabba still, i left it there ;) aww... u are better though..i am still in love w/ my AA siggy..its too sexy to take off oops sidetrack. but this one :OOO i love love love the colouring/style/texture and in short = everything. yeah that could have been said in one sentence but it was necessary to ranttt. OH MY GOD I LOVEEE ITTT! 

i think that's the longest thinggg i've written you. im proud. be proud as well :$ 
love youuu Hug yeahh..i saw ur comment and im like..damnnn;alsdjf ladki ne novel likh daala..but it really means lots to me yaar..Hug
Originally posted by Fari.Kashian

Kash again! Dancing  wooohoooParty yupp parttyy

LOVE everything but the Kash one is so freakin amazing. That pic of Shona is GORGEOUS and Karans sexy like always. The text is awesome as well. 
Love it hun. thankk uuu ..!!

ALL the AA stuff is gorgeous! Love the last 2 the best...well the last one...Silly  muuahah..my feelings exactly
I dont even know how Kritika was able to pull that scene off. My knees woulda gone weak and I woulda fainted if that was me. Shes got control ROFL dude..mein toh besharm ho ke---  you dont know what i would do Blushing ahah

LOVELY update hun. awesome stuf thanks dear!
Originally posted by -Cherry-

Can't believe i missed the last update uff, And you make KaSh (Kajol&SRK) and KaSh (Karan&Shilpa), double the treat yaar. Such amazing siggie Jhanvi, i was going through your old gallery and i came across this KaSh terrace scene siggie, which just totally blew me away, it was so gorgeous. Love it.
thanks jaan..i loved the terrace scene..no matter how many siggys i make upon it i still cannot get enough!

Such a beautiful siggie yaar, i love all the moment you captured in this siggie, totally and beautifully gorgeous. I adore the blue theme behind this, it makes it look so fairytale like, and so accient yet exciting. okay, its finalized..blackblue is a must coloring haha I love this siggie, SRK n Kajol in this movie were total brilliance, love this loads babe. gosh, loved this movie to bits too! The text is beautiful, i just love your texts, because they are all in hindi and they all look extra beautiful. i always prefer hindi texts before anything in english..i feel theres more meaning to them.. Do make some of Srk n Kajol from KKHH.  will try to :P
KaSh, brings back so much memories. no joke And the text that you put says it all, 'everlasting memories' these two will never get old, 4 years later, and still one of the best first meetings, totally unique and purely KaShsome. 4 years?!! really? damnnn... I love your colouring and style in this siggie, it's so beautiful, it's like a flashback kinda senario, makes one think of this scene which was like ages back. nostalgia hits you na.. i felt that way when making it..  And you showed that through this siggie. 'You were Worth the Wait' < in such small writing at the side, but brought tears to my eyes, they were truly worth the wait, and will always be. yeah..i picked that text especially for this siggy..gosh, i miss them :( I love this siggie, one of the bests from you jhanvi. I just love the way you spilt the one text into two, as if linking to one another in a very warming way, i love that. It's beautiful.  thanks jaan
Umm before i go on this siggie, i have to dissagree with the people who said something about KSG's pic. I adore it, i know how hard it is to find a pic that really blends in well together, and kudos to you for finding this pic, because making things out of the white sequence seems to be hard, but i love this siggie.THANK YOU! kissiko toh samaj mein aaya what i was trying to do  I like the way you used the KSG's pic, because it matches with the text in such a beautiful way, the way his looking upwards and says that Shona is his full world, and thats why the pic looks great with it. yayyy!! you figured out what i was doingg! haha..i feel happy :P And my oh my, through that whole white sequence, you picked the best picture of shona, it is very very much true that, that moment was such a glorious moment, the way she gave the most innocent smile, and you picturised it perfectly in the siggie. She is truly an Angel in here. that entire sequence she looked flawless..it was hard picking just one pic I love this siggie, i love the style of this, it's so very unique and just idyllic. The text, mar jawan, such a beautiful text, i love the way you come up with them, it's really gorgeous. Amazing Work Jhanvi.  tahnk uu..and *hugs* for samjh'ing' my jazbaat behind that siggy :P
Do make more KaSh siggies in your further updates, i love seeing them.
And a early congratulations on your next thread
dont worry, kash will always be a part of my creations.. maybe not often but will update on them every now and then ;)
Swancy Embarrassed username change? it was angelic_swancy or something before na?
Originally posted by SPINKaShFanatic

I Finally had to drop here :D  thank u for tapak'ing' by ;P
There's always this uniqueness in your work! :D
Love all the siggies!
Fabulous KaSh and SRK Ones,and other show which creations that i don't know! htanks yaar Hug means alot, and welcome to my gallery :P
Originally posted by amira_saeed

Awwesomeee!!!! lovee ur creationn <3 thanks jaan!


Originally posted by -_AfridiMalik_-

Oh god Love these like TOTALLY!
specially last AA wala! Blushing
ishtyle ekdum mastt hai! Thumbs Up  haha..thank u dear..

_Oishi_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
wow...all the siggys are soo unique & beautiful update
nyctophilia IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 December 2009
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Jhanvi!!!

The KaSh sig is Beautiful!!! Shona looks divine and angelic in that pic!! its one of my most fav pic of hers!!!

And the AA update is AWESOME!!!!

I really really love ur Creations!!! They are Breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!

Keep rocking!!!

Edited by kriti_binal - 29 May 2011 at 12:34pm

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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Farrah-

Jhanvi amazing as always!Embarrassed thank u thank u
First the kash siggy or is it Arsh?LOL ??even idont know ahah I dont think Ive ever seena bad picture of Shilpa! She is just stunning. yeah, she's pretty damn photogenic :( ..jealous And although Im not so fond of Arman for various reasons I really like his picture in your siggy looking up into the sky and seeing Shilpa there. Nice!Embarrassed yeahh..thats what i was trying to get to..ahah, and i feel the same abotu armaan
And I can see your a big big fan of KMH. So sorry your show ended! yeahh.i am like phangurl #1 of that show..i loved it like a TT-wala loves rishwat
But I love the first siggy of KK and the wording on it is so cute!!LOLLOL hehe, thank u
The Jhal Ke dhuan one is awesome. I love the colouring on that one.
I love your last siggy. Both of them look so in sync with each other in that one! thankk u so much!
Great work!Embarrassed
Originally posted by -Dharu-

Gorgeous love the AA stuff the most. they always seem to stand out the best in your work:) haha..jab koi cheez se itna pyar ho toh wo hi sab se bhetereen aajata hai ;O) thanks for liking jaan :P
Originally posted by -RamSitaKiDasi-

wow jhanvi diii, the new update is so cute !! i just luv all ur creations diii, the last one specially is luvely!Day Dreaming  thank u sweets!
diii, did u see my comment and suggestion on pg. 143?Embarrassed i dont mean to be annoying diii, i just wasn't sure if u saw it.Blushing ahah, ur not being annoying pagal ladki! i saw, im actually not going to be able to do it at the moment but agar another time i'll ask for suggestions then do remind me and i'll do it ;)
Originally posted by angeldmg16

Goshhh man! Love love love the KaSh sig its so Angelic <3 gonna to use it ;)
and Fab AA Stuff :) omg, thats so sweet of you to use! thanks yaar
Originally posted by -Fatima-

damn gorgeous update :) thakn uuu
Originally posted by -Arjunlicious-

OMGGG Dreamy Updatee! KaSh oness Goshh do make more on them!:) haha, dont worry, i will ;) thank u
Originally posted by -Preeti-

lovely creations Jhanvi
the KaSh and the AA sig is stunning
thanks preetss! means alot!
Originally posted by ..-Jia-..

Jhanviii! <3 I need to comment on your update ErmmLOL I am so behind but let me comment on this one first!  ... 

THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE! I love the style. I remember you making a KaJen one with this style .. a request I believe and I loved it. Keep it up doll! <3 aww thank u sweets ! The AA stuff looks great but the KaSh stuff takes the cake! It is simply gorgeous. ahah.. kash ones aer always special I love that picture of SA. She looks like an angel Embarrassed she is really pretty! If you don't mind, could you PM me that picture of hers. I would love to work with that picture of hers! (: Thanks. pm'd :P AND OMG you are almost done with your shop! Dancing 
yup..yayy..next one mein party karenge B-)
Originally posted by -Sofia-

Originally posted by InfiniteEnigma.


Seriously I hate that I'm always last or near last to comment on your work ): It makes my heart hurt, it really does ): UGGGH.
aww..phattyyy.. *hugs* dont be sad :( but haan..it feels weird when i odnt see u and sary not commenting side by side ahaha

Kay I'ma go study and come back during my break. But until then just know that your AA Jal Jal Ke Dhua wala siggy is stuck in my mind already :/ I'm head over heels for your work, babe! AH.
"jal jal ke dhuan..." haiii.. goshh..they are too sexy

NOW I WILL GO AND BE BACK LATER :) 'Till then, lovely update! haah, okay thank uu

PS. My dil still hurts for being near last, along with the fact that KMH is done. aww dont be sad for either *mwah* remember that i love you anyways, and karankritika are together offscreen, toh jab tak kmh3 nahin aata..karankritika ka kitanimohabbat hai offscreen dekho ;)
Originally posted by -kirulicious-

omg, haven't visited your gall for a looong time! 
The latest update is gorgeous! love love the avis! beautiful work! :-) thanks jaan!
Originally posted by -Sary-

WAIT :S There is a way to not make them grainy :| WTH -_- see this is why I say IDK shit about avis ROFL ahah. not really a distinct way but i just figured it out how to decrease it a little...earlier i use to put on lots of textures/colors in it w/ diff color borders and all but now i just splash the coloring i want on the avi and then whatever colors show up on my frame i use the color drop tool to get that color and us it for my text or texture so when its saving it doesnt expand on color palatte and its less grainy.. I just get lucky :P And it's ok that you don't remember..remembering your work is fan's job not yours LOL haha, pagal ladki OH when DMG started IDK Indian TV existed let alone DMG :P really? i was aware of DMG but refused to watch it as again..entire world and their mom was watching it..but i really got hooked during SR phase  I was quite late erm 2009 to be exact LOL but yeh I went through lots of fanship phases :| i did too..i hated KaSh one point of time..then fell head over heels..hated sukkukaran ..then went phangurl w/ rahulmuskaan..then mayank left...then loved KaJen..then disliked them after SR got married + offscreen drama..then went head over heels for JeRan...then liked sukkukaran..still dislike kajen..ahah.. ...then It won't be wrong to say I am one bipolar ladki when it comes to loving shizzz :$ dude..if you're bipolar then im schizophrenic or something..rofll OH and I love your kinda fans who can make fun of stuff they love ROFL it makes it more entertaining to discuss and even watch :) you cant be comfortable w/ what you love if you can't criticize them right? yeahh.. its just a show, nothing to start WWIII over.. Erm was there a pun intended with him being your ganda admi ;) ahah.. when is there not?? haha, u know me :P AND don't ever trash your siggies :| that's a sin -_- agar yahan post karungi toh tumhe yeh sin bhi dekhna hoga aur socho gi 'kyaa yaar... kitna bakwaas hai..' so to save you from that sin i have to commit one ;) And btw open se I meant opening dukaan :P not open open :| even I wont ask you to open yet LOL you deserve a break.  ahah.. okay yeah jee bhar ke loongi breakkk And LMFAO at the song :| Ah you really are a fun personality :P I am pagal i know B-) i rep it like snooki does a pickle :P I know compliment jyaada hogaya. not at all..the leo in me loves it ;) EEEKS congrats again shop ending WEEE :| yayyy.. thank u
Originally posted by oishi_ksg

wow...all the siggys are soo unique & beautiful update thansk sweets!

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-kirulicious- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:36pm | IP Logged
you're most welcome jhanu! Congrats on completing your shop!
Will surely be a regular in your next! ;-)

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notfadedaway IF-Addictz

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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
^you shud def make more KaSh stuff :DD ^ah! this is soo prettyyy :)))
you know I LOVE LOVE your work ;) I need to open my new gall..
waiting for Aish, she is making my banner ;P haha.
I need some tuts from you :P

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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ayeshaaa.

OMG! jhanvii! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!  thank uu!
^you shud def make more KaSh stuff :DD ^ah! this is soo prettyyy :)))
omg! DONE WITH THIS GALL :DD Congooo! thankk uuu !!a;lsdfja;dsf
you know I LOVE LOVE your work ;) I need to open my new gall..
waiting for Aish, she is making my banner ;P haha.
I need some tuts from you :P i know yaar..mein kitni gandi hoon..i've been saying that forever.. gosh..
-Cherry- IF-Addictz

Joined: 17 December 2007
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Posted: 29 May 2011 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
@Jhanvi: Lol i knew exactly what you were trying to do with that KaSh siggie, and you accomplished it in such a beautiful way sweetie, truely brings tears to my eyes. Yep its nearly 4 years now, lol, time flys by very quickly but the memories still remain. And yes My old username used to me angelic_swancy, i see you've remembered me hehe.
Muah love you chicka
And congo on finishing this thread :)

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