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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 95)

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i know resolutions are meant to be broken 
but update do na please m really waiting to read ur ffs

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Hey m a new reader of this ff and i found it amazing...plss cont..soo nad pm me add me in ur buddy list
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part 36 on page 112


Riddhima leaving and everyone confused lots of truth came out now ahead

That one night was going to be so long closing his room door armaan was very angry for everything over riddhima that why she left him over himself that why he left her alone and went and over their fate that why this happened to them

He picking everything coming in his way and breaking all that he saw one by one and exhausted he himself sitting on the floor breaking completely

"riddhima why , why you did this to me why you didn't trusted my love why you left me I will never forgave you for this but on the same time I will never let you think that you can get away from me" said armaan in anger and determinations

"find me the address of Sharma , some shashi Sharma I don't care in which part of the country but I want this man and his address and every detail till morning" said armaan in anger on his call

"no riddhima you cant stake me and my love for anything I wont let you do that, I don't care of anything no family is that important you are mine and only mine and you will have to pay for taking this decision, I will never let you go away from me ever" said armaan to himself
Here mayank was sitting in the same hall, he was so shattered and nupur was sitting by her side supporting her

"nupur why it had to be with us, why all this happened in our lifes with my princess" said mayank all shattered sitting down

"mayank calm down everything will get fine, riddhima will come back and our lifes will be back to normal the same way they always had been" said nupur

"but why she left, I will never forgave riddhima for doing this stupidity what was the need for that crazy girl to leave like this she could have waited for us just once met us I would have never let her go no matter whatever the situation it would have been, why riddhima why you did this suddenly that family which was unknown to us became so important for you that you left me and even armaan for that" said mayank crying his heart out

While nupur just sitting by mayank side kept on calming him down for few hours and here in armaan room armaan is just sitting quietly in one corner of the room he didn't blinked his eyes for a second the whole night

In few more hours the night finally passed but no one of them have even closed their eyes for a single second the whole night

Mayank and nupur were still sitting in the mail hall when armaan came down all dressed

"mayu get up we cant sit like dump here anymore" said armaan rushing down

"so what else can we do right now armaan no one is ready to talk about anything everything around us is so confusing I just want to meet riddhima but here no one is just telling where she is right now I don't knew where can we search her now in this whole world" said mayank

"not world but one city Delhi, I just came to knew from my sources that shashi gupta is in Delhi right now but still don't have the complete address will get that soon , but till then its enough to start our search that they are in Delhi, I am going there get up mayank, no matter how big idiot stupid and crazy she is and no matter how big blunders she does all the time still she is our riddhima we cant let her go like this, when we never left her alone for a single second in our lifes till date so how can we leave her alone this time first I will meet her check on her well being then I will surely teach her some serious lesson for this stupidity if you want then as per kashish mom request you can stay here mayank cause they have bounded you from going after riddhima not me , no one can stop or bound me to meet my wife not even riddhima herself" said armaan with determination

And without saying a word both armaan and mayank ready to leave the house when exactly on the main entrance they met karan

Karan just came back home from Delhi, after his and sujal that conversation about which nupur told armaan and mayank, it was now that armaan and mayank got a chance to meet karan

As armaan saw karan entering he rushed and hugged him tight for some little support

"buddy where have you been you knew since yesterday night I tried calling you so many times there are so many details we wanted to discuss, I don't knew what all is happening here" said armaan finally breaking down still hugging him while nupur and mayank also standing by their side meeting nandini

And here even sujal and kashish came out of their room rushed to meet karan

"karan what happened did you met riddhima how was she was she safe"  enquired sujal desperately  

"why are you so concerned stop showing this fake care dad if you really cared so much you would have not let her go at first place" said armaan rudely his anger for them was so visible in his words

"I knew you kids are really angry with us all especially me cause I let riddhima leave like this but I knew whatever I did was correct and I don't care for what you all think and say of me, I am just concerned for her safety whether she is here with us or far still I care for her" said sujal

"if you so cared for her than why dad why you didn't stopped her even if she wanted to go you could have stopped her this much right and authority you still possessed on her" said mayank

"look kids i told you whatever I did was correct and required and I don't regret for my act at all" said sujal clearly

"whatever I don't care for what you feel for yourself I think I am just wasting my time here talking with you I am leaving mayu and waiting outside come if you want" said armaan turning to leave

"where are you going armaan" asked karan holding armaan hand

"to get her back you all think that if you wont tell me about where she is than we cant get to knew it ourself I knew riddhima is in Delhi I am going there" said armaan looking at sujal and kashish

"don't go armaan" said karan normally

"what do you mean by don't go, buddy you are stopping me from going are you serious" said armaan in almost shock

"yes you heard it right armaan I am asking you not to go behind her" said karan normally as if it was some real general talk while mayank and armaan both were equally shocked with karan decision , earlier he was the one who was so against sujal for letting riddhima go and now he was supporting sujal decision

"ok so now you are also supporting your friend in all this but buddy before fulfilling your duty as a friend for sujal dad don't forget that you are having some duty for your kids also for me atleast, how can you just support your friend and keep your own son happiness on stake" said armaan

"I am not lacking in any duty for you armaan I am just saying what I feel is correct, riddhima have herself taken this decision to go and be with her mother she knew that her mother have suffered a lot for years and now want to keep her mother happy and safe from that man, its her personal will and decision to leave" said karan

"alright if you knew that this is the reason for riddhima to leave cause she want to protect her mother than also don't you think buddy that its too risky to let riddhima live with that wrong man who have mistreated her mother so much what if he treats riddhima the same way, no I cant allow that" said armaan with determination

"armaan don't you feel that if riddhima wanted your or mayank or anyone's else help and support in this than she should have waited for you and mayank to return but here she have specifically requested no one of you to knew that where she is going for the first time in her life she have taken her own decision that is not bound with you or mayank unlike we all knew since childhood she have done whatever you or mayank or anyone of us asked her to do as a matter of fact even marrying you but today for the first time in her life she have taken her own personal decision for herself and we should not interfere in this" said karan

"whats wrong with you elders do you even knew what all you are saying and who the hell is riddhima to take this decision all by herself how can she forget that she is not alone in her life for this stupidity how can she forget that my life is also associated with her and not only mine even mayank and everyone else as well, you all can allow her for this but I cant I wont let her make fun of my life like this she have no right to just leave me like this with that stupid unworthy divorce papers which she also knew that I will never accept I don't know why am I even wasting my time here talking with you all I am going to meet her and get all my answers from riddhima" said armaan in anger he was just too frustrated with this chat now

"I knew this I knew all this that you will never listen to us or accept all this i have said exactly the same to riddhima as well, she was stupid to think that if she leave like this without telling you or sign the divorce papers then you and mayank will hate her , hate her so much that you will not even find it worthy to follow or meet her that's exactly what she wanted she wanted you and mayank to hate her soo much that you down come after her she don't want to drag you both in all this she want to keep you both safe" said karan

"what safe, what kind of threat is there on us, why she is doing all this I knew my princess she is not that selfish that she will leave me and armaan like this I am sure that there is something big there are some big facts that you all are hiding from us, tell me karan uncle please tell me the reason please tell us the whole truth" said mayank

While karan looking from sujal to kashish and then nandini all standing quietly

"for god sake please speak up guys this quietness is killing us" said mayank shouting in frustration
 "alright armaan we shall go now if you all will not tell us anything so now we will get all our replies from riddhima and that shashi Sharma" said mayank

"no mayank you wont go please I beg you don't go mayank" said sujal holding mayank hand

"no dad nothing is going to work on me I wont stop we will go" said mayank

"no mayank don't go for us" said kashish stopping him

"this you could have asked riddhima as well, but when you didn't stopped her then don't try it on me" said mayank

Finally armaan mayank and nupur moving out of the house they were almost sitting in cars when they saw samrat and gunjan getting out of car

"guys did you got any news of riddhima is she fine, why didn't you informed me yesterday when nupur called and told me everything I took the first flight to come back" said samrat rushing to armaan and hugging him tight

"you don't worry bro I knew our riddhima and her all time stupidities she always mess up everything and like always we all will sort it all out do you have any idea where she is" said samrat assuring

"look samrat I don't think we have time for chatting here lets go we will talk on the way we are going to Delhi riddhima is there" said mayank

"are you sure" said samrat "cause nupur told me that dad have gone to meet riddhima and even met her yesterday but dad didn't went to Delhi, what if our parents are misguiding us" said samrat

"but I have got information about shashi Sharma he lives in Delhi" said armaan

"that's what is confusing me more nupur told that karan uncle went to meet riddhima but yesterday I saw karan uncle in Mumbai, I was in Mumbai with my parents and I saw karan uncle on Mumbai airport, now if riddhima is in Delhi then why was karan uncle in Mumbai" said gunjan clearing all the confusions or making all more confused  

"excatly information and facts can be tampered as a matter of facts cause our parents don't want us to knew that where riddhima is, but I wont leave them so easily I will go and get information about riddhima and where had she gone from karan dad now" said samrat  and he went back inside the house while even armaan and mayank also followed him


Meanwhile in the house we see karan and sujal chatting , karan hugging sujal and hugging him

"I am sorry sujal I am sorry for what all I said you that day I was so rude with you I blamed you completely for making riddhima suffer , I am sorry I was wrong I met riddhima and she told me the whole truth, and you knew what after knowing the truth I am proud of you I am so proud of you and even riddhima over what you all are doing" said karan

"karan we will talk later first we need to stop kids I don't want them to meet riddhima and make her weak" said sujal

"don't worry sujal the kids will not find riddhima they are going to the wrong place armaan got the information which I made his informer to give him riddhima is not in Delhi, they will not find her there" said karan making sujal relax
"sujal nothing will make riddhima weak now she is a very strong and brave girl , I never knew our little riddhima who was all the time lived in a secured and protected environment created by you mayank and armaan can even be so strong and why wont she be after all she is your and kashish bhabhi daughter the two most strong persons in the world not many parents have that strong heart to make such sacrifices" said karan with proud while sujal and kashish looking at karan with a shock as if he was some alien

"karan what are you talking about" asked sujal in confusion

"sujal kashish bhabhi don't look at me like this I said you riddhima told me the whole truth each and every truth which even you sujal even you have hidden from us since years and that's the reason why I am more proud of you" said karan

Sujal sitting on a sofa in a complete broken state he have acted really strong since past days but now he was tired and completely shattered

"why it had to happen with us, why it happened in our lifes why our perfect lifes have to be broken like this I could had stopped all this, I am a very bad father I am a bad father" said sujal all broken he was literally

"no sujal please don't say this, you are not at all a bad father a man who can love and nourish someone's else child so selflessly and cared for that child safety even more than his own child how can that father be called as wrong or bad, in each stage of your life you both have proved to be the best parents that's why today riddhima is doing all this to keep up with the promise you both made with garima ji to protect and care for her son even more dearly than your own daughter" said karan here consoling sujal unknown that this conversations were even been heard by then younger members as they have not yet went

It was again a big shock for mayank he was shashi Sharma's son and riddhima was actually sujal and kashish real daughter still they all lied and made riddhima go he was about to get in when armaan made him to stop as they all wanted to hear rest part of the story which their parents don't want to tell them

"quite karan just zip it up, you said this line today but please karan don't even tell this truth even again not even to your shadow" said sujal immediately

"but you told this truth to riddhima she knew this, the truth which you even didn't told me, I still remember the day when you and kashish bhabhi got the both new born kids here even that day you told me that kashish gave birth to mayank and garima bhabhi to riddhima so many years sujal, for so many years you both lied to even us, you didn't even let me knew the real truth" said karan little hurt

"cause there is no real truth karan please please don't tell this to anyone this was kashish and my decision first we never wanted this truth to ever come out that we adopted one of our two babies but by mistake our that secret is out and for that we had decided if any day anyone will ask us we will tell them that riddhima was garima's child this was the only way we felt that we can protect garima bhabhi real baby we could protect mayank, I knew I even lied to you everytime even when few months ago we got the information that garima bhabhi is out of comma and that shashi Sharma knew that his baby is with us at that time karan you were so tensed for riddhima cause you thought that riddhima's biological father can legally claim on her and that's the real reason why you made armaan marry riddhima legally then his father wont had any right on her even at that time I never told you that no one can have any claim on my riddhima" said sujal

While here all four elders were shedding tears unknown that their kids have heard the complete truth already and here mayank was all shattered hearing the real truth he was even not able to stand on his foot while armaan supported him from falling but these noises were enough for elders to knew that they were still standing near them

"mayank ? mayank armaan you left why you came back ?" said kashish in utmost shock unknown and confused regarding what they all heard and what not

"please stop this stop all this acting we have already seen and heard everything, thanks to gunjan and samrat who told us about your misleading plan and we came back in" said armaan in anger

"mayank please listen whatever you heard is not" said sujal coming ahead trying to cover up for the truth just trying to be normal

"stop it dad please don't even try to create another story now some another lie, we have heard a lot by now so please come straight on the point" said mayank rudely

"mayank I love you so much to let you go" said sujal crying and all shattered

"do riddhima knew the truth" asked mayank simply

"yes she knew everything and it was her request to hide this truth from everyone she don't want to see you shattered" said sujal

"great one side you were saying that both kids are equal for you and you loved both your kids the same way and on the other side you made me feel so low, you proved that I am not your own" said mayank crying

"no mayank please don't say that please don't say that ever" said kashish hugging mayank

"than why mom why you made riddhima do all this why you with authority asked her for this sacrifice you consider her worthy to act for you, and riddhima what does she think of herself some epitome of sacrificing goddess" said mayank angrily

"alright some confusions are clear here now but then also even if it was mayank not riddhima still what was the need for her to leave if you really expects all yours kids to support you then just tell us the truth the complete truth" said armaan

"I will tell you everything, armaan when garima bhabhi gave mayank to me at that time only me garima bhabhi our mother in law and sujal knew that it was a baby boy we buried that truth in that room itself, karan nandini and even prerna at that time thought that garima bhabhi gave riddhima to me we told them this that's why karan and prerna considered riddhima more special cause she was everyone's daughter for us, and personally this fact never mattered us ever cause after that day we never even talked over this,  but then 5 months ago when we heard that garima bhabhi is out of her medical state and she is fine now we were tensed but we knew that garima bhabhi will never tell anyone the truth, maybe destiny or our fate was not in our favor when shashi Sharma came to knew about his child even then garima bhabhi never told him that he had a girl child or a boy that's why since past 2 months shashi Sharma was blackmailing sujal for his child and we were dealing with him we all knew that we cant deal with him for long if someday he came in front of our kids, we have intentionally let you kids stay away from us always and never even let mayank and riddhima make any media appearances cause somewhere we were hiding both our kids from the world actually only them, sujal was getting really tensed with shashi Sharma constant attempts to find his child if from somewhere he got you here that's why we came here to take you all with us and even get riddhima married as early as possible so that we can keep you safe with us but as karan thinks that riddhima was the one whom shashi Sharma wanted he planned riddhima marriage with armaan like this, and even sujal was calmed knowing that now even if shashi Sharma came to knew the truth than also armaan was here to protect riddhima from him" said kashish explaining them the truth

"all this was past and if you all really want us to protect riddhima than why you let her go" said armaan

"cause that day when shashi Sharma came here, I don't knew how he got to know that we were here only riddhima was here with us that day in afternoon he came to meet sujal and me, and when he was threatening us we didn't knew that riddhima was going to come back home, she heard sujal and shashi Sharma chat" said kashish remembering the past lets go in the flashback


FLASHBACK the day when in afternoon riddhima left nupur saying that she was not well and went back home as she went in the hall she heard some loud voices someone shouting but she was not able to hear what was happening and then she saw one middle aged man whom she was seeing for the first time leaving out of their house in anger he sat in a car and left

After he went riddhima got inside the house there was no one she can see in the hall she called one passing servant who told her that sujal and kashish were in their room

"what the hell is this where are all the pictures our family portraits they all were hanging here on this picture wall who have removed all the pictures of all our family from the wall" said riddhima barking in anger on the servant looking at the empty wall

"actually sujal sir asked us few hours ago to remove all the pictures of you and mayank sir from the wall and keep them away" said the servant

"dad asked this why, anyways forget that you go I will talk with dad" said riddhima leaving towards sujal room

As she was outside the room she heard kashish and sujal little chat that was no where less than a shock for her

"sujal for how long can we hide mayank and riddhima from him, he have became too adamant to knew about his child look today he even came here he now knew this house as well luckily no one was here right now but what if anytime he come in front of kids and tell them the truth" said kashish in real horror

"no kashish before that we will take our kids from here we all will leave for London today and will take riddhima with us as for mayank and armaan I will tell them to come there" said sujal

"he can trace us there also sujal he will come there as well for how long will we kept on running from this one day he will find us" said kashish

"so what do you want me to do tell him the truth or let him take his child do you even realize what effect it will have on mayank and riddhima, they both have lived their life till date as twins brother sister, as one heart in two bodies this strong bond will be shattered if they come to knew that their whole life is a lie we lied to them in reality they are not even real siblings" said sujal in anger and frustration

Unknown that his one line have made riddhima whole life and existence turn upside down in just one single second her mind was numb and only sujal last word not real siblings was again and again banging in her head, she was not able to control or accept this she was standing like a statue to even react while unknown to this sujal and kashish continued their chat

"I don't care of that biological truth, for me both mayank and riddhima are my babies my kids I have loved them equally and so does they, I knew nothing will change in their love even after knowing this truth cause their bond is far more strong that any such small fact can never change this sujal we have to tell them before they get to knew this from someone else because that shashi Sharma will not rest in peace until he comes to knew that out of mayank and riddhima which one is his child" said  kashish with complete confidence

"no kashish I will never do that, are you forgetting your promise you made with garima bhabhi we have to protect her baby from shashi sharma and after knowing the truth he will leave no stone unturned to take his child away from us, what if he get successful in his wrong deeds would you be able to see mayank going away from us" said sujal straight

And it was another shock for riddhima, mayank was not sujal and kashish child they were talking about mayank

"no I cant I don't even want to imagine something like this happening with us and we have one perfect solution for this since years we have planned what to be done to get rid of this situation" said kashish

"for years I prayed that this day should have never comes in our life" said sujal

"but it came sujal and see the irony of life one side god put us in this trouble and on the other side gave us solution to get out of this situation with riddhima and armaan marriage, riddhima is now armaan's wife and he have all rights on her no one can do anything and like this we can keep our promise we kept garima bhabhi's son even more safely than our daughter, and moreover no one other than me you and garima bhabhi knew that she gave birth to a girl child or boy not even karan and nandini, so shashi Sharma can never catch this lie" said kashish hoping the best

"I knew kashish whatever you are saying is our only solution but like this we will shatter our princess even if we knew its not true still we will have to lie to her that she is shashi Sharma daughter and this one lie will shatter her completely I knew armaan will be there for her but still I wont be able to see my princess like that" said sujal thinking what effects there planning will have on riddhima

"do you consider your princess that weak dad" said riddhima coming inside the room she had heard enough of what she wanted and she was proud of her parents and when they had the power to make this sacrifice then she was also their daughter if her parents can show so much courage then even she can

But then seeing sujal and kashish shocked faces

"you don't have to say anything else dad I have heard everything and thank god for this atleast now you and mom don't have to stay in any guilt for hurting me" said riddhima crying

"I am sorry princess we never wanted you or mayank or anyone to knew this we thought we buried this truth years ago but then something never leave us so does our destiny truth me we had loved you both kids equally" said sujal crying

"please dad please don't say anything you don't need to give any clarifications to me I am your daughter dad and till date I never felt that there can be any such truth this fact in itself proves everything to me, I am proud of you dad I am proud of the fact that you are my parents and I don't knew how to thank god that he gave me mayank its said that there is something good hidden in everything that happens its so true dad if this never happened in our lifes than how would have I got my mayu in my life as my elder brother i thank god hundred times for giving me mayu and as for this truth it dont even matter to me, cause my and mayu love is far more bigger that any such unworthy fact which can never effect it" said riddhima with proud and confidence

"Dad please promise me you will not tell mayank anything you have to stick to your plan and tell everyone that I m the child you adopted, I have already felt this pain but I don't want mayank to get hurt we all knew how much emotional mayank is he wont be able to handle this so easily he will be completely shattered and i wont be able to see him like that please dad for my sake" said riddhima

Flashback ends coming to present


Mayank is completely broken

"Why riddhima why how can you think that I am this weak why riddhima , you made me feel so low you made me this selfish  and you as well dad why you did this one side you keep on saying that you never differed between your both kids but you yourself made me feel an outsider cause when it came to do something for this family you found riddhima more worthy you rightfully asked her for this sacrifice why dad if you wanted someone to sacrifice for you then why didn't you asked me so rightfully just cause I am not your own" said mayank crying

"no mayank its not like that son you are even more own to us than riddhima, we love you so much that we cant see you in any pain or danger please don't take us wrong mayank we love you" said kashish sitting by mayank and hugging him

"and moreover we never planned this riddhima leaving from here, we just planned to tell shashi that riddhima was his daughter and we let him meet riddhima, and riddhima have to just say that she don't care who ever her parents were now she was my daughter and will never leave me" said sujal explaining what exactly happened ahead

"that day I specially chosed the day when it was only me kashish and riddhima in the house when shashi came here he knew that riddhima was his daughter and over that she was half property holder in my property and so shashi tried all means to make riddhima accept him as her father , he kept on saying that he have changed he loves her daughter and want to be with her, he was just acting and buttering riddhima so that she get emotional but when he knew it didn't worked he showed his real evil side" said sujal remembering shashi and his last encounter


Flash back again

The next day riddhima and shashi meeting and sujal also there

"I don't care what all you say shashi Sharma the truth is that even if you are biologically my father still I will never consider you as my father for me my parents will always be sujal and kashish Sharma" said riddhima holding sujal hand assuring him

Shashi have tried all kind of buttering and shed many crocodile tears to melt riddhima so that she get ready to go with him but when all his plans went in vein he came in his real face

"alright riddhima you knew I never wanted to do this I thought you also will be weak as your mother whom I can make a puppet in my hands but you are tough to tackle, after all you are brought up by sujal, my little dear brother sujal who is really strong and made you like him, when sujal never bend in front of us so you also wont, but my little daughter how can you forget that even I am your father and if you are stubborn than i knew many other ways to make you do what I want" said shashi and his voice surely sound something evil he has planned

"alright now when you knew that I wont bend or melt with your actings you are showing your real face, you were and you will always remain evil and I am never going to accept you as my father , its good that I was taken away from you when I was born I thank god that he gave me the fortune to be called as sujal Sharma daughter and not your's daughter" said riddhima feeling disgust with this evil man standing in front of her she was glad mayank didn't had to face this evil man how shattered mayank would have been seeing this man

"well if this is your fortune to be sujal daughter so let me think what if this fortune don't remains with you for long" said shashi Sharma with an evil grin and the next moment he brought out one loaded pistol in his hand and aiming sujal at his gun point

And riddhima was in hell shock and so scared she knew that shashi Sharma was an evil man but she didn't knew he could get this low and dangerous

"you accept it or I will kill sujal" said shashi Sharma with an evil grin

"no don't, look what do you want I knew that even if I am your daughter you don't endorse any father love for me that why are you so keen to make me accept you as your father and for this you can stoop so low that you can kill your own little brother" said riddhima in disgust to shashi Sharma

"you haven't seen yet that how much more low I can go, I can kill m own brother and even his son ahead as well, don't you love your brother sorry correction cousin brother whom you have considered as your so real for years" said shashi Sharma

"don't you dare drag him in all this" said riddhima in anger

"so you love him and even sujal even after knowing that sujal snached you away from your real parents on the day you were born it was your right to live with your biological parents and cause of this sujal you are deprived of that right, still you love him so much" said shashi Sharma

"just stop making useless attempts cause you can never prove that whatever happened in our lifes was sujal dad mistakes cause I knew the truth that who was the wrong and who have suffered and if you think that threatening me like this you can make me surrender in front of you then you are wrong, you cant kill my dad no you can never" said riddhima gathering as much courage as she can

"my sweet little daughter are you trying to challenge me, well if so then just wait and watch what all I can do, and yes its true that I am not the one who have suffered in the past but there is someone else who have actually suffered do you really want to see" said shashi getting out his cell phone and showing riddhima some videos first she don't know who that lady was in the video but who ever she was , she was in a real pain and miserable condition her body have several bruises specifying the evilness of some beast and she was kept in some dark room probably locked she was in pain and trapped

"I am sure you didn't recognized your own real mother , how do you find her" said shashi with evil grin

Riddhima was shocked to see the condition in which garima was kept she have not seen garima ever before but today seeing this she was crying her heart was crying for the pain she was facing , even if not her but still she was mayank's real mother she was the lady who gave birth to mayank and so they were emotionally connected and seeing her condition pained riddhima so much

 "what kind of a devil beast you are, how can you keep someone like this" said riddhima in anger

"well I am not a beast but your mother always forced me to become devil, she was just not simply giving me details of my child so I have to do this and little was the punishment for the betray she did with me giving my child to my dear younger brother, anyways that was past now that I have got you I don't think I need to question her again" said shashi with evil grin

"a person like you can never change and if you think making riddhima emotional or threatening her you will make her accept you as your father then you are so wrong doing all this you are making her hate you even more" said sujal in anger making riddhima aside out of that man range , he had heard enough he don't care for that gun nor he cared for his life right now he knew in all means he have to just protect his both kids from this evil

"well whatever you knew I simply don't care for if she hates me or loves me" said shashi

"then why are you here, why you came when you didn't care for that child love or hate then why are you so adamant to get her its not for some father love that's for sure" said sujal in anger

"you are so right sujal, see even after being real brothers we both are so different one side its you for whom love is everything and for love you can go to any extend and money that even don't matters you, and other side its me for whom money is everything and any kind of love is just a waste of time cause it always make people do stupid things and I am sure atleast half of your property and empire you must have named after my daughter just for your love" said shashi Sharma

"she is not your she was and will always be my daughter my riddhima, and you don't have any right on her or her property, if I want I can throw you out of my house in just a minute and legally you cannot even touch and see or stay anywhere in the premises near my daughter, I was just listening to your useless chat just for the sake that you are my supposed elder brother but I think now I had enough guards just get him out o my house" said sujal in real anger and in a fraction of second many guards came inside and picking shashi forced him to get out of house and neither he nor his that gun was able to do anything

Flash back ends here again to present kids listening to all this


"that's it , really if that was the last meeting then what, what happened that riddhima left with him even after seeing so evil side of that dangerous man how stupid that girl was to go" said armaan in anger ,

He was restless and angry both together, listening the real face and aim of that dangerous man he would have not even let him anywhere in the km's radius of riddhima and here riddhima was with that man for past 3 days, now he was helpless as well as restless for riddhima security

"I knew armaan right now you are more scared for riddhima security as she is living for past 3 days with a dangerous man like shashi Sharma, but don't panic riddhima is safe 100 percent safe, no one can even touch her nail, she is in a keen watch of my mans my personal guards who are day and night keeping watch of riddhima security from a distance" said karan assuring armaan some relief

"and not even shashi Sharma will try and hurt her at all after all she is his lottery ticket he would not even let a stone hurt him atleast for next 2 months" said sujal assuring ahead

"2 months what is there in 2 months?" asked mayank in confusion

"well even I didn't knew anything regarding all this, so I was also so angry with sujal and in anger I blamed for everything and left to meet riddhima, I didn't knew that riddhima leaving was completely and solely riddhima planning and riddhima wish and she forced sujal to let her go, and all this confusions got clear when I met riddhima  I was trying to track her thankfully through the flights details I came to knew that riddhima took flight for Mumbai and without wasting a minute I went to Mumbai luckily I met her  at Mumbai airport" said karan


Ok final flashback this is riddhima and karan final chat Mumbai airport,
Karan tricked riddhima to come for second security check in other room where he was waiting for her, so that shashi Sharma don't sees them

Karan meeting riddhima and forcing her to come back with him

"no karan uncle please don't take dad wrong and blame him for anything cause whatever I did was my wish I have planned all this, I wanted to go with shashi Sharma I wanted this I want to set garima ma free and even my grandmother from this evils" said riddhima

"and who do you think you are some bandit queen or god mother that you can fight all evils and that also alone riddhima do you even imagine how dangerous it is for you, and over that you came here all alone you think you can do everything alone then you are an idiot, these people here are so powerful and not to mention dangerous you are so weak for them riddhima, what will you do I don't knewanything I am not going to leave you alone here you are coming back with me for years we have secured and protected you and now today you think we will simply through you in front of a devil" said karan in anger

"karan uncle trust me you knew I am not that weak, as you all consider me and I am not even dump that I came here without any planning, trust me karan uncle I have planned everything I asked dad to make his will of property again in which his all property will be transferred equally on the name of both his kids on their 25th birthday  and there are still 2 months for me and mayank to turn 25, till then shashi Sharma cant do anything other than taking care of me and making sure that I am not even hurt at all cause he is assured that after 2 months when the property will be on my name I will sign it all to him" said riddhima

"to hell with property we don't care for that if shashi Sharma only want that so lets just give It all to him right now we don't care for that money then whats the use for this 2 months drama and what are you going to do for 2 months and why you came here" said karan

"if it was just for money than even I don't care for any money at all karan uncle but all this is far more than money its about my ethics and morals what shashi Sharma is doing is wrong specially with garima ma, and she had suffered a lot for years cause of that man I am not going to leave him so easily and let him rest in peace and enjoy his rest life, in the next two months I am not going to live a peaceful life with my new family infact I am going to gather proofs against that man I am going to punish him for everything he did to our family to garima ma" said riddhima in anger and determination

"riddhima this is a dangerous task and you cant do this alone I cant let you make your life in danger" said karan

"no karan uncle please don't stop me I have to do this, for the first time in my life I got a chance to do something for my family for the one who gave me everything even my life I have some duty towards them I have to fulfill my duty uncle please don't stop me I have to do this to keep mayank safe I have to do everything for mayank so that he don't feel the pain I have gone through he don't have to face the reality in which his birth giving mother is the pain the torture she is facing for mayank and his safety" said riddhima still unknown that karan thought that riddhima was actually shashi Sharma daughter

"mayank mother , mayank safety why is mayank getting involved in all this" said karan in confusion

"he is not uncle and I will make sure he never get involved in all this like years mom and dad tried their best to keep mayank away from this evil biological father the same way I will also do that, will keep him completely safe from that evil and keep up the promise of mom and dad which they did to garima ji, to keep mayank safe" said riddhima assuring and unknowingly disclosed the real truth to even karan

"so that means sujal lied me for years telling that it was you the baby garima ji gave" said karan in disbelief

"yes uncle now you understood that when dad and mom not even let their shadow knew the truth of that day of that baby then how could today they can do that or even I , I am also sujal dad daughters and his promise is mine I will keep up to his mark I wont let any pain and danger even touch over mayank even if its taking all on me, but trust me karan uncle we have had enough of that evil man for years he kept my parents and garima ma in danger and threat of losing our dears but now I will assure that he lives in danger and threat and over everything loneliness for the rest of his life , I will end everything once and for all, then there will be no more danger on anyone after that" said riddhima

"to hell with your plans to hell with this revenge game riddhima you are not going anywhere to do this till now somewhere I was stopping myself thinking that afterall these people with whom you are going are your biological parents and somewhere its your birth right to be with them but now that I knew that they are your nothing then I am not letting you stay here for a second" said karan

"karan uncle please I wont come I have taken my decision and I wont come till my plan get successful this is my duty uncle" said riddhima

"no riddhima this is not your duty, riddhima you are forgetting that now you are nomore riddhima Sharma daughter of sujal or that shashi Sharma , you are actually Mrs Riddhima armaan singhania, and that's what your real identity and duty is , your first and most important duty falls towards your husband, here playing a role of a daughter you are forgetting a role of a wife" said karan in anger

"I am not forgetting anything I knew my name I knew my duty towards armaan I knew everything I am not just armaan wife , I am mayank sister , I am dad's princess and even If I am married no one can deprive my rights to do anything for my that family, and what I am asking is not much uncle I am asking for just 2 months, just 2 months and then I will come back and after that I will fulfill all my duties for armaan for the rest of my life but in return cant I get this 2 months for muself" said riddhima

"if you plan to be back than why you left back all that good bye forever video or that divorce papers" said karan

"cause I don't want them to follow me I wanted them to believe I left them all I wanted them to hate me for few days maybe few months I knew seeing that divorce papers armaan will straight away tear them off still I kept it so that he gets angry and in rage he don't try to find me I don't want them to follow me" said  riddhima

"brilliant and you think that it will work" said karan

"it has to karan uncle I don't have any other option I knew what I did today will hurt all of them a lot specially the fact that I promised to never leave him and I left him like this but when I will come back with my love I will make them all forget the bad memories of this two months" said riddhima

"you are getting in false hope riddhima if you think that armaan and mayank will sit back in anger they will straight away come behind you, and coming back do you think your planning is so simple that you will be successful  in this what if you are not" said karan

"I knew all my best friends will never sit back they will try all possible means to find me out but then it can take time it's a big world and it takes few days sometime months to find someone and only that much time I need unless you wont tell them , promise me karan uncle you will not tell anyone I am here and as for being successful than I don't knew what will happen in this 2 months what result it will have I can just try and wish for best rest I have left on god, if I succeed I will be back and if I don't came back after 2 months than get your assumptions that I will never be back cause that's the only way I wont be successful if I die" said  

"stop it riddhima just stop don't even say that riddhima why are you doing all this alone ok I understand you didn't want mayank to get involved but what about armaan he have the right to be your partner he is your life partner and its his duty to be by your side in each and every phase" said karan

"no I cant get him involved cause I knew he wont come alone, I am a very bad best friend I can leave all of them behind but no one of them is like me they 5 will never leave anyone behind the way I did if armaan comes that means all will be together, so this time I have to do this alone all by myself you go back karan uncle be with everyone I knew the 3 boys they all will be shattered they need your and dad support just take care of them and I promise I will take care of myself, now I have to go" said riddhima crying

"riddhima one last question is armaan love for you that weak that its didn't took you a minute in choosing this duty more important than armaan's love" said karan in tears himself

"no uncle this what I am doing is not some duty rather its my attempt for mayank safety and happiness, when I was taking my decision I thought of armaan and trust me for once I changed my decision I never wanted to leave him but then I remember something armaan had made me promise mayank , armaan said that if someday I have to make decision between his love and mayank than without giving a second thought I have to choose mayank I have to choose mayank"  riddhima saying again and again and crying she meeting him last time left from there "please take care of them uncle please take care of them I can take hundred times pains on me but not on them" riddhima crying

Ok finally end of all flashbacks
[This was all the past guys I have tried my level best to make it as clear and valid as possible and even cut short I hope I didn't dragged it much and my post is justified]
[earlier I wanted to complete this flashbacks in two parts but I have cut it down so that you all don't get bored with past and side by side understood what all happened in the past, if something is still unclear feel free to ask I am here to help I will answers all your doubts]


Ok end of flashback

Now armaan and mayank both were shattered samrat was trying to hold them , the both were so shattered  how their lifes have taken this turn

Somewhere they were guilty that they thought riddhima very wrong somewhere helpless cause even after their being with them riddhima have to do all this somewhere angry that how can she think that she can all alone do all this

Let them cry for some more time
Song time[I cant stop myself from adding lots of music with my parts just to decrease the boring and crying a little] [only background music this time, the song Aallaa Waariyan from yaariyaan getting played in background] one side in some room riddhima crying all alone and here all five friends are sad

Apne roothein, paraaye roothein
Yaar roothe naa
Khwaab tootein, waade tootein
Dil ye toote naa

Roothe to khuda bhi roothe
Saath chhoote naa

O Allah Waariyan
O main to haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye!

[one side armaan and mayank sad crying and on the other side riddhima crying]

O Allah Waariyan
O main to haariyan
O tooti yaariyan mila de oye! ...

[English translation]
My close ones get angry, others get angry,
The beloved shouldn't be angry..
Dreams break, promises break,
The heart shouldn't break..
If He gets angry, even God can get angry,
but I shouldn't get away (from my beloved)
Sacrificed on you, O Lord, [as in, in prayer with everything ready to sacrifice]
I am all lost,
My broken love, just get me that..Bottom of Form

Ok that's all for now

Ok rest of songs in next part going to make them cry even more next part again lots of crying with introductions of two new families Sharma full family and Malik family well guys that's my twist

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gaurijw Goldie

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 3:36am | IP Logged
i seriously don't have words for this part u have written so well
so mayank is their son but y did they hide this truth from shashi he was against girls 
riddhima acted maturely and she has taken right decision 
though m feeling bad for armaan and mayu
please post next part soon waiting 
this was so emotional part 
and do clear my doubt 

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by gaurikajen

i seriously don't have words for this part u have written so well
so mayank is their son but y did they hide this truth from shashi he was against girls 
riddhima acted maturely and she has taken right decision 
though m feeling bad for armaan and mayu
please post next part soon waiting 
this was so emotional part 
and do clear my doubt 





AS FOR RIDDHIMA SO THIS IS THEIR SACRIFICE THEY LET ALL BAD TO BE FACED BY THEIR OWN CHILD AND NOT GARIMA CHILD moreover shashi can never legally claim over riddhima unlike mayank cause riddhima is legally already married to armaan



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gaurijw Goldie

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Originally posted by searchoffriends

Originally posted by gaurikajen

i seriously don't have words for this part u have written so well
so mayank is their son but y did they hide this truth from shashi he was against girls 
riddhima acted maturely and she has taken right decision 
though m feeling bad for armaan and mayu
please post next part soon waiting 
this was so emotional part 
and do clear my doubt 





AS FOR RIDDHIMA SO THIS IS THEIR SACRIFICE THEY LET ALL BAD TO BE FACED BY THEIR OWN CHILD AND NOT GARIMA CHILD moreover shashi can never legally claim over riddhima unlike mayank cause riddhima is legally already married to armaan


its ok if u don't reply personally

no my doubts are cleared 
and yes garima s absolutely right 
though m waiting for next update 

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Meraki. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 7:40am | IP Logged
It was aweeesome part

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 February 2015 at 8:28am | IP Logged
wow finally update
thats superb part loved it
excited for next part
thanx for pm
plz pm me for next part
continue soon

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