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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 82)

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ohooo i hope ridzzz maaan jayyeee

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plz post the next part soon ... waiting...

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i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!
i want update ...!!!!!!!!!!

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Please update sooonnn...)

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conti soon 

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hey when will u update the next part...
update soon

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di every thing is fine na u and the baby... ?????

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part 29 on page 96


sujal: well I think kids you have got a lot of time together to fight and argue with each other for all this cause right now first riddhima needs to get normal and for that she needs to know the truth maybe then she will also get normal and take all this positively like we all did

armaan: it's ok sujal uncle it all started with me and I am going to end all this

while armaan saying so went up towards riddhima room to face the biggest truth of his life , his WIFE

armaan went up towards riddhima room , there she was sitting quietly while nupur and gunjan were also sitting trying to make her relaxed , when armaan lightly knocked on the door

"now what are you here for armaan aren't you already satisfied with what you did , that now you want to hurt her more by coming here" said gunjan in anger seeing armaan 

"no not yet and gunjan not only riddhima even I am your best friend right and for your information your special best friend have hurt me more already by agreeing for that marriage proposal with anyone else" said armaan 

"and look at you what a perfect pay off you given to her, and for your information armaan do you even have any idea what huge mistake you did and that to because you thought riddhima agreed to marry angad than for your information it was just a plan, she was just helping angad to get the love of his life, all that was just a planned drama of them and it had already ended" said gunjan 

"what a stupidity act it was and you both girls even supported her in this great , I mean this riddhima I knew her she is a complete dumb don't ever thought before acting but how can you both sensible girls got so idiot with her and let her do like this do you even have any idea that it was not a joke or drama for anyone else around you" said armaan 

"and what are your special comments on the special and great act of yours which you did today, armaan you don't talk about sensibility atleast specially after what you did today" said nupur coming ahead 

"ok ok girls look I have heard the same amount and kind of lines a lot of times from everyone so I am in no mood to hear them again come-on girls in all this why are you forgetting that I am armaan your armaan yaar and whatever I did good bad right or wrong still I am your best friend right so support me girls just like everyone" said armaan 

"armaan its too early can you give us some little time I mean we had a lots of attacks in the past few hours little more than easily acceptable and digestible, so can you give us a little time to cool down I think that's fair enough" said nupur 

"good you are always the most intelligent in all of us nupur, and now girls can you both just excuse us for a while need to talk to my dear wife all alone" said armaan with a cheeky smile 

"stop it armaan , and end with this irritating smile of yours it's too cheeky, and armaan riddhima is just too upset right now I feel we need to let her be alone for sometime so" said nupur 

"chill girl I knew how to handle her well as for you why don't you both go down and meet everyone maybe than you and your views can relax and you get a better approach to think about all this" said armaan smiling 

Nupur and gunjan really didn't knew what to say maybe one point of armaan was right this time , riddhima and armaan need a little time alone to sort it all out, after all whatever happed still one thing can never be changed in this that now they were husband and wife and have to be together forever so it will be better that they both sort all the differences 

And so they left , finally armaan and riddhima all alone riddhima was still sitting on her bed side and still not even looked up once at him 

Armaan looking at her and took a deep breath if everyone says that armaan is never scared of anything than look at him right now , he was hell scared to face riddhima , and her quietness it was exactly like the calmness before the actual storm

""what , now is there anything else left , what are you here for" said riddhima looking at him in anger 

"hmm actually riddhima look now I mean can you, look here I am not able to understand how to talk with you" said armaan 

"why what's the need to talk and discuss anything let's just go with the way it always happened you just bossing around and ordering over me, all the time this is exactly what happened, you said it you did it and I here I have to just follow , now forget it just get out armaan I don't want to see you right now" said riddhima in anger 

"I knew you are upset with whatever happened but still we can talk" said armaan 

"and where does this sensible talking matter gone few hours ago when it was you who was just not ready to talk and listen to anything as if some spirit entered inside you and keep on saying I have to marry have to marry you  , just get out now armaan or else I will, I will kill you" said riddhima and then in anger picked the first show piece whatever she got in her hands and thronging it at armaan in anger   

But armaan bend quickly and that's why he was just saved but riddhima picked some pillow and books and whatever she got to though on him

"oh god riddhima what are you doing riddhima stop this riddhima no not that vase its of stainless steel if I got hurt with this I will die and see you will become a widow think over riddhima I am you husband" said armaan 

"husband my foot I so hate you Mr. armaan singhania" said riddhima in anger 

"but I love you Mrs Armaan singhania" said armaan smiling coming towards riddhima  

And holding her arms to stop her from picking anything

"what are you doing armaan leave me , leave me I will kill you, I am so angry on you right now armaan you , you destroyed everything armaan, everything" said riddhima first in anger 

"I am sorry jaan I am sorry" said armaan looking at her broken state 

"your sorry can it change everything , everything is changed you spoiled everything" said riddhima crying down she finally got tired and she let it go she let herself being handled by armaan 

While armaan hugging her tight , and soothing her back 

"I am sorry I am sorry please forgave me, I will make everything right , I will make everything correct" said armaan he was also hurt looking at riddhima disturbed state and it was all because of him 

"why armaan , why, why you did all this, why armaan everything was perfect everything was going right why by just one step everything changed, everything changed no one will forgave me , no one will talk with me ever" said riddhima crying 

"shh you stop crying first riddhima look at me nothing is changed , I said you everything is fine and normal like always and no one is angry with you riddhima no one everyone understand that you are not wrong, and that's the truth also that whatever happened it was not your mistake, not at all if it was not fault nothing" said armaan looking at riddhima trying to calm her down

"and was it completely your fault today armaan" said riddhima looking at armaan clearing her tears 

"what I am I mean what you meant" asked confused armaan

"I meant that why are you feeling so hurt and guilty in this situation cause whatever happened it was your plan and you already knew that it's going to end like this, today everything was done according to you then what is this regret and this guilt for now armaan" said riddhima

"its nothing like that riddhima and hey what did you just said that I am regretting and guilty for my today's act, riddhima how can you even think that I will ever regret for making you my wife and marrying you, never not even in my dreams cause today I am very very happy and satisfied finally I got everything , everything I ever wished for you" said armaan looking at riddhima 

"stop acting armaan I knew there is something else to all this maybe you have forgotten that I knew you very well even more than you yourself and knew that in your impatience and insecurity to what level you can go and this marrying part it was the biggest decision and however insecure you were still you knew this was a very fast decision and wrong in many ways as well" said riddhima 

"why yaar , why , why everyone around me keep on saying me the same thing again and again today, and riddhima whatever it was and however it happened that's really not important today , the important part here is only one and that's that I love you and I just married you today and I am very happy making you my wife and for me this is important really important so it will be better for you to accept all this as soon as you can" said armaan 

"ok fine you don't want to tell me the real reason so don't and yes I won't ever ask you ever again but one thing I am going to make very clear to you that I didn't care for what you are feeling about all this, I can't accept it all like this, and accepting you as husband in your dreams armaan forget all this whatever happened today" said riddhima looking away in anger

"riddhima why do you always have to do this , challenging my male ego with all this stupid acts of yours , why won't you accept all this by the way, I mean whatever happened ok it was my mistake that's fine but still you love me and so do I, and we were about to get married maybe after some more days" said armaan

"yes  and that would have been so different we would have told everyone about us calmly not like this with a shock together with it, and then mom dad Karan uncle nandini ma all would have been so happy and then they would have decided what to be done next just like mayank and nupur did, we loved each other didn't did any crime that they all would have stood up like some villains in our life everyone here also love us equally so no one would have objected in this, infact they all would have gone crazy with happiness and excitement and then all the rituals each and everything with full family being part of it, it would have been so nice so perfect" said riddhima 

"hello hello wait a minute riddhima can I ask you what are you exactly angry on me for I mean you are upset and disturbed with this forcing marriage and that now you are been called as my wife, or are you upset cause you didn't got a chance to have a big fat traditional wedding" said armaan 

"what do you think armaan I am angry cause of this reason also armaan I mean what else do you expect me to do look at me look I am married I mean I am a married girl now and where was the marriage no engagement ceremonies no functions no dancing no teasing and taunting nothing and marriage is already done, is this the way I always dreamt it off no" said riddhima 

"so that's means you are angry with me because I married you like this simple court marriage and without any rituals" said armaan confirming 

"and also because , because of you no one is talking with me mom dad everyone is angry with me and it's all because of you" said riddhima in anger

"you knew what you are too crazy and god here I am stuck with a crazy girl, here I was so guilty that in one day I changed everything our life's got upside down with this till date we were best friends and lovers and now suddenly you have to accept me as my husband  and that's the reason why you are frustrated and angry at" said armaan 

"oh yes I didn't thought about this part in all this, off course armaan I should have this another reason to be angry with me, but then also it's not that big I mean I knew this was going to be our future, but just future not  the present" said riddhima 

"so now what" said armaan 

"what do you mean by now what you created all this mess you have to clear it all by yourself, I don't knew how you will do this and what will you do just make everything back to normal just like it was few hours ago, than only show your face to me , now get out, out of this room" said riddhima

"riddhima please stop all this now acting here and hiding your anger, I mean this is not my riddhima, I knew you are acting in all this, I knew whatever happened was not just this much for you, I don't knew why are you behaving so calmed and relaxed in all this situation, cause I knew that whatever I did was truly injustice with you still why are you so calm with all this I mean you are not the riddhima who turned the whole house upside down even on small small issues and today you" said armaan 

"do I have a choice armaan I mean what do you expect me to do right now, shout scream what is anything would be of any use now or will it change anything no, everything is already done I loved you armaan and I have always told you to trust me and my love I was and have always been serious about all this in my life, I knew you were angry with me cause I did that saying yes for marriage stupidity , but trust me I was just helping someone to get his love and that's all I was not involved in all this more than that, I knew I have hurted dad feeling a lot in all this I did wrong , and then you and mayank and samrat and your dramas , and look it all ended already like this  and you god I don't even want to look at your face right now but still armaan I don't know why but I just can't hate you" said riddhima 

"riddhima I can explain" armaan tried saying  but riddhima started speaking again

"I tried I really tried to be angry on you really angry for this, but still armaan I can't , I just can't and you knew why because I still , I don't know why I do but I still love you and I am an idiot seriously you did so wrong with me and still I was feeling hurt when everyone was blaming you , I just didn't liked anyone blaming you saying you all bad, I am tired armaan whatever happens I can't change myself and the fact that my heart feels for you and only you, no matter how much angry I am on you still I knew I can't live without you, I mean I am so angry with you and on the same time can't see you being hurt so it's better to just let it go, let everything happens like it is happening" said riddhima 

While armaan was speechless when mayank , samrat , nupur and gunjan came inside the room

"my god I didn't knew that riddhima our riddhima have gone so mature" said samrat coming inside the room 

"guys now what are you all doing here" said riddhima irritated

"yaar we just came to see that you don't kill armaan today , and coming here we see a completely different situation" said samrat 

"samm you knew what I am planning a murder today and that's not of armaan it will be you, got you, it's all because of you we are in this situation today" said riddhima irritated

"what now what have I done in all this" said samrat irritated 

"like always your little stomach can never hold anything any talk I mean ok if Karan uncle told you that I said yes to marry someone still what was the need for you to go and tell all this to armaan, if he was still unknown of this point then everything would have been normal like always, and as for that party and dad announcing engagement part that was just not going to happen cause it was just a drama and was to end anyways by the end of the day but no you and your little stomach blurted everything and look what happened , and over that look at your guts ,the way you kidnapped me from here you wait here I should kill you myself for that" said riddhima in anger picking anything she got thronging it towards samrat 

"riddhima no , stop this guys please save me, ok ok riddhima I am sorry I said you mature a little moment ago , that was my mistake cause you can never get mature" said samrat hiding behind armaan to get saved 

"oh please I am not dying to hear any such compliment from you" said riddhima 

"by the way you are actually not dying cause of anything so don't even dare say this word ever again" said mayank holding riddhima to stop her to follow samrat ahead " ok ok now peace , riddhima calm down you can kill samrat later you have a whole life for that cause now you are never going to go anywhere away from us ever" said mayank smiling 

"I was in any case never going to leave you all and go away ever" said riddhima 

"ok fine you were not, still it could have happened if you actually got married to some new stranger guy, but now everything is perfect, armaan wife was always going to stay with us , forever as she would have been our family, and so are you, and riddhima please have some respect for me after all I am your brother in law now and that too elder cause I am few months elder than armaan" said samrat smiling 

"oh forget it respecting and you in your dreams samrat" said riddhima

"ok ok time out you two, riddhima armaan I hope you guys have sorted everything well between you both cause the elders are calling you down" said mayank 

"no mayu I won't go down I can't face anyone specially dad I have already hurt him a lot and he is very angry with me" said riddhima looking away 

"no riddhima you have not hurt dad at all infact you have given him all the happiness in this world today  and he is not at all angry with you  yes they were little shocked but now everything is fine and they all have happily accepted you both" said mayank 

"what how it happened I mean you all are kidding with me right , dad was so angry and now he is fine and infact he is happy" said riddhima in shock 

"they all are saying the truth princess" said sujal getting inside the room alone with kashish , karan and nandini

"yes princess we are sorry for our earlier behavior we all knew that we should have not reacted like this and talked with you like we did, I am so sorry princess" said kashish hugging riddhima tight

"I am so sorry for saying all that rude things to you princess , I was wrong I was so wrong with you" said sujal feeling really guilty

While riddhima immediately hugging him tight 

"I love you a lot dad , you are not angry in all this , dad please whatever happened please don't scold mayu and armaan in all this, please dad try and understand they were just" riddhima trying to explain again, she still feels that sujal would be angry with armaan and mayank cause for him they forced riddhima to marry armaan

"shh its ok it's ok princess and I am not , I am not at all angry on anyone , no one not even armaan I knew I mean still it's going to be tough for me to accept him as my son in law, I mean out of whole of this world you just got him armaan" said sujal making a I don't like you face for armaan 

And everyone knew here have already started the father In law son in law , relation of jealousy over who loved the girl more ,its too common it's tough for a father to accept that his little princess is now someone else just like a mother in law and daughter in law relation , father in law and son in law relation have the same points of getting jealous of each other

"ok sujal uncle now what do you really meant with this, I thought it was you who liked me the most out of everyone and this is too rude" said armaan 

"oh now atleast out of everyone you don't talk about this rude matter, cause whatever happened today the one the most rude have been you and till now I have not even shown you the real rudeness, specially for the boy claiming on my daughter like this" said sujal 

"oh no add a little now my wife also" said armaan smiling 

"oh don't you dare armaan , just because we all have excused you and forgave you for your today act just cause we all knew that it was not your fault that really don't meant that we all and specially me have accepted this new relation" said sujal immediately 

"wait a minute dad what do you mean that you all knew that it's not his fault , I mean armaan is not at fault in all that happened today" said riddhima in confusion

while everyone was just normal as everyone knew and thought that armaan have told her the truth till now 

"yes so what else earlier I was also too angry on armaan but when karan told me that armaan did all this cause of him, so I have no choice left and have to forgave him" said sujal normally 

"what , what you said what armaan did I mean karan uncle told it, what's going on I am so confused" said riddhima in confusion 

"nothing , nothing that important for you riddhima and don't run your brain too much over what everyone is saying, look here the good thing is that everything is perfect and back to normal so don't think much about anything" said armaan immediately 

"I am not over thinking I just heard dad saying something" said riddhima

"that your problem all the time you don't think and hear on the matter that are important for you just consulting on all worthless things and on the other side your dad the great sujal uncle don't knew what to say and how much to say in front of everyone" said armaan 

"ok now stop that armaan and stop giving your all sort of sarcastic comments over my family and its ok don't worry she needs to knew this she have all the rights to knew the truth and if you think she will be scared or feel uncomfortable with that threat part then also we have to tell her" said mayank 

"ok now anyone will actually talk with me rather than your own special discussion I swear out of which I am  not able to understand a word" said riddhima confused

and then started another repeat telecast of the situation and then at the end a complete silence 

"ok we really didn't wanted to tell you all guys all this cause I though this threat matter will scare you more , that why no one wanted to tell you all this" said sujal to riddhima while she was silently listening to everything with a shocking face

"oh my god, this day have more surprises to be revealed , I am out of my mind right now I can't take anything more than this" said riddhima sitting back

"I think this much is all for the day it's too late already and no one had eaten anything till now, all of you please lets go down and have dinner" said kashish keeping hand over riddhima trying to relax her 

"I am just not able to believe any of you right now, how normally and lightly you all have taken all this matter, I don't knew how much today incident and everything have effected you all but for me this was big , it had turned my whole life upside down and look at you all behaving as if nothing happened I just don't want to talk with anyone right now, please leave me alone, everyone" said riddhima frustrated 

"riddhima its ok baby please relax and try and take everything normally I knew its tough and it will take time" said kashish trying to calm her down 

"I said everyone leave and that means everyone , I really don't want to talk with anyone right now, please leave me alone for sometime" said riddhima looking at everyone standing 

"but riddhima baby we are just" kashish tried saying when mayank stopped her 

"its ok mom dad, karan uncle aunty please you go we will handle her" said mayank assuring 

So all the elders left, leaving the six younger's alone 

"with everyone I mean everyone, please I am really too upset right now to talk with anyone, specially you mayank you knew this, you  also know everything about this and still you instead of telling me the truth supported armaan in all this, and armaan I kept on asking you the real reason but you didn't even bothered to tell me anything" said riddhima in anger

"riddhima you knew I really didn't wanted you to feel scared with all that mafia and their sort of threat" said armaan 

"I am not that weak armaan,  I am not that weak or naive that I can't handle this much of information about myself, I am fed up and tired of this over concerning behavior of you all guys towards , why , why you all have to do this to me , why you always prove that I am not capable taking care of me by myself and I need you all to protect me all the time, why you all keep me away so away from everything" said riddhima in anger and frustration 

"riddhima please calm down now you are over reacting" said armaan 

"over reacting I don't believe you , it's you who is telling me that I am over reacting no armaan not now , now I am actually reacting the way I should cause till now I was reacting so wrong , I was so wrong, oh god I don't knew what all I said you and over that god what was I thinking I said so much to you armaan , I should have for once thought before saying all that I said it was I am so sorry I was" riddhima saying that sitting back more than all the truth knowing she was more in the guilt for her wrong behavior

and everyone there knew what she must be going through after all a little time ago everyone was taking armaan wrong the same as riddhima did , but now everyone was equally guilty after knowing the whole truth 

"well I think it's better first you both sort everything out we all will talk later" said nupur looking at armaan and riddhima  , she knew that only armaan can cheer riddhima now and so she preferred leaving them both alone 

so gunjan and samrat left out the room while mayank was still there when nupur came and took him out leaving armaan and riddhima alone again , now to finally end with all this 

as everyone left armaan came near riddhima 

"riddhima its ok, listen look at me I knew whatever happened was wrong and it should not have happened" armaan tried to make her calm 

while riddhima turned and hugging armaan tightly and crying 

"I am sorry , I am so sorry armaan , I just can't believe I didn't trusted you, , I am so sorry armaan, even after knowing you so well still how could I , how could I fall for that false act and could believe that you can be wrong, you can be so selfish I should have known that there must be something , some big reason behind all that act of yours, I claim to knew you so well still I ignored the pain the guilt in your eyes when you were forcing and emphasizing on everything , even mayank understood you but I didn't , I am so sorry" said riddhima crying 

"its ok riddhima please calm down and don't cry ,and look here you were not wrong riddhima you believe all that what I wanted to make you believe and I am not hurt at all by your behavior I swear on god, I swear on mom riddhima I am not at all hurt with all that you said and did to me, infact I knew this would be your reaction nothing less than this was expected from you" said armaan calming her down 

"you don't have to be so good all the time armaan , first listening to our rubbish what all me and mayank said you there before that marriage act and then after that even nupur and gunjan said so much to you , still you were quite and then at home everyone took you so wrong , mom dad nandini masi , everyone was scolding you, they all were so rude with you and still you were quite , still you just cared that no one said a word against me, you cared that no one scold or blame me, and took everything on you, and now also armaan facing me and my all anger still you didn't said me the truth even when i asked you , you still ignored me when i asked you the real reason cause you didn't wanted me to feel scared that there is some kind on threat on my life, or some rubbish warning from some gangster for which I really don't care at all cause I knew till the time you are with me I am safe and no threat can affect me at all" said riddhima looking at armaan 

"hmm what I have to say now riddhima look here you said everything already all by yourselves after all this that you said I just have to say one thing riddhima , just one thing you yourselves said me earlier that you can blame me fight with me but on the same time you knew that you cant live without me , you cant go away from me, and just cant imagine a life without me I also wanted to say you the same riddhima , I cant live without  you and its impossible for me to imagine a day without you, whatever happened just b with me riddhima, you fight with me blame me hit me beat me or even kill me , but please never leave me alone , just be with me, all that I did today or have to do in all that I was scared of only one thing and that was that if you get away from me than what would have I did I would die without you" said armaan 

"why are you even talking all that armaan our lifes have just started so no need to think of any bad in all this now" said riddhima stopping armaan

"yes now I think you said it right riddhima no matter how it happened why it happened still this is our lifes biggest truth right now our marriage even if the circumstances were different still we cant deny the facts that now we are bonded in this so its better for you that you start behaving like one a nice typical Indian wife and fulfilling all your duties towards your husband" said armaan smiling

"oh really hmm so when you have said all this so even tell me what are actually mu duties" said riddhima normally

"well they are very simple love your husband , care for your husband and most important obey your husband follow his orders in whatever he says" said armaan

"hmm I got that so what are actually my orders for now" said riddhima 

"nothing much and moreover its not an order its your duty I was out and we met today after like 3 days and you even didn't welcome me properly now that everything is settled now atleast I deserve a warm welcome, a little kiss" said armaan and coming near riddhima 

While riddhima was looking at him , she also missed him so much in last 3 days, and now that all that happened drama ended they still cant deny the fact that they both are crazy lovers as well who awaits for stealing a little time alone with each other all the time , here armaan and riddhima lost in each other coming close when they heard the screams 

"that's it stop it, guys  guys stop here only" said gunjan coming inside 

While armaan and riddhima got up straight and looking at all the other four back in the room

"you knew what we have just learned about this new special bonding of you two so its little tough to digest the things so leave all your work for later" said samrat 

"now what are you guys doing here right now, I though you said its better to leave me and riddhima alone, and I don't think I have to explain you all the meaning of leaving alone" said armaan in frustration

"yes we left you both alone inside the room that really didn't meant that we cant even stand outside and hear you both , technically you both were alone in this room" said nupur smiling at armaan state

"well we were just curious to know what special technique you have with which you have got soo many guts to face riddhima our banded queen and from where armaan you get the power to control this wild cat so well , but we don't have any intention to witness that extra parts of yours" said samrat teasing 

"well there is something in this world known as privacy specially between a husband and a wife" said armaan

"well if you need that privacy than you have to wait armaan, actually till the time you get the green signal from everyone, cause till than you are just not going to get a single minute of your that so called privacy in this house" said mayank  

"green signal , now what do you mean with this green signal" armaan asked 

"well mom dad , karan uncle were just discussing how to make everything proper so they all finally decided that they will ask some priest for the best nearest auspicious day for your and riddhima proper wedding" said mayank

"I think we already had a proper legal lawful wedding today" said armaan

"yes you had but that was just a legal court wedding not a traditional one and kashish aunty and nandini aunty believe that no wedding is complete until a couple takes vows the auspicious seven vows in front of the sacred fire on wedding and then only a wedding is complete, so till than this wedding is incomplete and so you don't have that special green signal of your so called privacy yet" said nupur teasing armaan

"yes and armaan till than riddhima is in our care so its better for you to just stay away and as much away as you can from this room so get out" said gunjan teasing

"get out hey hey wait gunji don't you think you are being a little too rude with me don't forget I am your best friend" said armaan making cute faces

"sorry best friend but right now I cant do anything and moreover its more like a payback time , you all specially you and riddhima have always teased me and samrat and kept us apart all the time , so now its our turn" said gunjan 

"oh yes offcourse and riddhima baby whatever it is look I am still your true friend see I knew you will miss armaan a lot here so whenever you feel like seeing him for that here take this armaan picture , keep it with you , and no need to say thanks to me I am your friend atleast I can doo this much for you" said samrat teasing riddhima the same way she did to him on the night when samrat stopped gunjan wedding and he also wanted to spend a little time alone with her and armaan and specially riddhima have teased them so much and didn't let being alone for a single second

"thank you so much samrat I don't knew what I would do without you" said riddhima sarcastically 

"don't worry riddhima I am not going anywhere away from you ever and moreover from today onwards I am going to stick more with you all the time look I have to even keep a watch at you" said samrat teasing 

"samrat I will kill you" said riddhima irritated 

"ok time out guys , look elders are being calling us down lets just forget everything that happened how it happened and just remember the end result, as its said that all's well that ends well , so lets have a new start a new beginning from here" said mayank 

"yes and lets began it with a dinner party I am dam hungry right now" said samrat 

"you and your big fat stomach can never end samrat, come lets goo and stuff your stomach with lots of food" said riddhima irritated

And so everyone moved out of the room , smiling finally 

Even the moon in the sky and shining stars twinkling over them no matter whatever happened at the end of the day finally the special six were back again together as one LIKE A SIX SIDES OF A STAR , A SINGLE STAR WITH OPPOSTE SIDES JUST LIKE THEM WITH OPPOSITE AND DIFFFERENT NATURES , STILL ALL THE TIME TOGETHER , AND CAN NEVER BE SEPERATED

Finally , finally I completed writing this 

Guys sorry in advance for the absurd writing , I knew the part is little confusing even I was so confused in writing this , I hope I have taken care of all the situation well and have not left any part absurd or incomplete in this cause this part I have wrote in parts so I feel I missed or double some facts in this, please bear with my writing in this part I was little out of my mind cause of my personal reasons and over vacations time routine 

But from next time I am back to my normal routine and  soo will be the story and writing 

Still I will be waiting for your precious comments

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