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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 63)

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Posted: 18 January 2013 at 2:41am | IP Logged
@searchoffriends: Awesum n fantastic!!!!Smile

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Yaha par tho srif 1st part hai where r all the parts ??!
I cant see them
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Plz give a sol and continue soon
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Originally posted by armaanriddima

And update ur index



hope you will be able to read it now

yes going to update ahead as well, really soon
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part 14 on page 71
"Baraat is here"  came a voice from outside the room they all were sitting
And this words were like a shock for riddhima she almost choked,

Riddhima: what! oh no baraat is here but how ? 
Nupur: by walking how else , your plan failed , you knew what I think ranvijay actually loved gunjan that's why he didn't get in your trick
Gunjan: oh no what will happen now?
Only then there was knock on the door  and it was none other than kashish
Kashish: armaan ,mayank what are you doing here , didn't you heard about ranvijay and his family arrival , you remember it was your both responsibility to take care of their proper welcome be fast come down
Mayank: ya mom , I remember , you don't we are coming down
Kashish: yes better be quick , and girls gunjan is ready ,  oh girl you are looking soo pretty , ok I am going down please boys be there soon ok
And with that kashish left from there

Mayank: what to do now?

Riddhima: we have to go with plan two , samrat run , take gunjan away and run from here , we don't have any other option
Gunjan: no this can't be an option

Nupur: ya riddhima , don't be crazy you knew how bad impression will all get with this, and all will think all bad for gunjan parents like this , this is the last not good option
Armaan: riddhima is right nupur , I agree that this is very wrong but we don't have any other option gunjan you can't marry ranvijay like this now
Riddhima: yes listen girls I have a very similar dress to what gunjan is wearing right now , one of us will sit in this room wearing the dress soo that no one have any doubt while samrat will take gunjan away from back side
Armaan: ya that's ok
Samrat: no its not at all ok , I am not going to run
Armaan: samrat don't be crazy you have to do this to stop this wedding
Samrat: no we have many other options to stop this wedding
Mayank: like what options?
Samrat: like I will go down and tell everyone that this marriage will not happen now and whatever the consequence will be after that I will face it

 Armaan: and in this there wont be wrong publicity of gunjan parents , do you really think that , in this case its more worst for both our families
Riddhima: there is one more option, if tricks didn't worked may be truth will work here

 Armaan: what do you mean by that?

Riddhima: means if samrat will go and talk with  ranvijay , he will go and explain him that he and gunjan love each other and that by doing this wedding no one will be happy not even him , may be he will understand and himself backoff from this wedding
Nupur: yaa right I think this is a better idea
Gunjan: yes nupur I also think that this is right  

Samrat: ok if you guys say I can make this last attempt as well
Armaan: great , then you do one think me and mayank are going down and we by any chance will bring ranvijay alone in the groom room you just stay there and wait for us
Mayank: hmm I think this is ok , ok guys all the best to all , we will just go down and hope for the best that everything goo well
Ultimately mayank and armaan went down for baraat welcoming while samrat went to the grooms room , where ranvijay was going to be , leaving all the girls stay back there
Nupur: don't worry gunji , I am sure ranvijay will agree and everything will get back normal
Gunjan: yes I also hope that samrat handles everything
Riddhima: that's what I am soo not sure about , samrat and handling everything well
Gunjan: riddhima please now you don't scare me 

Riddhima: I am not scaring you , I am already myself scared here , samrat is all alone there , I think I should go and check with him there, you both just stay here
gunjan: but riddhima  , what can you do , I will also come with you
Riddhima: no gunji you cant come with me like this,  if anyone sees you outside then they will put soo many plenty question , you knew you are the bride and all , relax yaar just don't worry I am here for you and I will do anything for my friends happiness you knew that , I wont let anything wrong happen now , trust me
Soo riddhima left the room and went towards groom room , where samrat was already inside and she saw that ranvijay was also going in there as armaan and mayank have tricked to send him in there

When ranvijay entered the room samrat was standing there
Ranvijay: samrat you here? I mean in the groom room , anyways hi how are you
Samrat: hi ranvijay I am good, and I was just waiting for you
Ranvijay: for me , listen samrat, you knew what ever happened between us , it was past and I have moved ahead forgetting it all and I wished the same for you , it will be better if we have a new beginning I have changed myself and I really don't want to repeat any old talks not today specially today is a very important day of my life

Samrat: I knew that , I knew that all rv and today I haven't came for talking about anything related to past, actually I am here to talk about some other thing , main yahaa , I mean I'm here to talk about our future

Ranvijay: future , I didn't get what you are saying
Samrat: ok I am coming straight to the point , look ranvijay this marriage , I mean this cant happen , I mean this marriage is not correct, this marriage cant happen
Ranvijay: what !! samrat I knew we have some personal issues, but that is different , I mean this marriage is a very important event of my life , and moreover after whatever happened still gunjan had forgiven me and  have agreed to marry me then
Samrat: [cutting rv in the middle]  gunjan don't want to marry you ranvijay, gunjan don't want to get married that's why I am here
Ranvijay: oh so you mean now gunjan had instantly changed her mind and now she don't want to marry me and that's why she had send you here, so that I stop this marriage , and one thing if there is something like this then she could have talked herself with me, but she didn't told me anything samrat I  never knew that you will take the revenge like this from me
By then riddhima was also there and she got inside
Riddhima: its not like that ranvijay , samrat is not at all taking any personal rivalry with you, he is telling the truth I mean
Ranvijay: oh welcome riddhima ji, it was only your need here soo you are also here  off course I would have guessed by now, that your coffee shop drama and all, I already got to know that you are upto something , well your planning was really nice, but do you thing I am a fool, one girl who hates me like anything if that girl will come and say me that she loves me not possible , at that time only I understood that there is something fishy in this, there is something really wrong , you both what to stop this marriage  that I have got by now , but why?

Riddhima: look ranvijay I can explain you all, agreed I tried hard that in some way you just say no for this marriage, but my intentions were not at all to take any revenge or something

Ranvijay: then what is it , will you guys please tell me

 Samrat: god does he understand less , I have told you ranvijay that gunjan don't want to marry you, that's it and she herself has send us here because being a bride she cant come here and meet you
Ranvijay: but why , I mean earlier she don't have any objection , she herself agreed for this marriage and now what actually happened suddenly
Meanwhile on the other side ,
Armaan and mayank came to the bride room
Gunjan: what happened guys, did samrat talked with ranvijay what did he said
Armaan: we don't knew , we are here with you samrat and ranvijay are still in the groom room , lets see what will he say
Mayank: where is riddhima?

 Nupur: she went behind samrat , I mean
Mayank: what ! god now what is she going to do over there ,this girl is too much, what was the need for her to go
Armaan: yes she thinks she can handle all kind of situations, but its not like that I think we should also go over there, nupur gunjan you stay here we will just be back and see what can be done next
On the other side , groom's room
Riddhima: no ranvijay gunjan was never happy with this marriage she was just doing all this for her parents happiness and that's all gunjan don't love you ranvijay , and both of you will never be able to stay happy with this marriage,  try and understand ranvijay there wont be any use of this kind of relationship please you don't do this marriage
[only then armaan and mayank came there, but seeing them talking they just preferred to stay out for a while so that maybe two persons are fine to handle this]

Ranvijay:  I am just not getting anything , I mean ok if she don't love me and was just getting married for her parents sake then also I mean I think still we can stay happy together, we can give one chance to this relationship, I will keep her happy, per stopping marriage like this is no option I mean all the guest are here, her parents , my parents what will they thing
Riddhima: that's not the point , that all we will handle you just say no for this marriage
Ranvijay: ok today if I do anything like this then you knew after this what will happen of gunjan , her future will be ruined, why don't you think about your friend's future
Riddhima: we all will think about gunjan future you don't worry and gunjan's better future then this is decided 

Samrat: ok now enough , coming straight to the point, look ranvijay this marriage cant happen cause gunjan don't love you because she 
Ranvijay: because she , what do you mean, so you want to tell that there is someone else in gunjan's life , who ?
Riddhima: that actually , ranvijay gunjan I mean we should have told you this first gunjan and samrat 

Ranvijay: aahhh, ok now I got it , now I have understood it all , now you came to the point , and the point is that samrat  loves gunjan  and he don't want her to marry me
Riddhima:  now that you have understood this that just know this as well that not only samrat but gunjan also wants the same cause she also loves samrat
Ranvijay: now I got it , hats off to you riddhima, soo all that drama that you created cause you wanted your two best friends to be together , what a friendship ,what a great friends can do anything for your friends, how generous , but I am not so generous  , what do you think you will come and say me to stop marriage and I will do that excatly, no ways , never
Riddhima: even after knowing the fact that with this no one will stay happy with this nor you nor gunjan and not even samrat  still you will do this
 Ranvijay: off course I will , finally now after soo much time I got the chance, there cant be more better chance then this to take my revenge , shocked , surprised , what did you guys thought that ranvijay had changed, no never actually today also I am here for taking my part of revenge , I thought that after getting married to gunjan I will destroy her life and that will be my final revenge with you guys after seeing the miserable life of your best friend you both also have got so disturbed  and that was my revenge
Riddhima: I knew this, I always knew this , a person like you can never change , you are so cheap after breaking gunjan's heart once still you were not satisfied that you came back for destroying her life again you played such a big game ranvijay but why your rivalry was with me and samrat only ,then why , what have gunjan don't with you that you aimed her in all this
Ranvijay: [shamelessly] , well that's just because gunjan was the most easy target , since the first day remember when samrat had beaten me just because of you that day in the basketball court , at that time only I had made my mind that I will take my proper revenge for that insult and  that day only in that party when I first time met with the group of you such good no best friends I already checked that special bonding between you, nupur and gunjan , you would have never come in my planning I knew that and nupur she was an impossible target so the left one was gunjan the day I saw her I understood that  she was the easiest one and I was so right she keep on going in my tricks so easily and then final revenge time I ditched her and you both were also so badly affected by this as well
[Now it was height for samrat , he was about to beat ranvijay]
Ranvijay: no no samrat don't repeat this mistake again , remember that day when you came with gunjan you did the same mistake again you beaten me so badly inside my house and here today I am back for taking revenge for that only, so you think over this again if today also you will repeat the same mistake then what kind of payback will gunjan have to pay for this 
Riddhima: you , you are such a sick man , god, just for one baseless revenge you were destroying gunjan's  life  but this wont happen,  now this marriage will never happen
Ranvijay: oh really so what are you going to do to stop this wedding now, now nothing can happen miss riddhima , how will you stop me now  [shamelessly]

Samrat: ranvijay , I will kill you today
Riddhima: [stopping samrat] samm samm please control look this situation is not correct for this

 Samrat: riddhima you just don't stop me  now this
Riddhima: I knew samm , but please control not today think about gunjan and your samm, nothing will happen by fighting like this, at this point we have to control the situation that's more important and you ranvijay look ok fine whatever happened we are ready to forget all that ,just forget everything about the past , right now I feel that you should go back from here , at present the best is that you leave this place right now, you wont go down in the hall and rest situation we all will take care of that you just go away from here that would be really better for you as well
Ranvijay: oh really so you gonna tell me what is good for me , well ok fine , lets for once I agree to what you are saying , then what's the profit ,what is my profit in this
Riddhima: yes now you come to your right point , I always knew this you just want to see your profit in all things , ok tell me how much money you want to leave

Ranvijay: ohh no no , you are again like always taking me wrong riddhima ji, I don't want money
Samrat: riddhima , there is no use of talking with this man  I will just
Riddhima: samrat please control let this situation be handled, and you ranvijay what do you want
Ranvijay: I like that , I really like this riddhima the best friend can do anything for her best friends, you can do anything right,  anything so let just make a very clear deal, I wont go down I am ready to sacrifice gunjan as well so I also deserve something in return, how about riddhima , oh comeon now don't be soo surprised, you always knew that you were my main target my main aim, and I just want, well let samrat go down and marry gunjan I really don't care why don't till then you accompany me here in this nice cosy room [with evil grin]
That was heights for samrat
Samrat: you ba'..d I will kill you, how dare you say that
But riddhima again stopping him
Riddhima: samm , samm no , please samm you go, you go down everything will be fine please
Samrat: riddhima have you gone crazy , you get out of this room right now and let me handle the situation the way it should be done and you just stay out of this right now got you
Riddhima: no samrat please like this the thinks will go worse , just be sensible samm
Samrat: sensible ! i am behaving sensibly riddhima, that is the reason why he is still standing here in front of me even after saying that cheap thinks , if i would have been out of my sense then this man would have been dead by now
Ranvijay: oh oh , control samrat control ,now what like that have I said that you are behaving so madly and moreover you love gunjan and then you should be caring about her right now and as for the rest , comeon riddhima choose let your friends have a happy life and you are the only one who can give them that now
Riddhima: you knew what it was my mistake I should have not stopped samrat from killing you that very first day there in the basket ball court , then we all would definitely be having a better life
Ranvijay: but now its too late for that you knew come on now don't waste my much time let samm go down and get his love and let us complete the work left incomplete that day in the basket ball court because of samrat coming there

Saying so he started coming near riddhima 

This was now been the heights , and ranvijay was about to get a hard punch on his face from samrat , but before samrat can take any step ranvijay was already on the floor due to a heavy unexpected punch
and that was from none other then armaan , as armaan and mayank reached there in the middle of there conversation and as they heard his cheap demands they both just cant stand there and listen armaan instantly punched him hard on his face and he was there lying down on the floor
Mayank went ahead and making him stand again and this time it was mayank to give a hard smash on his face and he was again down on the floor
Armaan: what the hell was that, what is going on over here and samrat

Samrat: armaan relax yaar , mayu please , he is just a mad man just don't even think about his nonsense
Mayank: I have listened it all , so much happened and you didn't told me anything and riddhima you,  what the hell is all this , you and samrat hidden so many things from us 
Riddhima: mayu actually listen I just didn't wanted to , I mean I thought it was just and small think and I never knew this will end up like this I mean I was just
Mayank: stop it  I just don't want to talk with you right now , first  I need to tackle with that ranvijay and let us discuss this later
By the time ranvijay stood up again,
Armaan: hell you and your revenge here so now how will you take your revenge for this now and yur cheap thoughts I will kill you
Armaan angrily punched him again he was fuming with anger his riddhima he thinking so bad about her he did tried to touch his riddhima
Ranvijay: oh comeon armaan what wrong I did, seriously there is something in this riddhima that no one can just stay away from her since day one I controlled soo much for the right time but then

Armaan: shut up , dare you say another word about her

Ranvijay: yes right she is just a friend of yours not your property or let me guess what else you both share staying together in the same house day and specially night , you can get whatever you want then why cant I even demand that  [said ranvijay so shamelessly]
But it was heights for the three men standing there , he was insulting their relationship there pure relationship with riddhima with his cheap thoughts and
And again long beating session started And it ended when ranvijay was unconscious
Riddhima: oh no he got unconscious , what will happen now,  how will we handle this now , easy done with what you guys wanted great not what will happen he got unconscious and what will happen now he got unconscious and soon all will be calling him down in the mandap for rituals,  now what , oh whom am I asking all insensible peoples standing here in front of me
Mayank:  it would be better if you don't talk anything about sensibility , we have already seen your part of sensibility you just don't talk with me right now,  we will talk about this later and samrat you atleast I could have expected you telling us all this
Samrat: mayu its not like that,  I mean I wanted to tell you its just that I didn't got proper chance and then riddhima stopped me and later on everything got fine he even apologised and we thought everything will be ok but
Armaan: you should have not left him on the first time , you knew a person like this can never change  , look now what consequences we are facing

Samrat: you are right guys , I am sorry
Riddhima: guys if you are done with all this can you tell what to be done next
Armaan: does anyone of us have said you to interfere in this , you have allready done a lot here
Riddhima: what, comeon now stop being rude , why are you all blaming me for all
Mayank: because its just because of you
Riddhima: because of me , yes I have beaten him soo hard that he is unconscious and now when everyone will get to know why you did this then you can say that its because we cant control our anger and we beated him without even thinking and it all happened because of me, ok fine you guys are more intelligent then do what you think will be the best now I am leaving
And saying soo riddhima left the room and went to the brides room , where gunjan and nupur were waiting for them
Gunjan:  riddhima what happened? what did ranvijay said
Riddhima: I don't knew what he was saying earlier but don't you worry he cant say anything now all thanks to your soo great friends

Nupur: riddhima what happened why are you soo irritated
Riddhima: I think it would be better if you ask this from your dear mayu , its all because of him and armaan , they both destroyed it all
Gunjan: what ,why but what happened , listen I am scared yaar please tell me
Riddhima: I was being so cool minded and trying handling the situation with that jerk ranvijay but no use nahi mayank came there and they all beaten him soo much that he is lying there unconscious
Gunjan: what! But why , now what will happen?
Nupur: by the way would you like to tell me that why mayank and armaan did so?

Only then mayank came there 
Mayank: I will myself tell that, cause riddhima you still don't think that anything happened there, but if anyone would say so cheap things for my sister in front of me ,then what do you expect me that I will quietly listen to him
Nupur: cheap about riddhima, what happened did in anger ranvijay insulted riddhima and samrat?
Armaan: no nupur if that would have been the thing then why would have we reacted this way, forget it that man was a big time looser jerk, he never changed he was the same and was here only for revenge from samrat for beating him all thanks to riddhima that she never told us the truth , what did he tried to do with you in the basketball court and when all that happened and why were we not there with you

Asked armaan enquiring
Samrat: armaan just forget it it's a past so past thing , maybe the first day of his college remember riddhima was angry with you both on that bike racing thing that day you both didn't came in college , I was there on time for helping her out that day, I never thought he would be so cheap for some baseless revenge he will go to this level

Gunjan: renvenge, you mean all that he did with me was a part of revenge he was talking from you samrat

Riddhima: not exactly samrat, it was me I am sorry gunjan, I am so sorry I never knew one of my action would cause my best friend suffer so much, I swear I never knew that he will do this with you , if I had any idea I would have done anything to get you out of this I swear
Said riddhima crying she was too guilty for getting gunjan life to hell in all this
Gunjan: oh wow you knew someone out of us said that there is no space for sorry and friendship in our lifes and the one who will ever use that will get its punishment well, it was always your rule riddhima and today you yourself are breaking it
Gunjan sitting next to riddhima ,
Riddhima: yes I knew I did a mistake ok I will get its punishment as well, I will pay anything for this, I will do anything now to get your life happy and everything you want, I swear even if it will end on agreeing with that ranvijay demand I will do whatever I can
That was heights for the boys, she can do what even after knowing what exactly that meant she can do that,  mayank and
samrat didn't said much but armaan cant believe her right now
Armaan: what do you thing you can do you will go and sleep out with that ranvijay to get him out of gunjan's life  [he was surely angry and it was surely scaring riddhima for now this was getting worse] 

Gunjan: what! What did you just said armaan that jerk ranvijay demanded riddhima sleeping with oh god that was too much I will kill that man

Armaan: that's exactly what we did , and madam riddhima you have already done a lot in all this now its not you who has to make everything fine, listen riddhima you knew , actually you don't knew anything family , there reputation all the guest down there they all are really important for us we all want that no one hurt in all this but that really don't mean you taking any big step for that, there reputation is important for us but no where , I mean it stands no where in front of you and your life
And then mayank also came in front of her
Mayank: yes armaan is saying right, riddhima everything around in this world everything around is really important part of our lifes , but its just a part of life but you , you are our life sweetheart you knew that , now first you stop crying
Said mayank hugging riddhima
Mayank: I am sorry I was not there the time you needed me the most
And then samrat also coming there
Samrat: no problem atleast I was there as your representative right riddhima
Armaan: whatever it was but mayank is right riddhima ,you are actually our life , you don't do anything you just don't have to do anything , cause whenever you are trying to do anything you always end up messing it all  [he said laughing]
Riddhima: what I messed it all , it was you all that messed it

Armaan:  ok ok we all messed it ok fine, god you are such a kid, and that what exactly I want to explain you, this all think stopping ranvijay this marriage all that is not so important I mean we have many , I mean that plenty of ways to do that and for this do you really expect us to let you take such drastic steps no never , you have to never take such steps , remember when we all are together we all have many options for solving problems so ever again in your life you don't end up taking all major steps on your own just always be by our side got you , and what we did with ranvijay was exactly right

Riddhima: ok fine for once I agree to you and I knew what you did was right I would have done the same but I controlled in this situation , because right now gunjan and samrat happiness was more important now what
Mayank: nothing will happen I will go down and tell everyone that ranvijay was not a nice person and so gunjan and his wedding cant happen

Nupur: great , but do you find it that simple I mean it will make much problem ,no one will trust us and ultimately gunjan and her family reputation will get on stake
Gunjan: I am just not getting anything now what can we do in this situation and its  all because of me I should have not trusted that jerk at all then everything would have been fine now what will I say to  mom and dad and
Samrat: no gunjan its not just your fault this all happened cause of both of us if we would have understood and confessed our love early then nothing like this would have happened and we both will face it together whatever will happen will happen with both of us
Armaan: hey hey control what do you guys think that you both will handle all the situation all alone and what will we do then, well now whatever will happen will happen will all of us together you both alone wont handle this we all will face everything togethet
Mayank: yaa right , I will just go down and call mom dad , karan uncle , masi ma and gunjan parents here
Nupur: just a minute mayank , this wont be perfect right now , I mean at this time what all we will try and telling them they all will just don't take us correct and will just don't listen to us at all  and they all will take us wrong this situation is actually not correct so that anyone will understand us
Riddhima : you are right nupur , no one  will trust us in this we will have to find someother way in this so that everything end up well
Nupur: and for that the marriage have to occur so that all the guest should go away
Riddhima: ya right marriage and how will that happen cause the groom is not here
Nupur: but our groom is still here with us
Mayank: I am not getting anything and you will make gunjan and ranvijay getting married
Nupur: no mayank gunjan will get married but not with ranvijay , but with samrat and that to now in this mandap only
Armaan: really and how will that happen when samrat will go down on place of ranvijay so then no one will question anything

Riddhima :  they will do that only when anyone will get to know that at groom place this is samrat and not ranvijay
Mayank: ok ladies I am not getting anything  what you all mean
Nupur: mayank how can you be soo , ok fine see ranvijay is unconscious  , if samrat will wear his dress and go in the mandap and sit at his place and moreover his face will be covered with sehra , so no one will recognise him and like this gunjan and samrat will get married and later when all the guest will leave we will quietly and nicely explain it all to aunty uncle
Samrat: but nupur getting married like this I mean
Nupur: samrat not today but tomorrow I mean someday you have to get married to each other then whats the problem , look we don't have any other option right now
Armaan: nupur is right samm , we have to do this , come lets go mayank we will take samrat to groom room and , you change in ranvijay clothes ok

Ok plan fixed about to be executed
Lets see whats next trouble getting for our best friends

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awsmmm update...ClapClap

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hey di u always pm me ur update u never pm me for this on... POUT...
plz di PM me every update u do on AR ya DMG plz plz
osome update...

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PM me ur updates to me too pls

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Author: LuvArnavKhushi   Replies: 175   Views: 116466

LuvArnavKhushi 175 116466 18 November 2015 at 2:04pm by ..Prii1994..
TaaRey Story- Aashiqui (Epilogue- Pg-56)

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Author: taani.priya1997   Replies: 427   Views: 55124

taani.priya1997 427 55124 23 May 2015 at 10:46pm by ...Shrisha...
TS - A Frustrating Suhaag Raat (Part 3 - Last part - Pg11)

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Author: DJames   Replies: 119   Views: 60612

DJames 119 60612 05 February 2015 at 3:37am by DJames
Yaare Dil Daare AR ff

Author: searchoffriends   Replies: 2   Views: 1018

searchoffriends 2 1018 03 August 2009 at 4:21am by searchoffriends

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