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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 5)

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part 3 on page 4


There friendship getting stronger in college life as well






She Lied on an Hospital Bed Had Few Last Moments of Her Life Everybody Surrounded Her 

They have informed their parents regarding this and they were on their way to India 

riddhima sitting her bed side and crying armaan and mayank on other side while samrat gunjan and nupur were standing there close to her bed


prerna: riddhima no beta please don't cry I am not going anywhere I am here with you all and will always stay by your side in your hearts


riddhima: you don't speak please it will hurt you


prerna.: no beta today I have to say this please first you all promise mee one think that you all will never cry remembering me promise mee you all will not cry at all, you all will always be happy always stay together


armaan: yes mom we promise wee will never cry mom but [wiping his tears] please mom please don't go [like a kid] [crying keeping his head on her palm ]


prerna: armaan you are so grown up and still you are crying like a small kid, no armaan son, you are not alone everyone is here with you


armaan: I love you mom [and he left the room crying samrat followed him]


 prerna: you all just take care of yourself and mayank specially riddhima's


mayank: yes chotima., we all will always take care of each other


prerna: riddhima beta I want a promise from you please will you give me that


riddhima: yea chotimaa I will do whatever you want 


prerna: I knew samrat are mayank really strong, they can take care of each other but armaan , beta he is very emotional please promise me you will take care of him you will always be by his side


riddhima: yes choti ma I promise you, if you have not said so still I would have not let him alone


[and then she died but keeping her words in mind nobody cried on remembering her it was true she was armaan mom but she was a mother to all of them as she was the only parents living with them and always taking care of them she was their mother and teacher too she had taught all of them to live a life ]


After her death everyone supported each other taken care of each other mayank was always a mature person and behaved very strongly despite of the fact that he was really hurt too and at that time nupur was a great support for him she acted like his strength


And too everyone surprise riddhima behaved the one being really matured and strong


next day their parents came over there and that was the time all the kids broke down samrat mayank and riddhima were there with sujal kashish , karan and nandini the elders took care of them it was just armaan , he had not talked a single word from the time of her death sitting in his room balcony looking towards the sky


riddhima came to armaan room with some food for him as he not had even a glass of water from yesterday


 riddhima moved in balcony and sat near him complete silence after sometime armaan spoke


 armaan: you knew riddhima I have always kept on hearing that my father left my mother, and mom have always taken care of me alone, but today I have got completely alone


riddhima: no armaan I am here with you, we all are here with you, your friends your family


armaan: you will also leave me alone and go one day riddhima, just like mom


riddhima: no armaan I will never leave you alone, never , I wont leave you alone ever 


she hugged him tight and tried to console him later samrat and mayank also came there and now four of them sat together when nupur and gunjan got food for all of them and they all made each other eat it 


Its the truth that friendship can heal up every think and it worked well with them


 Their parents have many times requested armaan samrat mayank and riddhima to come to London but all of them just don't want to leave their home there town


So now they all live there alone but they are always in touch with their parents specially samrat's dad Karan as now after his sister death his love and care for them had increased specially for armaan he never made any difference between samrat and armaan  

time passes away like this and soon they all were coming back to normal it took all of them time to be back like before now they all have become more close with many more emotional attachment with each other


Like this 2 years passed





 Now They All Are In the Last Year of Their College


Everyone Enjoying Their College Life



Actually love have already entered it's just time for anyone to realize that


It was a normal day but not so normal in their home 

Actually riddhima was not well she had a little fever 

But as the time has passed mayank had become more concerned for his princess

And there love had become more strong


riddhima lying on the bed COMPLETELY irritated and mayank was sitting on one side and nupur was on the other


riddhima: oh god mayank I am absolutely fine now, please you leave since how long will you keep on sitting here


mayank: no you just goo to sleep and rest and I will sit here only with you


riddhima: fine I will go to sleep but you also leave and take some rest


[riddhima pretended to sleep so that mayank can goo and take some rest now but instead of that mayank was still sitting there ]


nupur: mayank you don't worry she is fine now you goo and take some rest I will be here with her


 mayank: thanks nupur you have helped me a lot in taking care of her


 nupur: thanks! Mayank, since when has this thanks kind of word came between us, there is no need for you to say this to me ok


mayank: oh [laughing] ya off course how well do you understand all of us, specially me


[and then a bit eye to eye contact as if some messages were passing on ]


 nupur: [distracting it] ok I think we shall move out and let riddhima rest


mayank: yes


[they both moved out of the room and after they left riddhima who was till now pretending to sleep sit up on the bed ]


got up and sitting on the bed 


riddhima: oh god this mayank and nupur when will they change, I  am damm sure they wont even say their feelings to each other even in their dreams




riddhima: if we will keep on depending on mayank and nupur then they will always stay back in their eyes to eyes talk, and nothing else, I think I have to do something


[only then samrat came to her room ]


samrat: what you have to do riddhima ?


[riddhima still in her thoughts didn't even noticed samrat]


samrat: what happened  riddhima


[samrat shaked her a bit and so she came to reality]


samrat: what ?  what happened  ?


riddhima: nothing just like that


samrat: no there is something tell me


riddhima: I am just getting confused I am not getting anything this nupur and mayank always


samrat: [concerned] what happened to nupur and mayank ?


riddhima: nothing happened but don't you thing something can happen mayank and nupur together


samrat: [surprised] have you gone mad I mean we all knew that there is something else in between them but still nothing serious


riddhima: you just leave this ok, I knew mayank and nupur really well and what they both share what their eyes talk with each other I can understand that well just I am not getting one thing that why aren't they both understanding this  


samrat: or may be they also understand just feel shy to say that to each other


riddhima:  exactly that what I am saying, I thing we need to do something to make then confess their feelings 


samrat: YA we shall but how and what we can do ?


riddhima: that was what I was thinking,  mayank and nupur love each other or they feel that we have to confirm 


samrat: yes but how you knew them both one over the other most shy types no one of the two will say anything to each other


riddhima: this is actually the problem, but one minute they both wont say anything in front of everyone us, what if they both meet alone maybe then


samrat: meeting alone but how?  


riddhima: I have got an idea!!


samrat: what is it ?


 [riddhima explains her plan to samrat that they should arrange a private meeting for mayank and nupur they need to send them on a date]


samrat: what a plan all rubbish ! as if we will say them to go on a date and they will go , that will not happen ever


riddhima: we wont tell them to go on a date, mayank himself will call nupur  and nupur herself will call mayank


samrat: [confused] what do you mean ?


riddhima: you know naa how to copy there handwriting ?


samrat: yaa I can copy that but why ?


riddhima: great then you write two letters , first letter from mayank to nupur in mayank handwriting and second from nupur to mayank in nupur's handwriting


samrat: ok , but what should I write in that letters


riddhima: write in both letters to meet at the lovers point restaurant at hill top at 5 in the evening tomorrow


samrat: not bad , the place is already so romantic I m sure they will definitely going to express there feeling over there


riddhima: ya I hope so


[then they send the letters to mayank and nupur and now they both were just waiting for the evening ]




riddhima and samrat entering the restaurant


[it was a beautiful open air restaurant on a hill top at one side there was a big valley  that was a popular lovers point  or suicide point  and sitting in the restaurant you can easily  see the beautiful valley and the beautiful hills it was a beautiful view of nature ]


riddhima : [a bit tensed]   samrat you have arranged everything properly right ?


samrat: don't worry riddhima I have myself set full the plan for them


riddhima: that's the only reason why I am soo scared !


 samrat: oh really firstly I am here helping you so much in this, and here you are making fun of me !


riddhima : what do you mean by 'my help' as if  mayank and nupur are no where related to you 


samrat: [folding his hand] ok ok I did a big mistake mummy ji, please excuse me for this


riddhima : yaa better  


samrat: well  I have reserved that corner table for them and even explaned the waiter that the reservation is at mayank's name 


riddhima : I hope they both come here now


samrat: don't worry I m sure they will come, ok lets us go and sit there at that table  [pointing towards a table in another corner] from here we can easily see them


riddhima : ok


 they settled there on the corner  and mayank reached the restaurant 


riddhima : mayank  is here ! but nupur why has she not came yet  ?  [worried ]


samrat: riddhima relax she will come soon you drink this juice  


[as he offered juice to riddhima   the juice fell on riddhima dress ]


 riddhima : [annoyed]  samrat ! what have you done


samrat: I m sorry  by mistake anyways you go and clean it up 


riddhima : ok  I will just be back


[riddhima went to the washroom and as she was coming back  somebody pulled her towards the corner]


[she was shocked  and closed her eyes  and as she opened , it was  ARMAAN ]


riddhima : armaan  [very confused]


 armaan: you got scared ?


riddhima : [confused]  you here! What are you doing here?


armaan: why is there a ban for me to come at this place


riddhima : no I mean suddenly 


armaan: well in that case I can ask you the same think that whay are you doing here ?


riddhima : [confused don't know what to reply]    me actually I was


armaan: [imitating her]  I was  ! tell that came here on mayank and nupur date


riddhima : what [shocked] how do you came to knew this  I mean


armaan: [with over confident]  riddhima... I m the armaan singhania and armaan knews everything 


riddhima :  oh really very funny ...


armaan: ok  ok samrat told me so me and gunjan came here to give you company


riddhima : gunjan  she is also here where is she ?


armaan: over there with samrat now lets go fast nupur would also be coming soon


[they when towards there table  samrat and gunjan were already sitting there looking towards

mayank  table  ]


 riddhima : [hitting samrat from back]  samrat! You idiot you canteven keep a little secret in your stomach


samrat: oh so what it was only armaan I told 


gunjan: riddhima  relax  leave that  and now you tell why didn't you told us that you made all plans alone all by yourself


riddhima : anow all that happened so fast that anyways leave that  nupur would reach here anytime


[and as  planned nupur reached there and she went to meet mayank   and they both sat on their table ]


samrat: they both are looking so good together  


riddhima : [very seriously ]   shhh and let me hear their talks


armaan: yes look how close they are sitting to us that you can hear their talks [sarcastically]


riddhima : [confidently]  I can hear them armaan


[she bought a headphone out of her ears ]


samrat: whats this


riddhima : speaker, I have put a little microphone there beneath the table they are sitting over and now whatever they will talk over there we can hear it here on this speaker


armaan: not bad riddhima  being with me in my company you are also getting intelligent


riddhima : thank you  armaan if you were not there what could have I done then [sarcastically]  now please let me listen to them   [not in a mood to argue]


[they put the speakers on  and listened to there chat ]

[but they both were sitting quietly ,as they both were feeling shy to talk ]


 samrat: they both why aren't they talking


riddhima : I don't knew, oh god please say something  [pleading to them]


[mayank and nupur just spoke to order coffee and then again  quite ]

then nupur just to start the chat to break that awkward silence


 nupur: this valley is really beautiful [pointing towards the valley]


 mayank : yes [very simply] yaa you know what this valley is around hundred years old


nupur :  oh ! [again they kept quite then again after sometime she tried to break the silence]  hmm mayank  ...


mayank  : hmm you said something


nupur : ya  hmmm actually  [looking here and there ]  yes that temple over there on hill top  is really beautiful right


on the other side


armaan who was hearing all this from the speaker spooked.


 armaan: have they both came over here on sightseeing [sarcastically]


riddhima :  shhh [keeping figure on his lips ]  you just wait they will come to the point soon


on the other side


mayank and nupur


mayank:  yaa that temple is very nice , you know that temple is also almost hundred years old


[riddhima listening this talk got irritated  ] 


riddhima : [putting her hand on her head]  oh god ! my brother is also 100 years old ancient type, mayank  please talk something good


samrat: relax riddhima  he will say that you wait and watch


riddhima: he has been with you both [pointing towards armaan and samrat] for soo many years still didn't learned anything from you [cursing mayank]  that what you have to talk when you go on a date


on other side


[they both chat again ]


nupur: mayank  why did you called me here ?


mayank : [confused]  I called you ! noo I don't you called mee


on other side


riddhima : oh no nupur what was the need to say that !


samrat: our plan is gone now


on other side


nupur: no mayank  you wrote me the letter


 mayank : nupur you send mee a letter


nupur: if I didn't write that and even you didn't then who has written that letter ?


mayank : I got it I m sure this is done by


[before mayank  can complete ]


 nupur: riddhima  [as if conforming from him and mayank to nodded] 


 other side as nupur took riddhima name


gunjan: all the best riddhima now you r gone


riddhima : shut up ! anyways its not me its samrat who wrote those letters


armaan: then all the best to you samrat come on now lets go to them


 riddhima : I am going home   [tried to escape from there and moving towards the exist]


only then mayank  saw riddhima there 


mayank : see over there


[and they went there]


mayank : hi riddhima [sarcastically]


[looking towards armaan samrat and gunjan]


mayank : oh so you all are also here, now can I knew that what was all this ?


samrat: mayank  actually


nupur: what actually what kind was joke was this 


gunjan: joke !  [a bit serious] joke is that what you both are doing with yourself and each other 


mayank : what you mean ?


riddhima : we mean that mayank  you both want to say each other something, then why don't you both say that?


nupur : stop it riddhima


 armaan: not today nupur, not today its high time now you both should accept this


mayank : armaan please stop it right now


riddhima : armaan is right mayank we all just wanted to see you both happy together, that's why we did all this, I am sorry if you felt hurt 


mayank : no riddhima, I am not hurt with this, infact I also feel that what you all are saying is right


[moving towards nupur ]


 mayank : nupur I want to say you something, [looking straight in her eyes]  we became friends years back  , since then you have you have always been with me  , always supported mee , always given me the strength to move ahead in life , you were always there my side in all up's and down of my life and now I have become used to this, I have become habitual to you nupur 


nupur: [she was scared]  ,mayank  please stop


mayank : [ignoring her pleading]  will you always be by my side with me?


nupur : [having tears in her eyes]  mayank  ... I


mayank : nothing else just yes or no  [after a pause]  I LOVE YOU


[tears were there in nupur eyes and even in riddhima's she was really happy ]


Nupur blushed  a bit and just ran away Armaan followed her


samrat: now what happened to her why she went away ?  [confused]


gunjan: [smiled and said]  nothing she just got shy 


samrat: oh  like that    [ happily towards mayank   hugging him ]    great mayank that was it, today

we feel like you have got some effect of my friendship on you


gunjan: stop it samrat ,  but seriously mayank  ,  I m soo happy for you both and yes nupur is the sweetest friend of us you better take care of her


mayank : oh really only nupur is your friend and I am nothing ?


gunjan: you are also but nupur is a little bit more am I right  riddhima ?  [teasing mayank ]


[mayank  looking towards riddhima  , she had tears in her eyes]


mayank : riddhima I   [emotionally going towards her she hugged him]


riddhima : today I am soo happy mayank  , I m soo happy for you


mayank : really me too


riddhima : I love you mayank 


mayank : I love you too


 samrat: [with cute face]   and mee  ?


gunjan: and meee too


mayank : yes  off course  I love you all


[they 4 hugged each other together]






 she was happy  and she was smiling now , blushing to herself thinking about what mayank said yes they were silent lovers  and true love birds ...just a confession was left there heart had accepted each other long time back just a mere confession was left 


armaan: [teasing her]   you ran away from there, and you didn't even gave any reply, that means you don't like mayank much


nupur: its no like that [instantly]


armaan: [smiled] then how is it


nupur: [shyly]   armaan  please


 armaan: oh ho  , not bad, in any case you have become really hidden type no one came to knew and quietly 


nupur: [now with fake anger]   armaan !!!


armaan: okk  ok I wont say anything, now we cant even say you anything without mayank's permission  [again teasing her]


She blushed again


armaan: come on  yaar last time give me a nice friendly hug, now after this you knew [said armaan with a wink]


[they both hugged ]


 armaan: always be happy  , come on lets goo now


[actually nupur was more like a sister to armaan then a friend , and soo he was really happy for her  ,  as he knew that nupur step mom never loved her , she was taken in for more care ]


[armaan dropped nupur and then returned back home where mayank  ,  riddhima  , and samrat were sitting in there tree house and chatting ]


armaan: hey guys


riddhima : soo you came back after dropping  'nupur bhabhi' [stressing on the word]   to her house


mayank : riddhima , by now only I have


[blushing then he want to say that only he had confessed and that's all nupur have not even confessed her love till now]


riddhima : no problem mayank, I am just practicing not today but surely after sometime, she will be my bhabhi right samrat


samrat: yaa off course mine too


armaan: but not mine


riddhima :why , mayank  is your friends too then 


armaan: yaa   mayank  is my friend but  nupur , is just like a sister too me


 riddhima : ohh ,  ok then  mayank  will be you  jiju   right mayank   [teasing ]


armaan: [now seriously going near mayank ]  yaa but he will have to take proper care of my sister then 

[they both hugged each other]


armaan: I just can't tell you how happy I m for you, today you got what you wanted, always remain like this ok


samrat: ya today if  chotima would have been here she would have said this only ,


mayank : yaa I wish choti maa was here with us


armaan getting serious and emotional with the mentioning of his mom  ,  riddhima noticed it


riddhima : what you mean mayank  by 'if she would have been'  she is here with us only , she was always here and she will always be here with us in our heart right  armaan  [holding armaan hand giving him her support]


armaan just nodded armaan always wonder how she always came to knew that he is upset , why she is always there for his support , and she was his best friend his great strength always and specially in the past 2 years after armaan mom's death she was always there with armaan and have never let him feel alone or sad] 






riddhima and gunjan in riddhima room


riddhima : hi gunjan what happened you ever here soo early in the morning any think serious ?


gunjan: hey riddhima actually I m going to Delhi for 3 days with  mom dad 


riddhima : this is not fare  you r going like this and that too for 3 days [like a child ]  anyways u just enjoy yourself and please come back soon


gunjan: ya I will ok bye will miss you


riddhima : I will miss you too


[gunjan went after bidding bye to riddhima and now a again a plan is cooking up in riddhima mind ]

[riddhima immediately made her way to armaan room]


armaan was sleeping it was around 10 am now


riddhima : armaan  [moving towards his bed ]


riddhima : armaan get up [shaking his shoulder]


[after no reply she moved him really hard]


riddhima : [angrily]  armaan  its already 10  , get up now


armaan: [irritated]  what is it let me sleep


[by then entered samrat]


 samrat: hey riddhima  he is still sleeping


riddhima : armaan that's it  get up in a second or else


armaan: oh god  mummy  let me sleep


samrat:  riddhima leave him yaar , you tell me is there any problem


riddhima : ya we have to leave this house right now


samrat: [confused]  what ?


riddhima : actually nupur  is coming


samrat:  so what's a big deal in that , she come over here everyday


riddhima : samrat you don't get any think ,   nupur is coming and if we three will be here then mayank  and nupur will not get a chance to talk alone


samrat: oh , ok so you mean we three have to go on a picnic for today


 riddhima : yaa that's what I m saying  , that's why  I was waking him up  [towards armaan]  but he is just not listening to me   , nupur will be here in an hour and we have to leave before that


armaan: [still in half sleep]  you both go I m not going anywhere


riddhima :[irritated]  armaan


[samrat , pointed riddhima towards the water jug kept on the table and riddhima got an idea of waking him up she quickly picked the jug and was about to pour water on armaan when armaan just got up and holded her hand ]


 armaan: now what was happening here riddhima ji , you were trying to pour this on me


[riddhima  tried to free her hands but armaan was more stronger , armaan  took the water jug in his hand and emptied the whole water on riddhima ]

[riddhima all wet now]


riddhima : [angrily]  armaan how dare you  , I m not going to leave you now


[she got up from the bed to hit armaan but before she can do any think armaan was quick enough to run into the washroom and close the door ]


[samrat can't do any think except for just keep on laughing]


riddhima : I m not going to leave you armaan  just wait and watch that




riddhima : [ standing outside armaan rooms washroom]  armaan come fast


armaan: [shouting from inside the washroom]  ya ya I am coming


riddhima : oh god , not even girls take soo much time in getting ready as you do 


armaan: [coming out of the washroom still not dressed , wearing a vest and a cargo]  here I am now just get off my way and let me see what I have to wear 


[ armaan now went towards his wardrobe and started thinking what to wear , first selecting and then rejecting  and riddhima simply getting irritated]


samrat: [entering the room , and seeing armaan soo confused ]   armaan why r you soo confused ,  just pick any of the clothes and wear them what's a big deal


riddhima : [irritated]   try and understand  samrat ,  its point of armaan's reputation  all the girls in the town just watch him only  [sarcastically]


armaan:   exactly all girls just die for armaan singhania


riddhima :  ya right , why not , but even they don't knew that when it comes to getting ready the armaan singhania take even more time than the girls  


armaan: shut up now and let me see what to wear


riddhima : oh god ! you r taking soo much of time in dress selection I wonder what you going to do in office how you going to take that big big business decisions there


[armaan and samrat confused looking at her]


riddhima : what ?  don't look at me like this  , karan uncle had already told me that you three r planning to join our business soon and going to work on few projects in India to learn from them


samrat:  yaa that yes dad said that we should learn how to work in office and after all after few years we three only have to handle all this business so we thought of starting with few small small projects infact mayank has already started working on one project


riddhima : but I wonder that if you three start working on business projects then when r you guys going to attend the college we still have our finally year of college left


 samrat: riddhima we will go to college regularly , this office work is a part time , just to learn a bit  , and to get familiar with our business


 riddhima : yaa that's why mayank  is soo busy in that new project since morning , I m sure he is going to be the best business man


armaan: you don't worry riddhima not only along with mayank  we will also become perfect business


 riddhima : you and perfect , forget it


armaan: listen you what do you mean ?


 riddhima : [irritated]  shut up you stupid ,idiot, moron we r already very late and that to just because of you now you go and wear some clothes first


armaan: I think along with your brain now your eyes are gone also out of work, I'm already wearing clothes


riddhima : [trying hard controlling her anger]  , you moron , just keep your this stupid sense of humour up to you and now get ready because we have to go and that to before nupur arrives here


armaan: ok madam ok 2 minutes I will be there


[riddhima and samrat went down stairs and r waiting for armaan in the living room mayank was sitting there on a sofa busy with the files]


mayank : what's the matter ? you guys soo perfectly dressed and why r you roaming from here to there ?


riddhima : nothing  mayank  actually me , armaan aur samrat  are going out


[now riddhima don't want to tell mayank that they r going out of the house soo that he and nupur can spent some time alone]


mayank :  but where ?


riddhima :  we r ...we  


[ thinking a perfect excuse but before she can say armaan said from behind ]


 armaan:  actually we r going on  Date


 mayank : [ confused]  on a date  , whose Date ?


 samrat:[controlling the situation] Mine...mine yaa  mayank  , its my date today


 mayank : oh , all  the best then to you  and you both [towards armaan and riddhima]


 armaan:  we both r also going on a Date


 mayank : [shocked]   what ?


riddhima : [to shocked]   what !!

armaan: riddhima , we both were going to help samrat with his date, right [armaan signalling  riddhima through eyes to just say yes]


riddhima : [nervously]    yes , yes  mayank  we thought that you were busy with your project today  , so we  just go and hang out like that only


mayank :  oh ok ...great wait I will also come with you


riddhima : [instantly]  no  mayank   ! you can't come with us


 mayank : [confused]  why ?  can't I hang out with you guys ?


riddhima :  yes you can but   you have [ confused , thinking what to say ]  ,  yaa you have to work on this project


mayank : [a bit sadly] yaa I have too  , ok you guys go ahead , we will hang out later


riddhima : ok  then bye  [hugging him]


[riddhima moved out off the house , she than took a deep breath , it was next to impossible for her to lie to mayank ,it was a difficult work and she very well know that mayank was not at all convinced by her  , but still she tried]


armaan also now came out


armaan: riddhima can't you lie properly , now the whole plan would have failed


riddhima : what can I do armaan I don't have  PHD Degree on 'HOW TO LIE PERFECTLY' like you have


armaan: that's why you r simply a dumbo


samrat: ok no more fights  please lets go


[they proceeds towards their car , armaan and samrat sat in front and riddhima on the back seat ]


armaan driving


armaan: soo what's the plan , what shall we do now ?


riddhima : let me think first let go to the mall , lets do some shopping with lunch  and then we will watch some nice movie and  at the end dinner in some cool place


armaan: oh god !  what a boring plan


riddhima : ok fine soo you only make a plan Mr. super cool [angry]


armaan: off course I m going to make it now [now seeing riddhima angry from the car mirror]  ok ok lets go to mall


[armaan was too good at heart , he don't want to disappoint riddhima , so he just agreed with that boring plan]




mayank  still sitting in the living room busy in his work , nupur came there standing on the door      


 nupur: [very politely]   hi


mayank raised his head from the files and saw nupur  silence for a second


mayank :   hi,  come in [awkwardly] 


nupur: [politely] actually I came here to meet riddhima


mayank : riddhima is not at home she is gone out with armaan and samrat


nupur:  what!  I told her that I m coming still she went away


mayank :  she knew that you r going to come  [now mayank  understanding the story a bit]   now I got it


nupur:  what you got


mayank : nothing  , nothing at all  hey why r you still standing you can sit over here


nupur: [awkwardly]  no its ok I will come later


mayank : [understanding her ] its ok nupur  , you can come over here


[they both were really cute both wanna spend time with each other , but both feeling shy to say



nupur: [looking around in the house there was no one there except the two]  where r all the servants mayank  ?


mayank : ya actually today is everyone's off  you come and sit will you like to have some think to eat I was just about to order the food from a hotel


nupur: from hotel  , if you don't mind shall I cook some think for you ?


mayank :   no its fine I will order from a hotel


nupur: its ok mayank  , I will manage and I knew that you like home cooked food only I will get it for you


[and she got up and went towards the kitchen]


only then mayank mobile rang up , he looked at it , it was riddhima


mayank : hello


 riddhima : had nupur came there  [very casually]


mayank : [calmly]  so it was all you planning right, you won't change at all  [with fake anger]


riddhima : [laughing] stop acting as if you r angry with me mayank   cause  I m sure  you are thanking me for this in your heart and you r thinking that I m soo good to doo all this for you right


mayank : [he laughed because actually riddhima was right]  ok ...well where r you guys right now ?


riddhima : you don't worry at all mayank  ...wherever we r , we can assure you that we will not disturb you guys till tonight


mayank : [shyly]  riddhima


riddhima : [irritated]  oh ho , mayank  now stop blushing like that and go and  be with her and yaa don't  talk about that valley and  temple's hundred years back story like you did in the restaurant [teasing him]


mayank : ok  my princess now can I put the phone down


riddhima : [laughing and teasing]   oh ho , someone's really eager to cut this call and be with someone


[samrat and armaan were just laughing on the chat as she was talking with mayank  on loudspeaker]


armaan: riddhima  stop irritating him yaar , come on cut the call now  just stop teasing him [again in a teasing way]


mayank : [irritated]  shut up armaan


 riddhima : ok mayank  bye , all the best


samrat: and yes mayank  enjoy yourself


[riddhima end the call , three of them were laughing and giving a high 5 , as there plan was successful now]






[Mayank went in the kitchen to help nupur]

Here we see nupur busy in cooking, 


For sometime , mayank kept on staring her , from the door , the way she was busy and happily cooking the food , he kept of watching her from a corner for a while lost in his own world


Nupur watched mayank standing there on the door and watching her , lost somewhere , she saw him as well and was blushing looking at him 


Nupur : what happened mayank ? , [she asked politely]


Mayank: hmm uhhh voo voo [confused and no words coming from him]


Nupur : mayank are you ok, do you want something ? [she asked politely]


Mayank : no nothing actually , I though you would need my help , soo I , [said mayank and then coming close to her] , soo what can I doo for you hmm


Nupur : [blushing as he was standing really close to her ]  I will manage , I don't need your help


Mayank : but I need something  [said mayank a bit seriously]


Nupur : hmm what  [she asked now facing him]


Mayank : reply, you haven't replied me yet  [said mayank indicating about her confession , which was still left]


Nupur : [all of a sudden , becoming all conscious and shy , as well as nervous]  mayank , that actually I was [she was searching for words]


Mayank : only yes or no [said mayank seriously]  , yes or noo , that's all  , [again after a pause he said]  and ya I am in no hurry I give you hmmm [showing as if thinking how much time he has to give her , to wait for her reply , while nupur nervously looked at him]  my whole life , that's it I ant wait more than that for your reply 


[mayank actually said all this , with soo much of honesty and innocence , that nupur actually had tears in her eyes , seeing that he loves her and still ready to wait for her , for his whole life] 

[while mayank got serious seeing tears in her eyes]


Mayank : what happened nupur ? , [he asked getting concerned]


Nupur : [still with tears]   yes !   [she said while nodding her head in approval]


Mayank : [confused , for a while as she was crying and saying yes only]   what yes  ?


Nupur :  you said only yes or no, so I said yes  [she said shyly]


Mayank now understood , that this yes means she approved for his love , he at instant , took her for a tight hug  , while nupur to hugged him tightly


Mayank : I love you nupur , I love you a lot  [he said , and then seeing no answer from her]  madam in reply to this you have to say something  [he said a bit sarcastically telling him to say that 3 words to him as well]


Nupur : [smiling at his words]   I'' I  love '' [she said shyly and then stopped in middle again] , 

and mayank got irritated a bit with this ,


mayank : I love what hmm [he asked again leaving her from hug an cupping her face , and looking straight into her eyes] , I love '''.[he said seriously , telling her to say it now] 


 nupur :  I love  '' [looking straight into his eyes] '''.I love you  too '.


[finally she said it ,with all her emotions , and soo sincerity and then she hugged him again , burring her head in his chest ,as she was feeling shy , and mayank was like soo happy  that he holded her more tightly]


Mayank: [after getting out of hug] , ok now shall we eat something, I m damm hungry


[he said innocently , making nupur chuckle at this]

[and now helping each other with cooking and sometimes lost in each other eyes , they were having their best time together]


BACK TO Armaan , Riddhima and  samrat 




they went inside , to a simple garments shop


 samrat: riddhima now don't tell me that you r going to shop for you and taking hours to do that


riddhima: no samrat , actually I just want to take some think for mayank  you know naa I just wanna give him some gift


armaan: ok then lets go to the men section


armaan entered the shop and as usual start flirting with the sales girl and samrat and armaan busy in their work


riddhima [completely ignoring them] started choosing a shirt for mayank


riddhima noticed armaan


armaan: [to a sales girl]  hey gorgeous


sales girl: yes sir  , how may I help you [polity]  [and not ignoring armaan charm she was soo busy with him and armaan in his usual style flirting]


 riddhima noticing all this from the other counter


riddhima : [to herself]  he won't change ever 


suddenly riddhima heard someone commenting from behind [a voice from behind ]


voice: he is completely mad, being with such a beautiful girl by his side still he is flirting with the sales girl 


 riddhima turned around , she was bit angry hearing this comment there was vivek standing {remember vivek , he became there friend in college on there first day , he was impressed with riddhima from the very first day ,since then he is trying his luck on riddhima but never got a chance as riddhima was either with armaan or samrat or mayank all the time]


 riddhima : hey hi vivek  , how come you here ?


vivek: [trying to flirt]  yaa I was just following you 


riddhima : oh really vivek  you didn't get anyone else that you are flirting with me


vivek: I got many, but no one like you kush


riddhima : enough and please stop calling me kush I don't like this at all, and enough of it vivek stop kidding now  [just unaware of his intention .,riddhima thought that he was just a harmless flirt just like armaan and samrat ]


vivek: ok ok see my real feeling are looking like a joke to you


[armaan noticed riddhima  chatting with vivek ,  samrat comes to armaan]


samrat: this vivek what is his problem, whenever riddhima is he also come their


armaan: I tell you, I also find him strange sometime


samrat: yes do you see how  is he trying to flirt with riddhima


armaan: [armaan was feeling the same but still ] yes samrat earlier I thought he is our classmate in our college  may be he is just


samrat: armaan you didn't knew any think , do  you know any think about his intentions 


armaan: I don't knew I mean I find him weird at times , but thought he is just a harmless flirt 


samrat: not at all actually one of my friend overheard his discussion in his group regarding  riddhima and then only I came to knew about his intention  he is such a cheap guy I tell you armaan


armaan: [angry , how can anyone think like that about his riddhima ] why didn't you told me all  this earlier , I m not going to leave him [moving forward towards vivek]


samrat: [stopping him]  armaan , relax they were just talking about her , please don't get soo hyper


armaan: talking about her , how dare he even think about riddhima like that 


samrat: armaan calm down please don't get so angry


armaan: ok ok samrat , I m relaxed don't worry I will not fight with him


[so he went there ok now time to admit armaan do feel jealous that how can anyone think about his best friend like that and this vivek is always behind riddhima]


armaan: hi vivek , how r u  [very cleverly coming and standing between riddhima and vivek]


vivek: hey armaan ,  I m fine  , you tell hope you r fine too


armaan:  ya I was earlier , but I don't knew about now [sarcastically]


riddhima : [noticing armaan comment]. armaan are you ok ?  [calmly]


armaan: [to riddhima] can we leave if you are through with your damm Shopping [ANGRILY]


riddhima : [a bit scared of armaan reaction]  armaan r u


armaan:  [still angry] riddhima just leave


[samrat took riddhima away from there and samrat and riddhima went out , and armaan stayed there ]


armaan: [very calmly controlling his anger]  listen vivek ,  this is my first and actually last warning to u , stay away from riddhima , I don't even want to see your damm face near riddhima otherwise


vivek: [arrogantly]  hey armaan relax I was just talking to kush


 [as he said kush for riddhima name armaan anger raised up]


armaan: RIDDHIMA , her name is Riddhima , and you don't you even dare to take her name got it


vivek: ok  cool armaan relax , I will never take this name again ...ok 


[armaan left the mall angrily and vivek left behind]


vivek: [murmuring to himself]  not the name armaan now I will take the full riddhima away , now you  just wait and watch


[riddhima was hell angry with armaan with his behaviour with her ]


in the parking lot


riddhima : armaan what's you problem , why did you reacted like this [very angry]


armaan: please riddhima lets go from here right now


riddhima :  what you didn't even let me talk to vivek  


armaan: vivek [angry on listening her taking that vivek side and talking about him] listen I m telling you this , you just  stay away from him 


riddhima : [calmly]  armaan


armaan: no arguments riddhima  that boy is not at all good soo you just stay away from him


riddhima : what is this armaan , stay away and all this is not done  , samrat at least you speak some think


samrat: [supporting armaan]  armaan is right riddhima , just be away from him and that's all


riddhima : ok fine  [and she angrily sits in the car murmuring to herself] ' always used to take care of me like I m a small kid , always get angry with me ,I can very well take care of myself,  idiot ,donkey , monkey ' 


 samrat: [outside the car]  armaan ,relax , I think you shall say sorry to her , you actually overreacted on her , 


armaan: [calming his anger]  what should I do yaar ., I was not able to control my anger as I saw that vivek , I just can't take  him in front of me


samrat: armaan relax its ok ,  now you think about madam's anger she is damm angry


armaan: oh god please save me from her anger


riddhima : there is no need to ask for help from god because I m not going to get angry with you and I m not even going to fight  with you , infact I just don't wanna talk to you


armaan sat inside the car and start driving again , and riddhima actually not interested in talking


armaan: [to gain her attention] well samrat , I m feeling damm hungry


samrat: yaa me too and its already lunch time soo where shall we go for lunch ?


armaan: lets do one think , lets go to hotel maharaja


 [armaan thought now riddhima will argue , with him because he knew very well that riddhima hate that hotel and never want to go there]


[but seeing no reaction he understood she was really angry ]


armaan: [very politely]  riddhima , ok now that's it ,  now for how long will you stay like this say some think at least


riddhima : first you scolded me in the mall and said me to keep quite and now you r asking me to speak  [very innocently like a child]


armaan: ok , promise I will never do like this ever again


riddhima : real promise


armaan: yaa promise


riddhima : better  [coming back to normal]  and yaa don't you even think of going for lunch in that cheap hotel


armaan: [smilingly]  ok  as you say madam


[they had their lunch and then they went for a movie , as per riddhima plan but all the time in movie , armaan and  samrat  were just irritating riddhima with their comment every time on the movie scenes  , as they were really getting bored by that movie after sometime riddhima also start feeling that the movie was damm bore soo she also joined samrat and armaan with their useless commenting session on the movie and enjoying disturbing others in the hall and lastly started with their popcorn fight]


Later in the Evening


They planned to go to their favourite CLUB

in the disco they were enjoying themselves



sorry was not able to write the lyrics soo here's the you tube link for the song


PLEASE CONSIDER SAMRAT And ARMAAN  as abhishek and  john and RIDDHIMA as priyanka

like this


so at the end they were soo tired that they went back home


Mayank and Nupur had there really good time together talking with each other just like that the bit of shyness was still there between them





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hey simi
wow awesome partClapClap
loved it soooooo muchSmile
they r superb frnd
ranvijay n vivek so cheap
gang masti mindblowing
who was that man?
Waiting nxt part eagerly
thanks for pm
plz continue soon

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Nice part.Smile

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lobed it..
thx 4 da pm
shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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hey simi
awesome part dearClapClap
loved it soooooo muchhhhhTongue
AR r sooooooooooooo cute n sweet
their masti superb
aaahhhhhh Ranvijay party mein, n samrat was angry
waiting nxt part
thanks for pm
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnSmile

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Very nice part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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fabulous update......cont soon

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