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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 18)

punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 10:39am | IP Logged
hey simmi...abhi itna bhi bura nahi tha yaar!liked him in dmg....and ranvijay toh kamina tha hi....liked the whole part except abhi's charecter....

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Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged

this is for mayur......

"tu mera jahan..bhi...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
tu mera khuda..bhi...
tu bhi hai yaha..bhi.. aur hai..vaha..bhi..tu..
hai sare..manzar..ka...
tu meri zameen hai..tu  hi aasaam bhi..
rab ne ada ki vo khushiya bhi tu...
kahon mein sach bakhuda...
tu hi rubaru..hai...
tu hi charzo....hai.........
baki ab raha kya...
hai yakeen veshuba..
tere hone se hi hai...
mere do dono jahan...
hai yakeen veshuba..
tere  hi  rahon mein hai...
mere manzil ka pta................
your i want...
your i need...
your love has set me free
your i want...
your i need...
your love has set me free
mein dard se har ghadi.. aa hifazat..karu..teri..aa..
ek chazzzzar.. ban k mein..dhup seh lunga..teri..haa...
baaton..mein tu....
aankhon mein..tu..
khawabon mein.... tu......
mein dard se har ghadi.. aa hifazat..karu..teri..aa..
ek chazzzzar.. ban k mein..dhup seh lunga..teri..haa...
tu hi aarzoo..hai.. tu hi.. justojo.hai..
baki ab raha..kya..
hai yakeen veshuba..
tere hone se hi hai...
mere do dono jahan..
hai yakeen veshuba..
tere  hi  rahon mein hai...
mere manzil ka pta................
your i want...
your i need...
your love has set me free......"

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Shafy_Kaira_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged

please update.....

i am waiting for it.....

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 6:08am | IP Logged
thanks a lot for your comments guys ,
gosh soo sorry for being soo late for update
will try and update today for sure, and if not able to , then tomorrow pakka
sorry was really busy

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Pearl29 Goldie

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update please........waiting for it.....
searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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part 9 on page 16


PART  10


RECAP: shilpa entry as armaan's good friend , samrat plan in execution, and gunjan wants AR to dance together for a show in which she was the even manager 


Gunjan asked armaan and riddhima to dance for her in her show 


first answer from both of them together


"no ways we are not going to do any dance" said armaan and riddhima together


gunjan: really, what do you mean by you both not going to do this , you r going to do this dance

armaan: but gunjan we both  [but before armaan can say anything , ahead gunjan spoke up]


gunjan: no buts armaan I said it once that you both are going to do this then you are doing this


riddhima: gunji I actually  [riddhima also tried to say something  but gunjan again interrupted]


gunjan: oh hoo riddhima , you leave this I ans me and you both do your practice you and armaan r doing this dance after 6 days , armaan riddhima , you wont do this much for me  [said gunjan cutely]


that was all , now armaan and riddhima have no choice but to agree to it


armaan: ok gunji , we will do this , only for you 


riddhima: but me and armaan how I mean we don't even have time for rehearsals the show is in 6 days and we have no preparations at all for that


samrat: oh hoo don't worry that all will be managed we all are here with you


armaan: by the way samrat  what will you do in this I mean its me and riddhima who have to dance we have to practise for that then whats your role in that

samrat: me hmm, yes I will boost you both up , come on you both will do it like this 


armaan: ya right go riddhima, we shall go and do rehearsals 


samrat: go and rehears means, this is the auditorium that's the stage, you start over here only


armaan: excuse me we are going to do rehearsals not romance that we start over here only [said armaan normally]


riddhima: [irritated tone]  armaanvv what all rubbish you are talking by the way you are here with me not with shilpa so keep your all this  romance and all things only for her ok , and samrat we will start with practice from tomorrow today what will shilpa think she came here with armaan for him so let them be together for today


samrat: ok as you say lets go then todays work over lets meet you all tomorrow then


and with that they all went from there 




Practicing the dance was really sensuous as it was a romantic number 


armaan and riddhima r practicing on stage they were deciding each step and doing them separately and all like this the whole day went as they both were good dancers , and soo didn't need a choreographer


armaan: ok riddhima listen step one, stand like this and then come here from my back


 armaan actually telling riddhima each and every step first just with telling her to stand like this then like that and all,


riddhima: armaan right turn if i will turn left i will go wrong lets take right turn from here


they both were busy in decieding the steps , soon they prepared a little of it


armaan: ok i suppose now once we should practice till this point on music


and they started the dance 


 Explaining the dance to each other and then doing the same are really two different things and they both were somewhere understanding that


Step one , armaan and riddhima hugging each other and then they have to start the song that too riddhima falling down and armaan holding her tight the waist they doing dance still chatting


Riddhima: I don't knew dont you thing this would have been really better that you did this dance with some girlfriend of yours


Armaan: why are you scared of dancing with me?


 Riddhima:  haha how funny if any random guy would have asked me this then my answer would have been yes but as for you well you are my best friend and I can trust you more than anyone in the world


As riddhima said this and came hugging back armaan as in nest step armaan have to lift her up


 Armaan did soo and her words echoing in his ears I trust you more than anyone, yes she trust me for anything and everything and here I am thinking so different for her , am I betraying my best friend


Armaan forwarding his hand and riddhima putting her hand on that and making a swing around him


Her smile, her comfort , with me she is my pure angel , so nave I have to take care of her, I have to do this dance if not me then anyone else will do, and anyone else performing like this so close dancing with riddhima noo, this cant be I cant trust any other person for my riddhima I cant allow anyone else to dance with her like this, hold her like this no one can


Riddhima: helloo , armaan what where are you lost hmm , I feel you are also in no mood to dance with

me afterall shilpa is sitting there and you here forced to dance with me


Armaan: its not like this I am happy to dance with you and as for anything else you are more important than that and I suppose you knew this already


Gunjan: [irritated] hello guys are you done with your chit chat , I mean since last half hour we all are just watching you , you two are nonstop chatting I think I need to remember you both that you are here to practice the dance and not chat


Riddhima: ok really thanks for the info , and madam we are practicing and talking about the steps only ok and as for you , you just don't worry you want the performance to be prepared in next 5 days you will get that ok so now you wont interfere what we are doing and what we are not


Gunjan: ok madam you do whatever you want to , just get my dance ready


Riddhima: see what a selfish friend we have armaan, here we are so tired dancing and so hungry and inspite of telling us to take a break and have something to eat here she is ordering us to get her task done [said riddhima melodramatically]


Gunjan: oh help madam melodrama queen don't do soo much acting as its pathetic thank god my show is just a dance show cause if I wanted to make this riddhima do some acting then god only knew what could have happened to me


Riddhima: ok lets comment on my acting skills later first don't try change the topic to eating cause I am hungry


Armaan:we all knew that dumbo now please don't fill your stomach with eating all of ours head I have already told samrat he will be here soon getting our lunch


Soon samrat came and they all had there lunch


And again later armaan and riddhima started rehearsing


This time all concentration on steps and moves but with lots of chatting and  teasing each other

Somewhere armaan doing this intentionally cause he was little scared of getting lost with just dancing with her and then again all that thoughts will start coming back




armaan left for having dinner with shilpa , and riddhima went back home 


Back at Home 


as mayank was out of town and armaan also out with shilpa , only samrat and riddhima were alone , as other girls went to their home 


Sitting in dining hall having there dinner together


samrat: why are you looking so sad are you missing mayank


riddhima just nodded making a baby face


samrat: [smiling]  don't worry its just a matter of one week he will be back soon

riddhima: you have changed a lot 


samrat: me why what I did I didn't did anything

riddhima: comeon samrat I knew you since childhood and I think I knew you a little more then you knew yourself  since when have you started becoming so caring and concerned types

samrat: why wasn't I caring and concerned earlier


riddhima: yes you were, but you never stayed so serious ever, I mean all time masti and making fun in each and every situation in the biggest problems as well, now you have become really serious or I shall say really mature


samrat: riddhima is your health fine since when have you started concentrating so much on peoples character , you are actually talking mare serious talks the maturity one since when have you got soo much senses ,  I mean you stay like the old riddhima only , just like a kid one, who have no knowledge about this world 


riddhima: no samrat , you knew what you should have knowledge about this world , moreover for how long will you protect me for this world


samrat: we will be there always and we will protect you always and till the time me mayank and armaan are here with you , you don't have to worry about anything in this world, we r always there for you  [he said immediately]


riddhima: i know that samrat and I love you all for that


samrat: well riddhima  don't you think that we all have grown up pretty enough and till now we all are living one fun and masti types of life only and we all haven't thought about the second life of ours till now


riddhima: second life, which second part of our life ?


samrat: love life , which else idiot


riddhima: love life!!!!   samrat i think you are seriously ill today, I mean you and talking about love and all, you who only wanted to make one of his biggest record of how many girls you can date, and since when have you started thinking about this love and all I mean  [confused , rather shocked riddhima]


samrat: come on riddhima I know I go out with girls on date but still I am in search of that one partner in my life who belongs only to me who will be mine, will love me not today but sometime in my life I will need that person my perfect match

riddhima: [sarcastically]  ya off coruse , your perfect match  , you knew today you are actually talking like mayank, mayank and nupur look soo good together perfect for each other


samrat:  well riddhima what do you feel what is the perfect match for you  [asked samrat normally]


riddhima:  me , I don't knew that ,  and I don't want anyone I am very much happy like this only being with my family and friends  [said riddhima, deeply thinking]


samrat:  i knew that you are fine and happy being like this only, but still you knew when there is someone special person with you to love you then you can feel one very different sense  of completeness , you feel like doing thinks for that special person to look good for that person , getting happy in that person happiness to do anything and everything to get one smile on that person face and feeling hurt for that person sadness, problems and  pain [samrat said all this with soo much sincerity]


 hushi: wow !!!!  samrat since when have you started talking like this you I mean , just a second , ! who is it  ?? [asked amused riddhima],


samrat:  who  ?? [asked confused samrat]


riddhima: oh that one whose pain you cant see, for whose smile you can do anything and  for whom you really wish to do a lot of things, you know what I am asking , now you tell me


samrat: there is nothing like that , ok , I can do all this for all my friends as well


riddhima: oh , so not for someone special , ok that means there is no one  


samrat: leave me you tell , what kind of partner you want 


riddhima: [nervous as she remembered about abhimanyu and all that happened] me, not me I don't want anyone I mean this love and all is just a waste , I don't want 


samrat: riddhima are u ok ?  you know what we share all the talks with each other but we never talked on this topic ever , love and all , isn't that strange


riddhima: [now smiling]  its just because , we all are so much lost , so much deeply involved in our friendship ,and in each other's company, that we never felt a need of any outsider in us , when we all are together we don't need anyone , that's why we don't had got any time for this love with someone and all stuffs

samrat: yaa , you have got a point here , I completely agree with you , our friendship is more than enough for us , ok I am through with my dinner, its been too late armaan is still not back   [looking at the time]


riddhima: [normally] don't worry we will come back home, he is not going to run anywhere else [said riddhima smiling]


samrat: riddhima by the way what's up with this shilpa stuff ? [asked no very happy]


riddhima: shilpa , stuff means , she is nice a sweet girl  right , her nature us really sweet


samrat: how do you knew that , you haven't talked with her much [immediately]


riddhima: oh hoo , you all were saying that  


samrat: madam we all were saying that her nature is similar to you


riddhima: really that means my nature is really sweet , how sweet samrat [happily]


samrat: offcourse  , you are the most sweetest person , just like a small kid [smiling]


riddhima: you are also very nice samrat you knew gunjan was also saying


[as riddhima took gunjan name samrat got all alert]


samrat: gunjan was talking about me  , what did she said [immediately he asked]


riddhima: samrat this much impatience what is it now a days you are taking a lot more care of gunjan talking lot of care [found it strange]


samrat: riddhima what you are to much [trying to avoid the topic]


riddhima: [ just then riddhima mind bulb switched on ]  just a minute, that special person you feel like doing thinks for that special person to look good for that person , getting happy in that person happiness to do anything and everything to get one smile on that person face and feeling hurt for that person sadness, problems and  pain, right  samrat [riddhima repeating samrat's words]


samrat: I don't knew what you r saying , I'm not getting it [said samrat avoiding the conversation]


riddhima: but I m getting a lot out of it  , that , that how much special is gunjan


samrat: offcourse she is our best friend so she is special , just now its just a little bit more  , you knew since that  ranvijay chapter and all [mixed feeling , one side pain for gunjan and other side anger for that ranvijay]


riddhima: yes I knew it pained you a lot  samrat , but still there is still a satisfaction that  ranvijay is out of her life now , before anything more bad happen [satisfied and happy] 


samrat: offcourse  a cheap boy like ranvijay  , doesn't  deserve  such a good girl like gunjan 


riddhima: [getting very serious] yaa right gunjan deserves much better person than ranvijay, she deserves the best and the most good person , she deserves  "samrat" 



samrat: riddhima what nonsence are you talking about  [said immediately]


riddhima:  nonsence   , please samrat  tell me na , don't run from your feelings


samrat : its not like that riddhima , its just that something strange is happening , I mean earlier also we use to be together but now i feel like being more time together and some different kind of  [not very clear with expressing his feelings]


riddhima:  the special bonding [completing samrat's words]  , oh I don't believe this , no actually I should have understood it earlier only , since the time I have returned from London you both are like behaving so strange  [said riddhima happily]


samrat:  not both its just me  , you knew gunjan is really hurt this time , she won't be thinking anything  like that , its only me , but I can't tell her anything ,  I can't loose my best friend at any cost [first sad , and then scared to loose her]


riddhima: but samrat if you wont tell her then how can she  [trying to say , but samrat interrupted]


samrat: no  riddhima ,  you won't do anything this time ,  please for me , you won't do anything  [pleading]


riddhima: ok fine as you say I won't do anything , ok , but I am so happy for you too , I really am [she said happily]


samrat: yes I know ok now it's too late good night , and this armaan he haven't arrived yet


riddhima:  he will be back soon , relax , I'm feeling sleepy , good night samm , sweet dreams,  gunjan dreams [with a wink teasing him]


and with they ended there day happy  , everyone happy 


And now riddhima in her room thinking about what samrat had said


'the special bonding being happy in his happiness , is this love !!! if its like this , then , I never felt anything out of this with that  abhimanyu  I never felt anything like that with abhimanyu , that means it was nothing , just my attraction , or may be not even that ,  yaa actually I was alone there , away from my friends , that's why may be , I just liked his company , that means there was nothing between us , offcourse there was nothing , and love nooo I had nothing no love and all with his , there was no love and all that's for sure now , and I think mine Mr perfect is still to come and for now that looser abhimanyu chapter is closed forever'

finally after this conclusion she had a peaceful sleep


NEXT 2 days passed very smoothly AR practicing for the show  

and there friends helping them nupur , missing his mayank 

and , samrat always being there with gunjan , all around her , helping her with show preparations and gunjan also started liking being with him more than just a friend , gunjan also having different feelings for him , but not said anything , same reason , samrat consider her just as her friend , and gunjan thought , she cant loose his friendship , lets see where this relationship goes now ,

and one was shilpa , 

shilpa who would regularly come to see AR dancing and practicing together 

but what will shilpa do , what she wants , and why she is allways there with AR

and samrat , heart has allready choosen the special one for himself , but then what about karan , and his choice, 

now  armaan and shilpa 

shilpa who would regularly come to see AR dancing practicing together and her eyes seeing more than just friendship in them  , I told you earlier that shilpa was a really sweet but a smart girl too , she can easily make out them wel


IN THE EVENING the day before the show 


armaan and shilpa in armaan's car

armaan was dropping her home


when shilpa found a dairy in armaan's car dashboard


shilpa: armaan this dairy


armaan: oh this , it's my dairy


shilpa: personal ? [normally , if it's his personal dairy]


armaan: nothing like that ,  I mean its just a record of few of my girlfriends ,as in the few girls I really liked whom I have dated for more than few days, it contain few pictures of them , just a collection

shilpa: what!!!!!! You have kept pictures collections of your ex-girlfriends


 armaan:  not of all the girls , just few of them whom I found a little bit ok ok 


shilpa: that's funny you mean the other girls whom you have dated are not even ok ok for you 


armaan: it's just a matter of your personal choice , few of them I found nice others I don't


shilpa: ohh , well its your personal dairy soo i m sure must have not shown it to anyone ever 


armaan: [casually] noo riddhima have seen it  


shilpa: riddhima !!!!


armaan: [casually]  yaa infact everyone have seen that , samrat , mayank , nupur and gunjan , afterall  there is nothing in my life hidden from my best friend ,  anyways  you are also my friend , if you want you can also see it , there is nothing soo personal in this 


shilpa: ohh , then let me see it


she opened it



shilpa: [reading the dairy]  Girlfriend no.1 Sonia - beautiful hairs below her picture [was written after her name]


armaan: yaa , I really liked that [remembering that]


shilpa: Girlfriend no.2 ,  Preeti - gorgeous eyes written below her picture


armaan: yaa her eyes were really beautiful I tell you bery expressive, that's it , only her eyes were nice nothing else


shilpa: Girlfriend no.3  Riya - beautiful smile


armaan: ..yaa a really sweet smile she had and soo the list of 6 girls was there , someone with good dressing sense as armaan found , one having good voice and soo on 


shilpa: interesting dairy [after reading it]

 armaan:  I have already dumped this dairy a long time ago , maybe I forgot to through it , well you knew after seeing this dairy , I remember all that days when I used to date these girls 


shilpa: But I Only remembered  RIDDHIMA after seeing this dairy [truly , as if telling a fact]


armaan:  [confused] what riddhima !! , now from where did she came in all this 


shilpa:  From Your Heart , now if only she is there in your heart , then I can remember her only  [normally]


armaan: what nonsense are you talking about [irritated] 


shilpa: may be my talks look like nonsense to you , but what can I doo , I just felt like remembering riddhima only , after seeing all there pictures of your dairy  , that beautiful hairs , that girls hairs were very much like riddhima hairs , that expressive eyes , riddhima's eyes are also like that right and that sweet smile in that picture she really resembled riddhima's smile  , very innocent and a very sweet  smile  and last but not the least shilpa , I mean me my nature is really sweet right armaan you and your all friends have already compared me with riddhima , that I make them remember riddhima , and I am very similar to her


armaan: that's no logic , this can be coincident that they are so similar , now you knew riddhima is very beautiful , she is extremely gorgeous , may be that girls are similar to her , soo what  , and riddhima is my best friend and its nothing like that [not ready to accept her saying]


shilpa: armaan  you knew you are not alone ,  there is riddhima in you , in your heart  , and you search her and only her in every girl you meet but you don't get her , because there is only one riddhima , and you won't get her anywhere else in any other girl , you can get someone similar to her but not her 


armaan: what rubbish , I think you need to leave now , your home is already here , as you are talking nonsense right now


shilpa: good bye armaan and yes don't search for her in every girl ,  there is only one riddhima , the one who is in your heart , and no one like her will ever come in your life , ever armaan , bye take care and hope you a really happy life ahead


and with that shilpa went out , out of the car , out of armaan's life , forever , as she has understood that there is no place for her in armaan's heart , that place is of someone else , just armaan need to realize it 




armaan in his deep thoughts went back  , back to his life , his home , where his family is , and where his riddhima is 


armaan: "what is this , me and riddhima noo that's not true , then what's this , oh god what is all this happening , there is soo much of confusion , man she is my mere best friend and since childhood we are together"

And then he remembered all the time he spend with her , from the time when 


He was 3 years old and they were playing in ground with the ball 


When he was 4  years old, and they went to school together


Finally they learn to take each other name


as when they were kids , they were not able to speak their names properly , 


armaan laughed to himself when he remembers that he used to call her  'kuchi'  and she called him 'alnav'


then they grew a bit more and then when they were 9 years old how he got soo angry on that kid who braked riddhima favourite doll when they were out in a park


How they use to play pranks together in schools , there combined studies in exams days


When he faked that he was studding but he actually sleep , keeping a book in front of him ,  And then riddhima waking him up all the time


and then there school days , when armaan have not done the homework and she gave armaan her homework and took the blame on herself for not doing the homework , and got scolding from teacher


and how he always protected him from all the evil guys in the school ,  no one dare to look at her


how they celebrated each and every festival all happiness shared together , all teasing , annoying , running after each other , and then peace at the end


When she was 13 years old and got ill with serious fevers and he was too worried 


How She always used to wake up all nights whenever he got ill or had fever and she taking care of him 


When she was a great support to him when his mother died


He remembered the day after his mom's death he was too depressed , offcourse riddhima's condition was same as she was more than her own mother to her too , but still she consoled him


"armaan please don't cry , choote maa will feel  hurt , her soul will feel soo bad if you cry like this ,  I am with you armaan and I will always be there with you" and then he hugged her tightly


he smiled to her own thoughts she was always there , always in all his happiness  ,  sorrow , masti and all , he can't think of a life without her that's true


But life only with her and only for her , he never thought that way


Because he can't deny the fact that in all his these memories not only riddhima but mayank  , samrat , nupur and gunjan were also there

armaan: [to himself]  but riddhima was always the special yes she was


then he remembered the day when he caught her from falling and then there eye lock , she was looking a pure angel in that white sari she wore on the farewell party


and then when she accidently bumped into his chest ,that day in the car , after that car race


and then when he danced with her in that party and they were soo lost


and then again karan words came to his mind , the words from that party 


"we sees the world  that way as we think it to be"


armaan: buddy was right , I will find all this the way I will think about it , its all my thinking , oh god , now I think I need to sleep , tomorrow is the show  , and I have to dance in it , , with riddhima , 


[he started smiling again  and feeling Goosebumps]


armaan: control armaan control , that's riddhima your best friend and that's all I think I should sleep now , and then all these useless thoughts will get out of my mind , yaa right



[but for how long , soon his heart will win this battle , because no one has ever been able to win over this heart , as the saying is , dil ki to jeet hoote hi hai , soo how can and how long can armaan resist it] 

[but what can he do , its there 20 years old friendship for him , and his opinion can't get changed in 20 Minutes  , it will surely take time]

ok that is all for now

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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hey Simi
awesome part[ClapStar
loved it so much
evrythng is normal now thats great
OMG karan kiski baat kar rha tha?
Hehehe i loved pithu game, its really interested game
waiting nxt part eagerly
plz continue soon

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luvd d part
n karan iz givin me a scare......wats der 2 talk 2 samrat regarding ridz............hope its AR
cont soon

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tintin_ruble 190 42294 15 March 2016 at 5:54am by Fairy...
SS: Anything Goes PART 11 *Last Part* (PAGE 15)

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Author: LuvArnavKhushi   Replies: 175   Views: 116575

LuvArnavKhushi 175 116575 18 November 2015 at 2:04pm by ..Prii1994..
TaaRey Story- Aashiqui (Epilogue- Pg-56)

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Author: taani.priya1997   Replies: 427   Views: 55331

taani.priya1997 427 55331 23 May 2015 at 10:46pm by ...Shrisha...
TS - A Frustrating Suhaag Raat (Part 3 - Last part - Pg11)

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Author: DJames   Replies: 119   Views: 60798

DJames 119 60798 05 February 2015 at 3:37am by DJames
Yaare Dil Daare AR ff

Author: searchoffriends   Replies: 2   Views: 1019

searchoffriends 2 1019 03 August 2009 at 4:21am by searchoffriends

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