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AR FF Yaare Dil Daare updated PART 37 ON PAGE 115 [11/02/2015] (Page 10)

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hey dear

lovely part

update nxt part soon



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amazing part..
thanx for d pm...
continue soon..

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heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon

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welcome backkkkkkkkkkkk
aqwesome update
loved it
loved AR
soooooooooooo strong bond
love da friendship they all share
precap looks interesting
cant wait 
con soon
thanks 4 da pm
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hey SimiHug
awesome part dearClapClapClap
loved it so much
loved jungli billi ridz n that b***h kiran WWFROFLROFL
ARSGNM dosti was superb........i hope they never seprateSmile
armaan n ridz friend ship was awesome...ahhhhh when they fall in love wid each other..........oh GOD i didn' want that abhi................n what will ranvijay do?????????
thanks for pm
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continueeeeeeeeeeeeeee soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnSmile

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loved the part... it was awsum... continue soon dea.. :) :)
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tht was sooooooo niceeeeeeee
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part 5 on page 9
a new entry in college ranvijay
and a very serious fight between riddhima mayank and armaan 
as  armaan girlfriend kiran insulted riddhima ,
riddhima really upset with mayank and armaan 
ranvijay misbehaved with riddhima , samrat saved her 
now next
riddhima went from the college, she reached the house , mayank and armaan were there sitting in
mayank room, and working on "riddhima mannaao plan" 
as they heard horn and saw riddhima coming back home , they just executed there plan
riddhima feeling really low , straight away went to her room
And she was surprised to see the room was fully decorated with blue orchids, riddhima's favorite , and there was a big SORRY , written on the wall with the help of red roses

She was confused first , because after the basket ball court incident she just forgot that she was actually angry with armaan and mayank
Then she heard a voice from behind
"The special flowers for the most special person in my life "
It was armaan  and then mayank said
"can the most important person in my life , will forgave me for my stupidity "
Riddhima didn't turned she was standing there facing the wall remembering everything she was actually crying , .but as she was facing opposite them they cant see it
Then mayank came closer to her  and as the movement he put his hand on riddhima's shoulder , she immediately  , turned and hugged mayank ,a tight hug, she literally cried very hard 
this was only what she needed right now , a shoulder on which she can cry out all her pain , a support of her angels , who she was wishing for
she just cried and cried, and now mayank also got emotional seeing her princess, soo low, he thought that she was sad because of their fight , unknown of the main reason,  he was actually happy , thanking god that her princess was back for him , the last night from the time off their fight was really tough for mayank and armaan , they just wanted there riddhima back , and now she was
mayank: its ok baby please relax now, we are sorry
riddhima:[still crying and not able to speak properly]  no mayank , its ok I just overreacted 
mayank: [clearing her tears and consoling her]  ok  that's it , no more crying , and now no one will talk about yesterday , just forget it ok  
armaan: yaa we won't , please riddhima , really sorry for that
riddhima , leaving mayank hugged armaan
riddhima: [emotionally]  its ok , now can we stop using these 'please' 'sorry' or 'thanks you' type of words 
armaan: ok  [smilingly]
mayank: and remember one think , don't you ever dare to use all that filmy dialogues ever again  , like " who am I to get angry with you guys , and does it matter to you "  [mimicking her] 
armaan: [coming back to normal ] absolutely right mayank, riddhima , you know you r soo filmy
riddhima who was still hugging armaan hitted him hard on his chest
armaan: aaaooo riddhima [in pain]
riddhima: filmy talks [pouring]  go to hell
[mayank hugging riddhima from back]
mayank: ohh I m soo happy you r back to normal  [like a baby]
riddhima: [again remembering everything in the basketball court, and now thinking everything is fine] yaa i m back to normal  [very low voice]
[armaan observing her changed expression]
armaan: riddhima r u ok  [he can make out some think was wrong]
riddhima: [calming herself , as she don't want to tell them any think] yaa off course , I m perfectly fine now
mayank: you sure about that 
riddhima: [now getting irritated ,and with that irritated look like she always give whenever they irritated her] ,  yes mayu I m perfectly fine [with a bit anger] 
armaan: [happily]  yes , now she is fine , and looking like our riddhima 
riddhima: [with the same irritated look]  armaan I m going to kill you , you idiot duffer moron 
mayank: [getting between the fight which was about to began] ok guys , time up ,  now lets have some think I m damm hungry 
riddhima: [making a baby face]  yaa me to 
armaan:  you r still hungry , I thought you eaten a lot of attitude since yesterday 
riddhima about to say some think , when mayank again interrupted,
mayank: ok , I m going , you both continue with you fight
The day passed and then in the evening samrat , gunjan and nupur also joined them, they 6 enjoying their dinner , everyone happy , every think was normal , even samrat and riddhima were normal

After dinner they all were sitting in a lawn, and having there khatee-meethe talks
And were seeing an album with their six latest pictures in that , and going little back in their memory chain

riddhima , saw a picture of her with armaan and mayank , it was like , armaan was standing in the middle and mayank and riddhima on both side, armaan was holding both of them , with one arms around mayank shoulder and other around riddhima's
But actually it was like riddhima and mayank were holding armaan in there middle, they still remember the day
It was armaan's birthday , and a small party was going on in the hall , armaan cut the cake, and riddhima and mayank were standing on both side of him , like in the picture
he took two small bites in both his hand , and made riddhimaa and mayank eat together , that's why his arms were around them , but armaan is armaan instead of putting in their mouth he putted cream on mayank and riddhima's cheeks , so they both in return took hold of armaan tightly and bend his head down together , with great force , resulting in armaan's full face inside the cake , now his full face was covered with cream

Everybody was laughing on armaan , now it was armaan time for revenge he took hold of mayank , but mayank ran out  in the garden

armaan followed him , and then a friendly boxing was going on between them , a sweet boxing , they were not hitting each other but they were fighting
and then samrat , 'aadat se majboor' completely helpless of his habit of getting his nose in each think , came in between to do his free  commentary 
samrat: [in a commentator style]  as you all can see , on one side its mayank who is looking really confident and on the other side its armaan who is looking like a chocolate cake factory 
[as armaan face was covered with cake]
samrat: and  mayank hit to armaan , and then armaan's back fire
and now mayank and armaan getting irritated by this 'free fund commentary' stop there act , and got hold of samrat together

mayank: [same in a commentator style]  and now samrat got armaan punch 
armaan: [also continuing the same style]  and this mayank  punch to samrat , ohh that was a strong punch
 Suddenly a huge amount of water kept flowing, as if it started to rain heavily
 samrat:[still in commentator style]  and now this off season rain also came back  [ as it never rain in this time of the year] 
 nupur: [standing in a corner]  its not off season rain, just turn around 
They turned their face towards them, it was not raining, it was riddhima, holding a pipe and showering water on the three guys
armaan: riddhima just stop it
mayank: riddhima [irritated]
riddhima: [very conveniently]  what, come on birthday boy face is covered with cake I m just cleaning that 
gunjan: [from behind] great going riddhima , they guys deserve this

riddhima : look who is talking 
riddhima turned back and now her prey was gunjan , she pointed the pipe towards her , and then nupur 

In short she was now pouring water on all 5 off them , suddenly water went off ,actually samrat had closed the tap 
riddhima was standing there in middle of garden and all 5 who were completely wet were approaching her , for their part of revenge

riddhima: now I'm gone [she realised that no one will spare her now]

 soo she just ran off , ran off from there , she ran and ran towards the lawn , towards the swimming pool  area just like this 
armaan was just behind her , she was running but stopped at the boundary of swimming pool , and armaan was standing there behind her, she turned towards armaan , saw him and started taking step backward.
armaan:   what will you do now riddhima  [very naughtily] 

riddhima: [moving backward]  you moron , just stay away
as she took a step back , riddhima lost her balance , but armaan hold her hand , now she was standing at the corner of the swimming pool

riddhima: [scared] armaan please , please don't leave my hand , otherwise I will fall in the pool

armaan:  haha , soo r you scared
mayank , samrat and nupur ,gunjan  also came there by now and saw the situation 

mayank: armaan leave her hand , let her fall in pool
samrat: come on armaan go for it

riddhima: [angry now] shup up mayank , I will fall in the pool , armaan please don't leave my hand

armaan: [arrogantly , off course teasing her] oh my god , no 'stupid' 'idiot' 'jumbo' 'moron' , you calling me armaan and pleading mee , see someone saying me please , people r soo selfish I tell you , now they need help , soo se how they r respecting you , but I m sorry sweetheart , enjoy your swimming
and he left her hand , and riddhima fall down in the pool
all 5 of them just laughed standing there , but riddhima didn't came up, they were not able too see her in the pool , everyone got worried , the pool was not soo deep , but still they all know that riddhima don't know how to swim properly

Everybody got tensed so mayank , armaan and samrat , jumped in the pool , to search for her but riddhima  was definitely smarter , she came out from the other corner off the pool and sat on the corner off swimming pool

riddhima: [calling the boys in pool]  having fun guys , enjoy yourself
This was there kid dish fight and masti

All the time they use to involve in these types of activities only
No one off them was grown up till now ,  no matter the age but they all were a small kid from heart
Riddhima   : [after remembering the flashback , giggling ] [to armaan ] seriously u moron , we really enjoyed a lot on your this birthday party 
mayank: yaa right , next day we all were down with cold , specially you riddhima you remember , what was your condition you were like sneezing the whole day
riddhima: off course mayank , and that too just because of this stupid moron [pointing towards armaan]
armaan: oh really , well it was you who started with that putting water , if you  remember 
riddhima: oh really I have just through a bit amount of water , not directly in swimming pool
armaan: [very lovingly] but if you remember sweetheart , we all also came there in the pool to accompany you
And they all just laughed and laughed, and remembered many such memories of them
They moved to their respective rooms after that gunjan and nupur also went to their home

That's how this day ended, it was really a hectic day for them much happened in one day and many consequences of it were still left
It was around 5.30 in the morning.
Riddhima was deeply lost in her dream world, sweetly dreaming
Armaan entered her room
armaan:  riddhima get up dumbo [tried hard to wake her up]
When she didn't responded  , jerking her , 
Armaan: dumbo , you are sleeping as if never got to sleep before, come get up
riddhima: [deep in sleep , irritated ] oh god ,u moron let me sleep
armaan: get up , we have to go for jogging 
riddhima: [irritated] listen you  jumbo  moron you need to exercise , because you r like a jumbo , I  don't need it  , I'm perfectly fit and fine

Armaan: [again irritating her] yaa right , I know very well how slim and trim you r , you r to overweight u motto
riddhima: [now really irritated and having that fake crying tone] armaan please , let me sleep 
Armaan: ok fine, go ahead , good night ,rather morning , and enjoy your salty dreams
riddhima: [angry but still in sleep] Thanks for your great wishes , but I don't need them , I  m enjoying my sweet dreams
And armaan left her , riddhima again back in her dream world  , her 'sweet dreams world'
It was around 8 in the morning now
armaan, mayank and samrat ,  have gone for jogging and r back now they were just ready to have breakfast

Riddhima is still sleeping.
mayank: [to one servant] where's riddhima 
servant: sir riddhima mam , is still sleeping 
armaan:  see this dumbo, how lazy she have got she is still sleeping , I will just go and wake her up
mayank: please carefully , and no masti at all [a brother concern for his sister]
armaan: ok boss as you say
[but armaan is armaan , how is it possible that he will give up a chance to irritate riddhima]
he went to her room , she was again  lost in her dream world 
he moved there quietly and stared at her , god she was looking too cute , too beautiful and too innocent lost on her dreams 
he stared at her  , she was looking like an angel

he just got a plan to irritate her , so he picked her up in his arms ,
she was deep in sleep and didn't waked up , instead riddhima holding him tightly as she was holding her teddy bear
he moved towards the balcony , as riddhima balcony was having a small private swimming pool for her , it was something like
image of riddhima room's balcony, 
Reaching there, near the pool

Getting out of his thoughts, he just left her , through her in that pool
Well the pool was not at all deep, so no chance of drowning in it 
Riddhima ,  as soon she got wet , she jerked out of her sleep , shocked, confused , and then she realized that it was armaan , he was standing there , laughing like a devil monster , he was laughing hard 
riddhima: [totally irritated , getting out of the pool]  u moron I m not going to leave you

armaan just ran in her room , and riddhima followed him , riddhima was fully drenched in water,
she followed armaan in her room to , corridor , then down through stairs and then in their living room
on the way , armaan was on her attack ,on whatever she got from pillows to books  to artificial flowers  etc. every think which she got ,she through it towards armaan ,sometime armaan escaped and sometime it was a bull's eye
riddhima: [angry] you jumbo moron just stop I m going to kill you today

mayank and samrat who were sitting in living room , came between them , tried to stop them , but no use  riddhima was soo angry that today  ,she will definitely kill armaan 
armaan ran towards the entrance door , A MAN WAS STANDING THERE , he ran behind that man 
riddhima , Came there , First she was soo angry and was just looking at armaan , who was hiding behind that man , and soo her look didn't went on that man , but after a few second she realize
riddhima: [after seeing the man, and after a pause ,surprised , and all she could manage was to scream]
riddhima: aaahaaa [too loud] it was due to her over excitement to see him there

well it was none other that mr KARAN SINGHANIA with nandani , along with sujal and kashish riddhima and mayank's parents
riddhima: [over excited , very happy] karan uncle, you here , [now hugging him]  oh god i m soo happy to see you , how r u and when did you came , and you didn't even told me that you r coming , why r you standing like this ,why r you not speaking anything [she said all this nonstop, in one breath]
karan: oh god ,riddhima ,  I will speak only if you will let me do that 
riddhima: [realizing her fault]  sorry .. sorry  , ok now you  speak 
Only then sujal khanna [riddhima and mayank dad]  also came there
sujal: well we r also here you can even meet us
riddhima: [running towards sujal] Dad ! oh dad I missed you so much , [hugging him]
sujal : missed you too my sweetheart , and so we came over here to give you a surprise
Then she met her mom, and then nandani , now everybody was meeting each other
After everybody met
karan: well so why was this earthquake coming here so early morning 
[he was meaning towards armaan and riddhima fight]
armaan: that actually , see buddy [to karan] this riddhima , she was about to kill me today
riddhima: oh really , even tell them what you have done , se karan uncle what he had done 
[showing them her wet cloths]
kashish : [like a typical mother] god, you are soo grown up, still you all fight like small kids
riddhima:[like a child]  mom , not me first this moron through me in the pool
armaan: oh really and what about that you have beaten me so much
riddhima: well you deserve that
mayank: [trying to stop them] guys just stop it , they all have just came , soo you guys please stop this fight now ,and riddhima you go and change your clothes otherwise you will catch cold [now like a concerned brother].

armaan: [again commenting her to irritate her]   yaa go and change , as you won't be needing a bath now  [giggling with samrat] 
riddhima: all thanks to you [angrily].
mayank: bas no more fights , riddhima you go  [towards their parents] its good that you all came , we all were really missing you

karan: [teasing them]  yaa that we can see how much you were missing us
armaan: no  buddy that's not true , we all really missed you guys a lot
sujal: we all were also missing you guys , soo we came here to spend few days with you all
samrat: few days , sujal uncle  , only few days , you all have came after whole 4 months and that too only for some days that's not fare
karan: see him , we have just arrived now, and he has started fighting with us on the topic of leaving from here he is completely mad , ghadha 
[like always for karan , samrat is always the ghadha [donkey], he always used to tease him the most ,and scold too, but only fake one , karan is never serious on that]  
samrat: [like a kid ,very cutely]  dad  [now hugging him]
armaan: me too  [like a child goes on hugging karan]
mayank: mee to karan uncle  [ and now all 3 boys hugging him at the same time]
sujal: you guys can meet me too , I m also here and I  also love you all 
armaan: yaa wee know that , and I love you too sujal uncle
sujal: oh I missed you all specially you [pointing towards armaan]
[the ladies were admiring this ,they become soo emotional, to see their husband and their sons , loving each other like this , you
know na all ladies are like this only]
Kashish:  [with small tears in her eyes] ok now you all end up with this emotional scene , and now rest for some time
armaan: yaa you guys must be really tired , you go and rest
sujal: oh leave about rest kashish , we have met our kids after soo long , let us chat with them for sometime 
karan: yes  bhabhi , if you and  nandani want you both go and rest as now we all r going to chat a lot
sujal: [very excitingly] soo armaan beta , tell me fast what's the latest record 
armaan: what sujal uncle ,  you are  [a bit shy as he was asking about his dates and all, armaan can also blush sometime yaar] 
karan:  what you feeling shy, comeon tell us, that till date how many girls have fallen for you, rather in you, I should also come to know, that me giving you this name 'armaan' is  of any use or not [very normally]
samrat: yes dad , armaan's  record had already crossed a golden jubilee I think its around 59 , now right armaan , and mine too have become 32.5  [very excited]
karan: [confused] 32.5 ye point 5 why ?
armaan: buddy , actually , point 5 is still on try , held on waiting list [making fun off samrat]
sujal: mayank what about you , have you changed a bit , or still you r same old bore types 
mayank:[surprised ]   bore !! what r u saying dad me and bore why [like a child] 
sujal: I m saying correct , being soo  shareef types , even after being my son , well how many girlfriends do you have till now
samrat: [giggling on that] sujal uncle the  record is still nil  , and you know na mayank will always be like one woman man , right mayank 
[teasing mayank and mayank giving him deadly looks that he dare not to tell any think about nupur right now , he want to tell this to his parents at the perfect time]

The ladies kashish and nandani , who till now were just listening to this nonsense talk , now got irritated and finally said
kashish: [scolding her husband with fake anger]  sujal you are too much, have some decency and courtesy, how can you talk to your kids like this, and you 3 [towards samrat armaan and mayank] ,  don't you guys feel shy, talking like this in front of your parents 
sujal: [supporting their kids] oh kashish , relax, now our kids have grown up , and if they will not talk like this in this age ,then when r they going to talk like this  after coming at our age
karan: [instantly] 'our age ' , what do you mean Sujal , do you think we have grown old , then you must have, but as for me , I m still young ,right armaan 
armaan: excatly buddy , in fact , I m sure there must be lots of girls who would go crazy for you , and today four five girls will just get flattered on your one look
samrat:  yes and sujal uncle you too r so handsome that not only four five,  not less than 15-20 girls be able to escape your charm  
kashish : oh god , now will you all stop all this  
armaan: oh bade maa [to kashish , as samrat and armaan salled her bade ma] you r getting jealous  and girlfriend [to nandani, armaan always called her like this] you don't worry , let buddy[karan] go behind other girls , I m here for you 
nandani: leave them kashish they all will never improve [to karan and sujal] they both were always like this and now they r making their kids the same , just mayank is a bit innocent in them 
kashish: [smiling] yes just mayank is a bit shareef otherwise this samrat and armaan have got really out of control,  specially he [holding armaan ears]
armaan: [very cutely like a baby] ahaaa ahh [ with pain as she was holding his ears]  badde maa what have I done 
[riddhima who had gone to change came down in the hall and saw kashish holding armaan ears]
riddhima:: very good mom pull his ears well with a little more strength, he deserve this 
armaan: oh forget it dumbo , this is the way to shower there love on me and you r just jealous because badde maa  loved me more that you 
riddhima: that's not true , mom loved me more , right mom
armaan: no not at all, she loves me more , right badde maa 
[kashish  about to say but riddhima and armaan were just busy in there kiddish fight]
riddhima: nope she loved me more 
armaan: me 
riddhima: me
samrat [interrupting there fight] : guys you just stop it, actually she loved me the most  
riddhima and armaan together:  nope mee
mayank also came in between
mayank: well I m also there guys 
riddhima : mayank , u better be out of it
samrat: yaa  now where were wee
armaan: we 3 were fighting , well why were we actually fighting 
[nandani and kashish were looking and admiring their children fighting like a small kid]
[karan at last interrupted in there so called without any reason fight]
karan: ok time out no more fights , wee all are very tired  and need to rest
[they all just went to their respective rooms everybody got freshen up , it was around 11 in morning now]
The ladies were sitting in riddhima room
Riddhima , was lying with her head in her mom's lap and kashish was just showering her motherly love by caressing her hairs 
a mother and a daughter love feeling is some think cannot be expressed
Nandani was also sitting there , samrat was resting his head on nandani's lap the same mother and son scene
[while armaan and mayank were with karan and sujal] 
riddhima: [to kashish]  I love you mamma
kashish : I love you too my little angel
nandani: and what about mee 
riddhima: [like a baby] oh maasi ma , you know I love you too
[Now giving a hug to nandani too , nandani was like her second mom , and soo she was her maasi ma, it means like a mother]

samrat: [feeling left out]  mom me too I love you too
riddhima: [teasing him] samrat stop being a copy cat ok 
samrat: oh shut up riddhima , you speak soo much , don't you get tired of speaking really bade maa  [to kashish] was she even speaking like this only when she was born

riddhima: [irritated.] samrat you know what , that was a PJ [poor joke]
but this joke had some great effect somewhere , kashish got soo lost in her thoughts
 nandini : kashish where are you lost, this kids I tell you [it bought kashish back to normal]
kashish : nothing nandini , I was just [trying to get back to normal]  well nothing at all  
[only then other guys also joined them , mayank and armaan also somehow adjusted them on the bed armaan also joined samrat and lied his head on nandani lap , and mayank joined riddhima  ,on their mom kashish lap]

[now they four were lying on bed its not soo comfortable ,but theyall were actually feeling really secured , after all , it was there mother lap , and this was the most secured place in the world for a child , no matter how grown up a child is] 
[karan and sujal were just standing there and admiring there family , they all were one big family]
karan: [in a joking manner with fake anger]  armaan samrat , you both r really lucky that's my space  [pointing towards them , as they were resting with their head in nandani lap]

nandani: [blushing] [with fake anger] karan , you are too much, like this in front of kids

armaan cutting nandani , conversation

armaan: [teasing karan] leave him  girlfriend he is just feeling  jealous right buddy 
karan: [fake anger]  this young generation kids I tell you, are really
getting out of control

And then they all started chatting, 
Riddhima told about armaan and mayank , going on that race and putting their life in danger 

On this karan and sujal really got a bit angry
And armaan and mayank Just trying to protect themselves from there scolding

karan: [like a concerned parent] you both , why you always do stuffs like this
armaan: [protecting themselves] buddy this dumbo is actually telling you making it a big deal , it was just a small race and its nor soo dangerous 
riddhima: no karan uncle it was really very dangerous
armaan: no not at all it was just a normal race and you dumbo, why don't you admit it for once that you were just jealous , that I won that race , and you can never won from mee 
riddhima: [with all that anger , he was challenging her] what do you mean  , you jumbo  , 'I can't  win a race from  you' , off course , I can
armaan: [that killing smile , making fun of riddhima] oh really , dumbo , you can win a race and that to from me, impossible  
riddhima: [again in that irritated anger]  yes you jumbo , I  can win
Everybody was till now just watching their fight ,which turned in a challenge of a race
sujal: leave this , riddhima ,sweaty you won't be able to do this
samrat: what do you mean she won't be able to do this , off course riddhima can win go for it riddhima I m here to support you
karan: it won't be of any use samrat ,riddhima you leave this , its of no use , armaan is the best racer
mayank: no karan uncle , I think , riddhima , is also great racer and I will support her 
karan: ok fine , then lets have a race

nandani: [concerned] karan what r you guys doing , race, no ways 
karan: oh ho wifey , now you please don't come in this
kashish: leave them nandani , they r not going to listen to us , so just let them do what they r doing 

sujal: ok then done , armaan v/s riddhima race ,and mee and karan would support armaan
mayank: fine dad , then mee and samrat will support ,riddhima 
And soo the race is fixed 

they all went out near there parking lot , only then nupur and gunjan arrived their
nupur and gunjan : hi karan uncle , hey sujal uncle [hugging both of them] how r u guys 

karan: wee are fine sweeties , and I seriously missed you 2 a lot 
sujal: [fake anger] ya , but its been soo long that we came here , and you r coming now so late to meet us

gunjan: oh , now what can I say sujal uncle ,this riddhima , didn't even tell us that you have came here
riddhima: [protecting herself] ok ok , I agree  was a bit late but atleast I told you naa 

gunjan: anyways leave that , now what's all happening 
Narrating them about the race

riddhima: [curiously] soo whom r you going to support 
nupur: mee offcourse I m going to support [riddhima thought she is going to tell her name but]  armaan   I know he is going to win 
gunjan: ok in that case I m going to support riddhima

riddhima: [obliged] [hugging her]  oh how sweet of you gunjan , nupur I will see you later [fake anger]
armaan: [supporting nupur] leave her nupur , moreover , we r going to win [confidently]
riddhima:[arrogantly] oh really we will see
armaan: then lets go for it 

Riddhima, got in her red sports car, mayank sat on the passenger seat, with riddhima and samrat sat behind
on the other hand , armaan was in his black sports car , karan , sat on passenger seat ,and sujal on back seat 
nupur and gunjan  preferred to stay back there with , nandani and kashish and wait for them
[nupur chance to impress her would be mother in law hehe]
armaan: from his car [confidently] best of luck you dumbo , ready to loose
riddhima: same to you moron , and yaa meet you at the destination I will wait for you there , after all I will reach there first , because I m going to win 

armaan: ok then lets start with it
The race began
Who going to win it
Will riddhima again opt for some unfair means
as today there parents had come , soo no one from that 6 went to college 

In the college

vivek and ranvijay saw that no one nor riddhima nor samrat had come they were thinking about their fight in basket ball court with samrat

ranvijay: [again with that arrogance. he was soo shame less no effect of samrat punches on him] I think today that samrat and riddhima didn't came to the college

vivek: [he is a bit affected with that] you r still thinking about that riddhima , leave all that ranvijay just forget about all that , now she won't even see your face after what you have done with her in the basket ball court yesterday

ranvijay: [arrogantly] oh , so what do you think , I m serious about her , in that way  , not at all , I just wanna take the revenge for my insult from that samrat and that riddhima , and I will do  that at any cost

they were driving on the road , it was a bit away form the city area , so there are not much cars ,infact there was rarely any traffic , actually that area was perfect for car race only
In armaan car
karan and sujal cheering armaan, 

sujal: [excited]  come on armaan faster come faster 

karan:[excited]  go on buddy , riddhima's speed is also getting fast 

armaan: [confident] relax buddy , we r gonna win
Other side in riddhima car 

samrat: riddhima , come on increase the speed , se we have to win 

mayank: come on riddhima faster ,come on go for it
riddhima: yaa , relax ,let me concentrate on driving
armaan was a perfect races , but riddhima was also not at all bad ,there was a race almost equivalent till now , sometime riddhima car was ahead from armaan and sometime armaan's

It was about 4 km from the winning point
armaan was ahead riddhima , 
samrat: [nervous] riddhima he had gone much ahead than us , do somethink fast 

riddhima: [still very confident] relax samrat you just don't worry , we r gonna win , you just wait and watch 
mayank: [interrogating her ,know riddhima must have done something] riddhima , what r you up too , what r you going to doo

riddhima: I have already done what I wanted to doo, now you just wait and watch and see what happens
And soo it happened
Suddenly armaan car speed became slow , some problem in car ,
karan: [confused] what's happening 

armaan: [confused] I don't know buddy ,  fuel is about to get over, but how can it be possible , fuel tank was full
sujal: [annoyed] oh noo now what.

[Riddhima car which was behind them , she also stopped there]
riddhima: hey guys , finishing point is still half km ahead , you accepted you defeat now only

armaan ,giving her that irritated looks 

Riddhima started the car, and reached the finishing point , won the race and came back 

Again stopped the car near armaan car

riddhima: [happily and arrogantly] soo somebody was really overconfident about his winning , tch tch tch , but what can we doo

armaan: [with that irritated anger] shut up , its just that our car fuel got over , otherwise 
riddhima: otherwise in that case , leave all that excuses ,armaan you just accept it that you lost the race now

karan: excuse me we have not lost it , you have cheated with us 

sujal: yes  our car's petrol tank is damaged and I m sure , that its done by none other than you 
riddhima: [caught red handed and she  thought that there was no use to argue]       ok fine soo what , every think is fare in love and war.

armaan: you r a biggest cheater cock u know that
riddhima: just shut up ,by the way , now how r you guys going to go back home , your car is out of fuel , and mine is a 5 seated car , so I can give lift to you two [pointing towards karan and sujal.] 

[as in riddhima's car three seats were already occupied by mayank ,samrat and riddhima herself]

karan: [a bit tensed for armaan] but what about armaan , how will he go 
riddhima: [teasingly] oh karan uncle , now armaan is soo charming and handsome he will manage , well  armaan females can't stay away from your charm  naa  so you do one think , wait over here only , if no one comes at least female monkey's would be here to accompany you

samrat:[joining riddhima in making fun of him]   riddhima , don't worry yaar , if armaan will be here then not only one , but many will come yaar , now in this area human's are very less, but yes there r many animals here , and I m sure they all will love to accompany armaan here

armaan just standing and giving them his irritated look
sujal: [very politely ,in a way teasing riddhima] that won't be required sweety I have called the driver he will come here in few minutes with another car 
riddhima: ok fine then , you both come with me armaan will come later with the driver 

karan: but why will armaan stay over here alone , someone else can also stay with him 
armaan: [instantly a plan cooked up in his mind] yaa that would be fine you guys do one think you all go ahead riddhima will stay with me [holding riddhima hand]

riddhima: [confused shocked]  me ! why  me , I won't stay

sujal: [saying as if he said a punishment] yes you princess , you have done all this , now you have to stay here 

riddhima: [like a baby]  but  dad I won't stay , and that to with this idiot , never

karan:  no ways , now you have done a mistake and you have tonow pay for it now you just wait over here for the car we all r going,
sujal: [very concerned]  armaan  take care of yourself 
riddhima: [like a baby] and mee , I m also going to stay here , no one is concerned for mee

karan: [to riddhima]  oh my poor baby , why you need to take care , its our poor armaan who need to take care of himself as he is going to be here with you ok  buddy take care of yourself [teasing riddhima]
armaan: thanks buddy I  really need that 
[Riddhima got angry , and sat inside armaan car , in anger
While karan, sujal , samrat and mayank  , went from there in the other car.

Now only armaan and riddhima were left there
armaan: [teasing her] dumbo this car is not going to move remember its out of fuel , soo why you sitting in that you can come out of this 

riddhima , don't said any think  , just showed her angry looks

armaan thinking to himself , "now wait and watch riddhima , now I will show you what's called race" 
Only then the driver came there with another car

armaan: [to driver]  you get that car repaired and bring it to home , I will take this car ,   [now to riddhima] lets goo  madam , or are you planning to keep sitting the whole day in that damaged car and waiting for some monkeys to come for you
Riddhima came out and sat in the second car , she don't said any think she was irritated and angry

Armaan , just smiled on that and stated driving the car.
armaan and riddhima, in a car, armaan driving and riddhima sitting 
armaan was driving really fast.
riddhima: [scared] armaan please drive slow  aaahhh  armaan have you gone crazy I said you to slow the speed not to increase it 

armaan: why madam , you really loved racing naa , soo now just enjoy 
armaan took a turn soo fast that riddhima actually bumped in armaan chest due to sudden turn

she was damm scared  , her eyes were shut closed , she hugged armaan tightly as she was scared as tightly as she can.

Armaan realized it ,his heart beat became faster , he was staring at her innocent face

and then some think ,happening armaan  was confused , why his heart is beating soo fast , what's that.

He slowed his speed just to get normal, he again stated teasing and irritating her

armaan: riddhima [but still she not reacted]  dumbo I have lowered the speed , now you can leave me , there is no need to do my murder right now  
riddhima : [confused]  murder ! I was not planning that

armaan: [teasing] really , you were holding me soo tight , as of you will kill me by crushing me now only
riddhima: oh just shut up

And she turned her face
They reached back home ,  Sharma's and Singhania's mansion 
they entered in ,there were a lot of workers inside their house , decorating the hall
armaan: [confused] what's happening 
riddhima: how would I know , I have came with you only 
samrat was instructing the workers when he saw armaan and riddhima
samrat: hey you guys back , why you standing over there 
armaan: samrat what's all this 
samrat:  actually , dad and Sujal uncle have given a small party , for their business friends , and soo they gonna have a business party here , and then our surprise party for them in the back law
riddhima: but what's the occasion , surprise
samrat: [angry not soo serious]  duffer have you forgotten it , tomorrow its mom dad , and Sujal uncle and bade maa silver jubilee anniversary , soo we were planning to give them a surprise exactly at 12 tonight
riddhima: oh for that I remember so whats the plan, and tell me one think , if they came to know about the surprise then 
samrat: they won't be able to know that because we have send all four of them [karan sujal , nandani and kashish]  outside, and I m sure they won't be coming here before evening , and till then we will do all the preparations , and for them in this hall we r organizing the business party , and the special arrangements in the back hall, but they should not come to know about that
mayank also joined them.
mayank: yaa, I have done all the arrangements for the surprise there , now you all  have to just make sure that noone of them go that side before 12 [instructing all]
riddhima: ok mayank got it oh I m soo excited , well ,how exciting is this na that our mom dad and karan uncle and maasi maa, got married together ,true friendship they got married the same day
samrat: yaa really , ok now lets do the preparations 
all six of them,  just got busy in preparation mayank and nupur were instructing the sheaf , regarding the menu.
nupur: [instructing sheaf] make sure everything is perfect and exactly as I have told you

Sheaf: mam you didn't told about the sweet dish
nupur: oh yaa  , sweet dish , I want each and every variety you have, remember no item shall be left

mayank who was till now just adoring nupur standing there
mayank: yes and specially  "gajar ka halwa"  , I love it very much  [looking towards nupur]

[nupur just blushed on that , as she remembered , that the day they were left alone at their house  , she prepared gajar ka halwa for mayank , and they shared some romantic movements there]
Riddhima  saw this , and came there to tease nupur.

riddhima: ahem aheem , some one is really blushing ha ,by the way mayank what's the story for this gajar ka halwa 
mayank: [trying to behave normally] story ! There's nothing at all 

riddhima: yaa I know that's why your face is getting all red like gajar ka halwa

nupur just went from there , she was also blushing.
mayank: [calling her] nupur stop , what riddhima , see she went away , now 

riddhima: [teasing]  oh ho , someone feeling soo sad on her going from here not bad
mayank: [fake anger] shut up now goo and get ready  , its time for the party to start  

Every body got ready for the party , as it was a business party soo everybody was dressed formally , and the theme colors were black and white.
armaan , mayank and samrat , wearing black suits , three hotties together

Moreover ,riddhima and gunjan wore off white party gown , and nupur   preferred to wear a stylist designer white sari.
The six were looking stunningly beautiful.

The party began. All guest arrived , all expected and some unwanted guest also came there.
In the parking lot , a car parked and came out none other than RANVIJAY ,with his father ,MR RATHODE there conversation
outside party..

ranvijay: dad I have already told you , that I didn't wanted to came here , its your business party I will get bored here 
mr rathode: ranvijay now listen to mee carefully , this party organizer r very powerful and influential people in the business world , and being in contacts with these kind of people will be very helpful and profitable for our business and goodwill ,its so much tough to even get an appointment with  Mr. sharma and Mr. singhania , and here we r getting a chance to attend there party , this is our golden opportunity and I don't wanna  miss this , and you won't get bored here I can assure you that , as there must be many people of your age too over here , soo just come with me now

ranvijay: as you say dad , lets go

They went in and there sujal ,karan , mayank  and armaan were standing on entrance to receive the guest

And then ranvijay and his father had a formal meet with karan and sujal , and then with armaan and mayank , 

mr rathode: well this is my son , ranvijay[giving an introduction].

ranvijay: hello sir
sujal: hello , thanks for coming , well that's my son  mayank [pointing towards mayank.] , and that's  armaan , you can join them ,hope you feel comfortable here 
After introduction the old people got busy in there business talks
and here ranvijay intro with mayank and armaan [note mayank and armaan are meeting for the first time with him , only samrat and riddhima had met him earlier , it has been just 2 days for him in college and mayank and armaan didn't went to college at that time]

mayank:[really nice to ranvijay , to make him comfortable , mayank and armaan were just  being a good host] I think you r new to this town , we have never seen you before here 
ranvijay: yes , its just been 2 days to mee here in this town and I have also joined SRC college here

armaan: really , we also study in the same college
ranvijay: thats nice , that would be really cool now , and moreover the students over there r really very interesting  [remembering about riddhima]

mayank: [confused] what ? what you said
ranvijay: [coming back to normal] no nothing 

mayank , ranvijay and armaan having normal chat , armaan somehow don't liked the guy much , may be his attitude  or some think about him doesn't looked nice to armaan.
Later they got busy with other guest , only then nupur and gunjan came to the party , they were looking stunningly beautiful

mayank saw nupur  ,and got lost in her beauty , nupur and gunjan were busy with the guest and mayank was busy looking at nupur , and nupur also noticing it and just blushing from the distance ,  gunjan and armaan were very well noticing all this
armaan: [to mayank] [teasing him] ahem ahem, close your mouth otherwise a bug will get in

mayank coming to presence , giving a stern look to armaan

armaan: no I don't have any problem , its your eyes you can stare at anyone , but the problem is that Sujal uncle or buddy or baddi ma they all r also here in this party , and if you want we can tell them about this , before they came to know by reading all that on your face 
mayank: [seriously] no not now, I want to tell all this to mom dad , at the right time , not now 
armaan: relax mayank , I was just kidding , we all r with you man , tell them whenever you feel like 

and then armaan and mayank had a friendly hug
They both were hugging when there was a sound from behind, it was riddhima

riddhima: are you done guys , share you this dostana later on not

armaan and mayank turned towards her.

she was looking extremely beautiful in that white dress
armaan was just gazing her.
mayank: hey riddhima , you looking really beautiful in this 

riddhima: [giving mayank a side hug] thanks bro , well you r also looking very handsome , nupur is gonna have a tough time , see how she is stealing glances at you from that corner [pointing towards nupur who was actually looking at mayank]

mayank also felt a bit shy
Only then samrat also came there , singing rather just saying the song "do dil mill rahe hai".

samrat: do dil mill rahe hai magar chupke chupke sabko ho rahe hai khabar chupke chupke  [pointing towards kashish and nandani , who were actually noticing all this]

mayank: [fake anger] shut up samrat
riddhima: [teasing mayank] samrat don't you have any decency, how can you tease my brother like this 
samrat: till now we are just teasing him, don't worry soon mayank is going to lose his senses, actually I just overheard few conversation of my mom and your mom , they were talking some think about mayank and nupur 
armaan and mayank both were shocked together: what !!!! 
but riddhima was normal
riddhima: actually , I have already told mom about you two
mayank:[bigger shock]  what!!
riddhima: [clearing her throat]  I told mom about you two
mayank:  but why ?. How I mean like this 
riddhima: [very relaxed and cooled]  oh ho mayank don't worry I am here , I will handle every think you just enjoy the party 
mayank: enjoy ! my foot , how can I after getting such a big bomb through on my head  [frowning] 

riddhima: listen chill, I have talked with them , everyone is really happy with this , and no one is having any objection with this 

mayank: u sure na
riddhima: [seriously]  trust me mayank , and now relax , and yes ,there is still a lot of time for 12 so keep an eye on them [for their parents] and keep them away from the back lawn till then ok 
armaan: what is this mayank , you won't say any think to riddhima , here you were saying me , that you want to tell all this about you and nupur ,at perfect time and here she spoiled all your planning's and still you won't say her any  think
mayank: leave it armaan , I tell it to mom dad or riddhima, it doesn't matter , its one of the same think
armaan: [teasing him]  yes it doesn't matter , I m sure you won't say riddhima a single word even if she murders someone , still you will be at her side
riddhima: somebody feeling jealous here and armaan , mayank is my brother and he will never get angry on mee, no matter what ever I doo

She was actually right , because riddhima was too much pamperedby them that no one say her any think , no matter if ever she does anything wrong also

The party was set on its mood

mayank talking to ranvijay , took him towards his group where riddhima  , samrat , armaan and gunjan were standing.
mayank: hey guys meet him he is ranvijay

riddhima turned around and saw him , still for a minute thinking what the hell is he doing here , then then looked towards samrat , whose anger was rising seeing him again


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