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You are my love #2 [AR FF] Part 28 = Page 112 (Page 13)


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Originally posted by SoniKudi_KASH

nice story
hope they take care of Raj soon
continue soon

Thank You Smile


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Originally posted by pridarshi9

hey, nice part!!!! pls continue soon!! tks for de pm!!

Thank You Smile

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Originally posted by arpsin

hey nice part...good progressing story..:)

Thank You Smile

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Part 19

***Next Afternoon***

At Delhi, City Life office...

Armaan walks into the reception area and goes to the receptionist...

"I need to meet Mr. Abhimanyu Modi", he says to the receptionist with a smile on his face...

"And who should I say wants to meet him...", the receptionist looks at him...

Armaan smiles thinking about something, "Dr. Mallik..."

"Just a second...", she says picking up the intercom..

"Mr. Modi, Dr. Mallik is here to meet you...", she listens and looks at Armaan, "Do you have an appointment Dr. Mallik...???"

"Well its really urgent and can't wait for an appointment...actually it's a matter of life and death...", he smiles at her...

"Mr. Modi, he says its really urgent... ok... sure..."

The receptionist disconnected the call, "Dr. Mallik it's the 3rd glass door on the left of the elevator on the 1st floor...", she pointed to the elevator...

"Thanks", Armaan said and entered the lift...

He knocked lightly on reaching the door...

"Come in...", he heard a loud cheerful voice, it brought a smile to his lips...

He saw a man sitting at the back of a table with colorful newspaper cuttings on various display boards on the wall and the room tastefully but very cheerfully done...

The guy was typing furiously on his laptop... "Dr. Mallik I am sorry today is a rather busy day... with a new column being launched in the next edition... aap mera do minute wait kijiye main, I will be right there with you...", he said still engrossed in his work...

"Sure...", Armaan said rather softly and sat on the couch placed on the other end of the room...

He picked up a magazine and turned the pages slowly looking at the photo feature about the city...

Abhimanyu got up from his desk after ten minutes and came and sat on the bean bag kept opposite to where Armaan was sitting... "Yes Dr. Mallik... how can I help you...???"

Armaan was looking in the magazine... "Well 1st by telling me that you still remember your old friend...", he kept the magazine down and looked at Abhi...

"Oh My God, Armaan tu hai... damn you pehle nahin keh sakta tha... Dr. Mallik it seems...", Abhi stood up...

"Well main toh bas yeh dekhna chahta tha that itne saal baad tu mujhe pehchaanta bhi hai ki nahin...", Armaan too stood up and they hugged each other...

"And Dr. Mallik chahe jitne bhi saal ho jaaye somethings never change...", Abhi looked at Armaan... "Waise tu Mumbai mein tha na, how come in Delhi....???"

"Teri yaad khich layi...", Armaan smiled...

"Saala Nautanki kahin ka... sach bol... did you shift to Delhi or something???"

"Nahin yaar, kuch kaam se aayaa hoon, I met Niki... usne bola that you are with City Life... and main tujhse mile bina reh nahin payaa..."

Abhi smiled... "Achcha sun, we have a lot of catching up to do... toh ek kaam kar mujhe half an hour de... phir chalte hain kahin... what say???"

"Ok... Mr. Editor...", Armaan said...

"Tu caf mein baith I will catch you in a few minutes... it's on the roof top..."

"Theek hai... see you...", Armaan said and left...

Armaan sits in the caf savoring a cup of hot black coffee... he started early from Mumbai, and the coffee seemed to be doing wonders to his exhausted body...

"Hi...", Abhi came and sat with him with a mug of coffee...


"Haan... nibta liya... yaar last minute rush toh maloom hai na... it kills at times... I am done... ab bol..."

"Yaar main actually seedha point par aataa hoon...baaki baatein toh hoti rahengi...", Armaan became a little serious...

"Sure bol, kya baat hai..."

"Dude its actually about a friend of mine...", Armaan began and told him everything clearly, while Abhi listened to him attentitively...

"Hmmm...", Abhi finally said... "So have you planned something...???"

"Haan plan toh kiya hai lekin is saare plan mein Ridhima is not in the picture and I need your help..."

"Well usme there is nothing to even think... I am in, achcha do you know where this bugger Raj is???"

"Well all I can say is he is in Delhi and his fianc, this girl Nidhi is a student of St. Stephens..."

"St. Stephens you said didn't you... well I guess koi bahut bari baat nahin hai... tujhe Sudha yaad hai???"

"Sudha...umm... teri cousin na???"

"Right... so woh St. Stephen's mein design ki prof hai... toh is Nidhi ko toh hum trace kar lenge... and rahi baat Raj ki, I think we are going to have some fun...waise bhi mera vacation is Monday se start ho rahaa hai..."

"Thanks Abhi, I will owe you...", Armaan looked at him gratefully...

"Pitega saale... itne saal baad mila hai toh kya ab formality bhi karega kya...", Abhi said... "Thanks Abhi", Abhi said faking a voice...

Armaan smiled...

"Achcha chal pehle toh kahin chalke lets get some beer and phir let's start with the thing... main Sudha ko bhi bula leta hoon... I can talk and explain about it... waise bhi woh kisi detective se kam nahi hai..."

Abhi picked up his cell phone....

***Same evening***

Armaan, Abhi and Sudha sit at Abhi's house...

"So Sudha you get it???", Abhi talks to Sudha, and Armaan looks at both of them...

"Nidhi meri hi class mein hai... what a dud!!!", Sudha says taking a sip from her mug...

Armaan smiled... "Well can you tell me something about her, I mean something about the kind of person she is... you understand right???"

Sudha turned to Armaan, "Usual loud mouthed female, kind of weird but I guess girls from her background are like that... kind of popular among her friends... I remember the time I threw her out of class for not completing her assignment... what a natak she created... gosh the huge crocodile tears..."

Armaan smiled and looked at Abhi, "I get it...", Abhi smiled...

"Hmm... another beer anyone", Abhi said taking the last sip from his mug...

"Bhai baitho main le aati hoon...", Sudha said and got up... "Armaan tum???"

"Baad mein..."

Sudha left them to get the beer...

"Abhi mujhe lagta hai the salt and the requisite spice can be provided by this Nidhi, as Sudha puts is the drama queen..."

"Haan main bhi yehi soch rahaa tha... Achcha ab mujhe khulke apna plan bataa..."

"Yaar if Raj is such a hot shot I am sure he has habits and frequents some place... toh use wahin se hamein... I mean we need to pull him from that place..."

"Sudha ke saath jaake kal tu Nidhi ko dekhle... and if we follow her, we will get to meet the dude in some time..."

"Hmmm... toh kal main uske saath jaake pehle Nidhi ko milta hoon... I mean... and then mission track down Raj..."

"Cool... and once you are done with that in the next 3 days...  I will catch up with you...", Abhi chuckled...

***Next Morning***

Armaan and Sudha sitting in Abhi's car outside the college gate...

As the college timing nears, students start coming...

A girl dressed in a Spaghetti and a blue figure hugging jeans comes and gets down from a silver Mercedes...

Sudha touches Armaan's hand, and he looks at her, "That's her..."

"I see... well I guess aaj meri yehin duty lagegi, Sudha can you keep me informed though if you see anything relevant...", Armaan looks at Sudha...

"Sure no probs... tum yehin rahoge na???"

"Haan...right here..."

"Chalo I gotta go, 9 o' clock meri class hai..."

"See you later..."

Sudha gets out of the car, while Armaan takes his cell and dials, "Hi Muskaan..."

"Hi Armaan... hows you???"

"Cool... achcha suno I will need you in Delhi after a couple of days..."

"Hmmm... ok... I will make arrangements to come over on Monday then..."

"Haan... achcha Ridhima kaisi hai... I mean uski tabiyat, she is fine na???", Armaan asks with concern...

Muskaan smiles, "Haan theek hai who...tumhe pooch rahi thi, toh maine bola that tum gaye ho to attend some patient of yours... waise ho sake toh usse baat kar lena..."

"Sure thing... ok see you... inform me when bookings and other things are done..."


Armaan dialed up Ridhima's number next...

"Hi beautiful..."

"Who is this???"

"Achcha madam ab meri awaaz bhi nahin pehchaan mein aa rahi...???"

"Armaan tum ho... but yeh kaun sa number hai... I mean tumhara toh nahin hai...", Ridhima asked...

"Mera hi hai yaar... actually out of station hoon na toh right now I am using this number warna log phone kar karke pareshaan kar dete hain..."

"I see...toh abhi kaisa hai tumhara woh patient??? Muskaan ne bataya mujhe..."

"Well... usi ki help karne ki koshish kar rahaa hoon... and agar sab theek chalaa toh jaldi hi woh hamesha ke liye theek ho jayega...", Armaan smiled...

"Ab tum uski itni help kar rahe ho.. toh use theek toh hona hi parega..."

"Achcha Ridhima ek joke sunogi...???"

"Armaan long distance joke suna rahe ho...???", she asked...

"Are suno toh sahi...

4 cheetean ek jungle se jaa rahi thi... achanak woh dekhti hain saamne se ek haathi chalaa aa rahaa hai,

Pehli waali boli "chalo use maar dete hain, toh doosri waali boli, "nahin uska pair torh denge", teesri waali bolti hai, "Use utha ke hum door phenk dete hain..", toh chouthi waali kehti hai, "Rehne do who akela hai use chorh dete hain""

Ridhima was quiet...

"Ridhima joke khatam ho gaya by the way..."

"Lekin mujhe hansi nahin aayi", Ridhima said smiling lightly...

"Are hansi nahin aayi toh muskrat kyon rahi ho???"

Ridhima blushed as if being caught red handed... or  rather red faced...

"Armaan tum waapas kab aaoge???", Ridhima asked...

"Bhala kyon?? Mujhe miss kar rahi ho???"

"Very funny main bhala tumhe kyon miss karne lagi", she said, nodding slightly in affirmative...

"Well soon, may be by next weekend ya ho sakta hai usse bhi pehle..."

Armaan suddenly saw something, "Achca Ridhima I got to go... my patient needs me... will call you at night.."

"Sure...", she said and hung up...

Nidhi, who Sudha had pointed out to Armaan sometime back came out of the college gate, she stood outside the college, looking at her watch as if waiting for someone...

Suddenly a black BMW SUV comes and stops in front of the college gate... Nidhi smiles brightly and runs around and sits in the car...

"Well I guess time for some action...", Armaan said and started the engine...

Armaan followed the BMW at a safe distance till it came to a halt in front of an ornate gate after travelling for an hour outside the city...

As far as Armaan could see, the guy blared the vehicle horn for sometime but not having anyone open the gate, he went out of the car and opened the gate himself and then drove in...

Armaan took out his cellphone from his sweatshirt pocket and dialed... "Hi Abhi.. Armaan..."

"Haan bol..."

"Main is samay most probably Raj ke farmhouse ke baahar hoon... ummm... give me a second... Ya the address is 5, Rohtak Road Highway, Hiran Kudna Road, Mundka, Delhi... ok...theek hai tu pataa kar tab tak I will try to sneak in...haan yaar don't worry I will be fine..."

Armaan parked his car so that no one would notice anything, they would feel that probably he was a casual traveler out to get fuel...

He walks to the gate and peeps in to check if there was a security guard around... after making himself sure, he opens the gate and walks in...

Amidst a sprawling lawn stood a huge bunglow in offwhite... the rooms had huge tinted glass windows...

He walked stealthily and went close to the door, he pushed it lightly and it opened...

He walked inside the house... the passed through the tastefully done drawing hall and could hear some noises... he became alert and hid behind the curtains...

He moved cautiously and then came to a closed door... he stood facing the door for sometime... as he touched the door, it opened and Armaan could see what was going on inside...

He saw Nidhi and Raj, sitting and chatting on the bed...

"Raj I am so happy that tum mere life mein ho..."

"So am I Nidhi...", he said and kissed her on her cheek...

"Raaj...", she said while he cuddled her in his arms...


"Kitna mazaa aayega na when he get married and can stay together always..."

"Haan Nidhi I can't wait for the day and tab hamein aise chup chup kar milna nahin parega...", he said and pulled down the zipper at the back of her dress slowly kissing her bare back, as the zip moved down...

She turned around... "Love you so much Raj, tumhara yeh touch drives me crazy...", she said and lied down on the bed with her eyes closed...

"Love you too baby...", he said and removed her top... she lay on the bed with only her bra left as the piece of clothing on her torso...

Raj shifts closer to her and kisses her shoulder blade caressing her breast... with the other hand he  pulled the bra strap off her shoulder...

Armaan closed the door softly, trying to be as quiet as possible, when suddenly his phone rang... "Shitt...", he said and ran out...

Raj too heard the ringtone and came out... followed by Nidhi... "Kaun tha Raj..."

"Baby tum yehin ruko main dekhta hoon...", Raj said and ran out...

Armaan was looking behind to see if Raj was anywhere in sight and in the process stumbled on the steps...

"Aaaahhh...", he held his bleeding elbow and ran out of the gate... he hid behind a huge tree on the other side of the road...

From his hiding he could see Raj standing at the gate trying to figure out whose vague silhouette he had seen running out of the house... Unable to find anyone he walked back in and locked the gate behind him...

Armaan came out of from behind the tree cupping his bleeding elbow with his palm, he ran to the car and got in...

He took out his phone and checked who the fateful call was from... "Abhi ki timing bhi na... marwaa dene walaa tha...", he shook his head and dialed...

"Haan bol..."

"Kya hua why did you disconnect???", Abhi asked...

"Yaar I told you na that I will try to sneak in..."

"Damn... bad timing...tujhe kisi ne dekha toh nahin??", Abhi asked with concern...

"I guess not bach gayaa... tu bol..."

"Well Armaan jo address tune diya, that is Mr. Khanna's farmhouse and well guess what he is a Page 3 socialite... tu shayad nahin samjhega, it a journo jargon, but the gist is...its a good news for us..."

"Hmm... Aaah...!!!", Armaan grimaced as he hit his elbow on the steering wheel while talking on the cell phone...

"Kya hua???", Abhi asked hearing the painful cry...

"Kuch nahin halki si chot lag gayi... achcha sun, tu kahan hai is samay???"

"I will be leaving for home in 5 minutes...", Abhi said...

"Chal phir ghar par hi milta hoon... I guess enough adventure for one day...", Armaan said and hung up...

He started the engine and started to drive towards Abhi's house... Ridhima's face suddenly floats in front of his eyes... "Ridhima dekhna jaldi hi sab theek ho jayega...", he said and drove on...

***After a while***

Armaan and Abhi sit in his drawing room, Armaan dressing his elbow...

"De idhar de...", Abhi turns to him and ties the bandage that Armaan was trying to do with one hand and his mouth...

"Achcha Armaan... ab??"

"Abhi its time I call Muskaan... because this Raj is a womanizer... what I got was he is just interested in getting cozy with women and nothing else..."


"Achcha yeh bol how will Khanna being a Page...uhhh..."

"Page 3 Socialite...", Abhi completed the term... "Well we don't want a huge sensation but we want him exposed right??? So his dad's status as the business tycoon and being popular among the higher society will do the requisite and if I am getting it right... is Raj ne aur pataa nahin kitni larkiyon ki life se khilwarh kiya hoga... toh agar ek bhi larki aage aati hai, we can get him booked and Ridhima ka name nahin aayega saamne... get it???"

"Samajh gaya...", Armaan said nodding thoughtfully...

"Achcha Abhi don't you know of someone in the police, I mean why wait for a random girl to come up...???"

"Muskaan involve ho jayegi... I mean if you want I can rope in someone... but I guess.."

"Right... we don't want that to happen..."

"Hmmm... so what do you want to eat for dinner???", Abhi looked at Armaan...

He was lost in his thoughts... "Armaan..."


"Dude maine lunch nahin kiya hai...I am famished... what do you want to have for dinner...???"

"Stud tera jo mann kare... order kar hi rahaa hai so do it... tab tak zaraa main Muskaan se baat kar loon..."

Abhi picked up his cell to order dinner while Armaan called up Muskaan...

"Haan Muskaan..."

"Hi Armaan..."

"So are your tickets booked...???"

"Haan Ridhima, Rahul and me, we will be in Delhi tomorrow night..."


"Ab main kya karti, Rahul akela jaane nahin de rahaa tha and tumne hi bola tha Ridhima ko akele mat chorhna..."

"Hmm... I guess you did the best... chalo, I will receive you guys at the airport...", Armaan said and hung up...

Abhi turned to Armaan, "By the way kal Nikki bhi aa rahi hai..."

"Achcha hai... we will have the whole team...", Armaan smiled...








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amazing part yaar
loved it

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nice update really interesting can't wait 4 next update and thanks 4 pm plz update soon.

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Lovely part gaurav

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