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||Sapphire Studio||UPDATE:pg134&137.Note:Pg158 (Page 84)

Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 07 July 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Res for reply to Jess:P
Originally posted by -Jessy-

I love myself for blackmailing you Cool

Yeah that you do very wellTongue

Yayyy reserved! 


Ashuuu welcome back and I'm so happy you updated after ages. You do know you're lazy right :P

I've heard that being said a few times i thinkSmile
Anyways, on to the update...

The Sonam sigs in red look so gorgeous <33 Love the colouring and the styles. Love the border-kinda-thingy on the sigs too LOL 

The icons look amazing too. Love the colouring on them and I love how you pick different spots of the same pic to make different icons of them. Definitely something unique <3

Thank youuu!
The Mausam icons are pretty too. Are you planning to watch that movie? BTW do you by any chance LOVE Sonam Kapoor? ConfusedLOL
Yesss i am planning to watch Mausam & no i don't exactly love her but i do like her style and her personalityTongue
AHHH Anushka Sharmaaa Embarrassed Thanks for making those :)) You're welcome! They look so beautiful. Thanks but poora credit goes to Anushka for being so prettyEmbarrassed.. Love the blending and colouring a lot. I'm gonna use them soon because right now I have already 4 sigs in my dabba and they have to stay in there for at least 3 days since they are requests so I have no choice LOLTongue 
Lol use them whenever you likeTongue
Love the Asin icons. Again, as always, love the colouring. She is a pretty girl <33 Did you watch Ready? Ermm
No i haven't yet.. just the promos and songs.. You watched it kya? Is it any good?Ermm

Priyanka icons are pretty too. Do I even need to say I love the colouring? LOL Do you like Priyanka BTW? Tongue

Yes i do!Approve
The Jenny sigs are so beautiful! <3 Love the style, colouring and blending a lot. The text font is amazing. You've got to teach me that ;) Oh I mean please EmbarrassedROFL Forget the pls- i'll teach it to you anywayTongueLOL... Love the big size of the sig. Thought you wouldTongue.. You should experiment with bigger sizes sigs more often. Really? I quite like my small sigs though- but i will- just for youTongue.. also Make some 500x300 pixels big sigs next time you update or anytime soon please Tongue I'll def give it a goEmbarrassed

The Jenny icons are too gorgeous for words <3 She's such a beautiful doll and my princess Day Dreaming Love this icon especially -  

Thank youuu!!=))
The DMG sig is amazing! Love how you used different colourings on the same sig. How do you do that? Stern Smile Anyways, it looks really pretty <33
Thanks but i wasn't too happy with the outcome with this one- had something completely in my mind:|

Love the glow kinda thing on the Maneet sig. Teach me that too please LOL and the icons look so pretty full <33 You are a Maneet fan aren't you? LOL 

Thank you and yes i am- i adooore themApprove
You merged the KaTi sig so beautifully <33 Awesome merging there. They look so good together *sigh* if anyone just chucked those two together in a show Embarrassed
Tere muh mein ghee shakar and anything else that you like- dil ki baat bol di!!Day Dreaming

I love the colouring on the Kritika icons a lot! <33 

Love the ArHi sig! I love that new show. They have such good chemistry :| 
I've just started watching the show- love Barun but Arnav hasn't impressed me much yetErmm
As for Sanaya- she's a doll! Love her on and off screenTongue 

Jay Sean and Amir Khan icons look good too. I love the colouring as always and by now you must be tired of hearing that same thing from me again and again LOL

Nope it feels good hearing it from youLOL
Update soon again! 
Will doBig smile
Love you <33
Love you more=))

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Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 07 July 2011 at 3:56pm | IP Logged
Res for Saba's reply
Originally posted by ..Saba..

i m in D-R-E-A-M-L-A-N-D  Day Dreaming
Lol why, why, tell, tellTongue
maardaaalllaaa Silly LOL LOL
Ok so i was actually listening to this song when i read your reply- creepy!LOL
I lovee ur update ash asusual they r soo gorgeousss <3 ic ant tell u how much m lovng them gosshh u r makngg me crazyyy ... u r already one of my fav siggy maker but ub aur kitna crazyy karna hai mujhe ?? ROFL
Me?? Lol what have i done?LOL
okay coming to ur update soo waaoo brilliantt and all r my fav so its defo too hard to choose the best Wink Lol thank you!! all siggys are damn gorgeouss and i love ur bright and bg black type colorng it makes siggy too uniquee maannn I-A-M-I-N-L-O-V-E wd ur creationzz Day DreamingDay DreamingStarting from the begining !!!! Sonam ones r drop dead gorgeouss .. colorng font, text evrythng looks perfecto ! i realy adore ur work yaar its beautifulll - needless to say !! damn amazngg yaar n u knw wht sonam looks evn more preettier in ur creationz Clap Thank you so much! But i don't think so- lol Sonam is a naturally pretty girl so she'd look good in any creationEmbarrassed
Now jumpingg to anushka siggies LOL waaoo adorable workk yaar she looks too cute n like i said abovee here ppl r lookng moree preety in ur siggies kyamagic hai .. ur creative mind is magicall yaarr Day Dreaming Hehe thanks- but again she's one very beautiful lady so all cred goes to her for making the sig look niceEmbarrassed.. thoda mind mujhe bhi de dooo LOL LOL
LOL ... Mausam icons are amazngg yaar lovedd d colorngg as always !! <# Thank youuu!!!=))
OMGhossshhh m goingg crazyyy srsly u did amazng job Ashhh omg u r rockngg AS section n m sure u ll always .. Star  Lol thats a huuge compliment- just really glad you like my stuff!!Embarrassed..ur ths hugeee updt made me soo happy n m droolinggg Silly m sure many ppl would b drooling still .. Day Dreaming Lol thanks!=))
awww Asin and priyanka icons are super duper amazng ! <3 both r too beutiful naaaDay Dreaming
and ur colorng is soo unique wd thr cute faces Star
Saba you're too sweet- thanks!=))


Here comes sabseeyy main part of ur update :


tu ne kya kar daala mar gayi mainn mit gayii mainn ohoo jii ahaan jii hogayi main tere creatiozn ki dewaniii SillySilly
Lolll thank youuu! Btw you're in a very musical moodWink 

it was funny i knowww haha but its trueee Heart

both the versions are buhaatt pyaaree pyaareee <3 awww u r makngg my day shweeettt by showngg shweet jj creatiozn  <33
Thank youuu!!=)))

I lovee lovee d way u made these both jw looks stunning and u r creationz looks marvellous Star

kya iraadaa hai yaar my day will b passed only by starng at these LOL Kyun iraada acha hai na?LOL aww the text realy suits yaar n i love ur text and sigy style <3
Thank you!!=)


awww awww awww she looks sooo priceless in each icon naa yaarr damnn gorgeousss he is omg briiliianttt job done yaarr i loved d pics and colorng u selected it realy suits and m going to use thm soon Star
Glad you liked them- and thank you!!=))

so truee yaaar yaadeinn such mainbuhat yaad aati hain i wish we could have seson 3 wd ds gang and defntly akjen in it <3 these days were extra amzng na <3
Extremely amazing- but don't give up hope- i'm sure we'll get Season 3 as well=))
beautifully done m lovng ths siggy alott d wil use soon .. savedd !!! Star
Thank youuu!=))


aww shoo shweet icons and siggy yaar MG looks amazngg na <3 but old magic in d show isnt left anymore :( i agree to wh u wrote in ur last updatee !
Thank you! And i don't know if this is permanent now or not but story's started to pick up again! This week's epis- esp yest's has been fantastic! The charm is def returning slowly..=)) 

anywyas, siggy colorng is evtra uniquee and fabulouss and so the text !!!

icons are marvellouss !! Star

aww her simplicity, beauty, innocence isss lovelablee naa <333
Sure is<3

lovedd d pics u selected and asusualy the colorng and styles r uniquee yaar stunning worrrkkk <3
too gooddd Clap
Thanks once again!<3<3

wah wah wht a mergngg mannn it looks amazngg <3 loveddd the way u merged both of them and these two looks soo cutee na thr pair is awesumma nd magical <33
anjaana anjaani realy suits wd d pics and expressions Star
Lol thanks- was trying to imagine them in the film hence why it's used in the sigEmbarrassed


goshh kritika is damnn preettyy maannn her beauty is magicall <33 loved the picss and icons looks chooo cuteee Day Dreaming
Thank youuu!

dont watch the show but have heard abt it alott n i lovee sanaya in ths <3
and more thn her i lovee ur siggy <3 so beautifully amdee yaaarr brillianttt Star
loved the font style alottt <3
Thanks- it was inspired by Dangelz workEmbarrassed
Jay sean and amir khan so m not a fan but but ur creationz ki oh fan hoon so i ll comment on thm too tht u made all ov'em sooo greatt i really adore them Star Clap
Lol thank youuu!


Okay so m DONE !!!! Wink

overall the update was damnnn Gorgeousss Day Dreaming okay lot of bakwas is done laready so i should stop now LOL u might be tired of my bak bak LOL but i wish i could wrte more bak bak ROFL but too bad in wrtng Ouch
No way i never get tired of reading feedback and comments on my stuff! So def keep giving me lambe se commentsApprove

well, Keep rockng wid ur magical creationz Hug

Love Ya Loadzz <3
& Thank you once again- i know i've said it at least a dozen times already but just thank you!! Seriously it means a lot to me when you guys say that you like my stuff. & Alsooo thank you so much for taking out time to comment here as well!<3<3

Edited by midnight.blue - 08 July 2011 at 9:08am
Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 07 July 2011 at 3:57pm | IP Logged
Res for Ann
Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 07 July 2011 at 3:59pm | IP Logged
Res for all other replies=)
justadream. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2010
Posts: 10360

Posted: 07 July 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
Ash I edited my comment on Page 79 :D
Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged
A small update.
Feel free to use
Hope you guys like it=)
Update includes:
x 2 KaJen sigs
x 2 KaSu sigs
x 2 Maaneet sigs
x 9 Guru/Jen sigs
x 1 Guru/Jen icon
x 1 Kareena sig
x 1 Kareena icon
x 1 Amir Khan sig
x 1 Amir icon
Feedback pls?Embarrassed
& Any suggestions for the next update?

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CrazzyFGalleriawc123Sunnipwincessxc00l_girl_Sahra_.SaduFarzi.ScatteredCastleRadiantTreasure-SmexySmile-rock8monakhan.~Serendipity~-RabiaKSGKaJen-walkintomylifex--Divzfan--Sabaah..Bhatakti_atmaMMBGMinnie..AngadKripa.justadream.Meehak....Pwincess...KaSh-Maneet-Fan..Amira..jesss.Real.MadridKaJen.xoxo..Nihaa..Anjiliciouslipshaa26javeyARJRANSIDVARSKSweetAddiction.roseinbloomMitu_piyarapiyariPreeti.xo-CromulentHaze-AS..-Fatima-felicitysmoak.swashbucklingMehak_Luvs_RaniSanju_Sunshine Girl.PINK._Oishi_DelightedHeart-Swetha-YuNa4everserendipity.Nadz_YuNalover

justadream. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2010
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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged

OMG. That's all I can saaay :| OH EM GEEE. The wholeee update is juuust OMG. Okaii you've probaly got tired of hearing thaaat. Can't believe you updated again in the space of two days? :O I hopeee we keeep getting regular updates like this - pleaseee. AHHH why is your stuff always so freakiin gorgeous? :| Everything is so damn P E R F E C T. No jokes. And this was a smaall update? Nooo. You call 17 sigs and 3 icons a small update? :| It wasn't smaall =P And soo long as wee keep getting updates from youu we're all happy no matter what the size :) By thee waay I want this shop finished before I leave :| It's about time it finished. Anywaaays enough of my um bakwaas let me juuust get to the update thaaat made me faint :|
Starting from theee top. Eeeks KaJen siggy :O AHHH. Just amazing <3 It is soo sooo soo damn g o r g e o u s. Which is why I am using it right now <3 I am in love with it :| So damn perfect. Amazing choice of pics. And the colouring you know what I'm going to saaay - juust perfect. Buuut the text is whaat made me looovee it sooo much. So damn trueee and perfect<3 And I juuust love the new font you used so damn beautifuul <3 Especially the font used to write Armaan Rhiddima <3 I loooved both versions of the siggy. Buut I put the first version in my dabba but definatly going to use the second version too because I equally loooveee both versions :|
And then KaSu siggy. It is sooo beautifuuul <3 I loveee it. Love this style of this siggy do make more in this style :) It's really gorgeous Ash <3 Love love love the colouring <3 Font and text is juust amazing like always. Why is everything sooo perfect? :| Loved both versions of it but I think I loved the first oneee moreee :)
Maaneet siggy. AHHH. Very very gorgeous<3 Lovee the pics selection and I juust loove how you put thaat candle thereee amazing <3 Again I reeeally loovee that font  you've used to write Maan Geet. And the text :O How do you come up with this? :| Eeeks but I really loooveeed it <3
Guru Jenni siggys :O OH EM GEEE. I have never thought of these as a couple I've seen siggys of them around but never really took much notice of them as a couple. Buuut Ash todaaay you have made me faall in love with them as a couple :| This is whaat your siggys can do to people. AHHH. No jokes though. Theseee siggys are your best siggys. They are sooo sooo damn A M A Z I N G.  And that is why I am now using one of their siggy - you made me fall in love with them :| Anyways let me comment on all of them =P First siggy of them is just beautiful. Blending is so freaking awesome and the merging never seen such perfect merging before :O Colouring is just mindblowing on it. I looovee this version theee most.

^^Loooveee the black and white effect and then it's amazing how the font is colouredd. AHH. Amazing loook - do more siggys like this pleaseee =P
Next siggy is just even more amazing :| Looovee the text 'yesterday I died tommorow's bleeding' AHH so perfect<3 Love how behind the text you've done that hospital machine thingy effect if you get whaaat I mean LOOL =P Both versions are juuust amazing in their own waays soo I can't pick my fave from them twoo :) I loove the text on the second siggy tooo  so damn amazing :| Then the next siggys OH EM GEE. I looovee both versions of it :| But I'm using this one right now.

^^Words can't describe whaat I think of the colouring of this siggy :| EEEKS. Very beautifuul <3 Loove the layout of pics blending is juust amazing. Loveee how you've done the text fading at the bottom I loovee this effect<3 I loove the second version tooo I looovee the border at the side looks beautifuuul <3 You should put more borders on your siggys :) I loovee the matching Icon too very gorgeous<3
AHHH. Last siggy of them is juuust B E A U T I F U L. Lovee the first version the most. Pics choice is amazing - I'm craaap when it come's to choosing pics =P Loveee loveee lovee the colouring - your probaly tired of hearing that mow haha =P And OMG the text on the second sigyy eeeks I lovee it soo damn true =P How do you come up with such text? :|
Kareeena siggy awhhh sooo damn beautifuuul <3 I think this is the first time I've seen a siggy by you on her..and gosh it's amazing <3 You should make more on  her. It's amazing. I loove lovee the font. Pics and colouring is just :O Eeeks I looveee this siggy :| Blending is juust freakin awesome <3 Icon is juuust gorgeous tooo.
And now to the best part of the update. OH EM GEEE. *faints* AHHH. You made a siggy on Amir :O Still can't believe it =P You did it juust for me. I LOVEE YOUUU. AHHH It's sooo damn G O R G E O U S.  EEEKS. I loveee the size of it. And loooveee how you've used two pics. And the whole darkness effect is juuust amazing <3 Icon is just AHHH very gorgeous tooo<3 I can't saay much more thaan thaat because I am speeechless with it =P
Using it right nooow! =P Can't saaay how muuch I loove youu for this <3 EEKS can't wait till 16 days are over get to see him fighting after like 4 months :O
Anywaaays am sure you don't want to hear me going on abouuut him. Oh yeaah let me comment on this here tooo.

^^EEEKS Thankyou soo muuuch for making it for me<3 I looovee it and defo going to use <3 AHHH it's sooo beautiful. And it's got my four most faveee people it it<3 Colouring is juuust faaab. And pic selection is juuust wow :O I loovee that pic of Amir I've never seen thaat pic and I lovee it sooo muuuch <3 It's amaaazing thankyouu soo muchh<3
Okaii I've came to the end of the update =P This update was juuust M I N D B L O W I N G. Honestly I loveeed it sooo muuuch. And look that's how much I loved it thaat I edited straight away :| See I'm suuuch a good girl. Hehe. I'll saay it again Ash your a amazing siggy maker one of the best and it's about time you accepted thaat fact =P Whaat I loove about youu is thaat despite being sooo goood at siggy making your not stuckup and a showoff =P I loooveee youuu<3 You'veee got loads of talent :) I'm really looking foward to your next update that's if I'm here. OMG I juuust realised when I've left am not going to be able to see or comment on your work. Damn. If this is my laaast comment then I juust want to saay Ash your amazing at this don't ever give it upp. Keep up the perfect work. And I hope you have loads of shops ahead of you. Don't miss me tooo much ;) And I looveee you loooads<3 I will try to come up with a waaay where I can still see your work and comment and I think I've got it. But can't tell youu sorry but you'll be probaly end up realising ohwell I'll try to keep it a secret from you as muuch as I can =P Haha. Anywaaays I'm off now tc lovee youu loads<3 I lovee your work a looot and will miss it a loot! Let's juust hope my plan works and I don't have to miss your work! Hehe. I bet your curious now =P


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jesss. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2009
Posts: 23128

Posted: 08 July 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Ashhh great update! I can't really give a looong comment coz you know I'm busy at home na :(

Anyways, I LOVE the KaJen sigs. The greenish colour on Ridhima's hair looks really good. I love the caps you chose. You almost always choose sad pics don't you? EmbarrassedTongue I really love the text fonts you used. I WANT! ErmmROFL

The KaSu sigs are cute <3 Love the style of them. 

The Maneet sigs are adorable <33 Again, love the text font TongueLOL

The GC and JW sigs are amazing! The colouring is to die for :| Really so so so pretty! <3 Love the glow-ish effect you used on some of those sigs <33 

Everything else looks fab too. Love how you blended the Kareena sig and Amir Khan sig <33 Embarrassed

Love youuu muah! Embarrassed

Edited by -Jessy- - 09 July 2011 at 1:50pm

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