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||Sapphire Studio||UPDATE:pg134&137.Note:Pg158 (Page 79)

............. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 June 2010
Posts: 10360

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:06pm | IP Logged

Okaii I'm trying for the third time now =P Let's hope nothing crashes this time otherwise I will be soo annoyed :| You know I had finished my comment and it was really long aswell I'm not even exaggerating and then the computer decided to crash :| Ohwell forget all that let's just hope it doesn't happen again :) This time I'm on my iPod as I used all my time on the computer =P this is going to take hours but anything for you <3
Twinnny You updated? :O I'm still in shock. How long have I been waiting for this? Ages =P Finally got it. And Ash I thought this update was going to be small :| Buut it's hugeee. I was like us this supposed to be small? :| Buut I'm not complaining hehe I love big updates :) So thankyouu for the big update <3 Especially as you have a lot on at the moment obviously not because of me *coughs* Oh yeah by the way I still need a Amir siggy and remember that icon from my birthday siggy? :) Thanks in advance for them =P Okaii I'll move onto the update before I get bricks thrown at me :| Yeah I read your reply to my comment where you threatened to throw bricks at me :O Anyways let's move on.
I'm going to comment on every small detail so just sit quietly read and read :|
So starting from right at thee top your intro - it's okaii Ash relax everyone understands :)
Past month=exam season=stress ;) Everyone was going through it soo yeaaah studies are more important thaan updates =P Hehe am glad me and Jess made you upload this stuff ;) It is noot random okaii =P How does it seem random? Your sooo fussy :) And it doesn't seeem unfinished it's perfect - no jokes :) Ofcourse we'll lovee it no doubt about thaaat :)
Starting from the beginning Sonam siggys O-M-G so freaakiin gorgeous<3 What a start! Lovee the whole redness effect and we were just talking about red how it's a awesome colour =P  Colouring is just perfect as always you know your soo awesome at colouring I think your the best at it no jokes :) I looove the way you've wrote Sonam it's faaab <3 I can't decide which version I like the most
:| Hmmm I think it's probaly the first one but only a teeny winy bit more :) The matching Icons are just wow amazing :) Juust loove love love the siggys and Icons <3 Do make more Sonam stuuff pleaseee. Oh yeaah the rest of the Sonam Icons are justt eeeks perfect and soo damn gorgeous. I got to saay this one is my faaave from them all.

^^Colouring on it is just perfectly amazing. Loveee theee pic tooo<3 Youu know you are so damn amazing at colouring :| How can someone be sooo perfect?
Mausam Icons areee juuust faaab<3 Excellent pic choices :) Can't wait to see this movie =P I loooveee this onee theee most.

^^Looovee this oneee a looot. Colouring is just ufff amazing as always ;) Eeeks pic is juust haaaye<3 Awesomeee job Twinny :) Other twoo are awesomee too but I love this one the most.
Theeen Anuska siggys Oh Em Geee how freakin gorgeousss<3 I looovee all of theee versions. OMG colouring,text,layout of pics is sooo damn perfect<3 No jokes. Hmmm buut I think this one is the one I looveee the most.

^^ So damn gorgeous<3 Haha your in lovee with thaat song aren't youu ;) But honestly juust amazing I don't know how youu do it :| Please train me =P Everything about this siggy is perfect<3 Looovee the wholeee effect of it <3 Love the waay you've layed out all the pics and the blending is just so freaking awesome :| Just makes me want to keep on staring at it :) By the waaay I loooveee the font it's gorgeous<3
Asin Icons eeeks these are soo soo damn gorgeous. And O M G the colouring :O Just when I thought you can't get any better you just went and proved me wrong :| They're all sooo stunning <3 I loveee this oneee theee most.

^^Colouring is so freakin gorgeous<3 Loveee the pic tooo :) But honestly they're alll amazing <3 Your such a awesome Icon Maker you know sooo maaany people use your stuuuff<3 Do make moree on her tooo pleaseee.
Priyanka Icons :O OMG sooo damn beautifuuul<3 Juuust loooveee them. Colouring is perfect like hamesha :| Hehe keeep up the amazingly perfect work ;) This onee is myy faveee.

^^Loveee theee pic<3 Colouring makes it look more freakin beautiful :) I Looovee the waay you put S Studio at the bottom makes it look so much cooler =P Hehe amazing work Ash <3
OMG JJ siggys all I can saaay is Oh Em Geee. Speechless. Haayeee they're sooo damn gorgeous<3 Loooveee the new size :) Text and colouring is juuust perfect<3 JJ looks beautiful as always :) Buut youu make her look even more beautiful ;) Both versions are just freakin awesome <3 But I think the second version I loove a little bit more because of the text - it's so damn amazing <3 How do you think up of such texts? :| Honestly your just perfect in everything. And theeen OMG OMG OMG JJ Icons <33 They are sooo damn G O R G E O U S. I'm using onee already that ones my faveee colouring on it is just so amazingly perfect and beautifuul. My second faaave is this one.

^^Awwhhh how cuteee is this pic<3 Colouring is juust wow. I'm going to use this one for definates tooo. Eeeks I loooveee your Icons my DP is always one of your Icons =P But honestly JJ Icons are juust uuff tooo amazing. These are the best Icons in the updateee (haven't got to Amir&Jay yeeet) sooo far. Definatly definatly make more siggys and icons on JJ pretty pleaseee.
Moving on DMG siggy = speechless :| No words. Mindblowinggg. So damn gorgeous<3 So perfect. Colouring just wow. Layout of pics is amazing!  Loveee theee size of theee siggy! Make some more this size ;) And Oh-Em-Gee the text is juuust perfect. Couldn't think of anything better. Please will you tell me now how the heck you do all this? :| I juuust loved this siggy definatly going in my box :)
Maaneet sigggyy! :) Awhhh they're amazing<3 OMG I looove this siggy. Love this styleee. Colouring is juuust faaab<3 Text is perfect for this siggy<3 Juuust amazing is all I can saay =P And eeeks the icons are super super amazing :) Love love love this oneee.

^^Awwhhh they loook soo amazing together<3 I looove this Icon a looot :) Colouring is juust faaab and pic selection is awesomeee<3 Amazing work <3 I'm saying amazing a loot aren't I? LOL =P Sorry.
DD siggy is gorgeous<3 Colouring is juust wow. Like always no surprise about thaat. Text is just soo damn perfect. Loveee the font of the text and the text itself is awesome! By thee waay I love the size of your siggys they're small and cuteee :) Loveee thee Icons of DD tooo :D Make some moreee stuff on her tooo.
KaTi okaii OMG this is like the best siggy in the update omg the blending is sooo freakin awesome! It seems as if it's oneee pic. Woaaah. It's sooo damn amazing. Sooo proud of youuu because of this siggy. Colouring is awesome as usual. Text haha I lovee it 'Anjaana Anjaani' =P Looove the font a looot tooo. Hayeee your tooo goood. Matching Icon is very faaab tooo<3
Kritika Icons. WOW. Loooveee theeem. Colouring is soo damn awesome. Your amazing Ashh!
IPKKND siggy I'm loving this drama I still need to catch up though :| I'll doo it sooon ;) So that then we can have discusions on it =P But coming to your siggy eeeks I loooveee it <33 Pic selection is awesomeee :) Colouring is even more awesomer (don't know if that's even a word :| ) Buut yeaaah juuust love it. I looove the font by the waaay. Just freakin amazing. You always leave me speechless :| I never know what to write.
Okaii after this point this is whaat happened wheeen I saaw what came afterwards
*fainted* *got up* *fainted* and you get the point =P OH EM GEEE. Jaaay Sean as in THE Jaaay Seaaan why is he sooo freakin hot? And the Icons I do not know whaat to saaay. They make me fall more in love with him<33 AHHH I looove him soo much. I looove your Icons on him A LOOOT. Everything is so freaking perfect<3 Haha I remember giving these pics to you like centuries ago :| My faveee oneee.

^^Ahhh. I looove this oneee sooo much. I was already in love with this pic but you went and made me fall more in loveee with it :| Honestly you have made this pic loook much better than the original because of your colouring! But thaaankyou so so so so muuuch for theseee Icons. Lovee Youuu For This<3
And then OH-EM-GEEE. Amir Khaaan. As in my Ak. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. Amir in your updateee :O Means a heck of a lot tooo meee<3 Can't thank you enough for this <3 Hayeee. They loook so freakin mindblowing all his Icons. This one is my faveee.

^^I can remember when he woon this. Best moment ever =P THANKYOUUU <3 I Loveee Youu <3 Definatly going to useee his Icons tooo <3 Am still going gaga over his and Jay's Icons :| Please please pleasee make moreee on theseee twooo <3

And that's the end of theee updateee. Pheww. I cannot tell you whaaat I have gone through to do this comment :| Had it scrapped twiceee. Toook me hours =P Buuut anything for youuu <3 I have never ever commented this looong beforee but your update juust forced mee tooo. This updatee was juuust speeechless. Honestly you are a A M A Z I N G siggy maker. One of theee best <3 You have got so so much talent :) Am very very proudd of youuu =P And yaaay another updateee tonight can't wait ;) Honestly I enjoyed commenting it's not something I do because I have to but because I enjoy commenting on your updates that's why you get on time comments :) Keeep up the superduper amazing work. I Loveee Youuu Loads & Loads & Always <3 Anddd I'm offf nowww <3 Comment would have been longer if it hadn't been for my stupid computer :| Cyaaa in the next comment ;) I Love Youu Twinny <3 x

Edited by ..Angel.. - 06 July 2011 at 12:34pm

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Sienna.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 September 2010
Posts: 2512

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
Updated above!=))

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Sunshine Girl IF-Stunnerz
Sunshine Girl
Sunshine Girl

Joined: 25 November 2008
Posts: 37424

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Loved to c u after so long...was missing ur creations...
Awww Sonam sigx nd icons r so cool...love em...
Kajen ufff hawt...dmg sig is really really niceee...loved it...
Jennyyy haye she luks like a princess...damn cutee...adorable as hell...
Loved the sigx...
Maneet and geet sigx r way too cutee...
Love ur coloring and textures...
Ur too good a creative...
Plz update more frequently...
jesss. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2009
Posts: 23128

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
I never expected such a huge update Stern SmileROFL Oh well I love it though! Will edit soonish/tomorrow Embarrassed

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_Oishi_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 December 2009
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Posted: 04 July 2011 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
So finally you are back...I am soo happy that u r back.
I missed you a lot...
Your update is really amazing..
My fav is Jenny & KaTi siggys
Jenny icons are just beautiful..loved them
Awesome KaTi siggy..what a merging...
Sonam, asin icons are also aweome..
I love your chota chota siggy...hehe...soo cute
Great work
AS.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 May 2008
Posts: 30707

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 1:01pm | IP Logged
wooow beautiful.. loved all sigs and icons
aww Jenni sigs are very very beautiful. lovly stuff


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-CromulentHaze- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 January 2011
Posts: 35320

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
YAY! Ash<3333333 U came back!!!!!!!! I misshheddd ur updates!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!! I have no words I love every siggie/avi!!! I can't stop staring and now I don't know what to use =( but I will figure it out!! ILY!!!!!!!!!

Edited by -RougeDreams- - 05 July 2011 at 2:03pm

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.AngadKripa. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 September 2010
Posts: 5899

Posted: 04 July 2011 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
awww i LOVED this! JJ, Kritika, KaTi, Jay Sean. all my favs Big smile

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