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FF Meri Mehbooba (harshad & additi)ch 11 pg 14 (Page 12)

AMMI6 Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 10:27am | IP Logged
thanks kashu for a marvellous update Clap
really very interesting and the terrible fire and maical time travellShocked
very excited to know gaurav 's feeling to Heera Heart
pleaseeee update soon waiting curiouslyDay Dreaming

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Aria_89 Newbie

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
beautiful update can't w8 to see what happens next 

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Pumpkinn IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !..

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kasturika_kashu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 9:36am | IP Logged


it was morning.. gaurav had nt slept the whole nyt... he had been doing that for almost three days and dark circles have appeared around his eyes...he was eagerly waiting for the sun to rise.. heer was supposed to come in the morning.... to request for a job of a maid in the palace.. there was no other way by wich she cud start off in this new time... although it was quite humiliating that she wud have to be the servant of a place she once ruled... bt as it was said earlier.. it was the ONLY WAY...
in the breakfast table,he kept on fidgeting with the spoon,unable to eat anythng,wondering why she was being so late... the hall clock struck eight...yet she did nt come... sighing,gaurav got up,his food unfinished and went over to the sink to wash his hands.. suddenly a vry familiar voice made him turn...
" suniye..." .... he almost jumped up in excitement wen he saw her,clad in a white salwar suit... her long loose hair spreaded across her shoulders..reaching almost at the back of her knees... the older caretaker lifted his eyebrows to see her... as she was nt expected in such an hour... that also in the royal palace... evryone was nt allowed in there...
kya chahiye tumhe? tum ho kaun?---the caretaker asked sharply...
heer lifted her innocent eyes at him---kam chahiye hume..!!
the caretaker made an irritated face.. he had assumed somethng lik that only--- nhi hain yahan koi kam.. yeh raj mahal hain.. yahan kisi are gare ko istarah kam nhi diya jata....
heer's jaws hardened.... she was the princess of the palace.. nvr in her life had she been insulted in such a way....
the caretaker repeated--kahan na koi kam nhi hain? tumhe andar kisne ane diya?  jao yahan se....
heer controlled her temper and said in the sweetest voice---babuji.... hume bht zaroorat hain... warna hum kabhi istarh yahan nhi chale ate.... hum sab kuch kar sakte hain.. aap hume ek mauka to dijiye...
her voice was honey sweet and her extreamely polished manner interested the caretaker,whu seemed to melt a lil....
" kya kam kar sakti ho tum?"--he asked her...
heer---kuch bhi babuji... aap jo kahe.....
the caretaker---hmmm..... thk hain... tum rasoi mein kam sakti ho.. manju ka hath bhi bat jayega.. manju..!!!---he called out for the younger caretaker.. whu came running..---ji singhji....
the older caretaker---is ladki ko dekha rahe ho? manju looked at heer and his mouth hung open... the first thng wich came to his mind was that she was so beautiful.....
the older caretaker completed his sentence---ye aaj se tumhare saath rasoi mein kam karegi thk hain? ise naukri ki zaroorat thi isiliye humne ise rakh liya....tumhe koi pareshani to nhi hain?
manju----huh? ji? pareshani? nhi nhi.. koi pareshani nhi hogi... he started to stammer...----aap..tum... aao.. main tumhe kam samjha deta hoon... he looked at heer....
heer nodded and followed him.... bt suddenly she stopped and walked up to the older caretaker... she folded her hands and smiled..----babuji aapka yeh ehsan hum kabhi nhi bhulenge....
the caretaker felt a deep urge to put his hand on her head.... she was just lik his own daughter.... bt he controlled himself and cleared his throat----thk hain thk hain... aab jao jakar manju se kam samajh lo.. aur haan kam thk se karna warna bht dant padega....
heer smiled agen---ji babuji.... she turned her head and looked at gaurav,whu was a silent spectator of the whole scene... with her eyes she tried to deliver a small message of thanks... he understood it and smiled.... then she turned back and followed manju in the kitchen......


manju was terribly excited.... he had nvr evn dreamt that he wud be told to help such a beautiful girl.. in his boring life in the palace he had just seen such beautiful grls in his dreams....  heer understood it pretty well and felt vry amused.. manju showed her around the kitchen,where the things are kept and all the crockeries. she felt really happy to find that evrythng was the same as ever... everything maintained the palace rules till date... she kept on looking around the place her eyes wide in surprise and delight... She remembered her days,in her time.. wen hundreds of servants worked under her... A number of maids looked after her...and wen she had to come down to this huge kitchen only wen there was a grand feast... She recalled those days in her mind and her heart cried.. oh how she wished to return back to those days.. How she longed to see her father alive and all powerful once agen.. and how she hated this fact that at present she was totally like an ailien in a time,nt her own,between ailien people and an ailien atmosphere... Manju's voice brot her back to reality....

Manju---kya soch rahi ho? Tum meri baat sun rahi ho na?

Heer--huh? Hmm hum sun rahe hain

Manju--nhi.. tum shayad kuch aur soch rahi thi.. bolo kya soch rahi thi?

Heer--kuch khas nhi.. bas.. ghar ki yaad aa rahi thi aur kuch nhi..

Manju felt bad for her.. maybe there was no one in her home so she had to come all this way in search of some work.. suddenly he remembered something...

Manju--tumne khana khaya hain?

Heer---kya?umm nhi..

Manju--tumne pehle kyun nhi bataya? Ruko hum tumhare liye kuch late hain... he made her sit down on a chair and went out to fetch some food...he returned with a plate of fresh fruits..

Manju---tum kha lo pehle fir hum kam baat lenge thk hain?

Heer smiled at him as she took the plate---shukriya...


she worked all day with manju,helping him in evrythng and she turned out to be really efficient.. manju was extreamely delighted.. to have some burden taken away frm his shoulders...  otherwise he  used to feel really pissed off sometimes to handle the whole kitchen on his own... heer was a great help on his part...

in the evening,after having finished washing the dishes,manju said to heer---tum aab jao.. baki kam hum kar lete hain.. tum sara din yahan par ho.. jakar thoda aram kar lo..

heer---nhi hum kar lenge..aap jaiye..

manju pulled her hands away frm the basin and himself took her place---humne kahan na.. tum jao jake aram kar lo.. kuch kam hume bhi to karne do...

Heer smiled--thk hain... She wiped her sweaty forehead with her dupatta and left...

Her room was in the servant's quarter,in the ground floor itself.. bt before entering her room,heer felt that she shud go and meet gaurav for a while.. after all it was he whu was helping her all along...

She looked around her,finding no one in the hall she slowly ascended the stairs and walked towards gaurav's room..

Gaurav was in his room only, standing near the window.. thinking abt heer wen he heard the knock on the door.. he quickly went over to the door and opened it... A huge smile appeared across his lips to see heer standing there..

Heer---kya hum andar aa sakte hain?

Gaurav--- tum mujhse pooch rahi ho?

Heer lowered down her head... Gaurav took her hand---andar aao..

She did nt pull her hand away and entered the room.. gaurav closed the door behind him in case someone manages to see them together...

Heer looked around the room.. this was previously one of the guest rooms and she felt glad to see that the rules had nt changed and it was still used as the guest room ...

Gaurav---kya soch rahi ho?

Heer--kuch nhi

Gaurav--- to kuch kam tha?

Heer---nhi bas aise hi aapka shukriayada karna chahte the

Gaurav--mera? Maine abhi tak tumhare liye kuch nhi kiya hain

Heer---nhi.. par aap koshish kar rahe hain aur yehi hamare liye bht badi baat hain.

Gaurav smiled and put his hands across his chest---my pleasure mam..

She twitched her eyebrows she cudnt understand wat he said bt she knew that he spoke in english.

Suddenly gaurav's eyes fell on her hair----heer,tum apne bal khule kyun rakhte ho? Nhi mera matlab tum acchi lagti ho par amesha istarah khule balon mein ghumna.. tumhe ise samhalne mein pareshani nhi hoti?

Heer---hoti hain na.. bht pareshani hoti hain.. par kya kare. Hume apna bal banana nhi ata... Humne kabhi khud apna bal nhi banaye hain.

Gaurav was mesmerized to see the sweet childish innocence sparkling in her behavior. He smiled calmly---agr main tumhara madat kar doon to?

Heer---tum? Tum kaise kar sakte ho? She laughed---tum to ladke ho?

Gaurav felt amused at her behavior---hmm.. main ladka zaroor hoon.. par 2011 ka aur rajkumari ji is waqt ke ladke ladkiyon se kam nhi hote hain..unhe sab kuch karna ata hain... chahe who bal banana ho ya fir rasoi ka kam.

Heer lifted her eyebrows---accha? Tum kya kar sakte ho ye hum tay karenge.

Gaurav---jaisi aapki marzi to zara tashif rakhiye. He pointed towards his bed... heer sat down there,giggling to herself.

Gaurav turned knelt down behind her and took her long,heavy strands of hair in his hands. He felt a lil tensed.. coz the hair had nt been combed for ages.. he took out his comb frm his backpack and started combing her hair... Heer giggled...she used to love it wen someone combed her hair.. she closed her eyes in pleasure.

After combing her hair properly.. gaurav held it in a tight knot and put a rubber on it... Bt the rubber band broke instantly as her hair was really vry thick.... Gaurav sighed. It wasn't that easy--he thot

Kya hua ji?---heer teased him...---chod do.. humne kaha than a.. tumse nhi hoga.

Gaurav--- ye aapki galat faimi hain raj kumari ji

Heer---accha? Thk hain.. koshish karte raho

Gaurav smiled to himself he knew wat to do... He folded the hair in his hands and made it into a ball... Bt the ball wudnt remain lik that and wud come loose the next instant..sighing.. he folded the hair once agen and lifted it up to balance it.. then he took a string and tied a knot around it so that it wud nt fall loose agen. He made a double knot on it. The hair was neatly tied at last...

Gaurav took a deep breath---huh. Ho gaya..!!

He laid his aching hands on her shoulders and accidentally touched the hook behind her dress wich opened up due to the slight pull revealing slightly her bare back..

Heer did nt realize it as she was busy checking that her hair was properly tied or gaurav saw it.... He felt a knot in his neck... He cudnt move his eyes away frm it.. he felt a strong urge to touch her there... Bt he controlled his desires and carefully hooked her dress agen...

Heer---hmmm manna padega..  tumne kafi acchi tarike se banaya hain hamare bal...

Gaurav smiled back



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sweta2005 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 April 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged

awesomeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.



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MeraCheekuVirat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 4:48am | IP Logged
so feelin r developin! lukin forward! cnt wa8 2 c wht happens nxt!
cnt wa8 d day wen the confession takes place!

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged

Hey kasturika...Smile

The part was awesome... i like the way the story is progressing... WOW the gaurav and heer moments were awesome, sweet and cute... gaurav is talented. Its very nice to see the relation between gaurav and heer is progressing in a right waySmile.. hope heer also start to feel for gaurav.....

Do continue soon and thanks for the pm......Smile

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged
Thanks kaashu awesome one Clap
wohhhh just cant imagine the scene of Gaurav combing Heer'Blushinghair
sooo cute and romanticHeart loved the scenes sooo much and story is very interestinggly moving forward pleaseee update soooon just cant wait atttt allll.Day Dreaming

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