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Posted: 22 June 2013 at 10:54am | IP Logged
awesome please update :D

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Posted: 24 June 2013 at 5:01am | IP Logged

finally caught up with ur ff

it was amazing

thnx for d pm

do update soon


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part 25 on page 88



It was only then the time here we see Riddhima getting up took only one name armaan in her getting out of shock state

While here armaan is literally being dragged out of the hospital corridor by samrat when angad came there for rescue

"its ok samrat please relax this is no way to behave while armaan as well here is for no harm" said angad getting in between samrat and armaan

"if u really want me to behave civilized then just take your cousin away from here away from our sight" said samrat angrily

Soon angad took armaan out of thee hospital in an adjoining parking
Here while we see riddhima getting conscious

The moment later she lied back not saying anything , doctors got in examining her while she was awake but quite really quite

Soon doctors came out of the room where all the sharma's along with oldies group were standing waiting

"well she is absolutely fine and conscious if you all wish you can meet her" said the doctor

So the ladies first rushed in prerna and nandini went in along with nupur to meet riddhima followed by the gents of the family there she was lying there just staring at the ceiling maybe in deep thoughts

"kiddo, kiddo what happened to you, kiddo please say something" said prerna hugging her daughter

While riddhima was in deep thoughts as if she was physically conscious but her mind was still in deep thoughts lots of remembrance were moving on in her mind , she was so lost she didnt even realized and was not even listening whatever everyone around was saying her

"riddhima please say something , kiddo are you fine" said mayank sitting by her side holding her hand

"its ok kiddo everything will be fine now we are here with you , you are back with your family now and nothing can harm you" said adhiraj coming on the other side of riddhima

"its all because of that armaan that our riddhima is in this condition today, riddhima you just dont worry at all we wont leave that armaan he will have to pay for the sins he did" said samrat coming near riddhima

While here the name armaan was like a trigger to riddhima , she was back to normal the movement she heard the name , the name of armaan , her armaan , yes she remembered it , yes the movement armaan showed the pictures of their past life to her she started remembering it all , whom she was , the Riddhima Gupta , who falled in love with Armaan Malik, her armaan, there love , their life together , he was her husband and then when they died ,

They were born again for their love , yes he promised her to come back , and he did, they met again , there love for each other made them fall for each other again, their bodies changed but there soul were same , and his soul recognized her long time back , and now she did , yes she did, because of her armaan have suffered a lot, how much he would have been dying to be with her after knowing the truth like she was right now and at that time the way she hurted him that was really wrong ,she was sad cause she was guilt somewhere for hurting her armaan , but now there was no need to feel sad , she just has to go to her armaan and take all the pains and sorrow away from him and fill his heart with her love, but before that she has to correct a lot of misunderstanding

"its not like the way you are thinking samrat bhai" said riddhima looking towards them, and getting up and sitting

"kiddo just rest back you are not fine you need rest" said prerna

"i am fine mom , and now after a long time i really am fine you all were really tensed for me i am sorry to make you all so worried for me" said riddhima

While here rishab and prerna together hugged there lovely daughter she still cared so much for them

"its ok kiddo , you knew we were just scared of losing you we all love you so much to get you hurt or loose you and that armaan he tried hurting you i swear i wont spare him" said rishab hugging riddhima tight

While here riddhima became more stiff, with the mention of armaan name with hatred by her father

"dad please i need to tell you guys something and its really important its not the way you all think" riddhima tried to say ahead

"its ok kiddo , you dont have to get worried for anything , we all knew that armaan kidnapped you and tried to hurt you , when we reached there, we got you here you dont worry nothing can hurt you now" said mayank

"bhaiya armaan didnt hurted me , he didnt hurt me at all , please done take him wrong he is not wrong" said riddhima  trying getting up of the bed

 "what are you serious, but then he kidnapped you" said mayank

"listen kiddo we guys really dont knew what all is going on here between you two guys , first you call us and told us that armaan took you somewhere ,and then now you are saying he is innocent" said adhiraj

"can i please meet him once, where is he" said riddhima looking around

"he is not here , he left' said samrat , remembering he himself dragged him out of the hospital

"left, no he cant , i knew he cant go leaving me here like this" said riddhima more to herself then to anyone there

"ok now riddhima we have had lots of nonsense talks, now i want some explanation what all is actually going on" said mayank , feeling really weird hearing all this from riddhima

"bhaiya i will explain you all everything later, and tell you all the truth as well but before that i really want to meet armaan once please bhaiya" said riddhima getting up and about to leave the room

"riddhima listen to me armaan has left and i think its all because of me , in my anger for hurting you i send him out, but if you really want i can take you to him" said samrat as after listening to riddhima , maybe he was little guilty he had been really rude with armaan

"yes i am also coming , we all also need to say a little sorry to him , we all did really bad to him" said adhiraj

"you all knew you all are the best and the most understanding brother i can ever get" said riddhima hugging both samrat and adhiraj at the same time

"hey what about me , i am also coming with you but yes we need to know the exact truth soon after that" said mayank

"promise i will" said riddhima and soon she rushed out of the room to meet her armaan , they have spend a lot of time and a lot of life being away , craving for each other but now its time to be together , its time to end their wait of being one again

Rushing down the corridor, searching for armaan everywhere around riddhima was going all crazy, soon  she saw him there , at a very distant in the parking standing with angad  , he was to far still she can just see his sadness his pain and his craving for her , to be with her , riddhima also saw him the first time after knowing the truth , that was all here he was the reason of her living the , they both were born to be one , they both had came back to be one post death

She had tears in her eyes , the tears of happiness her love for her

Without wasting a single second she rushed towards the parking to meet armaan

While here the three brothers looking at that the madness the curiosity of riddhima to meet armaan 

"suddenly i am getting the feeling of being the Villion in the stupid love story of our kiddo and that dump armaan" said mayank smiling

"yes me to, oh god these both were too much how complicated they made out of such a simple affair" said adhiraj laughing

"i think brothers we all made it more complicated for them , but its ok now , lets go and see whats going ahead" said samrat and so they all followed riddhima who rushed to armaan with a speed of god knows what km's and was standing just behind him

Armaan was desperate to get in and be around riddhima he was just impatiently waiting for riddhima gaining conscious when he heard her voice from back

"i thought you promised to just keep on holding my hand and make this life more good then heavens but here you left me all alone" said riddhima with tears in her eyes
armaan turned around to find riddhima standing there he was first shocked and thought that he was just imagining but soon he realized that she was there, and she was there yes his riddhima was here , for a moment he didnt knew how to react , his condition was like a child who just got his favorite think for which he was craving for long and suddenly when that think was here in front of him he dont knew how to react
"what now you dont have to say anything , i thought you had a long list of thinks to talk with me for which you were too impatient to even literally kidnap me , what now are you going to speak up or we have to wait for another birth to take for you to talk with me" said riddhima annoyed with armaan silence
"riddhima" that was all armaan said
"yes riddhima oh thank god you atleast remember my name" said riddhima
while , armaan was standing with angad, and seeing armaan not reacting at all , angad came ahead
"riddhima you are fine thank god you gained conscious now handle this man here" said angad coming ahead
"its ok angad i can handle him well i have a pretty lifetime experience for that" said riddhima
Soon angad step back thinking that its time for the two to be alone for a while
"what i thought you were to impatient to talk with me , please say somethink" said riddhima
and here armaan looking at his riddhima , cant believe that she was normal , that she remember him , she was here in front of him , and then he remember the way he dragged her , he literally kidnapped her, and then even tried forcing himself on her, she was so scared of him , he had given her so much pain, tears started forming in his eyes as well, he was to guilty for hurting his riddhima
"i am sorry" that was what he said ahead , "sorry i hurted you so much" armaan saying so bend down on his knees and crying
"i am so bad, because of me you are here today, you knew when  saw you lying lifeless there i felt so wrong , i am responsible for this sorry" said armaan
Riddhima too felt his pain she herself sat on her knees in front of him , she knew what torture armaan must have gone through when she was unconscious and over that the allegations her family must have put on him , he had to face all that alone , but not anymore she has to be with him , she will be his strength
"you knew you said two thinks very right, that its only because of you that i am here today and that you are responsible for all this, yes armaan you are the only reason of my being not only here but in this world, the reason for my existence , the reason for my living the reason for me taking this birth to fulfill the left promise of being together again and coming back for each other i am here for only you armaan , if i am alive if i take breath and if my heart beats its only for you please hold this hand again armaan and make this life heavens for me" said riddhima crying for his armaan to be with him stretching her hand in front of him
He didnt wasted a minute holding that
"i love you riddhima" said armaan holding her hand very near her heart
"and riddhima have and had always loved only his armaan" she said ahead clearing armaan tears
Now finally there were no more tears , there will be no more tears in their life, it will be happiness and only happiness ahead ...
Tu mujhe chhod jaaye yeh nahi ho sakta saathiya
Your leaving me, my lover, is not possible
[slowly holding his hand tight]
Meri baaton mein tera zikr sada
Meri yaad mein teri fikra sada
Main jo bhi hoon tum hi to ho
Mujhe tum se mili apni adaa

In my talks there's always a mention of You
In my memories, your worry is always there
I am what I am, it is because of You
From You only, I got my grace

[both sitting there ,and having the feel in the moment for a while in there togetherness joining there foreheads hands in hands just being in the moment]

Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho...
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Because it's only You, now it's only You
You're my life now
You're my peace, my pain also
You're my only love now

[armaan looking up holding her face with both his hands clearing her tears away looking in each other eyes]
Tum hi ho, tum hi ho
Arz bhi, mera marz bhi...
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
It's only
You My talks, my decisions
My peace, also my pain
You're my only love now

[riddhima just cant control ahead she just hugged him tight the much wanted hug the much wanted piece the much wanted place where she wanted to be , his arms , hugging him holding him tight feeling the same old love the same old feelings]
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafaa ne mujhko sambhaala
Saare ghamo ko dil se nikaala
Main jo mit bhi gaya to wajood mera
 Sada tujh mein rahe zinda... hmm...

I lived for You only
I've given myself away in this way
Your faithfulness cared for me
It took away all the sadnesses from the heart
Even if I get eradicated, still my existence
Shall remain alive inside You forever

[armaan hugging her back , holding her just tight , they both have craved for this, they both are just complete when being like this]
Kyun ki tum hi ho, ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho...
 Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho
Because it's only You, now it's only You
You're my life now
You're my peace, my pain also
You're my only love now

[yes they were together , their love was together their lifes were back together]
Tum hi ho, tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho...
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

It's only You
You're my life now
My peace, also my pain
You're my only love now

[and now they will stay back forever this time nothing can separate them not even death , they have come back to live all that dreams and life which was left incomplete earlier  this time]


while on the other side

In the hospital

Kashish and sujal , who were staying outside , saw riddhima running and were little confused, they met the Sharma elders

"I heard riddhima got conscious, and I saw her leaving, is everything fine, I knew prerna ji that you all think that my son is wrong in this, but trust me I knew my armaan well he cant do anything wrong" said kashish , trying best to sort all this out

"its ok kashish ji , we knew it , riddhima had told us that armaan is not wrong and its not his fault at all , and I knew my daughter she is telling truth , so that means we all should be sorry for taking armaan so wrong and then for whatever we did and said you" said rishab feeling a little guilty

"there is no need for all this Mr Sharma , the good think is that everything is sort out and there I am sure everything will be back to normal , lets just forget this last two days they were surely not good for all of us , and get back to normal self" said sujal , being happy that finally everything got normal

"so that means riddhima also recognized armaan and she also remember everything now" said sujal happily , he thought that riddhima must have told everyone here about his and armaan past

"what recognized and what she remember" asked confused sharma's surely

"ok now that's really something I don't knew I should tell you all , or you all or any of you all will believe me now, this is something I myself getting tough to believe" said sujal looking at all the confused faces

"well its actually armaan told me himself, the reason for his sudden change in behavior he actually , remembered something that was like haunting him for long, maybe since he was born" said sujal

"ok sujal now that is all stop making this riddles and tell us I am getting so dam confused" asked annoyed kashish

"ok fine do you guys really believe in reincarnation , well if now then start believing now" said sujal

"sujal stop taking all unusual thinks and come straight to the point we were here talking about armaan and riddhima here" said kashish

"and I am also talking about armaan and riddhima only, ok coming straight to the point armaan actually told me this that he remember that all the dreams that images he saw in the dreams that links the places all the pictures all that were because that all had happened with him that all had been a part of his past , his past life , his life before this not only his but riddhima's as well" said sujal

"you mean to say that armaan also have the same dreams and all the same images hallucinations like riddhima had since childhood and all this is actually related to their past life, are you serious on this Mr Rathode" asked a confused rishab  it was surely something unusual to believe

"well yes I am that is all armaan told me himself and that he came to remember all that few days ago the day he went  , and then after recollecting it all the first think he wished was to talk with riddhima regarding this, but then all that confusion occurred in the office yesterday and then today morning drama , he was to out of his state and just desperate to tell her to make her realize the same he knew, and that was all" said sujal

"you are trying to say that armaan and riddhima are facing the same problem cause they were together in there past life or in better statement my daughter and armaan are reincarnated together again, and they were related in the past" exclaimed prerna , well that was something difficult to believe

"well actually yes they were very much related infact they were actually married in the past and that gave me the hint of the link about armaan dreams about all the blunt images of someone's getting married , that was actually his and riddhima marriage images , and that someone drowning dream" sujal was trying to say ahead

"yes kiddo use to see the same dream as well, many times in night she use to get up and scream about someone drowning , and that they will die someone save them" said prerna remembering how many times she had made riddhima relax after her bad nightmare

"well that was actually the images of them , armaan and riddhima , as they died like this only , drowning in the water, and that is why they were born again, cause maybe their love was so pure that only that life was not enough for it to complete , it was left incomplete and so they both came back to just complete it this time ,without any separations" said sujal with little tears in his eyes, which he even cant judge what were that for, tears of sorrow his kids faced , tears for sadness that they dies, or tears of happiness that finally now they were here together and that everything was fine now

"I never knew that this true love ever existed that people come back to live it again" said kashish smiling in tears

"well  not pretty much but then when it comes to the love or armaan and riddhima , then true love surely exist , the pure , the never ending and only love and nothing else" said anjali coming in their ,

Anjali , atul and kids , gunjan and kripa came there when they heard  about riddhima gaining conscious, and they over heard sujal

"yes anjali is so right, its so true for us love means only this name armaan and riddhima , they were just so much truly and madly in love ,it was heavenly experience to see them together , they were just one soul ever and they use to just complete each other they surely are incomplete without each other and today also if they are back in this world then only for each other , because armaan and riddhima were never two different people they were always one soul in two bodies and so were always destined to be one" said atul smiling remembering how much fun it was to watch them together they actually reflects the perfectness anyone can get

"oh yes don't you all look so confused , I always knew this that who they were, I understood it the very first day I saw riddhima and armaan I knew they were back , I knew they came back for their love, I knew that they came back just for each other , that's why they were together , they met again and again they falled in love , cause there pure soul and there same heart have recognized his soulmate long time back" said anjali

"I know its too hard to believe this for all of us , as being the practical persons we all are we only believe what our mind said , but sometime something  are different and complicated for a mind to believe" said sujal

"but on the same time if we think with the heart then we find all that so true and right, oh god , I still cant believe this, this is soo so good , I mean armaan and riddhima were actually reincarnated , wow , that is something a real love story" said kashish happily

"yes offcourse , finally I think now my daughter can be happy and tension free with all that problems and pain she was suffering and this new information is surely very nice, I was so sure seeing armaan and riddhima together that there is some kind of true bond in between them but then it was such a big and unbreakable bond I never imagined that , but whatever it is I am so happy for my daughter" said  prerna happily

"but then sorry Dr Atul , we are still confused , how does you knew armaan and riddhima , I mean you knew" said rishab confused

"we don't knew your daughter riddhima and your son armaan, we only knew our armaan and riddhima , my riddhima , my sweet little sister Riddhima Gupta" said anjali with tears

"what, you mean that riddhima is the same riddhima , your sister whom you once mentioned she died in an accident, and oh god that means you recognized her the same day you met her" said sujal confused

"yes we did , we all did, how can we forget them  , they both were our angels and we loved them a lot, in these past 22 years there is not been a single day we felt sad for them we missed them , everyday I use to wish that they were with me , she was the best sister anyone can ever have I knew she was back for us , my riddhima was back with her anjali di, and we were just waiting for the day they remember it all cause we all knew that if god have send them again to be together ,then destiny will surely make them remember everything , and this day would come" said anjali happily

"now we think we should get and meet this love birds, I really still have so many talks to have with them"  said sujal

"yes I think I also wish to meet them now with the new knowledge we just now got" said rishab smiling

And they all went from there

While here on the other side
Armaan and riddhima, still hugging each other , sitting in the parking , when the brother team came there

Mayank , samrat adhiraj , were witnessing all this meeting scene from a far corner till now , but being the over possessive brothers they were, they surely were not in a mood to watch there kiddo open romancing with armaan, or say hugging , brothers I tell you


"ahem ok guys ,that's all , riddhima now its limit of our patience" said mayank getting near them

And making both armaan and riddhima out of there love situation and making them realize that where they were and that they were been watched by all , they both stood up and got ready as they surely knew that its time for some heavy explanations
ok thats all for now,
i knew i knew i am late , no actually very late sorry , i sweat i hate summer vacations they make me soo much busy but the good thing is finally they are over ,and i am back to my old self
as per the part, i knew i made it lots and lots of boring ,i am really sorry i was seriously getting no idea how to countinue this ahead , hope you like there meeting
and that all villians are over and everyone happy , no one left to take the lovers away now , as for the brothers , so they too love there sister , and only wanted what she wanted , they are and have always been really suppotive they are not bad charaters i suppose
waiting for your replies

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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yipee…I am the first to comment Dancing

awesome part di!!
they would be together, and that too very soon

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Saini646 Senior Member

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Wowww...tht was one beautiful update...
Continue soon

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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amazing part yaar.. just loved it...
ridhima ko sab yaad aa gaya.. yehhh yehhh ...maza aa gaya

and then defending her armaan . waooeee...
and so much desperate to be in his arms... 
plz continue super soon noww

and add more and more AR scence and there remembering confrontation...

loved it.. continue supper duper soon

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Finally...awesome One...cont soon...waiting eagerly for the next update...!!!!

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simply amazing part...
loved it...
continue soon..

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