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Update dear

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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update super sooon.

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Sorry I didn't read the note earlier...
Glad that you would be updating soon


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Angad parents were coming there , and soo it was decided to have a small get together at armaan and angads Delhi's house where angad had already invited kripa and gunjan's family along with Sharma's family


While on the other side , atul and Anjali were really impressed with samrat and his family and they were happy that there daughter was getting such a nice future family


While on the other hand , two people were really in thoughts , thoughts of what was happening with them and they were none other them armaan and riddhima


Riddhima , was thinking the same think everything that happened in the picnic , what armaan said to her , and what all rest was happening , he wanted some answers from her , god knows what , but what can she do , even she don't knew what all was happening and why was it happening to her , and what had armaan to do with all this


She has no idea what game destiny was playing with her life


While on the other hand


Armaan was also lost in the same confusion, why he was having all this thoughts and what riddhima has to do with all this he just hoped that he get some help for his confusion , someone who can tell him something related to all this , someone who can help him with all this with this hope he left his thoughts back and started preparing was leaving and going back to Delhi , along with kashish and sujal , as he had stayed back just for sujal to wind up his work there and then they all can go to Delhi together

Next day ,


Armaan along with sujal kashish reached Delhi , and after that , in the same evening , angad along with armaan went to the airport to receive angad's parents



And here come Mr and Mrs Khanna , Sumit and Sapna Khanna ,

Dr Sumit khanna , he was a well renowned doctor worldwide and had started his career from Sanjeevani hospital only as an intern there but then he got a better opportunity for working abroad soo he left from there and went out of India , and today he is a successful Doctor there



[guys note that sumit had spend very less time in sanjeevani and had left before armaan came there , soo he never met armaan that means Dr armaan raizada years ago , and soo he don't recognize armaan face , rest whom he knew and whom not , will be disclosed soon] [as for the nature , he was as an Hitler in angads words , but then in actual he was a nice kind hearted man , loved his family , and as for him being Hitler to angad ,then every kid thinks the same for his parents I suppose , not all have the most coolest parents like sujal and kashish , sometime few parents get strict with there child but that is only for the child wellness and here sumit was also like that , while on other hand , sapna was housewife , and loves her family , her whole life revolve around them she was a dedicated wife , and loved her husband a lot , even knowing the fact that she never got love in return , the only think she got was a good friend in sumit , but never a lover ,and why soo, well you guys will knew the reason soon]

At armaan's house , it was kind of nice get together today ,


Right now , it was just sujal sumit , angad and armaan , sitting and having few chats , while kashish and sapna were busy in preparations for the evening dinner , as many guests were coming there , and they wanted everything to be perfect for them


Soon armaan and angad left for the office , as they had some important work , while others stayed back



Later in the Evening


Sharma house ,


Everyone was getting ready for the dinner , as angad has personally invited everyone, soot this time rishab and prerna were also coming along with nandini and karan , along with all the kids as well



While on the other hand ,


Kripa was soo nervous and tensed she was getting confused in what to wear and how to dress , this was a big day for her , while gunjan , along with Anjali and keerti were helping her in that , finally she decided to wear a simple salwar suit , not very trendy , soo that she can look simple after all first impression is the last impression and she wanted to make that the best , and nothing can be better then simplicity


Soon all ladies there were ready , and soo kripa ,gunjan along with atul , Anjali and keerti shubhankar ,and yes suhani as well , left for angad's house


On the other side , in armaan's house


Sujal and sumit were ready to welcome the guest , when angad came back from the office


"hey angad you came back soo early" said sumit casually


"oh come on sumit , is this even a question to ask , I am sure he was dying to return back home today I wonder how he waited till the evening to come back afterall his special guest are coming today" said sujal teasing angad


"oh please uncle , its not like that , its just that it doesn't look good that when the guest come we are not here to welcome them , that's why I came early" said angad


"soo you mean we cant welcome your guest , oh yes offcourse these are some special kind of guest and only angad is required to welcome them , by the way where is armaan , I cant see him around" said sujal


"actually there was some work left for him in office , he said he will be back soon" said angad


"ok now angad go up and get ready properly , I don't want that the guest come and you standing here like this , go and get ready" said sumit , rather ordered


"yes dad" said angad normally


And as angad was leaving


"And yes angad , I am waiting to see your choice , I trusted you with your choice this time , hope it is worthy for that" said sumit ahead


"Yes dad" said angad , as he didn't liked sumit saying so but still he left


As angad left from there


"Why are you saying like this to angad sumit , come on stop underestimating your son all the time , and as for kripa , I have already met the girl she is really nice , I am sure you will be proud of your son's choice" said sujal trying to explain sumit to stay polite with there kids


"I too hope so jijaji" said sumit [note sumit is kashish younger brother ,soo he calls kashish as didi and so sujal jijaji]


Soon angad came down all ready for the evening and here come there first guest


Shubhankar keerti , with kripa and suhani and along with them atul and Anjali with gunjan


And angad came to escort them


"welcome aunty hello uncle , its soo good to see you" said angad to keerti and shubhankar and rest eyes to eyes hi's and hello with kripa seeing which suhani interrupted

"ahem , hi angad , how are you" said suhani making angad back to there


"oh hi suhani di , please come in let me introduce you all to my parents" said angad taking them all in the living room , towards sumit and sapna


"mom dad , this is kripa's parents" and as angad was about to take there names sumit said before angad


"Dr Shubhankar Mehra and Dr Keerti" said sumit


"yes hey you already knew them" said angad amused


"I doo and hope they too also remember me , but I think they don't" said sumit ahead


"I am sorry we didn't remembered you Mr Khanna" said shubhankar


"Sumit Khanna , shubhankar sir, Dr Sumit , first year intern 1985 batch" said sumit


"oh my god sumit , is it actually you" but this shocking sound was not from shubhankar or keerti it was actually Anjali who came in front ,


"I don't believe you , you are actually here" said Anjali coming in front of him , "now don't tell me you didn't recognized me" said Anjali ahead


"anji , how could I forget you" said sumit , giving Anjali a friendly hug , "its just that I am surprised to see you after like 25 years and that too here where I never expected" said sumit


"same for me , and by the way where did you got lost , after 6 months internship in sanjeevani you got a chance to go abroad and you went there for further internship , and then you never came back , no single call nothing in this 25 years , is this a way you treat your friends" said Anjali complaining


"I am sorry anji , its just that I got new opportunities and in this hectic life , I never got a chanceto come back , ok forget the past , I am soo happy to see you here" said sumit


"me to" said Anjali


"guys we are also here for meeting , hey sumit remember me" said atul


"atul joshi , how can I forget you , six months the great time of my life , I spend with you" said sumit hugging atul "oh by the way how come you here" said sumit ahead


"oh just came around with my wife and family" said atul pointing towards Anjali


"really wife , anji , don't tell me you got married to atul I mean how this got possible , anji you use to hate atul and you got soo irritated with his flirting with you" said sumit surprised


"oh that's a long story , afterall till how long could she had stayed away" said atul smiling , and remembering that how tough it was to make anji fall for him


Now in this nice friends re-union , they 3 completely forgot that where they were and for what purpose they came there , but others watching them remember it well


"guys , hello ,we are also there" said sujal


"oh I am soo sorry by the way welcome shubhankar sir, keerti mam , its good to see you" said sumit to shubhankar and keerti


"thanks a lot Dr sumit , its very nice to see you here , and I am soo happy to see you as such a successful doctor , now we feel that our decision to give you that opportunity was soo right" said shubhankar happily


"yes that was , it changed my life forever , by the way you both also got married , we always knew this that one day you both will actually be together that's soo good" said sumit happily to shubhankar and keerti ,


"oh thanks , by the way that's my elder daughter suhani , and that's kripa my younger daughter" said shubhankar

"oh soo kripa is your daughter , that's soo nice ,I mean what destiny , we all meeting after soo many years and that to like this for our children we cant even think about that" said sumit


"yes that's really destiny" said shubhankar happily


"oh by the way forgot to introduce, this is my wife sapna and my sin angad you already knew him , that's my elder sister kashish and her husband sujal" said sumit


"its soo good to see you all, and specially you sir kripa told me how well you take care of her in sunder nagar , I really wished to meet you" said shubhankar to sujal


"oh that's soo sweet please come in and have a seat" said sujal and soon all settled


"soo tell us more about your old friendship" said sujal asking from sumit


"oh jiju when I started with my internship ,we all were interns together in sanjeevani , I worked there for 6 months and at that time shubhankar sir and keerti mam use to be our senior, and then there I met anji and atul , and kashish di you remember dad old friend , Dr shashank , he was the dean of that hospital that time" said sumit to kashish


"yes offcourse I remember , he was dad really good friend , dad told us" said kashish


"yes anji was his daughter, and that's the way we met and soon became really good friends but then I left after six months when you and jiju got married and we together left this country" said sumit


"oh soo you guys left together , anyways its nice that we met again" said atul


"dad would be really happy to knew that you are here , and even Rahul and muskaan" said Anjali


"Rahul muskaan , god that cat and dog are still in your knowledge , I mean I thought they both must have murdered each other till now" said sumit


"may be actually the cat and dog fight is still on , but now they both don't murder each other, they love each other that much to kill , after all they are happily married now" said atul


"what , seriously , you mean Rahul and muskaan got married to each other , I mean that must be a joke , they use to fight soo much" said sumit


"ya but soon they fall in love with each other and got married , still fighting but loving each other as well, infact they were with us in Delhi , but today they had some other work soo cant come here" said Anjali


"oh really then I will surely meet them soon , and what about Riddhima" said sumit , with a low voice , as if really wanted to knew , but for others it was like a silent attack, the word , the name the remembrance which they were trying to forget was now in front of them


The four were silent , and the rest were confused , specially gunjan , kripa , and suhani , who riddhima they never heard of any riddhima from their parents


"what happened anji , where is she now a days , must be happily settled" said sumit

"I wish , I really wish I could say that" said Anjali , almost in tears , and seeing her condition atul supported her


"leave it sumit , lets just not talk about this" said atul , trying avoiding the topic


"I am sorry if I said something wrong , I mean its ok it was just that you were talking about everyone just not about her soo I just asked" said sumit confused with everyone reaction over his question


"sorry mom , but riddhima I am confused who is she" said confused gunjan , offcourse she was unknown that her parents knew any riddhima


"anji now will you please reply me , whats going on , I mean your own daughter didn't even knew riddhima , how is that possible, that a daughter don't knew anything about her mother's real sister" said confuse sumit , this was soo not usual


"real sister , really mom , do you even have a sister named riddhima , and why didn't you even told me anything about her and where is she I mean nani and nanu also don't even told me a word about her" said shocked gunjan ,


"because there was no use of telling you all about a relation that was no more a long past your birth" said anji breaking her silence ,she was trying hard not to break from long


"no more , what you mean anji" said sumit shocked but didn't wanted to realize that what Anjali said was true


"yes sumit its been 21 years , I just hope she could have been here with us , but she is not , we lost her in an accident 21 years ago , and since then we never talk about her , as it gives us only pain talking about her , or remembering her" said atul on behalf on Anjali


"what you joking guys , I mean how did it all happened , I mean I heard she got married but then" said sumit , trying to say more words


"ya she was really happily married, but destiny was not in her favour she and her husband both together met with an accident and they cant survive it" said atul ahead


"ohh I am soo sorry , I am sorry anji I should have not talked about this" said sumit realizing her mistake


"its ok sumit , its been like 21 years now , we all have moved ahead after that" said Anjali controlling herself


"that's really a spirit , come on now lets not talk about all this and move ahead" said sujal cheering up all there


"ya really right uncle , and I am sorry mom I should have not asked you like that" said gunjan to anjali


"yes that's great , but you knew what , we also have a friend named riddhima , for once we thought you were talking about her , but then how can you" said kripa lighting the mood there


"ya we knew that already , but I don't get it where are they angad you sure invited all of them here" said sujal ahead


"yes uncle I have invited whole sharma family , I am sure they will be here any moment ohh here see they have reached we got our other guest for the night", and only then sharma family came there but few of them karan , nandini , along with rishab prerna, mayank and nupur


They all met each other , as karan and rishab already knew sujal business way , and have also met earlier and so had karan nandini met atul anji , keerti shubhankar , they all just had other introduction and made mayank meet gunjan kripa's parents


As they all settled down after meeting


"uncle where are the rest I mean adhiraj bhai , samrat and ridzi , where is she , I mean you knew its been two days and madam is lost in her own world , no contact no meeting" said kripa to karan


"no beta its not like that its just kiddo is not well , actually she was just tired after the trip may be that's why , anyways , they are coming , as usual samrat was talking a bit very much time in getting ready" said karan


"that's not true dad , you always blame me for everything" said samrat coming from back , "this time I am not at any fault , infact see I am here" said samrat coming there and meeting the rest when adhiraj followed him riddhima coming in from back, as according to there sitting placing atul , Anjali , shubhankar , keerti and sumit back was towards the door , soo they didn't saw anyone coming in, its just that when someone come in front they can see them

as they all come in , samrat came in front meeting all the guest



"oh atul uncle , anjali aunty hope you have already met everyone

around , this is my brother adhiraj and riddhima , god riddhima what are you doing there behind the pillar , and gosh whom the hell are you hiding from" said samrat to riddhima as he saw her hiding behind one pillar and was not coming there in front



"you wont get it samm , you knew what she already knew that if she comes in front of me she will be soo dead , thats why madam is hiding" said kripa standing there ,



"yes this madam is too much you knew she didnt even visited us once since we came back , and today also when we needed her soo much she was out of reach , infact she had even not yet met our parents , see how great best friend is she" said gunjan standing there supporting kripa

it was the time when all the parents were laughing on there children kiddish act , and so they let the kids end with there fight themselves and so kripa and gunjan themselves went towards riddhima and stood in front of her


"sorry sorry sorry , see please dont kill me right now here , you knew it does'nt look good , se what will your both to be in laws will think , you should not destroy your image in front of them" said riddhima coming out of pillar in front of kripa and gunjan


but the voice , that was soo familiar , as if hearing the same voice again after soo long ,and soo anjali immediately turned back to see who was there , but to her bad luck , kripa and gunjan were there in front of her face soo she cant see her , then she thought that it can be only her thinking


"oh please there is no need for you to be soo melodramatic , and as for ours killing you , well only because there are soo many eye witness here that really don't give us a good excuse from sparing you" said gunjan


"hww gunji you better have some respect yaar come on what will karan chachu and nandu chichi will think that there to be lovely daughter in law , is killing her own one and only lovely small , cute and adorable sister in law" said riddhima ,


"by the way who is lovely ,cute and adorable here" said kripa teasing ahead


"what soo don't you find me cute and adorable" riddhima in all melodramatic style , and as rest were busy in there own talking no one was much paying attention to the friends talk , only then riddhima got in front , and stood there where her parents , karan nandini , sujal and kashish were sitting , so in that way her back towards the rest ,


"you tell me chachu , am I not cute and adorable" said riddhima all childishly going there


"who said you soo , my kiddo is the most cute and the most lovely girl in this whole world" said nandini all pampering her


"oh see I already knew that its just some people who are unknown of this" said riddhima


"oh really , don't be soo happy for that , we all knew nandini aunty is soo sweet and moreover she loves you a lot then she will say this , madam you should not trust the one that loves you for this" said kripa teasing them ahead


"that's not true kripa, now please you all girls can you stop this ,and let riddhima meet all the guest here ,and riddhima sweety as for you , you knew you are the most adorable girl I have ever met" said kashish standing and welcoming riddhima there


"oh thanks aunty and that's soo sweet of you , its so good to see you here , hello uncle when did you all came here" said riddhima meeting kashish and sujal


"oh we just came in the morning , actually armaan and sujal you knew they and there work that is all they can see , soo we are here" said kashish


"oh that's remind me very well aunty , where's armaan , I mean I cant see him around" said kripa asking them


"oh armaan is still in office you knew he can see only one think him and his work well he will be here soon" said kashish


Again the name , one more name that let the earth moved for atul , Anjali , keerti and shubhankar , why was this happening ,and why these names , the names which they were trying to forget the names which were so important for them , there they were meeting one riddhima and now even one armaan was there they were all busy in that thinking only , when


"oh ok ok , lets just forget all this , and behave nicely for now come riddhima , let me introduced you to my parents" said gunjan , and soo gunjan turned around ,


"hey mom dad , this is riddhima our friend and riddhima this is my mom and dad" said gunjan , and as she said soo riddhima turned around towards them ,


While Anjali also got up , to meet riddhima, her daughter's friend , and she never knew she was going to be face to face with what ,


And as she looked there , they were face to face to each other


No she was dreaming , just imagining this cant be true , atul also stood up and was like jammed there in his place they both were seeing something which was soo not real , something soo unexpected, the name the face how can that be...

Let them both think was a longer while over this as its time to end my ff here


Ok that's all for now

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finally i am back ,
finally the summer vacations over and i have got back my free time , rest you all knew how the vacations are ,
first i had few guest at my place for a month and then i wwas a guest at some other place from last 15 days LOLLOL
well as now all this guesting and resting is over i am back with an update for you all
guys as here i am updating in like more then a month gap , soo i think many of my readers must have forgotton my ff , soo for all them i have an index at page 1 , read all 16 parts again and then you can recall the ff and read it ahead LOLLOLLOL  ok soo now i have a new part here ahead ,
hope you all will like it

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Originally posted by simi2

finally i am back ,
finally the summer vacations over and i have got back my free time , rest you all knew how the vacations are ,
first i had few guest at my place for a month and then i wwas a guest at some other place from last 15 days LOLLOL
well as now all this guesting and resting is over i am back with an update for you all
guys as here i am updating in like more then a month gap , soo i think many of my readers must have forgotton my ff , soo for all them i have an index at page 1 , read all 16 parts again and then you can recall the ff and read it ahead LOLLOLLOL  ok soo now i have a new part here ahead ,
hope you all will like it

Hey u updating nw?????
cont soon

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