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Posted: 07 July 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
hey why u stop here ???????? very bad

plz update soon

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Posted: 08 July 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged
wow... just read ur ff and it's really awesome...Clap
u can't believe, all this while my heart was hammering inside Big smile thinking about the outcome of the meeting and u stopped it at such crucial point...Cry
plz... do update soon...Big smile
bye,take care

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Originally posted by MONIKAluvsAR

hey simi

first of all welcome back dear
now for d part it's awesome
why u ended it tht point i was kinda ecxited for their meeting but u stopped it there Cry i wanted to see their reaction what they wud do after seeing riddhima u know i've waiting for this part for more than a month.
now here is my comment ,so hitler is here n he was an intern in sanjeevani it was unexpected n he know anjie ,atul,rahul,muskaan,riddhima but he don't know armaan how i mean they were intern along with armaan then why hi dont know armaan . well i enjoyed friends reunion n kripa, gunjan,riddhima's sweet talks but i'm eagrly waiting for their face to face meeting with ar .i can't wait for next part so plz update soon plz
take care
hey first thanks for your reply
and  i am just here to reply to your query as you said that why sumit never saw armaan
well for that , its like my ff is influenced from dmg , but please remember its not same as dmg , i mean it doesent have the same story like ar meeting first time as interns and all , there past story is far more different  and that you will come to knew soon as i will make some flashback scenes in the coming updates
hope you wont have any doughts then

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Anjali fainted seeing armaan and riddhima
everyone present there was really tensed for her, they all were soo shocked that suddenly what happened to her that she fainted like this, but before thinking about anything they all tried making her conscious first

atul was tying his best to make her conscious, while all other came near them and were covering her from all sides, kashish came there with a glass of water which atul took and sprinkled little on her face to make her conscious

"anjali are you ok, please talk to me" atul trying to make her conscious, and when it looked like she was attain a little consciousness , atul along with shubhankar help made her moved on a sofa near by

anjali attaining a little concious and seeing all of them tensed and soo worried for her, then she tried to make herself a little normal, knowing the fact that the situation was not soo normal the faces the thinks that she was seeing was actually real they were the real faces and not any kind of dream that was taking them 23 years ago in the past it was real they were faced and named the same but they both were two different peoples and she cant say anything about this and creat a scene over here, afterall it was all for her daughter future that she was here, and she never wanted any wrong impression in her daughters to be in laws , soo she tried keeing normal

"i am fine its ok, i think i fainted because of weakness" anjali tried saying

"yes that could be a reason anjali, you were so busy whole day with the prepations that you didnt got time for resing and eating properly" keerti said supporting her

"yes i think you are right keerti mam, i an soo sorry to all of you, you all got soo tensed because of me" said anjali sitting properly on a sofa and appolozing to all

"please there is no need for you to say sorry, we can understand, hope you are fine now" said kashish being a good host

"ya no need for sorry, its fine anjali ji, really i can understand your condition daughter's marriage is just the biggest thing for a mother, you want everything perfect for your daughter and in that you dont even care about your health" said prerna trying to understand anjali condition

"yes in that case you should not worry that much anjali ji, gunjan is now not only your daughter but she is our daughter as well, and as for the preparations please dont worry soo much now we are one big family soo no need for you to worry alone, we will make all preparations together" said nandini

"gunjan is really lucky that she is going to get such a nice family, saying this you have made me so satisfied that the decesion we took for our daughter is the best, i am so happy for her" said anjali

"i think anjali ji we are more lucky as we are going to get such a nice daughter, we cant get more better daughter in law than her" said nandini

"ok guys, now if you are over with your you lucky and me lucky, then i think we shoud ask aunty to have something to eat, tell me aunty what you want" said riddhima interupting the ladies as they got soo busy in there emotional talks

"yes mom, are you ok, you knew i got soo scared, please mom take care of yourself" said gunjan, comming near anjali

"its ok, i am fine, there is nothing to worry gunjan, i will take care of myself" said anjali

"everything is fine now, so you all please relax" said atul trying to behave as normal as they can, if anjali was so understanding that even after seeing riddhima and then armaan still can behave normal just for there daughter sake, then he can atleast support her in this

"I think that we all should just wait and let anjali ji rest for some time" suggested sujal, and with that took all of them out while atul shubhankar and keerti were still there, and sumit also stayed for a while

"are you sure you will be fine anjali, i mean you" said sumit getting tensed

"i dont knew sumit i am soo, i mean vo riddhima like this and" but before she say ahead atul interpted in between

"its ok anji , please relax try and understand , its just a coincident, and sumit, you dont worry she will be fine soon, by the way sumit who is armaan i mean" atul dont knew how to ask him that

"oh armaan , he is my nephew , kashish di's son, and more like mine" said sumit happily

"he is a nice boy , anyways you go ahead and you should attend your guest, while we will join you in a while" said atul getting normal

and as sumit left

"atul do you saw that ,not only riddhima but armaan , he is also here , i mean now tell is it still a coincident i knew thsi they are back , they both are back , they are back i will go there and tell them that we are there family, i am soo happy, i will just go and tell them" said anjali in excitement

"no, no ways anji , we will not do anything like this, we cant do this" said atul controlling anjali

"but why, i mean you knew god has send them both back , i m sure they are same armaan and riddhima and they have came here for there love there family" said anjali

"anjali please get back to your senses, please try and understand, they are not our armaan and riddhima, they are different persons, different individuals, they have there personal lifes, and families, we cant mess there lifes like this with mixing them with our past, and moreover if god has sent them back here if they are the same then also please let the god make decitions for them , let the god decide there destiny , we all have no right to interfare in this, hope you understand me please let there destiny decide what will happen, we dont need to mess it up" said atul

"i think you are right atul, if god has send them here like this then he must have something set for them, for me this is only a good think that they are back , and i can see my riddhima and armaan in front of my eyes" said anjali trying to stay happy with there decision

"thats a good decision, i mean if somewhere god has send them back together , made them meet then let the god decide next for them, and as for now we think we should concentrate on our kids, i mean we are here to decide gunjan's and kripa's future, we cant ruin our kids future for our past" said shubhankar interfering in between

"ya right we shall move down now" said atul

"you all go down i will just be there in a moment" said anjali , getting up from the bed and fixing her hairs

with that atul , shubhankar and keerti moved out of the room ,

"riddhima armaan , i knew you both are back for your love, for each other, thank you god, now atleast papa will not feel guilty for your destiny , i just hope this time god had a happy life for you both and a happy end as well" prayed anjali and with that she also moved out

as she went down everyone was back to normal and busy like before all younsters chatting and teasing each other while elders busy in discussing

"oh anji please come we all were just discussing about angad kripa and samrat gunjan engagement ceremony" said sumit making anjali sit

"oh ya actually we all want marriage to be soon and we have decided to get both couple get married together but you knew being a big affair, marriage need lots of preparation , for that we need some time , soo we decided that there wedding will happen like after a month from now , but before that we can seal both couple in a relation with an engagement" said kashish

"thats nice i am very happy with this decision i hope kids have no problem with this" said anjali happily

"offcourse they all are soo excited with this thats why we fixed this weekend date for there engagement" said sumit

"this weekend thats just two days from now, how can this happen i mean soo many preparations and two days" said anjali getting tensed

"dont worry anjali ji everything will be done nicely, i mean dont worry we all are together, i m sure we all together can handle this really well" said kashish happily

"yes aunty you all dont worry everything will be done ,and even we all youngsters will help you out as well" said mayank

"ya except for the two sweet couples there, see they are allready soo lost in each other that i think they can do only one work in this two days and thats dreaming" said nupur teasing them

and with that the evening went on and all other thinks were discuss like venue guest and speacially ladies with there favorite preparations outfits.

next morning , a new start a new begnning and everyone running here and there

atul anjali , were relaxed by now , they have degested the fact that they have seen armaan and riddhima look a like and were trying to get back to there normal life

and soo on the next two days passed


then came the day, the engagement day,

everyone was busy in preparations some marriage party hall was booked for the ceremony, still sharma house and rathode house were decorated very beautifully with lights and flowers, all the gifts for bride and groom were nicely arranged and were being taken to the venue

while samrat was super excited while he was little saved from a big amount of teasing session as riddhima was not there, actually riddhima had already reached the venue hall as the two brides gunjan and kripa were getting ready there so riddhima was also getting ready with them and waiting for the grooms to arrive

soon the two brides were ready with heavy jewellery and traditional Indian outfits

even riddhima was also wearing a lehanga a very sweet combination of red and white

while outside in the hall the guest have already started coming

atul and Anjali along with shubhankar and keerti were welcoming the guest,

here arrived an aged man with a lady, they were none other then shashank gupta and Padma gupta, Anjali parents

"dad welcome how are you, I didn't expected you would come on soo short notice" said Anjali happily meeting them

"hi beta how are you , and yes we had to come afterall its our granddaughter's engagement I am so happy" said shashank happily

"yes dad mom , please come in moreover I need to talk to you both about something" said Anjali still scared about their reaction on seeing riddhima and armaan

"we can talk later but first we really wish to meet gunjan and even kripa, i really want to see how they look dressed like a bride, where are they" said padma in excitement

"they are on the bride room, but mom before that you need to listen to this i have seen i mean you wont believe what we have seen" anjali tried to tell them but before that more guest started coming and they got busy with the guest

"its ok anjali beta we will talk later on we will just go and meet gunjan" said padma

"ok mom but please just be calm , i mean its a request mom please dint overreact to anything i mean please gunjan sake for her future please be calm" said anjali

"what i am confused what do you mean?" said shashank

"go ahead meet gunjan you will get to knew yourself [as she knew riddhima was there] but please try to control yourself" said anjali

"ok we will i dont understand you, anyways we will go and meet gunjan , while i forgot to tell you that we have invited maya and her family , they are supposed to be over here anytime ok" said shahank while leaving

"oh god maya she is also coming god now how will she react to this, i mean its like a dark past of her and after seeing armaan i dont knew how will she react" exclaimed anjali to atul

"relax anji and moreover armaan and riddhima were somewhere or other related to many of people we knew what can we do about all this other then waiting and silently watching" said atul

while shashnak and padma were too confused about what anjali was saying

they went towards the bride room

and as they enterred inside gunjan was fixing her dress and kripa was helping her , while for riddhima well she was sitting there but her back faced the door

"gunjan beta" said padma happily enterring inside the room

"nani , nana oh my god what a great surprise" gunjan happily hugged them "i am soo so happy to see you two" said gunjan

"soo are we and we are soo happy for you, and you are looking very nice today and even kripa you look great" said padma happily

"thanks nani, well nani you should meet our best friend and gunjan to be sister-in -law riddhima" said kripa

the name had allready hitted the old couple soo badly and now as they saw her she facing them that was to big shock

"oh god not again, let me be your best friend only and keep this sister in law stuff aside ok , oh hello nani nana i hope i can call you that" said riddhima coming towards them

but the old couple was in to shock that they both were standing there just no reaction at all

when gunjan actually shaked padma a bit

"nani are you ok i mean" said gunjan

"i m i mean riddhima ye" but before she could say any further shahank pulled her back a little to make her quite , he was a little strong man , and now he kind of understood that what anjali meant

"nothing beta i thing we both should go out and see as the guest have allready arrived" saying so they both quickly rushed outside from there


as they left riddhima was confused on their behaviour,

"kripa jusr check my face am i looking fine, i mean you sure my make up is ok , does i look like some ghost or something" said riddhima checking her face

"well as for you well you are no where less then a ghost" said kripa giglling

"ha ha very funny i am not joking i mean the way nana nani were so tensed seeing me i thought that" said riddhima confused

"oh no sweety you knew how these old people are they were just tensed as guest have started coming and preparations and all this is nowhere related to you" said gunjan

"i think you are right" said riddhima

"i know I'm always right" said gunjan

"ok now stop getting all attention, now as you both are ready i am leaving moreover mom said that they will be here in 5 minutes so i should be with them now" said riddhima and she left from there
While on the other hand shashank and padma were still in a big shock over what had just happened

When Anjali came there

"Anjali beta you knew vo riddhima" that was only that Padma was able to mummer

"I knew mom , I knew it well and this was nowhere less than a shock for me either it looked like some joke god played with us same face same name" said Anjali

"but who is she, she is riddhima but she is not our riddhima she cant be her" said shashank

"she is riddhima sharma dad, she is samrat's sister, but I knew that she is our riddhima only she is back she came back for us , she came back for her life, she came back for her love she came back for completing what was left incomplete she came back for armaan" said Anjali

"stop stop here only Anjali, first she is not our riddhima she is just a mere look a like it can be a coincident and font take that name ever again its all because of him he was the reason for all that happened" said shashank

"dad it can be coincident that we saw a look a like of riddhima but if I say that its not only her even he is back, infact they both are here then its nowhere a coincident" said Anjali

"you mean to say that he is also" enquired shashank

"yes dad I exactly mean to say this that not only riddhima but we have met armaan as well he is also here same armaan" said Anjali

"are you serious Anjali I mean" said Padma more shocked

"yes mom now this cant be coincident first they both here and that destiny had brought them together with each other, we have seen them together armaan is angad's brother they both knew each other well" said Anjali

"my daughter my riddhima, my daughter is back I will just go and hug her tight and" said Padma getting emotional

"no, no mom you cant do this I mean there is no dough that she is our riddhima but still its not same, she is riddhima but riddhima sharma, she is someone's else daughter she has a new life and lastly she dont knew anything she dont remember it, we should not do anything in this" said anjali

"i thing anjali is right, padma you dont worry anjali beta we wont say anything we will take care that no such scene be created over here" said shashank assuring anjali


"see i think groom has arrived already you should go and attend them we will just join you" said shashank ahead

samrat enterred the hall along with the family,


anjali atul , nicely welcome them in, while more guest were arriving


here comes one more,


introducing Maya kapoor, important charater in past will let to knew in various flashbacks,


"hey anji how are you and congrats for gunjan's engagement" said maya hugging anjali


"i am fine maya welcome" said anjali


maya was very stylish, and belongd to that high society groups of ladies whish have nothing to o except clubbing, shopping and gossepping about anything and everything i little negative character

"oh by the way meet Ranveer you remember my son he just came back from England completing his studies there" said maya introducing a boy dressed in normal jeans and shirt, his hairs set with spykes and all

with all meeting and hi and hello they went in


when came angad and his family they were very nicely welcommed and again shashank and padma got a big shock seeing armaan


"god plays tricks but i still cant believe that he is playing such cruel gaes over us, me seeing her was not enought that i have to see his as well" said padma getting close to anjali talking about armaan and riddhima ,

"mom please control yourself i knew it really sound like a big jokebut it is reality and we have to live with this now, mom please come with me samrat family wanted to meet you" said anjali dragging padma away from there towards sharma ladies, prerna, nanadini and nupur

"nandini ji you wanted to meet gunjan's nani , here she is my mother" said anjali introducing padma to nandini "and mom this is nandini gunjan to be mother in law" said anjali making a little intorduction

"its so nice to meet you aunty ji hope i can call you that" said nandini meeting her but still padma was not soo in senses to answer them well , so anjali continued ahead

"yes offcourse, you knew nandini my mom was also a doctor but now she is retired" said anjali ahead

"thats why i was thinking where i have seen her" said prerna coming ahead as she was also standing there with them

"i was trying to remember you i kind of recognised you a little but was getting confused, yoou are Dr Padma Gupta , the famous gyneacologist right" said prerna coming ahead

"yes how did you knew" said padma little getting in their conversation

"you didnt recognized me i suppose doctor i am prerna sharma, i dont knew you remeber or not you did my delivery around 23 years ago, its been a long time, i still remember i had complications in my delivery and you operated me and saved mine and my children lifes" said prerna

"oh yees i kind of remember you had twins a little boy and a girl" said padma remberring a bit

"yes now you remember you knew i was always so gratefull to you for that its only cause of you that i have my kids today, infact you remember i wanted to thank you and in that you even gave my daughter name , you said you want her to be named after your daughter cause you sort of lost her" said prerna ahead

"then padma kind of remeberring it, just few months after they losted their riddhima and armaan it was that time prerna was a patient in her hospital and she made her delivery and talking her daughter she said she would like to name her after her daughter

"oh soo you are that doctor who named our riddhima" said nandini confirming

"our riddhima, no she was my riddhima, i knew i riddhima would come back thats why god send her to this world through my hands and gave me chance to gave her name, she was my riddhima for sure" padma thinking to herself tears forming in her eyes

"you are crying, sorry if we let you remeber about your loss we can understand" said prerna seeing padma cry she thought she was crying rememberring her dead daughter

"no no its fine i am fine , soo happy to see you after soo long and hope all the happiness for you your family and your daughter" said padma , a geneuine prayer for her riddhima


ok by now many were shocked in the party seeing armaan and riddhima there ,

many friends family, of old gang ,plus rahul and muskaan [remember they were friends as well as doctors with atul and anjali]

but one more face much shocked was maya

"anji did you see that, i just saw armaan here, i mean how can that be" maya immediately went to anjali

"i knew that maya, but he is not our armaan he is dead remember, his name and face definately ressembels armaan" said anjali

"you knew this, thats too much this is soo shocking" only then her eyes fell on riddhima, she was walking down the stairs "i dont beleive this, now dont tell me, that girl over there she is also named riddhima and she is also just resembling riddhima" said maya in a bigger shock "anjali you knew this allready and still you didnt feel like telling me i mean" maya was confused

"i knew i just came to knew this like 2 days back and infact mom and dad are also seeing them right now they are also shocked" said anjali

"thats to obvious that they will be shocked afterall they have seen there dead daughter and son in law after 23 years standing there in front of them" said maya

"listen i need to attend my guest its my daughter's engagement you take care of yourself and make your son comfortable here" said anjali while leaving as she left ranveer came there

"mom i am getting bored here, i already told you i dont want to come with you its to boring here" said ranveer while coming to maya

"ranveer listen i need to be here you hang out here and if you are still bored if you want you can leave" maya replied and left him there

"hang out with what" ranveer exclaimed and then seeing around many girls "well i can still spend a little time here" he said flirtly then started flirting with the girls nearby

while here, armaan entered the hall and was meeting everyone but all the while he was searching just for her, his riddhima


when his eyes fell on her she was coming down the stairs from the bride room, he just cant do anything other than staring her she was looking really beautiful in that red white dress, he was to lost when he felt someone pulling him, it was sujal he was calling him


"armaan i think we came here for some purpose not for staring the stairs like this i mean i knew the decoration here is really nice but still" said sujal teasing him , as he knew what armaan was watching and what was going on around well

"no dad i was just" armaan was out of his trance and it was only then he realized that she was no where over there actually he didnt even realized that riddhima moved down and went towards samrat where her whole family was and he was still staring the stairs

"if you are over with cheacking the beauty of the stairs shall we move the ceremony is about to began" said sujal chuckling to his own son madness in love

While here riddhima went towards her family

"oh my god who are you and where have you left my princess" said mayank teasing riddhima

"oh bhai please stop that i knew i am looking really a fool in this i told gunjan and kripa that i cant wear all this lehanga's and indian dress" said riddhima complaining her dress as she was not even able to properly carry that dupatta and all the dress was pretty heavy for her to carry

"who said that my princess in looking a fool, relax kiddo he is just teasing you, you are looking really pretty in this and as for carrying it well come i will help you" said nandini and then properly tucked her dupatta so that she can comfortably carry it well

"oh i am little relaxed now god i salute you ladiees god knews how you carry this all heavy dresses everyday long i mean i cant even wear it for an hour" said riddhima

"well in that case you will also get used to all this when you will have to wear all this everyday then you will get used to it" said nandini

"nandu chachi but why will i have to wear all this everyday" said riddhima confused

"you will have to kiddo now see after you will get married what you think that you are going to roam around in jeans and top in your to be in law house" said prerna

"oh please mom and for your information now the trends have changed a lot and now all the daughter in laws dont have to wear that traditional indian dress always now in our house even nupr bhabhi has freedom for whatever she can wear so would i" said riddhima

"its different sweety our family is different we have no problems with this but you never knew what kind of family you will get married into and then you have to follow there culture only" said prerna

"oh comeon mom now a days i dont thing there are any such family who have this kind of thinking" said riddhima, only then kashish and sapna joined them

"so what talks are going here, and riddhima beta you are looking really nice in indian outfits" said kashish meeting all there

"hello aunty this was the only topic going here, i was just telling mom that there are no more such family who expects their daughter in law's to wear only traditional dresses and infact i will have to do the same, you knew my mom is like always on her favorite topic marriage marriage and marriage , god these ladies have no other topic to talk about" said riddhima non stop

And here kashish just smiling on her innocence

"oh forget her kashish ii she is just like that only" said nandini

"no nandini ji, infact she is right now a days all families have became modern" said kahsish smiling

"see that was i saying now you tell kashish aunty will you expect your future daughter in law to wear only traditional clothes" said riddhima in pure innocence not even knowing what that question was having impact on the three ladies standing there

Kashish thinking over something the one askinh the question is the one she wants to be in that statement

While on the other side nandini and prerna also wanted the reply that if they are thinking about this for their daughter then what will be her future there

"no i wont, my to be daughter in law can wear anything and everything she wants" said kashish for her statement

"thats it see ok now discussion close, you ladies continue your types of talks while i will go join the youngsters" said riddhima leaving from there

"please dont mind her kashish ji she is a bit to childish then her age, actually she is to much of a pampered child" said nandini after riddhima left

"ya i knew that and its nice you should pamper and love your kids as much as you can especially if thats a girl i soo wanted a girl child always so that i can love her a lot, but whatever god wishes but i am still happy even if i dont have a daughter i can still get one in future as my daughter in law and then i can fulfill all my pampering wishes on her" said kashish

And then look towards riddhima she was standing there with youngters and armaan was by her side

"i wish i can have a daughter in law like riddhima one day" said kashish making her statement little loud and clear

And that was all the ladies there wanted to discuss, they wanted this relation to happen and there was a chance to talk over it and they dont want to skip it

"what if that wish fulfills soon and we also wish the same" said nandini

"in that case i am in, if you wish the same then armaan is my life and i want his happiness and if require i can even beg it from you, i want your riddhima for him" said kashish not even wasting any more time

"i will surely talk about this with riddhima's dad soon, if this thing happens we all will be more than happy" said prerna

And rest the ladies left the decision over the head of the families

Ok rishta done

While on the other side armaan meeting riddhima

Well riddhima like always was her usual self just talking to him normally just like others whereas armaan was not missing a single chance of giving secret glances to her and admiring her beauty

Soon the engagement announcement was made and both the couples were called on stage

Samrat and gunjan exchanged rings and then angad and kripa also

Everyone got busy in congratulating the couples

While riddhima remembered she left her purse in the bride room so she left from there

Walking up to the bride room she felt someone was following her but no one was there, she got her stuff and then just above the stairs for going down she heard some comments

"hi babe" she saw at her back it was ranveer

"you talking to me" she dont like his comment nor his looks the way he was looking at her

"offcourse i am, I have been following you for a long time despite you didnt noticed" said ranveer

"please i am in no mood to talk to strangers right now" said riddhima and tried to leave but he was standing towards the stairs and blocking her way to move down

"stranger no problem how about we have an introduction in that case hi i am ranveer kapoor, you can call me rony" said ranveer in ever soo flirting way and leaning a little towards riddhima

While riddhima was feeling disgust standing there beneath his gaze she just wanted to escape

"i dont want to call you anything now will you please excuse me i am in no mood to talk" said riddhima and tried leaving

But to her limit as she was about to leave he hold her hand for stopping her

"ok then no need to talk there are more thing we can do other then talking what you say" he said in such a cheap tone

That was height for her control first that cheap comment of his and then to the limit he forcibly holding her hand, it was enough to raise her anger

"leave me" she was to angry on him

"hmm i like girls getting this angry, have anyone told you that you look more sexy when you are angry" he further said with that cheap smile on his face and his hold on her hand got tight and it was hurting her now

That was height for her she was to angry on him that she straight away slapped hard on his face with her free hand, and with that slap his hold on her other hand also freed

"just get the hell out of my way right now, i have no interest in talking to such a cheap and rotten person like you dare you touch me again" she said ahead

And now it was his anger was on heights first he was not soo used to getting negative replies from girls when he flirt with them, and then she slapped him and over that her attitude

"ok what will you do if i touch you again" he started coming near her again, she wanted to move towards the stairs as at the point where she was standing it was not visible from the stage where all the guest were present right now but he didnt allowed her move down and was coming towards her she had no option but to go back from there, it was time she was secretly praying for help dont knew what to do

"here i am going to touch you lets see what you do" said ranveer and was about to have a hold on her shoulder but was not able to do that as his hand was stopped in the midway riddhima looked in that direction as she was little scared it was none other then her original saver armaan

Armaan anger can be visibly seen in his eyes he took hold over his hand and twisting it moved forward between ranveer and riddhima seeing her scared was rasing his anger more, he almost twisted his full hand and then in his anger was about to punch him when riddhima stopped him,

"armaan ji please stop, just let him go" said riddhima holding his hand

"how dare you touch her you..." he was to angry but to stop him she hold his shoulder and hands and pulling him back

"its ok please leave him see its celebration time we dont need to create a scene here and you just get the hell out of here right now" said riddhima to ranveer and when he saw the situatiion now in his control ranverr moved back down the stairs

"but" said armaan he was still angry

"please armaan" said riddhima looking straight in his eyes and all his anger got far away they both were so lost in each other eyes riddhima was feeling really relaxed and secured there now all her nervousness was gone thats when they realized there position riddhima was holding him tight to stop him infact she was hugging him tight she loosen her grip over him, it was like the first time they have got soo close like this that was different really different and it was arousing all the butterflies in there stomach

Riddhima feeing really awkward about the whole situation armaan tried making her normal

"are you ok riddhima, what are you doing here alone you should not be here like this" said armaan sounding really possessive

"i just forgot my bag in the room and then i dont knew from where he came" said riddhima just like a kid who was getting scolding , this melted armaan heart completely

"ok forget it, lets go down you should not be alone over here" said armaan

"armaan please dont say about this to anyone you knew how they all are they all will just overreact" said riddhima while moving ahead

"you dont worry i will take care" said armaan looking in her eyes

Take care yes he can she don't knew why but she can really trust upon him , yes she trusted him there was something in the way he said that made her trust on him

They both moved down the stairs silently and armaan just gestured him to behave normal which she obeyed well

They both got normal soon and were back to enjoying with their family, there started the main


They all danced on song Mahi ve from movie Kal ho na ho well this time armaan started the song taking kripa along with him

Maahi ve maahi ve, that's the way maahi ve
Tere maathe jhumar damke
Tere kaanon baali chamke hai re
Maahi ve

[armaan took kripa in the middle and started dancing soon angad also joined in]

Tere haathon kangna khanke
Tere pairon paayal chhanke hai re
Maahi ve

[angad sang with kripa]

Nainon se bole rabba rabba
Mann mein dole rabba rabba
Amrit ghole rabba rabba tu soniye

[both armaan and angad danced by her side]

Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve ' 2

[kripa also dancing with armaan and angad]

That's the way maahi ve
O teri aankhen kaali kaali
Tera gora gora mukhda hai re

[this time samrat also joined them taking gunjan with him]\

Maahi ve
Teri rangat jaise sona
Tu chaand ka jaise tukda hai re

[mayank also joined them taking nupur]

Maahi ve
Tere gaal gulaabi rabba rabba

[samrat to gunjan]


Chaal sharaabi rabba rabba

[mayank with nupur]

Dil ki kharaabi rabba rabba tu soniye

[angad taking kripa along]

Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve-

[all 3 couples dancing]

Barse rangini kaliyaan hai maheki bheeni bheeni
Baje mann mein halke halke shehnaai re

[gunjan sang dancing with kripa and nupur]

Jitne hain taarein aanchal mein aa gaye saare
Dil ne jaise hi li angdaayi re

[kripa sang with them]

Hey, tu jo aayi sajke mehndi rachke
Chal bachke o soniye

[angad came to kripa, and samrat came to gunjan]

Dil kitno ka khaaye dhajke o soniye

[mayank also came to nupur]

Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve ' 2

[everyone dancing]

Ok noow music change all saddy saddymom came there to there respective kids

Chanda meri chanda tujhe kaise main yeh samjhaaoon
Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re
Mujhe lagti hai tu kitni pyaari re

[prerna sang for riddhima, getting emotional]

O khushiyaan jitni hain, sab dhoond dhoondke laaoon
Teri doli ke sang kar doon saari re

[anjali sang for gunjan and keerti did same for kripa]

Teri doli ke sang kar doon saari re

Seeing all getting sad, all boys joined there, armaan, samrat, angad, mayank and adhiraj

Hey, tu jo aayi sajke mehndi rachke
Chal bachke o soniye
Dil kitno ka khaaye dhajke o soniye

This time , all dancing with mom's armaan angad dancing with kashish and sapna, samrat , mayank and adhiraj dancing with prerna and nandini

Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve ' 2

But in all this only one person was not dancing that was riddhima, still not have couple to dance and noticing her not enjoy her dad and chachu karan rishab came to her, singing and dancing

Tere maathe jhumar damke
Tere kaanon baali chamke hai re
Maahi ve

[karan dancing making her smile]

Hey, tere haathon kangna khanke
Tere pairon paayal chhanke hai re

[rishab danced making her dance ]

Maahi ve
Nainon se bole rabba rabba
Mann mein dole rabba rabba
Amrit ghole rabba rabba o soniye

[soon mayank, samrat , adhiraj joined them]

Jind maahi ve, jind maahi ve
Jind maahi ve soni soni aaja maahi ve
Everybody say soni soni aaja maahi ve ' 3

[everyone dancing together]

The song ended and everyone was tired of dancing, they all were enjoying but then again riddhima was getting irritated actually earlier nandini had properly tucked her dupatta but in all this dancing the pins opened again, she was feeling uncomfortable so she went from there so that she can tuck it back she went towards the washroom

As she was passing the hall corridor she felt a hand pulled her inside a dark room in the corner it was to dark and she was scared she screamed but no use she felt another hand on her face to keep her mouth shut

"hey I am back, so tell what if I dare to touch you again" came the voice and with that a little light got on from the switch which got pressed from her back

This cant happen to me this cant be real , riddhima thought it was ranveer , him again

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Hey di!!!!
The part was really good Smile 
anjali fainted!!! now whatg excuse are they goin to give to others???
continue soon

loves the part so so much

thanks for the pm 

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Disha17 Senior Member

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Nyc 1 dreaie..Hug
jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 8:25am | IP Logged
just gr8 part

i just love the reunion of old gang

update soon
mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged
superb update.arman entry was gr8.pls update soon.thanks for pm.

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