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This ff is awesome.
I loved each n every part of it.
Plz update the next part soonest.

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Hey Simmi di!!!
Kahan ho yaar??? You have not updated since so long... Atleast leave a note plzzz
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update update update we want update

otherwise hum anshan karengeLOL
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LOVING Your concept n story ,.. 

Please plase add meh to your pm list

PLease update soon .. :)
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plsss update

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RECAP: armaan family intro, few places visits and ar meeting alone
Next Day Morning


Armaan got up and after getting ready he went out in one balcony and he can see the ground from there , where youngster were sitting and having morning tea together on the table there ,

Angad , kripa sitting together , along with mayank and nupur , samrat and gunjan just came and joined them , while adhiraj and riddhima were sitting on a bench near them , and were busy in some chit chat ,

Armaan watching them from the top , he cant hear there talk from there , just can see her face , her face shining in the sun light , looking an angel , his beautiful and innocent angel

It was a perfect morning , perfect morning when he can see her face first

Back ground music , song going on in back ground in Armaan's heart

armaan hearts singing this song ,
here's the link from the list of my favorite song i love this , from movie Love aaj kal 

Ajj din Chadheya Tere Rang Warga
Phul sa hai khila aaj din

Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khawab mein mile
Use tu lagede abb gale

Tenu Dil da Vasta

Rabba aaya dar te yaar de
Sara jahan chod chad ke
Mere sapne sawar de
Tennu dil da vasta

[armaan still watching them from there, when samrat came near riddhima and adhiraj and they were just chatting about something]

Ajj din Chadheya Tere Rang Warga

[while chatting when soon they became cat and rat , as riddhima running after samrat ,and after a distance]

Baksha gunaho ko
Sun ke duaon ko
Rabba Pyaar hai
Tune sab ko hi de diya

[looking at kripa , angad and mayank , nupur , standing there together arms in arms and just laughing over poor samrat running for his life from riddhima ,and adhiraj and gunjan instend of helping him are just laughing and supporting riddhima]

Meri bhi aahon ko
Sun le duwaon ko
Mujhko woh dila mene jisko hai dil diya

[seeing at riddhima he only want her , he loves her and want her]

Aas wo pyaas wo
usko de itna Bata

[remembering that she is all he wanted , and then samrat falled down and everyone was laughing at him , and riddhima stopped]

Woh jo mujhko dekh ke hase

[riddhima by chance looked up and found armaan in balcony and passed him a smile as greeting him good morning]

Pana chahun Raat din jise
Rabba mere naam kar use


[seeing riddhima and then seeing up in sky and silently praying god]

Tenu Dil da Vasta

[praying god to get her for him and keeping a hand at his heart]

Ajj din Chadheya Tere Rang Warga

Manga jo mera hai
Jata kya tera hai

[riddhima walking with gunjan and kripa busy in some chat , and smiling and laughing ,and here armaan also walking from the place to other soo that he can watch her]

Mene kaun si
tujhse jannat manga li
Kaisa khuda hai tu
Bas naam ka hai tu
Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali

[praying to god ,that he had asked for a small think and nothing else , just riddhima , cant he give him that just that]

Chahiye Jo mujhe
Kar de tu mujhko ada

Jeeti rahi saltanat teri
Jeeti rahe ashiqui meri
Dede mujhe zindagi meri

[he want riddhima only as she is her life ,and armaan standing there thinking that only]

Tenu dil da vasta

Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
[as he canty live a moment witout her and without her a moment looks like ages to him]

Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile

[he imagines her all the times in his dreams]
Use tu lagade abb gale
[just want to take her in his arms , forever]
Tenu Dil da Vasta
[imagining riddhima and lost in her thoughts]

Rabba aaya dar te yaar de
Sara jahan chod chad ke
Mere sapne sawar de

[just make his dreams come true]
Tennu dil da vasta

[still lost in her thoughts ,and standing there with support from a wall and lost in his own world]

Ajj din Chadheya Tere Rang Warga

armaan was soo lost in his world , that he didn't even noticed that someone was standing there behind him and watching him soo lost in his world and smiling

"ahem ahem" came voice , and soo armaan saw and it was none other them sujal

"oh hey good morning" said armaan getting normal

"good morning armaan , and I am sure this morning is really very good , and beautiful" said sujal , sarcastically

"what dad" asked a confused armaan

"oh nothing , why are you standing here alone , why are you not with your friends" asked sujal

"oh , I was just going" said armaan

"ya first you thought of watching her properly from up and then you will go down and stare her like you can't see anything accept her" said sujal teasing him

"what , what you meant dad, and whom her ?" more then confused shocked armaan

"armaan I am your father , I don't knew why you always forget that, but one think I got to knew that how you forgot us this time while you went to Delhi it was just that you never get time from your secretly watching and admiring process that you can remember anyone else, whole day you watched her and whole night you just think of her , then how can you get time for your family" said sujal

"I don't knew what are you talking that , and I was not staring riddhima" said armaan bluntly just to stop the talk

"I didn't took any name armaan" said sujal , and here armaan was caught

"oh , that dad I mean , I was , dad please can you stop staring at me like this" said armaan now irritated

"Like what , like you were staring riddhima , well sorry armaan I cant stare you like that , this way I have only stared one person in my whole life and that was your mom" said sujal with a wink

"dad please" said armaan feeling shy ,

"what please , and stop this behaving like a girl , be a man armaan , and go down since how long you plan to stare her like this from a distance , go down and tell her what you feel , be like your dad and tell the world that you are my son , goo ahead" said sujal boosting armaan

"dad you knew I cant" armaan tried to avoid this

"ok if you cant then I will go and tell her" said sujal and about to go when armaan stopped him

"no , no dad stop , ok ok I will tell her , but give me some time , I will surely tell her , its just that first I wanted her to feel something for me as well , then I will tell her , and I promise you dad that will be really very soon" said armaan this think with a confidence

"ok as you say , I love you armaan and remember your family is always there for you" said sujal smiling

"I love you to dad" said armaan and then they hugged ,

And sujal was leaving

"oh by the way , good choice I liked her a lot" sujal said turning

"thanks dad , I knew" said armaan smiling and sujal left

If this was what happening in Sunder Nagar , let them all be happy


And soo on the other side lets see what's happening there in Delhi




Gunjan and kripa's house , [remember they lived together here] ,

Suhani [kripa big sister] , was there in the house alone as gunjan and kripa were on a picnic

When a door bell rang and she went to open , and there we see a couple standing , a bit aged but not very old

"mom , dad you here what a surprise" said suhani and hugged them both "I missed you guys , but you were supposed to come after 3 days" she said ahead

"we missed you to beta , and yes we were coming later but then our work there got finished earlier , soo we came early" said suhani's mom

"by the way Dr Suhani Mehra, how is your work going here" asked suhani father

"its perfect , my clinic is working very good Dr Shubhankar Mehra , dad can you now please stop this being doctor here , its our home not your hospital" said suhani

Yes the couple was none other them Shubhankar and Keerti Mehra , suhani and kripa's parents

"by the way Atul and Anjali have also came with us , they must be coming in they were just parking and coming" said shubhankar

"wow , atul uncle and Anjali aunty have also came , that's great" said suhani ,

Only then Atul and Anjali , I mean Dr Atul and Anjali Joshi , came in

"hey suhani beta how are you" said Anjali , meeting suhani

"I am fine aunty , please come and get comfortable you all must be tired" said suhani

As they all got comfortable ,

"suhani beta where is kripa , and gunjan where are they both" asked keerti

"oh mom i forgot to tell you , kripa and gunjan are gone out on a picnic with their friends , actually they thought that you all will come after 4 days till then they will also be back from there" said suhani

"picnic with friends , or kripa is gone on a trip with Angad" asked keerti ahead , kind of that she already knew

"oh mom , actually kripa and angad have gone to meet angad's family with their friends , angad had to go there for business with his cousin soo he and their other friends have gone there" said suhani

"angad , yaa the same boy , suhani beta , do you really think this boy angad is nice I mean" keerti tried to say

"I knew what you are saying mom , but you don't have to worry , angad is a very nice boy ,and he is from a good family , I have met him many times , and I don't found anything wrong in him , he is nice for kripa , and you knew what he loves her a lot" said suhani , assuring keerti regarding angad

"and his family , are they ready for this relation I mean" said shubhankar

"yes dad , they do like kripa , and they have no problem with this relation , angad's dad I mean Mr Khanna is a good businessman , he stays in Italy but his sister, I mean angads aunt , stay here , and he had went to meet her only along with kripa , angad told me that she was like second mom to him and if she likes kripa then there will be no problem" said suhani smiling ,

"oh that's good , soo Dr Keerti , I think that if suhani is saying then it must be good, you don't have to worry , I am sure kripa has choosen the right one for her" said Anjali assuring keerti

"yes anjali aunty but not only kripa , gunjan is also that intelligent , she has also chosen the best you knew" said suhani ahead

"ya I knew gunjan told us about him , Samrat , that's his name right" said atul

"yes samrat , he is also a very nice person , kripa also knew him very well , he is kripa and gunjan's best friend brother , they earlier use to stay in London , and now came here , I knew this person personally very well from few years now , he is really nice and his family is also very good" said suhani

"I hope gunjan has chosen right for her , by the way what does this samrat do" asked atul

"oh uncle, samrat is working with his dad in their family business , you have heard of Sharma group of Industries well he works in that" said suhani

"Sharma group of Industries, yes ofcourse I have heard about that , they are a big name in business world" said atul

"yes , samrat is son of Mr Karan Sharma a partner in that industry , and he works with him in that" said suhani

"oh , soo samrat sharma , is son of business tycoon Karan Sharma , that's a news , gunjan didn't told us that" said Anjali , happy ofcourse

"but suhani ,then they are a big family , I mean they are soo big then us , will they accept gunjan in their family" asked atul getting concerned

"aree ofcourse they will , infact they had already , nandini aunty has already accepted gunjan as her daughter in law , they were just waiting for you to come back , so that they can meet and discuss about their marriage" said suhani happily

"oh then once the kids come back from the trip we will fix a meet with angad and samrat's parents" said Anjali happily

"yes that will be later , but right now I want to talk with gunjan , I really was missing her" said atul sadly

"and you missed us outside" came a voice from back , and as they all turned , they saw one more couple standing there

"oh Rahul muski , where had you been , I thought your car got far away from us" said Anjali ,

well it was Dr Rahul and Muskaan Garewal they are also doctors and good friend of atul and anjal since many many years

"its ok anji , ya we got late actually that driver didn't knew the route properly" said muskaan
"its ok aunty hello how are you and Rahul uncle how are you , I really missed you" said suhani,

"I am fine ,beta , we missed you kids to , its good to be here with you that's why when atul said that he is going to Delhi , me and muskaan also joined you" said Rahul ,

"oh stop it you liar , no beta they have came here cause they have got transfer in Delhi sanjeevani hospital" said atul ahead

"ya I knew now that you 6 will work here with us" said suhani happily , "oh by the way mom you wanted to talk with kripa right, don't worry wait I will just call her" said suhani ahead

And with that she dialed kripa's number ,

"let me keep it on loudspeaker , would love to hear her reaction when she will get to know that you are here" said suhani

And here on other side



Riddhima with kripa and gunjan in there room

"you knew what I am tired of you Romeo Juliet and laila majnu stuff , I mean hell guys we were on a picnic together and here you both , all the time kripa with angad and gunjan busy with samrat bhai , I mean hell I am soo left out , now even adi bhai is getting bored of me , afterall he also need a better company" said riddhima annoyed

"yaa right adhiraj do need a better company then you , ofcourse" said gunjan

"that's why I was saying to take suhani di with us" said kripa

"ya right , soo that a little bit company I actually had that's adi bhai would also goo away" said riddhima

"oh ho, soo what armaan is there na , you have adhiraj and armaan adjust yourself with them , its only you three here single single almost [with laugh] soo enjoy that, anyways I have to go , angad said that he will show me some good places in this palace I will just change" said kripa and rush to washroom for changing

"great , soo I am sure you would also have some plans with samrat" said riddhima looking towards gunjan sarcastically

"hey good idea , I will just go and ask samrat for any plan" saying so gunjan rushed out of the room to samrat's room

"great , what a picnic holiday" said riddhima sarcastically

Only then Kripa's cell ring ,

And riddhima standing near it , picked up the cell , it was suhani's number

"hello" said riddhima

"hey kripa , how are you , and how's your trip going" said suhani , thinking that its kripa

"hey suhani di , actually kripa is in washroom its me Riddhima" said riddhima

As she said it , the word the name , caused silence , silence for all six sitting there with suhani , as cell was on loud speaker

Anjali almost choked the coffee she was having and everyone else was also shocked, shocked to core,

"hey di its me riddhima" the same words , the almost same voice , Anjali had heard this after many many years , but it was soo same ,


Back to suhani and riddhima conversation

"hey riddhima , how are you , and how's everything going hope you enjoying your trip" said suhani smiling , unknown of the reaction of other six in the room with that

"how am I , well then I am not at all ok , I mean this is like too much now , and everything is going wrong , and enjoy my foot , I am feeling like struck here in this place with these Romeo and Juliet , I tell you" said riddhima in one goo , as she was already annoyed over this

"hey hey relax sweety what happened" said suhani , laughing over her and while the other six were just listening blankly

"nothing di , you knew how much left out I feel now , my two best friends are no more mine , kripa don't get time from angad and gunji , god she didn't even like my company anymore favourless creature , don't even remember that it was me who had helped her soo much with samrat bhai , and always wished that she and samrat bhai shall be together and she , she now didn't even see towards me , its only samrat bhai and samrat bhai she always want to be with , hey di I soo wished you should have been here with me , you knew infact we were just now talking that you shall have also came , as here we only three single left , me adhiraj bhai and arn''" as riddhima was about to say armaan name , before that only suhani stopped her and no one heard armaan's name

"stop stop , oh my god , gosh you girl what stamina you have to say such a big sentence in one go , relax sweety , I knew what you must be going through , your both best friends have ditched you , I can feel your pain" said suhani , smiling over her melodramatic act

"oh stop making fun of me suhani di , and stop being soo melodramatic , as I have already , anyways , you have to catch up with some stamina to listen to me, cause you would have to wait for a while if you want to talk with kripa as she is getting ready and you already knew what time she take in getting ready soo for that much time you would have to tolerate me" said riddhima

"oh that's not a problem , and I don't tolerate you sweety , I love chatting with you , its just that mom dad and gunjan parents have come here , and they wanted to talk with kripa and gunjan , soo I called" said suhani

"oh that's great , say my hello to uncle and aunty , and gunjan parents have also come , wow that's nice , you mean now they can meet karan chachu and nandu chachi soon , and then can discuss about samrat bhai and gunjan relation" said riddhima happily

"ya they have came for that only" said suhani

"great suhani di , you knew here we met angad's aunt and uncle and they are soo nice and this place its soo cool" as riddhima was saying all this , only then kripa came out

"is it suhani di's call" said kripa happily ,

"ya hey see suhani di , kripa's here ok di you talk with her , bye" saying soo riddhima gave call to kripa

"hey di how are you" said kripa , and soon she got engrossed with her call , talking with keerti and shubhankar , and then gunjan came and she also talked with Anjali and atul


Later in Delhi


After they all ended the call , all six were sitting there quite ,

"suhani , beta who is this riddhima" asked Anjali finally she cant take this curiosity more

"oh aunty , I told you na , riddhima sharma , she is kripa and gunjan's best friend she also studied with them in London , and she is Mr Rishab Sharma's daughter , I told you samrat's first cousin" said suhani

While listening that everyone got normal ,


Later when suhani left for work , only elder six were there ,

"it was so different , listening the same name after long 21 years" said Anjali "once when I heard the word 'di' I thought it was my riddhima" said Anjali ahead with a tear in her eyes

"anji relax , now this is mere coincidence yaar , and moreover there are soo many girls in this world with the same name" muskaan tried to console her ,

"Yes muski you are right , but then again hearing this name lived up soo many old memories inside us , how can we forget that , our friends , the best friends we would have ever got in this world" said atul

"ya right , remember armaan the best friend" said Rahul

"ya Mr Supercool Doctor" said shubhankar ahead ,

And then atul , Rahul and shubhankar remembering there armaan , their best friend armaan

And this music for them

link for song from 3 idiots,

Behti hawa sa tha woh
Udti patang sa tha woh
Kahan gaya usse dhoondo

[remembering that mast and supercool armaan in hospital]

Behti hawa sa tha woh
Udti patang sa tha woh
Kahan gaya usse dhoondo
Hum ko to raahein thi chalati
Woh khud apni raah banata

[remembering that how happy go lucky nature he had and have always done masti and tricks and pranks he played in hospitals]

Girta sambhalta masti mein chalta tha woh

[remembering all the time he falling and creating mess in hospital]

Hum ko kal ki fikar sataati
Woh bus aaj ka jashn manata
Har lamhe ko khul ke jeeta tha woh

[remembeing all the secret parties they use to have late night in hospital]

Kahan se aaya tha woh
Choo ke humare dil ko

[remembering he hugging them]

Kahan gaya usse dhoondo

[getting sad as he went away]

Sulagti dhoop mein chaaon ke jaisa
Raigistaan mein gaaon ke jaisa
Mann ke ghav pe marham jaisa tha who

[rememberring how he always helped them with there problems]

Hum sehme se rehte kooein mein
Woh nadiya mein gotey lagata
Ulti dhara cheer ke tairta tha who

[doing all that thinks which were against rule , living life the way he wanted, while others going with discipline and rules]

Baadal awara tha woh
Yaar humara tha woh

[remembering him as a friend , best friend]
Kahan gaya usse dhoondo
Hum ko to raahein thi chalati

[remembering how he did what his heart said , and not what is to be done]

Woh khud apni raah banata
Girta sambhalta masti mein chalta tha who

[remembering him walking in that coridor]
Hum ko kal ki fikar sataati
Woh bus aaj ka jashn manaata

[remembering him dancing in canteen on the table]
Har lamhe ko khul ke jeeta tha woh
Kahan se aaya tha woh
Choo ke humare dil ko
Kahan gaya usse dhoondo


[finally last scene , a dead armaan , and lifeless , from that lively armaan]

and with that tears came out from rahul , atul and shubhankar eyes

"we miss you armaan" rahul and shubhankar said

"armaan mere bhai , i miss you" said atul finally

Back to Jaitpur

Everything was going perfectly , boys started working on their projects while girls were enjoying their perfect picnic


It was afternoon time and all the girls were having a good chat time with kashish ,


Kashish , riddhima , gunjan kripa and nupur , all were there in the kitchen they were busy in cooking some dishes and cooks were helping them


"wow aunty we didn't knew that you are such a perfect cook , this dish looks delicious" said nupur seeing kashish cooking


"yaa aunty seriously I always thought that only mom is a perfect cook , even nandu chachi can't compete her , but you are absolutely mind blowing" said riddhima praising kashish


"thanks beta , its just that I love cooking but you knew sujal he don't like me working at all , he always say there are soo many cooks for that you don't need to do it" said kashish smiling


"you knew what aunty you are really lucky , sujal uncle is a really nice husband" said riddhima smiling


"yes true riddhima, aunty I think sujal uncle is a perfect husband and moreover I think he is surely a perfect dad too , I mean the way he and armaan be together its commendable" said gunjan


"yaa right but more of that credit goes to armaan for that, I knew sujal is a perfect father , but armaan he has always been more than just a perfect son , and you knew I am too proud of my son for that" said kashish with proud


"oh how sweet I can see a really proud mother here , and I am sure armaan would be really a good son , you knew he is surely a great friend you knew what aunty he was a great help from day one, infact he was the one due to whom me and angad met , he was a great support for our relation" said kripa without thinking what she was saying


"really ? how , I mean how armaan helped you, I heard that you and angad were chat friends and from there you met each other" asked kashish curiously


"ya we did but then when we met and then armaan sorted all that confusion which held , armaan been angad ,and riddhima" as she took riddhima's name , riddhima coughed a little , and tried to stop her, she didn't knew that she was telling all this without thinking , they have not told anyone anything about their first meeting ,it was a little secret of the friends


"kiddo are you ok" asked concerned nupur as riddhima was coughing loud


"ya ya bhabs , I am fine , just , but I am ok" said riddhima getting normal , and with that looking at kripa with stern looks and kripa was like sorry , I forget


"hmm hope you are fine riddhima beta , soo kripa what were you saying about armaan being angad and what help" asked kashish curiously


"ohh , that nothing aunty , it was just when we met first time armaan was there with angad ,and he was really helpful that time" said kripa , trying hard to convince all


"hey but kripa i thought riddhima was there with you that time when you went to meet angad" asked nupur normally and riddhima was like she also have to remember it now


"yaa bhabhi , she was i mean she and me ,i mean we all went together ,and they both helped us" said kripa not knowing what else to say now


"really did you , riddhima I thought you met armaan first time with adhiraj , adi told me that he introduced you to armaan" said nupur , finding something fishy now


"yaa bhabs actually we were just actually" riddhima getting nervous what to say ,while kashish was just enjoying the chat a lot , it was nice to know something serious about armaan and riddhima


"what was it riddhima I am not getting anything" said nupur , now she also getting some fishy hint


"god bhabs why are you interrogating soo much I mean it was nothing we just met with angad and kripa and that was all, what's a big deal in this" said riddhima now getting irritated with this no use interrogation


"yaa there is no big deal in that , only if the truth is only this much what you have said" said nupur as now she knew that there was more to this what she was saying


"ok fine , as you say , it was just that we met them as role reversal , actually when kripa said that she want to meet angad , it was first time she meeting him and we didn't knew what kind of person he was soo we thought that we both will go there and meet angad , and I will be as kripa" said riddhima


"what , soo you mean you met angad first time as kripa" asked nupur surprised rather bit shocked


"ya I met angad , being kripa but actually I met armaan , actually they have did the same role reversal you knew , it was soo funny angad and kripa met each other but as armaan and riddhima ,and we as angad and kripa" said riddhima smiling


"gosh , really , oh my god that would have been crazy" said nupur enjoying this now


"then what happened ,I mean did you both get to know the truth" asked the over soo curious kashish now


"no aunty not soo soon actually I never knew that armaan and riddhima both were great actors , none of the both got to know the truth" said kripa smiling


"ya right we actually didn't got to know the truth , and went from there , it was the next time when we met with adi bhai , and he told me that he was actually armaan and not angad , lord that was too much and we had no choice but to run from there" said riddhima smiling


"hmm interesting, then it must have been real fun for you all" said kashish


"yes it was aunty and you knew what the best part was , here I was testing armaan aka angad that is he good for kripa or not , and on the other side later kripa says me that angad was ok , but I think his friend was more sweet , I like him more , lord and I was like that here you came to meet your chat friend and on the other side you are liking his friend" said riddhima teasing kripa


"ya right madam that's called loyalty for your lover , I mean afterall he was my lover and my heart has accepted him only" said kripa smiling


"ya right your lover , my god he was soo crazy for you and only you from day one you knew" said riddhima teasing her


"soo what riddhima there is someone in this world for all , here kripa got her lover ,and you see soon you will also get your perfect one" said nupur


"oh god bhabs you again started with this na , I don't knew I mean why don't you mom and nandu chachi open a marriage bureau , I mean all the time all your conversation end at this topic" said riddhima irritated


"and what's the problem with this topic , I mean marriage is surely a part , a very important part of your life" said kashish


"please aunty not you atleast , I mean its always there favorite topic you knew , ok I agree but I don't think there is in this world who can love me more than my family , no ways there can't be any , but in any case the day I will get that person which is impossible I will surely agree" said riddhima


"there is nothing impossible in this world sweety , nothing , you never knew from where the possibilities for the impossible thinks come up and we humans don't have any option against them , its all in destiny , in destiny" said kashish , thinking of what sujal told her , if this is their destiny soo let it be the same way


"oh hoo aunty , please can we just close this topic now , I think we are done with lots of cooking for today , and thanks to you aunty I learned something to cook" said riddhima , as she was seeing and learning a bit cooking from kashish


And after that they all went from there , and armaan and riddhima little secret was no more a secret for the ladies , and now after kashish even nupur was getting hints of something there now lets see how far these hints take nupur



It's been a week for all of them here now , and the work for which they have come there was almost finished now , soo they all were just relaxing


"hey I was thinking of having some fun , lets play some game" suggested samrat


"game !! actually I wanted to swim today , how about we all go for swimming" suggested kripa


"first you decide what you want to do , play game or swim" said adhiraj


"yaa hey I got an idea" said samrat


"oh please samrat don't even say that because all your ideas are always disaster" said gunjan teasing samrat


"ok fine , first you listen what I am saying then tell" said samrat getting irritated


"Guys you both can have your lovely chat later sometime , for now tell samm what were you saying" asked angad


"see there are few people who consider me worth it ,not like you" said samrat to gunjan , "actually I was thinking how about we play and swim together , game in a pool" said samrat ahead


"hey that will be great , not bad samrat you can give great ideas sometime" said angad


"see I told you , but for some people , they don't even respect me at all" said samrat making a puppy face and looking at gunjan


"awww my baby , you are feeling bad , then let it be , as if anyone cares for that" said gunjan ahead teasing samrat


"ok ok if its like that , then let it be a war then , and I wont be in your team now" said samrat


"really samrat you wont be in my team , perfect, then I will definitely win" said gunjan ahead


"ok that we will see" said samrat , and then it was a challenge


"ok guys ok , peace , we will play and as per the team , we will final it there on the spot , come now lets goo and mayank bhaiya and bhabhi you both are also going to play ok" said angad ahead


"yaa sure we will , lets go, we will just change then" said mayank ,


And all of them went from there , and after changing in costumes , nupur , gunjan and kripa were wearing very decent swim costumes which didn't exposed there body at all they all reached here


swimming pool





"hey riddhima , why didn't you changed yet come yaar don't you want to play" asked kripa to riddhima as she was not wearing swimming costume


"no kripa, actually I cant play , I mean you knew that I don't knew how to swim , I cant swim" said riddhima avoiding this, as the pool was not much but a little deep , and riddhima was getting scared of it


"its ok kiddo , the water is not soo deep ,come yaar it will be great fun" said samrat , trying to convince her


"no bhai , please you all play , and I will sit here on the bench and watch you playing" said riddhima sitting there


"ok then lets talk of team , gunjan , kripa, nupur bhabhi in one team , and me , angad, mayank bhaiya, in other , left is armaan and adhiraj , let them come then they will themselves decide that which team they want to be in" said samrat ,


Then adhiraj and armaan came there


"no more team , actually its only me to decide armaan is also not going to play" said adhiraj


"come armaan lets play ,you both always avoid this its ok , it will be fun in the pool" said samrat


"its ok samm , you all play , I will watch you play and definitely see that no one is cheating here" said armaan , sitting on the bench next to riddhima


"soo adhiraj whom team will you be in" said samrat


"is that even a question , offcourse I will be with you all boys for sure" said adhiraj joining them


"hey then it got misbalanced I mean boys team is one player more then girls , we shall have one more player for the girls team" said armaan


"ohh that wont be required armaan , we girls are more than enough for all of them , we will surely win" said gunjan


"but still I think your team would need one more player soo that we can have an equal balance" said adhiraj


"forget it yaar , why are you supporting this girls , let them be if they want after all who will support them" said samrat teasing the girls


"I will support them" came a voice from back , and it was none other than sujal


Sujal and kashish came there and it was sujal all set for playing the game


"guys I am here ,and I will support girls team , soo girls want one more player for you all" said sujal


"sure uncle please join us , it would be our pleasure to have you" said kripa happily


"dad this is too much hmm , mom see how dad is supporting the girls" said armaan teasing sujal


"let him be armaan , afterall he loves to do that always, you knew him , if he is supporting girls then I am here na , I will support boys team" said kashish


"that's great aunty , that will be our pleasure, please join us" said samrat happily


"sure I am with you all , but its fine I will sit outside and watch the game and support you all" said kashish


And after that the game begins armaan , riddhima and kashish , sitting outside on the bench , while others playing volley ball match , in the pool


"come on kripa , comeon you can doo it , come on , gunjii from the right" riddhima was hooding it from outside while on other side kashish was supporting boys


"angad goo ahead great shot , you can do it samrat go ahead" said kashish loud an she was infact teasing sujal


"kash sweety for once in life please support me as well" said sujal between his game


"sorry sujal I will support my team which is the other one" said kashish and went forward to one corner of the swimming pool towards the boys team


"hey that's not fare" said sujal pouring


"Everything is fare in the game dad and here I am with mom , goo ahead my team boys you are surely going to won" said armaan , and he also went there on the other corner where kashish was standing


"its ok uncle , if they support the boys team , I am here for your support uncle , goo ahead I knew your team is going to win" saying this riddhima came there near the sujal and team , and stood on the other corner of the pool exactly opposite armaan and kashish


"see we also have our supporters , thanks a lot beta , you see surely we are going to win" said sujal , and again they all got busy in the game


The game was going nicely


"oh hoo kripa yaar wrong shot sweety you should have done with much force" said riddhima as she hit a wrong shot


"oh madam Miss Commentator , don't you think its too easy to advise from outside , if its soo bad you come in and give a better one" said kripa teasing riddhima


"kripa this is soo bad , is this what I tough you , I tough you to play this game soo well ,and you , you are spoiling my name" said riddhima melodramatically from outside


"oh yaa I knew how well you tough me to play this game , now stop and let me concentrate on my game" said kripa laughing


But it was not girls day , they were soo busy in chatting that they lost the game with one point,


"yeyyy we won , I knew this , after all we and our team is the best" said samrat happily moving out of the pool towards armaan and kashish ,


And adhiraj , mayank and angad also moved there , they were celebrating their victory with kashish and armaan , while on other side


"its ok girls , it's a game and winning and losing is a part of it , no worries" said sujal getting out of the pool and cheering the girls


And sujal then went towards a bench near kashish , when kashish went there with a towel for him and they both got busy in themselves now happy , afterall it was just a game


While here nupur also got out and went near mayank , they were happy like always


"oh hoo yaar , wish we could have won , this is soo not good , you knew you could have played a bit better then we could have won" said riddhima


"madam its very easy to tell and give advice just from outside first you goo and play then we will see that who is much better" said gunjan teasing , and getting out of pool towards riddhima , while kripa also joined her


"yaa so what if I would have played we would have surely won" said riddhima overconfidently , just a girlish friendly chat


"ya ya i knew that , anyways forget it , come gunji lets go and change , riddhima we will be right back" said kripa and kripa and gunjan left from there for changing


angad and samrat followed them


"hey hey where are you both boys coming" said gunjan turning and seeing them coming


"why weren't we going for changing" said samrat sweetly to gunjan


"yaa ya we were going , samrat , we were going" said kripa pointing towards her and gunjan "and as for you both , you can enjoy your company together" said kripa ahead , to samrat and angad


"hey that's not fare we just wanted to help you I thought you would need that" said angad romantically to kripa


"no no angad , I don't need your help at all and now stop it ok , have some shame kashish uncle and sujal aunty are also standing here" said kripa


"oh so what , I am sure they wont mind us helping you girls" said angad , and then he turned towards sujal , "yes uncle would you mind us helping kripa and gunjan" said angad loud


And kripa was like hell what is he saying ,


"I wont angad , but may I knew what help exactly are you talking about" said sujal ahead , unaware of there chat


"ohh nothing uncle , actually they wanted to change , soo I said that I can show them the way to changing room you tell uncle is that bad" said angad, changing the topic


"not at all angad , its ok , come I also need to change , we all will go and show the girls the changing room" said sujal


And with that sujal moved ahead with kripa and gunjan and the girls happily went along with them , and the boys were left pouring mouth open , when adhiraj , mayank and nupur came from back


"shall we move now" said adhiraj and saw angad and samrat standing there blank "what happened don't you guys have to change, come lets go" said adhiraj ahead


"yaa lets go adhi , as if we have any other option now" said samrat pouring


And with that everyone left , only kashish , riddhima and armaan didn't go


They were standing there , and others were in the changing rooms there on the pool side only


When suddenly unintentionally riddhima's foot slipped and she falled directly in the pool and the other were standing a bit far from her that they got their attention towards her , only after she had already fallen


"god riddhima beta are you ok" said kashish coming near the pool , she got a bit scared while armaan was very scared , he was panicking a lot


"riddhima , riddhima are you ok , riddhima" said armaan , coming running near the pool , he was trying to see where she was


While riddhima was panicking a lot in the pool , she was trying to come up , but her water scare and the fact that she don't knew swimming was not allowing her to come there


"riddhima give me your hand" said armaan , getting very near the pool and bending down trying to hold her hand


But riddhima was getting more and more in the middle of the pool , instead of coming towards the corner


While others all were inside the rooms build on the exactly opposite side of the pool , where riddhima falled still they can hear voices ,


But armaan didn't had soo much time , he can't think of anything right now


Armaan was soo scared , he felt he is losing his life forever , and he didn't wasted a single minute in jumping in the pool , despite that he also won't be able to swim out and it actually happened , armaan tried hard to swim up but he was not able to do it ,he was also getting inside the pool the way riddhima was


And riddhima on the other side was panicking too much , she got in the pool and then she saw someone with her in the pool


"I love you riddhima , I love you so what if we were not able to live together atleast we are going to die together" said a voice to riddhima then again the same voice said


"you are my riddhima , you are mine and I am your, whenever I will take a breath that will be only for you" said the same voice , and then she can see him , it was none other than armaan , armaan telling him all that , he was there with her in the water , he was there holding her , holding her from drowning


While armaan on the other hand can feel an hand in his hand , holding him


"I love you too armaan, and I will always remain yours, we will come back armaan for our incomplete love, I will come back armaan just for you" said the voice , and then armaan can see it was none other then riddhima


Riddhima was there holding his hand and making him stand and then armaan see the dream , the same dream where a couple is drowning in a big sea that was scary , scary always for him but today he can see it clear , very clear , the couple that always drown in his dream is he and riddhima , the riddhima of his dream ,


While on the other side riddhima also feeling the same what armaan saw


The couple that was drowning in that sea was armaan and she only


Was it her imagination was it reality she didn't knew , she just got still there , there in the water and soon she felt a force taking her to the corner , she didn't knew what it was and who it was and what was happening , she fainted there in the pool


While on the other hand armaan also didn't knew what happened he also was lost , lost somewhere , when he also felt someone taking him out , and he also fainted


Actually it was when armaan and riddhima both falled inside , kashish started screaming and with her scream , sujal , mayank came there , and saw armaan and riddhima in the pool ,


They both wasted no time in jumping in the pool , and took them out of there ,


Mayank took riddhima out of the pool and saw that she was faint


While on the other hand sujal took armaan out and found him unconscious, sujal tried to wake him up ,and kashish was also feeling dam scared for him , but soon as sujal tried taking water out of armaan's body , armaan got conscious


"armaan armaan , are you ok" said sujal , a scared and very scared father


Armaan just signaled , and then kashish and sujal made him stand


"gosh what was the need to jump when you don't knew swimming" said kashish getting angry , actually she had got really scared seeing his son like that


While armaan as he got conscious his first thought was riddhima, and he panicking looked around ,and found riddhima lying on the ground unconscious and mayank trying to make her conscious


"kiddo , kiddo open your eyes , kiddo talk to me" mayank trying his hard to make her conscious but it was not working


Armaan , sujal and kashish went near them ,


"riddhima , is she ok , why is she not opening her eyes" said armaan panicking and sitting near riddhima where mayank was sitting


Only then others came there , samrat and adhiraj came running down , they were panicking the same , while nupur and gunjan tried to control everyone from panicking,


"I think we need to call a doctor and relax mayank , samrat , she is fine maybe she got scared due to panic" said nupur , seeing riddhima's condition and others as well


After few minutes , riddhima was taken to her room and doctor came there examining her , while everyone out was getting restless minute by minute


"its ok she is fine , doctor has examined her , she got faint due to shock its normal , she is just sleeping now , she is perfectly all right" said nupur , coming out of riddhima room as she ,gunjan and kripa were there with the doctor , and after she said it was like a sign of relief for all of them there


They all rushed in and saw riddhima lying lifeless there on the bed , kripa and gunjan were sitting by her side , and as they saw mayank , adhiraj and samrat coming they both got up, and soo mayank sat on one side , adhiraj on other while samrat sat there just next to adhiraj ,


It pained all three a lot seeing their kiddo like this, she was there life , she was there little angel , and seeing her like this was very painful for all three ,


Nupur understanding mayank situation kept a hand on his shoulder supporting him


"she is fine mayank , she is just sleeping" nupur tried to make mayank normal


"ya I knew she is , I was soo scared nupur , if something would have happened to her today , I could have never forgiven myself" said mayank to nupur and then he kept a hand on riddhima's head and caressing her lightly , "I am sorry bachaa I shall have never left you alone , please forgive me" said mayank out of his guilt


"no bhaiya it was not your fault why are you blaming yourself , it was just an accident and its ok bhaiya , see she is fine" said adhiraj trying to convince mayank


"yes it was , but I don't knew that why riddhima went near the pool , I mean we all knew that she is water phobic and she never goes near pools then how she went near that she slipped" said samrat , getting confused
Armaan, sujal and kashish were standing away near the door and just watching the family, armaan do hard her being water phobic, this cleared her way she reacted in the pool

Only then riddhima attained conscious


"riddhima'. riddhima you ok" said concerned adhiraj


"I am fine bhai" said riddhima just a little voice not very clear


"its ok kiddo don't speak now ,you need rest" said mayank


"I am sorry bhaiya , sorry because of me you all got so disturbed" said riddhima very low still but she felt bad that they all have got so upset because of her


"disturbed , don't you feel ashamed saying this word to us , you think we get disturbed with you ,have you any idea that if anything had happened to you then what can we do" said mayank angrily , he did not liked riddhima saying soo , she was there life and they can't get irritated or disturbed ever due to her


"sorry bhaiya , I don't knew there was water outside and I slipped" riddhima tried telling how she fall in the pool when samrat stopped her


"its ok kiddo , forget it , forget what happened the good think is that you are fine" said samrat , keeping hand on her cheeks "but still you are looking really ugly here , actually all your makeup got washed out in the pool you knew" said samrat ahead , teasing her and making the atmosphere little light


"bhai , this is not fare stop it" said riddhima irritated like a kid, which made everyone laugh


"ok now timeout , she need rest soo its better that we all shall go out and let her rest here" said adhiraj


"ya right , lets go adhi , kiddo we are just next door if you require anything just make a call ok" said mayank like a concerned big brother , and stood up from there to leave


"and ya kiddo have some makeup ok , I really don't want anyone to get scared due to you" said samrat getting up from there and teasing her


To which he got a pillow direct on his face , which riddhima had through , not with great force but still she managed


"ok ok I am leaving" saying soo samrat moved back


Mayank and samrat moved back , while riddhima called nupur near her


"bhabs please jut take care of bhaiya , and I am fine please now don't look soo scared till now and watch your face" said riddhima, lightly to nupur , only she and adhiraj could hear , as adhiraj was still sitting by her side


"ok my big mom , I knew that and I will take care of that" saying soo nupur gave a light kiss at riddhima forehead and moved back to mayank


And they reached near the door where others were standing , armaan , kashish and sujal , have also witnessed all this


"they all love her a lot" commented kashish to sujal and armaan , after seeing all the convo,


"yes they do being the youngest , she is the most pampered" said armaan ahead


"I think we all shall leave now" said sujal and with that all of them left from there ,


Adhiraj was still sitting there with riddhima , and he was about to get up , when riddhima holded his hand and made him sit back


"you stay with me , I am scared" said riddhima slowly and as everyone left he came near riddhima


"what riddhima, you need anything" said adhiraj getting concerned


"bhai I need to tell you something , I don't wanted to tell this to bhaiya or samrat , as they could have got very concerned , but I have to tell this to someone , I saw it , I again saw that dream , adi it was scary, you knew I am really scared adi , this was not natural" said riddhima , and she was on verge of crying


"its ok bachaa , its ok , this is natural baby, didn't you remember what Dr Suhaani told you , its just a dream bachaa, and it will be that only, stop being scared of it, it was just a dream" said adhiraj , trying to make her normal


"no it was not , I was scared , I was drowning in that water and then I saw h.." riddhima was about to tell him about her seeing armaan , but then she paused


"what , what you saw then" asked adhiraj confused


"no I mean I saw that images again" said riddhima , trying to divert the topic


"its ok , its ok bachaa , its fine , you knew its just your imagination that had resulted in all this , you just need rest and then you will became perfectly fine" said adhiraj


"may be you are right adi" said riddhima trying to get back normal


"good girl, and by the way riddhima you knew what armaan did , I mean he is such an idiot , you knew he was there when you falled in the pool and that duffer he don't even knew how to swim still he jumped in the pool to save you" said adhiraj , normally , as armaan was his really good friend , and he can say him whatever he want friendly


"what , seriously ,then what happened is he fine" asked riddhima concerned


"ya he is, actually sujal uncle took him out of the pool when mayank bhai took you out, and he also got fainted like you but then he got conscious soon" said adhiraj


"oh thank god , its ok adi I am fine now , you go out and I will rest back here" said riddhima smiling


"ok then take rest , I am going out" saying soo adhiraj moved out of the room leaving riddhima with her thoughts


"armaan was also there in the pool , soo had armaan said me all that , but then it was not him , his face but not him and if he was unconscious then who said me all that" riddhima thinking to herself , she laid back on the bed , with her thoughts ,


While on the other hand , armaan's room


Armaan got a good amount of scolding from sujal for jumping like that in the pool , but then the scolding was actually just his fatherly love , which soon got light from anger to concern and armaan got out of that situation easily


Everything got almost normal , after a big hectic and tiring day , everyone was now resting in their rooms


Later at late midnight


Everyone was asleep in their respective rooms ,


Armaan was in his bed , thinking about what had happened in the pool


"Riddhima was there ,and she had said him something , was it riddhima , he had seen her face , her face very clear in the couple in her dreams always , but why she , how she , and the way in the pool she took his name once ,the same way that girl in his dream did , why so what was this and why was this happening to him , is there some connection of this with riddhima , is she the reason , had she have some answers to his question may be she have answers" Thinking about all this armaan went to sleep

He again in his dreams ,


"There were huge amount of tides in the river , couple was drowning , voices of thunderstorm , and water level was increasing and increasing"


And armaan waked up with a shock , he sat on his bed , he was sweating , the same dream he saw ,and he was sweating a lot , the lights were dim , he had some water and as he opened the light shade, he got another shock ,


Riddhima was there , she was standing in his room near the door after few moments of confusion that was she there or was she not ,


"riddhima , are you actually here , I mean you scared me , you here you need anything" said armaan , he was confused , he was shocked as he cant believe she was there , it was really unexpected


"oh actually I , I mean I was , actually I heard your voice soo I thought you were not fine so I come to check, are you ok" said riddhima , remember guys , armaan and riddhima room were next to each other , just one wall was in between , and soo riddhima heard armaan voices as he made while seeing the dream


"no I am fine, I think just some kind of bad dream , but why you got up , you were supposed to rest and its too late why are you still awake" said armaan normally


"ya actually I tried falling asleep , but didn't got any sleep yet" said riddhima , normally , as she was still thinking about all that happened , that was it armaan saying all that or not , and soo she was not able to sleep


"are you ok , hope your health is fine now" said armaan , concerned for her

"oh yes I am , I think I have over rested already soo I am not so tired to fall sleep again , anyways its ok you go back to sleep I am leaving" said riddhima


"ohh no no ,its ok , its fine I also don't feel like sleeping now so you can stay" said armaan , trying to be humble to her , afterall he was dying to stay with her and he never wanted to let her go out now, she was there with him in his room , it was like a dream to him , a beautiful dream


Armaan got up from the bed ,and came near her ,


"would you like to have something , coffee" said armaan ,


"no its ok , its too late anyone can get disturbed if we go out somewhere" said riddhima


"no I have a coffee maker machine in my room , it will take a minute , I can make it for you" said armaan


"you will make coffee" said riddhima smiling , rather laughing as if armaan said a joke


"what's there to laugh in this cant I make coffee , afterall that's the only think I can make , I use to keep this coffee maker always with me , actually I have a habit of having coffee while I work late nights and I really don't need to disturb anyone with that soo" said armaan


"hmm not bad a royal prince armaan singh rathode can even make coffee" said riddhima teasing him


"oh please now can you stop that" said armaan


"ok I would like to have a coffee , I really wish to have it now" said riddhima


"sure , and by the way it wont be that bad for sure" said armaan smiling and started preparing coffee adding milk powder , coffee in electric kettle


"armaan actually adhiraj told me that you also jumped in pool , I mean" riddhima don't knew how to say all that and armaan stopped for a while and then making up


"yes , actually when you falled in and there was no help around , I don't knew how to save you , soo I , but no use I was not able to reach till you , it was great that mayank ji came there on time" said armaan


"but you cant swim , then why had you , I mean why did you jumped , as you knew that you cant reach me" said riddhima


"actually everything happened soo fast that I didn't got that much time to think , and moreover I just thought that I can try atleast , may be I could reach , but then you went soo far away in the next corner actually that's why" said armaan


"so you didn't came near to me" said riddhima , rather she asked this just a mere conformation that may be it was armaan and not her dream her imagination , but then why would armaan say her all that , it can actually not be armaan , it was something else , her dream her imagination


"no but why are you asking soo" asked armaan getting few hints may be what he was thinking about riddhima having some links with his dreams was true


"oh nothing just like that , I think coffee is ready" said riddhima trying to avoid the topic but armaan understood his nervousness in that but still got busy in pouring coffee


"here you go , try it once I can assure that it wont be that bad" said armaan passing a coffee mug to her


"ok then guarantee and warrantee all yours , I am taking this" said riddhima taking the mug smiling


And then they both settled on a sofa sitting , and having there coffee


"hmm , not bad mr rathode , I can say it now that this is one of the best coffee's I had" said riddhima having her coffee


"thanks a lot , thanks soo sweet" said armaan


"no your coffee is soo sweet" said riddhima


And then they both burst out laughing


"riddhima if you didn't knew that I jumped for you in the pool and this adhiraj had told you , then why you took my name ,why you called me when you were there" said armaan , it was a direct question the think that armaan wanted to knew and she stopped drinking


"oh that , actually I was thinking I mean I thought that you did" riddhima trying to say , how can she tell that she dreamt him around her and soo called his name


"really , is that soo , the day we were coming here and when we stayed for few hours in that jungle why you came running out of that building , what did you saw there , why were you soo scared" said armaan ahead , all then incident armaan was saying and just reading her reaction to that


"I don't knew that , I don't remember , I have no idea what you are talking" said riddhima ,


"you sure about it riddhima" said armaan ahead


"I think its too late at night , I shall leave now" said riddhima and was about to get up from there, when armaan stopped her standing there and blocking her way with his arm


"riddhima you can tell me all this , you can share with me , why are you avoiding my talks" said armaan


"armaan please let me go , and I am not avoiding anything , I am feeling sleepy and I am going" said riddhima


And armaan had no other option but to leave her way and let her goo ,


She came out of the room and armaan followed her , and came near riddhima's room door and opened it for her ,


"good night" said armaan from outside , holding the door


"good night" saying this riddhima went inside the room and closed the door ,


And armaan left standing there , thinking of what had happened and then he left , as he went back the door of the opposite room opened , in this adhiraj and samrat were staying , and it was samrat out there


Samrat opened his room door , as he heard some voice of door opening , soo he just got to check maybe riddhima needed some help and he saw armaan moving back to his room ,


"what was armaan doing here , outside riddhima's room , or was he just passing from here , may be afterall why would he go towards riddhima's room now" samrat thinking to himself went back to his room

Next day


All the boys were on the site of their hotel,


Riddhima was also there with them , she was checking the ground there , they have already called an archaeologist and architecture team there they were doing there work and riddhima was supervising them all , she was busy with her work with her team , while armaan and mayank were looking around the blue prints of the hotel they have to construct


Armaan intentionally excused himself from there and went near riddhima and her team pretending chatting with the team he went near her , and as she was busy with her work she didn't noticed it


Looking around as everyone was busy with their work , armaan went next to riddhima and tried talking with her


"riddhima" said armaan slowly


"hmm" was just her reply , as she was busy with doing some paperwork


"you didn't replied me" asked armaan ahead


"about what" riddhima said confused , she thought he was taking about some hotel work


"regarding what I asked you yesterday night , I am still waiting for your reply" said armaan , and at this riddhima stopped writing and finally looked up and thinking a little


"hmm aaa , armaan I think we should finish our work here today soon , as we need to leave for Delhi tomorrow morning early" said riddhima completely avoiding the topic


"yes that we will , but still how do you knew that I was there in the pool , when you didn't saw me there" said armaan , still stricken to the same question


"that's cause I saw you , soo I called you for help , and that was all , there is nothing else in this that I can tell you" she said this in one go , just wanted to end it up and she left from there , moved a bitt ahead


"you are lying" said armaan as she was moving from there , coming near her "there is much more to all this what you said" said armaan coming near her , and riddhima don't knew how to avoid this


"mayank bhaiya" she called out loud soo that everyone attention went to her and armaan didn't get a chance to talk with her , and she went from there


Rest the day went like that only ,


Evening was nice a sweet dinner and with a small kind of farewell to them all from kashish and sujal side as they all were leaving next morning , just armaan was not coming back as he was staying a little more time with his family ,


While as for riddhima she was trying her best to avoid armaan and any chat with him she was all the time with someone soo that armaan didn't got a chance to talk with her at all

Later in night ,


Armaan was not getting any sleep , earlier he just doubted that riddhima and that all images he saw do have some connection but now with riddhima's reaction and the way she was avoiding this chat he was sure about it


When he heard some voice , the voice was coming from riddhima's room , and it was riddhima so armaan rushed in there


He first waited for a while outside the room that weather he should go in or not , but then he thought that may be riddhima is in some kind of problem soo he went in


"no save him just save them, they will die" riddhima was saying this , she was in her dreams , she was seeing the same dreams , and was screaming the way she always did


Armaan went near her , and saw her saying this loud in sleep , he didn't understood much , but thinking what to do , what to say he just bend a little on the bed , and tried calming her down , kept a hand on her shoulder to calm her down , when suddenly she waked up and sat back ,
Riddhima waked up from her dream , and immediately hugged armaan , she was scared , and hugged him


Armaan was taken a back for a while , he don't knew how to react , was it the best moment of her life of was it something not good , she was there in her arms , but she was in pain , he didn't knew how to react , shall he be happy or shall he get upset for her


"why me , why me always adi , this is too much , I am scared bhai" said riddhima , riddhima thought it was adhiraj , as it is always adhiraj who comes to her room whenever she get scared of her dreams , and she thought today also adhiraj had came but she didn't knew it was armaan


They both were still hugging each other , but then as she took adhiraj name armaan realized that she had misunderstood him with adhiraj he felt ashamed of himself for taking advantage of her this situation , it was not his fault but still he needed to back off now


"riddhima , riddhima its me armaan" said armaan relieving himself from the hug , and standing from there


As riddhima realized it , she got very uncomfortable , and armaan can feel her uncomfort


"ohh that , I actually I heard your scream , and thought you need some help , that's why , I am sorry" said armaan trying to light the situation


"its ok , I am sorry I thought it was adi , as bhai always come in my room to check over me" said riddhima trying to explain her action


"its ok riddhima , have some water you don't look ok" said armaan

"no I am fine , I think I saw some bad dream, but its ok I am fine" said riddhima


"you sure about it" asked armaan


"Thanks for your concern , but I am fine , its ok" said riddhima


And armaan don't have any option but to leave the room , but the remembrance of that incident was enough for him to get happy , she hugged him , he knew it was unintentionally , but for him it was the best part of his life , and in that happiness he forget everything , the question he had , the words she was mummerring in her dream , everything he forget just the think he remembered was that he loves her a lot ,and she was soo near her today



Next morning, everyone left back for their homes , accept armaan


Riddhima was happy to come back home , the trip was nice for her

She and nupur told nandini and prerna, everything that happened there , with few editions offcourse


She told them about sujal and kashish and how they welcomed kripa as their daughter in law ,and how nice persons they are personally , and about the beauty of the place and the other places they visited and all


And nandini and prerna were with listening to them with very attention , they were very happy to see riddhima soo happy ,



While on the other side ,


Kripa and Gunjan went to there homes and met Anjali atul , keerti and shubhankar , and told them everything about the place and sujal and kashish and how angad's uncle welcomed her there


And gunjan also told them about samrat


They all were also happy for their daughters


"ok now when are you going to make us meet samrat" asked atul


"yes we all are waiting to meet him since long time , and kripa beta angad as well" said Anjali ahead


"ohh mom , seriously samrat also really want to meet you and her parents as well" said gunjan getting shy


"awww how cute , see the way she is feeling shy , gosh how cute" said keerti teasing her

"ohh please aunty , stop teasing me , ok lets do one think we should call samrat and her parents on dinner at our place


"ya that will be great ,and kripa call angad and his parents as well" said atul


"but uncle angad's parents are in Italy and they cant come soo early , but I will tell him to call them soon" said kripa


"yes she can , you knew uncle angad listen to kripa a lot from now only" said suhani teasing her


"ohh forget it di , you always need a chance to tease me" said kripa ahead "anyways I will call him for dinner tonight" said kripa ahead



Back to Sharma house


Samrat on chat with gunjan and riddhima and adhiraj were having a very keen look at him sitting on a sofa there only one side chat was heard


"ok , baby I will tell mom dad" said samrat


"yes I will ,bye yes I love you to" said samrat ahead and riddhima and adhiraj , were hooding from back


Samrat disconnected the call


"what?" asked samrat , getting irritated


"nothing baby" said riddhima teasing him


"yes and I love you too Sammy" said adhiraj ahead in the teasing


"ha ha very funny , she just called me to tell that her parents want to meet me and mom , dad" said samrat


"ohh ok , 'shayad samrat ki shaadi ka khayaal dil mein aaya hai , issiliye mummy ne gunjan ki Samrat ko chai pe bulaaya hai(maybe samrat's marriage thought came in there heart that's why gunjan's mother had called samrat for having tea with them)" adhiraj singing a famous old hindi movie song , teasing samrat


"ohh forget it , they have also called angad as kripa and gunjan parents have come together , soo if you want you can also come and meet suhani's parents , may be they will also get that shaadi ka khayaal for you (marriage thought for you )" said samrat ahead teasing adhiraj



And the one person enjoying this all was riddhima


"oh hoo Samm bhai forget it na , and go and talk with nandu chachi and chachu regarding this , soo that they can go with you" said riddhima"


"ya right riddhima , yaar I think I need to talk to mom and dad but how" said samrat


"oh hoo what do you mean how , go and tell them that they have to go to dinner tonight with you to meet gunjan parents simple" said riddhima


"yaa very simple , but I can say this to mom and dad" said samrat


"oh hello ,why don't you say it clear that you are scared of telling anything to chachi and chachu" said adhiraj teasing him


"hww stop teasing him adi , and samm bhai you getting scared , aree what was that jab pyaar kiya to darna kya (when you have fallen in love then what to get scared of) , go and tell them" said riddhima boosting samrat


"that all wont be required" said nandini coming from back , "I have already heard it all, and samrat riddhima is right there is nothing to get scared in this , pyaar kiya koi choori nahi ki (you have done only love not stealing), the rest of the wording of that song , me and karan will surely come with you tonight" said nandini smiling


"you knew you are the best mom of this world" said samrat happily hugging her ,


"I knew I am" said nandini proudly, making all smile


"hey mee to" said riddhima hugging the two ,


"me three" said adhiraj , and then they four had a lovely hug


Later in the evening ,

Samrat , karan and nandini went to meet atul and Anjali ,

Gunjan , atul and Anjali were sitting in a restaurant and waiting for samrat , as samrat came there , gunjan excitedly introduced him to atul and Anjali , while samrat in the other side was very nervous

They all met and were having few little general chat , when kripa came there with her parents and

angad as well

"hey guys how is everything going , hey hi samrat , hello uncle aunty , how are you" said kripa greeting all there ,

"hello kripa , hey angad how come you all together here" said gunjan

"actually I was coming in when we met outside and so we had a little introduction there itself" said angad

"that's great by the way mr and mrs sharma , meet Dr Shubhankar and Dr keerti , kripa's parents , they are our colleagues as well as great friends" said atul introducing them to karan and nandini

"its pleasure meeting you all, and as for your kids, well we already knew them very well" said karan

"yes gunjan and kripa are soo sweet , they had always been like a family to us , and seriously I am soo happy to get one daughter like gunjan I always desired for that , I am soo happy for my kids" said nandini ahead

"that's soo sweet of you , and I am also very happy that my daughter is getting such a nice family" said Anjali happily

"you still haven't seen our family yet we have a lovely joint family I am sure gunjan will stay very happy there" said karan proudly , proud of his family

"oh that's soo sweet , really gunjan didn't told us much about your family , I really wish to meet them all , you should have got them all here" said Anjali

"i wish we could have , but bhaiya and prerna bhabhi had gone to some party ,and mayank there elder son was out with his wife , our lovely daughter in law nupur soo they cant come" said karan

"I knew aunty but adhiraj should have come as for riddhima that madam she is having soo many tantrums now a days , you watch uncle I will surely see to her soon" said kripa

"no beta its not like that , actually kiddo was" nandini tried to defend riddhima

"oh please aunty you don't defend your kiddo like always ,I knew very well that you are just protecting her, what kind of best friend she is, today was such an important day for her both best friends and she is not even here with them" said kripa complaining

"oh hoo , you knew I cant comment between best friends , now she is your best friend and you all have full right to deal the way you want I am not going to interfere" said nandini

"mom you knew riddhima is my best friend , I will surely make you meet her soon , actually she was not well so she didn't came here today , while you knew she was the one who helped me and samrat soo much in this relation and she is I think the most happy one for us" said gunjan to Anjali

"yes suhani told us about her , we would surely meet her soon" said Anjali looking from atul to shubhankar and keerti , they all have different sentiments attached with this name

Only then angad cell buzzed and it was armaan's call

"ya buddy tell me , how are you" only one side convo is heard , "what, Hitler is coming" said angad ahead loud ,and then saw everyone staring at him , soo he excused himself to talk ahead

After he came back

"whose call was it and who is coming angad" said kripa generally enquiring ,

"oh that was buddy calling from Jaitpur, he told that my dad is coming from Italy" said angad

"ohh soo he is the Hitler" said kripa smiling making fun

"stop it yaar , actually you knew he is damm strict , unlike my mom , she is just like sujal uncle you knew , but dad that's why hitler" said angad

"that's soo rude you should not say him that" said kripa ,

"hey you don't say that , unlike kashish bua you knew how sweet and nice she is , my dad is just opposite to her own sister absolutely opposite" said angad

"really angad now you are scaring me" said kripa ,

"oh don't be yaar , you knew my mom is also there she is soo sweet and as for dad she is just Hitler for me not the rest of the world, so I am sure you will also be excused" said angad smiling

"oh then that's great , soo when is he coming" said kripa

"after 2 days , and sujal uncle and kashish bua are also coming , hey I got a great idea , how about a dinner at my place after 2 days , you can meet my family and ya karan uncle , you also have to come there with the whole family and this time no excuse , after all you have to come the next door to your house , and it will be fun we all will have a small get together" said angad

"yes that will be great and in that way I will meet your parents as well" said kripa happily ,

And soo everyone agreed for this , but this is going to be someone else meeting time ,

As for precap

AR and oldies gang meeting finally
and few more important introduction

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ok we will wait. Plz don't be delay more then 4 days.
I am dying to read the next part.

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we are waiting for your update.

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