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mijanur IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2011 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
i am waiting for your update.pleas update soon.

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Posted: 03 May 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
wowow d part was just amazing
just loved ar moments
n wat a palace
nice photos
continue soon
n thx 4 d pm

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i knew i am late this time guys

per promise , i will update the next part tommorow ,
the part is almost done , tommorow you will get the update

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recap: the beginning of there picnik , with many masti and teasing session all the youngsters going to in samrat's caravan . now next

And the journey begins

Everyone were going in the bus happily , singing, eating and enjoying
after around 3 hours , everyone got tired and were resting down at there places it was almost late evening and sun was already set [guys the place where they have to reach was a 6 hours long route from delhi by road]
"bhai i m tired , how much time more will it take us to reach there" asked riddhima
"princess we r just 3 hours away from the place" said mayank
"3 hours more really oh god" said riddhima and suddenly there van started dumpling
"oh god now what's that" said mayank
"relax bhai may be due to bad road i tell you these indian roads roads less and breakers more" said samrat smilingly
and then suddenly van stopped moving
"ye breakers se full stop kyon lagg gayaa" said angad getting up and moving out of van to check what happened
"oh god now what happened" asked worried nupur
"relax jaan no need to worry angad and adi have gone to check" said mayank
angad came back to the van
"guys bad news , van had breakdown we cant find whats the problem may be some technical fault , in short this van cant go ahead , we need to call a mechanic" said angad
everyone was like oh noo ,
"what ? what you said angad" said samrat with shock
"we need to call a mechanic" angad repeated his words again
"that i knew but how can that happen" said samrat like he cant belive that
"it can samrat , your beautiful girl friend your london beauty had ditched you poor you samrat" said gunjan teasing samrat as earlier he was teasing her while talking about the van
"ha ha , very funny gunjan , i never said this van as my girl friend, afterall that's only you baby" said samrat romantically
"ahem ahem , samrat , i dont think there is any time for romance right now , we have a problem and we need to find some solution for that" said mayank to samrat
"ya ya i knew that bhai" said samrat getting annoyed , poor he got disturbed with his eyes to eyes romancing
"what you knew hmm , god this is soo scary we r strucked in a middle of a jungle type place and hell this van god , bhaiyaa I m getting scared" said riddhima literally a bit scared
"princess relax ,and baby why r you getting scared your brothers r with you and we all r also here together , there is nothing to get scared of ok , we will sort out of some solution" said nupur trying to console riddhima
"wait let me do something" said armaan while he also saw riddhima getting really scared
armaan made some call after that
"guys i have asked home for some help ,dad is sending cars for us , but as this place is 3 hours away from there , we need to wait for 3 hours , we don't have any option as dad said , this place where we r right now is really a remote area and we can't get any help from here right now as its already night time" said armaan
"oh god , you mean we will have to stay and wait over here for 3 hours" said kripa
"yaa i dont think we have any other option for that" said angad "but why r you worried , main hu na" he said again with a wink "i mean as long as i m with you , you really dont need to feel scared" said angad
"yes you r right" said kripa
"gosh i m feeling sick of these love birds" said riddhima getting irritated "i need some fresh air i can't stay in this van its suffocating" she said ahead , as van was not started and close van was really suffocating
"yes it is really suffocating in here , mayank we need to find some place outside , we cant stay inside this van" said nupur getting nervous
"yes i think you are right , but where is adhiraj , angad he went out with you?" asked mayank to angad
"i m here bhai" adhiraj came back in the van "actually i was trying if van get started , but when it didnt , i went around to see if we get some help , but noo use , its a complete jungle type place all around , but still i found a very old building in here" said adhiraj
"old building , soo are there few peoples any mechanic" asked mayank
"no bhai , its a really old building , as in like no one went there from last many years , i dont think we can get any mechanic there we dont have choice just we need to wait here for the help" said adhiraj
"hmm , i think adhi is right , mayank ji lets go out there and wait there only for any help" sujjested armaan
"what , oh noo how can we stay in this jungle" said samrat kiddishly
"well that's all thanks to your sweet girlfriend , that she found this place soo nice that she just dont want to move an inch ahead from here" said gunjan refferring to the van
"ok fine lets go" said riddhima , avoiding there chat showing they have again started
everyone started moving out of the van , towards that place
it was like mayank and nupur were moving in front , followed by riddhima , gunjan kripa , along with angad , and adhiraj samrat ,and armaan on there back
the route to the place was bit scary types , coverred with trees and bushes all around , and it was dark really dark
"mayank i m scared do you think , its safe to go there like this , and kiddo is also here with us , i m feeling scared" said nupur
"relax jaan its ok i m here with you really dont have to be scared i m here with you , and as for kiddo , relax , we all will stay together , and she will be safe with us" assured mayank
on reaching near that old building which was in very bad shape just like a khandar , as if no one had come there from past many years
"wow what an ancient place to stay this is osm" said samrat sarcastically
"bhai how can we stay here" said samrat ahead to adhiraj
"so what do you think , you r going to get a five star hotel in the middle of this jungle ,and the receptionist there would say you that ohh welcome sir we already knew that you can is going to break down here and soo we have specially made this hotel here for you , welcome" said gunjan sarcastically to samrat
"haha very funny" said samrat to gunjan ,
on other hand , mayank and angad looking at the building ,which was like a ground in the front with not much green grass, and then behind that was a building (which was actually used to be an orphanage years ago where armaan and riddhima used to make trips many times)
"what is this place" asked angad

"well i asked the watchman here , he said that there used to be an old orphanage many years back , that was shifted from here and since then this place is abandon , and no one came here" said adhiraj
"ohh , this really look in a bad shape" said mayank "guys listen we will sit here only in this open ground, lets spread some sheet to sit here only , and angad , lets find some woods to light a bonfire here only" suggested mayank
till then riddhima and kripa came near the place, followed by armaan
kripa went near gunjan leaving riddhima behind ,and armaan was also behind riddhima continuously looking at the building they both were lost , don't knew why , but , they found that building really familiar
riddhima moved a bit forward continuously staring at the building , everyone was busy in there work , soo no one noticed them
only then some voices came there , they were not very clear but still as if like someone was speaking there only
"armaan bhaiyaa aa gayee" , "riddhima didi aa gayye" were some unclear voices , that came there
armaan looked here and there ,but there was no one , and then only riddhima turned behind
"hmmm" said riddhima
"what" asked armaan
"you said me something" asked riddhima
"no i don't i thought you said something" asked armaan ,
"noo i don't , i dont knew" said riddhima , holding her head as it was shaking
"hey r u ok" said concerned armaan coming near her
"yaa i m fine , come lets go there" said riddhima coming back to normal , she moved forward leaving armaan behind just staring at her leaving him
"gosh i love her , and this place , god why the hell is it soo familiar , i dont think i ever came here , may be i m just over thinking" said armaan to himself
now everyone got settled there on that ground , with fire in the middle , they were seated like ,
mayank and nupur sitting together , angad and kripa sitting together , and on other side samrat and gunjan, then riddhima adhiraj and then armaan with adhiraj , [armaan cursing adhiraj , why he sitting in between him and riddhima hehe]
"soo what to do now , we need to do something otherwise we will get bore here" said kripa
"ya i knew , hey lets play something" said angad
"antakshni , yes lets play antakshni" said gunjan excitedly
"oh no its boring" said samrat , making faces
"no its not , i think its great , lets distribute the team" said gunjan
"no need let the team be the way we all r sitting , me mayank , angad and kripa in one and you all in other ok" said nupur
"ok lets start , with nupur bhabhi , you sing song with ok start with any song" said gunjan
nupur sang
[song from movie raja hindustaani , my personal favorite]

aaye ho mere zindagi mein tum bahar banke
mere dil mein yu hi rehna tum pyar pyar banke
Ankho me tum base ho sapne hazar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke

[holding mayank hand , and telling each and every word to him]

Mere sathi mere sajaan mere saath yuhi chalna
Badle ga raang zamana par tum nahi badalna
Meri maang yuhi bharna taare hazar ban ke
Aye ho meri zindagi me tum bahar banke
Mere dil me yuhi rahena tum pyar pyar banke

[everyone silent and just seeing love between nupur and mayank]

nupur ended the song

"wow that was great bhabhi , how romantic , come guys now your turn sing from e or i which is the last ended word" said kripa

"ok ok let me think" said gunjan , but the word was really tough , and no song was striking them

"armaan you sing something" said adhiraj
and after lots of thinking
armaan sang
my all time favorite for sure , here the link nice vm but got on ARHI

is tarah aashiqii kaa asar chhod jaauungaa -3
tere chehare pe apanii nazar chhod jaauungaa -2
is tarah aashiqii kaa ...

[just thinking about riddhima]

main diivaanaa ban gayaa huun kaisii ye muhabbat hai
zindagii se badhakar ab terii zaruurat hai
[thinking that he is getting crazy for her and he want her more then anything else in this world]

mujhako tuu chaahiye teraa pyaar chaahiye
ek baar nahiin sau baar chaahiye
[he just want riddhima in hs life her love forever]

har saans main apanii tujhape lutaaungaa
[looking straight towards her he can give his whole life to her]

dil ke lahuu se terii maang sajaauungaa
tere chehare pe apanii nazar chhod jaauungaa -2

pyaar kyaa hai dard kyaa hai diivaane samajhate hain
ishq mein jalane kaa matalab aashiq hii samajhate hain

[feeling himself that he loves her but still cant tell her , it is too much for him]
main tadapataa huun tujhase kuchh na kahuun
bin kahe bhii magar main to rah na sakuun

[how much he die to tell her that he loves her]
is bekhudii mein aakhir kahaan chain paauungaa
mar ke bhii main tujhase judaa ho na paauungaa

[ahmmm , well yes he cant, he cant live without her even after death and its already proved]
tere chehare pe apani nazar chhod jaauungaa -2
as armaan ended the song there was silent , full silent all around
"oh wow , that was too good man , my god, you were too good , i enjoyed it soo much" said adhiraj
"really armaan if you ever sing this song dedicated to someone , she will really be yours forever" said mayank
"really , you really think soo mayank , i wish" said arnav happily , with side eyes looking towards khushi , "hope what you said becomes right , i wish" he said looking towards her , but no one noticed that

"ok now next , you guys , sing with a" said gunjan
"ok this mayank ji will sing , come on you have to dedicate a song for nupur ji" said angad
"ok , let me think" said mayank
"oh please mayank bhai and romantic songs forget it , bhaiya can only sing a business file" said samrat , teasing mayank
"really ok samrat if you think so , this one is for you nupur" said mayank and then took angad's guitar from him and started playing
he sang

here's the link

Hey zu Hmm Hmm Hmm Hmm
hey hey hey hey hey hey
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain

[looking towards nupur, and she was like getting all red and all others were like mouth open, mayank singing soo well that was really new to all not to nupr offcourse]

kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain
deewano jaisa haal hain tumhara hi khayal hain
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain

[playing guitar ahead the music]

Tum ko dekhe beena chain milta nahi

[sitting on knees on front of nupur]

dil pe ab to koi zor chalta nahi
jaadu hain kaisa dil ki lagi mein

[standing and going back nupur and sitting again on the knees , comming close to her , bending his
head on her shoulder from back , showing that he is drowning in her]
dub gaya hu is bekhudi mein
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain

[now he gave guitar to angad to play it ahead and then bend down in front of nupur asking her hand to dance with him]

Har pal dhunde nazar tum ko hi jaaneman

[now both dancing together]

had se badhne laga mera deewanapan
dil mein basa lu apna bana lu
ya phir nazar mein tumko chupa lu

[making her more and more close to him]
Ho ho aa ha ha ha la la la la la la
[making her spin around him , and then holding tight from her waist]
Ab mujhe raat din tumhara hi khayal hain
kya kahu pyaar mein deewano jaisa haal hain
deewano jaisa haal hain tumhara hi khayal hain

[moving with the music]
[ending the song with there dance]
as he ended the song it was like they both lost in each other eyes ,
"wowowww" everyone together , and then they all clapping for mayank , that made mayank and nupur realize that everyone was watching them , and they came back , to there seats
"oh wow , that was like , i never knew mayank bhai, you can sing soo well" said adhiraj ,
"where was this mayank hidden till now hmm" asked gunjan
"ok next , its your turn now ,you all sing with n" said mayank to avoid any further conversation
everyone was thinking about the song when adhiraj started singing
adhiraj sang
Na Jaane Mere Dil Ko Kya Ho Gaya
Abhi To Yahin Tha Abhi Kho Gaya
Na Jaane Mere Dil Ko Kya Ho Gaya
Abhi To Yahin Tha Abhi Kho Gaya
Na Jaane Mere Dil Ko Kya Ho Gaya
Abhi To Yahin Tha Abhi Kho Gaya
[ as he sang this part, every one else were just listening and immediately after that riddhima and gunjan started together]
Ho Gaya Hai Tujhka To Pyaar Sajna
Laakh Karle Tu Inkaar Sajna
[gunjan and riddhima sang together pointing towards him]
Ho Gaya Hai Tujhka To Pyaar Sajna
Laakh Karle Tu Inkaar Sajna
[kripa also joined them and the 3 girls started teasing him with the song ,and adhiraj was like oh god why i sang this]
Dildar Sajna Hai Ye Pyaar Sajna

Ho Gaya Hai Tujhka To Pyaar Sajna
Laakh Karle Tu Inkaar Sajna
Dildar Sajna Hai Ye Pyaar Sajna

"stop it girls, the song is already over" said adhiraj "ok next your team , sing with a again" said adhiraj further

"oh noo a again , what to sing" was thinking kripa , when angad stand up, and started playing the guitar

angad sang
Ankhen band kar loon jo main
Dekhoon bas tumhe
[pointing to kripa]
Khwabo mein hi keh sakta hoon
Apna tumhe
Rehne de
Mera yeh waham pe hi yakeen
Na jaaonge
[singing just looking at her]

Pyaar ki yeh raat hai
Ab naa jaaa.

[with expressions]
Chhoti si ek baat hai
Ab naa jaa
[like i want to tell you just one think]

Tumhi se hai meri neende
Na bhi ho to kya

[showing he dont care]

Tumhi se hai meri baatein
Na bhi ho to kya
[again comming near her , and revolving all around her]
Kehne de, taaron ko kahaani ankahee
[pointing towards sky]
Na jaaonge

Pyaar ki yeh raat hai
Ab naa jaaa
Chhoti si ek baat hai
Ab naa jaa

[comming near her , on his knees in front of her]

Pal do pal ka saath hai
Ab naa jaa
Jaadu si yeh raat hai

[pointing towards surroundings]
Ab naa jaaa
[asking her to dance with her]
Ab naa jaaa
[dancing together , and this time samrat playing guitar]

maathe pe pyaar ki boondein
Bikhre se kai sawaal

[seeing directly in each other's eyes]
aankhon mein kitne mausam
pal mein beete kitne saal
[swinging her around from her waist]
Rehne de, jahaan bhi le jaaye zindagi
[holding her hands, as she was about to turn]
Na jaaonge

Pyaar ki yeh raat hai
Ab naa jaaa

[poinitng her not to leave from there]
Chhoti si ek baat hai
Ab naa jaa

Pal do pal ka saath hai
Ab naa jaa
Jaadu si yeh raat hai
Ab naa jaaa
Ab naa jaaa

[dancing together, on the music, taking turns and enjoying the music]

Ab naa jaa
Ab naa jaa
Ab naa jaa
Ab naa jaa
Ab naa jaa
Ab naa jaa

"ok now that was really romantic angad , per i dont think kripa is going anywhere leaving you" said nupur teasing them '
"ok ok , no more chat , you guys sing with j" said mayank ,
"ok this time i m going to sing , my favorite song for gunjan" said samrat ,
"ok ok now you also start, only you both were left to get the chance to romance with each other here in front of everyone" said riddhima , with all these romantic stuffs
"ha ha very funny riddhima , say what ever you want to say , i m still going to sing this one , how can i miss this chance" said samrat,

and he started with the song ,
he sang

here's the link
sorry got only this , its on ar as well with sajan
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re - 2
[looking towards gunjan]
Tabse Deewaana Huwa, Sabse Begaan Huwa
Rab Bhi Deewaana Laage Re - 2
[dancing with the music , poining towards sky and then gunjan]
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re

Deewaana Yeh Toh Deewaana Laage Re - 2

Jabse Mila Hai Tera Ishaara Tabse Jagi Hain Bechainiya - 2
Jabse Huyi Sarghoshiya Tabse Badhi Hai Madhoshiyaan
[comming near gunjan]

Jabse Jude Yaara Tere Mere mann Ke Dhaage Re
[kneeling down and with fingers pointing first at gunjan and then towards himself]
Tabse Deewaana Huwa, Sabse Begaan Huwa
[poining towards everyone]
Rab Bhi Deewaana Laage Re - 2
[asking gunjan to come with him and dance , but gunjan with expression said no , soo samraty pulled her up and brought her in the middle]

Jabse Huyi Hai Tujhse Sharaarat, Tabse Gaya Hai Chain O Karaar - 2

[showing that eveil laugh , teasing her]

Jabse Tera Aanchal Dhala, Tabse Koi Jaadu Chala
[comming close to her]
Jabse Tujhe Paaya Yeh Jiya Dhak-Dhak Bhaage Re
[hitting at his heart twice , like its beating and then pointing her to dance with him]
Tabse Deewaana Huwa, Sabse Begaan Huwa
Rab Bhi Deewaana Laage Re - 2 Ho O O O...
[doing the dance on rythm with gunjan as well, gunjan dancing with him moving there waist in rythm]
Jab Se Tere Naina Mere Naino Se Laage Re
everyone enjoying the game a lot , after few more songs
"wow , that was great, not bad samm , the best of all" said adhiraj to samrat "come guys now your turn sing with d"
"come on kripa sing the song with d its your turn now" said nupur
kripa sang
Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse
[actioning angad]
Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse
[towards herself]

Ek Pal Mein Na Jaane Na Jaane
Barson Ka Afsana Kaise Bana

[rememberring there chat on net which they use to do, and how they first met with changed name]
Anjana Kal Tha Jo Anjana
[how he was a complete stranger for her]
Aashiq Mera Baan Gaya
Saanson Ke Ghar Mein Basaoongi
Khushboon Bana Ke Main Tujh Ko Sanam
[bending her head on angad's shoulder]
Chaahoongi Tujhko Hi Chahoongi
Main Ne To Lee Hai Kasam
[expressing her love for him]
Chaahat Pooch Rahi Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

Dil Mera Pooch Raha Hai Tujhse
Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse Mujhse

[both soo lost in there dream world]

"wow that was great kripa lovely song , special dedication was cool hmm" said riddhima,

"come on riddhima stop teasing me ok" said kripa , "now your team turn , you have to sing with s , com on goo ahead" said kripa ,

"ok i will sing to that" said gunjan

gunjan sang
here i got this link only on sajan

Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
[gunjan closed her eyes and then started]
Aakar mujhe tum tham lo
Manzil teri dekhe rasta
[opening her eyes and then looking at samrat]
Mud ke zara ab dekh lo
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
[holding samrat's hand , which was not visible to anyone offcourse, as they both were sitting together]
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
[clearly from her eyes each word for samrat]

Bichhde bhi ham jo kabhi raston main
To sang sang rahungi sada
Kadmon ki aawaaz sun ke chalungi
Tumhe dhoond loongi sada

[holding his hand tight , and with eyes warning him to never leave her]

Bhooli mohabbat ki yeh khushbuye hain
Hawaon main phaili hui
Chhu kar mujhe aaj mahsoon kar lo
vo yadein meri unchhui

[as samrat was teasing her by softly touching the tips of her hand]
Aisa milan phir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tum hi to ho
Bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
O bapanah pyaar hai aaja
Tera intezaar hai aaja
Soona soona lamha lamha
Meri rahein tanha tanha
[ending song and then eye locks, and in very mute sound saying i love you to samrat , to which he silently replied]

"ahem ahem , i think we were actually playing and not romancing , soo kindly will you both stop" said adhiraj , disturbing them

"now lets get back to play"

they had few more songs , and now it mayank sang a song that ended on L ,
"comeon , samrat, adhiraj , your turn sing with L" said mayank
"god that's tough ,arnav , gunjan , khushi anyone tell us a song" said adhiraj
everyone was thinking , and no one was getting a song
"ok , tic tic 1 , tic tic 2 , come on fast otherwise you guys will loose" said kripa and started there countdown
when suddenly riddhima started singing
riddhima with eyes close, god knews what she was thinking she just sang this
here's the link
lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho
[with closed eyes]
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag jaa gale se
[still closed eyes, dont knew where she was lost , and here the same was with arnav , he can really feel this that riddhima is somewhere singing this only for him]

ham ko mili hain aaj, ye ghadiyaan nasib se
ji bhar ke dekh lijiye ham ko qarib se

[armaan was feeling like he was just getting away from khushi , it was paining him like it was the last time they were meeting]
phir aap ke nasib men ye baat ho na ho
phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag ja gale ki phir ye hasin raat ho na ho

paas aaiye ki ham nahin aaenge baar-baar
baahen gale men daal ke ham ro le zaar-zaar

[he can feel them both crying , same was with riddhima , it was feeling like she is getting away from someone dearest and closest to him in this whole world]

aankhon se phir ye pyaar ki barasaat ho na ho

[tears falled down from her eyes , but got lost in her hairs , no one noticed that]

shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho

lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho
shaayad phir is janam men mulaaqaat ho na ho
lag ja gale ki phir ye hassin raat ho na ho

"this is our last meeting, its my marriage tomorrow, you need to forget me" was a line that was the last came in her mind as if some girl was standing there in front of her , and telling this to some boy

next to that girl
same was with armaan , he also felt the same as if a boy and a girl , were talking this , and then they got seperated, and it pained him a lot

music ended and at once they both came back , and saw in front and there was no one there , they were again dreaming , the same dream together

after ending the song riddhima finally openned her eyes ,


"wow that was osm , my god riddhima , where did you heard this song hmm , this is too good yaar" said adhiraj , praising her

"but kiddo this is a really old song , where did you heard this one" asked confused nupur

"i dont knew , i have never seen this song ever before , but still i think i have heard it somewhere" said confused riddhima

"ohh hoo , you must have heard it somewhere on tv or radio ,and now you dont remember that" said adhiraj , trying to lighten riddhima's mood , may be he understood her state
and everything got normal , even armaan got normal , and forgot all that feelings, as if he was just dreaming [but was it really a dream , or something that had happenned , well , see how history repeats itself]

everyone were just sitting there as the game was already over , when , they realized that angad and kripa were missing ,

"hey where have angad and kripa gone" asked mayank

"they must have found some good corner for themselves ,where they can have their romance" said riddhima ,

and then they saw few shades behind one pillar of the building ,

"see i told you there they r" said riddhima

"its ok , i will god there and get them here" said armaan

and he went there to call angad and kripa

and here as no one attention was there on them , our samrat and gunjan got a great chance , to escape, and found there corner of romance

angad and kripa , were busy in there romancing session , when armaan came there ,

"oh baby you knew i love you too" said angad ,and they bith were hugging

"even i love you too angad" came armaan's voice , when angad and kripa were lost in themselves

"hey baby what happened to your voice" asked confused angad , as he didnt got that it was armaan , and kripa getting attentive

"baby nahi baba , its me angad" said armaan , comming towards angad

"ohh armaan , man , cant you just leave us alone for some while" said irritated angad,

"no , i cant" said armaan casually , "because , i don't think its soo safe for you both to Rome around here like this soo please can you be with us , and as for some personal time alone , i m sure you can get it well after reacing the palace , soo can we move back now" said armaan

"you go i m not coming" said angad, kiddishly after all he cant be angry with armaan at all

"ok then i m leaving with kripa , come kripa lets go" said armaan , and kripa happily moving with armaan , and as they both moved a bit ahead

"oh hello , you both leaving me alone , wait i m coming" said angad , and ran towards them

"oh noo , i think i forgot my wallet there , may be it had fallen there" said angad, pointing near the pillar "wait i will get that" said angad

"no angad , wait i will get that , you go ahead with kripa" said armaan and went back to get the wallet

armaan went near the pillar and he saw that angad's wallet was lying there on the ground , he picked it up , and as he was about to move back , he saw a reflection there , which was comming from a bit inside part of building

"hello whose that" asked armaan

but when got no reply , he went bit near that and he saw a girl there , some girl in pink salwar kameez , but her back was towards armaan

"hello mam , who r you" asked armaan , getting confused, what a girl doing there in that old building

but when the girl turned around , it was none other then riddhima , riddhima, in a pink salwar kameez standing there ,

armaan got really confused and shocked the see her there ,

"riddhima what r you doing here, and when did you changed your clothes?" asked armaan , as riddhima was wearing geans with a kurta , and not a suit

"riddhima its not soo safe for you to be here, come lets goo back" said armaan

and riddhima was just smiling over him

"oh hoo mr super cool , r you scared to be here , and what do you mean is not safe" said riddhima, in a complete different tone,
and armaan was soo confused,
"riddhima , r you ok" asked confused arnav ,
"offcourse jaan,till the time my love, my armaan is with me then what can happen to me, you are there for me to make me to protect me always" said riddhima , romantically
and armaan was like , you can imagine , his mouth wide open , what is happening , he he ,

he was about to say something ahead, when a voice from behind called his name , and he turned around for a second ,
"armaan where r you , did you got my wallet" it was angad's voice,
as arnav turned back , there was no one , riddhima was no more there , he was alone , and he was soo confused regarding what happened
"armaan r you ok" come angad's voice again

"ya i m coming angad" said armaan loud to angad ,and then "god i think i m again dreaming , riddhima and saying me all this , gosh armaan get hold on yourself" said armaan to himself

and he went out and then he again saw riddhima at a bit distance, this time the real one , with the jeans and kurta

she was moving in opposite direction to armaan , may be searching for something
actually here riddhima was searcing samrat and gunjan , who were in some corner
Samrat and Gunjan
in some other corner both were busy chatting alone
"samrat , you knew i m really happy today ,finally we both r together , and even our family is happy with our relation , and this special day has become more and more special for us" said gunjan happily
"special day" said confused samrat , as he was busy in hugging gunjan from back and playing with her hairs , he was soo lost that he was not soo concentrating on gunjan chat
"you forgot that samrat , what is today" said gunjan , a bit loud that made samrat attentive
"today , hmm , its not your birthday , neither mine..." samrat was thinking ,
"you have forgotten it samrat, its our first meeting aniversary , we met the same day 5 years ago" said gunjan ,
"oh yaa , i remember, happy anniversary baby" said samrat, and again trying to hugg her
"what about my gift" said gunjan , again , and samrat was like , thinking hard ,
"gift , haa i have it" said samrat , and after lot of thinking and got out a chain from his pocket , and showed it to gunjan
"here this is for you" said samrat
"oh samrat , that's soo sweet of you love you" said gunjan
"yaa i knew that since a long time" came another voice and it was riddhima ,
that made samrat and gunjan attentive ,
"riddhima what r you doing here" said samrat , irritated with this disturbance
"oh actually samm , i think this place is not very suitable for your romancing , and soo you both should get back and stay with us , as it wont be safe if some wild animals witness your romance in jungle" said riddhima "hey by the way , what r you doing here with my chain" asked riddhima ahead , seeing her chain in samrat's hand
poor samrat, he have not got any gift and he had got this chain in van , it was riddhima's chain soo he safely kept it in his pocket soo that he can give it to riddhima back later
but right now , riddhima telling the truth was not good for samrat
"what , your chain , riddhima is it your chain" asked shocked gunjan
and now poor samrat was in solid trouble
"thanks riddhima , were you really required to say that" said samrat sarcastically
"samrat, that's too much, you cant even get a gift for me , i dont want to talk to you" saying this gunjan went back from there
"no gunjan , baby, ahhh , riddhima , that's not fare, babyyy" saying this samrat also went from there behind gunjan to talk with her
leaving riddhima laughing back at his state
and here riddhima was also about to leave , when same case , he saw someone , a guy whose back was facing riddhima , going
inside the building,
"hello whose that , hello mr , can you hear me" said riddhima to that person , but he didnt stopped,
riddhima following him , went a bit inside , behind him
when that person turned back , and it was none other then Armaan
armaan but looking bit different , wearing a sleeveless t shirt instead of shirt , with trunks , complete different look
"armaan you here , where r you going , and when did you changed, r you ok armaan" asked riddhima ,
"you will never change na basket , still asking soo many questions in one minute , god give me sometime to answer them" said armaan , in a complete different and arrogant tone
"armaan r you ok , and what is this basket" asked really very confused riddhima
"basket , mere basket , my life, my love, basket" said armaan coming close to riddhima and she moving step back
"why are you going away from your armaan basket" said armaan very romantically coming more close,

"armaan i think you r not feeling well , i need to leave" said riddhima confused and a bit scared

"where are you going basket leaving your armaan here, you cant stay away from my love" said armaan in a husky and utterly romantic tone

"stop it I m leaving i think you need a doctor" said riddhima and moved back from there, as fast as she can

as she moved back , she bumped into someone,
and it was none other then armaan , wearing the same old clothes, he was wearing in the van , since morning as he saw riddhima going there soo he followed her there

"armaan you here" asked riddhima "you were there right now" she said ahead, "and when you changed again" said again, she said all this soo fast that armaan didnt understood much of it
but when riddhima turned back there was no one there , and then she realized she was dreaming
"what who is there , r you ok riddhima" asked concerned armaan , he thought she got scared of something ,
"i dont knew , i think i m" said riddhima keeping her hand on her head , like it was spinning , and soo armaan came some little close to her
"hey r you ok" said armaan , concerned , and in that concern , he kept his hand on riddhima's shoulder
and riddhima just nodded, but in a bit out of mind state , she came more close to armaan , and bend a bit towards him ,
they were just in position which was very close, as if they were hugging , but both didnt realized that ,
"what happened", armaan asked again , coming more near her
only then , samrat came there , searching for riddhima , as she was not behind him and gunjan and
when samrat realized that he came back to look for her
"riddhima" said samrat, and came there, armaan removed his hand as he heard samrat's voice and moved a bit back , but not that too back
samrat came there and saw armaan soo close to riddhima and definitely didnt liked that but before he can say anything to armaan, he saw riddhima , with her hand on her head , and he immediately got concerned and went near her
"kiddo , r you ok , kya hua, is your head paining" asked concerned samrat
"no bhai i m ok , just , forget it i m fine" said riddhima now trying to get normal
"lets go from here , i think you need some rest" said samrat, and securely put his arms around her ,
"you need help" asked armaan
"no its ok armaan , i will take care of her" said samrat rather a command from him and he took riddhima from there
and armaan also went back
armaan and riddhima went back to the group ,
Everything normal, but something not , may be
soon cars came there, 5 cars in a row , along with some bodyguards [guys armaan was a prince and he has to always be with bodyguards but for this trip he didn't got them , and sujal was definitely not happy with that , soo he send security for him]
and one man was dressed in proper royal dress , looking like a royal guard , with turban on his head and long moustache [hehe , royal guards doo look scary a bit]
"armaan Balram ji , why have you called him here ,I don't think that was required" asked angad
"I have no idea I just called dad and asked him to send cars with a driver , I didn't called them" said confused armaan and he went near the cars
"who Balram ji angad , who is this man" asked confused kripa , and this question was there in everyone's mind
Oh balram ji is the royal guard of armaan's family , there family guard since last many decades , you can consider him as the head of the gaurds for their family" said angad
As the gaurds come near armaan , all of them bowed down in front of him , saluting him ,
And balram coming near him bowed in front of him
"Pranaam Yuvraj" [your highness] [armaan is the prince soo he is saluting him like that , and others were to confused , except mayank , as he knows armaan identity ,and no one else knew that armaan was a prince of some place or something]
"Balram ji, what was the need of you coming here, why haven't you just sent the drivers" asked armaan
"Yuvraj Kuwar Ji have send us here" said balram
"what!! dad have send you , but why there was no need of that , soo why have dad send you" asked armaan
"Yuvraj , Kuwar ji is very upset with you , he didn't liked your coming alone like this, you knew that how concerned and tensed he become when it comes to your security and you didn't got your bodyguards with you as well from Delhi you should have not come alone Yuvraaj" said Balram
"but I didn't required them ,I can take care of myself , and I was with my friends" said armaan
"now lwts get going from here Yuvraaj ji, your staying at some this kind of place is not good" said balram , "all of you please come, yuvraj you and your friends will sit in the middle cars while gaurds will cover your cars from front and back in the other cars" said balram
And with that lots of tight security they all moved towards the cars ,
"what's this Yuvraj stuff , and who is this man , and what is Kuwar ji , armaan , what is happening I m soo confused" asked adhiraj , and same was the condition of riddhima , kripa , nupur , gunjan and samrat
"I m Yuvraj , adhi , and Kuwar ji they refer to my father , I came to India and then I came to knew that I belong to a royal family here , my grandparents stay here and they were like Maharaj and Maharani of Jaitpur, and I being there heir ahead , I m the prince" said armaan , normally
"oh my god soo you mean we are actually standing in front of a real prince" said adhiraj
"well I suppose so" said armaan normally
"now we shall move from here yuvraj" said balram
And soo everyone settled down in the cars , mayank and nupur along with samrat and gunjan in one car , and angad , kripa , adhiraj , riddhima and armaan in the other car , along with balram , for armaan tight security , in a 8 seater car , balram was sitting in the front , armaan , adhiraj and riddhima in the middle row and finally angad and kripa in the last row
"but you don't look like that , a prince or something" said adhiraj while they were sitting together ,
"that's because I don't believe in all this king and queen thinks just like my dad, and soo he had left India years ago and was settled there in Italy , but because my grand mom was getting really ill here ,and grand pa wanted us to stay here with them , soo we came here" said armaan ,
"soo you mean we are going to stay with a prince ,and in some kind of big royal palace" said kripa excited
"well yes may be I suppose soo" said armaan ,
"kiddo are you ok , why you are soo quite bachaa" asked adhiraj , as riddhima was actually very quiet and have not even said a word till now , may be because of that old building experience
"no I m fine adi , just I m tired" said riddhima ,and leaned her head on adhiraj's shoulder ,
"you sure about that riddhima" asked armaan , as he was really getting concerned about her now
"yes I am its ok armaan , I think long journey and then this waiting had made me tired" said riddhima
"its ok baby , you sleep for a while you will feel relaxed" said adhiraj
And after around half an hour of their journey , they all were asleep , angad and kripa at the back , like kripa's head on angad's shoulder and angad also bend towards her , riddhima peacefully sleeping on adhiraj shoulder and adhiraj also slept adjusting his head on back , only armaan was awaked
armaan looking again and again towards riddhima , cant look properly , cause balram was still awaked and even the driver , but there concentration was ahead , still
after every minute his gaze went towards riddhima , sleeping peacefully , looking like a pure angel in the little moonlight coming from outside ,
and then he remembering that building scene , first he imagined her in that salwar suit , and then when he went soo close to her , how she bumped in him
"gosh i will get crazy without her , i can see her and only her everywhere around me" armaan thought about her , and with her thoughts he also went to sleep

"this is our last meeting, its my marriage tomorrow, you need to forget me" again the same words

Armaan was listening the same words , and in the background the same song ,

paas aaeeye ke hum naheen aayenge baar baar
[a girl hugging tight a boy]

baahe gale mein daal ke, hum ro le jaar jaar
[arms in arms they both were crying]

aakhon se fir ye, pyaar kee barasaat ho naa ho
[nonstop tears were falling from there eyes]

shaayad fir is janam me, mulaakaat ho naa ho
[they getting separated and leaving hand slowly slowly , getting away for last time , the last moment together]

"I cant live without you" said the boy the last pleading , but the girl was helpless , she went away , gone away , really away , and the boy kept on standing there with open hand, and then it rained and his tears mixed in rain , he cried , cried loud

"riddhimaaa" was his cry

and that cry made armaan wake up with shock , and soo was riddhima , as if heard the same ,

Or may be she had seen the same dream , the one that arnav saw , yes she had , the same dream

Armaan kept hand on his head , he was sweating , drank some water and got normal , and here with riddhima waking with shock that disturbed adhiraj , and he too waked up ,

And saw riddhima lost , looked bit scared , and she had sweat on her head

"kiddo you ok" asked concerned adhiraj

And that was the time when armaan realized that riddhima was also awake , and her condition was worst ,

"bhai ,bhai I" she tried to say with a cry

"its ok , sshhh relax bachaa , here have some water" said adhiraj understanding her condition , he just hugged her and soothed her

"what happened , riddhima , adi , is she fine" asked ever soo concerned armaan

"yaa she is , may be she saw some bad dream" said adhiraj , trying to change the topic he cant tell arnav about riddhima's frequent dreaming , its ought to personal a family issue

"ohh ok , here give her some water" said armaan passing the bottle to adhiraj

"I m fine adi , I m its ok" said riddhima getting normal , and having some water

"you sure" asked armaan

"yaa I m" trying her best to get normal , and smiling as well , and she was actually successful in that

"ok now get back to sleep , we still have 2 hours to reach there , It will be early morning by the time we will reach there" said adhiraj

And after that they all rested back again the same way ,

This time they all had a peaceful sleep
ok the journey ends here, and they reached there destination

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KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged
hiii awesome update
loved it
loved armaan nd sujal's convo
loved AR
i cant wait 4 da old gang 2 meet AR
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 3:24am | IP Logged

Hey dear

Lovely update
Loved it to the core
thanks for the PM...
Do continue soon
take care

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dimpledsmile Goldie

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 3:28am | IP Logged
amazing part..
continue soon..
thanx 4 da PM!!

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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 3:29am | IP Logged

wow... finally ankie atul.. rahul muuski... n kirti shubhankar...

just waiting for ur next update ...

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