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Armaan met rishab , karan and mayank in his party , and started a new project with mayank  ,
Riddhima being hypnotized by suhaani and adhiraj came to knew that all these bad dreams were due to her past life , last birth
Armaan came back to Delhi , as he was missing riddhima , he wanted to meet her again , he is now living in house next to sharma mantion

Adhiraj and samrat to joined there office

 The day went really fast armaan was loving his office work and he was concentrating well on his work

And in Sharma industry

Adhiraj was very sincere regarding his work and on the other hand samrat was also trying to be sincere in work


Now riddhima was all alone and she was feeling very bored

Only kashish and nandani were there in home with her now but they two were also busy with there ladies chat soo riddhima was feeling left out there


riddhima : god I  m getting soo bored what shall I  soo now ...adi and samrat bhai r also gone to office now and nupur bhabhi is also gone to meet her mom ... I  can't be like this I  will get all bored being like this I  need to figure out with some think soon I  think I will ask dad ., I  can also join office with adi and samrat bhai yaa that will be best



soo as decided riddhima , asked rishab regarding her going to office , which rishab gladly accepted , and he said that she can go to office from tomorrow only , with adhiraj and samrat and can work with them with there project




After a hectic and tiring first day at his office here in Delhi , armaan was now back home , it was his new home , they bought now  [remember I told it to be opposite to riddhima's home] ,


His room was on the first floor , and he went in the balcony of his room , which was almost like a backside of the house , he was standing there , when suddenly his eyes fell on the light in a distant , as it was night and dark outside soo that side was clearly visible , no matter that it was on a distant , it was looking like a small terrace garden , and there was a canvas there in the middle  he looked that side to find a girl in front of that , as her face was hidden behind the canvas , as if she was busy in painting on it , when suddenly she looked up , and armaan was surprised to see her , yes she was riddhima , he was soo confused on seeing her , that he immediately closed his eyes, "no armaan she can't be here , you r just dreaming , it can't be her" , after that he again opened his eyes to find some one else there , she was not riddhima , armaan mentally kicked himself for having soo many dreams about her , "I think I need rest" he said to himself , and get back in his room ,


Ok the truth was she was there ,




Riddhima was busy with her painting , she was standing there in her terrace garden and was doing painting , her favorite pass time act  she was very fond of painting , she was enjoying it , a lot , when armaan must have seen her ,


When nupur came to her ,   "hey bhabs , you back from your mum's place , soo how was your day there" she asked cheerfully to her bhabhi , who had just came back home after spending a day at her parents house,

  "it was great riddhima, mom dad r very happy with the fact that we have permanently shifted here now" , replied nupur excitedly ,

"that's great ops I think I forgot to bring red color" said riddhima when she found that red paint was missing and she needed it in the painting now ,

"you wait I will get that its kept in my shelf"  , saying that riddhima went in and nupur was standing there looking at her painting ,

[may be at that time armaan must have seen again , and found nupur instead of riddhima ,poor he , and his wrong timing]      
Riddhima returned back after a while, and got again busy in her painting,

"soo mom told me you r going to office from tomorrow" , asked nupur casually , 

"yes bhabs , I thought of joining the office and it will be fun , we all will work together" , replied riddhima very excitedly , just like a kid


Nupur smiled at her childish act ,

"Yes my kiddo , it will be great fun, but I won't be able to accompany you much , as my work gonna be mainly  outdoor or in my boutique"  nupur said , as she was a fashion designer and soo was working as the head in fashion designer agency created for her , to fulfill her dreams , as here in there family , no one ever considered her as a daughter in law, she was always like riddhima to all of them , and soo was free to do whatever she wants too ,

Riddhima then remembered that she has to help gunjan ,as she wants samrat , to confess his love for gunjan ,and in that case nupur can be a great help , she hesitantly asked her  " bhabs , actually I want your help" ,


"Yes baby tell me" , nupur said smilingly ,


"actually , today gunjan said that , samrat bhai" before she can say further , she saw nandani coming there , and she got alert ,as she can't tell nandani about this now


"So what were you girls talking about , wow princess this painting is great" said nandani smilingly


"Thanks nandu chachi , and you know we were talking about our going to office from tomorrow"  , riddhima said , and with eyes pleading nupur , not to tell anything about there last conversation ,  and nupur also got it ,and kept mum there


"Well that's great , you r going to the office for the first time tomorrow , now you go to sleep as its already very late , and you should not get late on your first day at work , right" , said nandani , while keeping her hand on her face lovingly  "and yaa remember , don't forget to goo to temple first before going to the office tomorrow morning ok" she said again , this time just like a typical Indian mom


"Yes mam , any other order" , said riddhima dramatically


"No nothing good night" , saying that nandani left from there


"Soo what were you saying about samrat and gunjan" , asked nupur , after assuring that nandani was out if there room now ,


"yaa you know what , gunjan parents r coming soon , and they want her to get married soon" she said with a worried expression  , "and our stupid samrat bhai , has even not confessed his love to her till now , can you imagine" , she frowned


"Oh that's the matter , soo what you want mee to do in this ?" asked nupur


"I think we need to convince samrat bhai was confessing to gunjan , but how that I don't know" , riddhima said looking a bit worried over that


"oh ok , I will help you with that , you don't worry just leave all that to mee I will convince samrat , ok , you just relax and go to sleep , its really late now" said nupur , to calm riddhima


"ok as you say bhabs , good night" , and she went inside towards her bed , and then nupur covered her with blanket ,kissed her forehead ,and left the room after switching off the lights





Riddhima waked up early and got dressed up properly In a red kurta and blue jeans , soo that she can look presentable in an office ,


With lots of masti and morning dhamaals like everyday , finally samrat , adhiraj and riddhima were ready to leave for the office , along with mayank and nupur ,

They all first went to a nearest Shiv temple , as per strict orders from Nandani ,


The temple was really old one , it was a big and famous temple here


They went in the temple , she don't knew why she felt like she had been here earlier too , she found the place pretty familiar ,


She was praying in front of the ideal, her eyes closed , when she kind of heard few voices


It was of a lady

"armaan what r u doing" that lady said , and there was a boy standing with her , "well I m romancing with my beautiful wife" said that boy , and then the girl again stopped him  " armaan we r in a temple right now" said that girl  ,


She opened her eyes only to see an unclear image of a couple standing there , a lady was wearing a sari , and the guy was dressed in normal jeans and shirt ,but it looked a bit old fashioned one to her , 


she was not able to see the face first ,only heard there conversation , through which it was clear that they were a married couple , and the guy name was armaan , that was what stroked her mind , then she saw the face of the man it was not soo clear , but yes , it was none other than armaan ,she was shocked , when she recognizes him , "armaan , married his wife here" , were all the thoughts in her mind , she wanted to see the face of the lady ,  but when she  saw the face of the girl with him  , she was shocked to hell ,like any think , it was none other than her , standing there with armaan , "how can it be what is this , this can't bee" all that were the thoughts coming in her mind now ,


"riddhima , riddhima , where r you lost" said adhiraj shaking her from her shoulder , and she came back to her senses , she looked towards adhiraj ,


"I that '.. there" she said stammering, and pointing towards her right,  and then she turned there , to find that there was no one , no one at all , "how can this be , she was herself standing there with armaan just a few seconds back, and now there was no one , was I day dreaming , yes I think I was day dreaming" were all the thoughts coming in her mind as for now


"Are you ok bachaa, if you say we can goo back home , I think you r not soo well"  said a concerned adhiraj ,


"No no adi , I m fine  , perfectly fine , lets goo , we getting late for the office" , said riddhima after coming back to normal , and now she was thinking as to why she dreamt like that , and why about armaan , "romancing with my beautiful  wife" , was the line again and again , echoing in her mind making her goo all red thinking about it to be real , till the time she mentally kicked herself to stop it , but why all of a sudden this thought came in her mind , she never thought about him , from the last time she had met him , yes she have never thought about him at all ,then why she suddenly remembered him

There was a place , an old tree , where the couples use to tie threads and make wishes , and it was old saying that all the wishes made there always get fulfilled , and when your wish get fulfilled , the couple have to come back and remove the tied thread from there ,
Now guess , who we can see there, none other then our mayur

Ok , mayank and nupur , were standing there near that tree

When nupur went towards the tree , and untied one knotted thread from there

"nupur , what r you doing why r you removing this thread"  asked mayank confused on seeing her doing that

"actually mayank it is said , that when your wishes get true you have to remove your tied thread from here , soo today I m doing that" said nupur

"wish ? what wish , when did you tied this thread here , I don't knew"  asked mayank

"I prayed here for you , I asked for you from god  and as today I have got you , I m removing this" said nupur shyly with a blush "don't you remember this is the place where we met first time" , "our first meeting"

"offcourse nupur how can I forget , this was the same place where I for the first time saw an angel in a white suit , directly coming from heavens for me , I remember I was standing here only , when you came out of the temple stairs , and I saw you  , and"  mayank paused

"and ?" nupur asked curiously

"and I lost my heart somewhere" very romantically ,and coming close to nupur "in that eyes, in that smile in" coming more and more close ,

"stop it mayank" said nupur shyly ,

when they heard some voices that made them conscious

"no please don't stop we have to listen to this yaar" said riddhima ,

mayank and nupur turned around , and riddhima , adhiraj and samrat were standing there , watching them

"you ,all you came are you done with your worship" said mayank , stammering as he became conscious

"yes we were gone for worship, not romancing like you guys, that is never ending and that wont end ever" said samrat giving hi five to adhiraj

"just shut your mouth now you three" said mayank with fake anger and then to nupur,  "nupur I am leaving you come with me" said mayank to nupur and then towards adhiraj , "adhiraj samrat and riddhima you come to office together in the other car"

'yes bhai" said adhiraj

and with that mayank and nupur left leaving the left 3 laugh on them 

With all this masti again riddhima reached there office with samrat and adhiraj

"Well riddhima its our main reception , dad and karan chachu's office r there on 6th floor , while Mayank bhaiya's ,  mine , samrat's and yours r there on 5th floor"  , said adhiraj ,to riddhima while they entered there reception on the ground floor and were moving towards the lift ,

Only then riddhima's cell buzzed up , it was kripa ,

"hey kripa , how r you sweety" said riddhima excitedly as she received the call,


"well me fine sweety , as its your first day in  office , just called to say you all the best" said kripa from other side ,


As riddhima was busy with her call, she signaled adhiraj and samrat to move ahead as she will join them later after the call, soo adhiraj and samrat went in the lift for there cabins ,while riddhima was standing there on the reception , talking to kripa  ,


image to the reception area


on the other side , Armaan who was supposed to have a meeting with , Mr. Mayank Sharma , armaan entered the sharma industries with his PA one side and another secretary the other side , while his 2 bodyguards , were supposed to wait outside ,armaan moved towards reception area  and was stopped in tracks as he saw  her standing there in front of the reception , "no armaan its again your dream and she is not here ,and she will just disappear again"  said to himself closing his eyes again ,and then opening them , but she didn't got disappeared , was it true , yes it was she was there , here as riddhima ended up with her call she also looked that side , and found armaan , dressed up in a formal blue business suit , standing at a bit distant ,   riddhima also got the same reaction earlier , thinking that she was again dreaming just like in the temple , and armaan was continuously looking at her
tere saath saath aisa koi noor aaya hai
chaand tere roshni ka halka sa ek saaya hai ,

armaan was going near to her 

tere nazro ne dil ka kiya jo haashar assar ye hua ,
ab inme hi doob ke ho jaao paar yahe hai dua ,
looking deep in her eyes ,
now standing face to face ,
aankhon mein tere ajab si ajab si adaaye hai -2
dil ko banna jo patang saanse ye tere vo hawaaye hai
[well this was part 2 of the song , from movie om shanti om , and armaan reaction was just like SRK , all shocked and stunned , I personally love this part of song enjoy this]
ok now back to present ,
armaan and riddhima were standing face to face lost and stunned in each other , there eye lock session was disturbed by  armaan's PA , who was till now  enquiring at the reception , "Sir , we have to move on 5th floor"  , said his PA  to armaan , while riddhima was standing there confused ,


"I never thought we would meet like this again , hey hi , I m kind of surprise to see you here" , said riddhima , very friendly but got confused seeing armaan still in daze , lost somewhere 


 "hey armaan ,you here" , moving her hand in front of her eyes to make him come back to the read world , but when armaan still not reacted finally , she shakes him by keeping her hand on his shoulder , and getting him out of his own world ,


"yaa I m" , said armaan fuming with words , after getting out of his dream world


"armaan r u ok , I mean" she said in a concerned voice , as to see armaan standing there ,


"No no , I m fine , well hi its good to see you here , its just that I never expected you to be here"  said armaan , finally coming back to the real world ,


"Oh , soo what you doing here"  , said riddhima while seeing him dressed in formals ,but she haven't seen his PA and secretary , soo she thought him to be and employ working here only ,   and soo again asked in surprised "you work over here armaan , but you told you just came back from italy , you got a job soo soon wow , is this your first day , well its mine first day here , and I m damm nervous about that" , she kept on speaking and armaan was just standing there and just looking at her , admiring her changed expression from surprise , to happiness to nervousness,


His continues staring was disturbed by his secretary's voice , who repeated her words again , "sir we have to be on 5th floor" , 


"hey , they both also works here" asked riddhima ,pointing towards armaan's PA and secretary , before armaan could say any think , Mayank sharma's manager came there , to welcome Armaan , as armaan was there very important client,


"welcome ,  Mr Rathode [to armaan] , mayank sir waiting for you only , shall we"


"Yaa sure" , said armaan ,


"armaan , why didn't you told me that you r a business client and not an employ here?"  , riddhima asked a bit annoyed ,


"I would have told you , only if you have given me a chance to speak" said armaan , making her realize that she was just speaking continuously ,


Biting her tongue , "I m sorry actually"


"Its ok, I can understand , you r nervous , as its your first day" said armaan smiling at her



Suddenly riddhima realized that she was in office and not at some chit chat place  "Oh man, I m late ,I have to goo up , they would be waiting for mee" she said , mummerring to herself


"soo shall we move" said armaan to the manager ,came there to receive him


"yaa sure sir this way" said the manager taking them towards the lift, while riddhima also moved with them only ,in the lift


Now armaan riddhima , were in lift along with 2 armaan's secratery and mayank's manager , who probably didn't knew riddhima , as she was visiting office for the first time  


While armaan thought of her being an employ, as he didn't knew the fact that she was riddhima sharma , of the same sharma family , he only knew that she is adhiraj's sister and that's all


As they were standing together in the lift , armaan thought of having a small convo with her


"soo , how's adhiraj , I didn't got a chance to talk to him after that" , said armaan


"Well adi is doing fine" said riddhima , normally , 


"and what about samrat , we didn't got a chance to meet yet" said armaan


"you even know samrat bhai ,I thought you were adi's friend" said riddhima


"Yes we 3 used to study together , in US , soo" , said armaan


"oh , well they both r great , and here only you meet them personally then" said riddhima    


"Here , you mean they too work here" , asked armaan surprised ,


"yaa they have also joined the office yesterday only , to help Mayank bhaiya with the business, and from today mee to going to join them"   said riddhima in her excitement , and in that she completely ignored armaan's confusion , as he was standing there too confused to knew any think , agreed adhiraj and armaan , were good friends in US  but still they never knew much about each other life family etc ,


Before armaan can ask her any further , they reached the 5th floor , and as the lift opened , adhiraj was standing there , in front of the lift ,as he was waiting for riddhima , as it was her first day and he need to show her , her cabin ,


As he saw riddhima coming out of the lift , he went to her not even seeing who else was there in the lift "riddhima what took you soo long , I was waiting for you"   he said a little concerned ,


But before riddhima can answer to him , armaan came there


"hi adhiraj" he said , smiling on seeing that surprised face of adhiraj on seeing him after a long time


"armaan! , hey , you here"  , said adhiraj hugging armaan excitedly 


"What the hell where were you lost I was trying your call from last 1 week , since we met last, not a single reply from you" , said adhiraj in one goo ,


"hey hey , relax dude, is this your family problem to just speak continuously in one breath , not even giving a chance for other person to reply you" said armaan ,  indirectly pointing towards , riddhima , as she was still standing by her side , resulting in a hit on both his arms


"ouch" armaan exclaimed in pain , as from one side adhiraj hit him on his arm  and same did riddhima on his other arm , as they both got annoyed but his sarcastic comment


"man you brother sister , are just same , gosh my arms r paining soo much" , said armaan


"Well that's a warning don't even dare to speak anything against my family got it" , said riddhima to him is warning, leaving confused adhiraj there  , as to how they both knew each other  ,as for him they just met once when adhiraj had introduced then to each other , he was finding some think really very fishy in their behaviour against each other, no one can say its their second meet


"Is there some think I m missing guys"  , finally adhiraj asked from both armaan and riddhima, and then they realized , what they were doing where they were, and all


"No no , nothing at all adi , actually I met her at the reception" , said armaan to adhiraj , wishing that all his doubts get vanished ,


Armaan again continued,   "well I, I came here for a meeting with Mr Mayank Sharma" ,


"What , soo you r Mr Rathode , wait wait, how can you be , we had a meeting with some  prince , of a royal kingdom of Rajasthan and as per as I knew you , you r armaan singh , and you have been from Italy , soo how can u be that" , said a confused cum surprised adhiraj


"yes adi , I m Armaan Singh Rathode , that's mee , and me being from a family from  Rajasthan , well that's a long story" said armaan trying clearing all his confusion , while riddhima was standing there confused trying to understand what they all talking about


"ok then , you goo and carry on with the meeting , will meet you after that"  , said adhiraj , and with that armaan went towards Mayank's cabin


While here adhiraj took riddhima to samrat's cabin and then they showed riddhima the whole office , and her cabin too that was next to adhiraj's cabin while samrat's cabin ,was opposite to adhiraj's 


Adhiraj told samrat about armaan , that he was here for the project ,  and samrat didn't looked much pleased over that [remember samrat didn't liked armaan much , they were never like good friends]



In Mayank's cabin

Mayank greeted armaan  , and after that they went in conference hall for there meeting , adhiraj and samrat were already there waiting for Mayank , and riddhima was left out in her cabin ,

They started with there meeting and discussing about there project , after the whole presentation , finally the meeting got over and all other members went out , now only adhiraj , samrat , mayank and armaan were left there,

"Well now I m just gonna supervise or guide you with the project , as from now ,  this project will be handled by you three ,  I m sure you would like to work with each other on this" , said Mayank looking towards  armaan , samrat and adhiraj


"Yes bhaiya we would love to work together , after all we r friends" , said adhiraj happily


"Do you all already knew each other"  , asked surprised Mayank


"Well we used to study together in US , we were good friends there" , replied armaan


"that's nice , then I m sure there won't be any problem, I m sure you guys will be pretty well together"  said Mayank  smiling 


"Yes offcourse" , said armaan happily , while samrat was not soo pleased with all that ,


"Hey hi sam , it was nice meeting you"  , said armaan to samrat as they both were never like good to each other


"same here armaan" , said samrat  sarcastically , while there not soo pleasant meet was disturbed by a bang of conference hall door , and entered a bit angry and annoyed riddhima from there , not noticing armaan there


"I think , you all forgot that its my first day here , and I m definitely getting bored" ,said riddhima , coming and standing there in front of adhiraj and Mayank , while samrat and armaan were on the other side , soo she didn't saw them


"hey baby welcome to the office"  said Mayank , giving riddhima a side hug


"Thanks bhaiya , but I don't think its an office, I mean , I m like roaming here and there , and that stupid manager of yours is not allowing me to do any work I want to do some work" , she said pouring like a baby and making herself sit comfortably on the round table, with her back towards armaan and samrat , as she was facing mayank and adhiraj


"Oh my little baby ko kaam karna hai , but kiddo , you know babies r not allowed to work in office , we bought you here as you said you were getting bored in house, soo you roam over here n office , hope you won't get bored here" , said Mayank , very lovingly ,in way teasing her


"First think bhaiya don't call me kiddo, as I m not a kid anymore" , said riddhima with fake anger ,which made everyone including armaan who was till now just standing there at a corner watching her,  smile at her cuteness ,


"ok , ok mere maa, you r not a kid happy ,ok getting serious ,you r not getting any work to do today , as its your first day here , and moreover , its karan chachu's strick instruction that , there princess won't be loaded with any kind of work load , soo enjoy your office life like this" said Mayank to riddhima



"that's not fare , if its like this I won't come to the office from tomorrow" said riddhima like a baby , making a bit crying face


"ok ok  , now stop crying like a baby atleast , fine you wanna do some work na , why don't you too join with the same hotel project with adi and samrat , infact you can help out in this project , as we gonna give an ancient touch to our this hotel ,and I m sure you can help a lot with that ,as you have done Archeology , what say"  said Mayank


"wow that would be great , infact I would love to see all ancient things there" , said riddhima with excitement , which maid armaan more excited with the fact that he would be able to work with her and they can spend lots of time together


"Well baby that's armaan , and we r doing this project with him" , said Mayank who obviously didn't knew any think about there meeting earlier

"oh yes , hi armaan , sorry I didn't noticed you here" said riddhima , realizing the fact that armaan was watching there cute family talks

"so you also working with our company , wow that's great , then we all will surely have great time together" said riddhima again ,

"do you guys knew each other from earlier" asked confused mayank , and rather all of a sudden getting very much conscious  samrat

"yes riddhima how you knew him"  asked samrat, more like in a interrogating manner ,

this actually made riddhima very much conscious , no ways she can tell her 3 over protective brothers the truth about her and armaan meeting , as she very well knew that her brothers can't tolerate the fact that there little angel meets any strange boy , like this , now she needs to do something , think if something fast ,

"actually , I , we" riddhima was fuming for words , as she was not getting what to say now

but to her good luck, adhiraj answered that part for her

"oh yes , you remember samrat last time I met armaan in mall , riddhima was also there with kripa , I introduced her to armaan , that day" said adhiraj , who was actually reading something on riddhima's face, but for now he felt that he needs to save her , the fishy part he will get to know himself later , as the corridor incidence, outside the lift was also like a bit strange , and he can smell something fishy in all this

but for the time being this saved riddhima

"yes yes adi , I knew he is adi friend from US" said riddhima , finally getting normal

"ohh ok I think that's all for today, we will start working on this project from tomorrow" ,said samrat , and with that everyone came out of the conference hall, and after that armaan went from there office


But his mind was completely lost only and only with riddhima's thoughts, there sudden meet , her cuteness , and all


While on the other side riddhima was busy with her brothers and enjoying her first day in office

OK thats all for now

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Loved the part to the core..Smile
The choice of songs were perfecttt in the antakshari.. Clap
Everyone was really very cutee during the game.. Embarrassed
And AR flashbacks, their dreams.. uff i just loved that part when Armaan n Ridzy were getting flashbacks of their past lives.. Star
Could imagine how lovingly Armaan would call Ridzy 'Basket'.. Heart
Loved Ridzy's flashback part too where she was totally different.. Embarrassed
On the whole, it was a super fantastic update.. Big smile
Keep it up..Thumbs Up  Good job, Simi... Clap

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The part was really awesome...SmileSmile

WOW already a short breaker to their journey..OMG the place they are staying used to be sanjeevani orphanage..hmmm so armaan and riddhima are there for more surprises...WOW the antakshiri part was nice everyone got to tell their feeling from the songs...ohhh. they are seeing their old self and more they are going to face in this journey...

When riddhima is going to realize her love for armaan... i am seeing that it will a bit difficult for armaan to win ridzi heart...aww i wish him luck..he he he...LOLLOL


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Awesome update
continue soon
thanks for the PM

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what is this simi ji itna kam AR :( no more AR plz 

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hey simi
d part was awesome ,enjoyed their antakshri good choice of songs
and MN's dancing part was also good
finally flashback's me hi sahi we got some AR moments ,yaar when riddhima will realize her love for armaan, poor armaan it's getting tuff for him
and plz add some more ar moment in next part pleashh
bye nd tc

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punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ARMAANKSGFAN

awesome update
loved it
all da couples r sooo cute
loved da antakshri
loved AR past
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

hey nice part...and all songs are very beautiful..."lag ja galey" nice choice...i love this used it in perfect place...

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anshara Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
hey great part  Thumbs Up 
cont soon nd thanks 4 da pm

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