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Posted: 21 April 2014 at 4:59am | IP Logged
I had my doubts on shashank ever since he met the presentaction t day riddhima and that call to shyam

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destinationn Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2014 at 7:33am | IP Logged
wonderful part...
loved it...
continue soon...
thanks fr d pm...

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ojaswi_kajen Goldie

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Posted: 21 April 2014 at 7:42am | IP Logged
Wonderful update...srsly awesome one...loved it...cont soon di...thnks for the!!!!

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yoga123 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 April 2014 at 4:44pm | IP Logged
Amazing chapter...thanks for the PM

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..Phoenix.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 April 2014 at 10:45am | IP Logged
shanky villan hi rahega hamesha... koi aapni beti ke sath aisa kaise kar sakta hian hump/... i hate this shanky yaar,,,,

dii jaldi continnues kar na aplzzz

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2014 at 3:50am | IP Logged
part 37 A on page 138

riddhima sujal , karan and rishab came for rescue of kashish and prerna , and then riddhima meeting shyam and went back in her flashback, remembering the past from armaan death till the revelation of there death mystery


"no shyam please leave me, please I will , I will do whatever you want , please leave me don't touch me I will sign, I will sign on whatever documents you want" said riddhima shattering down , she don't have other choices either to save herself or that money which was nothing for her

Shyam also got up smiling evilly over his victory

"that's better like a good girl , now come here and sign on this" said shyam smiling and he went and sat on a sofa and kept the property papers on the table

Riddhima didn't thought much she just signed the papers, she was sitting on the floor holding the table and signing while shyam was exactly behind her

She didn't knew how she got the courage or maybe her anger for him let her do that ,she picked one show piece kept in the middle of the table , it was a flower vase of steel very heavy weighted ,

She immediately picked it up and without wasting a second attacked shyam with that while shyam was still smiling evilly over his victory looking at her signed papers , he didn't even realized what riddhima did

It was only when it hit hard on his leg the same leg and he was groaning in pain , an unbearable pain the same way shyam fall on the floor in pain and riddhima standing up holding that vase

"I will kill you , an evil like you needs to be ended you killed my armaan" said riddhima crying

"don't you dare riddhima , you knew you cant escape from here, you cant go anywhere" said shyam in pain, he still tried getting up , and in a second he was up over his other leg snatching that  vase from her hand and slapping riddhima hard on her face with full force and she fall on a far corner

And it gave him more time to get up straight , his leg was injured and blood was flowing from it , still he managed coming near her with a single leg

While here riddhima stood up she was at one corner trapped

"no shyam , no just get away from me" said riddhima in fear looking at shyam near him

And then she through everything came in her way towards him to stop him, but he was evil the evilness in his eyes was getting near her , more and more

When she felt that she was trapped she cant do anything

"please don't come near me please" riddhima pleading while crying, looking everywhere for help

When she found a glass vase , and she broke it from the middle using it like a weapon

"get away shyam or else" riddhima warning him

"or else what will you do, kill me , try it on" said shyam with evil smile

"no I will kill myself shyam" said riddhima pointing that broken piece of glass towards her

"I knew you cant do that" said shyam

"no shyam I am serious I will kill myself and moreover without my love , my armaan my life is of no use , so I wont think twice ending it" said riddhima warning him for the last time

But when she found he was not affected , riddhima almost inserted it in her stomach , when someone holding her arms , stopping her from doing so

"no riddhima what are you doing get back to your senses" saying that person who hold riddhima hand

But then the voice getting unclear again this time as well the same part she even had a dream last night , then also she was not able to see the face of the person holding her hand and today as well the moment she felt she was very near the truth ,her thoughts broke again

Flashback ends

She heard shyam voice again calling her name

"why , why riddhima why it has to be like this all the time , why is it that i have to always be a part of your betray and that armaan he always won from me" said shyam still on the ground

She was back to her senses , back from her dreams remembering the past back again she was standing there holding the same gun and shyam still on the floor in pain ,

her full concentrations was lacked already as she was so lost in thinking of the past she never realized that shyam have by now managed to stand up half on the floor as riddhima was looking towards him but her mind was not there it was lost in thinking about the past and he immediately made his move

like in the past same way he immediately grabbed riddhima hand in which she was holding the gun as shyam was more strong than her so he managed to grab the gun in his hand and he slapped riddhima hard on her face , resulting in blood coming out from her lips

sujal was standing just next to riddhima and as he saw 
this he came ahead to grab shyam but till then the gun was in his hand and he aimed it directly on sujal

"no please dont go back mr rathode , not a single move or i will shoot and riddhima you , you again betrayed me first i said you to be alone and you are here with them , now they will have to suffer they will die cause of you" said shyam warning

and as shyam was about to shoot sujal , he stopped hearing a loud voice calling his name everyone turned towards the gate to see Armaan standing there looking at her in disbelief

Armaan and everyone else rushed inside the building exactly when they heard the sound of a fire and here as they entered the hall , they were shocked seeing the situation

kashish , prerna were standing in one side with rishab and karan while shyam was standing in the middle holding the gun directly on sujal , and from other holding riddhima arm , showing her cause of her today sujal will die

 armaan called riddhima name loud she looked towards him fresh tears of pain and joy together came out of her eyes

Pain for the past ,and joy for their present where in one way shyam was at defeat and they and their love won , they were safe they were together again in this world

 and when riddhima started watching towards the gate from where armaan , mayank and adhiraj just came in at that point she didn't  knew what to do, while shyam again acted more smartly and with all his force he can applied he pulled riddhima towards him holding her and pulling her so hard towards her in just a second that she was just not able to protest or fight back , shyam standing on his one leg while his one arm holding riddhima around her neck and , and now shyam aiming the gun straight on riddhima's head

Shyam standing holding riddhima tightly through her neck from one hand and with other hand holding the gun aimed at riddhima's head

"don't no one move, or else I will kill her" shyam warned them as armaan almost came running near them but then stop in is way

"shyam leave her right now i am warning you if anything happened to her I will kill you" said armaan in anger he was fuming with anger

"no no armaan its not you its me again  ,this time also I will be the one doing that honor my dear brother, just like the past, you will have to die and riddhima will live with me like she did earlier as well" said shyam

And it was more confusing than a shock for armaan to hear that fact

"i dont have time to hear your nonsense here just let her go" said armaan

"nonsense really riddhima you didn't told him the truth yet , ohh my mistake I was so eager to meet you today and called you in so much rush here that you must have not got any time to talk and tell him the truth, but no worries tell him now go ahead lets tell him together" said shyam

while riddhima was in a state of panic she was scared with the gun being aimed at her, and most over the fact that now armaan was here and that to on shyam mercy , as she knew well that she was his weakness and he wont act at all in this situation when shyam was pointing a gun at her

and now the situation was that shyam and riddhima were in middle while mayank , adhiraj and armaan on one side , and sujal , karan and rishab were also there but all of them were just helpless as shyam was holding riddhima , her safety was the first thing that they needed right now

"look you also knew that you cant get out of here the police and other security have already sealed this whole building and you cant go out from here, so its better you surrender yourself" said mayank coming a little ahead

"dont stop right there, dont you dare act smart coming here or i will shoot her" said shyam warning tightening her hold more around riddhima neck

and riddhima was so badly trapped in his hold he was holding her so tightly that she hissed in pain with that moment the horror was so visible in her eyes

"bhaiya please dont , bhaiya please go , please take him bhaiya take armaan out"  she cried in pain and fear

"take him why riddhima whats the need to send him away from us in so hurry, i knew just like me you also want him to stay away from us and our life, seriously armaan why dont you understand the reality that she dont want to be a part of your life, look today also on your so called wedding day she is here and she came running to me on my one call, why dont you understand that she dont love you , it was me and only me for whom she lived always and now came again in this world cause she knew i was waiting for her , i waited for her my whole life" said shyam

while he was talking his own illusion in which armaan was not at all interested he knew well that he was a disgusting man and crazy also , so he was not at all effected with his talks right now , infact he was just working on the way to get riddhima out of his hold right now

right now he can only see his life his riddhima in that man's hold and she was in pain , and her this pain was hurting armaan a lot , and that hurt was coming out in form of anger for that shyam , but he was helpless he have to control his anger and think wisely untill riddhima was in his hold , he was still thinking what to do when his thoughts broke with riddhima's statement

"you are wasting your time, i would have just not waited for so long before shooting , you want to kill me than kill me i dont care but you wont i knew you wont shoot me cause you also knew that once you will do that than you cant also move out of here alive" said riddhima looking straight towards shyam daring him with her eyes to shoot if he can

"oh yes riddhima you are so right , god you knew me so well that's why i always loved you so much , you knew my love for you have been my weakness and i cant hurt you like this, but i really dont care about anyone else here, i cant kill you but i can kill him for sure" said shyam , and now aiming the gun point directly at armaan

"you armaan you were the one , the one responsible for each and every problems in my life , since the day you came in my life you only snached everything from me, each and everything that belong to me, either it was money property and even love , i lost everything cause of you, thats why i killed you, i killed you to through you out of my life and riddhima's life as well, and i was successful in that but still you defeated me in that as well, cause this riddhima preferred dying for you than living with me, i tried so hard to get her but i lost her at that time and now when she came back for me you are again here in our life , so its better you should die" said shyam almost ready to fire

while everyone were rooted at their places, even armaan didnt acted much cause he knew that they have plan b and they were working on it

cause here armaan, mayank and adhiraj came from front, while angad and samrat were enterring from back , which was so unknown by shyam ,and they were almost there on the back of shyam to catch hold on him and shyam didnt get a chance to knew that as he was so busy in his anger and frustration towards armaan

when samrat punched him hard from back and in result the gun from his hands fall down

and armaan immediately rushed ahead towards him catching him fast and taking riddhima out of his hold ,

here shyam fall down back on the floor again , as he was standing holding riddhima

armaan immediately hugging riddhima tightly,

while here shyam was been given a nice beating session by everyone , while armaan was consoling riddhima

clearing the little blood coming out of her lips  due to shyam slapping her and seeing the blood his anger doubled

"riddhima are you ok, what have you done , why were you so out of your mind how could you come here like this" said armaan in anger yet hugging her tight , it was kind of mix emotions going on inside him right now, he was angry with her on her stupidity , while he was scared for loosing her and now he was calmed that she was safe

"i am sorry , i am sorry armaan, i was scared , i never wanted to get you in any danger , i am sorry" said riddhima crying ,

while here full filmy type fight sequence was going on,  all that goons appointed  by shyam were having a good time fight while all the man and gents were busy beating them all right now,

Armaan left riddhima in one side and went ahead to catch hold on shyam there were lots of revenge to be taken and now he was in great force to kill that shyam , he didn't even waited for a single second , and not even replied or heard riddhima at all, he was just too too much angry with her to even listen to her , her that little simple sorry wont do anything right now 

And now we see a full rage angry armaan beating that shyam brutally, his eyes were blood red with anger , when after giving lots of punches he was holding half almost dead shyam by his shirt and looking at his face remembering each and every hurt of past life and present as well all the time cause of his actions he disturbed his life , and specially riddhima , he punched him hard very hard again this time so hard that shyam fall far far away in one corner , he immediately got unconscious after falling

While riddhima watching armaan beating shyam , she was crying her tears were of satisfaction, her own saying of the past were repeating again and again in her mind,  that god will send his armaan again to take revenge from shyam for all the pain he have given her and today he did that , her armaan was giving him all the pain back in return

Soon all the police and other security came inside and arresting all the goons , everything became fine  , situation was under control

Riddhima was still standing in the same position armaan back was facing him while everyone was at peace that now everything was fine , mayank , adhiraj went towards prerna and kashish first to make sure they were fine , where karan , sujal were busy getting all the peoples arrested

When armaan turned back towards riddhima , who was still standing rooted at her place , armaan eyes were still filled with anger , she knew the reason for that was she herself this time , what she did today was wrong , and even unacceptable, it is her wedding day she is about to get married to him and she took such a stupid and drastic step , she knew armaan wont forgave her ever for this

She was still thinking about all this and her eyes were towards armaan who was coming towards her , when she looked back at unconscious lying shyam, he was moving , everyone were busy in there task and no one realized that shyam the evil was just acting being unconscious waiting for the right time , while riddhima can clearly see a gun in his hand he was lying on the floor and his aim was at armaan,  whose back was towards shyam ,

She didn't knew what to do , it was so fast action, when he trigger the gun and shoot, riddhima cant do anything else other than rushing towards armaan and thronging him away , away from the place with great force , as much as she can 

 And the voice of the gun shoot, everyone got attentive again, and no one realized what actually happened

Armaan also didn't understood as he fall on the floor , but the moment he looked up , he was shocked and rooted , he can only see riddhima standing there holding her stomach a pool of blood coming out of it
and wetting her hands , her already dark red with henna applied hands , she was still wearing that suhaag chura and henna of armaan name in her hands

As armaan was just coming towards riddhima , as she threw him away and the shot missed it target that was armaan, it hit riddhima as she was standing just behind him on the target , the bullet went inside her stomach

It was so instant that no one could do anything and realized what happened till they saw riddhima in that state

Her face was pale in just a second and she was just looking towards armaan , her eyes were in pain but still she didn't dared to even blink , she was watching him and only him

While here armaan also just saw her , and then her falling down on the floor,  where he supported her and now riddhima was lying in armaan's lap on the floor and blood coming out of her stomach , she was in pain that was so visible still no words came out , this was the end a silent end ,

Everyone rushed towards them , all of them gathered there , while as the security realized that shyam shoot the fire , they also counter fired him , and he was shot in his that arm where he was holding that gun and was taken from there

Everyone gathered riddhima , all were shocked and more and more in panic , while she was quite , didn't utter a single word or looked anywhere else , her eyes were just not leaving armaan's eyes, while armaan was also in the same state , he was silent and didn't did any effort or moved at all, just looking at her , in her eyes , they both didn't left each other , no words came just the silence

Young boys run out calling the ambulance , while everyone was still surrounding them trying to talk with riddhima while there was just silence , all the world stopped for armaan and riddhima here , for them It was like there end , and they were all alone again in this

Background music began , and here my personal favorite song perfect for this situation, please its my personal request for all my readers for once hear the song side by side and then read the next situations occurring while the song is played , this is my favorite song I specially adding it here in my climax

Well got this vm's by someone on youtube the original song vm is this and english translation of the song is in the end of the part , for my readers

male singing for armaan
Jaane Kaise Tooten Rishton Se Bikhre Hain Yeh Pal
Maano Jaise Gham Ki Palkon Se Chhalke Hain Yeh Pal

[armaan and riddhima looking at each other and only the words the prediction of guruji coming in his mind, and nothing else]

Kyun Adhoori Yeh Kahani
Kyun Adhoora Yeh Fasana
Kyun Lakeeron Mein Iske... Alvida...

[holding riddhima hand, why is there love that is left incomplete all the time, why is this the end, why is this again going to be their destiny]

In the mean while the ambulance came outside , and two boys holding stretchers rushed inside , everyone holding riddhima carefully making her lye on that stretcher, still neither she broke the eye contact with armaan nor she left armaan hand

Female singing:
Umra Bhar Ka Saath De Jo, Kyun Wohi Pyaar Ho...
Kyun Na Mit Ke Jo Fanaa Ho, Woh Bhi Pyaar Ho...

[riddhima looking in armaan eyes taking a deep breath , she knew that she was near to end , but that really didn't meant that their love was also ending, true she was leaving him alone today she was getting destroyed for his love]

[and then everyone moving out, armaan also moved robotically , just looking at her holding her they moved stretcher inside the ambulance ,and armaan also came nd sat by her side in the ambulance]

Female singing again
Na Adhoori Yeh Kahani
Na Adhoora Yeh Fasana
Mar Ke Bhi Na Hum Kahenge... Alvida...

[so true even if she will leave still she can never be away from armaan]

[ambulance door closed and it started moving on the road]

Male singing:
Bairiya Mere Rabba, Kyun Hua Mere Rabba
Yun Na Dhaavi (x2)
Do Dilaan Di Yeh Kahani

[while ambulance rushing towards hospital and sun setting in behind on the road , indicating it was almost evening now , few cars ahead and few behind the ambulance]
As they reached outside the hospital, everyone rushed towards ambulance , mayank and adhiraj helping riddhima come of ambulance and placing it on a trolley stretcher out while armaan was still beside her and they all moving inside the hospital]

Mit Bhi Jaoon, Na Mite Yeh Kaisi Pyaas Hai
Dooriyon Mein Bhi Kho Ke Tu, Mere Paas Hai

[armaan just looking at riddhima while moving beside her she was lying on that stretcher and been dragged all the family was by their side but they were still busy in each other]

Kyun Ki Tu Meri Kahani
Kyun Ki Tu Mera Fasana

[riddhima holding his hand , while after one point they reached the emergency room where nurses stopped everyone else, and took riddhima inside]

Female singing
Ab Kabhi Phir Na Hai Kehna... Alvida...

[riddhima moving ahead ,still armaan and riddhima holding hand , and after sometime armaan standing stretching hand while riddhima went inside leaving his hand]

[the door closed and treatment started , riddhima was been put immediately on the table , armaan looking at her from outside in a very small glass mirror on the door of that ICU , just looking at her

Teri Yaadon Ko Sehlata Hoon... Yaad Kitna...
Pal Mein Ban Ke Bikharta Hoon... Hmm...

[armaan finally closed his eyes , looking at the glass holding the glass , maybe he could get a chance to touch her, but she was gone , gone out , away very away and this thought now finally shattered him completely]

Jis Jahaan Mein Kho Gayi Ho Tum... Alvida...
Kya Nahi Hai Wahaan Tooti Tanhaaiyon Ka Gham

[he turned his back to the door and leaning on the door , fall down sitting falling on the floor leaning the door of the room inside which riddhima was taken , he was shattered completely , all the members present there knew this , they can see that now he was ready to burst , till now no one stopped or said a word to them and didn't disturbed them , maybe they all understood the situation and their state]

Now armaan was shattered and he burst out crying loud , loud and completely broken so adhiraj immediately came hugging him and let him cry and armaan cried hard with his support cause he was so weak cant even cry without support right now]

Bairiya Mere Rabba, Kyun Hua Mere Rabba
Yun Na Dhaavi (x2)
Do Dilaan Di Yeh Kahani

[all the family crying everyone sad ,bbut armaan condition was worse now , a strong man like his was broken like this a concrete like stone man was today shattered and didn't even tried to hide his pain, he was crying like a kid, even more worse right now]

Jaane Kaise Tooten Rishton Se Bikhre Hain Yeh Pal...
[armaan tired of crying still weeping in same position]

Na Kehna
[riddhima inside the room , she was ben treated still her eyes open looking in space , just with armaan]

Maano Jaise Gham Ki Palkon Se Chhalke Hain Yeh Pal...
[armaan in the same place, adhiraj hugging him]

[riddhima face covered with oxygen mask by the doctor, as she was getting difficulty in breathing]

Kyun Adhoori Yeh Kahani
[everyone sitting outside the icu, whole family crying , armaan sitting like a statue]

O... O... O... Alvida...


[finally riddhima remembering armaan and one last time whispering his name she closed her eyes]
[Finally everything became dark she closed her eyes]

Good bye

and thats all from me as well for the day

hope with my figures crossed that you will like this climax part , i knew you all are angry and annoyed with my twist , but then the twist and turns are the one making story more interesting , hope you will like this as well

waiting for lots and lots of replies , this time all my silent readers as well, please reply this was the most important part in my ff and i want a lots of reply this time , then only i will write ahead , lol's just kidding , still i want replies

and yes the English translation of the song i didnt mixed it up here's it for my readers who want it in English

I don't know how these moments have broken off from incomplete relationships
It seems as if they've flown out(like tears) from the eyes of sadness
Why is this story incomplete?
Why is this saga incomplete?
Why is there a good-bye written in its destiny?

Why do You call that person Your true love who remains with You all Your life?
Why don't You call that person also Your true love who sacrifices himself for You?
This story isn't incomplete
This saga isn't incomplete
Even after dying, we'll not say... good-bye

O God! Why did this happen?
What led to this
In the story of two hearts

Even if I eradicate myself, I'm still thirsty, what kind of thirst is this?
Even after being lost in distances, You seem near me

Because You are (a part of) my story
Because You are (a part of) my saga
Never say good-bye again

I soothe Your memories... how many memories...
I complete myself in one moment and in the other moment I destroy myself
The world that You have gotten lost in... good-bye
What isn't there (in that world)
The sadness of broken loneliness

O God! Why did this happen?
What led to this
In the story of two hearts

I don't know how these moments have broken off from incomplete relationships...

don't say

It seems as if they've flown out from the eyes of sadness...


Why is this story incomplete

Hmmm good-bye

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nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2014 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Superb but very emotional part
hope ridhima is fine
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 April 2014 at 5:18am | IP Logged
awsn but very sad update.
Plz plz plz dnt end their story plz.
Waiting 4 d nxt part.
Plz cont asap.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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