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awesome ff...
loved it...
continue asap.. 
ty for pm..

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awesome update di...
m so sorry for not commenting on previous updates...
they are just fab...
loved it...cont soon...
thanks for the PM...!!!!

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part 33 on page 123


While here in riddhima room

riddhima seeing the dream again

the same way the same dreams, she asking for help , again and again

but no one to help her , no one to come for her, and then again she covered with that darkness the same darkness

she asking armaan calling armaan but he is not there no where he was not there to help her, and then someone came in front of her with the evil grin

the darkness that scared her it was him , her biggest fear yes it was Shyam... and his evil darkness taking over it all

riddhima got up sweating,

she didnt screamed loud so she knew noone will come for her, she was just sweating a lot, she sat back and had some water herself, and then again lost in her chain of thoughts

"why , why am i getting this stupid and irritating dream again and again, what is happening, till today i saw lots of dreams , all the dreams that were related to our past, all that i use to saw was just the incident which occurred in our past, but then why am i seeing this particular dream again and again right now

Why is this incident roaming again and again in my mind because as for i remember nothing like this happened

Yes shyam once tried misbehaving with me  that night in the hospital but then I never pleaded him and armaan was there he came for my help and after that as well nothing like this happened in our life few incidents really occurred but not like this

And then going in the back memories riddhima remembering the past her past with armaan just from the day when shyam came in hospital that night  [continuing the flashback story from part 25, where it was written]


after six months of armaan and riddhima wedding in their previous birth that night riddhima was on night duty in the hospital

Its almost midnight very less doctors are there at night shift

Riddhima was resting back in her cabin as all her patients were sleeping and there was no emergency as well

When she heard some foot steps

"who is it , sister , ward boy who is there" riddhima said seeing a shadow of someone at the gate

As she went near it , she was shocked to see him

"you what are you doing here" said riddhima in shock she never expected to see him "and when did you  got out of jail , you were in jail I suppose shyam" said riddhima

Yes the man was shyam , he was sentenced for few months for doing armaan accident and was not out on bail

"well I just came to make you realize that I am back and I am out of jail what you both armaan  and you did to me I wont leave you guys until I get my revenge for that" said shyam angrily

"just shut up shyam and get out of the hospital right now you are not allowed to be here at this time" said riddhima angrily

"oh really so what am I allowed well not much I am doing everything that is actually not allowed like going that close to you" said shyam coming forward

"just stop there shyam or else I will scream" said riddhima warning

"you knew the day one I saw you I was at that time only adamant to get you but then you were the one betrayed me telling that you love that loser armaan" said shyam

"mind you language shyam dare you another bad word about my husband" said riddhima angrily

"husband oh yes husband, offcourse armaan is the one always snatched everything that I always wanted , first he took the property then all the support in the family and now when I wanted you he snatched you  as well from me , but not now I will take everything all happiness away from him even you" said shyam angrily

"armaan will kill you shyam just get the hell out of here" said riddhima warning while she herself was now getting scared of him approaching near her she was moving back

"armaan wife yes and now I will give you that tag that armaan will not be able to touch you after that whenever he will touch you he will remember me" said shyam rudely holding riddhima by her one arm in force

While she tried freeing herself but his hold was strong , and as she was about to shout he put his hand on her mouth , holding her from her back and stopping her from screaming

"don't scream do you behave the same when armaan touches you, just relax riddhima I promise I will be more better than him" said shyam shamelessly

And riddhima was struggling a lot to get free , shyam took out his handkerchief and tied her mouth to stop her from shouting

And then he pushed her on the floor before he can come near her  riddhima tried escaping she ran out of the cabin and immediately clashed in someone standing there or probably walking from the other side

It was armaan riddhima the movement she saw him she thought her life came back

"riddhima , what happened riddhima you ok" said armaan he was shocked as he saw her coming running and bumped into him she was shivering she was looking scared and was in miserable condition , he don't knew what to do so he just hugged her tight to make her calm remove that cloth from her mouth and the movement later he saw shyam coming out running , and it didn't took a second for him to realize what probably would have happened

His fist tighten and his anger took over seeing her condition , he can hear riddhima hiccups she was crying

"shyam what do you think you are doing I will kill you" said armaan angrily

"I was just here for the revenge for what you both did to me , you were the one who did wrong with me, you armaan always took away everything from me I was just snatching and taking the thinks that belong to me and you took away" said shyam shamefully

"riddhima is my wife and not a think that you can snatch from me shyam, how dare you touch my wife" said armaan angrily and with a punch on shyam face and another and another

"armaan ji please leave him , armaan please listen I have called the security they will take him away and send him back to jail , please you stop" said riddhima trying to calm armaan as shyam was already half unconscious lying on the floor in pain

"Please lets go back home"  said riddhima hugging on armaan while he also calmed her  down and they went back home

in present riddhima remembering that incident

it was different It was definitely very different from the dream she was seeing , she then remembering her being with armaan

armaan was there by her side


riddhima sitting on a sofa in their house hugging armaan nani ji , [remember readers armaan only family in his past life was his nani who lived with armaan and riddhima]

while armaan moving right and left in anger

"i never knew that this shyam will get so low, till date they were fighting for money property that was still acceptable but today he tried to attack on our esteem, our house daughter in law, he has gone low, he will have to pay a big price for putting his evil eye on my family daughter in law" said nani in anger

"its ok nani ma you don't have to worry at all and have to do anything in this now I am just not going to leave him so easily" said armaan

"no armaan please you don't have to do anything please armaan lets just forget whatever happened please don't" said riddhima she was surely very scared right now

"no riddhima this time I am not going to sit peacefully and let him do his ill deeds again and again, all the time my loved once have to suffer cause of him , this time I am just not going to get him out of jail so easily" said armaan

"no armaan we have already faced a lot of troubles now I just want to  get you and nani ma in any troubles, cause of him and moreover he is been send to jail I am sure he will learn his lesson well and after this will never dare to think of doing anything wrong with us , lets just forget about him and all that we have with him , lets just forget about them and have a new start" said riddhima

"no riddhima evil like him will never change" said armaan

"please armaan we have suffered a lot already cause of him, now I  don't want to lose anything, its just you and nani ma I have with me , I don't want to lose you both for anything" said riddhima

"but riddhima beta we have to do something" said nani ma trying to convince her

"please nani ma please I don't want to lose what I have after all that ill the good think is that we all are safe and together , please I don't want to get in any more troubles" said riddhima

And seeing nani ma and armaan she knew they were quite after her pleading , but no one was satisfied,

Only if riddhima would have realized that at that time nani ma just said ok but in her mind she have already decided to take the revenge for all this , then manybe there life's and whatever happened ahead could have been saved ,

And life's would have been different

Few more days passed,

Riddhima and armaan got busy in their respective works

Riddhima was busy with her duties as a senior intern in Sanjeevani Hospital, while anjali di and atul , along with keerti and shubhankar were now complete doctors

Still they all use to stay and be together it was that time when riddhima saw the difference in her anjali di towards Dr Atul Joshi,

She can see that she was falling in love with atul, and one fine day riddhima finally talked with anjali straight about this

"you love atul right anjali di , don't even try to lie di , you knew you cant lie to me and I can read your mind well" said riddhima smiling

"yes I knew I cant lie to my sweet little sister who have now grown enough, yes riddhima I like him , but then" said anjali little hesitantly

"but what di" asked riddhima

"you knew atul he is just a junior Doctor and not very rich as well, and I am sure dad will never approve him for me I mean he always wanted me to get married in some high profile rich man" said anjali

"oh no di , I knew atul is just a junior right now who have just started his courier but he is really efficient as a doctor, I am sure he will be very successful soon in his field and papa also will understand that" said riddhima

"are you sure about this" asked anjali

"I think so and moreover dad always wanted his son in law to be a doctor, so that he can take over his place, and I am sure dad will surely like him I think we should talk with dad once" said riddhima

"you knew riddhima papa have not yet wholeheartedly accepted your and armaan relation , and over that his going to knew that his other daughter also want to do a love marriage , no papa will be really angry" said anjali

"I knew he will be little upset , but still di we should try once , I mean maybe some miracle happens and he will be happy" said riddhima hoping for the best

And riddhima herself cant believe that actually one miracle happened and Shashank approved anjali and atul relation

She remember the day when shahshank got to knew about anjali and atul initially he was to angry , but then after lots of pleading he agreed to meet atul once, and atul was like a magician he convinced shahshank so well that he will keep anjali di happy , and so he agreed for their marriage

Life was going to perfectly, atul and anjali marriage celebration, in that she got a chance to go little near to shahshak, he was getting normal with riddhima , she was so happy that his dad love was back in her life

Where on one side she was getting one elder love back , on the other side she didn't realized loosing the other important elder of her life

Nani ma who never been a part of any business activities was now a days  going to office , everyday she left the house early as if she was working on something which even armaan have no idea about it

And one day the truth came out , the biggest truth about armaan life which changed everything forever

When one day the worse day came in their lifes

When nani given armaan some documents , which she was preparing for so long

They were the property papers and few more pictures and proofs which nani ma have against Manohar Malik , shyam father

The proofs that so clearly showed that armaan parents death was not due to any car accident

Manohar Malik shaking hand with a contract killer who killed armaan parents

"what is this nani ma" said armaan , a shattered armaan

"I am sorry armaan , I never wanted you to knew this, this was some secrets which I have kept secured and safe with me for so many years , manohar malik and your father were provided with same share of property, but then due to his misuse of money for his leisure's and wrong business decision manohar was facing lots of losses while your father was a very good business man, so his share was getting more and more while manohar share was reducing , this created jealousy and hatred in manohar against his own real brother your father, and this hatred increased so much that once when your father refused to give manohar money for his misuse he , he actually planned to kill them in a car accident but that day in that accident your mother died but your father was saved he was in hospital when he called me , he given me this the property papers which he had on your name cause many of them manohar have taken away from your dad, that day your father made me promise that I will keep you away from them and their evil deeds, he never wanted you to knew all this and that night he died he wanted you to be safe so I took that papers keeping them safe with me, and brought you here away from that place from all of them but they never left your path, I had these proofs against manohar one day he came here for you , he wanted to kill you as well armaan so that he can claim as the only owner of all your money but then I showed him this proofs" said nani ma

While armaan and riddhima were shocked and shattered at the same time ,

"then why didn't you gave this proofs to police nani , he would have been behind bars" said armaan in anger

"I was alone armaan and you were to small , I didn't have the strength to fight him back that time , so I had a deal with manohar, he will never harm or hurt you, and in return I will not send him to jail, with that deal I kept your safety first then the justice for my daughter and son in law" said nani crying

"In all this years I kept this secrets buried inside me for your safety , cause I knew that once I will send him to jail , still he can be back and the day he would have came back he the first think he would have done was to harm you for his revenge, I didn't wanted that , I just wanted this hatred to end so that you can be safe but now when shyam tried to hurt you still I didn't said anything but now its heights of their evil and if I kept mum today also I wont be able to live in peace" said nani crying

"no nani ma you have suffered a lot all this years , now your armaan is here and I promise nani ma that now it will be manohar malik who is going to suffer, now he will have to pay for all his deeds" said armaan

At that time looking at anger in armaan eyes and determination of destruction she knew that the end result will be only destruction

No matter how much she tried to stop armaan that day he wont stop, she knew that

Then came the worse day of their lifes

Armaan gathered all the proofs against manohar malik and then riddhima , armaan and nani ma were standing in manohar malik house with the police , to get manohar arrested ,

he was standing there in front of armaan anger was so clear in his eyes as well, but he was just not able to do anything as the police officer came there and holding him to take him with them

when manohar in anger pushed the officer away and snatching the gun from his hand aimed it on armaan

"you , you are the sole reason for all the problems we have faced , me and then even my son shyam is suffering cause of you" said manohar in anger aiming gun at armaan

"stop this manohar remember armaan is not responsible for you and your son state , its you and your evil deed that are responsible for this state in which you both are today" said nani ma

"but he is the reason for all this, only if i would have killed him as well with his parents then there would have been no problems, today i am not going to leave him" said manohar ,

and it was too late before anyone can catch him or stop him he fired the gun

riddhima standing there at a bit distance when she heard that voice the voice of that gun shot, for once she thought everything got over in that but then as she opened eyes she saw armaan standing in front of her , he was fine

but the worse was waiting for them , it was nani ma who got shot, as manohar fired on armaan nani ma came in front to save armaan

and she got shot with that , the moment later manohar again tried to shot but the police man shot to stop him

here manohar was killed by police in that encounter

while on the other side armaan and riddhima rushed to nani ma , she was lying there on the floor taking her last breath

"what have you done nani, nothing will happen to you , i wont let anything happen to you" said armaan crying

"no , no armaan just stay its ok beta and moreover i am tired armaan , i have lived my life and fulfilled all my duties, now i need to rest armaan" said nani with pain

"no please nani dont say that" said armaan crying

"i am peacefully leaving this world armaan i am happy and satisfied that you are not alone in this world now armaan , you have your riddhima with you, promise me you both will stay happy and will not cry remembering me, always stay happy armaan and riddhima" said nani ma

and she left , she left them , that was her last breath and last wish , armaan and riddhima to stay together and stay happy

armaan was shattered he was emotionally very disturbed with nani ma sudden leaving them

riddhima was trying her best to make him happy but still he was very sad , armaan was just not able to accept the fact that nani ma left them cause of him

Few more days passed , armaan was trying to be normal , riddhima love and support was getting him out of his pain his sorrow, one day riddhima was looking at few old albums of armaan with his parents

"armaan do you still have this house with you" said riddhima looking at the pictures of an old house

"yes riddhima this is my favorite place you knew I have so many good memories of this place with mom and dad, we use to stay together in Mumbai , this house is still there the same way, I never wanted to change anything there which have mom and dad memories in that" said armaan smiling

"armaan I want to go there, lets go on a holiday, moreover next week its our first marriage anniversary armaan ,I want to spend it with you alone" said riddhima smiling

"hmm so my jaan want to go on a second honeymoon with me" said  armaan smiling

"well you can say that , it is just not a bad idea second honeymoon in Mumbai , and we will celebrate our anniversary there alone , just you and me" said

"someone getting really naughty here,  riddhima jaan we both are alone here right now as well, you can surely execute your plans anywhere and anytime with me" said armaan coming near her

"armaan please stay back and moreover a little change always add a little more spice in your lifes" said riddhima smiling

"you knew this increasing heartbeat of yours whenever I come near you is enough to add all the spices in my life riddhima , I really cant even tell you that how much I love your this getting nervous and scared by my coming near you now also even after almost an year of our marriage" said armaan kissing her lightly and riddhima also responding back

Soon they both got busy in there loving and cherishing each other

With the each passing day their love and romance was just increasing

After two days , armaan and riddhima left for Mumbai, riddhima took a leave of One week from the hospital , only if she would have ever known that this one week will never end in there lifes

And she meeting her anjali di and atul jiju , bidding them good bye she never knew it was the last time she was seeing all of them

She wanted to meet her mom and dad but shahshank and padma were not there in Delhi at that time

Riddhima and armaan came to Mumbai

In armaan old house armaan parents house, it was a beautiful beach house , riddhima was loving this place

the day when they reached mumbai , an old lady came there to visit armaan ,

she was armaan caretaker she was a very old lady she have taken care of armaan for few years as his nanny , and armaan loved to call her as his Daima

Riddhima loved that lady she was very nice and sweet just like there nani ma

on armaan and riddhima request daima , agreed to stay back with them for this one week stay in Mumbai house , [readers she is the lady who was later on working with kashish and sujal and on whose request she gave their baby armaan's name, she loved armaan like his own son and like this the new armaan was also been given the same name]

riddhima remembers the whole week they spend together in Mumbai, they were just so happy

its been 3 days they came to mumbai

armaan have some business spread there as well, so he use to work a little there as well, and riddhima was left alone in the house for the whole afternoon

she was getting so bored so she preferred to take a tour of the place , she went to the nearby market for some shopping , where she saw something , rather she met someone Dr sumit khanna , she saw him in one of the shop in the market , she was for once surprised to see him there, still she went to meet him and he also was shocked to see riddhima there

"sumit you here, i mean this place , you were gone to canada i supposed then what are you doing in Mumbai" said riddhima happily meeting him

"riddhima you here, i mean" asked a shocked sumit

"well actually i am here with my husband we are on a little holiday" said riddhima smiling

"husband?' asked sumit

"oh yes sumit i told you about the love of my life remember, right now i am happily married to him, but how would you knew anything after few days you just left for canada and never returned back , no calls no letter nothing, you never got a chance to remember your friends and now you are here in India , and still you gave us no information" said riddhima complaining

"its not like that riddhima actually i just came back to India few days back with my family, i was about to visit Delhi after sometime, i was little surprised to see you here thats all" said sumit smiling

"yes so do i, anyways i will make you meet my husband i am sure he will be really happy to meet you" said riddhima

"thanks for the offer riddhima i will surely meet him soon whenever get some time actually here i am with my family" said sumit

"oh ok , then tomorrow, actually we are here for just 2 or 3 days then we have to go back" said riddhima smiling

"where is your husband right now , is he not with you" said sumit looking around

"actually he is little busy with his business work you see, and i was getting bored alone at home so preferred taking a tour of the place , but then i dont knew anything about this place" said riddhima smiling

"ok in that case if you want i can give you a little tour of the place, i knew lots of places here well" said sumit

"yes thats a good idea , but not today i have to go back home actually i didnt even informed my husband that i am going out and its getting late maybe tomorrow if you are free" said riddhima

"yes sure i dont have anything important,  i will meet you here only in the market tomorrow" said sumit

"yes that will be great , ok sumit i will leave now, have to go back" said riddhima and she went back

as riddhima reached back home , it was getting little dark , she went in house Daima was sitting in the hall

"i think i got little late daima , was in the market shopping and i didnt got the idea of time" said riddhima smiling

"it happens ladies generally get so indulged in shopping that they dont realize the time, anyways armaan baba is waiting for you up" said daima smiling

"armaan is already home , so early , when did he came" said riddhima surprised

"oh its been an hour now , he is upstairs in the terrace" said daima

"oh no I hope he is not irritated, god I should have been home early he must be waiting for me from an hour" said riddhima feeling guilty
"why don't you yourself go up and check" said daima

And riddhima went up , on the terrace , as she reached up it was all dark around , she can see just armaan figure standing there in darkness
"I am sorry I am soo sorry ,I didn't knew that you will be back home soon, I should have not left you alone" said riddhima
When suddenly lights came on the terrace , and riddhima got a big surprise , the whole terrace was beautifully decorated with lights and flowers , and in the middle a candle light table was set for two,
"its good that you are late otherwise how would have I got time for all this hello jaan say something didn't you liked it" said armaan smiling
"its beautiful , I mean its so nice , how and when you did all this" said riddhima in surprised
"well its all for my lovely jaan, I just wanted to give you a little surprise a romantic candle light dinner" said armaan coming near riddhima and hugging her tight
"its perfect, but why today what the occasion as in its still 4 days for our aniversary" said riddhima
"hmm so do you think I need to wait for some occasion all the time to tell my lovely wife that how much I love her, well not really its just that I wanted to say you a thanks in my style" said armaan
"thanks , for what" said riddhima confused
"for just everything, for just being what you are , for just being mine, for coming in my life and filling it up with all the happiness in the world , for being my jaan my support everytime in my life, you loved me supported me so much when nani ma left, at that time I didn't got a chance to say a thanks to you, so here I am thank you that you came in my life and made it heavens for me" said armaan
And riddhima hugging him tight she had tears in her eyes , after seeing the love armaan have for her
"I love you armaan and what all I did was for myself, cause we both are one and you don't have to say thanks to yourself" said riddhima
"I love you too jaan, just never go away from me I cant imagine a life without you" said armaan
"I am your shadow armaan, even if you want you cant get rid of me ever" said riddhima looking in his eyes
"I knew that, ok now I think I am very hungry lets eat" said armaan
And soon they both got busy in their romantic dinner, after sometime armaan and riddhima sitting on the roof top , in each other arms , riddhima resting back on armaan and looking towards the sea , the whole sea which was so quiet and clear in that night , water shining in the moon light
"this place is like heavens armaan I don't want to go back from here, this ocean this house I just want to stay here forever can I stay here" said riddhima
"forever so you planning to leave me" said armaan
"oh stop that armaan, I meant with you, as in cant we shift to Mumbai forever, and leaving you well that will be only in your dreams I am not even leaving you in this life ever and even after that, infact I am planning to follow you in the real heavens as well" said riddhima
"you don't have to follow me cause whenever we will go we will go together there, cause I cant live a single second without you in this life , so whenever we will go from this world we will go together that is for sure" said armaan
"now can we stop talking about this going and leaving think , and talk on some other better topic" said riddhima getting irritated
"as in like what are your plans for tomorrow, hey that reminded me I met an old friend of mine today you don't knew him , actually he was also an intern in hospital , but then he left as he got call from a better hospital, and chancily I met him in the market today" said riddhima
"oh that's good" said armaan normally
"hmm armaan actually I was getting bored and he offered me to show some good places here so without asking you I said him yes for tomorrow I ma sorry if you don't like it I wont go" said riddhima
"oh great so that means you got a nice guide for you here, good you go out tomorrow moreover I am having little important work" said armaan smiling
"so you don't have any problem with this" said riddhima surprised
"and why would I have that , you want to go out with your friends its good that you got some company here cause I was also feeling really guilty that I got you here for holiday and then I left you alone and doing my work , like this you can enjoy and move out a little" said armaan smiling
"so you wont be coming with me" said riddhima
"I so wish I could but the work is little urgent but you have fun" said armaan
Next day
The same armaan left for his work and riddhima went for sightseeing with sumit
Only if riddhima would have known that doing this she is doing a big mistake
After like hour of looking at difference places , riddhima and sumit went to beach side it was afternoon , not many visitors were there , they were just walking around on the beach
"so what are your plans for your life ahead when are you planning to get married" said riddhima normally
"hmm I have no plans for that yet, anyways leave about me you tell how is your life going are you happy" said sumit looking at riddhima
"yes I am very happy" said riddhima smiling
"and your husband he even don't have time for you ever , you are on a holiday and he is doing his works leaving you alone" said sumit sarcastically which actually riddhima didn't liked at all
"sumit you are my friend but still I don't like anyone commenting on my husband" said riddhima warning him
"I just wanted to see you happy that's why I am saying this, he is not worth it to have you in his life" said sumit
"oh really now you will tell me that what my husband is worth of or not, please sumit I can tolerate everything but not a single word against my husband" said riddhima
"riddhima I am just worried for you that's why saying this he is so lucky to have you in his life and he don't even bother to look for your happiness" said sumit
"stop it , stop it now, you and your assumptions about him are wrong and I don't bother to correct you as well right now,  I suppose I shall leave" said riddhima moving ahead in anger
"leave him riddhima just leave him, you should not waste your life and time for a man who don't have any value for you , you deserve to be more happy" said sumit
"oh really now out of the whole world you will tell me that where  and in what my happiness is , forget it , you are my friend that's why till now I was listening to you , cause if anyone else would have said this much against my husband I swear I would have killed that person" said riddhima
"you are saying all this cause you love him a lot riddhima" said sumit
"and why are you so concerned about me and my life" said riddhima
"cause I knew that you are not happy with that man riddhima , you deserve to be happy" said sumit
"and what according to you my happiness will be" said riddhima sarcastically
"with me , yes riddhima with me , just be with me I promise to give you all the happiness in the world" said sumit
And riddhima was like shocked no even more then that
"are you mad sumit , I think you have gone crazy" said riddhima
"yes riddhima I am crazy I am crazy for you and not from now, for a long time , since first time I saw you , since then I have fallen for you, I was so shattered and broken when you said that you love someone else, I left you to stay happy with your love , two years since last two years I am just trying to forget you but I just cant , I cant" said sumit
"sumit you have gone crazy , just look at what you are saying I am married woman for god sake sumit stop this nonsense" said riddhima she was so shocked
"yes riddhima I knew that you are married, I wish you were not, I wish I could have said you that I loved you long back, but then riddhima still we can correct the mistakes we did, I still love you so much riddhima, how much I tried but I was not able to forget you and yesterday after seeing you all alone I knew that you are lonely , you are alone , you are unhappy , just leave your husband riddhima I promise I will give you all the happiness you deserve" said sumit
And as riddhima saw him coming near her she just don't knew what to do , she slapped him hard on his face ,
"this is for you, to get you out of your dream world in the reality, you want to see the reality , look here , I am married to the love of my life , I love him a lot and so did he , I am very and very much happy in my life with my husband, and no one can ever love me more than him, so get out and look at reality, I considered you as my friend sumit and you chee , I cant believe that you said all this, you , how can you even think so low, so cheap our friendship was so pure , so you destroyed it all , everything , get out , get away from my life right now, just go , I just don't want to see you ever , ever again in my life" said riddhima
And she was about to leave when sumit tried stopping her and she slapped him again
"don't you even dare to take my name from your dirty mouth I wish I never see you again , ever" said riddhima and she left from there
Riddhima came back home she was so shocked that his so good friend and his thinking so low , about her and her armaan she just wanted to erase it off, all that bad memory from her mind
Whole day she kept herself busy in some work to forget all that she didn't wanted armaan to knew what have happened and for that she needs to be really normal , so she remembering all the good memories she have with armaan and automatically smile came back on her face, sumit and his cheap talks and his existence was long forgotten then and there for her
Next two days passed so fast , armaan and riddhima both so lost in each other in their world of love  and then came the day ,
The end day,  their wedding anniversary and in morning armaan and riddhima left for Goa by road, from Mumbai
Where armaan have booked that personal Yacht for them
And then the rest story is the one she herself never wanted to remember again

Coming to the present , riddhima sitting in her room remembering all this incident of her past life
In all this she never got a chance to meet and see shyam ever again, then from where did that dream came , that dream , shyam was there and armaan was not
Why , why was she having this dream again and again , she looked up at the clock it was morning already
"maybe I am just over thinking about all the aspects and interlinking all the incidents of my life with each other, I should not think so much about all this and think of my life ahead , today is the mehandi ceremony , and tomorrow its my wedding , I will be armaan's riddhima again after tomorrow" said riddhima resting back herself
Yes she needs to be happy for everyone around her , who are and have always been so happy for her, past is past and its gone long back , what she have is her present and the future ahead , as for sumit , the day riddhima remember her past , her whole past she remember about sumit and his act as well, still she never said about it  , or discussed it with anyone , she never wanted armaan to knew this not in her past life , and no way she wants him to knew it now, specially after knowing the relation armaan now share with sumit, that little secret that little incident was deep buried with her , in her and only her memory and sumit ofcourse , but she knew this well that sumit will never say anything ever and he also not want her to say the truth to anyone ever , he is a well settled man happily married and angad, no riddhima can never take that risk , angad was just not armaan best friend but just like a brother for riddhima , she can keep hundred times quite for angad happiness, cause she dont want angad to get any bad feeling about his own father,

so its better to stay quite for her loved once happiness

Next few hours were so busy ,

everyone in the palace running here and there all over just in the preparations riddhima came out in the main hall, where armaan and mayank were talking with someone, looked like a bodyguard dressed in black suit , with walky talky in his hand

"riddhima what are you doing here" asked armaan as he saw riddhima in the main hall

"nothing i was just looking around" said riddhima little confused

"ok listen this is the main hall and there are many people and workers here , all the security check is going on here , so please today you dont have to come this side of the palace , just stay back in the middle of the palace and most preferred in your room, anyways riddhima this is Mr Singh ,the main security head here if you find any kind of problem around you can contact him he will stay on all the entrance to check each and everything and every person entering the palace today"  said armaan

"armaan what is all this , i suppose all this is just not required now, as in the problems the treat everything was in Delhi , but now we are here and i am sure noone much knew we are here so" said riddhima

"look i knew still i cant take any risk, i have to be fully sure, anyways why are you still here, go back moreover mom said me that soon the ladies function will start , all the mehandi applying ceremony and ladies dance, and no gents are allowed in that" said armaan

"yes thats why its called ladies sangeet , only for ladies" said riddhima smiling

"but this is really not done, only ladies is just not acceptable as in what will we boys do, what is our fault that we are thorough out of this" said armaan

"as if  you boys are really getting going to get bored, what is all that bachelors party think that you all boys are planning for" said riddhima

"you knew about that" said armaan

"what do you think armaan you are well trained in keeping secrets from me but still there are few well wishers of mine as well, who can never keep secrets from me" said riddhima 

"oh you and you lovely brothers i am sure its samrat and adhiraj who must have done that they are just not worthit to knew any secrets" said armaan

"armaan this is my last warning dont you dare speak a word against my brothers" said riddhima warning him

while armaan looking at mayank who was standing in a corner listening to her threat and laughing

"what now , look at this mayank bhaiya she has already started threatening me" said armaan to mayank

"what , what can i do now in this, its your personal problem now and you have to handle with  this" said mayank smiling

"oh hello bhaiya you said me a problem, as in am i a problem" said riddhima looking at mayank and then at armaan

"oh well now armaan is the one who have to tackle with you so let he be the one to tell what you are" said mayank smiling looking at riddhima pouring face

"ha ha very funny keep on smiling you two and making fun of me, there is no value of mine for you all right now you will remember me when i wont be here" said riddhima dramatically

but didnt knew that the other two boys got really serious on her statement

"and where the hell do you think you are going" said armaan getting serious

"kiddo please think before you say anything" said mayank

"forget her bhaiya riddhima go inside and be in the main hall or in the room and no where else" said armaan very serious , and it was clear that he was angry over her statement still controlling

"i am sorry i was just kidding" said riddhima

"go inside riddhima" said armaan

"armaan i think you should take her back, kiddo go to your room armaan go with her, i will take care over here" said mayank looking at the situation

while armaan and riddhima quietly moving back

"sorry , i am sorry armaan" said riddhima while walking with armaan and armaan looking straight

"armaan i said i am sorry" said riddhima again , but still no reply from armaan

soon they reached the corridor in which their rooms were , and riddhima instead of getting in her room entered armaan room dragging him with her , [remember their room were adjoining]

locking the room from inside

"what are you doing riddhima , open the door i have got many works to do" said armaan trying to make her move she was standing resting her back on the closed door

"hmm i have also got lots of work to do with you" said riddhima putting her arms around armaan's neck and throughing her full weight on him , in result armaan have to hold her tight from her waist so that she dont fall

"i am sorry" riddhima said again looking straight in her eyes ,and armaan looking away

"so much anger oh god, i said i didnt meant to say so i was just joking" but then seeing no reaction yet  "ok you really dont want to talk with me fine, you must be having many works" said riddhima entangling her arms from armaan neck in disappointment

while now armaan didnt let her move his hold on her getting strong

"you really even dont knew how to say a sorry" said armaan and riddhima can sense the naughty acts going in armaan mind right now

"yes i think i dont, you knew that well so you tell me how to say a perfect sorry" said riddhima smiling again putting her arms around his neck

and armaan bending down a little and kissing her lightly on her one cheeks and then the another

"like this" whispering lightly near her lips, and about to kiss her there when she looked away blushing

"i love you, please never in your dreams talk like this ever again i cant live a single minute now without you" said armaan with moist eyes

and riddhima looking at him, didnt knew what to say so she just bringing her lips closed to him sealing it with a promise , started kissing him lightly for a while and then breaking the kiss

"i promise i wont, i love you" said riddhima feeling shy on her own act

while armaan was also so lost in the kiss, and her love

and then leaving her from the waist and cupping her face , he started kissing her passionately this time, riddhima pinned at the closed door and armaan getting more and more close to her

they were so lost in each other, when suddenly they got attentive with the knock on the door

"armaan riddhima if your lovy dovy session is over so please come out riddhima prerna aunty is calling you" said kripa from outside

while riddhima moving away , and trying to get out of armaan's hold

"armaan let me go please" riddhima saying slowly

 and armaan still not ready to leave her infact holding her more tightly

"one condition you will meet me again here after the mehandi function" said armaan

"have you gone crazy i cant come no one will leave me alone" said riddhima

"guys if you guys want little more time , so tell me i will tell prerna aunty that riddhima is busy" said kripa smiling from outside

"shut up i am coming" said riddhima irritated , first armaan not leaving her and then kripa special comments

"armaan please" said riddhima

"think over it , its your decision" said armaan

"ok ok, as you say armaan i will do whatever you will say , but right now please let me go" said riddhima

and armaan lightly kissing her again on her lips

"i love you" said armaan and leaving her

so riddhima quickly open the door where kripa was standing smiling

"what" said riddhima irritated

"no nothing i was in your room looking for you but didnt saw you then by chance heard the voices from here, actually its time for the ladies function anyways good afternoon armaan i hope you will have a nice day now" said kripa smiling

"will you shut up" said riddhima , moving from there inside her room

while armaan smiling walked back for his works

later after a while riddhima got ready for the function

Mehandi ceremony

she was wearing a nice green lehanga dress, riddhima sitting in the middle of the hall on a long sitting place which was beautifully decorated with flowers and bangles and kaleere [well that are the hanging that punjabi brides wear in there hands at there wedding they are very nicely used for decorations as well]

while kashish and maasa and sapna[sumit wife] , were mixing the mehandi, they got , its a tradition the bride have to apply the henna being brought by her inlaws

there were only few ladies singing the traditional wedding songs

kashish applied first shagun mehandi on riddhima hands and then later the professionals ladies who were called for this purpose continued their work applying henna on both her hands and one on her feet as well

when rishab and karan came there

"i suppose karan you didn't heard that this is a ladies function and gents are just not allowed" said nandini to karan

"as if we are interested in seeing you ladies and your boring function we are here to meet our kiddo" said karan teasing

"boring function , ok fine then go out of here and as for kiddo, stop making excuse of meeting her because you can get any time to meet her why coming in the middle of our function" said nandini

"but afterward i cant see my princess like this, i so wanted to see that how this henna will look in my  kiddo hands and this glow on my princess face while with this" said rishab while coming near riddhima and sitting by her side

"i still cant believe that you are grown so much today my baby is applying her bridal henna and tomorrow my princess will be married just cant believe when you became so big" said rishab with teary eyes

while riddhima was also having tears in her eyes

"bhaiya we came here to see our kiddo glowing and smiling face and look you made her cry every father in this world dream for this day to see this happiness and smile of his daughter we are so lucky that we were able to give our kiddo all the happiness you are the best daughter anyone can ever get" said karan sitting on the other side of riddhima

"chachu i am going to miss you all" said riddhima bending towards karan side hugging him

"not more than we all going to, you have been the best gift we ever got noone can ever get a better daughter than you" said karan smiling
"no i have been lucky that i got the four best parents in this world" said riddhima smiling in tears

"you knew today really want to be addressed the way my little 5 years old kiddo use to call me" said rishab

"dadda i love you dadda" said riddhima smiling hugging rishab now

"ok guys you came here to make our bride cry, rishab karan reserve this for her bidaai , that is going to be tomorrow and for now all mans out this is a ladies function" said prerna in tears looking at the father daughter team

and so rishab got up and lightly kissing riddhima on her head lovingly went from there

while riddhima sitting quietly looking at her family , her father then mother , chachi , nupur bhabhi , her best friends everyone how she is going away from all of them

music playing in the background depicting riddhima and her mind state right now

well this is a lovely wedding bidaai song i so loved hearing this , just wanted to use it sometime in my ff and this situation suits well for this

link for the song,
i knew this vm is from some other serial , but still the video is excatly the one depicting riddhima state right now so i liked it Imagining riddhima in it well the next is the original video as well

[tears forming in riddhima eyes while she silently looking away]

baaba ki raani huun aankhon ka paani huun...
bah jaana hai jise do pal kahaani huun

[I'm my father's princess [lit.: queen, but in English, that sounds faintly incestuous]; I'm tears in the eyes;
I'm that which must flow away; I'm a story that's over in two moments.]

[riddhima looking at prerna and nandini , and just remembering them all the time they were with her]

amma ki bitiya huun aangan ki mitiya huun...
tuk-tuk nihaare jo pardesi chitthiya huun

I'm my mother's daughter; I'm the earth in our courtyard...
I'm the one who watches expectantly; I'm a stranger on loan [to my birth family].

[mehandi was still being applied on her hands when prerna came helping her to tackle with her duppatta around her shoulder and riddhima just looking at her]

mamta ke aanchal mein jo geet gaaye hain
baabul ne chhutphut jo sapne sajaaye hain

[Those songs which have been sung at affection's breast,
those various dreams my father spun for me]

[prerna lovingly keeping her palm on riddhima cheeks to ask her lightly what was she thinking , while riddhima tears forming again ,on the fact that her mother can so well read her unsaid]

vo yaad aayenge gup-chup rulaayenge
doli ke sang mere jab saath jaayenge

[memories of them will come silently, and make me weep,
when the wedding palanquin departs with me.]

baaba ki raani huun aankhon ka paani huun
bah jaana hai jise do pal kahaani huun

[I'm my father's princess; I'm tears in the eyes;
I'm that which must flow away; I'm a story that's over in two moments.]

[all the girls dancing and chatting , making riddhima also laugh a little on their silly jokes]

khil khilke hansna yeh sakhiyon ki baaton pe
[Laughing at my friends' conversation,]

[and then riddhima looking at her hands in which in the middle the lady wrote Armaan's name]

anjaan naamon ki mehndi yeh haaton pe henn
[on my hands for the sake of a stranger,]

[and then her eyes had tears again looking that now she will be armaans but on the same time have to leave her family , remembering the time of her bidaai after her marriage tomorrow]

jab rang laayegi rim-jhim ghir aayengi...
aankhein ghaTaayon si buunde giraayengi

[when it takes hold and becomes bright, the pattering of rain will enclose me...
My eyes will be like dark clouds, and drops will fall.]

[riddhima trying to control her inner emotions looking everywhere all the happy faces , she silently weeping , but seeing the happiness and satisfaction in her mother eyes , she knew that the pain of leaving is there but on the same time they all are happy cause riddhima is getting all her happiness , she will be happy in her future with armaan]

baaba ki raani huun aankhon ka paani huun...
bah jaana hai jise do pal kahaani huun

[I'm my father's princess [lit.: queen, but in English, that sounds faintly incestuous]; I'm tears in the eyes;
I'm that which must flow away; I'm a story that's over in two moments.]

amma ki biTiya huun aangan ki miTiya huun...
tuk-tuk nihaare jo pardesi chitthiya huun

[I'm my mother's daughter; I'm the earth in our courtyard...
I'm the one who watches expectantly; I'm a stranger on loan.]

pardesi chitthiya huun
[I'm a stranger on loan]

[soon riddhima calmed as well, she was silently watching everyone happy and dancing and smiling]

while here on the other side

armaan was been called by Mr singh the security head

"sir there is a little problem in the backyard" said mr singh

and armaan , adhiraj went there , they all were shocked to see a man lying there looked like some worker

"who is he, and is he dead" said armaan

and then some workers checking the person,

"no sir he is just unconscious, and he was from the team of workers who were here for decoration and lightning in the hall where function is going, but he dont have his pass" said a security person

"pass which pass" asked armaan

"actually sir all the workers and labor who was coming inside the palace were provided with speecial pass without that they can't enter inside, but as per my record all the workers who were to come for decoration are already inside" said Mr singh

"but how is that possible if this man is here then how can he be inside" said armaan confused

"that means someone else entered inside the hall using his pass, someone made him unconscious and taking the pass came in" said Mr singh

"oh no riddhima" said armaan in horror,

and he didn't waited for a second there and rushed literally running towards the hall in which ladies ceremony was going on

while here riddhima was still sitting in the same place , while we see the light on her top shaking a little , and that false worker there loosing the nuts of that light from top just to make it fall on riddhima and then he quickly rushed from there making it so lose that it can fall anytime

while riddhima unknown of this just sitting there
soon armaan was inside the hall looking around all over the place from the entrance he just checking if there was any kind of problem there

but everything looked fine

"now what are you doing here armaan I think I need to remind you that you are not allowed inside here" said kripa teasing armaan

While looking at armaan serious face and then all the young boys rushing and entering inside behind him All the girls got attentive,  adhiraj called mayank , samrat angad everyone that there is some danger so all of them came here

"what is it armaan is everything fine" said kashish looking at armaan

While armaan rushed towards riddhima and looking at her sitting there , she was fine armaan took a deep breath seeing her fine

"thank god you are fine" said armaan taking a deep breath

While riddhima also getting up and coming near armaan a little away from that falling light still not that far

"armaan what happened, why are you so tensed" asked riddhima in confusion, she cant move more ahead as her hands and feet were covered with henna that was not completely dry yet

while armaan was not listening over to her or anyone he was just looking all over the place for any kind of danger but didnt looked up yet , while the light almost falling down

it was samrat who saw that from the distance that the light above them was shaking  , so samrat shouted from the distance

"armaan watch up" shouting samrat but too late the light already falling down  and in an instant second armaan hugging khuhsi tightly holding her and jumping away from there the light fallen on the ground breaking in pieces while armaan and riddhima both rolling away from there a little

Armaan was on top so got up first and making riddhima stand ,

While everyone came rushing towards them , all were in a state of horror for a second they thought that it will fall on riddhima, but armaan saved her

"oh god kiddo, are you ok" said mayank hugging riddhima tightly

While riddhima was so shocked she just don't knew what to say how to react she was just not out of that sudden attack on her

"armaan, you fine , hope you both are not hurt" said samrat looking at armaan that he is hurt or not

But nothing much there was just a little cut on his hands due to falling  but riddhima was fine he didn't let her getting hurt, still right now armaan was more concerned about riddhima and her well being

He didn't cared about anyone standing around he was so scared so he just hugged riddhima tightly first

"thank god you are ok , I was so scared what happened riddhima are you ok" said armaan looking at her as she was not specking anything

"hmm , no I am, I am this I mean" riddhima trying to speak

"its ok , its ok, its all over" said armaan calming her down

"thank god you both are fine , but this light how could it fall down like this" said kashish

"it didn't fall down mom  someone made it fall" said armaan in anger now , he was so angry for the person whoever did this , if he didn't came here on time then he must have lost riddhima today , even this thought made him shiver with fear of losing her

"actually we were checking the place when we found the worker who was supposed to do the lighting work here lying unconscious , and someone else entered here , probably for doing this" said adhiraj

"prerna aunty please take riddhima inside the room and all you ladies please I request you all also to just get in your rooms for a while" said armaan and soon everyone left the hall

And only the boys and security head

"I want you to double the checking and security , how can anyone enter here like this" said armaan in anger

"sorry sir" said the security person

"what sorry just because of your little carelessness today anything could have happened" said armaan in anger

"armaan its ok , calm down look she is also fine, its good we came here on time and everything is fine we just have to be more careful ahead" said mayank

Soon the day passed

armaan also got normal busy in all the rituals , and now all the boys were planning for their special party

armaan was just wanted to go as the party was been organized in the out house hall in the palace but still really far crossing a whole ground area, he didnt wanted to go leaving riddhima alone

but then looking at her,  Riddhima was calmed and relaxed resting in her room, prerna also left after sometime seeing that riddhima was sleeping peacefully so armaan also left  as everyone was forcing him to enjoy the party , it was full boys and gents party , even sujal , rishab and karan were participating even the old group of armaan atul , shubhankar were also there now , specially all came as the guest for this marriage

it was a simple cocktail party nothing much more than that, all the boys were just drinking and enjoying

armaan didnt wanted but everyone made him also have little amount of alcohol they all were enjoying

while on the other side

riddhima was sleeping peacefully When her cell got buzzing

It flashed some unknown number , riddhima got up from her sleep and then picking up the call

"having a dream of me, welcome back to my life riddhima" said the man from the other side ,

Riddhima somewhere knew whose voice It was the voice that was haunting her since so many days still she needed to be sure , she first got little scared still she managed to talk

"who is it" said riddhima with little fear

"oh really don't act that you didn't recognized my voice riddhima, I am sure you have not forgotten me as well" said the man

"shyam" said riddhima in shock and fear getting up



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nice part
loved it
coontinue soon

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nice update
conti soon
finally marriage in next part :D

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Hiii...Awesome update...Loved it...finally AR marriage is coming closer...Can't wait 4 more...Con soon...Thanks 4 da pm

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gr8 update
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon

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nice part

update soon

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