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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 12:42am | IP Logged

awesome update dear

love it
so it's his birthday
i have told na she is teasing him as he did but baaji too         great
i know that she will be there...lovely

like dutta teasing  nakku during night for sleeping and in morning for kiss and slap...

love the fabulous update
thanks for pm

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chithoo IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 4:57am | IP Logged
daya i have updated my comment...Big smile

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ziks Senior Member

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 6:59am | IP Logged
Hey daya ,

Its a very beautiful  emotional and  romantic happy update . So lovely happy that dutta and naku united.Dancing

Oh the suspense of countdown  numbers is for dutta's birthday . Beautiful .

And naku came she sees all his pain and suffering . She should not have caused this much pain to dutta .

But she also don't want this much as she explained that she only wants that for only for that moment and as dutta become angry and went away . And after that also she wants him to suffer for one night ya its reasonable for what he have done to her teasing aadi and naku like that whole night .

But she could have tell him the next day with out making him suffer much .

But as baazi  came and changed the plan for his birthday  . Oh poor  Dutta  suffered much . Cry

But Dutta's love is really great his feelings , his emotions  seeing her every where , feeling her every  where , his intense love for her truly heart touching .  Loved this  Dutta  as true and sincere lover .  Heart

I loved loved so much dutta's feelings and love for her . The way he let out his pain, love , frustration, really awesome . Heart

And naku trying to explain the reason is also convincing  as she herself intentionally don't want to hurt him this much .  

Actually poor girl wants to tell him the next day but plan changes .

Finally and finally naku  confessed her love to dutta . So happy for tasha . Day Dreaming

I loved the simple and sweet way she  wished him  happy birthday in his hug "happy birthday my love ". Embarrassed

And  i also love naku  that she had certain principles , rules in her life . Love naku for this very much .  

I fell in love with this naku  for her stubbornness, rules, principles . No kiss also go naku go very good make dutta drool over u more and more baby .   so sweet character naku's . I am sure dutta loves and admires
and respects  naku more and more for her principles and rules . Smile

Of course slowly when the love deepens  all sweet things will happen.

Love to see more  and more tasha romantic scenes . Day Dreaming

Thanks for the lovely romantic  update .

Please update it soon .

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AzMishy

Mine :D

Oh it was his birthday!!Shocked Daya'''''!!!Angry U made all go thinking, wondering what not!!!Confused U r aAngry !!! arhhh!!Ouch Oh my dear dear Azy, don't be mad..she explained she didnt mean to na was all to give him the best gift on his bday ...

confess her love for him Wink

And now what Nakku was joking!!Angry I mean JOKING!!!!Soapbox

yes she was joking ...revenge for making her and aadhi suffer in that awkwardness LOL

 Oh god dutta, let her goAngry, I don't wont u to forgive herNo!
honey his love for her was clearly saying he cant let her go ...and he loves her too much ...and she did explain ...lighten up was just a joke...that was not supposed to go on for soo long but because of sudden info bout bday it did Tongue
 Playing with ones emotions and come saying I was joking and I am sorry!!!!Grrr
 U r out of ur mind nakku!!You're Nuts 
oh my Azy don't u go crazy now LOL chillax Tongue

 This Nakku is totally not going down well with me!!Dead
haila forgive her seriously love Dutta way too much you gonna have a emotional breakdown because of all this ...calm down LMAO i willl have only romance with them now...lotz of love...and then will get serious again later Tongue
Me pissed of!!Angry dont be my dear SMILE ...breathe in and breathe out
 U have to c me while me reading this, that's too 1st thing in the morning!!! I wonted to smash my tea cup!!!AngryConfused oh no azy dont smash anything ...CHILL please...woah ...really angry with Naku shows ur LOVE for Dutta LOL

Ohhh dutta tho gadha hi hai na, Perturbedso isiliye soon mafkardiya!!Confused *sigh* I hate him for that!!Ouch lol i know u dont hate him :P haha ...their LS will develop well soon ...and their relationship too ...oye  dont judge naku because she wanted her revenge ...

Ye low now she has principles too!!LOL

principles are good get cuter scenes Tongue

 My dear madam didn't ur parents teach u not to play with ones emotions and feelings!!PissedPissedPissedPissedPissedPissed
U c she is the who goona brake that principlesAngry n not Dutta!!Approve My Dutta is bohoth sharif hai!!Embarrassed lmao i know right we will see wat principles will break here LOL

Now what she slaped him too!!!Mean

UNintentionally :P

 Oye again sorry, this time accident!!!Angry
yup she was trying to escape and kaboom
 Next time mistake then after that!! AngryArhhh

Go dutta go!!Clap Give her some more heard time!!!Evil Smile *evil smile*

hard time u mean lol...and he did ...again tease her LOL

C I told u na, she had already broken one principles !!! TongueLOLhehehe

i know first one kuput LOL

Sorry DayaEmbarrassed, I was so angry after reading that nakku did this for jokeOuch!!

kyun re...why this much angry i can feel the steam coming out of ur ears

 Seriously can anyone do something like this and getaway telling it was all joke!! PissedOuch
So all this ranting uska nathija hai!!Wink oh azy ...forget and forgive :P

But on the whole I love that noke-joke part in the night shearing bed and dutta teasing her saying yes she had bought ladies here[LOLhehehe] and holding hand and sleeping.  lol yeah i was trying to lighten the mood ...haha

Also the morning where he refused to get up, so chweet of him!!! If I was nakku, would have jumped in and cuddled and go to sleep again!! Blushing*Ahem ahem* did I say that!!!haila u did just say that ...haha me telling jiju LOL

I am too lazy to get up early morning!! HeheheLOL
oh yeah ur like Dutta eh haha ..instead of being responsible u will just join him and bury urself under the cover with him Wink

Kitchen scene was so hot!!!Lipstick[fans her self] Embarrassed

yes it was ...missy was all excited that me finally starting the romance in this FF LOL

but nakku had to spoil it na with slap!!! Head desk!!! Are not mine, u know whos na!!! Evil SmileLOLhehehe LMAO ...yup ...u have a sulking naughty boy with a strong willed girl LOL


Baaji Baaji'!!!Wink What can I say about him!!!Ermm He is forgivenEmbarrassed, and LAMO he is back with his DOSTANA partner!!!EmbarrassedLOL Hehehe

Baaji the cutie is with his cutie ROFL

oh trust hun wen i say that track is coming back Tongue


Thanks for the update n don't keep us waiting for the next part!!Wink Ok!!LOL

no problem...will try to write next one soon :)

And me n viji the desperate housewives needs reply soon ha!!! TongueHehehe just joking!!! TongueWinkLOLChumma!! HeheheLOL oh you desparate housewife  ye lo ur comments Tongue

,  loved it and enjoyed it ha ranted it too!!!LOL hehehe venting is always good :-)
thanks azy for ur comments loved it :P

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by brvr

Daya now i think i love u more than dutta for such a cute updateEmbarrassed.  Thank u thank uHug.  It was funny cute intense nd romantic all in one.  Wow!!! the two r indeed deeply nd madly in luv.  But would wait till the right time to get intimate, atleast naku nd dutta respects her decision, thats what i liked about it.  But stilll expected them to atleast kissWink. Bharathi :) thanks,,,aww hun lol u love me more than dutta me all blushing Embarrassed haha yes the romance is going to pick up ...not only tasha but Madhu and Baaji and then Baaji and Aadhi LOLLOL thanks for u wonderful comments means a lot :-) 

.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chithoo

resTongue i guess my lucky no is it pg or positionCry i don't long as you are here all jumping for joy :-)
ha ha ha who called your bluff post from pg66 below none other than my ishmarty pants viji ...i know wen u commented that I was smiling
"nakku spurns dutta's love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"...Faintingfainting...well u truly know how to throw a bombshell.Terrific...
So, is she out of her mind already...didn't it take ltl2 for her to go bonkers...LOLLOLLOL
wait...what do i smell here...she is upto her dirty tricks isn't she...Grrr...she is just playing with dutta's feelings ...she made up this cock and bull story about career before anything else bullCensored the minute he addressed her "nakku" ...she realised he was playing with her and she is now giving it back to him...mmm...ishmart but not going to work...soon she is going to be like thisCrying Into Tissue
yippie me smarty pants knew all alongWay To Happyand yup me also knew she was there for real...well, i guess all of us did except gadha duttaOuch...but let him be that way as we get to see all those pyar bara ramblings of hisDay DreamingEmbarrassedBlushingumm viji hun why are u doing jumping jacks ...what marathon u preparing for...oh got u preparing to run to dutta's arms pushing Naku out at the same time...maybe even pushing her into the water that u thought Dutta will plunge intoLOL ...oww yup his cute pyaar bara ramblings ...u hear them and u melt Tongue
so, i really enjoyed what nakku did to him...the devil in her wanted revengeLOLLOL...oh daya am i not the inspiration behind this nakku of yrsBlushing...she thinks/acts so much like meEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed you're so the inspiration for this Naku and this track ...u are the one who caused this to happen because of ur teasing remember...and now look where it has come to TongueLOL
srush's dear shaitangel in the form of Naku in this happy u get to be with Dutta Wink
oh yeah that yell of dutaa...baaaji...resounded throught out the wonder nakku got stumpedLOLLOL i know that much anger ...Baahi even knew something is soo wrong :P
good she stayed that way and plotted with baaji for such a surprise...oye baajiEmbarrassed cho chweet...he would lay his life for D...DuJi...EmbarrassedBlushinghow we missed this...oww me too missed duji their friendship here is going strong!!!! oh ok to continue...yup nakku's refusal is the reason we got this hurt and hoplessly in love dutta yup his love is so known the world now LOL and then the cute, famous naughty side of our D on being tricked...and boy did he come back with a vengeance...Blings
oh yes naughty side is coming up ..he already started his teasing again
ok i need more than an aircon to drive away all this heat from the room...oh  viji dont pull another AS ...fainting not allowed u will miss all the fun 
so...after the gadha, it was nakku's turn to be the yedi that she is.Ouch...she gives him the best b day surprise and expects him to eat cakeDuh...lmao i know...she is so bad ...she could have given that peck on the cheek the first time he asked instead of all the natak and what does she do ...slap him...Ouchand played right into his handsROFL she is not used to romance na...very innocent girl...
"even my mother has not slapped me"...ollel leh mera bacha kitna pyara hai, koun marega usko thapad...LOLLOLLOL yup never has he been hit...bechaara had to get his first slap from his love LOL and then all her morals/principles are out of the window...well she asked for it...LOLLOLLOL
her lips say yes but eyes say no...totally chaalu ladki hai wohLOLLOLLOL...with all those crocodile tears oh yes count on it flying out the window already one rule broken LOL
the final brush on the nose was the most romantic.Blushing...i know right i thought of it and started smiling and blushing Embarrassed typical dutta, he needs not to even touch her to show his pyarEmbarrassed...exactly his eyes say volumes isn't that the DUTTA we all fell in love with...Love You
loved the way he touches his heart and says "ouch" we are all doing the same..."ouch" Embarrassed aww you liked that ...hehe he's soo cute na
thanks for coming daya now if u would to fix some breakfast for duttaLOL oye hoye helloo dont be a KMH in the middle of D-N breakfast romance lol ...haha oh no Naku has serious competition :P

thanks viji for your wonderful comments...i always look forward to them
Now as azy kindly dear despo housewife #2 ye lo ur comments :P

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.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by dutta-rose

Wow dhayani loved the whole update...soo beautifully written! I love that little restrain between them soo much! Waiting for next part Sheeba :) thanks am glad you really loved the whole update lol ...thank you thank you...Embarrassed
.iridescence. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 May 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by eternity_of_luv

dhayani Ranjana Hug

awesome update dear thanks hun :)

love it am glad you love it :)
so it's his birthday  yup b-day that he was hoping wouldnt come because she wasnt there.
i have told na she is teasing him as he did but baaji too great yup you did say lol and yup Baaji too got involved lol haha love him as well
i know that she will be there...lovely yup...of course ...they are TaSha na

like dutta teasing  nakku during night for sleeping and in morning for kiss and slap...yup he is getting naughty now lol ...and expect more Wink

love the fabulous update thank you sooo much for comment ...means a lot really does Embarrassed
thanks for pm

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