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New FF: Ehsaas Promo - P.78 (08.08) (Page 37)

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 3:15pm | IP Logged
Thnk a lot alveera..
Im sorry everyone... But the update is being written..
I will post it as soon as i'm done.. Let's hope i do that before midnight lol.. Sorry *holds ears*

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jaldi likho ............i m waiting
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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 3:33pm | IP Logged
yay ...plz do update soon ......
I told my sister ur FF and now she's soo eager to know what's next tooLOL

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me2 waiting bby...
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Originally posted by Sophia21

Thnk a lot alveera..
Im sorry everyone... But the update is being written..
I will post it as soon as i'm done.. Let's hope i do that before midnight lol.. Sorry *holds ears*
i'll giv u bara wala chocolate if u update b4
Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 8 - Dedicated To Yuvika


She looked around frantically thinking it might be him. Even now, whenever she heard his voice, her heart skipped a beat. She should get used to it, now that he might try get in contact with his kids. She had to control her stupid heart. 'Kaun hai' she called out, looking outside the window. 'Nakku' she heard it again. But this time, the voice came from inside the house.

'Argh, stop calling my name and just come in the room' Nakku yelled, looking at the door.

The door opened and someone came in. Nakku, who was looking at Ananya sleeping, shifted her eyes to the person in front of her 'Baaji?' she exclaimed 'What's wrong? Where were you?' she asked.

'Erm... I was around... here...there.. you know' he dimpled at her.


'I'm .. er.. hungry.. do you have something to give me?' he asked, beaming at her.

Nakku nodded and made her way to the kitchen and baaji followed.


'That was some damn drama back there.'
Nakku looked up and nodded, biting into her tuna sandwich. It had been drama, with the whole twins thing. Baaji had been an awesome help, calming Nakku down when she had started to panic. He always had a way of calming her down, and she loved that about him.

Sethji stormed in the kitchen looking like a volcano, ready to burst any minute. Nakku smiled at his childishness. He looked at her and baaji and made his way to the sink. Grabbing a glass, he filled it with water and gulped it down in one go. Baaji looked at Nakku and raised his eyebrows 'Is he always like this? Damn, he's scary' Baaji whispered, leaning over to Nakku. She bit her lips to hide her smile which was turning into a laugh.

Seth gave them a side look and left the kitchen. Baaji sighed and shook his head 'Next time, I will call you before I come just to make sure he ain't here' he laughed. Nakku hit him playfully and continued eating.

'What did I ever see in her?' Nakku asked herself out loud.

Baaji laughed, 'what did you ever see in her? Hmm, well, there are the nice legs and the long lush hair and brown eyes ' weird combination but hey, she's still pretty looking to me. It's too damn bad I'm taken.'

Nakku laughed. 'Shut up. I wasn't talking about her assets you idiot. I meant in our friendship. We were so close, knew each other's thoughts, ended each other's sentences; and all of that for what? Was she using me to get to Dutta?'
Which made sense, thought Nakku. But it was still cruel, and it hurt that her ex best friend would go behind her back and pull a stunt like this with her ex boy friend. Getting together, loving each other like real couples.

What Dutta and her had five years ago.
But the past was the past, and now that Dutta had moved on, she was happy (trying her best to be happy) for him, even if it did hurt like a thousand daggers through her heart.
Baaji shrugged. 'Probably. But I don't know her as well as you do, so what do you think? You guys had been best friends for quite a long time. What do you think?'
Nakku thought about it. 'Well, she did look angry when she saw me and Ananya together and then got all possessive when Dutta started staring at me.' And it had felt so good.
'Which helps us a little; maybe when you left, she felt lonely and found Dutta? Ever thought about that?'

Nakku shook her head, more to clear the images from the past than Baaji's words. 'No. No. I know that she had always wanted him, but I was too damn blind to see it. Damn it.'
She remembered now, all those times when Dutta and her would walk off hand in hand, leaving Supriya behind with Baaji. Once, when Nakku had turned around to wave goodbye to her friend, she had seen the jealousy in those eyes, but it was gone as soon as it had come, and she had never thought of it. Until now. Oh, how the past can haunt you.
And as she thought about it some more, there was that time at Neha's farewell party where Supriya had moved up close to a drunk Dutta, whispering in his ear, her hand on his chest. Nakku, thinking it was nothing major, that her best friends wouldn't dare flirt with her boy friend, ignored the whole thing and partied through the night like nothing had happened.

Unbelievable. After all these years, all this time she had loved her best friend like a sister, thought of her as a sister, all thrown out of the window because of her selfishness.
Nakku wanted to scream. She had never been jealous of her best friend, she knew then that she wouldn't do anything behind Nakku's back to make her angry.
But they weren't true. All of those thoughts were her own, what she had done on her own.
'Well, well, well. I never thought brown eyes would have had it in her to do something like that.'
Nakku shrugged. 'Yeah. I just wish ''

She shook her head 'Nothing, forget it, forget everything, I just want my mind to clear up'

'Mind? or heart?' Baaji asked, looking at her intensly. Nakku looked down and sighed.

'I didn't mind telling Dutta about the kids. Actually I didn't mind him getting to know them either but with Supriya around... I don't want my kids anywhere near her.' Nakku said.

'They can still get to know their father. You can't snatch that right from him. It's not like he doesn't want to see them. And who cares about that Supriya?'

'I do. I don't want my kids going over to their fathers place and feel neglected by their own freaking step mother.' Oh dear god, had she really said that?
'Hah! If I were Dutta, I would give her the boot if she really did do that to my kids.'
'Wishful thinking Baaji.'
'I know. Hey, you know I'm going out to town tonight. How about you join me and the boys for a little ' get together. You need it.'
Nakku thought about it, and quickly dismissed it. She had her kids to think about. There was no time for partying. She was a mother. 'Sorry. How about a rain check for that one huh?'
Baaji made a face. 'Come on! The boys would love to see you again! I bet your old friend what's her name ' Roops will be there.'
Roops! Nakku had never even thought about her. They had been good friends too, just never hung out with the same crowd. 'How is she anyway?'
'Dating Gautam now.'

'No way!' sputtered Nakku, forgetting about her half eaten sandwich. 'She's dating Gautam? The Gauta,? Skinny looking guy with the braces? Didn't she like, hate him years ago?'
Baaji laughed. 'Nakku, if you see him now, you wouldn't even believe us if we told you it was Gautam.'
'Wow. Talk about changes. I never even thought. Wow. I just, wow. Sorry I can't stop saying wow. Wow. How long have they been together for?'
'Almost three years now. He finished university, came back and won her heart.'
I wish Dutta would have done that with me. But he already does, always have, and always will.
She thought long and hard about Baaji's offer. It's been ' five years since she had last gone out, since her two angels, ever since her and Dutta '
'I'm coming. It's time for me to feel free again.'
Baaji smiled. 'Now that's my Nakku.'

'Ohhh she's coming to the party as well' baaji said shyly. Nakku squinted at him 'Who?'

'You know... her.. that girl' he smiled to himself. Anyone would understand he was blushing profusely.

'Oh.. Madhu? Madhu is coming to the part? Ahem.. Well it's going to be fun' Nakku teased.

'I guess...' he looked down, playing with his fingers nervously.

Nakku shook her head 'You idiot. I don't understand why you're taking so long to ask her out. She loves you but you are such a... Arghh baaji if today you don't ask her out, I'm never coming out with you again' She said angrily. Baaji sighed and nodded 'fine, i will try'. Nakku frowned 'TRY? No you won't try. You take the first chance and do it. I don't care how but that girl won't wait forever. You have wasted 3 years already' Nakku fumed. 'Ok baba.. I will do it tonight. But promise me you will be there with me' he pleaded. Nakku smiled 'I promise'.


Dutta stumbled across the hall and dragged his feet to his room. Their room. He banged the door opened and stared at his bed. Their bed. As tears streamed down his face, he ran his hand over the sheets feeling it. I can still feel you even now. After all these years your scent is all over my room, my mind... my heart. he closed his eyes and palmed his face.

'I hope Nakku accepts Baaji's offer. But will she come? She has Anya and Raj..Junior..Milo? Milo? God, that Seth put such a horrible nick name with my son. Junior sounds a lot better. That was definitely Nakku's choice. Well not exactly, cause I was the one who suggested to call our son junior when we were together. She remembered? He smiled to himself.

His smile faded 'Junior! My little junior, who hates me for hurting his mum and sister. But I promise you Raj, I will not leave you, your mum and your sister ever again. I'm going to be there for you' He sighed 'I still remember the day you first stepped into my room and then scared me because my clothes was everywhere'


7 years 6 months ago - Day 1 at Patil Niwas.

The car screeched to a halt infront of Patil. Dutta, being a gentleman, got out quickly and opened the door for Nakku. She smiled and stepped out, looking around with a smile 'Nice house' she said, beaming at Dutta. He smiled taking her luggage out. 'Thank you' he looked around for someone. 'What's wrong?' Nakku asked, confused. Dutta nodded 'Nothing, just looking for... there he is' he smiled.

'Baba, aap agaye? Memsaab bohut gusse mein hain' an old man exclaimed.

Dutta looked at him 'Kya Abdul chacha, aap bhi na? mum ko nahin sambhal sakte?' He said, looking around scared 'Where is she?' he asked.

Abdul chacha laughed 'She's preparing for the holi party' he said and took the bags from Dutta. 'Aao beti' he looked at Nakku and smiled.

Nakku smiled back politely and bent down to take his blessings. Abdul lightly touched her head 'Jeeti raho.. Ab chalo bhi varna memsaab mujhe hi mar dalega' they all laughed and followed him inside the big mansion.

Walking inside a huge lounge, Nakku's eyes opened wide. Wow this place looked like heaven. One big chandelier right in the middle of the hall made it look even nicer. 'Memsaab' Abdul called out, rushing in with the luggage. 'Mum?.. Maaaa?' Dutta yelled.

'Why is there so much noise in my house?' Mrs. Patil complained. She forward to see what was happening and her eyes stopped on Nakku. 'Nakusha?' she asked with a smile. That lady had class. She was beautiful and very traditional yet very modern. Nakku smiled and nodded 'Namaste Aunty' she stepped forward and bent to take her blessing. Mrs. Patil gasped and touched her head lightly 'Khush raho' Nakku stood infront of her, looking at her own feet, feeling very nervous. 'You're very beautiful' Mrs. Patil said, throwing one glance at Dutta who was admiring Nakku lovingly. She smiled. She told Babi she wanted Nakusha as her daughter-in-law as soon as she saw her picture but Babi said she won't force Nakusha to marry someone she doesn't know. Nakku was a modern girl and she would choose her own groom. But Mrs.Patil knew that Nakusha would be her perfect bahu the moment her eyes laid on her. And by the looks on Dutta's face, it looked like he was already liking her. Shakuntala smiled victoriously.. Babi, now we will see how Nakku doesn't fall for my Dutta? She turned to Dutta 'Show Nakusha around Dutta, don't just stand there. I opened the guest room next to yours. If she needs anything it will be easy for her' Mrs. Patil said and turned to Nakku. 'This is your house from now on, so please don't feel like a stranger. Go freshen up and come back down for dinner' she caressed her hair and went to see her arrangements.

'Baba, go show her around, I will keep her luggage in her room' Abdul whistled while walking away happily. Dutta smiled at the weird atmosphere and shook his head. There was something going on that he didn't know about. 'Let me be your guide then' he joked and began to show everywhere. First they made their way to the kitchen where Nakku was amazed. Never had she seen such a beautiful and clean kitchen. She hated cooking but she could spend all day in the kitchen... eating. Then Dutta showed the study room which she wasn't really interested in. First of all, she hated books and hated the idea of reading one too. Even though she was a bright student, she didn't know why she couldn't stand the sight of books. They made their way to a few bedrooms which were very unique and different. She loved them all. In every room she would see one thing that she had never seen in her life. She smiled at her stupidness as Dutta opened another bedroom door. She stopped in her tracks and stared at the room. Every single bedroom in this mansion was neat, clean and unique. But this room was....different. It was unique for sure because it was very messy. Dutta scratched his head 'Erm... yeah .. this.. is ... erm.. my.. room' he stammered, embarrassed to show her his messed up bedroom. 'Yh, I guessed' she giggled. 'Well I guess you need to clean up. You know how bad it is to leave all your clothes like that. Chudails loves messy clothes' she said. 'Chudail?' Dutta looked at her, shocked.

'Haan.. Tujhe nahin pata? I heard Chudails loves messy clothes'

'Er... Haan haan suna to hain .. koi baat nahin.. I will make sure I get my room cleaned up tomorrow' he said, looking at his room disgustedly.

Nakku controlled her laughter 'Err woh.. My room..?'

'Arre haan... Chalo' he walked past her and stopped infront of another door, right next to his. 'This is your room' he grinned and opened the door. Nakku stared at the room in awe and stepped in behind him. 'Wow' she breathed. 'It's... it's beautiful' she smiled and looked around.

'Yeah well, my mum likes her things perfect...'

'Yeah, I can tell...'

'Er.. well.. you freshen up, I will see you in a bit. Don't forget to come down for dinner' he waved at her and ran to his room.

Nakku nodded and opened her suitcase which was already in the room thanks to Abdul. Taking out a light dress she made her way to the attached washroom.

Sorry for the delay girls
I wasn't wellOuch
Anyway, I hope you liked it.
No Reserved spot for more than 12 hoursLOL
Thanks a lot for your comments, I appreciate it.
Thanks a lot Silent Readers!
Yuvi, Chocs dena mat bhoolnaLOL
Please leave your precious comments and press 'Like'Embarrassed

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reserved ...will be right back after reading it :-)

* Edit :

OH it was Baaji ! lol  Love him Heart
hez planning eh for Dutta and Naku to meet ?
and omg yay Madhu&Baaji ...and he's soo cute having trouble telling her lol
baaji na....Day Dreaming and shy vy lol
and omg junior wat Dutta wanted to call their kids lol he planned to have kids in the future but that future came too soon ....
and lol Dutta is messy! .....but still he's cute ...Embarrassed

Awesome update Sophie! Continue SoonSmile

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very nice update
yay!!! m so happy... baji n madhu r a couple in ur ff... bt hey another blooper, hw does naku knw abt madhu if she neva stayed in touch with ne1 bt sethji, n baji has liked madhu for 3 yrs... remember naku has been away for 5 yrs
awww so junior was the name dutta had thrt, funi hw they discussed names of their kids bt wen she was pregnant he turned her down... poor naku
baji is a sweetheart... its gd tht he's tryin gt tasha 2geva, n m sure we'll hav tasha convo in next update--pls dnt delay tht...
oh so Shakuntala wntd naku as her bahu n evn abdul chacha knw of it bt thn wt went wrong, did they al knw tasha fell for one another... awww dutta stil remembering naku n calling his room, their

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