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Soulmate (AR FF) (Part 9 in pg 70) (Page 15)

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jiyaa

awesome concept

tplz add me 2 ur pm's list

thanx sooooooo much
will surely do

Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by megha01

too gud nandu

arey  u r always amazing in desciptions
do continue soon
n sorry fr commenting late dis tym

tk cr jaanu

thanx sooooooo much megs
tu finally aa hi gayi LOL
Aweee thanx soooooooooo much yaar
i'll update soon.
koi bat nehi bhabhiji, aapka toh saat khoon maaf hain LOL
u 2 tk cr janu 
Nandini25 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 7:44am | IP Logged

"So…… u call something like that a genuine cause to take a leave, do you, Srivastav?", the young man demanded.

Srivastav: "I….actually….Sir…"

The man: "Do not stammer. Answer me. I don't have the whole day you see."

Srivastav: "Sir…" (But he found nothing to say or rather he was too nervous to say anything and finally he gave up any attempt to speak)

The man: "I see, even you don't have anything to justify that. Now let me ask you something Srivastav. What exactly do you think this place is for? Is it somewhere to gossip and spend your time with your cronies? Do you think of it as a club?"

Srivastav replied in a very timid and hesitating voice: " sir. It's a place to work."

The man: "Yes it is. And I'm really glad you think so too. It is a place of work and no one can just walk in and out of this place as and when they desire so. Had your wife or any other member of your family been ill or had there been a serious problem in your house I would have let you go even before you would have asked as that would be sheer humanity. But the excuse you are giving to take a leave is extremely ridiculous. You want a day leave as you want to spend time with your wife. Brilliant. What do you think Srivastav? Are we all coming here to compensate for the happiness of your married life? Do you think we are sitting here just to fill up for the days you spent outside the office for the sake of your blissful married life? Well, I don't think so. The company does not give you salary to boost up the happiness of your married life. And if you still want to take a leave for this trivial reason of yours, you can certainly leave but let me remind you that before you do so you have to submit your resignation letter to me. Just to prevent me from interferring any further into your happy married life, you see. And I promise I wont ever bother you with anything after you do so, Srivastav."

Srivastav gulped at this candid admonition: "Sorry Sir. I understand, Sir. I wont take leave without solid ground from next time."

The young man: "Really? Thank you for being so considerate, Mr.Srivastav. And you, Miss.Shalini. Where exactly do you think you have come? Is it an office or is there a fashion show going on without my knowledge?"

Shalini was too frightened to even look at him, though he had still not turned towards them and rather fixed her gaze on the floor: "No Sir….I…"

The young man: "Yes you. Should I provide you a mirror to have a look at yourself? What exactly do you think? Do you think you are looking the most beautiful woman of the world in this sort of abominable and as tiniest as feasible dress that reveals vulgarity of taste. Shalini modernism does not mean that we should  forget our culture. It does not mean oblivion of culture and vulgarity of taste. It means to make yourself capable of facing the challenges of the world and win over them, an oppurtunity which women of our country in earlier days did not have. Do you get it?"

Shalini: "Yes….yes Sir. I…..I do."

The man: "Better you do. Or else I don't think I have any need of any fashion model in my office as it is not at all a glamour house."

Siddharth and Rahul were standing still at the door and were witnessing the disastrous session. It was after hearing to his son's admonition to Shalini that the realization dawned on Siddharth as to why he was not turning to face the two people he was talking to. He could not help feeling a surge of pride at the control his son had over his character. He had inherited this strong dislike for scantily dressed women from both his parents. Siddharth came out of his muse as the cold voice spoke again. Siddharth  looked back at his son who was now conversing with someone through his mobile.

The young man: "Diksha, come to my cabin right now." (Then he disconnected the call)

Within minutes a pretty girl in a formal and decent outfit was striding towards his cabin. As she was about to enter the cabin, she met Siddharth and Rahul. She was about to speak but Siddharth  gestured her to remain quiet and carry on with her duty. She smiled and entered the cabin.

Diksha: "Goodmorning Sir."

The man: "Goodmorning Diksha. Do you have a spare formal outfit?"

Diksha was caught unawares: "formal outfit? I….yes Sir….I do." (The poor girl still was not getting what exactly he wanted to know)

The young man: "Good. Do you have it with you right now?"

Diksha (still confused): "Yes sir. I do."

The young man: "Excellent. Take this silly girl with you and get her dressed in that."

Diksha glanced at the mortified girl and within an instant understood the situation. She knew the sooner she took Shalini away the better or the girl would have to face an even more disastrous fate.

Diksha readily consented: "Sure Sir."

(And she gestured Shalini to come alongwith her and both the girls left as soon as feasible).

Now Siddharth entered the room alongwith Rahul.

Siddharth : "Are we allowed to come in, Mr.CEO?"

The young man turned back with a start at the sudden and unexpected voice of his father. He was a very handsome young man with a fair complexion.  He had two large blue eyes with a depth that revealed intelligence and knowledge, perfect jawline and slightly pinkish lips. He had jet black, silk-like, wavy hair. He was dressed in a formal white shirt and black suit. Even in that simple and formal attire, he appeared to be as handsome as a prince described in the fairy tales.

The young man: "Dad! (He turned to Akhil Srivastav) If you don't have any other of your so called grave predicaments then get back to your work. (Turning to his father) Dad since when you needed permission to enter your own son's cabin?"

Akhil Srivastav nodded vigorously and walked out of the cabin as soon as  feasible, highly relieved at not being thrown out of the office by the irascible man.

As he went out of the room, Siddharth spoke again: "Because at the present moment I'm talking to the CEO of this business. So Mr.CEO have you seen my son  somewhere? Anywhere?"

The young man: "Dad!"

Siddharth smiled: "Oh gr8! I think now my son is back. What do you think Rahul? (rahul grinned and nodded) Welcome back, Armaan."

Armaan is totally astounded as he was clueless as to why his father was talking to him like that. It was his father's habbit to call him by the name of Hitler usually and it is only when he was serious or upset that he called him by his real name.

Armaan: "dad what happened? Why are you talking to me like that? What have I done?"

Siddharth : "What have you done? Okay let me remind you. Where have you been all night since yesterday?"

Armaan bit his tongue and then smiled: "Oh that! You scared the hell out of me. Sorry dad. I had some work left in this current  project and you know how vital this one is for our company. So I thought…"

Siddharth cut in: "Yes and you thought of staying awake all night and keep working when you knew it very well that we still have not reached the deadline. (And then he softened his tone and reached his son who was now standing just a few inches from him and puts an arm on the latter's shoulder) Armaan, you need to take care of your health too, son. You also need some rest. You are not any superhumanbeing. You need to live life and enjoy it not just burry yourself under loads and loads of work. Try to get over your grief, son. You have your  life in front of you and a long way to go. Live life but not in the way you are living it now."

Armaan smiled and nodded: "Yes dad."

Siddharth laughed softly and turned to Rahul : "Yes dad! And that's all I'm getting as a response everytime I try to make him understand. You know what Rahul I think I never will be able to make this hitler change his mind. I need someone more obstinate to do this for me."

Rahul laughed: "Ya my dearest sister in law, isnt that unkle?"

Armaan : "Shut up you monster. Stop laughing and unfold your sleeves. This is an office for God's sake. I don't know how many times I will have to remind this and to how many people."

Siddharth rolled his eyes as Rahul quickly unfolded his sleeves. Then both the men exchange a this-guy-will-never-change kind of look.

Siddharth : "I'm damn sure you didn't eat anything since morning, Hitler. But is it since morning or since last night this is going on? I want honest answer Hitler. You know I have sources to get the truth out within minues."

Armaan was at a fix now as he knew what the truth will bring upon him, another scolding from his dad.

Armaan : "Ah…urm…well…I had something last night."

Siddharth demanded: "And what exactly that something is?"

But before Armaan could reply it was Rahul, Armaan's best friend and more a brother to him, who answers: "One sandwitch and about 20 cups of coffees till now."

Armaan glowered at Rahul who grinned mischievously at him.

However, Siddharth Mallik was shocked to hear this: "What? Armaan you had only one sandwitch and 20 cups of coffees since last night? No wonder you never doze off while working. How can a person who drinks 20 cups of coffee can ever get some sleep? Now this is the limit. (He turned to Rahul) Rahul, drag him alongwith you and take him out of the office. Feed him like a ravenous person and take him to wherever you think is enjoyable."

However, instead of Rahul it was a shocked Armaan who replied: "What? Go away? Now? Oh no Dad! I cant. I have…."

Siddharth interrupted: "Yes yes I know the same old excuse 'I have loads of work to finish Dad'. But this isnt going to work today."

Armaan : "But dad… (As Siddharth raised his eyebrows Armaab softened a bit to pacify his dad and made a last attempt to make  him  agree to his own desire) Okay okay peace. Dad I'll just call Diksha to bring loads of breakfast for all three of us here in my cabin and we will eat toghether. That'll be fine. isnt that?" (He asked hopefully, hoping against hope that his father would agree to his proposal)

However, Siddharth appeared to be quite determined not to pay the slightest heed to his son's arguments and suggestions. Knowing that it was really difficult to convince his son to do something which was totally against his nature as well as wish, he finally utilized his most faithfull and dreadfull (for Armaan) weapon. He finally took recourse to emotional blackmailing which, he knew, would always work upon Armaan.

Siddharth : "Make sure of it boy that if you aren't going to get out of the office this minute, I am not going to take my diabetes tablets."

As was expected, this threat actually worked upon the otherwise obstinate person.

Armaan finally resigned as he was well aware of the fact that his father could actually do as he said and it wasn't just an empty threat.

Armaan frowned: "Fine! If you want so then be it so. I'm leaving right now. There's no need to torture yourself. Really dad sometimes you behave like a little kid. (Then he turned back to Rahul who was grinning silently) Don't display  your monstrous, yellowish teeth, they vex me even more. And still if you go on with your demonstration I will make sure you don't have a single one left for future demonstration."

Rahul scowled: "Hey that was so rude!"

Armaan : "So I am."

Rahul sighed: "oh man! When this boy will ever change?"

Armaan : "Trust me, never."

Then with a quite agitated expression Armaan flounced out of the cabin, followed by a quite amused Rahul.

As both the young men went out of the cabin and dissapeared behind the door, Siddharth Mallik grinned amusingly. He knew it perfectly well that his son, though has a strong and rigid outer shell and wall around him, is an extremely nice person at heart. And now that he had went away with Rahul, Siddharth Mallik knew it that Rahul wouldn't let him return to the office anytime soon.

Siddharth Mallik  sighed: "I don't know how long will I be able to handle his workaholic and arrogant nature. I hope soon someone enters his life who will break the wall around him and reach him and understand the soft hearted person behind this rigid wall. I pray to you God please send someone who can convince me that my son will be in safe hands and will get a lifelong companion in that person even after this old crony of him will no longer be there for him." (Tears brimmed up in the eyes of the caring and anxious father)

Precap : Riddhima's entry and AR 1st meeting, rather Armaan sees Riddhima for the first time.

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patakha-guddi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
loved it
thnx fr pm
update soon
Gloriosaa Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 8:48am | IP Logged
interesting part...Thumbs Up
waiting for ar meeting.. add me in ur pm list plz ... n pm me whenever u update.. update soon..
shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
hiii Nandini(tell me ur shrt name)
awesome partClapClap
loved it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhTongue
Armaan ne to shrivastav or shalini ki hwa hi nikal di.............he is such a hi tler bt cute wala...........loved rahul, siddharth n armaan bonding.........waiting nxt part eagerly............ridz n armaan meeting...........thanks for pm...........plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue soonnnnnnnn
love u   Shilpa
Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 9:16am | IP Logged
nice, lovely part. loved it.update soon.
alaipayuthey IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 9:51am | IP Logged

nice part!

can't wait until AR meet!
continue soon!

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