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Epi Discussion Thread | 14th Mar-18th Mar| LU Pg 96 (Page 92)

-sourire- Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nureat01

@Param: Ok here's what you see here's the link for the avi...... to add it to your sigbox.....follow these instructions....

In simplest terms if I had to tell you......once you have the link of the signature/avi you want to use.....on the top right corner of the page  you'll see the "my dashboard" button.....scroll over that and it will give you a drop down option is update on that and then you'll see a list of on the "signature" tab in that and then you can just paste the link of the sig or avi in your sigbox and add {img} {/img} code around it but replace the curly brackets with square ones......try it.....lemme know if you still feel confused about something :-)

I did it.....Dancing Dancing not that it was rocket science LOL LOL  but thank you for your help Hug 
And thanks to you and fatty for making lovely Avis Smile

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Phew, finally a breather to post comments on the episode...

Hmm so...oh yeah, the JASHN CoolLOL Ranga the drummer had me cracking up big time...he looked like a total LEECH (still LOL) while drumming away in jazbaaa LOL Mahadev toh I have no words for...this guy has evolved into something else over two episodes...first 'Mera Bhao aagaya, mera Bhao aagayaaaaa!' and then today's performance...too big for us mortal beings :worship:LOL What's amazed me is how well the guys who play Ranga and Mahadev have bonded with MR...they seriously seem to get on really well, especially from the SBS segment, to be rolling up each other's sleeves LOL Dutta, Mahadev and Ranga are even wearing the same style of kurtas now! LOL And it was obvious that they had a gala time shooting for this whole thing (: I was surprised even that MV managed some beautiful smiles despite her off mood LOL That's what you call acting :cool::rolls:

The DN scene was all the sweetness the episode needed...I lovedlovedloved the placement of the 'Tu matt dar' flashback Day Dreaming The most beautiful bit for me though had to be when Nakku said, "Saab, aapka pyaar milgaya...pann main aapko mere sahare chalta nahi dekh sakti." Oh, Nakku, Nakku, Nakku Hug Her love is something else...I admire the fact that she is a woman above all possessiveness or self-centered thought because that is something so difficult to manage for the female contingent in general I think...she can't see Dutta dependent, EVEN on herself...her love is on a whole other level, it is about the best of Dutta's well-being, the best of who he can be and how she can help him become that...nothing else figures in her thoughts and actions...not that she is having a sukh ka pal away from his family and problems in the jungle with him...not that she can live an entire lifetime with him just like this...not that she can have an SR with him here or have him whisper sweet nothings in her ears, which he so would have in a drunken state like that...rather, she decides to go get something from him that no other MAN in that whole little dwelling had the guts to, even out of gratitude...THIS is what you call true love...

I thought they did a really nice job of showing how Nakku was indeed remorseful about breaking her promise to she looked back at him before leaving, and you could tell it was difficult for heart went out to her in these bits and even the last scene of the episode with her on the trek, which was shot very nicely...the way she was suffering yet making herself go on by remembering all these things...sigh, well done. Nakku ripped another one of her sarees though huh LOL This girl is a khatra to clothes LOL That purple was very, very lovely!

So I'm wondering why Suds didn't go to deliver the there a significant reason or Sumit Kaul wasn't present to shoot? Aur Kala ne PN ko sach mein bhoot bangla bana dala hai...there's nothing in the main hall except one big armchair for her, a small table and a horror film wala candle stand LOL 

Anyhow, great episode over all...enjoyed watching it! Now to read back on all of your comments too...

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nureat01

@bold: WORDDDD Pallo.....WORDD....I didn't even know it was possible for me to get surprised anymore but today there was just something else to just HOW adorable MR was in this epi....I was in totalllllllllll helpless swoon modeDay DreamingLOL.....I thought we'd already seen all the sides to Dutta that there were to see but as always this guy just MAKES Dutta.....the way he portrayed that ADORABLE mischievous side of his today....those smiles.....*sigh* I can't be coherent on this subjectLOL....yes they were both just so happy today that it brought a smile to my face just watching them too :-) I know! Just when you think he can't possibly surprise us anymore, he does. Day Dreaming LOL It's not like we haven't seen him smile before either, but it's like every smile of his is a DIFFERENT one. A different shade to Dutta. I'm always amazed at how many shades MR can bring to Dutta! This was not even like the halwa feeding scene. This had that mix of mischievousness to if Dutta just HAD to go all out today. Today he had no inhibitions whatsoever. Heck, he was going to enjoy his heart out, tease his wife, and just be happy to his heart's content. ApproveLOL 

And that smile also had this...I'm also feeling really in-coherent with this...but it had a sort of love to it too. There was mischievousness of course...and just happiness, but there was also so much love for Naku. As if he was just loving the fact that Naku was telling him to be cautious about daaru. Because it was just such a wife type of thing to do. This love, the atmosphere, the friends, the daaru too (LOL)... were just filling Dutta's heart with happiness and he couldn't HELP show it too! He couldn't help let out that humorous, naughty, teasing side of his today fully! Over the past couple of days also, we've seen Dutta tease Naku and stuff...but this different than that too. This was ek dum KHUL ke Dutta smiling, enjoying, teasing, REALLY enjoying Naku's company as well as the overall atmosphere. Dutta was in SUCH good spirits today! And MR was just TOOOOO awesome for words with Dutta!! Today, Dutta's heart was just FULL of love, of happiness, good humour and satisfaction. He didn't need anything else today. He was perfectly and completely content. *sighhh* Day Dreaming

Yep this scene did seem to signify that he's accepted his blindness and just is happy that could be the mellowness brought on from the bhaang/daaru too.....but just the way he said it *sigh*.....especially the bit about....."Ab main sirf mann ki aankhon se dekhta hoon aur.....tu mujhe humesha.......har waqt (LOVED the way he took the pauses in b/w there.....wonderful acting by MR).....bahut sundar nazar aati hai".....he said it soooooooooo adorably yaar....there's this bit in b/w where he just tilts his head so adorably while saying it tooDay Dreaming LOL yeah the bhaang def. helped too. LOL It was def. a momentary kind of satisfaction. The whole atmosphere also helped. At this point of time, Dutta was ok and happy with EVERYTHING in his life. It was just one those moments for Dutta. But awww yeah that dialogue was TOO beautiful for words! Day Dreaming And TOTALLYYYY MR said that dialogue with ALL his heart it seemed. Like he put SO much heart, so many emotions into that dialogue. I love how MR does these pauses too when saying these kinds of things to Naku. Even in yesterday's scene when he was saying that "mote mote ansoon" dialogue...he pauses before he says "ANMOL" ansoon. Especially to give effect to the word "ANMOL". Day Dreaming
And in today's dialogue too, he uses these pauses to get that FULL effect of the dialogue. Ki jab we also listen to it, it fills our heart with happiness too! Day Dreaming MR said that dialogue as if he really MEANT it!! *sighhh* And of course the way he closed his eyes and tilted his head like you said. As if he was picturing Naku at that very moment. SOOOO amazing to see Dutta SO content and just so full of love like this. Day Dreaming

 Yep exactly.....while Dutta was happily musing away about how he's happy to just have her saath and see her from his mann ki aankhein, to Nakku those thoughts somehow felt disturbing....she didn't want him to just live HER sahaare as she said....she wanted him to be able to be independent and not have to lean on her......they showed her thought process quite nicely there.....the impetus to go get the flower. Exactly. Naku knows Dutta in that sense too. Dutta loves Naku with all his heart so he likes it when she takes care of him and does things for him. But he is after all a kind of person who doesn't like to be dependent. I loved that contrast in emotions for both Dutta and Naku. Again, both of them are just ALWAYS thinking about the other! Day Dreaming And yeah it was the perfect final drive for Naku to go get the flower. She's obviously had this in her mind ever since Mahadev mentioned the flower secret. But at this moment, she just HAD to go out and get that flower. Well, that sounds like Nakku alright! LOL 

 Yeah especially the bit after her mashaal bujhoes and she stares at it helplessly for a bit before getting some FBs of Dutta and Kala I think and then she gathers her strength again and determinedly throws away the mashaal and starts walking ahead again.....I liked that bit. Yeah the flashbacks were really well put in. Every time she falters/goes weak she remembers WHY she is doing this....whom she is doing it for and draws strength out of it. I liked how she got FB's of Kala too. It was like a mix of concern for Dutta and thinking of that ultimate goal i.e. defeating Kala. And that mashaal bit was the significant bit. That would be the point where you would want to just break down completely and give up right away. The mashaal bit was an excellent touch by the creatives. I liked how we are actually SHOWN Naku's struggle in getting that flower too. Makes you have more appreciation for her character. :) 

Thanks for that SBS vid. Ohhh now I see what you mean. LOL LMAOO I love that dust udaying wali theory. LOL MR was so hilarious in this. With his baansuri bajaying bit...and the dole shole dikhaying bit in the end. LMAOO at Ranga and Mahadev joining in too! ROFL Boys. *shakes head* TongueLOL

I love how MR called Dutta a superman/hero ke maafik. CoolLOL

Poor MV didn't seem to be having that great of a time. With all the dust and the guys bonding over their dole shole and all Wacko LOL. Awww. Hopefully Mahadev ka awesome dance cheered her up later. TongueLOLLOL 

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by neets_ltl

LOL Viraasat film ka gaana is always a tune to dance to! I have it in a wedding video ROFL Anyway, totally fast forwaded that scene, 2 minutes in, what was up with the weird dancing from the ladies...not my cup of tea honestly!

Dude, you are missing out on life LOL Catch it for the guaranteed LULZ TongueLOL

Originally posted by Crystal29

And I applaud the CVs for the dragging in the second half!Clap No one can do this better than our CVs..They can go super fast or at snail pace whenever they want. Multi-talentedApprove

You mean the Nakku/BG part, Crystal? I thought that was needed yaar...they showed it Nakku was having all this trouble, how she was getting her strength up every time...agar aaram se usko flower miljata toh we all would have made endless fun of how SUPERNakku got it or how it was supposed to be so life-threatening and the basti people were making such a big deal out of it LOL Plus, the way they showed her struggle and those adds intensity to WHAT and HOW much Nakku is ready to go through to find a cure for Dutta...anything and everything for him, after so much hardship Smile So I thought it was well they'll probably show the kidnapping tomorrow, Dutta finding out, the pictures reaching him, and fingers crossed...the return of the eyesight!

Originally posted by nureat01

*Edit: Oh and btw that CONSTANT Priety Zinta countdown thingy about her new show that was stuck to the top left corner of the screen....really annoyingOuch

Most annoying thing of the day...I wanted to punch whoever put that logo right covered someone or the other's face every other second Ouch

Originally posted by cute2stay

I also found it HILARIOUS how Kala goes, "Suds nahin jaa raha". LMAO. So she doesn't even need him for these things anymore? He's even more useless than ever! TongueLOL

I am seriously worried (read intrigued) about Suds, yaar LOL WHAT happened to him that Kala had to announce that he wouldn't go *thinks, thinks, thinks* LOL

Originally posted by Pyari_Zahra

And they changed Gaekwad again?! ShockedLOL No more maggy hair dude! ROFL

HOW did I know that no one except you would notice!? ROFL So long Maggie Hair! LOL The new halkat they got...

Originally posted by LuvPremeer4ever

...have to admit he is one heck of a fusion dancer ROFL ROFL ROFL

Fusion dancer is the best way to describe it ROFL ROFL ROFL Some of his dance moves were just ShockedShockedLOL

Originally posted by LuvPremeer4ever

But even with the BD....I feel bad for the lady who was the BD...after all she is a human too and doing this stuff in the middle of night....and just the thought of how manykeere makore there are in the jungle Ouch .....if I had to do that I would have so maroed kalti patli gali se LOL ROFL 

Pappi paet and all :rolls:

Originally posted by nureat01

And Pallo and Param.....I'm not sure if Fatty's avi is free to use but I doubt she'd mind if you guys used itLOL.....spread the laughterLOL

Oh yeah, Pallavi and guys can use it...anything, anytime! I don't mind at all...the more people that have Mahadev jumping and running around them, the dance-ier our posts will be! :banana::cool::lol:

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niki11 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by make-believe

So I'm wondering why Suds didn't go to deliver the there a significant reason or Sumit Kaul wasn't present to shoot?
You no i was wondering the same thing there was no reason for suds to not accompany the BG'S. I have a gut feeling that  after being kidnapped naku wil influence the BG and  wil bring about a change of heart in the BG .And mayb they will take her back and she will b the first person whom D sees after regaining his sight.The jeep can b used by them for going back to PN.LTL does have a penchant for giving surprises at the last minute lyk wen anna himself blackened naku's face Smile

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by niki11

Originally posted by make-believe

So I'm wondering why Suds didn't go to deliver the there a significant reason or Sumit Kaul wasn't present to shoot?
You no i was wondering the same thing there was no reason for suds to not accompany the BG'S. I have a gut feeling that  after being kidnapped naku wil influence the BG and  wil bring about a change of heart in the BG .And mayb they will take her back and she will b the first person whom D sees after regaining his sight.The jeep can b used by them for going back to PN.LTL does have a penchant for giving surprises at the last minute lyk wen anna himself blackened naku's face Smile

OOOOOO, I like this theory a lot, which is what I have been thinking about also, cause Suds has not gone, so the BGs really dont have that much sense do they?

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kabeeraspeaking IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:49pm | IP Logged
Funny how Dutta put his hand around Nakku while walking towards the villagers, na? Smile It's like he can't help but 'prize' her...

The way Mahadev holds Dutta's hands in greeting is ODDEST thing ever LOL Matlab yeh kya hai, bhai...they hold hands, elevate them, and then let go Stern SmileLOL

Totally looking into her eyes here SmileDay Dreaming

I forgot to say...didn't MR look so bright in today's episode?

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: 

Nudge, nudge TongueLOL Mahadev mast mood mein in the background LOLCool

Oh makes me happy to see her happy because of how much she deserves every bit of it Hug

LOVED these moments where she caressed his forehead :awww: Funny how Seema can do the same thing and it looks so untoward, but when Nakku does, it is the sweetest thing...

The kiss :awww:

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@ Fatty ... thank you for your permission     Hug

      :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: 

You see any similarity between the green Mahadev and the yellow Mahadev

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