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Epi Discussion Thread | 14th Mar-18th Mar| LU Pg 96 (Page 23)

-sourire- Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by make-believe

The conversation about 'darr' was amazing....I loved that when they came into the tent, Dutta didn't ask her if she doesn't want him to go...he asked her if she's scared Smile He had already made up his mind, he wasn't asking her permission, because that's Dutta...he decided to help those people, and he KNEW Nakku wouldn't stop him though she was apprehensive...that unsaid understanding between them is truly on a whole other level...there was no melodrama, no crying and mana-oing and spazzing (like Tanaji's wife LOL)...their relationship is so beautiful because they make life easier for each other...they skip so many steps just by UNDERSTANDING each other, by accepting that they both have roles and duties...their love isn't compromised on ultimatums or, ok I'll shut up already, sigh...Day Dreaming

@ Blue 

WORD... the key to this extraordinary and charismatic relationship. I have to give a round of applause to the writers for doing justice to this concept and living up to the expectations.....keeping the integrity of this beautiful conception and exploring it's various dimensions in depth. 

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Originally posted by sub_rosa

I loved how Dutta was comforting Naku...patting her back so lovingly...and he was flirting with herTongue He had some solid dialogues tonight...the conversation with well as those wolf-whistleworthy Dutta Bhao-style sarcastic comments to Bhola!LOLClap
The way he spoke to bhola - mann kiya,socha tum bachchon ko bata doon,aakhir main hoon kaun.Clap
Nada bandhne ki aakal nahi aur Dutta ko bandhne chala thaClapLOL
The slight voice modulation was awasome .Kudos to MRStar
Thanks for that...I saw it twice and missed it both times. Sometimes becuz of Mishal's voice modulation his voice becomes soft and husky and you miss the dialouges.

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TheRager IF-Addictz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by komal_w25

I have 2 genuine questions to ask...Tongue

1. When Mishal is getting a Haircut..?Confused
2. When they will Make Naku step down from stool..?LOL
I Mishal needs a haircut. This hair at the back doesnt look neat. Ouch

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-Fivr- Moderator

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
My stupid YT is taking FOREVER to load! Atak atak k episode dekhne ko mil raha hai. Stops every 2 minutes!! Gahh!!!
But dude!! What a brilliant first scene - up until he tell "Bhola jee" k he's blind and can't do any "hoshiyari".. Day Dreaming Filhal yaheen tak dekha hai because YT's being blah with me.. *impatient muh*

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-Srushti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
Somehow out of all his dialogue, the one I liked was when he was telling Nakusha...'Pehle marta tha Junoon se, ab marunga sukoon se' ...Fanstastic...
It depicted all, his devil-may-care attitude laced with full respect towards Nakku's care and love, his own confidence in himself redoubled by Nakusha's faith in him and he acknowledging the same with all his frankness and humility....the pacification of his anger towards the world in general, the inner oasis he has just found a grace the woman standing in front of him...was just too good...The perfect example of Character development, his righteous anger and his protective instincts not making him lose like he did in the past, but his shrewd killer instinct honed to perfection...and with all this he was flirting with his wife....Embarrassed
Loved this cool, calm, sarcastic, confident, flirtatious, and a bit-cocky attitude wala Dutta...KILLER attitude....Big smile

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
What an exciting episode!! I was so exhausted from a long day and this episode totally pumped me up!! Wohooo Dutta kicking butt is SO awesome to watch! Cool

Kahan se shuru karoon? SO many things to love about today's episode that my thoughts are so scattered and I don't even know where to start penning them down. 

I guess from the DN scene. SO many things to rediscover and love about these two from today's episode. What I loved most was just Dutta reassuring Naku. The whole graph of the tent scene and the dialogues were just too awesome. I just love how the bond these two share is SO selfless. As soon as these two enter the tent, Dutta asks Naku whether SHE is scared! And I loved how he asked her in such a natural way, like it's ok to be scared. His tone implied understanding and concern. He understood that she might be afraid, yet he wanted to let her know that it's ok...he's there and she can share her worries, her fears with him...and together they can support each other. Build that strength, guide each other along the way. Isn't this what SHARING a life truely means in every sense of this expression? Day Dreaming These two SHARE their fears, worries, emotions, feelings... everything...and in so doing help each other along the way. They are so connected together that anything that happens affects both of them equally. They are just so equal and perfect for each other in every way! And I just love how LTL shows us this....convinces us of this bond for ourselves! It's not just implied that these two are the leads therefore are meant to be...they've CONVINCED us of this totally and completely with every step of Dutta and Naku's relationship. What I love is that we as the audience can make that call, we fall for DN on our own...we want to root for these two ourselves. That is the mark of great writing and storytelling when the audience can't HELP be drawn to the characters like this. Day Dreaming

Anyways, I feel like I'm going to blabber a lot about today's please bear with me. I just felt so much watching this episode...I need to write it out...Embarrassed So anyways, the dialogue I absolutely LOVED in today's to the point that I had slight tears in my eyes was this:

"Aaj tak main lada JUNOON se, ab main ladoonga SUKOON se! Aaj tak sar pe kafan baand kar jaata tha, ab ladai par jaunga toh laut kar tere paas aane ke liye" 

How absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming It pretty much sums up DN's relationship right there! What absolutely pure, heartfelt and soulful words Dutta speaks. Straight from his heart. Love the contrast of the words "junoon" and "sukoon". What a contrast it's been...the whole journey and Dutta's journey that he's reached this point. That even when he's fighting it's for a completely different purpose. Naku has just 'fixed' Dutta I would say...for lack of a better word....completely healed him from within, there that's a better way of saying it. Just how sweet are Dutta's words he wants to fight to come back to his Naku? Now he wants to fight to live up to her faith in him. He's doing this for HER. Also loved that next dialogue Dutta says where he's again talking about the contrast between his reasons for fighting. He used to do don-giri earlier for himself...because he had that burning fire within him and all that...or even his family to support them well and all. But this time he wants to fight for all the right reasons. He wants to help others..those who can't help themselves. He wants to inspire them, fight for them. And it's Naku that has brought this side to him. That goodness he always had from within...Naku's the one that has brought it out in him again. Not that Dutta wouldn't have done this gesture in his old days...we know from his character that he would've helped out back then too. But back then he would have all this anger and negative emotions within him. This time he's filled with that feeling of doing good. He's filed with positivity and optimism and confidence. Whereas before he wasn't as concerned about his life or making it back he wants to defeat, conquer and come home to his Naku...FOR his Naku. He's now confident and stronger than ever because he knows he's doing good. And that confidence comes from Naku's undying faith in him. 

And of course LOVED the way Dutta reassures Naku. Especially loved that "Idhar aa" as he takes her in his arms. Day Dreaming And just so lovingly strokes her back...just you know giving her strength and consoling her with every touch, feel, gesture...everything these two do just screams love. I also loved that little "Bol Naku"'s probably just me looking too much into things...but just the way Dutta says's like he wants her to share everything that's in her heart and mind. He wants her to be completely free with him. And he wants to resolve her worries...really wants to hear what's troubling her. He's just so concerned and wants to make sure she's completely ok before he leaves. Loved that AS wala dialogue as he reassures her. And ohhh that sindoor/tilak part was so exciting because of that dhol,trumpet and mandir ki ghantiyaan wala background music. Total you know..yudh type of music. SO epic! *awed muh* Day Dreaming And that feeding something sweet before going out wala gesture from Naku's side was so sweet as well. I love how they always keep that spiritual wali feeling intact in LTL. Also liked how Naku told him that she will cook something for him when he returns. You know kind of a follow up of the gaajar halwa scene. Naku just tells him that she'll be waiting...waiting for him to come home to her. That's what Dutta's strength is in this phase too...his family. His home. And Naku keeps on strengthening that home wali feeling for Dutta. Just like she did by making the gaajar halwa for him too. Every step Dutta takes from now on gets them closer to home. Closer to family...closer to starting a new leaf with peace and happiness and a true home. 

So much reassurance, so much faith, so much love. Day Dreaming Such pure, soulful love. Just strikes a chord with you, really truly touches your heart in a tingling kind of way. *sighhh*

Other than that loved Dutta's hero side. He's just SUCH an iconic sort of a hero. Loved how cool and confident he was. So strategically planning everything. Got that Bhola JI (LOL) to tie his hands so he could use the rope later. Acted like he was going along with the flow and as if nothing was in his control...when really he had everything in his control all along. Makes the audience confident too. His sarcasm was totally awesome too. And MR delivered that sarcasm to the T! Cool I totally cracked up at Bhola JI going, "Do minute khatam ho chuke hain...milne ka time samapt" ROFL Kitne attitude se yeh line boli apne Bhola JI ne. :P LOVED how MR reacted there!!! With that sarcastic smile! haha SO awesome! As if he was thinking ki bol le beta jitna bolna hai...baad mein dikhata hoon tujhe main. Cool Dutta's SO cool man! 

Ok cut back to DN...aww at the way Dutta was holding Naku's face...and Naku's tear brimmed eyes...the way they react to each other. *sighhh*

Ok and then I thought it was so genius-ly cool how Dutta who was playing the 'follower' part all this time with the rope tied around his hands and all. And then just like that, in a split second he changes that and puts the rope around Bhola JI's neck telling him who's in control. Loved the use of the rope genius. And ohhhh taaliyaan seetiyan wala moment, when Bhola JI asks, "Ruk kyun gaye?", and Dutta goes, "Bas mera MANN kiya...socha tum BACHON ko batah doon ki akhir main hoon kawn!" Waah waahhh! PartyClap How satisfying was it to hear Dutta say this! Cool And the way MR delivered/enacted this part...especially the way he said BACHON...oh man...this man's such a genius. Like he didn't just say the dialogue, he put DUTTA into the dialogue...every word he spoke oozed out Dutta's essence. Makes me think, how dedicated would an actor have to be, to give THIS impactful a performance. That's some dedication that he completely absorbs himself into the character! There's just never a hit and miss with MR. Clap

The fight scene was so filmy! Cool Esp. that Dutta releasing that stick so that sab ke sab fall down at once. ROFL And how they just run away in the end. ROFL The ones who aren't already "dead" anyways. I used to find those action sequences in those 90's films so hilarious like that too. Like how they would get rid of all the annoying aire gaire se bad guys. Some would fall in the water, some would just lie down and die on the spot, some would run away, and the most annoying part was how JUST when the hero was finally getting to the villain, all of them would somehow come back to life and attack at that exact moment! D'oh ROFL Such hilarious stuff. LTL totally makes me reminisce those 90's ke action sequences again. LOL 

Phew...that felt good to word everything out. SO much in this episode. I feel like I could just discuss this one episode for days. But soooo excited for what's going to happen next. Final note...I liked how in the precap even as Mahadev sees Ranga captured and defeated, his first concern is Dutta Bhao. He's more worried about Dutta's safety than defeating Ranga or getting their stuff back. I find that sweet and so loyal. First time I felt something towards this character. :)

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-sourire- Goldie

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by cute2stay

What an exciting episode!! I was so exhausted from a long day and this episode totally pumped me up!! Wohooo Dutta kicking butt is SO awesome to watch! Cool

@ Bold 

Don't you just love that....coming home after a long day and finding a treat like LTL just waiting for you LOL LOL 

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pigbelly4myfeet IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
^^ Indeed, indeed. Approve *nods in concur-ment*  And I feel like the following episodes are going to be so exciting like that. Totally action packed with so much stuff going on. So excited now. :D LOL I love how just when you think LTL is slowing down or starting to drag, it picks up...and in such a way too that keeps you hooked and sucks you into the story even more! 

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