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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 16)

UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Wnderful update our Geet has already crossed pathsThe Maan Singh Khuranna w/o knowing that he is her would be Boss(and Love of Life offcourse)......My lady sure akes pride in her country.....Thats the spirit ya.....So MSK is gearing up for a challenge....Geet u are walking into lions mouth...all the best...update soon dear

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kathie_berns Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakadafi

I loved your updates!!! The topic you had Geet argue here, kudos. Movies like slumdog, while great on entertainment value, really put India in a bad light with foreigners thinking that is all India is about. But the saddest of all is truly when Indians themselves are too egoistic to see how we can make India a better place and instead try and act "cool" by shunning India. I live abroad so I see it all the time how Indians themselves put themselves down.......really, in that case how can you blame the foreginers? America has had over 200 years of independence to bring it where it is today. Just look how far India has come in 60 years. We are a great country and we should be proud of our heritage!!Sure things can be better, but things can always be better...the first step is truly to start by making yourself a better person.

Okay, just had to get that all outSmileI've really enjoyed all your updates. Please do add me to your PM list.
                                              i'm so glad u liked the update... Actually i was really skeptical if people would like to read some facts added or just want an out and out love story.. I live in india but i have many cousins abroad who act like foreigners and dont even want to acknowledge thier country... Forget ppl abroad, ppl who live here only shun india, then can v blame others? And wt i wrote in my update was my personal view of that film... Glad u agreed with me... Smile

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Part 7:

The Khuraana's was teeming with people as Geet and Meera entered the company campus. They were amazed at the beauty of the campus and the buildings surrounding it. Once they entered the main building, all they could do was gape at the lush interiors, where every nook and corner screamed elegance. It would definitely be fun working here! Geet thought excitedly.

   Pinky had already left for work giving the duo instructions, since she had taken a leave yesterday, the pending work needed to be completed. When Geet and Meera reached the reception area, they exchanged pleasantries with Pinky who gave Meera instructions on how to reach the finance department. Soon after, she pulled Geet to the corner and started chatting.

"Today is your lucky day Geet. The boss is out on yet another business trip and will be returning only tomorrow. So atleast you will not have DD breathing down your neck on your very first day".

  "DD? Who's that now?" Geet asked confused.

      "Are yaar! You don't know DD? The one and only Maan Singh Khuraana? Dhak Dhak? Pinky questioned dramatically, holding her hands to her heart.

"What is so Dhak Dhak about him?" Geet smiled looking at Pinky's overacting.

       "What is so Dhak Dhak? Well miss. Handa, you only need to come face to face with him once, to know what exactly I mean by Dhak Dhak. One look at him, and cupid strikes. Even if it doesn't, the Goddess of love Venus takes over sooner or later. I've lost count of how many girls have left this company heartbroken. He changes girls like he changes socks. So as the receptionist I'm giving you a serious advice. Pay heed to it! Do not fall for Maan Singh Khuraana, or be prepared to suffer a major heartbreak for life" she concluded in a whisper.

     Geet burst out into a full fledged laughter now.  "Pinky, you seriously need to join TV soaps. You would make a damn good actress. And about me falling for Maan Singh Khuraana, that's not going to happen, at least not till I lose my sanity. I do not like arrogant males. When I fall in love, it will be with a man who has a soft personality, loving, caring and not to forget, has a good sense of humour."

     As they were chatting Pinky received a call asking her to send in the remaining trainees to the conference hall. So Pinky lead the way with Geet following. Once Geet entered the hall, she saw that the other trainees had already gathered. An employee came and announced that all the trainees take a seat, and they would be addressed by one of the senior architects in 5 minutes. Geet nervously sat with the other trainees and soon after, a lady in her thirties and formally dressed in a black suit entered the hall with her assistant.

    "Good morning everybody! Let me introduce myself. I'm Sasha Mehta, I'm the team manager of the senior architects and this is my assistant Tasha. Welcome to Khuraana constructions. We are proud to have you working under us, since Khuraana'a consists of only the best and you all are the few lucky ones selected due to your academic excellence and other talents." She went on to explain about the history of the company, its founders, the different branch offices of the Khuraana's, what kind of projects KC handled, the present market value of the company's shares and where Khuraana's stood in terms of business ranking.

       Once she was done with the introduction, she started an interaction with the trainees to get an idea about their interactive skills. She posed different questions about the moment of inertia, centroid of plane figures, concurrent co-planar system and their forces and how they could be applied practically to design a structure. A particular girl dressed ordinarily in pink salwar kameez and plaited hair impressed sasha with her thorough knowledge in different fields. Sasha made a mental note to include her in her team. When the interaction was done, the trainees introduced themselves, and there were 20 trainees in all. Sasha made note of the name Geet Handa.

    After the conclusion of this particularly long session, two more employees came forward to take them on a tour of the company. They were shown the working of different departments based on different floors ranging from the finance department to the HR department. Finally they reached the top most floor which held the office of the chairman of KC. The employees taking them around whispered," this is a restricted area. The boss doesn't like anybody entering his cabin without his permission. You all will be introduced to the boss when he will be back tomorrow. So that is it for today. Be here tomorrow at sharp 9am. The boss doesn't entertain late comers", saying the employees left them alone. Geet along with the other trainees familiarized themselves with their surroundings, when Geet got a message from meera informing her that they were waiting for her in the lobby.

     When Geet reached the lobby on the ground floor, she saw meera laughing and talking with a good looking young man. As she made her way to them, meera waved at her. "Hi! How was your first day at office? Everything fine?"

     "Fantastic. How was your day?" Geet asked."Oh, I had a wonderful day, thanks to somebody", she replied giving a sweet smile to the young man standing beside her. "By the way, let me introduce you to Dev Malhotra, head of the finance department and Maan Khuraana's first cousin. Dev, this is Geet, my best pal!" meera introduced, with a smirk directed towards geet. Wow meera! Not bad, she praised meera in her mind as she shook hands with dev.

    "Hi geet! Nice to meet you." Dev acknowledged charmingly. "Well, I have a meeting with the financers so I will make a move now. Will catch you girls tomorrow in office. Take care", he gave a second glance to meera as he strode away.

    "Isn't he gorgeous?" meera drooled long after he was gone. "Of course he is! After all, whose relative is he?" pinky added as they made their way outside office.

    "Pinky, I'm sure this DD of yours is not half of what you are making him out to be. You just have a childhood disease of exaggerating." Geet teased as they got into a cab.

    "He's not mine." Pinky said a little too fiercely. "And miss.Handa, we'll see tomorrow", she challenged. "We'll see!" Geet challenged back'''''''.

    Next Day they reached office at 8.45am with meera heading to the finance department and pinky heading towards the reception. Just as Geet was about to join the other trainees, sasha called out to her."Good morning miss.Handa. Hope you remember me from yesterday. Actually I was working on this project and I thought I could do with some fresh insights. So would you care to join me?" she asked with a smile.

        Geet had taken to the older woman instantly when she met her yesterday.everything about her screamed professionalism. And as for asking her ideas! This was a chance to make an impression.

    "Surely Mam! Why not?" Geet smiled back and Sasha led the way to her cabin. As they were heading towards the cabin, there was a sudden hustle and bustle among the employees who were casually having a chat till now. Some were straightening their already neat clothes, while some were hurrying back to their respective places. Sasha saw the confused look on Geet's face and smiled. "No prizes for guessing, MK is back.".

     "But why such chaos among the people? Its not like Hitler is walking in with a whip'. Sorry Mam!" she knew she had spoken too much when sasha just looked at her, and then she laughed.

"Well, you can call our boss a disciplinarian. He does not like changes. And geet, this is your first day, so you'll get used to this environment. Anyways, lets get back to work"''''.


        Maan Singh Khuraana got out of his car and entered the building with his guards following him. He heard a timid greeting from the receptionist, but ignored it and walked on. He paused for a moment before entering the lift and gave a one second glance at the employees whose heads were down, trying to concentrate too hard on their work. As the lift doors closed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Once he reached the sanctuary of his cabin, his secretary, an elderly woman came in with a mug of black coffee and a red file. Before disappearing she told him that the file contained the information of the new trainees who had joined the company yesterday.

    Well, he had meeting lined up all day, so meeting these new trainees was out of the question he thought. Besides, sasha must have familiarized them with work, and he did not have the patience to deal with a bunch of newbies eager to impress. As he pushed the file away roughly, the file opened to reveal the face of a girl smiling, the same girl who haunted his dreams for  the past two days. He could still not digest the fact that he was insulted in front of his clients by this mere chit of a girl. He was determined to get even with her some way or the other. And lo and behold! The prey itself came walking into the hunter's den, blindfolded. Maybe the gods too could not take his insult and they were giving him a chance to get back at her. Welcome to hell Miss.Handa! He laughed evilly as he punched some numbers on his intercom''''''


   Geet was busy studying the blueprints and suggesting her ideas when sasha's phone rang. By the look on Sasha's face Geet knew something was up. As soon as she cut the call, Sasha said, "Geet, you've got to hurry to the boss's cabin. All the other trainees have already reached and only you ar missing. The Boss is asking for you. I'm sorry for keeping you so long but I thought that M.K was busy today and wasn't going to see you all. Anyways I'll call MK and explain to him. Just hurry up and don't worry. Everything will be fine".

         "See you later Mam" Geet replied as she took the lift and hurried up to Maan Khuraana's cabin. As she was approaching the door, she felt a strange nervousness grip her. Geet, don't worry. He ain't going to eat you. Besides you are not alone. There are others in the cabin. And its not like the boss will eat you! She gave herself the courage.

      As geet knocked the door, she heard a deep voice commanding "Come in ", and it was when she opened the door and faced the man sitting in front of her, her heart went Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak'''''''''.

 precap: face off........Wink

part 8

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Great update !!! Cont soon

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Superb part.... loved it

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superb update...loved it.... waiting for the face off now...

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 my heart too dhak dhak dhak what will be the reaction LOL
awesome yaar Smile

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