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Maneet ff: strange desires, updated part24,page142 (Page 130)

kathie_berns Goldie

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author's note: so sorry guys. i'm on a vacation so sorry for the late updates. also wanted to inform you that my writing style is being copied. i'm not going to mention the writer but i'll pen down the exact phrase from my os which she copied in her ff- just by donating your sperms does not make you a father...and so on. i appreciate the writers who are doing a great work penning down thier imagination but it does not become your own creation when you copy others. so please keep this in mind. hope i did not bore others. Here is the part, read and enjoy, and not to forget, long comments.Smile

Part 23:

Geet was fuming in the hospital. And she thought that man had changed. But he was still the same. The back of her mind kept reminding her that he too was dripping wet, but her heart refused to stress on that.

Just as her mind was busy conjuring up curses for Maan, there was a knock at the door and Yash entered.

"Hi Geet!, boy you are one lucky person to survive an incident like that. Are you feeling better now?" Yash sat on the chair at the side of her bed.

"Hi Yash! I'm feeling much better now. And I'm pleasantly surprised. Somebody did have the time to visit me inspite of having an appointment with so many girls. I feel so honored" Geet teased him.

"I'm hurt Geet. Do you think I would even think about any other girls when my own girlfriend survived a near death incident? How heartless do you think I am?" Yash made a sad face and Geet laughed at his tactics.

"On a serious note Geet, my heart came in my mouth when you fell into the water. And why did you scream at Maan sir like that? Don't you think you were a bit too harsh after what he did to you?"  all playfulness was gone from Yash's face.

"Yash, I do not want to talk about it. And would you please enlighten me as to what exactly Maan sir did other than checking me out even in that situation?" Geet screamed.

"Are you really that dumb or are you pretending to be dumb? Do you think Maan sir would check you out in that situation? He was trying his best to make you survive. That is the reason why he was so close to you. He was trying to give you CPR when you woke up." Yash informed her.

"And why should I believe you?" Geet asked stubbornly crossing her arms across her chest.

"I know you hate him and trust me, I'm nowhere near to being his faithful disciple but what is the truth is the truth. Whether you choose to believe it  or not does not change that fact. The moment you fell into the water, Maan sir without any second thought jumped in after you. The officers there warned all of us not to jump in after you since the backwaters have a lot of current and are capable of pulling you inside. We were all besides ourselves in fear but Maan sir kept searching for you. Trust me Geet, if I was in his place I would have given up long back, because it is next to impossible swimming against the strong current. But Maan sir did not give up. We could see his strength deteriorating but he continued scanning the entire area until you were found. Only once he brought you out of the water did we breathe a sigh of relief. If it wasn't for Maan sir, your chances of seeing the day would have been bleak. So now you know the full story you are wise enough to decide for yourself whether he was actually doing what you think he was. Anyways I've got to leave now. We have guests at home. Take care. See you tomorrow. Good night." Yash gave Geet a pat on the shoulder and exited from the room leaving a shocked Geet to contemplate his words.

Tears began to flow down her eyes as she remembered how she has insulted him in front of all his employees, when the actual fact was that she was alive and breathing today, only and only because of him. Babaji! What had she done? Guilt was eating at her making it difficult to breathe. She wanted to see him. Right now! She wanted to apologize to him, she wanted to thank him, she wanted to tell him so many things but he wasn't there. She decided that she had to meet him.

When she was just about to get out of bed the door opened and Pinky and Meera came dashing into the room. They hugged her and all three of them started weeping. Geet knew that pinky and meera were crying out of fear for her, but strangely Geet was not crying because she had narrowly missed death. The thought of how she had spoken to him caused an acute pain in her heart. Once they had calmed down Geet told them all about the morning's incident omitting the part where she had insulted Maan. They all decided to go to the gurudwar next day and thank Babaji before going to office.


Geet was tossing and turning in bed. She had been discharged from hospital earlier in the day and had gone straight to bed pleading fatigue, but sleep seemed to have evaded her from the past few days. Her past few nights had been spent thinking about him. Whether good or bad, she had to be thinking about him. She was looking at the clock every five minutes, willing it to be morning.  At one point of time she even felt like banging the clock to make it move faster since she suspected that the clock was betraying her.

Finally it was 5am. Since sleep was a bleak aspect in the near future she got up freshened herself, next going to her tiny wardrobe and flicking through the salwars deciding what to wear. Soon it became 7am and she was still flicking through the salwars for the nth time but could not zero in on what to wear. Finally Meera who was watching her struggling from quite a long time, walked over to her and handed her a bottle green salwar. Geet thanked her and got ready. Once they were all done, they went to the nearby gurudwar, thanked Babaji and made their way to the office.

Meera noticed Geet drumming her fingers impatiently against the taxi seat.

"Are you alright Geet?  You seem to be very impatient to reach office?" Meera questioned her.

"No Meera, I'm fine. It's just that I have a lot of pending work to do in office." Geet quickly said and looked outside the window to hide her nervousness.

Once they reached office Geet quickly went to her cubicle and rehearsed as to what she was going to say. Time passed by but Maan Sir was nowhere close to calling her. Geet was getting agitated. Agreed that she was wrong, but that was no reason not to call her to his cabin for work. When it was evening Geet decided that enough was enough. She herself would go to him whether he liked it or not.

She gave herself the required confidence and reached outside his cabin. Now, entering his cabin was a big ordeal. Geet could not work up the courage to knock on the door. She prayed to babaji countless times but still could not muster the courage to go anywhere close to the door. Suddenly his secretary appeared before the door and gave her a weird look as to what she was doing outside his cabin from such a long time. She made up a lame excuse telling her that her leg had twisted and she was just trying to give her ankle a rest.

At last she had no choice but to enter with his secretary. Maan did not look up from his laptop, rather his secretary briefed him about the upcoming meeting, gave a curt nod and exited the room leaving Geet to have an imaginary nervous breakdown. Her throat went dry. All speech left her. Babaji! Help me say something, she pleaded. Maan sir was not helping by completely ignoring her.

She was closing her eyes and thinking of anything and everything she could say to him when she heard his voice saying, "did you need anything Miss Handa?"

Argh! He was back to Miss Handa. She looked at him about to say something but he was still engrossed in his work like he had never spoken. For a moment she wondered whether she had imagined his voice.   

"Sir I wanted to say something." Geet managed at last.

Go ahead!" Maan said still not looking at her.

"I'm sorry sir" She blurted out and Maan immediately closed his laptop and stood up. Then began the predatory stance. Geet's heart was pounding as she went back while Maan proceeded towards her. When she had nowhere else to go with her back resting against the smooth wall, she came face to face with her predator.

"And may I ask for what this sorry is?" He whispered in her ear and Geet felt a shiver running down her spine. She could not think rationally with her breathing highly uneven and with him so close to her.

"Answer me Geet. Why are you apologizing when it should be me who should apologize?" Maan looked straight into her eyes and Geet could feel his remorse.

"I'm sorry for misjudging you. I'm sorry for hurting you. I'm sorry for everything because I know if it wasn't for you I would not be alive today. I owe my life to you." Geet said raggedly, but she could complete her sentence as she felt his warm finger on her lips.

"Chup geet! Bilkul chup." He whispered in her ears and Geet closed her eyes unable to bear the intensity in his words.

"Open your eyes Geet.You do not owe your life to anybody, especially me after what I did to you. And do not doubt for a moment that you would not be alive. You would be alive even if my last breath depended on it so never speak like that again." He said, his breath fanning her lips.

Geet felt a sweet ache at her feminine core with him being so close to her. It was like she wanted him closer and closer to her. Her mind was drifting and she was not in control of what she was saying.

"I also wanted to thank you for saving my life." She whispered against his fingers and his fingers pressed more into her lips.

"Your thanks will be accepted only on one condition." Maan lifted her chin and made her look into his eyes. "Will you forgive me for my idiotic behavior. I tend to get a little carried away when I am angry. Would you please accept my apology?" he apologized, his breath just a few inches from her face.

"You are forgiven" she said, her breaths uneven. He came closer and closer to her, his body pressing into hers, his hand automatically going to her waist and hers entwining round his neck.  She could feel his lips just a few breaths away from hers when the shrill ringing of the telephone brought them back to their senses.

Maan quickly dislodged himself from her and turned away from her to answer the telephone while Geet held her hand to her chest to calm down her ragged breathing. She could not explain what had just happened.  She ran away from there but she could not run away from the feel of him.

Even when she reached home she was lost. Meera and Pinky concluded that there was definitely something fishy. She took a quick shower and stood in front of the mirror slowly running her fingers along her lips. She could feel her cheeks burning and she ran and hid herself under the covers.

After hours of day dreaming she knew that this night too would be counted in her list of sleepless nights………………………

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome yaar ...loved it so much !!!  

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pearl_warrior Goldie

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Loved ur ff..It is awesome...Clap
Geet knowing d truth & finally forgiving Maan...
Sparks igniting 4m both sides...Big smile
Looking forward for d story to unfold...

Plz pm me d next time u update..

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ninand IF-Rockerz

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that was quite  sweet .. how both their apologies came by.Embarrassed

thanks for this update.. do post the next part soon.

Edited by ninand - 17 July 2011 at 8:38am

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update...finally geet got to know the truth from yash...asking for forgiveness from maan and forgiving him

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wow ClapClap
fab update...continue soon

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Originally posted by Lip-a-Licious

that was fantastic Kathie Star

how was your vacation???
i'm still on vacations. i found a laptop so thought i will give you guys an update...Smile

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