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~Besharam CC #19-Invites Only~Happy Bday Sona-PG96 (Page 91)

-Mishti_Divz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 1:09am | IP Logged

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268143 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 August 2011 at 5:42am | IP Logged


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-Mishti_Divz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 1:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 268143


Yes Maaam!..Embarrassed ROFLROFL

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268143 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 16 August 2011 at 5:29am | IP Logged


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268143 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 12:32pm | IP Logged


Salaam Namastey To Reha Bday Bash

Hello everyone HugHugHug

As you all saw the above sig and title you all must have guessed what's this thread all about, isn't it ? Smile

Yes it's Reha's birthday Hug (yes ek aur saal hogaya Reha ka IF pe apna birthday celebrate karte hue SmileROFL ) Alright so am blank and I don't know what to say so why don't I start talking about the good qualities in her *gives an evil smile* SmileROFL She is a multi talneted girl, miss heer of IF, miss typo queen, miss nautanki, miss drama queen,miss flirt, miss choosy (heights of being choosy SmileROFL ) AND AND AND how can we forget miss LAZYYY AND TIREDDD Big smile YES you are Reha and am sure you won't deny now...haina ? SmileROFL itna lazy and tired feel nahi karna chahiye Reha, are you planning to give some tough competition to all the senior citizens ? SmileROFLROFL You actually sometimes behave like that SmileROFL I tell you this girl has topped almost all the categories on IF, the above mentioned qualities must have proved me right na ? SmileROFL

Hmmm I feel I should say something good today as it's her birthday, okay I will try my best to control my feelings, IF POSSIBLE =D SmileROFL

*takes a deep breathe* a very special and important member of India Forums was born on 21st August. She is a sweetheart, darling and loved by all her friends. She is truly talented and helps all her friends (and leaves no chance to take help as well ROFL ) I think itna kafi hai I am looking like a sugarcane factory now SmileROFLROFL

So Happy Birthday Reha, may God bless you and we may not be with you on this precious day but you will always remain close to our hearts forever <3. We all love you Reha Hug

P.S - In case if you are wondering why am i using >Smile smiley so let me clear I am not using for any fake smile, it is used because of the mentioned birthday girl's favorite smiley SmileROFL


Today is my EX birthday Shocked haila matlab tu one year old hogayi matlab tujhse tera budhapa door nahi Reha ShockedROFLROFL advise lele do some exercise at least u won't feel lazy TongueROFL alright alright i know its ur birthday and i should not behave like this...dekh man li maine teri baat i m sweet no EmbarrassedROFL thank u EmbarrassedROFL

A very very Happy Birthday to u Reha Hug Hope all ur wishes and dreams come true and u have an awesome year ahead Tongue May this birthday brings lots of happiness and joy (and thodi bahut akal to u SmileROFL ) I really have had a great time wid u Reha and i am looking forward for d same...sachchi EmbarrassedROFL I am sry if i ever hurt u...tujhe pata hai main kitni frank hoon na TongueROFL

Thodi tareef bhi karloon warna u keep on saying main teri kabhi tareef hi nahi karti UnhappyROFL i hope this will shut ur mouth forever and will stop ur all time chapad chapad Big smileROFLROFL

Reha is a very sweet girl, always ready to answer my bakwaas scraps EmbarrassedROFL She is really funny and talented and always leave a smile on my face Tongue though nowadays she does not come ol much :@ but still she will always be close to my heart EmbarrassedROFL She is also my jaan sometimes jaaneman sometimes darling sometimes sweetheart EmbarrassedROFL maine tujhe yeh kabhi bola nahi but i love when u call me sweetu EmbarrassedROFL

Hmmm kab kya boloon Ermm chal on this day i would like to share some of my TRUE feelings wid my ex EmbarrassedROFL

1. PLZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ.ZZZ Reha stop calling me Sonu, mujhe ladke ki feeling aati hai ROFLROFL Sonu is a guy's name Reha tu yeh kab samjhegi :@ yaad hai tune ek baar Sonu naam sunkar tujhe meri yaad aayi thi :@:@:@ i would like to know u remembered me but i won't like if u remember me kisi ladke ko dekhkar ErmmROFLROFL

2. Y just tell me y do u think u r always rite ? kyun karti hai mere saath itna argue itni fights...maine tera kya bighada hai UnhappyROFL

3. Plz stop ur pakao jokes Reha like plzzz...u know tera woh London jaane wala joke kitna pakao tha ErmmROFL do u even know ur LOL< emo was so damn annoying me :@:@@: ROFL and and and d most boring part was tht u stretched it for like weeksss...tujh mein itna jhoot bolne ka talent hai Shocked no wonder y i call u so talented ROFLROFL

4. I miss our BB talks veryyy muchhh UnhappyROFL remember jab bhi BB epi end hota tha we used to start talking abt it...kabhi Veena kabhi Ashmit and our all time fav Dolly ROFLROFL though nowadays i find her irritating ErmmROFL

5. I miss our song wali game UnhappyROFL pata hai tu ol nahi aati toh main gaana bhi nahi gaa pati UnhappyROFL tu ol jo nahi aati :@:@:@

6. Stop being double faced...kabhi bolti hai u love me toh kabhi u deny Ermm y do u think if u will say u love me toh everybody will think u r that type of girl Reha ? Ermm because u say u love me will make u woh type Stern SmileROFLROFL

Hmmm i think itne hi hai warna bolegi ----> Sona khatam kar apna bakwaas aur kam se kam aaj thoda type kar < yeh hi bolegi na UnhappyROFLROFL

Ok toh i end my msg now...usse pehle apni bday sig toh dekh le...pata nahi kaisi weird choice hai teri Reha Ermm Muzammil Ibrahim reminded me of John Abraham ErmmROFLROFL theek hai here is ur bday sigs Tongue

Happy Birthday Rameeza Pameeza Sameeza once again HugROFLROFL ok ok am out of it now TongueROFL Enjoy and have a blast today Reha HugHugHug and come ol u lazy girl :@ Tongue

Last one haan...muahhh.hhh.hhh EmbarrassedROFLROFL is ke bina my msg will look incomplete na

Happy Birthday Reha.. Hug Party

May Allah Bless you on this auspicious day n grant you all your wishes.Tongue

May you find all the success n happiness in lyf n get the best of everything.:D

Wishing you a joyful n cheerful lyf where fun neva ends. Sadness stays miles away from you n happiness be your mate foreva.Tongue

Hope your lyf is full of surprises (the positive ones k) Tongue And you be the God's favorite child. Tongue

I hav been your friend for a long long tym.Hope our friendship always shine.Tongue

You are a great friend to hav'i can vow tht'I hope u think the same .. now thts smart. ErmmROFL

We talk smart stupid idiotic n silly... bcoz we are intelligent fool dumb n wily. ROFL

I don't know who (by name)had invented fire.. You be my friend forever thts my sole desire.Tongue

You myt be think that's a lie... No probs I am used to it I would still say...i dont feel shy. TongueROFL

Its your birthday I hav got sumthing to to tell... plz excuse me if my rhyming fail. TongueROFL

Its been long tym you hav not been seen...How long it exactly really been?? ErmmROFL

You hav not cum to IF for a while now am missing you' Don't say on this who the hell r u !!! :/ ROFL

Its your birthday another year passed'hope you hav a blast.Tongue
I waited another 365 days just to say' Happy Birthday. Tongue
I wish all your dreams do cum true...friend like you on earth are very few.. Tongue

Its your birthday so its sumthn big...i hav ginven extra spaces to look my post big !!!!CoolROFL

Girls usually to accept feel shy... Katrina Kaif is ur favorite actress dont deny !!!TongueROFL
Sum excellent thoughts in my mind r flowing.. I must say.. You are super fantastic mindblowing !!!Tongue ROFL
The lines in red they r not myn.. i am telling those r googled hope thts fyn !!TongueROFL
I think thts all I hav got ... am unable to think more... Plz excuse the grammatical errors my English is so poor !!!TongueROFL
Then I got another idea... I shud google' becoz I saw one movie it said first google n thn oogle!!TongueROFL

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
There's so many things, I just want to say.
You inspire many, with your thoughts and actions,
We're all so grateful, for your calm reactions.

Happy birthday on this beautiful day,
You've always been there, when we needed you to stay.
Kindness and thoughtfulness is your forte,
Our love for you, we wish to convey.
Hope you enjoy it, from beginning till end,
Here's a avis n sigs, we're ready to send.Tongue ROFL

this is ur cute Saturn...wishing u Happy birthday !!!! Tongue ROFL
We are teddy bears from Antarctica wishing you a very happy birthday with Champange Cake n flowers... Tongue ROFL
Reha..My replica... my biggest fan on sweety tweety pie.. i am so honored to hav you as my fan..!!!!! i am flattred by the fact u love me so much and rate me the best actress Bollywood has ever produced.Embarrassed ROFL It really means a lot to me more thn the bollywood awards !!! Tongue ROFL
Thank you so much.. And i wish u my biggest chamchi a very happy birthday from me and the whole film faterntiy !!!!! Tongue ROFL And i am glad you fight with tht TJ defending me... I am your biggest stalker thts how i know these things !!! ;) ROFL

okay Reha mam I miss you a lot.. !!!!! Kripya apne byast schedule mein se kuch samay nikal kar ol aane ka kast karein !!!! Tongue
Happy Birthday Reha ... Hug Hug Hug hav a great tym !!! :D

This is one my favorite birthday pictures !!!TongueLOL

Happy Birthday again... Party Party Hope you hav an excellt fantastic wonderful joyous cheerful jubilant prosperous boringless funfilled charming beautiful eventful (positives only) year till your next birthday !!! Tongue If i survive to wish you next year toh okay if not till lyf !!TongueROFL

Keep----------Smiling !!! Smile
Happy Birthday Rehaaa di =D

I hope that the coming year provides you with all the success and fulfillment your heart wishes. =D Enjoy your day to the fullest. =D
Rehaaa di, I miss our stupid talks, our silly silly silly arguments :/..I miss trying to fool each other all the time and also fooling others :/ROFL I miss making fun of your fav celebs DisapproveROFL I miss fighting with you :/ROFL Oh, I hate that you still haven't installed MSN :/ ROFL
Please, try coming online more often :/LOL
Okay, I know this is YOUR bday and not complaining day, So I'm gonna stop. ROFL LOL We've been friends for over two years now ..=D and I hope our friendship never dies.. =] ..hmmm, Okay, so I TRIED making a siggie. :s ROFL Hope you like it :s ROFL

Chocolate cake for youTongue

No birthday is complete without maggie =D so here, :] make it yourself ha ..:]ROFLROFL

Happy Birthday once again.. hope you have a wonderful day =]
Disha =D

Happy Birthday Reha HugHugHug.HugHug hmmm dnt knw whr 2 start as usual Ermm aisa nahi hain ki i cnt say anythn i can go on n on ... who knows tht better thn u ryt :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL hmmm we have been friends 4 a long tym now ... n i wish our friendship remains 4ver =D hmmm thr have been tyms wen we have argued n tyms wen i probly sed thngs which i shudnt have ... but am not sorry 4 tht n wish we continue ths way only ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL get 1 thng in ur head wen u say am annoyed @ u i really am not :/ ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL mujhe yh kehna tha to keh diya as alwaysErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL

ok ok i knw am going on n on ... thik se wish bhi nahi kiya aur ho gayi shuruErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL hmmm but i havnt finished yet :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL u have becum the most laziest person ever @: is it 2 much 2 say hi 2 :/ ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL plz try 2 cum online a bit more Tongue or shud i say cum online n talk 2 usErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFLhmmm really miss talking 2 u ere n on msn n 4 tht matter even on textErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL

hmmm wish u the best bday ever ... may Allah fulfill all ur dreams n wishes n bless u with a long healthy life =D hmmm remember wen i called u innocent Ermm i really did mean it n yh ur cute 2 Tongue tumhari pics ki sigs to nahi but well these pics always remind me of u so iski sigs banali :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL

aur haan ths 2 miss pretty :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
eres sum more sigs of ur favs n haan Ian & Nina 1 coz u luv TVD ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL i wanted 2 make sum avis 2 but i cudnt find gud vids only :/ ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL

aur haan last but not least :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL hmmm now dnt get mad seeing ths ok :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL u keep saying u dnt call me Simmy 4 tht reason na ... wajah koi bhi ho now to even i dnt call u Heer coz u call me Simmy:] tum Heer ho isliyein i call u tht Ms Lazy:] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
hmmm aur haan tumhein kya laga tha we wnt make ths post ... u had warned me months b4 na :/ ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL if u can make ma bday post in2 a cc @: we can make ths na :] ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL i think ab bohut kehdiya nahiErmm.ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL now i started i cud go on n on but am stopping :]ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL am sure i got sidetracked n didnt say wat i was gna n sed othr thngs instead :/ROFLROFLROFL.ROFLROFL
Happy Birthday once again enjoy ... <3 SimTongue HugHugHug.HugHug

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268143 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged

Happy Birthday Reha HugHugHug.HugHug

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-Sonali- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 August 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Reha Hug

Edited by -Sonali- - 20 August 2011 at 11:57pm

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tomnjerry2 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 August 2011 at 12:21am | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Reha... Hug
Aaj k din nahin aaogi kaisi ladki ho tum.. Apne birthday wale din dost  intezaar kar rahe hain phir bhi ho ghum !!! :/ ROFL
Keep------------Smiling !!!Smile

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