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..Life is Strange?!? [SG SS] * Completed* P43, 47 (Page 8)

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
That was too good!!
It would be fun  to see the new entrant -Dhruv and Sam's possessiveness for his Chashmish!

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Hey, Nivriti all the 3 parts in one have written well sweety.......enjoyed reading. Do continue soon and PM me when you update next.


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hey nivriti.....
loved sajan i really love them
abt ur part superb work do more....
m waiting 4 next
n kaan pakad kar sryyyyyyyyy for late replyyy
u knw m busy in my chat clubLOLLOLLOLLOL

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 Hey Guys, I was a little busy as some guests are coming over. I found out a little time to post the 4th part . So please omit my mistakes, but yeah! Do point them out. This one is based on everyone's POV step by step. I continued from the part I posted yesterday where Samrat's POV ended!

 Life is Strange- SaJan SS

Part IV

So they all slept... But not exactly…

Gunjan's POV

I was so happy to meet Dhruv…. It had been a long time since I had sat down and actually chatted with him… It was so nice to see him after a long time. He has changed a lot. But is still immature! Anyways! We all had dinner and then we both chatted.. The time I went to get the sweet dish I realized Samrat was not there… Even Dhruv noticed that. He enquired "Ginny where is your husband?" I simply did not know where he had gone! "He had a headache so he slept" I lied. I became sad because I had made Gajar Ka Halwa for him! He must be tired I thought.

Later I told Dhruv about my pregnancy! He started to jump like fools… I laughed and laughed. It looked like springs were attached to his feet and he kept on bouncing… He was elated! Well I did expect the same reaction from Samrat. I guess something is troubling him. I made a point to myself to talk to him tomorrow in the morning. Then the both of us planned to sleep. Ah! At last! Anyways! Dhruv had a reservation in the hotel. I was actually screaming at him. How can he do so? I mean I can't let him stay in a hotel! He must be thinking why the hell I came here! Lolz... He is that kind of character. He beats Nupur Bhabhi in the "FILMY STYLE" competition. Well then I told him to get his luggage tomorrow in the morning positively. And for the mean time, I gave him Samrat's clothes and a blanket. I saw Samrat sleeping. I guess my guess was correct! Soon we all slept. But actually I could feel Samrat tossing and turning in his sleep with a look of tension on his face. I am bloody sure he is troubled or stressed out! Maybe some official work! But what can it be?

Sam's POV

It was 12:30 but still I could not sleep. I was pretending to be fast asleep when Chashmish entered with that monster! Soon he departed and Chashmish came to my side, I was tossing and turning as I could not sleep. I was tensed of this new guy's entry in my life. The words of Sheena also started to play in my mind. I am 100% sure I was sweating in tension. I guess Gunjan saw it. She planted a kiss on my forehead. Ah! At last! And soon after I received my good night kiss, I dozed off! I guess Gunjan's kiss did the magic…

(@ 2:30 am)

"Samrat!" I could feel Gunjan trying to wake me up. Wasn't it supposed to be night? I guess it is morning already. I woke up but to my surprise I saw Gunjan sitting on the bed and it was still dark outside!

"What's wrong Chashmish?" I enquired. I was tensed. Why is Chashmish awake at this point of time? I checked the clock. It was only 2:30 only!

"Samrat, I want to eat chocolate ice-cream!" she replied! "What!" has she gone nuts? "At this time Chashmish?" I enquired.

Gunjan got angry. "I want an ice-cream right now Samrat and you will bring it. I am not asking but telling you! Please!"

I could not understand what was happening. Suddenly I realized. I hit hard with my palm on my forehead… "Oh so my baby wants ice-cream?"

"Yes! And if daddy did not get it mom will die!" I immediately put my hand on Gunjan's mouth. She was surprised of my sudden movement. "Don't ever talk of dying. I will die without you! She came on the verge of crying so I decided to change the topic! "I'll get the ice-cream from the fridge!"

I went down and saw the light of the kitchen on. I was surprised, how come Chashmish forgot to switch it off? I went in and saw that monster drinking water. Oh how could I forget about him? I felt like killing him there and then, but then I thought of Gunjan and left him. I quietly went and tapped on his shoulder. He almost spilled out the water. He started to cough! I patted his back and enquired "are you fine?"

"Yeah! I am, just felt a little thirsty so came here! Anyways, congratulations" he forwarded his hand! I got confused but then shake hands with him! He must have guessed. "Ginny told me that you both are expecting a little angel in your life!" Oh! She told him? Why? I have not yet told my mom and she tells it to this monkey? "So, what are you doing here? Let me guess, Ginny wants to eat something?" he asked. It's my house what's his problem if I come down to the kitchen at 2:30 or 3:30?

"Yeah you are right! She wants chocolate ice-cream." Ginny is Gunjan obviously! "You know Ginny just loves chocolate ice-cream. When we were kids, she used to hit me hard if I ate her share of ice-cream! She can do anything for that…. And whenever she used to hit me, I would injure. Don't ever try to mess with her. She is a karate champion!" I guess Chashmish and Dhruv are fast friends; that's the reason why he knows so much about her!

Then we finished our conversation. I put some ice-cream for Chashmish and went upstairs to our room! I saw Gunjan was sleeping in sitting position. I sighed and closed the door. Suddenly she woke up and saw ice-cream in my hand. She was happy and snatched it. She finished half of the ice-cream in a minute. Wow! She has even beaten Uday! I was staring at her innocent face. She looked at me and smiled. Then she offered me a spoon of ice-cream. I was about to take the spoon from her hand but then she fed me. Oh! My Chashmish is so cute! And the rest she gobbled it down in a second.

POV Ends

Next Morning!

Gunjan's POV

I woke and saw my hubby sleeping peacefully at my side! I saw the clock.. 'freak' it is 1. What the hell are we are we doing on the bed, we should have reached office by now. But then I realized no point in going now, I remembered Samrat was tensed last night and had slept late, and then after that I woke him up in the middle of the night for just a chocolate ice-cream. I decided to call at the office and inform about our leave.

I dialed the number. The receptionist answered.

R: Hello, Shergills' Industry, may I know who is on the line?

G: I know Sarah, it's me Gunjan.

Suddenly her voice trembled. She is scared. A smile came on my face!

R: What happened ma'am.

G: Actually Sarah, I called up to inform that I and Samrat won't be attending office today due to some personal reasons. Call only if there is any necessity or an important meeting.

R: Okay ma'am (she sighed with a relief and I giggled)

G: bye Sarah! Take care!

R: bye ma'am.

Okay. And now for the herculean task. Waking up my sweet hubby! But I decided to make the breakfast… oops the lunch first!

I went down the flight of stairs and to my surprise I saw Dhruv awake and making lunch I guess. He is the same as my hubby, he loves to sleep late and wake up late! He also loves flirting with girls and has not come up with a serious relationship till date. His love changes the very next day!

I went and tapped his shoulder. He got frightened and burnt his finger…

Sam's POV

I got up and realized two things. One, Chashmish was not by my side and two it was afternoon. I thought Chashmish went to the office and let me sleep. Oh shit! I had to stay with that demon alone in this house. Anyways! I brushed my teeth and went down to see Gunjan and Dhruv in the kitchen. Gunjan was looking quite tensed and was dipping Dhruv's finger in the jar of water. The "DEVIL" in my life…

I asked "what happened?" first Gunjan was surprised to see my and smile but then the look of her face changed as she realized what I had asked. "See na! Dhruv burnt his finger and now is saying he is fine! Look it is all red!" I took a look at his hand. Well she was right! It was indeed red. I got some ice from the freezer wrapped it in a cloth and handed over to Chashmish and gave a sweet smile to her. She saw me lovingly - Aw, I just forget the whole world when she sees me like that – and mouthed thank you and started to dab it on his finger. I was jealous. I am sure I turned 'green' in 'jealousy'!

"Anyways, what's for lunch? I am hungry!" I said. To my surprise instead of Gunjan that monster Dhruv replied "Rajma Chawal". As soon as Chashmish heard that she opened her mouth in surprise and got stuck in her actions. "I guess we should order from outside. Last time when Dhruv tried cooking, all the people who ate it were sitting in the hospital bed because everyone had got food-poising…" and then I heard her sweet and to-die-for laughter. Aww, she is so cute!

Dhruv stared at her in anger and said looking at me "You know Samrat! Your wife is plain jealous of my cooking!" Gunjan hit him hard on his shoulder. He shouted in pain… good Gunjan! I am proud of you!

Gunjan then decided to change the topic. She turned towards me and said, "Sam, after eating lunch lets go for a movie Na!" Aww, again she is so cute!

Dhruv "ahem-ahem" Gunjan turned towards him immediately and again hit him hard. "I meant the three of us you fool!"

Nooooooo! Why? Why this monkey also? I thought just the two of us! Anyways, I controlled my emotions and said "Sure Baby! Which one would you like to see? I'll book the tickets!"

Gunjan then revolted and said "no Sam, you won't. Dhruv will buy them because in any case he has to give me a treat on receiving his first job letter ever!" "Oh! Congrats man!"

Dhruv "thanks dude!" such a despo!

Dhruv's POV

I really like Ginny's hubby, I am happy for her! Anyways, after the kitchen conversation all of us departed our ways to our rooms to get ready. It was decided that we are going to see the movie "Tanu weds Manu!" and then have and ice-cream. It's not hard to guess it's all Ginny's idea. Speaking of her, I love her so much! I mean she understands me so well. But yeah! She hits very hard. Sam's lucky she did not hit him! She is a born karate champion. So now I am ready and reached their hall. They both were smiling at each other. Gunjan was wearing a beautiful knee length frock with a simple necklace and bracelet. Oh! I remember this dress; this was the one I had gifted her to make up for my absence on her wedding. She must be looking beautiful on that day. And speaking of Samrat, he was looking dashing. He wore a white shirt with a black jacket (writer's note- the one he wore on the last episode!) with his hair jelled. They both are made for each other. Good choice Ginny. My thoughts were interrupted when Ginny said "Wow Dhruv! Looking dashing! For a change I am complementing you!" I felt like killing her. But yeah! She is absolutely right, she never complements me only criticizes on what I am wearing! "Yeah! And I love your dress. I mean good choice of who bought it!" and obviously it was me! "Shut Up" came her reply. She is so rude!

Anyways, we went to the cinema hall. I had to stand in a long queue to get popcorn and coke for Ginny madam! Then we all went inside.

Sam's POV

I was very happy because Chashmish was happy! I was watching the best expressions of the world! No, not of the actress Kangana Ranout or R. Madhavan the actor, but of my beautiful, gorgeous and natural Chashmish. When we all came out of the hall the two were busy discussing the movie. But I was blanked out! I did not see the movie yaar! I was too busy watching my Chashmish! "The movie reminded me of Nupur Bhabhi and Mayank Bhaiya! Isn't it Dhruv?" Dhruv replied, "oh yes, the same story!" and both laughed.

We all had ice-cream. I actually hate this monster! You know what he said when Chashmish complemented him: "you have looks to die for Dhruv, utilize them properly!" he said "Really Ginny, I love you!" "I love you too" she said innocently and they laughed & hi5ed.







These words were ringing in my head all the time. I really wanted to grab his collar and punch him hard! And why did Chashmish say "I LOVE YOU too?" Is she betraying me? No she can't Samrat, what the hell are you thinking she is your wife, she loves you more than her life and is carrying your baby! You are simply mad. The rest of the conversation I heard deaf-early. I was fighting with my mind and heart and every time this stupid mind was winning. Has she actually stopped loving me?

Precap: Sam's insecurities take over and he shouts at Gunjan.

              Gunjan cries and leaves the house…

              Dhruv over hears their conversation and decides to leave but Gunjan stops him!

              Ms. Sheena returns!

P.S: I tried my best in writing POVS, hope they turn out to be good… Don't forget to hit the like tab. Comments are anticipated, good or bad! Embarrassed

Bad ones will help me to overcome my mistakes and good ones encourage me to write more. MayUr, AdhAani will also be coming soon!Smile

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it was awesomeSmile

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awesome update......cont soon

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awesummmmmmmmmm update nivriti.......
ah! dhruv is not bad........hez a nice guy.......seems so from this update.......
& y is samrat so insecure????? actully i understnd.......
he was also insecure wen niel had entered thier life so i can really undrstnd him.......
u xplained POV's really well........GR8 jobbbbbbb.......Clap
OMG! gunjan left the house & sam shouted @ her........CryCry
hope sam undrstnds & realizez his mistake............
awesum, mind-blowing update..........ClapClap

THNX 4 THE PM & DNT 4GET 2 PM ME........

w8ing eagerly 4 nxt cont soon.........Smile

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Let Me Read & Then Comment Embarrassed

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