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..Life is Strange?!? [SG SS] * Completed* P43, 47 (Page 6)

agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Anjali_12

Awesome SS..Loved it..Plzzzzzzzzzz can u add me to pm list.........Samrat rocks!!!!!Really loved his character..Gunjan is as sweet as ever!!!!!!Sheenaaaaaaaaaaa AngryI hate her..plzz continue soon..& plzzzzzz make it longer part........
Hey Anjy (Hope I can call you that!Wink)
Thanks for your comments..
Thanks a lot! It inspires me... I will try and post the next part tomorrow! Can't promise as I haven't started it yet!
Anyways.. I have added you to my PM listSmile
I will try and make it a longer part!
And Don't worry Sheena is a secondary character and she will go soon(Hopefully! Haven't typed the other parts as well!)
Thanks for liking it!

Joseph_A IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 March 2011 at 6:46pm | IP Logged
Awesome SS Nivriti.I loved it.Please update soon n this time little longWink because,I love Long Updates.LOL thanks for PM.
saduf IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
awesome ss lovely
do pm me next time
agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 12:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Joseph_A

Awesome SS Nivriti.I loved it.Please update soon n this time little longWink because,I love Long Updates.LOL thanks for PM.
Hey Joseph..
Thanks for liking the SS... It is my first ever try on an SS..
I will try and make a longer update next time..
And I have added you to my PM list (If you want!)Wink
Thanks for the comment!

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 3:37am | IP Logged

Hey Guys'

Thanks for liking and commenting on my previous updates.. They are very precious for me'Here is the next update.. I for the first time wrote on a song so please omit my mistakes! I tried my best to make it long'

Life is  Strange'

Part III


Sh: Your happiness? What about mine Samrat?

S: Oh! How could I forget! You only care about yourself' I'm your fan Shee-nah!

Sh: You are my fan?

S: Are you what? Ms. India or Ms. Universe? Anyways! I don't want to spoil my good mood just because of your stupid rubbish Ms. Shee-nah Malho-trah!

Sh; Oh Please Samrat (pleadingly and innocently) I love you more than my life...

S: And I reciprocate the feelings' (Sheena's face lit) But not with you but my Chashmish' (Becomes sad!) And I hate you more than my life!

And Samrat goes to Gunjan's ward'

Sh: I promise I'll get you back Sam! No matter what it takes!

Samrat and Gunjan in Gunjan's Ward..,

G: What happened Samrat? Why did it take so long? Is something wrong?

S: Nothing baby!

G: Oh! Anyways! Is it important for me to stay here?

S: I don't know sweetheart! You should ask the Doc! Shall I go and ask?

G: Yes' I don't like it here!

S: Ok fine baby! But I'll go afterwards' Right now I want to spend time with you'

Samrat moves towards Gunjan.. But she stops him right there...

G: Please go right now (pleadingly)! We can spend time together at home!

S: Ok fine! If you insist!

Samrat leaves for the doctor's cabin!

The Doc's Cabin'

D: What happened Mr. Shergill?

S: Um. Doctor, Gunjan does not want to stay at the hospital.. Is it necessary to stay here?

D: No! You can take her home!

S: Thanks!

Samrat leaves' He then goes to Gunjan's ward. They sign the discharge papers and both leave'

In the Car!

 G: Samrat' I feel like having Pani Puri.. Can we please go?

S: Sure!

They reach the stalls'

S: So! I'll get you Pani Puri you sit here..

G: Nope'. It's fun to stand there and eat!! (in an excited tone)

S: Fine let's go'

G: (to the shopkeeper) Bhaiya! Do plate Pani Puri.. (to Samrat) You know! I love eating here!

S: (Smiles) No. I did not know!

G: Now you know'!

Both share a hearty laugh and their foreheads touch. Samrat hugs Gunjan and she reciprocates the hug. Soon they leave each which seemed eternity. Thousands of people witnessed their love but both didn't care for the rest of the world' For them only one thing mattered, the two being together but now also their baby, the proof of their love!

{Movie: Tum Mile}

[Song: Tum Mile Love Reprise]

Tu hi meri hai saari zameen (Samrat is staring at Gunjan')
Chaahe kahin se chaloon
Tujhpe hi aake rukoon
Tere siwa main jaoon kahaan
Gunjan finds Samrat staring at and smiles at him..)

Koi bhi raah chunoon
Tujhpe hi aake rukoon
Shopkeeper gives them the Pani Puri!)

Tum mile toh lamhe tham gaye
Tum mile toh saare gam gaye
Gunjan starts eating like a 2 year old child..)

Tum mile toh muskurana aa gaya
Tum mile toh jaadu cha gaya
Samrat Smile at her childness!)
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya
Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda

They go to the other stalls and start eating Pav Bhaji!

Tujh mein kinaara dikhe
Dil ko sahara dikhe
Samrat finds it spicy and starts jumping!)
Aa meri dhadkan thaam le
Teri taraf hi mude (
Gunjan starts laughing and hands him some water!)
Yeh saans tujhse jude
Har pal yeh tera naam le
Samrat gets angry and turns his head to the other side.)

Tum mile toh ab kya hai kami
Tum mile toh duniya mil gayi
Gunjan busy laughing sees that there is no Samrat beside her!)
Tum mile toh mil gaya aasra
Tum mile toh jaadu cha gaya
She sees him standing near the car his back facing her..)
Tum mile toh jeena aa gaya (She goes and mouths "Sorry" and holds her ear!)

Tum mile toh maine paaya hai khuda (They both smile and sit in the car)

G: It was fun! Right?

S: Yup! It was! And the best part was, you where with me..

G: (pulls his cheeks) I love you!

S: I love you too!

Soon they reach home!

At Night!

S: I'm hungry!

G: You go and freshen up, I'll put the dinner.

S: Ok! (enters the bathroom)

Gunjan is about to go when she suddenly faints. Samrat who came out to get his night suit saw Gunjan had fainted!

S: Gunjan! Oh Shit! (sprinkles some water on her! She wakes up.)

S: Chashmish!! You fine baby?

G: Yeah I am! (gets up) I'll go and put the dinner.

S: Shut up! You are not getting up! You need rest. (Gunjan's about to argue) Please darling, it's just not about you but also our baby! Please!

G: Ok fine! But you won't find the things. I'll come with you and will sit and instruct you' promise I won't work!

S: Ok fine! But I'll not let you work Chashmish!\

They both reach the kitchen'

S: what do you want to have? No, let me rephrase it, what does my baby want to have? (touches her stomach)

G: (thinking) Hmm' Pasta!

S: Ok baby! Daddy will make Pasta for you and your mom! Then we three will have it together!

G: (in babyish voice) Ok daddy!

Both laugh!

S: (seriously) So Chashmish! Where do you keep Pasta? My baby wants to have it!

G: (pointing) It's in the left cupboard in a plastic container.

S: Ok fine!

And so they both make Pasta! Gunjan keeps on instructing Samrat and he like a good student follows her instructions' While cutting the vegetables Samrat cuts his finger and gets a good scolding from Gunjan, but then she does his first aid. She keeps on blabbering while doing it about how much careful he should be while using the knife but Samrat was lost in her beauty and was not listening to her.

After much of small fights, staring and hugs, they prepared the dinner and ate it' It turned out to be the best and Samrat was knighted with the duty of making the food every day. After so many happenings, they both wished each other and their baby goodnight. But Samrat being a flirt did not lose out on the chance of his goodnight kiss got it and kissed Gunjan's forehead and then her tummy (goodnight kiss for the baby! It's after all Samrat's child!) Then they both slept peacefully in each other's arms'

A new Morning!

Today also Samrat woke up early. He went down and prepared breakfast and coffee for himself and Gunjan. He came up and went to the bathroom for a bath! He came out to see his sleeping beauty, with no sense of tension on her face and smiling in her sleep. Samrat plans to wake her up. He get her coffee from the kitchen and sits beside the bed.

S: Good Morning Chashmish!

G: [wakes up' well she is not Samrat!] Good morning Baby!

S: So, slept good last night?

G: Yup!

S: [jokingly] I did not ask you Chashmish! I was asking my baby!

G: [understood his joke] But the reply was from it only!

Both laughed..

S: [seriously] Okay! Now give me my morning kiss and go for a bath. I have prepared the breakfast.

G: [Yawns and kisses him] Good Morning! And you made the breakfast so I definitely want to taste it! By the way what's the time right now?

S: [looks at the clock] It's quarter past ten.

G: [shocked] What? We are running late for office!

S: That's why baby! Come on and get ready!

G: Ok fine [glooming]

Gunjan gets ready and goes down clad in a black sari!

They go to the office and the work till 5pm. Samrat decides to leave as Gunjan was tired and she is advised by the doctor not to take much stress. They sit in the car and due to the traffic get stuck. Gunjan sleeps in the car! Soon they reach home. Samrat turns to the other side to see Gunjan fast asleep. He sees the time; it was only 7:30pm. He decides not to wake her up but by his movement she wakes up. She sees Samrat smiling at her and looks around that they have reached'

G: Sorry! I was tired. But not any more' what's time? I am sure we where stuck in the traffic for a long time!

S: It's 7:30pm' and no need to give any explanation darling! Let's go!

They both go inside the home. Samrat was changing when suddenly'


Gunjan goes to the door and opens it. After opening she gets shocked!Shocked

{New Entry}

It was Dhruv Tripati... (the same one as Chajje Chajje Ka Pyaar.. I am subsituting Gunjan's family to be Ginny's family... Will update the CS of the SS soon as I forgot to do so!)
Gunjan's childhood friend

G: Hey Dhruv!  Long time no see! (hugs him)

D: Hi Gunnu! (he calls her to irritate her)

G: (irritatingly) Shut up! And by the way what are you doing here in Mumbai? I thought you were happy in Delhi!

Samrat hears Gunjan talking to someone'

S: (shouts) Who is it Gunjan? (he doesn't know about Dhruv!)

Calls Dhruv in..

G: It's my childhood friend. Come downstairs!Smile
Samrat comes down to find Dhruv and Gunjan having a good chat with each other...Shocked

Sam's POV

I came down to see Gunjan talking to some guy. They would laugh, hit each other with a pillow or tickle each other. I don't know why but I don't feel good. What are you thinking Sam? She is your wife! She loves you! But then why is she not talking to me? Maybe she did not see me!

S: Hey! Whose this?

Gunjan suddenly turned towards me in shock! Yeah! Maybe she did not see my, the look on her face says so!

G: oh! When did you come? Anyways, meet him [pointed towards that guy] he is Dhruv. He is my childhood friend!

"Oh!" I replied. "Why didn't I see him on our wedding day?" I enquired.

D: because I did not come. I had my exam!

 "Oh!" I again replied' That was the first and the last conversation with that guy! The two continued to have their gala time! Side-lining me! I heard their conversation a little. I was surprised. Chashmish never told me about this guy. First of all he doesn't come to my wedding even though I don't care a damn. Then suddenly at 8 in the night he arrives at my house, hugs my wife and then side-lines me in his conversations. And look at Chashmish; even she is not looking at me! Then we all had dinner. All throughout the dinner Gunjan was paying more attention to him than me! I have started to hate this guy. I was sleepy as I woke early today so I went off to sleep.Sleepy Soon they ended their talks. It's 12:30. I guess this guy is staying with us as Gunjan took out a blanket from our cupboard and handed it over to him!

It was the first time I slept without my goodnight kiss... I hate this Dhruv!!Angry

POV Ends..

And all of them slept...

Precap: * Trio go for Movie, Sam's insecuritities..
P.S: I tried my best to make it long.. Hope I could match up your expectations...
Please hit the like tab if you like the update!
P.P.S: I tried to write a long update so I expect long comments!Embarrassed

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karantakiar Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 6:13am | IP Logged
wat an updt yar.
m totaly on dis updt.
luv sam insecurity yar.
Awsm,fantastic,mindblwing updt,superb yar.
d updt ws like jitna appreciate kro utna km hai.
gud going dear.
plz cnt wid oder rcking nd fab updt.nd dun 4get to pm me.
i dun want to miss evn a single part of dis ff.
u rock swty. thnx a lot for todays pm.
keep pming me.
luv u
SandCastle. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 6:16am | IP Logged
Hey nivriti,
the update was too good dear xcept 4 dhruv's entry........
actually i cnt tolerate KABAB-ME-HADDIS between SaJan........LOL
1st that shee-nah & now this dhruvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv......!!!!!
& luv the precap.......TRIO goin 4 movie.......y does this dhruv has 2 go with them??????? & y is he staying there........arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh......AngryAngry
bechara samrat.........i understnd his insecurities........
jaldi sab theek karo & dhruv ko bhagaooooooooooooooooooooooo........
shee-nah ko bhi.............................Dead
the update was mind-blowing, terrific, awesum.......luvd it.......Hug
& BTW u asked my name rite?
my name is Ekta........nice 2 meet u.......

THNX 4 THE PM & DNT 4GET 2 PM ME............

w8ing eagerly 4 nxt cont soon.........Smile
358674 Goldie

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
lovely update
poor sam.... hi hi hi LOL

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