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..Life is Strange?!? [SG SS] * Completed* P43, 47 (Page 21)

agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety88

Marvelous update...loved the whole update...cont soon
Hey Preety! Thanks for liking my update.. Your each comment means a lot to me! Will try and continue soon... You know these CCE dramas in school are really hectic! Love, NivritiEmbarrassed

agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by karantakiar

Awsm nd blossom part dear.
amazing part.
totally superb.
plz plz cnt wid nxt part soon.
luv u
 Hey Vritika! Thanks for liking my update! Will try and continue soon... Love, NivritiEmbarrassed

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

superbbb update nivs...
seriously it was sooo awesummm...
i really love ur presentation style...
hope ur keeping well now...
i waited sooo much for this SS...
& m sooo happy that CHADDY AUNTY did not return...
it was sooo cute specially the hospital & room scene...Wink
awww...samrat wants a CHOTTI cuttteee...
plzzz uski wish poori kar de...LOL
1dum JHAKAAASSS update tha...
w8ing 4 family moments...


w8ing eagerly 4 nxt cont soon...Hug
Hey Ekta! Thank you so much dear for your loonggg comment!LOL I am also happy that Chaddi-Aunty did not return!ROFL Thanks for liking my presentation style! You are actually the first one who commented on it! A big hug for that!Hug I am keeping very good and thanks for asking sweety! I am sorry I had to keep you waiting! But what can I do?Embarrassed Hmm... And the hospital scene is like just what happens in real life! I just tried hard to make it look realistic!Approve And as far as *Samrat's choti Chashmish* is concerned... I can say, just wait and read!LOL And family moments would be fun!Smile MayUr will come and so would AdhAani... I know I am quite late in getting them but would else could I do? I was hell confused!Confused Anyways.. Thanks again for liking it!Smile Love, NivritiHeart

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SM_317

awesomeee n cuteee part..loved it
Thanks for liking it!Smile
agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by SwaNia_1

Take ur time dear ...i understand ur prob ...
Thanks for understanding! Will try and update soon!Embarrassed Love, Nivriti!
agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 7:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ekta_monaya

its ok dear take ur time...
we completely understnd ur situation...
afterall i guess all of us r going thru the same mess...
dnt worry we will wait for the update...
& really thnk u for the info...Smile
Hey Ekta! Dear, thanks for your support! SmileThis CCE is all a mess especially in the starting!Ouch I do find time to come online but will take some time in posting! I am currently confused in how to make the next update!Confused Anyways, thanks for understanding. I thought I will post this note so that you guys don't discontinue reading my SS! This is actually my first work and I am really happy I was appreciated a lot!Embarrassed I am truly amazed!Smile You guys have been a great support! Thank you so much!Hug I will try updating soon! Love, NivritiHeart

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 7:55am | IP Logged

Hey Guys!Hug

I am back yet with another update!Party I could not wait to post it! this one is an edited version of my previous one-shot: A Birthday SurpriseHeart! I have edited it according to my convenience and I hope it comes out to be good and up to your expectations!Embarrassed My thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and support!

@Biks: Please unres YaarDay Dreaming! It's been ages!LOL

@Ekta: Thanks a lot for your regular and long comments on my SS! They allow me to know your perspective!Smile

@All: Thank you so much for your commentsHug..

This one is dedicated to Ekta and Kritika!

@Biks: If you would have un-resed I would have dedicated this one to you too!ROFL

^Read the update and you will see why?Embarrassed^

And I would like to give you all a big applaudClap... You have been tolerating me and reading it all!ROFL

No more of my stupid bakwaas!LOL Here is the next update...

^Go to the next page PLEASE^

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agreatperhaps IF-Rockerz

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Life Is Strange!- A SG SS


Few Days Later 

In the kitchen, Gunjan was humming to herself while preparing the breakfast.

She then goes upstairs and opens the door to their room. Just to find her lazy husband still asleep. She sighs, goes in and keeps the coffee on the side table and thinks of a way to wake him up. She bent and whispered in his ear with her sweet angelic voice..

G: Good Morning Samrat!

He smiled in his sleep and turned to the other side..

G: Come on Sam! Get up fast' I want you down in 15 minutes all ready or your morning and night kiss is cancelled for 5 days!

Samrat got up in a jerk and then slowly rubbed his eyes

S: Not Fair Chashmish! Let me at least sleep late on a Sunday morning!!

G: Samrat it is already 12:30, how much more do you want to sleep?

S: 12:30? Shit! Karan would be mad at me!

G: Yup, he is already up and is waiting for you to come down and play your stupid Basketball match!!  

S: Hmmm' What do I do now?

G: I have no idea! Anyways, today Dhruv, Bhai and Bhabhi are coming home for lunch!

S: Yeah! I remember' You told me day-before-yesterday! Anyways, leave that Darling! I want my Good Morning Kiss! That will make up for the interruptions you called for lunch!

G: Nope! First get ready and then morning kiss! Drink your coffee or else it will get cold and then you will scream at me!

S: Ok Jaan! But I won't scream at you! It's not possible in any birth!
G: OK fine! No more buttering... I am going down to lay the breakfast come fast!

Gunjan gets up when suddenly Samrat held her wrist!!!

S: Not so fast sweety..

Gunjan kisses him on his cheek'
G: Go and get ready F-A-S-T!!

She gets out of his grip and goes down running. 


Gunjan was setting the table and Karan was murmuring to himself when suddenly Samrat came down. Karan looked at him with an annoyed face!

S: Hmm (hesitantly)' Good Morning Karan!

K: Good Morning Dad! (Angrily)

Samrat then leaves Gunjan and goes towards Karan! He makes a puppy face! Karan turns his head towards the other side'

S: Sorry!

K: No way Dad! You always do that! If you can't wake up at 8 then why do you promise me that we will play? You know how excited I was!

G: Karan, we will talk about this later' Come on let's eat our breakfast!

S: You guys did not have it yet?

G & K: Nope!

They all start to have their breakfast! Samrat tries his best to apologize to Karan who seems to be adamant on his decision of not talking to his father.


S: (to himself) there comes the famous Nupur-Mayank! I wonder if they have their own work or not! Huh! Always come between my family time... I hate them'

Samrat left Gunjan & Karan and went to open the door... Gunjan and Kara smiled to each other as they knew about the surprise for Samrat! They continued to eat.


Samrat opened the door expecting to see Nupur, Mayank & Dhruv but instead found Suhani, Adhiraj, Indrani, Sneha and Abhilasha standing right in front of him...

All: Happy Birthday!

Sam was left in tears when he hugged Suhani...

S: Same to you Suhani.. Aww!! (they are twins remember!)

Su: Thanks Bhai! So??

A: Even we are there!
S: Oh yes... How can I forget you JEE-JU (Adhiraj hates to be called that!)

A: Oh please not again!

Ab: Come on dad! What's the harm in it? Anyways, Happy Birthday Mamu!

Sn: Yeah Happy Birthday.. (Looking up from her Mobile, I meant Suhani's)

S: Thanks Sneha and Abhilasha..  And mom I am expecting something! (Matter-of-factly)

I: Happy Birthday beta! Where is Gunjan and Karan? And won't you let us in?

S: Oh yeah! I forgot! (Hitting his head)

Soon all came in and Gunjan came wiping her hands' Karan was still eating his breakfast!

G: Hi Suhani, Adhiraj. How are you Sneha and Abhilasha (pulling their cheeks) Namaste Mom! (Folding her hands in front of them)

Sn & Ab: Hi Mami!

A: Hey Ginny

G: Oh yeah Happy Birthday Suhani and Samrat!
I: You did not wish him? Anyways..So how was our surprise Sam?

S: Mom! It's awesome!! I can't find words to express my happiness!
G: So, felt nice meeting them.. Even I get a little credit! (Turned her head to the other side and saw Sneha)

G: Sneha, at least stop playing today!

Sneha keeps the phone down and smiles at her!

Su: Bhabhi, I am trying to explain her the same thing since the morning.. You said it and she heard you in a minute!

Sn: Because she said it sweetly, you always scold and say it! Hu-h!

Then Karan comes..

K: Hey Bua, Fufu and Dadi! Sneha and Abhilasha, you are looking cute as always'

All laugh at his comment..

K: Dad and Bua, Happy Birthday!

S: Weren't you angry with me?

K: Deda! Come on! I was just joking Baba!

(the bell rings 'Ting-Tong')

S: Must be Mayank and Nupur! I'll check..

G: You sit, I'll open the door'

Mayank, Dhruv and Nupur enter!

M,D&N: Hi! Happy Birthday Samrat and Suhani!!

S& Su: Thanks guys!

N: Looking handsome Samrat..

M: Uh, Nupur.. He is my Jiju..

N: By God Mayank! Tum kitne jealous ho..

M: Chup raho Jhansi Ki Rani..

D: Gosh! Not again' Pata hai, inhone Mujhe pure raste apni is bakwaas ladai ke saath pakaya hai!

M&N: Hawww!!!

D: Kya Haww' Mooh bandh karlo warna makhi ghus jayegi! Waise bhi makhiyo ki tarah mera khoon choste rehto hai jab dekho!

N: Kya Kaha? Makhi?? Dhruv ke bache!

D: Ey! Mera koi bacha wacha nahi hai ha! Meri to shaadi bhi nahi hui hai by god!

N: Ugh! Gunjan' Tu hi ise sambhal sakti hai!

G: Kya Bhabhi! Aap log bina lade nahi reh sakte kya?

N: (opens her mouth)

D: Makhi!

N: (closed it) Mein ladti rehti hoon? Gunjan, tu bhi iske side chali gayi? Mein bichari, abla nari apne ghar mein itna atyachar bhugati hoon aur meine socha mein apne nanad ke ghar (sis-in-law) jaungi aur apni pati ki bhadas nikalungi lekin nahi! Yeh bhi uske side hai! Hu-h! Gunjan, jaa! Mein tujhse baat hi nahi karna'

I: Bas bacho..

N: Aunty! Aap bhi (dramatically) Ab mein kaha jao? Kise kaho? Koi nahi hai meri bate sune wala!

A: Tumhari baat to koi bhi nahi suna chahega NUPUR KUMARI! Tumhari baate hai hi itni boring! Kyun Mayank?

M: Exactly! Saara din Mujhe hi iski chik-chik suni padti hai! By God mere to kaan hi pak gaye!

Su: Actually Nupur's right! Tum sab pati na ek number ke nautanki hote ho! Jab sabke samne ho to itna caring, aur jab akele mein to kehte ho ki chik-chik karte hai! Kyun Gunjan? Sahi kahana maine?

S: Guys! Please! Aapas mein ladna hai to lado, Mujhe aur Chashmish ko mat include karna! Hum dono saath mein ek khushaal zindagi jee rahe hai apne bte Karan ke saath! (folding his hand in front of all of them)

Gunjan, Sneha, Abhilasha, Dhruv and Karan giggle at seeing Samrat's reaction' AdhAni and MayUr's mouth open in shock!

D: Makhi!

All close their mouths'

G: acha acha! Is topic ko abhi ham side mein rakhte hai! Bad mein discuss karenge! Dekho tumahari ladai-ghadge ke wajah se lunch time ho gaya hai! Chalo sab lunch khalo!

And so they all have fun, enjoy and tease each other but Indrani was there to cease the fire if someone started fighting..

Soon the cake arrived and all sang the song for Suhani and Samrat.. They fed each other and their spouses the cake and all had fun'

Everyone departed..


S: Thanks Chashmish! This was the best Birthday I ever had! Thank you Jaanu!

G: Samrat! No need to say Thanks!

S: Where is my gift? (naughtily)

Gunjan understood.. And then Samrat and Gunjan then attached their lips to each other's. Softly brushing them.. They left after what looked eternity' Gunjan blushed and turned to the other side! Samrat slowly put his hand on her waist and smiled'

S: Kya hua?

G: Hmm! Tumhe tumhara gift chahiye na?

S: Mil to gaya!

G: Nahi! Yeh nahi aur kuch'

S: Kya?

Gunjan keeps his hand on her tummy trying to give him a signal!

G: Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

S: Tum??

G: (nods in a yes!) I am one week Pregnant Mr. Shergill!

S: Why didn't you tell me before?

G: Mujhe khud kal pata chala! And I am sure is baar tumhe tumhari *Choti Chashmish* zaroor milegi!

S: Thanks.. This is the best gift ever!!  

G: I know! I can't wait to crack this news to Karan! He is going to be a big brother after-all!

S: Hmmm' (nuzzling his nose in her neck)

G: Sam! Good Night!

S: Good Night sweatheart!

He gave a peck on her cheek and so did Gunjan! And then they slept in each other's arms


Precap: Not decided yet!LOL

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