A short romantic Kriya Sequence.. Updated Pg8... (Page 4)

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Originally posted by Mitaly..

OMG ShurutiClapClap
Prat in hospital ?
I always wanted krish to  tackcare her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
nice story ClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStarStarStar
 plz update it soon  will b waiting for itBig smile kaa likhty hay aap. . aikdum lalantopStarThumbs UpClap
i love it .Big smileBig smile
thanks Big smile

thank you so much hun....Smile
i will update today itself....Smile

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Kriya Wedding Anniversary day

It was a special day for both of them but Krishna decided to play with his babu just for some fun. He had planned for this special day and everything was ready but he wanted to irritate Pratigya so he acted as if it was just another normal day.

Pratigya was expecting something completely different. She expected him to wish her and hug her but Krishna just got up, took his shower, changed his clothes, ate his breakfast , took his tiffin and bag, kissed Pratigya bye and went off to work. He noticed her bewildered looks but he chose to act as if nothing was there. He smiled all the way to work meanwhile Pratigya was so irritated that she took it all out on her poor pots and pans.

In the evening
Krishna had just finished work and was spending time with Tunna and Chandu at his adda before going home. He was very excited and full of smiles.

Tunna: Bhaiyya patha kheltay hain?

Krishna: Nayi yaar aaj jaldi ghar jaana hoga. Aaj khaas din hain.

Chandu: Kya khaas hain aaj ke din?

Krishna: Aaj wahi din haina, mere aur Pratigya ke shaadi ka din. Who kya kehte hain' Haan weiding anniversary'

Tunna: Arre wah bhaiyya yeh toh ghazab baath hain. Bhabhi aapka intezaar kar rahi hongi na ghar pe. Aapne bhabhi ko kya diya tohfe mein?

Krishna: Yehi toh mazay ki baat hai. Meine usse kuch nayi diya. Who kya hain surprise haan wahi surprise. Maine usse wish bhi nayi kiya. Meine diramma kia ke mujhe kuch nayi patha. Usko gussa aaya aur mujhe hassi aayi uski gusa dekhar. Aur usne mujhe yaad bhi nayi karaya ki aaj kya din hain. Lekin mein uska pati hoon aur bahut samajdhar pati hoon. Hum sab jaante hain.

Tunna and Chandu were laughing. Krishna then showed them the sari he brought for Pratigya, out of his own wages. He has been saving up a certain amount every week and gives the rest to Pratigya. She didn't even know.

Krishna: Kaisa laga?

Tunna and Chandu were in awe.

Chandu: Bhaiyya yeh toh bahute badiya sari hain. Jab bhabhi yeh pehnegi toh bahute ache lagegi.

Krishna: Haan beta bilkul dulhan ki tarah. Sabse khoobsurat dulhan. Meri dulhan. Ab hum chalthe hain, usse dekhnay ka bahute mann kar raha hai.

Krishna left for home, happy and excited.

At Pratigya Niwas

Pratigya was still pissed off and irritated. She was in her kitchen busy making dinner for Krishna.

Pratigya: Aane do usse. Mein teek karthi hoon usse. Ussne mujhe wish bhi nayi kiya aur kehta hain jaan hai meri, babu hai meri. Aane do usse. Usko yeh din yaad bhi nayi hain.

But her heart was beating frantically. She could not wait any longer for Krishna to come home and today he was getting later than usual. She longed to see his face and for his presence. She could not do any work properly. Her body was shivering.

Memories of their wedding day flashed through her head. She stopped what she was doing as she remembered those painful months in their lives. How could she have hated him so much and all because of something he did not even do. But now she loved him more than anything and anyone. She could not live without him. Every part of her body, heart and soul was his and his only. She thought she was the luckiest girl in the world and thanked her Gods.

She smiled to herself and suddenly caught her reflection on a steel plate and her gaze fell on her sindoor. She was proud, satisfied and happy to be Krishna's wife. Pratigya Krishna Singh.

Just then she heard the sound of Krishna's bike outside that Chandu bhaiyya had whole heartedly given Krishna to use.


Krishna got off his bike and smiled to himself. The lantern outside their house was lit and there was a slight wind in the air. Cool and calm. There was nobody around for a long distance. It was like their own land where nobody else existed.

He immediately stuffed the sari box into his bag and took his tiffin out to give to Pratigya so that she would not search his bag. He was so excited that he could not control his smile but he calmed down and walked into his home.

Once inside:

Pratigya ran to greet him with a wide smile on her face forgetting that she was angry. Krishna smiled back wanting to just take her in his arms.

Krishna: Kaa babu...Kaise ho? Sab teek thaak?

Pratigya puzzled with his question, replied

Pratigya: Haan bilkul.. Kyu?? Aur tum??

Krishna knew she was playing with him.

Krishna: Achi baath....

Pratigya was on verge of losing control, she wanted to taunt him but saw that he was tired and decided to get back at him later. Krishna was watching her and thoroughly enjoying the sight. They both knew each other very well. Krishna handed her his tiffin, gave Pratigya a quick kiss on her forehead, laughed slightly, handed her his wages for the day and walked to their room.

Pratigya smiled slightly and shook her head.

Once in their room Krishna hid the present and went to their bathroom to freshen up.

Meanwhile Pratigya kept the wages in a prayer book like little box at their small mandir and went into the kitchen to get dinner ready before going to their room to keep out Krishna's night dress. She was happy that Tunna bhaiyya and Chandu bhaiyya did not drop by today. She wanted to spend the entire night just with Krishna.Embarrassed She shyed away and smiled.

Kriya Bedroom
Krishna came out of their bathroom, just wearing a dhoti and drying his hair. His gaze immediately fell on their photo. He walked over to the photo and looked at his beloved's face, his thoughts going back to that dreadful day in hospital that he almost lost her.   

He stretched his hand and touched Pratigya's face in the photo. His eyes welled up with tears and countless feelings of unknown emotions filled him.

Just then Pratigya rushed into their room to get Krishna his night dress. She saw Krishna standing looking at their photo. He had his back to her. She thought to sneak behind his back and scare him but just then she noticed what he was doing.

She saw him lost in thought gazing at her photo and touching it. She walked in front of him, took his hand and kept it on her face. He came back into reality. Pratigya could see tears in his eyes.

Pratigya: Mein yehi hoon, tumhare saath, tumhare paas.

Krishna pulled her towards him. He ran his palm on her face and kissed her face and neck breathing her scent in. Pratigya hugged him tightly.

Krishna lifted his head and came forward to kiss her tender lips. Knowing Krishna is back to his naughty self Pratigya decided to get pay back. She turned away from him and faked an angry look.

Krishna smiled a naughty smile.

Krishna: Kya hua?

Pratigya: Mein tumse naraaz hoon..

Krishna with fake surprise asks, "acha woh kyun?? Meine kya kiya? Joh maine kar diya who acha nayi laga kya? Teek hain koi baath nahin ab tumhari saari shikayath door karthe hain. Jo main ab karne jaa rahi hain who tumhe zaroor acha lagega.

He laughed. Pratigya was controlling herself not to smile about what he said and pushed him away.

Pratigya: Tumhe pata hain aaj kya din hain?

Krishna: Hmmm... nahin toh.. Koi khaas din hai ka?? Tumhare happy birthday toh hain nahin.. toh phir diwali, holi, janmashtami arre who toh mera happy birthday hai lekin wo khaas din nahin hain.. toh phir kya ho saktha hai'   

Pratigya finally burst. She turned away and felt bad. Krishna knowing if he took this teasing any further all his plans will fail and so decided to drop the act. He smiled, came and hugged Pratigya tightly from behind, his bare back touching her. He kissed her neck and smelled her hair.

Krishna: Arre babu hum kaise bhool sakthe hain yeh din. Itna gussa kyu kar rahi ho huh? Humare shaadi ka din, jis din devi devtha ke saamne, samaaj ke saamne tum mere hogayi.

Pratigya turned.

Pratigya: Acha to phir mera tohfa kaha hain??

She was sure he would have forgotten to buy her a gift but there also she was fooled. She had no idea for how long Krishna has been planning this day.

Krishna went over to their cupboard and brought out the sari box.

Krishna: Idhar aavo

Pratigya came towards him.

Krishna: Yeh tumhare liye.

Pratigya took the box and opened it. Her eyes went wide.

Pratigya: Bahut khoobsurat hai. Par Krishna yeh sari toh bahut mehengi lagthe hai. Paisay kaha se milay?

Krishna: Kya mathlab? Apne tankhwa se aur kaha se. Mein har hafte kuch paise alag raktha tha ta keh tumhare liye tohfa le sakoon. Acha laga?

Pratigya:  Touching the sari and admiring it, "haan bilkul shaadi ka joda jaise lagta hai" and hugged him. Par meine tumhare liye kuch nayi liya.

Krishna:  Arre pareshaan math ho babu. Tum ho na, mere liye kafi hai. Bhagwan ne tumhe mujko wapas diya ithna kaafi hain mere liye.

Pratigya tightened her hug around him.

After a couple of minutes'

Krishna: Tumne yeh shaadi ka joda keh diya na. Jao dulhan ki tarah sajdhajkar aavo.

Pratigya: (looked confused) Abhi? Kyu?

Krishna: Pehli baar jab tumne mujh say shaadi ki thi tab tumhare mann mein mere liye sirf nafrat thi, lekin ab mein tumhe phir se shaadi karna chahti hoon, is baar yeh jaankar ki tumhare mann mein mere liye sirf pyaar hain.

They looked into each other eyes, full of emotions. Pratigya smiled and agreed. Krishna took his clothes and left her to dress up.

Hey Guys... this is leading up to a beautiful end to my sequence... Will update soon... Hope u guys like it till now..Smile

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wow ShurutiClapClapClapClapClap

tumho to chupa rustamWink
kaa likhty hoo StarStarStarStarStarStarStar
aikdam badiaBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
keep it up hunny i love it its very unique EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile

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BlushingDay Dreaming

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mindblowing!!!! EmbarrassedDay Dreaming

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Originally posted by premprem1

mindblowing!!!! EmbarrassedDay Dreaming
thank you yaara....Smile
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Originally posted by devu4divya

BlushingDay Dreaming
oh koche enna patiyada..?? LOL
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Originally posted by Mitaly..

wow ShurutiClapClapClapClapClap

tumho to chupa rustamWink
kaa likhty hoo StarStarStarStarStarStarStar
aikdam badiaBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
keep it up hunny i love it its very unique EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile

m soooo glad u like it yaara... i just write... i actually read it after i write.... SmileSmile

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