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4 being late dear..CryErmmDisapprove...
but ur all updates r
.. ..
dear...EmbarrassedBig smileSmileWinkTongue...
 dear.Thumbs Up..4 ur
i realiy  ...
  4 pming me dear.. keep pm me dear..Big smile
lots of 4 ur hard work dear.HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug.
again ...Embarrassed

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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I am 

so hopefully it will be up in about 45 minutes or so!

thx for waiting and bearing with me!

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Me w8ing...Day Dreaming

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
45 mins or sooo over
zeynab waitinggg
make it fast 
i hv xams 2mw n waitinggg for u 2 update so tht i can go n study after u update
update sooonnn

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 May 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged
I kind of did a last minute decision and put all three promos in one it is kind of a long update! you guyzz deserve it for patiently waiting and bearing with me! 

Geet: that is not funny.
Maan: yes it is'wait until I tell Vicky.
Geet: oh no you are not telling him. If you do I won't here the end of it.
Maan: My point exactly
"Maaan" geet says in a whiny voice.


Naughtiness personified

Vicky was at a bar sitting and drinking away his pain.
Vicky came here quite often.
Drinking, dancing, and having fun with many girls. 
Every girl knew him there'knew that he would just use them for a night and it would be over the next day, but still some of them didn't mind as long as they could get one night with a Khurana brother. It was more of a dream to them, even if it was only for a couple hours.  He was a player at night, but during the day he was chirpy and funny.  Laughing helped prove to him that he was happy without Meera.
This was the way Vicky hid his pain that Meera had given him and revived again after meeting her again after all these years. In order to show that he didn't care'.to show that he is not affected by what Meera did'he has become a bigger player than he once was.  Her words still burned his heart today.  There is a reason why he hates valentine's day.  He never forgot that valentine's day no matter how much he has tried.

 Vicky was really excited for tonight's school dance for valentine's day. It had a masquerade theme and Vicky wanted to express and tell meera the feelings he had for her.  He went and bought a brand new tux just for the occasion.  For the first time he was nervous.  Yes Vicky was nervous.  He didn't know how to tell her, which was never a problem for him before.  Except this time it was different.  Meera meant a lot to him and has dug a special place in his heart, which no other girl had done before.  He thought to himself,"maybe this is the effect of true love".
Vicky heads over to the school dance and all his eyes were doing were trying to spot her.  He thought it would be easy since she would probably be wearing an Indian outfit except an hour had passed and he still hadn't spotted her.  A lot of girls were trying to catch Vicky's attention, but he didn't even notice them at all. 
Vicky's friend: Vicky you are so lucky man.  Look so many hot girls in the school are checking you out and some even signaling at you. 
Vicky was absorbed in his thoughts just imagining himself with meera in his arms. His friend had to shove him in order to get his attention.
Vicky's friend " Alex" : What is wrong with you? We are at a dance party and you are lost somewhere else.
All of a sudden the lights get really dimmed and a white spotlight gets shunned onto the stairs.  Many people start to complain but then all of a sudden they stop as their mouths couldn't find the words to say anything anymore'all the boys hearts were beating hard against their dates, and even the girls started to feel jealous as a girl almost in a princess like dress with a mask on her face came down the steps.
The girl was getting really nervous with all the attention she was getting as she walked down the steps.  Everybody wanted to know who this girl was she didn't look familiar at all and the mask covering half her face was making it even harder. While everyone kept on whispering to each other trying to figure out who this mysterious gorgeous girl was, Vicky had already recognized her.
Vicky to himself:  Meera!
Vicky never knew how beautiful Meera was until tonight.  He had fallen in love with her simple look, but tonight Meera' s beauty had made him fall in love all over again.
Meera just walked over to Vicky and said, "hey"!
Alex just wanted to faint,  "damn man you always get the girls!", he whined.
All the boys were jealous of Vicky and even the girls were jealous of her beauty and how their dates were drooling over her. The lights get brighter again and a slow love song starts to play in the background.  Everybody tried to go and enjoy the party, but it had become very hard now after such a dramatic entrance.
Vicky closes in on Meera and whispers in her ear: I know it is you Meera and so would the most gorgeous girl in the school like to dance with me tonight?
Meera gets closer to him and whispers, " I thought you would never ask".
They dance in the sparkling limelights of the dance floor. Once their eyes get locked with each other's eyes Vicky starts to closer and wanted to give her a kiss not being able to resist her anymore.  Meera throat started to feel dry as he inched closer, but then she turns her head and walks away. Vicky quickly holds on to her hand.
Vicky: wait Meera.
He comes up and faces her now.
Vicky: I don't know when you entered my heart, but I know that I have lost my heart to you.  I want to tell you that I have feelings for you and that I am truly in lo'.
Meera hands were shaking as he started to come closer and confess his feeling, but then she shoves Vicky away not even letting him finish what he had to say.  Vicky looked at her is disbelief.
Vicky: What Vicky! You want to say that you're truly in love with me.  You are just a player and you always will be!   You claim to truly love me...What do you even know about love! Love is just a game to you.  You and your friends just use girls and once your attraction to them dies out you break their hearts and then go after another girl".
Everybody couldn't believe his or her ears that who the hell was this girl who was rejecting Vicky and screaming at him too.
Vicky couldn't believe what he was hearing all he could manage to do was mumble her name "meera" with pain clearly visible.
Look at her! Look at the girl sitting there.  Her name is Soniya.  Didn't u say u loved her? What happened? How do i know that u won't fall in love with the next new girl who walks into this school? This is not love vicky this is lust!
His heart was getting torn into pieces with every hurtful word coming out of meera's mouth.  Vicky wanted to run away.  He starts to slowly step backward not being able to hear these words coming out of the girl he loved.
Today you tell me that you love me because of how I have transformed.  You said yourself I am the most gorgeous girl in the school tonight, so tonight I caught your eye and tomorrow another girl will.  You are a monster who could never understand what true love would mean.
Vicky: Enough! I heard Enough! I have gotten a very good picture of how you see me.
He runs for the door. 
Vicky's friend: who are you? You are the monster not him.
Soniya comes over now and says, " He deserved it. He got a taste of his own medicine".  
She screams louder to make sure Vicky hears, " She never loved you! This was all a plan to get you to fall in love with her and then for her to break you heart! Next time you won't dare make this mistake with another girl's feelings.

Meera looks over to her friend with a painful look and then looks at vicky's retreating body.
Vicky looks over one last time at Meera and he wasn't sure if he saw a tear or not, but she looks away from him, giving him his answer and Vicky leaves the dance party with the pieces that were left of his broken heart.

******************Flashback ends*****************
Vicky has had a total of 6 drinks by now and was totally drunk.
"Meera you were right about one thing.  I am a player and I always will be.  You thought you good teach me a lesson. hah! I am a bigger player than i was before, which is better than falling in love with you.  There is much less pain and hurt involved." he cried out.

Who was he kidding? His heart still ached for her, but he was beyond hurt to accept her back.  Couldn't believe someone could do such a thing. He has been lying to himself all these years and still is. 

He then goes over to a bunch of girls and starts dancing with them like there was no tomorrow.
Geet waited patiently at the kitchen table for maan. Geet started to hear footsteps and when she looked to her left she saw him. She couldn't even believe what she saw.  Her gaze was looking at places in which should be sinful.
Maan was wearing a casual white shirt with most of the buttons being open exposing his chest.
Maan: Why the shocking look? Is it too sexy for you?
Geet: ohhh does someone have a huge ego'
Maan: Why you don't think I am sexy?
Geet: I didn' say that'
Maan: so you do think I am sexy?
Geet: I didn't say that either'
Maan: it is okay'I know I leave people breathless.  Okay enough talking let's eat. I am staving.
Geet just had a smile on her face and just shakes her head.  It seemed to her that maan had become Vicky tonight.  This was something Vicky would say she thought.
Maan then takes a seat at the kitchen table.
Geet: maan the food is not going to pop out of the sky.  Where is the food? I looked for it but there is barely anything in this kitchen since no one lived in here for a while.
Maan: Are you sure? Nakul was supposed to bring food in here.
Let me give him a call.
Nakul was talking to daadi. 
Nakul: Ma'am what do I do now' Maan sir is sure to kill me. 
Daadi: how could you be so silly to spill the food.Hurry up and make some more before it is too late.
Just then the house phone rings and nakul almost jumps out of fear.
Daadi: Pray it is not maan.
Daadi: hello.
Maan: hello daadi.  Where is our food? Why hasn't nakul brought it yet?
Daadi: beta he accidently spilled the food so you are going to have to wait a little longer until he makes another batch.
Maan: what! Till then geet and i will starve to death. Till him he does not need to make anything and I will deal with him tomorrow.
Daadi:beta sunno..
Maan had already hung up the phone.
Nakul: ma'am what happened? What did he say?
Daadi: he said that you don't have to make another batch and that it is okay.
If daadi told the truth then he would have died out of fright right on the spot.
What kind of grandson god has given her'always angry, hopefully geet's love will be able to soften him up a bit, she thought.
Maan just smacks the phone on the table.
Geet: Kya hua? Why are you taking your anger out on the phone?
Maan: if I shouldn't be angry than what should I be?We are not getting any food. Nakul spilled all of it.
Geet: calm down.  It is okay.. I will try to make something.
Maan: how will you make something geet. First we barely have anything in this kitchen and second you only have one arm and hand so how will you make anything?
Geet: me kahatana that I will make food'so relax and leave the rest to me'I will figure something out.
"I can already tell this will be a disaster", maan says before storming off.
Geet: geez, he got so angry.  He must be really hungry. Let's see what I can find.
After a couple of minutes of searching she found flour, baking soda, salt, sugar, cheese, tomatoes, olives, green pepper, chocolate cake mix, yeast, eggs, and vanilla extract. 
Geet looks over her ingredients and tries to think of what to make with these ingredients.
Geet: I got it.  I can make dinner and even dessert.
Geet starts by making doe first. She manages to get a bowl out, and as she tries to pour flour on it, the bowl all of a sudden tips over and falls on the ground making a huge noise and spilling some of the flour with it.
Maan was watching tv, but when he heard that noise he quickly comes to the kitchen, but then stops in his tracks as he sees geet covered all in flour. A grin starts to form on his lips and he tries hard to hold in his laughter.
Geet: Keep on laughing. I am trying to make dinner for us and instead of helping me your laughing.
Maan: Geet I told you that you wouldn't be able to do it.
He comes over to her and starts wiping the flour off from her face and her hair.
Geet just stood there, while the sensations of maan's hands and warmth coursed through her body.
"ummm I got it thank you", she said as she stepped a little away not wanting to repeat her earlier mistake again if she let maan touch her and get close.

"you sure?Geet let me help you with that. What were you trying to even make", maan asked confused as he looked at the variety of ingredients.
Geet: I was trying to make pizza and chocolate cake.
Maan: my favorites! Wow geet it is only been a day and you already know what I like.
Geet: I'
Geet decides to let it go'She really did not know that these were his favorites, but was fine with maan thinking that she knew.
Maan: Geet let me make the pizza, while you make the chocolate cake batter.
Geet: okay
After thirty minutes maan was just putting the finishing toppings of the pizza while geet just finished making the chocolate batter and was about to pour it in the cake pan. But before she could maan swept it out of her hand and sat on the kitchen table about the lick the batter. Maan wanted to have some fun.
Geet screams, "maan don't you dare or else".
Maan: or else what geet?
Geet: or else'or else I will do something, which will make you angry.
Maan: oh really? 
Maan grabs geet and corners her to the kitchen wall.
There faces were just inches apart.

Maan: Geet I am not scared of you. And I should warn you if I get angry than I may do something to you, which will not be pretty so get on my good side" he says in his husky manly voice.
Maan than reaches again for the chocolate batter and is about to lick it.
Geet: Don't do it maan I am warning you.
Maan: You know what geet I am really curious about the fact of what you are going to do so'
He then licks the rich chocolate batter right in front of her face and then then gives a winning look to her.
Geet: don't say I didn't warn you.
Geet then all of a sudden snaps the few buttons that was closed on maan's shirt and then dips her hand into the chocolate batter and smears it all over his chest and abs.
Maan just stood their baffled and shocked and whispers, " Geet' I didn't know you were this naughty".
Geet: ohhh I am not finished.
Geet gets the batter smears it on her mouth and cheeks and then jumps on maan's face.  First giving him a kiss on his cheek with her chocolate flavored mouth and then smears the chocolate off her check all over on maan's face.Geet didn't know what kind of affect this was having on maan. It was like she was seducing him.Maan lost it with geet's chocolate covered kiss and the proximity of her lips against his face.
Geet: How is that for naughtiness! , she says with a smirk.
Maan: Not naughty enough'I will show you naughty! 

He takes off his shirt which was all chocolate covered and then gets the remainder of the batter and smears the rest all over his face and lips.Geet starts to run and ends up in the living room, but maan catches her and then corners geet to the wall entrapping her between his arms.

Geet was shocked with this move.
"Geet'" maan whimpers as he starts kissing her neck.
Geet was totally shocked now and was going to let out a gasp but it comes out as a moan, which makes maan get even crazier.
Geet: maan what are you doing'stop ..
Before geet could even finish telling him to stop it'maan's chocolate covered lips had invaded her mouth. Maan had lost it and senses were no longer in control.  Geet had unleashed the monster in him with her seductive moves. For the first five seconds geet tried fighting him off her, but it was no use.  She couldn't even hold back herself.  She gave into his warm and chocolate flavored lips and starting to move in synch with his.  They were no longer standing. They were on the sofa with maan on top. 

Maan wouldn't even break away for them to breath.  He wanted her and was becoming more aggressive as seconds passed.When he did break away from her lips he was licking and kissing away the chocolate off her face and neck. Tears started to roll down geet's eyes as she wanted to stop herself, but couldn't get herself too and that is when maan stops and realizes what he was doing. He breaks away and stands up.
Geet gets up and before running off to her room she says, "maan you went too far'you went too far" as tears started to fall from her eyes.
Geet locks the door of her room and breaks down.  She was mad at herself more than maan because she didn't stop herself.  She liked what maan was doing to her. She like the way maan was kissing her and the way he was making her feel and if he didn't stop she wouldn't of have mind.
Her tears wouldn't stop falling.  In her mind she knew that her friendship with maan was over.  How could they even stay friends when they crossed over that barrier tonight?
Maan was shocked. Couldn't fathom the fact of what he just did.  He touches his lips with his fingers and the sensations and feelings that geet made him feel coursed all over his body, with just the simple memory.
Maan winced his eyes and ran a hand through his hair as the reality of what he just did kept on coursing through him again and again.

Maan to himself: What did I just do?! I was kissing geet !?!

Geet was raging with so many emotions in her body right now.
Geet: what did you say? You would punish yourself for me. WHY?
Maan just looked at her, confused. 
Maan couldn't take it anymore and screams, "GEEET".  Shocked

I hope you guyz liked the update as much as i had fun writing this part. So far this has been my favorite part.Wink I know i have left you guyzz with a lot of questions but what do you think is going to happen next ? Will maan be able to justify his actions to geet, let alone himself? What will geet do now when she thinks that the barrier of their friendship is broken? and so many more questions but i will try to update the next part by next weekend as my exams start tomorrow. So wish me luck!

Don't forget to hit the like button if you enjoyed the update!
and also leave me long comments..plz hehehe.

Previous Part~Bhooot

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yayy me first
Awesome update
Oh so meera pretended 2 lyk vicky & break his heart 2 giv a taste of his own medicine but this tym vicky really did luv meera
Awww loved maaneet making dinner together
Poor nakul is gunna get it from maan
Loved how dey wer seducing each other but then they realised wat dey wer doing & stopped cuz dey hav gone over the line
Is der friendship ever gunna turn in2 love
Cont soon Xx...

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all d best zeynab
n same pinch even my xams start 2mrw
n i never thought meera would just act of tht way wt so ever 
n wowww d kiss 
luved ittt
n yaaa hope both urs n my xams r easy

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