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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
hey guyzzzz!

i am updating today...actually right now..

i know i am updating faster than usual....but i feel like if i didn't update fast i would have a angry mob of people outside my house....LOL

so i used every free time i had to make sure i made an update today...

and hopefully it will be up about an hour or so...Smile

luv u guys...

even though some of u are angry at me and are just ready to throw ur chappals at me...LOL

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Mrs.ZSK IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:06pm | IP Logged

But the image that maan sees, he almost wished he was dead before seeing such a scene.
On the walls of the room "Thank you for everything you have done and I am sorry for being a burden in your life ms.'k was written all over in blood" and geet layed on the ground with a huge gash in her arm.
Oh my god.  Someone help me plz'.help me.

To Much To Handle
Vicky is swerving past every car going into the wrong lane and receiving so many curses and honks from people'.but he didn't care.  He had to get geet to the hospital. 
Maan: Vicky can't you go any faster'.i am loosing her.
Vicky: Bro if I go any faster than this than all of us will be dead.
Maan: I can't believe she did this'How could she do this to herself'. especially over me?
Vicky: She appreciates what you have done to her.  She is alone in this world and actually seeing a person like you helping her she wanted to show her appreciation.
Some relationships are hidden'but go beyond meaning'
Maan: I don't have time for riddles Vicky, but she didn't have to kill herself in order to get even with me saving her life.
Vicky just sighs'even now maan still doesn't realize his hidden love for geet.
Vicky suddenly hits the breaks and the car comes to a stop.  Maan just gets out of the car with blood all over his shirt and face'he just carries geet to the hospital and starts screaming for the doctor.
Maan: Doctor!!!! Doctor please save her.Doctor!!!
Doctor comes running out to see what all the commotion was all about.
But once she see's maan's bloodied up clothes and face and geet's situation she gets frightened.
Doctor: Oh my God!This is a police case. We have to wait until the police arrive before I can do anything.
Maan: What nonsense. Do you know who I am?
I am Maan Singh Khurana.If anything happens to her I will not only make sure you get fired but that you will never ever get a job of a doctor again!
Meera: Is she your wife?
Oh my god.  Maan can't believe what ridiculous questions she was asking. 
Maan: Haaaaaa hai.  She is my wife! Now will you go and save her life.
That is when Vicky comes in and becomes shocked.
Vicky: Meera'
Meera: Vicky???? Is he with you?
Vicky: Yeah he is my brother...but why are you asking questions why aren't you saving geet?
Meera: Uhhh yea..nurse!
Nurse: Yes lets take the patient she looks in critical condition and seems to have gotten a huge cut to the left arm.
The nurse brings in a gurney to place geet in and maan gently places her on that.
Maan tries to go inside the room with geet, but then gets stopped.
Meera: Hold it there Mr.Khurana'You have to stay out here while we get things straightened out. 
Maan: No I won't leave her.
Meera: Don't push me I am going to do the best I can to save her'okay just please cooperate with me and stay out here.
Vicky: Bhai its going to be okay.
Daadi arrives to the hospital as soon as she could.  Vicky was still on the phone with her when over the phone she could hear maan's screams for help'
Daadi manages to find Vicky.
Daadi: Vicky what happened'.Where is geet?
Vicky: She is in critical condition and they are working on her right now. She cut her hand and wrote all over the wall in her blood in order to show her appreciation for maan bhai.
Daadi: She did what!!!!!
Oh my god.  What is the poor girl going through.
Vicky: No one can answer that.  Geet is in a battle with herself'with her heart, which can make anyone do anything even put his or her life on the line.
Daadi: I hope god has mercy on her.  Where is maan? How is he reacting'
He was just here'He is not doing good himself'He didn't even want to leave geet's side for one second.  He has changed from last night.  All of today I have seen him restless for geet.
He said he was going to bring some coffea'but he hasn't come yet.
Getting coffea was just an excuse for maan to get away'he had only one thing on his mind'to save geet.
Maan was walking hopelessly down the hallways'how was he going to save her.
Suddenly Maan's eyes gets caught on a prayer room in the corner of the hallway.
Maan without even giving a second thought walks in. 
Maan: For the first time after years I am putting my trust on you again.  You helped me find geet last night.  Now I am back with even a bigger request.  Please save her. She is in here because of me. 
I know why she did this to herself'She feels alone...and she been feeling alone for awhile'and when I helped her she was overwhelmed and felt indebted to me.
Please save her and in return I will promise to bring the old geet back'I will make her forget her sorrows, her heartbreak, her loneliness.
You have the power to give her life, but then I will use all my power to give her life a meaning again.
He closes his eyes and continues to pray for geet.  All of a sudden an orange pooja flower falls and brushes off maan's hands.
Maan eyes opens and he picks up the orange flower.  His heart felt like it got a jolt to come back to life.  A smile gradually starts to form on his face as he takes in this sign from God.
Maan just starts running'He had to go see geet. He just got a sign from God that she was going to be okay.
Maan runs passed Vicky and Daadi.
Vicky: Bhai where are you going..You can't go in there yet.
Maan doesn't listen he slams through geet's room..but the smile he had on his face vanishes and gets replaced by shock as he sees meera cover geet's face with the white sheet.
He shoves meera and all the nurses aside.
Maan: Geet uthoooo'please open your eyes'.GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET, he screams and shakes her to wake up.  But it was no use.
Vicky and Daadi barge in from all the screaming but stop in their tracks.
Vicky just gives a look to meera'
Meera: I am sorry but I couldn't save her.  Maybe if you had brought her sooner but she was unconscious for a very long time.
Daadi starts to cry'she couldn't hold back her tears.
Maan roars in anger: OYEEEEEEEEE didn't you hear me..she is still alive.
Meera takes a couple of steps back with fear as maan roars at her.
Geet wake up'prove to her that your alive and that you are just taking a long nap'open your pretty eyes and help me to shut the doctor up'.geet'he continues to shake her.
Vicky: Bhai'let her go'its too late.
MAAN:NOOOOO! Why doesn't anybody listen to me'.
Daadi starts to cry even more'seeing the condition of her grandson. 
Security guards come in because meera had called them.
Vicky: You called security guards???
Meera: I am sorry but Mr.Khurana can't seem to control himself over his wife's death.
Vicky: Wife??
He comes and hugs her.  Why don't you open your eyes...please for my sake at least open your eyes, he whispers in her ears.
Daadi: Maan beta'stop this'what are you doing'she is not in this world anymore.
Maan: daadiii'.he whispers'.
not you toooo!
Maan: GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD! You told me you would save her'..than why is everyone telling me she is gone'..I know she is not'I can still feel her presence..her soal is still here.
The security guards and Vicky are now trying to contain maan and get him off geet.
Maan continues to hold on to geet's hand.  But there were too many people on him now and he couldn't hold on anymore.
His fingers slowly slip away from geet's hands'leaving the orange flower in her hand.
Maan screams again even louder "NOOOOOOOOO''GEEEEEEEEEEEEET".
But then maan gets silenced as a hand flies in the air and slaps maan's right cheek.
Maan slowly looks up in shock and sees it was his own daadima who raised a hand on him.
Daadi:"Bas bahut hogaya!'band karo ye deewaanegi'..geet is dead'.she cries as tears continued to fall from her eyes'she is gone.
maan starts to feel dizzy'both his mind and heart couldn't take it anymore'and he was falling into unconsciousness.  He tries to keep his head straight'but he starts to see blurry'
He whispers geet and collapses on top of her.
Geet's eyes shoot right open and she takes breaths in. Her first word was "Maaaaaan".
And that continued to echo through everyone's ears'everyone's heart'except for maan.   He  wasn't awake to witness this even though he was the only one fighting for geet when everyone else had given up hope.

Heart: what are you waiting for? Go to him'geet go to the person who actually cares for you, while everyone else has turned their backs on you. Geet stop trying to stop yourself? Not after what he has done and gone through for you?

That is when geet can't take it anymore.  Her heart was right.  She can't stop herself after what he has done for her'
She opens the door and just throws herself on him and starts to cry.  She doesn't let him go.  Just holds on trying to soothe her heart her soul with maan's aura'maan's touch.

 (i hope now people have calmed down and have put their chappals down...LOL)

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Next Update~Geet Awakens

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summikhan Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:14pm | IP Logged exciting! can't wait for the next part!

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thank god geet alive.........or else.........tumhare ghar ke bahar there would be maaneet fans waiting for u with their chappals LOL........... love it.......... maan said geet is his wife Day Dreaming

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thank god shes alive ... otherwise u wud have been in serious trouble. LOL  ... 

continue super soon 


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it was reallyyyyyyy a heart attack.............


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oh my dear.....

it was like watching the climax scenes of a bollywood movieSmile 
the bestest part in ur FF!!!!! 

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