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.*Amrita Rao & Shahid Kapoor*..Together Forever<3 (Page 39)

.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
yeah i know i hate those media people yaar 
  they never have news on shamrita yara 

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-SalShah4eva- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 7:48pm | IP Logged
its not like that ..they dont give news on shamrita
its just that the r irritating so much

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
Posts: 25115

Posted: 16 March 2011 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
yeah i agree yaar. they are annoying yaaar , they need to get better news yaar . they are just making crape yaar

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-SalShah4eva- IF-Achieverz

Joined: 13 March 2006
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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 7:58pm | IP Logged

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
Posts: 25115

Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
what's up yar?
-SalShah4eva- IF-Achieverz

Joined: 13 March 2006
Posts: 118305

Posted: 16 March 2011 at 8:02pm | IP Logged
ah kuch nahi 
nohing much
.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
Posts: 25115

Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
it was a rainy day.....shahid was coming frm a latenight party when suddenly..he saw someone standing on the road looking for ride yaar 
He couldn't seen her face because of the rain, but then she removed her hair from her face and...
he was mesmerized to see the angelic face in front of him...those eyes full of innoscenece...of course he knew her....she was .... the one who he was looking for in his life yaar 
He walked to her, but before he could say or do anything she get in a car and she went away. Shahid tried to stop the car but he was too late, he turned around and than saw her scarf on the road...
for some unknown reason he felt his heart flooded with joy....he went ahead and picked that pink colored cloth with letter A on it...

and he could not resist keeping the scrf , so he kept it and 
the following days he was just dreaming about her and couldn't stop thinking about her and that special moment when he saw her for the first time. He was waiting for her the upcomig days but he didn't saw her. Then after two weeks he was still waiting for her when he saw her on the other side of the road. He was so happy that he.... he could not believe his eyes that he is seeing her again  and ran after her.......
He didn't know how he should call her so when he was close by her he took her arm. She turned around and for the first time they looked in each other eyes...

and they stopped like nothing was around them and keep looking in their eyes. 
Than suddenly she saw her scarf in his hands...she looked up and said: " This is my scarf...where did you found it...?'' Shahid couldn't say anything...he was speechless..he was just looking at her. She took her scarf and before Shahid could say or do anything she get in a car and went away. Shahid was looking at the car and than he saw her smiling toward him...
he smile too.. and then he could think something, he was kind of sad that he did not ask her name but happy at the same time that he met her again and she smile too ......
The next day at office he couldn't concentrate at his work..he couldn't forget that moment when they were looking at each other. Than an employee knocked at his door and told him that a girl has arrived for the new job. Shahid told him that she could come inside his room..while he was searching for some papers the girl came inside. When Shahid looked up he saw her in front of him. He couldn''t believe it so he was saying: '' No, it can be...this is not true..Shahid you are dreaming...'' and than she said Hi, my name is Amrita and I'm here for the new job. He realised that she was in front of him and that is was for real..  

he was speechless and so excited to see her in the office. she was waiting for his reply  and when she saw him. she is like"  we met before na , u had my scarf . thanks for taking care of scarf" 
he said " no problem , anything for u"

She smiles and said: '' what did you say..?'' Shahid was shy and smiled and told her that could sit. He took some papers and ask her some questions..when she was saying about herself, Shahid was in his dreamworld..After 15 minutes she looked up and asked him if she got the job. He was like...Hmm...what shally I say...but then she said: '' I really need this job, please..." He took her hand and said: '''Don't worry, I was just joking...the job is yours.''

Amrita smiled happily and thanked him. Shahid told her she can start from tomorrow. Amrita was really very happy that she got the job. After she leaves Shahid goes back into his dreamland. 

The next day, Shahid comes to the office waiting eagerly for Amrita to come. Amrita comes after a while and Shahid smiles soo sweetly just to see her. Shahid just stares at her. He keeps saying in his mind how beautiful she is. Amrita says, "hello sir" 
"No sir call me Shahid"
"...but how can I?" 
"Shahid" he says smiling 
"Ok sir, I mean Shahid" 
They both share a cute laugh

and then she went to her room(office or cabin), he is like, i am so happy today that she said my name, give me great feeling and love hearing my name from her yaar . then he is thanking God for everything is happening around him yaar. 

Later that day, Amrita comes to Shahid's office...
"Shahid, I have done all my work." Amrita says handing him the files
Shahid looks at it and is amazed by her hard work even on the first day
"wow!! Tum bahot hi intelligent ho. Great Job." says smiling 
"Thank You sir" 
"Shahid I mean" She laughs 
"acha abh ye lo one more file. Last one for today." 
"Ok." and leaves 
"hayy kitni pyaari hai." goes back into his dream land 

he goes back to his house dreaming about her , then when he sit down for dinner. He is thinking about her while eating  that he  accidentally eat a lot of chili. he does not notice until his mother start screaming his name  Oh Shahid , Shahid.........
 he notice and he is like water water .... and everyone start laughing at the table. 
 when he calms down , his mother ask him ,"what were u thinking son?"
 " u just scared me , is something wrong in work or something"
he looked at his mother , and say" i am in love mom". everyone was laughing but everyone just stop and shock if they heard it right? 

"Kyaaaa??" His mom said in shock
"haa mom, I am in lovee"
His mom was soo happy to hear this 
She asks him bunch of questions: "kaun, uska naam?"
"amrita hai uska naam." says similing 
and tells his mom everything about her 

At Amrita's home: 
Amrita is walking in her room and thinking about Shahid
"He is soo nice." she says with a sweet smile on her face.

she wants to call him and just say that Good night Shahid. she just want hear his voice,  and she did not know why she was feeling like this , but she was felling really happy what is happening around her. 

The next day:
Shahid is sitting in his cabin as always waiting for Amrita to arrive. 
Someone knocks on Shahid's door:
"Come in" says dreaming shahid 
"Hiii" says Amrita looking beautiful and smiling happily
Shahid is again mezmerized by her beauty. "Wow!!"
"You are looking very very beautiful today." says shahid smiling
Amrita is very happy to hear that from Shahid. She replies: "Thank You!" moving her hair behind her neck 
Shahid gives her some files to work on and Amrita leaves. Shahid sees her leaving and smiles to him self. 
After a while: it was lunch time. 
Shahid thought of a wonderful plan. 
Shahid goes into amrita's cabin and sees her working on some files from the glass door.
He knocks and Amrita says come in. 
"umm hi"
" aap yaha?"
Shahid sits on the chair besides her.
"actually I am thinking to go to a restaurant for lunch. Will you come with me?"
Amrita is very happy from inside but doesn't show the same reaction on her face. 
"umm I have work to do"
"you can do that later. You are coming with me. let's go"
He takes the pen from her hand and puts it aside and takes her with him to his awesome car. 

when she saw his car , she loved it. He is being the gentleman open the door for her and let her in . she sit comfortably and like the smell in the car . Shahid ask her if she feel good and if she want her to turn  on air and anything for her . 
 she is like, "No , everything seems perfect in the car" with light smile. she was loving it.
shahid turn on light music and look at her from her right. he is happy that she is in the car and smiling. 
 Shahid suddenly stop and amrita is like "what happened?, why u stop?" 
 he is like look , there is person selling pani puri. he is like , u want have some. 
 She is like you like pani puri with shock face Shocked
 he is like why , i can 't like it , or u don't like it . 
 her response was surprised and waiting two minutes and looking around saying "I love pani puri"
Shahid takes Amrita to the person selling pani puri. They both eat while enjoying each other's company. 
After they were done eating amrita feels like her mouth is burning because of eating spicy pani puri and there was no water. 
Tears started falling from her eyes. Shahid noticed it:
"hey...why are you crying" says worried
"I am not...pani puri was so spicy so now my mouth is burning"
"Ohh...I will go get pani for you"
"No its okay, and there is none"
"No i will find you. wait here"
He makes Amrita sit on a bench and goes out to get water for his sweetheart :)
It had been 15 min. and shahid wasnt here yet. Tears started falling from Amrita's eyes because of the spicy pani puri 
After half and hour shahid came back with a bottle in his hand.
"There you go"
"Omg!! Thank you so much" drinks it 
Both feels relaxed. Amrita because of drinking water finally and Shahid to see Amrita relaxed. 

and  while she is drinking water, He is thinking that what he should do more to make it up , because  of the chili thing just happen yaar . he feel awful about it . so he  sit next to her in the bench and said "I am sorry about what just  happen."
she is like NO, Nooooo, nahi, i am fine yaar . it just chili is not my thing sometime u know what i mean, but i love pani puri and thanks for bringing me here yaar.
  she smiles and say it was so good and i love it yaar......
  and they talk for while yaar. 
Shahid want to touch her hair , because amrita was playing with her hairs and suddenly he look at his phone. he is like we need to go........
 amrita look at her watch and says u have meeting in five minutes , we need to be going now!
 and they stand up and walk to car. he opens the door for her and she sits down and she  give him really nice smile yaar.

He was with his appointment while Amrita was thinking about the sweet moments they spent together. Amrita smiles and wonders what's happening to her.
"Yeh kya ho raha hai mujhe? why am I thinking about him?"
She looks at the time and it is 5 o clock means its time for her to go home but she didnt want to go since she wanted to spend more time with Shahid.
"No no I will wait until Shahid comes...I want to see him" she says smiling 
After half and hour shahid comes and is very happy to see Amrita sitting there as he wanted to see her before he go home
"Amrita why you didnt leave yet?" forcefully asks her
"umm actually I wanted to ask you something" she lies 
"ok ask me"
"umm...umm...umm" Amrita in her mind "oh no now what should I say?
she could not tell me what is doing there , she did not want tell me why she is there so late . so replied say:"i need ride?....she starting thinking what she said that she want ride, now he will NO because he have to work and or probably say that he get taxi or something ..... 
in the other side , shahid was happy that she ask him for ride and quickly replied saying YES,why not ? Come on , i am leaving in 10 minutes.
"I can't believe this", I whispered to myself. Shahid turned around, "Did you say something?"
"Umm no of course not". I felt my face turn bright red. I felt his stare sting me. There was an akward moment. "Umm so yea I will meet you outside. Just gather your things and we'll be on our way."
I stood outside waiting for Amrita. I looked up in the skies and saw dark clouds. Bad weather was headed its way.
i saw her walking out from the door and she look at me and then she saw that bad weather coming soon and you can see her from look that she did not like it. shahid ask her, what's wrong? she is like um um.. nothing and he is like why you don't tell me a anything? 
amrita is now thinking what should i say now that i am scared of lightening and then staring at him and say that it just really nothing shahid . then they both set down in the car , and shahid turn on little music in the back ground, and the weather was getting bad and the suddenly saw lightening and amrita got so scared and screamed hard then shahid stop the car and ask if everything is alright, and he have guessed that she is scared of lightening. 
"You're scared of lightening aren't you?" Shahid asked innocently. Amrita admitted that she was. "I promise as long as you're with me, you have nothing to fear." Amrita couldn't help but smile. They stared at each other for a few moments. Shahid slightly touched her hand when she snapped out of it. She quickly jerked her hand away. There was more lightening and this time Amrita jumped a little but that was it. Shahid smiled and Amrita noticed. "Why are you smiling?" "Why I can't?" Amrita made a stubborn look. Shahid replied, "Well this time you didn't scream by the sound of lightning. You trust me!"
she looks at him and says," i trust u" and looks aways . shahid smiled and then ask her , "so what are  more scared of " and thanks for the trust , i will try my best not to break this trust ever .  shahis is try and suddenly stops and amrita look at him , what happened and looks around and see tree on the road and there is kid who's under the tree. he is struggling to get out of there , but could not..... so she see that shahid is already have gotten out of the car and trying to help him get out of there.

sorry for the short , have to do hw study yaar 

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.ayesha. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 14 July 2010
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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:07pm | IP Logged
@sania u left yaar Unhappy

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