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krishaa Senior Member

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Posted: 22 May 2011 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
kab update karogi ,i m waiting at least tell me which day u will update,do it soon,Smile

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged

if u wont laugh, then will tell u one sach.. i have never been to a discEmbarrassed.. only seen in films.. tum bhi soch rahi hogi na ki yeh vandu bhi kaunse decade ki hainOuchLOL.. if i was going there on my own i would be totally scared just like meethu..but if I had J with me, at least yeh tassalli hoti ki chalo he is there, he will ensure i dont make a complete fool of myselfBig smile

waise reading how he felt idiotic for haing once liked such places did bring me some cheer and relief.. chalo at least i did not miss much growing upLOLso thank u for letting me aware of basic rules and how things work in dics! and atta girl, naku.. she asked same question i would also ask, ki why those hornsLOL..chalo, ab serious ho jati hoonEmbarrassed
well, it was expected thta some of his friends will not warm up to naku and no surprise that it was a female.. aisa kyun hota hai hamesha that a woman always becomes a pain in the backside of another womanOuch but naku in all her eagerness and fidgetting in this new place would never have realised this.. in her life, she has encountered only nice people, even the not so good ones would never compare to the bad ones in the bada shaher na..also, not only does dutta feel he has outgrown this disc etc, but he may also now question whether he was just carrying on friendship with some of them just for the sake of it.. as u can tell they are not truly his well wishers the way they welcome naku..but a nice contrast was shown betwen naku's wide eyed innocence and the unholy gleam in anahita..  but true to your style of keeping everything as real as poss and not over dramatic,we do have some friends who do admire her towards the end too.. thank god, mumbai mein bhi achhe dost mil sakte hainEmbarrassed
aree, yaar, humare yahaan shaadi ke baad whatever hubby does (.e., quit smoking here) is always cos he is scared of wifey !! and poor wifey, when she does somethign like this,no one dare taunt hubby! but loved D'a comment about the sofa.. ok, he is taking great pleasure in embarrasing her, but the line was too cuteTongue and the way she describes Mumbai must ahve opened their eyes which are now closed to the beautiful sights of mumbai na..and wow, chamkilaLOLLOLhmm.. i know sealing ka drive will have to wait as i think uske liye kanhaji has to be meherbaan and show his true power to D, but ek night drive toh mil sakta hain na RimpiEmbarrassed
aaawww.. u paint such a cosy picture of D pulling her cheeks and then stretching his arms behind her.. waah, i wanna go back a decade ago in my life now!!LOL forget night club, yahaan restaurant mein bhi jao toh half the time i am hyperventillating saying No Rohan, dont do that, dont do this, sit here and pata nahin aur kyaLOLit was just sooo was like he was a free bird, his soul and mind so light and fresh as oppsoed to the D who had first come to Rajnandgaon..even before marriage we could see the diff, but now, its like uski life patri pe aa gayiEmbarrassed
oh ho.. wish D had given her some sort of an update on his friends.. poor naku, just spills what is on her mind na.. she cant believe why people want to live out of wedlock..all her life she has seen wonderful marriages long or short.. be it her parents or kala tai..but Dutta has a strong case when he says they are more strongly bound than married couples!
OMG.. Jassi invites her to sort of try and mingle with the group.. seeing her fear, D wants to make an excuse.. But wow, that firebrand adventurous naku comes up and says yeah, she will though she may not have smart comments to add.. loved even in such a tense situation, that naku that only D knows comes out to meet his friends! I was upset seeing how most of his friends rallied together and sort of attacked her..he stood quiet and saw how she dealt with them.. even if for a moment, he felt she would not have coped, he would have jumped in to save her..have to say the explanation she gives is just so mature coming from such a small girl..for that I say I am proud to be your friend/sis whatever Rimpi..u r so young, but ur values, knowledge on these topics never cease to amaze me.. i have been the sort of person who doesnt question much and goes with the flow, whereas u are so alert and inquisitive and that is why u have such a huge amount of knowldege stored up there.. the line which i loved was the one where she says.. aap agar jaanti ki aap sachi hai toh safai dene ki kya zarurat.. that was so bang on esp after the way shonali behanved.. i have always felt these people who have live in relationships for several years are not getting married as they are still not sure.. and if they are not sure now, then kabhi nahi hoga.. they are people who dont want to face everything together, as they dont trust each otehr to be there.. sad but true and felt good to hear naku say the sameBig smile the way u have explained marriage as an issue avoided from both a man and woman's pov was really applause worthy.. very real and simple language mein u have said it all..
tv/fridge jaisa marriage ka koi guarantee nahin!! how truie.. but then aaj kal life also has no guarantee, but do we still not take risks knowingly or unknowingly .. cos we believe it is in our hands and we can make an impact of the outcome of our lives.. same way, we need to trust our partner.. yes, there will be times when life becomes a tad dull after a few years, but then kids add a new facet to every relationship.. otehrwise khud hi we have to make an effort.. for that love needs to be strongEmbarrassed
call me cheesy or melodramatic or whatever.. but sigh i loved this.. Oho..possesive Dr. Dutta?" Dutta grinned back at them,"Yup, damn right I am. And by now you all know with good reason. She's mine!Heart and awww she heard him say how happy he was to have her.. puuurfectEmbarrassed
but aa gayi na the witch anni! though it was so nice to see Jassi acknowledging how much D loves N and what she means to him..OMG, Anahita uses such horrible words.. well, she wanted max impact and spoil the evening for her.. well, succeeded partially too,did she not.. but like in all cases when there is love and trust, such instances only bring them closer..
their first lil spat.. i dont know whether to look at the plus or the minuses here.. minuses cos she was just bottling up everything and not sharing with him..and he thinking she was just getting back at himAngry indirectly causing both of them heart ache.. positive is that he had noticed in that short time how she was not her usual she was a bit aloof..and how he knew she was lying about her headache,,though his line ek hi mahine mein tere .. really hurt me too..Grrr.. no rational behviour na.. he knew she was upset cos of something from the club, but nahin, instead of patience, it was anger.. sab mard naLOLLOL..and just to prove my point further the ullu still thinks she is withholding herself to prove a pointLOLLOL
oh.. she apologises and tells him why she feels so.. good.. but then why does my heart have this misgiving that this side of him revealed by Anahita will come back to haunt her later.. dont know.. i feel when they have a big quarrel next time or final time efore he gets some sathbudhi, he will deffo behave coldly with her and she will think he is moving away from her as he had done with all those girlsOuch but as he said he cant change his past.. but he has changed and he is all hersnow..she also relaises this and then really heartwrenchingly, she has a monologue almost talking to herself of all her insecurities ever since he accpted her.. she blurts out how she is not that beautiful or educated or smart for least this should now give him an idea of how low her self esteem can get at times..loved the touch where she says about apko toh meri chai bhi achi nahi lagi.. as if that was one reason for which people liked her and he did not like that either!
if every couple realised this small fact "so I am not perfect and you are not perfect'so together we are perfect for each other " life would be blissEmbarrassed but problem hai ki people start tampering with each other's personalities and try to mould them to fit their own needs and worlds forgetting how harsh it can be to the person undergoing it..hope D doent do it, but he may do it, not cos he doesnt love her, but cos he wants everyone to love and respect her and feels she being something more will achieve that.. forgetting that the simple qualities in naku he found endearing will make her endearing to others too! and such a cute ending from Doc saabEmbarrassed
sorry for the mini ramayan comment!! thoda lamba ho gayaOuchLOLdid not realise..waise, when i hear that song Tum mile, toh mil gaya yeh jahaan, tum mile, toh har pal hai naya is so apt for D
hate Emraan hasmi (sorry any Hashmi fans!), but all his movies have beautiful lyrics!

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-Azy- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged


Superb update!!Wink

The disco, well I have never been so I don't know, but nakku handled it well and her bashan for those girls…!!Clap

And Dutta fully happy and content with her!!Embarrassed

Ohh they know how to take it back naAngry, by telling all his affairs to herOuch, glad she told him n sought  it out!!Embarrassed

Beautiful part n enjoyed it fully

Soon update the next partEmbarrassedLOL

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mozart66 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 9:55am | IP Logged

WOW Shilpita!!! Lovely update! Just what I was expecting from you! Your updates are always worth waiting for, to die for! Dutta and Naku's understanding makes them PERFECT for each other in spite of their obvious IMPERFECTIONS!! Hope the story is going to continue some more! I don't want it to end just yet! I want to know how Nakusha will be accepted by Dutta's friends and will blend beautifully in Dutta's life! I want to know how Naku will restore his lost faith in God and how Kalatai will treat her when she visits her mayaka for the first time after her wedding!! How Naku and Dutta will miss each other and when will Dutta take her to that long drive on Sea Link road! So much to look forward to!

Update please?!Day Dreaming

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.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged

Opposites attract 'maybe or maybe not , I do not know

Where Dutta and Naku are poles apart '. Two diff ppl coming from two diff worlds , cultures and back grounds .

They have not chged nor have their  likes or dislikes chged '..But love has blended both of  the worlds,  so well that the gap is invisible. Dutta understands Naku and Naku understands Dutta , they have their highs and lows 'But then they are there to hold each other when the time comes.

Dutta is not saint nor does he claim to be one '''.But sure has an angel to keep from the wrg now 

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Sophia21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Awesomeee update..!!
Im so proud of Nakku.. I love how she didnt back down and actually spoke to them.. Hmm n her logic did make sense!
Without trust, you cant marry someone!
Hailaa Anahita is one mean B*tch! .. She didnt really have to say all that .. stupid jealous woman!
Awww bechari Nakku.. She was hurt, upset and angry lol.. bless her.. ghussa naak pe chadha tha haha.. but woah Dutta got some anger. Im glad she remembered her own words and went after him to clear things out..
Awww thats so true.. u cnt let ur past affect ur future.. when the future can be so promising.. And im glad Nakku understands that now.. hehe nxt tym wen sum nxt jealous girl cumz say summin to her, she can tell them to butt out!
haha nice medication for the headache... i mean the ghussa! ;)
Continue soon :)

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged
thanks for the update shil..I was wondering since in "a song" came up sooo I thought why is she delaying?. Any way,live in V marriage was very interesting.At my end one just accepts it,it's considered anti social to pin point it ,lest you embrass the people in question,not spoken about at all socially especially,kind of its their business humien kya un ki life hai... but yes deep down in my heart and mind it was of course" good for you Nakku you tell them girl". she spoke a lot of fact though... the business about trust well thats crucial in a relationship,along with securityand faithfullness! the last bit about insecurities was very real as well,soo its obvious" they'eve only just begun", song by the Carpenters we'eve only just begun white lace and promises... thanks once again for the great update. Incidently looks like you are well versed with disco's haha, me nooo, only once Empire Square Picadilly Circus with him straight after we got married,and  Idid feel like Nakku and very shocked as it was news eve years and all the drunks were dunking in the fountains with their shirts off the, boys in blue had to get them out  totally pi###ed!  so the disco trip very nearly reminded me about my anecdote... xxx luv hammie .aur sun guru jee jaldi update karna.  

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husnu Newbie

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Posted: 23 May 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged

wow shilpa

what i like in ur writing is that u come up  with issues in such a way that  goes in a simple way but leaving the deep impact .the title  in every   updates brightens the impact which a reader feels while reading.charactes ahhha .
mera dil kehta hai that i translate this to urdu for girls in my country who are not well verse with english.if u permit.superb dear
please update & care

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