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FF:Imperfect Perfections Ch32-Pg142(14.4)Last UD (Page 33)

ShuVin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 1:59am | IP Logged
Hi ShilpiHug
omg she love him...ohh her pain...d way u describe n wrt  evrything in detail...omg it literally hurt coz i felt wonder dutta is Gadha...but luved it hw he mk her smile by saying arial bailLOLEmbarrassed...n his past eww...but best part ws nakku complete his sentence ..sota ho!LOL...n last past der superb all tyme super duper hit nakku's bhashan kala n kishor also knw abt nakku's feelings...hope dey do sumthing...very very nice update shilpi...luv each n evrything...very well writtenClapClapClap

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Hey shilpi,
Thanks for PM & sorry for commenting so late.
I had some serious virus issues with my lappy yesterdayOuch.
The title is nice - ENVY & POSSESSION
Without further delay i will try to read & comment simultaneously.Smile
I always knew she is head over heels in love.Why this incident had to happen or should i say why u wrote such incidentOuch
I have some experience of bathroom crying & believe me it only worsens the pain that u feel.Though mine & nakku's reasons are different ,but i can connect with her.Cry
Right from childhood she had to sacrifice each & every dream of hers but she was able to fool the world into believing that it didn't matter to her.But,in this case it is much more than just dream naa.Its her heart who for the 1st time felt something-LOVE.
The dream which she knows is never going to get fulfilled,but to turn into jokeOuch,indeed that red colour is bleeding of her heart & with it too away all her remaining dreams.
I also have this question that Why her Kanhaji has to make her 1st holi  experience so berangCry.
Instead of bringing rainbow colours in her life it brought darkness like black colour.
I was expecting Dutta to be waiting for her.Funny naa,even though it is ur story,but sometimes i can visualise how certain character will react in certain situation.I think it says a lot about u as writerClap.U bind ur readers in such a way that they feel they are integral part of this story.Thumbs Up
I liked how he tried to lighten her up with his-pure mahulle ke paani se nahaya kyaSmile
By now without his realising ,he has started to understand her so well.Par gadhe ki tubelight hi nahi jaltiLOL
The way he was telling her about staying happythat is her right  & don't pay attention to those ladies,i don't know but it reminded me of Jamima.How she was thinking that apart from Kala & her ,he is one more person who is interested in seeing her smile & happy.
But,unknowingly he is making it all the more difficult for nakku,with his every word, & physical touch
Nakku is breaking more from inside.I loved how he called himself bewakoofLOL.
Nakku once again tried to cheer him up,she cann't see him in remorse naa.How these two care for each other & yet this karwa karela doesn't realise his true feelingLOL
Nakku thinking what her mom would have said about that scene & it made me emotional.Interestingly it reminded Dutta of his own mom & what she would have thought.Finally Dutta ke logics par uski feelings take over karne lagi hai,slowly hi sahi,but shruwat to hui.
Its so amazing that these two are so at ease with each other's physical gestures,its like natural for them.
I loved how pur rights se Dutta was telling her that she only has to make some food for him.Haiye abhi se Dr.saab ko Nakku ki kitni aadat pad gayi hai.Wink
Kala is right in her own way,Dutta indeed didn't know what he did hold such a big significance in Nakku's life & small town me aisi baatein lightly nahi lee jaati.Kala as i mentioned in one of my earlier comments ,is indeed like Nakku's mom.Only she could see love in her eyes,yet no hopes of ever getting it.
But,Kishore surprised me,even though he speaks so less,but was bang on about Dutta.Dutta ko nakku ki aadat pad gayi hai & woh uss par pura haq jama chuka hai
The another line which caught my attention was-kitaab jyada nazdik ho aankh ke to akshar thikse dikhai nahi dete.Clap
So true in every sense.may be sometimes we don't pay attention towards the ones who are so much integral part of our lives,it is only when they move slightly away we realise their true worth.
Chalo Kala is already planning to keep nakku away from Dutta & in process of finding a suitable girl,may be this will make Dr.saab realise his true feelings.Wink
I loved the conversation between these two.Every talk between them is bringing them so close to each other.I laughed when he was telling her about his good habits & how Nakku was not believeing into his tricky words.
He made joke about her bak-bak & her dislike about green vegetablesLOL,nakku is also no less called him -perfume ki dukaanLOL.These two are match made in heaven.Day Dreaming
she actually called him ullu ka pattha & he accepted it seeing her anger,haila abhi se he is scared of herLOL
Finally the much awaited decanter story is out,but u blew me over,never i had thought about this outcome.Shocked
I don't have any word for Rakshanda,unfortunately these type of career & success oriented women are there in our society & in every field & in my very short pharma career in UK ,i came across one such lady who not only was married,but had a girl of 6 yrs. age.So i feel Dutta's ex. is much better than the woman who i came across.Ouch
But,still it didn't sit well with me about how Dutta had one night stand with her knowing about her married status.But,then the type of life he lived till date,i am not surprised that he has no moral concerns.
I guess only after coming to small town & meeting a person like Nakku,he is seeing other side of the world which is not so gloomy.May be nakku has started the process of change in his character,otherwise had he been the guy who has no issues with sleeping with married woman,he would have never apologised to Nakku for his stupid behaviour & also never would have fought with those ladies for Nakku's sake.
But,one thing i loved in their convo. is how he is so clear that he is not concerned about past of his life-partner.That shows how mature & understanding he is.But,Nakku is also right,if their is love then there always is jelousy.
I hope what kishore said & what Kala is about to do will help Dutta realise his actual feeling towards Nakku which is no friendship but LOVESmile
Now,i hope the title which u gave to this update will indeed come true in next oneWinkLOL
I don't like when u leave me speculating,i always end up biting my nails.So u see,for betterment of my fingers & nails u update soonLOL

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 6:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by preety_219

Hey shilpi,
Thanks for PM & sorry for commenting so late.
I had some serious virus issues with my lappy yesterdayOuch.
The title is nice - ENVY & POSSESSION
Without further delay i will try to read & comment simultaneously.Smile
jaldi me waiting....i always wait for my comments..and was really angry ke u didn't comment yet...but lappy had virusOuch..owwww..i hate whn that happens to me..hope all is well nowEmbarrassed

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__priyanka__ Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
hey shilpi,
m aa gayi, oh god m itna late kaise ho gayi ,so sorry, u must be thinking naa that pehle plz plz kar ke update likhwaya and now she herself is missing for writing comments.

par kya karu , my exams are started and upar se ab mishal ko ltl m naa dekh paane ka dukh.u know what m puri devdaas ban chuki hu.
oh ho bahut suna liya apna dukhda so now abt ur update...... as usual its awsome, and i just loved the converstion of dutta and nakku. or ye kala kya karne wali h????
wow u explain the whole definition of love in this update. loved it.
and what i say abt dutta... he is really a ghada.
gadha pyar karta h par samjhne ko tyaar nahi... par kahte h naa there is always a proper time for everything. so we will wait.
update next update asap wid a big dhamaaka...

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kiran255 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Miss Shilpita !

 i think my words will always  become short of describing about how well you write !
 You are gifted girl !
  the way u write it always make me wonder 
How , how can some one write so well , how can she not make  a single mistake ,
how can she again make me hook to her FF's how !
Your writing is an addiction to me 
nothing i enjooooy more than reading ur updates !
there are so many times feeling not good and coem and read ur FF's !
they are my mood shifter !

i love ur writing !
i think i am on journey of becoming psychic lover of ur writing :P

Ok dear 
enough talking now start with the update which i though would be soooo different but yet u again proved me wrong and wrote an amazing piece of work only meant to admire !

Ch9: Envy and Possesion.
Love thetitle :P
Envy and pocession is the words i think are those which tell u the intensity of love !
the power of love you once in ur life close ur eyes at all logics but listen what ur heart says !
and u never care whether its right or wrong !
the blindness in love is what i adore !
I cant belive its 9th update !
the bathroom scene is just above all !
you have described it so so so well !
her teras , her cries bathroom a best place to cry !

so she knew it she has fall for the unattainable such a cruel word u use here !
she cant never have him cuz he is so above him !
she has given all heart to him but what he thinks of her as his sister neighbour !
ANd dear how you described everyone thinks she is happy the way she is , but nobody tries to know what she really feels about all this !
when she had no choice left xcept to sacrifice all and give her brother n sister all those happiness which she cant have !
and now suddenly its like this man comes from nowhere and he is like  this  consoling price of all the misery she has suffered but its impossible to have him !

You know u love somebody and hide it , its hard 
but when u know u love someone and cant have him tahts even harder !

OH not again  the girl just have an encounter with herself and again the man 
responsible for tsunami in her heart is there 
apologizing her ,  he is all guilty and have no idea what he has done to her !
Love how he make her smile !
and even Dutta dont know but he wants her to have her part of happiness !
he want her to atleast have what is hers !
ah finally Naku make him realize what her parents can think of this friendship ,
which is kind of more than a frienship !
two differnt ppl , diff backgrounds, diff ages !
but seems like impossible to be part !
Dutta doesnt wnat Naku to do work but only of others 
for him he only want Naku :P


OH God shilpi what a part !
the very important talks between husband and wife !
who are directly linked to them !
Kala knows naku loves him and she dont wnat Naku to get hurt 
or may be she cant digest the fact that its God who make couples not humans !

warna thses 2 cant never be so close !
Love ksihore replies specially the one he says To know whether u are in love 
u know what love is !
and the last part 

"kitaab agar aankhon ke jayada nazdeek ho to akshar padhey nahi jaate."
exactly kabhi manzil ko dhunday kay liye hum bohat safar kartay hai 
but if we just be patient we will know sometimes it with  us !

Love their talks and wooooooooo 
So Dinky shadi is coming up in next or next update i guess !
cant wait for that one !
Naku can make herself understand cuz no one is there with Dutta !
but when someone is introduced  to her fro Dutta 
thats a diff senario !
should i get tissue box shilpi :(


OH so the classic hero heroine meeting at tea 
hahahhahah love dutta that he is smoking fast so he can finish Before Naku comes !

one confession i seriously thought 
that it would be hard 4 naku to get in talks with DUtta !
but u took me by surprise , she is not only with him but she is ripping his past too :P
love their tit 4 tat wali small fight !
nd oh so the real fasad ki jar or the reason for them to be togethr is here !
the Decanter 

OH the story is very intense , Dutta dont leave who betrayed him 
huh and he loves to take his revenge 
and u know he is like this psychic who keeps his winning trophies with himself to makesure 
he remembers what has he acheived ,
warna who brings Decanter on a journey !

i love love love how Nkau was listening to him !
he wants to tell her all , he cant just tell this to her sisters 
but with Naku he want to shre all his ups and downs !
he is not afraid of telling her that he is not a very typical guy !
he is kind of a bad guy !
she is samll town but he knows only she can understand it !

and love their talk abt the ones who come in his life and 
MR Patil actualy u hvaent really got in love cuz as a man u are !
im sure u iwll hate if woman u love will ahve a past or even u got her talking with other man !

and Naku loved her reply !
she indeed is a surprise package 
an amzing personality wraps up in covers of shyness !
hmmm mr ulluram lets see kay how will u see become Naku patni of  a gharelu types !


Do i need to say more !
love ur update !
plzzzz update fast !
Ur rockin i will not say this FF cuz u are a rockstar!
you rock everything u get ur shoes in !

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LTLFan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 10:59pm | IP Logged

can we expect the update today? LTL is not the same anymore nor the Forum. Pls update as soon as possible.

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droopy_asleep Goldie

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Finally read the update...been crazy busy at work!
Nice progress....defn getting really are an engaging writer :)

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:31am | IP Logged
No Updates till my Men in Blues chase out my MR blues...Sorry me big Cric Fan as u can see ;-P

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