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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 10:48am | IP Logged
hi shipita liked it but bohut wait karwa te ho dear ,i must say u are quite knowledgeable are u doc by any chance Smilethe character look as real ,waiting for the next part let dutta complete the whole story abt his senoir doc

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 11:29am | IP Logged
res ...will edit soon Embarrassed
vahgar Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
Hi Shilpi,
Wonderful update...was wondering when u will introduce the religious belief angle... Sorry for not commenting on the other updates, enjoyed reading all of them, looking forward to the next one...
Loved the cushion fight, Dutta had it coming from his Sherni , LOL.
Liked Kamesh Raut, shd I just imagine Damodar patil from LTL 1 for him , that's the image I got :)

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ushankitvc IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 12:20pm | IP Logged
a nice updt... a long waited one... thanx fr PM... updt sooon...
mIsHeZ.x IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
 Beating Heart 

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aamirkhanfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 29 September 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
awesome update...loved it

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-bharti- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Superb!Thumbs Up It was like watching a short documentary of our healthcare system and u dissected it to show the messy picture.  Yeah, agree completely,+ the abysmal state of affairs especially in the  remote rural and tribal areas of India,   In urban areas even thou' there is a mushrooming of hospitals all over, the accessibility is still an issue with respect to the poor.  There r scores of instances where Govt land given on subsidised rates for charitable purposes have been taken over by private and multinational superspeciality hospitals.  And these places, forget the poor, even a middle income group person would be a notch poorer after a visitDisapprove.
You seem to have a great deal of knowledge with regards to all the procedures of various heart related surgeriesBroken Heart.  But the best part is how beatifully u have incorporated this whole aspect in DN's context.  
Poor Dutta caught up in this vicious cycle of Dharamsankat right on his anniversary was the sad part.  Poor fella wanted to make it special as he himself says, its not every day that u have ur 1st anniversary.  Aaw! naku used his first gift of the Thai recipe book to cook for the day was sweetApprove nd naku understanding his situation was even sweeter.  How many of us can be so compassionate if ever God forbid an annivesary is spoilt for reasons beyond our control.  Lucky Dutta!
Kamesh Raut's character was spooky nd funny nd he seems to know pretty much everything about duttaWacko.  When naku leaves the door wide open in fear, i was reminded of my habit of doing the same whenever i have to deal with strangers like a plumber or an electrician, nd God! it is some strange coincidence my hubby too would react the same way as dutta did if he found out i had allowed some stranger in his absenceLOL
This was one interesting anniversay for DN and was strangely appealing to me.
Thank u Shilpita!

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prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 30 September 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged

Rules and Religions.. wow kya solid title hai jee!


I must say this was a very realistic anniversary. It doesn't always happen that everything goes according to plan. And for me what really matters is the thought than the actual gift.. just J thinking of doing something for me or getting something for me is a beautiful feeling.. but not always lol.. it does feel nice to be surprised too, isn't i?! I am sure he will make it up to her later.. but then, should he.. I don't I feel after shaadi, if you are a mature understanding couple as these two seem to be, then such trivial things shouldn't affect them.. it reflects in the way Naku prepares Thai food from the book he gifted her and she is happy he liked it.. for her making that Thai food with all her love is nothing short of a gift to him and him appreciating it would be the gift from that's it.. how much more simple can life get!! Anyway loved how D says har saal pehla anniversary nahi aatha.. smart bloke hehehe..and Naku bhi na.. she should have accepted his offer and kept quiet.. for a smart bloke, that was a lame promise to make, probably because how nave and sweet she is!! Hmm.. though am not convinced Naku's mysterious smile and her answer actually know which one I mean, of course when he says mera koi beta toh nahi…kya chipa rahi ho Naku, errr Rimpi….;-)


Wow.. terrace and night time.. there is always something so omantic and soothing, isnt it?! I prefer home to any over crowded restaurant to celebrate a loved one's birthday etc..sometimes it is nice to go out, but the privacy and quietness and togetherness in those silent moments are truly treasured a lot more..whereas in this case, she can understand his restlessness even more, isnt it?! It is heart breaking when something you have worked towards for the last 2 years doesn't materialise.. when you know that what you were asking for is for the betterment of others, a sefless service..a chance to give back to society as god has been very kind on you.. to help someone who is needy as now you feel you are at the stage where you can..and just 10 beds..when he listed out the things he would need to get that started, I was shocked.. the list was so pitiably small compared to massive profits these hospitals make..You have touched upon a very very imp topic here..In India, medical care is available only if you have money. The care you get is as good as the amount of money you can throw at doctors/ is a shame that in spite of paying taxes and there being govt hospitals, no one would want to step inside one..what irks me is if those influential people can actually do the sifaarish, why cant they foot the bill too so that the funds can be given to someone with no such contacts.. if all those industrialists, politicians, actors etc etc could take care of their people or used resources/contacts amongst their own circle of wealthy people to provide for their contacts, that would ease up the spaces for normal aam junta ..its sad that even when you are ill, your state depends on whom you can call upon to pull strings for you..Education and medicine are the most basic needs in any society and unless that is made available to everyone without any discrimination on status, power, money the society will never improve..but as Naku says he can try again.. he has tried and failed with Polystar.. but that doesn't mean there are more like minded docs who will want to devote their time, isn't it?! if not surgery, he can speak to pharmaceutical companies who mint money to give donations of medicines..speak to businesses who may want to make a difference..but yeah, it is a mountain to climb and with not many tyhere to share the responsibility, it will be a long and arduous climb at that.. but yes, if one hospital has rejected it, that doesn't mean end of the world..just be prepared for a lot more disappointments before the turn tides..


I am not being critical at all about D not taking up a govt job..see, charity begins at home..For a doc who is starting out and a young one at that has many responsibilities and dreams to ulfill.. these dreams and responsibilities maybe for someone else, but those matter too..but I really admire those docs, who after having earned sufficient money, then decide to return back to the society..I know a couple from here.. they went back to india when their kid was about 11-12 as they wanted to help the public there.. and would u believe it, they are in Pune.. the hubby who was in IT, is a horticulturist and the wife a practising doc..but on the other side u see docs who have amassed enough and more wealth but still subscribe patients xtra meds for commissions from the pharma companies, who still charge the same amount irrespective of whether they are old people, whether they are poor etc..i have seen such ones also..but then why do we expect only docs to give something back to society.. all of us who r educated can, cant we?! You could teach IT or Maths or could teach sewing, knitting, cooking..You could teach carpentry and so many other skills.. if u want to make a better India, we all can contribute..D says there are 2 choices, either gaon mein ladho ya enjoy in pvt hospitals.. but what he is trying to reach now is a happy medium.. it is v wrong of him if he doesn't provide for his family and just follows his ideals na.. whereas now he knowshis family is secure, so he can achieve the other dream with no this is what N is trying to say isn't it when she says no decision is right or wrong.. all depends on circumstances.. but then depends on the soul of the person making that decision too..whether that person has the magnanimity to actually practise before he preaches! BTW.. pata nahi when ths guy will believe in kanha hahah


I loved the introduction of Kamesh ..very original and as a reader his face is so clear in my mind.. a very sharp and astute is v clear he knows D pretty well, by how he was able to judge his whereabouts.. also shows that as a person D hasn't changed much in his routine life..aawww..she is so sweet the way she acknowledges herself as the wife!! Well, his amazement is understandable as the D hje knew would never have got married or if at all married, he was expecting it to be to a social butterfly heheh.. I was grinning how she left the door open.. I think all of us women feel the same, sint it?! well, I was no exception's nice how you write in such detail that adds to the charm of Naku and we relate to her more..ok, it seems like even Mary knows Kamesh and isn't pleased with his visit..he comes across a strong character..and has just bulldozed his way in.. well, N is pretty strong, so unless she felt that lil bit safe and sure about his guy, she would have shown him the door..

Wow.. he does give it to her full on.. probably cos he is agitated Kamesh has surfaced again… but a few questions floating in my mind… looks like D was a part of whatever Kamesh was involved in whether knowingly or unknowingly as now he says he doesn't want to risk his seems like there was one case whether D and his tutor disagreed completely.. very intriguing..suspense accha create kiya tumne.. but K mentioning about how D lost to the hospital board was a blow below the belt! He is right in saying docs religion is to save patients.. I think D knows where to draw the line.. here I feel you are trying to show how 2 very talented docs can differ on a very serious topic.. how they viewpoints may seem correct or incorrect based on how u look at it.. as N said, there is nothing like white or black, but in between.. but if he knows D is trying to get a special ward for charitable cases, why does he think that D wants to keep his services only for the rich?! Anyway, in a year's time, lots has changed and so he doesn't realise to what extent D also wants to do things but staying with the realms of the, Usha.. I had never thought of that as a name for N!! and he does leave us after having made such a strong impact..but I sit on the fence regarding passing judgement as I am unsure how this guy will turn out.. though I feel more like Naku when she let him in!!


OMG.. the fight between them was sooon cute..immensely enjoyable.. brought back the old Naku who fought him in rajnandgaon.. she wanted him to come and stand in the line of her attack..of course, now he has to replace the figurine lol.. Kitna research kiya tune Rimpi.. aise likthe likhte hi u will become half doctor! Very intriguing and spine tingling stuff.. esp the way the heart is is revived later on and the way a baby's life is in danger for 60 secs is too stressful to even read, let alone perform as a doc! And what an analogy.. Sachin ka shot and fielder hai Pakistani..but then in order to perform suh arduous tasks, you need to look at it a bit lightly, otherwise the enormity of the situation can squash you, isn't it!


Another intriguing finish.. BTW, I love kaala khatta gola. Did not know they had this name of chuski too!! lol..BTW, in my house also it is the same.. J ka toh all time haq hai ki he can take a bite or even swallow whatever was on my plate..he tries it on Sanju too and she doesn't let him lol..ok, so he has been discredited now.. but as N said, a good doc will always be a good doc na.. whether license ho ya na ho, whether he is practising or not, he will alwys be a doc I guess.. I am sure D also feels the same, but within the lawful world, he isn't! K is turning out o be one intriguing, eccentric character who will stop at nothing to do what he believes in.. malpractise.. but I don't think he is a character that would be bothered by this term! Looking fwd to next instalment.. I know u will be happily busy!! So enjoy and the updates can wait!!

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