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FF:Imperfect Perfections Ch32-Pg142(14.4)Last UD (Page 120)

prettywoman Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged

This chapter brought back those nostalgic feelings of village life. Somehow after coming to Mumbai and now the trip to Hyngary, this was a refreshing change to read about Sonu and Kala tai and how their attitudes and lives are so diff from those in Mumbai. Liked the contrast!


Uff hoo.. yeh Dutta bhi kitna garam hota hai ;-P I was laughing reading how he was saying kisi ko uski value nahi.. how petulant he sounded..most hubbies say this lol.. ki maine kaha than a, but tu maanthi kahaan ho ROFL..awww.. such a short romantic scene.. he was just going to say something and Kala Tai  called her.. wow, I never expected to see her.. but it was heart warming to see how she and Naku greeted each other..they both were bereft of each other's presence for so long more thing I liked was how Kala tai immediately looks at Tillu when she sees Naku's chehra is a bit uthara hua.. lol.. bas iski kami thi D ko..bechare ki baath bhi nahi maan na aur phir, kala tai without even blinking, looks at him!! She is so excited to see her sister na..At the very outset, we can see Sonu is really upset about the manner in which she had behaved and is in tears ki usne who kiya..Obviously she did not imagine the hurt she would cause all these people with her one reckless act..


To be honest, my heart plummeted too hearing she had run was so unlike Sonu and as D thought I also assumed for a fleeting moment koi ladke ka chakkar hoga. But then knew it cant be that..she is a grounded kid who has grown up seeing her sister's sacrifices and how amidst all their problems, Naku has looked after was amazing reading how intricately you have writtena bout Sonu getting on that train and about Kishore knowing the station master and how he was contacted.. chotte shaher main everyone knows everyone and keeps an eye out which is so useful as proven here.. of course there are the nosy ones too, but in trying times like this, it is a blessing the station master recognised her and called her jiju.. I shudder to think what might have happened if she had travelled alone.. for all her bravery, she is still a kid and very inexperienced with the ways of the world.. she has always know the love and protectiveness of everyone around her and for her everyone is good! Just a question though..flight hoti hai kya from anywhere near Rajnandgaon to Mumbai.. reason I ask is D took the train always, hence wondering if flight option is available..


All of them are females except D and very emotional. He was using a rational mind and it was very appropriate that only Leela was able to understand D's words and thoughts..Kala and Naku feel ashamed as they are blaming their inefficiencies in bringing up the kid and cannot see beyond their own hurt and shame that how could Sonu do this..i loved the way Kala became a tigress protecting her cub when D even dares to mention a boy being the cause! All her maternal instincts come forth there na..But D is tired after the journey and the taxi ride and being the efficient, practical guy that he is, cannot fathom why they are talking gol-gol hahaha


I think the way Kala speaks about the whole incident has been extremely well written.. she talks exactly like how one would expect her to..all her lines and the way in which she says them, esp how her hubby had even got PG sorted out for her made me smile.. true to character, she will not go and say exactly kya hua tha.. but will talk of all incidents leading upto the event na.. so unlike D or even Leela also is such a typical case in India that padhai mathlab Maths, Science hi honi chahiye.. yeah, times are changing, but at a snail's pace..trouble is u cant blame the elders too as they know if you need to feed yourself, you need a good job with a long shelf life and that comes thru the same subjects..baaki sab is only for time pass.. Kala though blames Sonu, is actually trying to shift the blame on the teacher for misleading her! She is ready to clutch at anything to point out ki Sonu would never have done that but this teacher got her thinking in a wrong way..


Well, everyone was emotional and it was right of D to try and lighten the atmosphere though it did not go down well.. there was no point in flogging a dead horse, but need to try and find why she did was touching to see how D saw himself in her resolute stance.. it is amazing how much D has grown as a person in these last efw months..someone who never would have given a damn about something like this before, has started caring.. Naku was the catalyst but he is a genuinely nice guy to feel that was a very mature way in which D dealt with the situation. He could hv spoken to nake staright away but that would have caused her more hurt or make him preachy.. so instead he addresses all of them together..he speaks up for Sonu.. But OMG Leela tai totally floored me with her parenting remarks to D!!! hahahaha..amazing lady..and how quickly and effectively and simply, she was able to convey to D how much Sonu means to them and as a daughter to them, their feelings were justified.. truly superb.. I loved it!


OMG Naku feels guilty now.. for having encouraged her to pursue dancing.. she feels that she should have stopped her when she was young itself.. but D's words really made me stop..that whatevere happiness she had got while dancing would have gone forever.. it is sad that now a days in search of brighter more secure futures, no one dare think about how much do you enjoy your work/profession.. it is all about stability and security.. and it is not wrong either..but very few lucky people are able to follow their true calling in life.. a few succeed and many wither away before reaching their destination.. and their journey would also not be great if they don't come from well-to-do families na? here most people will say D was right and N wrong maybe.. but for me both are right and wrong.. D is the voice of the new gen of India whereas N is the voice of age old habits and experience..i agree to what she says that in life sometimes you do have to make sacrifices.. yes, its truw you cannot always have what ever you do have to look around and see if the end result is worth whatever hassle the rest of the family has to is easy and selfish for people to say that they want to pursue a dream without thinking for a minute what the repercussions are..I am not saying Sonu is wrong n pursuing her dreams.. let her do that, but she is old enough now to realise the importance of N and her sacrifices.. oohhh, D .. I don't know what to say.. he says tere parivaar ne toh nahi kaha kit u sapne dekhna chodd de.. how easy it was for him to say that.. for a moment if he put himself in that lil Naku's shoes would he even have the himmath to say that?! It is v easy to say such things when u have had a easy life.. but for Naku, she had to forgo her dreams or her family.. she could have been selfish and chosen to do things for her.. she is selfless and chose instead to look after her sisters..unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, many a times I have heard this line used ki when did we say ki u don't do that or thise..and I think this stems from the guilt factor too of not understanding the importance of the sacrifices made by that person or having made the blunder of asking such a inane question to her..the question is right on its own, but when u take in everything that has happened, then I am not sure…

It was truly miserable reading the inner turmoils of lil Naku.. who remembers every single detail about the costs of things and her self deprecating remark ki after all I am my babuji's daughter who knew only accounts.. moved me to tears it did..she knew how much her dad suffered for not having been able to provide them more.. she saw the shame in his eyes which he probably tried to hide.. she grew up well before her childhood..


Take a bow Rimpi.. as much as I can stand by Naku in above para, I just applaud how well D explained N giving up her dreams to see her dreams being lived by her siblings.. the way he explains Sonu may also have to wait for another generation to see her dreams fulfilled explained well to N, that all the pain she underwent to bring them up by squashing her dreams will repeat itself if Sonu was not able to choose her profession..but I hate the way N is going self defensive and pessimistic saying she should not have married.. I am amazed by D's restraint in the comments he gives her back.. it must have hurt him a lot, but he understood her hurt more so that he was able to handle it na..


I LOVED the convo between touching and real..i am not going to elaborate too much here warna my comments will turn into as essay lol!! But what Sonu needed right now was someone like D..mature but friendly and someone willing to listen and understand her too.. she is ashamed, but wants to tell why she did what she did..she has done her research well and understood what she wants to do.. she took this step because now she knows what options are avail.. warna all she also knew was that there was only BA, BSc, BCom etc to do.. but now when she knows this is what she wants in life and it is a very respectable institution and a proper degree, she was only wanting to talk to her sister and try and convince her as no one else back home was willing to listen..i liked how you also used the reality show wala comments and cinema extra dances etc as this is someone's irst impression when one talks of being a dancer..even till date, I think in so many families, learning music/singing is acceptable, whereas dance is looked down upon. I am a trained dancer of a couple of decades and miss it terribly now.. but then I was not committed enuf like Sonu or did not want it as badly as Sonu did..My priorities were diff…Loved the warm hug and comfort Sonu got from D.. perfect! BTW, tune bhi kaafi reserahc ki hi Rimpi to write this episode!!


OMG she listened to their conversation chupke se.. from when?! Did she only hear D consoling her and asking her to follow her dreams.. hope not..otherwise she will think he is not understanding their problems..Good grief, this bandha still smokes kya?! Dutta tu  toh gaya re hahahahaha.. it would be very interesting to see how D handles this now.. he has his hands full with a very upset and feeling inferior biwi and a saali who is beginning to believe she may have a career she would love!! Military training leni hi chaiye thi usse.. hehehe

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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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@ vandu: There is a flight from raipur to mumbai...well, Rajnandgaon is not really a village Vandu..From my very childhood memories as far as i remember it was a pretty decent township. with about 1-2 lakh populace now..then it was some 40-50 thousand...I am talking of the place some 18 yrs back..Raipur is the closest biggest city from there..and raipur is about 2 hrs by road and same by train almost but in direction of Kolkata..Now Raipur is capital of chattisgarh and as such has a domestic airport but the flights are very few in between and high priced...Dutta would not have minded the price i guess but both the times that he traveled he felt at ease with common man's mode of traveling i.e Train. and anyways The train suited my purpose better so i used it.Wink

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suhana19 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 10:45am | IP Logged
Hey dear ShilpiHug
Thanx alot for the wonderful update and PMHugLoved it as always ...just fab yaara ...Both dutta and naku concerned about sonu in its own way Embarrassed...But loved Dutta and sonu convo ...and Omg the last was bang on heheheLOL...u take care and see ya around ...pls jaldi update karna ...
Love and hugs

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Nakusha IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
hi shilipi ,was waiting for the update & i must say liked it alot ,plz next update ke liye etna wait mat karwana Smile

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ishapari Groupbie

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Posted: 11 July 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged
Thank you for a wonderful update...
u write so so well that i some times go back and read it two or three times more

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_Eternity_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 July 2011 at 4:41am | IP Logged
hey shilpitaHug
awesome update dear like always
so dutta is furious at driver because nakku is not well
sonu ran away from home to talk to nakku but wrong train
dutta kmows how to talk to teens and talk with sonu calmly so that he can understand situation properly
dutta's view about his daughter and last part wowWink
thanks dear for update and pm
love it

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 1:47am | IP Logged

Hey Shilpi Hug...thank you so much for this wonderful update...and what a surprise package it wasShocked
Tasha are back from thier mini was a wonderful journey thoughSmile i love this fuming dutta a lot...he he...actually im very fond of this tantrum throwing sideof dutta a lotEmbarrassed

Watching kala in mumbai was such a pleasent surprise...loved the way naku and kala greeted each other..
just like a mother meeting her daughther after a long time ...

but what did sonu do *Ooucchhh*
Seriously just like dutta even i thought so that she must have done it for some guy...but i just loved the confidence which kala have on her...She was raised in her hands...just like the mother instincts who knows when and where her child is guity and where not..
reminds me of your prologue from the previous chapter :-)

Thank you so much for highlighting this career issue...this is something which is very common and is being faced by almost every student...except few lucky ones who are given a free hand to choose their career themselves...It makes me wonder why always science ...why not anything different or innovative...its strongly believed that bright futures are only possible to attain only if u restrict to medicine orengineering or something of that sort...i remember one of my cousin wanted to join a fashion school...and her parents were like..are you crazy this a career seriously??
Poor girl was hell difficult for her to convince them that there are scopes in this field too..but thank God she finally succeeded:-)
Even i never wanted to study science..i always wanted to study accounts/auditing...but was forced by my family to do so iN my SSc ...but luckily later my mom allowed me to choose a field of my interest :-)

This part reminds me of the movie "3 idiots"...i just loved the dialogue where Aamir khan said " k tu woh kar jiskay karnay main tujhy khushi milti hai...sooch agar sachin
ko uskay ghar walay bolaty k ghana gaa...aur lata ji ko boltay k cricket khelo
."..ermm i guess the dialogue was something like that if not exactlySmile

both of them have excelled in their respective fields only because this is what they always wanted to do...and are enjoying doing it..
it is said choose a field of your choice and you will never have to work for it for one day...

same is the case with poor sonu...Glad that dutta took her side and so did leela...apart from that kala nad naku's response was very much in character...
i can understand how its taken in a small town ...taking a part in a dance competition or making a career in dancing...or maybe kal aand naku have a lot of expectations from her...i dont deny the fact that parents do have a right on our lives...
but I do wish all the parents do give their children a chance to choose a career for themselves :-)
maybe i hope the next generation will not face this issue...

I love leela's remark about dutta's parenthood...and even more dutta's reply to that...hehehe...
he actually wants her daughter to attend a girls it how indirectly and in a light hearted way leela pointed him out...Smart lady!!

Another thing which i disliked is naku's relatives questioning kala's matter how much a guardian loves the child...their slight carelessness
always brings them in question...although it was not their fault completely..or may be im very very fond of kala's character...just could not see her like that :-(

I just loved the convo between dutta and naku in their it again and again..
reading about naku's life was heart wrenching yet at the same time gives this satisfaction what a gift she has got in the form of her life partner as a reward of all those miseries and sacrifices
though the lines which i loved the most were dutta saying "k kyn khawab dhekne chody...kis nay kaha tha khawab mat dekho" thsi is what i always wanted to hear
...though i appreciate her efforts a lot...but still !!
that was the phase where i guess kala should have stepped let naku fulfill her dreams too...though i wonder y didnt she do so :-(

im glad that sonu didnt came to mumbai to struggle to become an actor...or take part in some dance fact i was pleasently surprised to read how well prepared she was to convince others regarding her point of view...and it was so true that even she had got the spark of her didiSmile
but this makes me shiver what would have happened if she faced any bad incident...she was so innocent that not even for a  second she thought about it...and was coming to mumbai just to convince her didi..

He felt pity for the man who would one day be in love with her. This pair of sisters was slow death for any sane man...hehehe...this is purely dutta's personal sympathies are with him :D

the last part was just too good...i loved the nokh jhonk of this couple
and naku heard whatever dutta and sonu said...she has got such a bad habbit...and shes done it a lot of times
and hawww dutta still smoking ...ab usay naku say koi nhi bacha sakta :D
 Are you sure tujhe military training nahi leni thi." ...this was the best line...very apt for naku LOL

Sorry shilpi my comment is way too longer than usual...i hope i havent bored youEmbarrassed
actually this update brought out a lot of my personal experiences for selection of a career...glad you pointed it out ...
Please update the next part soon...and thanks a lot for the pm...Smile
Lots of love Hug


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Wanderbug IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 2:23am | IP Logged
@ warda: Thanks for long comment..i thought ki ye part loggon ko accha nahi lagega..they will want more romance...but i can't strech romance till a point! and i felt it was apt that their first major disagreement as couple should be due to ppl they both love so much...coz only then they will realize ki even though their thoughts are differnt they want the same thing!

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