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FF:Imperfect Perfections Ch32-Pg142(14.4)Last UD (Page 119)

.scorpio10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 4:18am | IP Logged

Do not u think the part was not good ...

becoz every relationship has and needs ups & downs ...or it will turn boring if everything is always   happy go lucky ...
 we will not know what it is to actually happy if we are not sad . 

Lovers fight r imp becoz it gives a chance to explore more into themselves and their relationship ...they will learn appreciate what they have 

Btw no one like a pushover or nandi bull ...always nodding his/her to what u say ...

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Pooja_219 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
This is by far the best part of this FFClap.It just brought back some old memories from my past when i was facing the same sitaution,i guess majority of students in India go thru such phase in their lives.
Mumbai heat has already affected Dutta tabhi toh aate hi itna gussa ho raha hai.He is really impatient naa,but then i am also like that.when i used to stay in india ,i hated waited for bus ,rather i prefered walking if it was managable.But,more than waiting he was actually upset becaz of Nakku's bad health & Nakku's non-attention was certainly aggrevating this situation.LOL
Nakku & Kalatai meeting was such a heart-warming sight,just like maa-beti.Besides Kalatai was seeing her 1st time after marriage,so naturally both of them were overwhelmed.Its one thing to talk on phones ,but meeting each other face to face brings out the real emotions which cann't be conveyed on phones.Though,as soon as i read the next few lines,i wished kaash ye meet kisi different situation me hota,jahan Kalatai thik se Nakku ki happy married life dekh paati.But,good she is staying for few days,so she will get to see her happiness.But,loved her look at Dutta as if he had something to do with Nakku's sulking face.U know,i sometimes really forget that Dutta is her brother,for her he is more like beti ka patiLOL
Now running away from home is very bad idea sonu.Ouchwhat if something bad happened,will her family ever get to know.But,then today's teens lack this one quality -TOLARANCE.Bas,jara kuch kisine jor se bol diya toh bura maan lete hai.Kalatai's outburst was completely right from her motherly POV & like any other mom,except her child,everyone else is to be blamed.Same way she to blamed Sonu's teacher.
But,then nobody gave the chance to sonu,so that she can say her side story.I cann't imagine what she must have felt when she was all alone on Raipur station,probably awaiting her family,knowing full well,that they will scold her & nobody is going to defend her.Nakku was in complete shock & pain.She had never expected something like this from Sonu.I felt so bad for her,just now she returned from her honeymoon,spending some happy moments with love of her life & this is what she had to face.But,then such is life naa.
Thank god Leelatai & Dutta were rational about the whole thing.I mean someone had to have calm head while trying to sort the issue.Dutta's initial reaction was justified seeing Sonu's age & besides she is outspoken & smart girl.But,then the way she is been brought up,its difficult to imagine that she will do this for some boy.I loved Leelatai one more time,what a way to show Dutta that when u are in their shoes then only u know where exactly it hurts.But,for a moment Dutta's outburst about his daughter not going to co-ed & no boyfriends brought smile & relief on my face.
Dutta has changed so much in past few months,now we all know that the reason is Nakku.But,for the change to happen ,he too was willing naa.His good qualities were sort of taking sleep,which were awakened by Nakku.I agree with Dutta,if the spring is stretched so much then the rebound effect is always out of control.He quickly saw thru Sonu's inner rebel which could come out any moment.I felt slightly disappointed by Nakku.I mean she is the one who always handle every situation calmly & here without giving chance to Sonu,she to started making her feel guilty.But,then again i could she her sisterly concern for her well-being.
The convo. between Nakku & Dutta brought out some of the things which other wise were hidden.Dutta till date never knew she wanted to study history .He knew she left studies becaz of her 2 siblings,but to waht extent she had let go things in her life,he had no idea.I was in tears thruout reading this.Between the form & her brother's color box,she chosed later & for how much rupees just 20Cry.Her comments about all the rates of rashan just made me wonder what tough life it is for the people who have to decide between food & study.OuchPet ki bhookh hamesha gyan ki bhookh se badkar hoti haiCry
I was very angry with Dutta's harsh comments about nobody had asked her for sacrifice.It was so easy for him naa,he always got everything he wanted.waise bhi sacrifice & being eldest sibilng goes hand in hand.It is always directly or indirectly pointed to the elder one that he/she has to understand,do the samjhota.If by chance no one points,then it is their own conscience which make them sacrifice & for that they don't expect any returns.Becaz it is their choice.May be sometime later on in their life they regret ,but that doesn't mean they want any returns.Haan ,par ye bhi sahi hai ki kabhi kabhi jab bade kuch sacrifice karte hai toh ,they wish that their younger one appreciate their gesture verbally or may be thru their behaviour.This expection don't make the elder sibling selfish.This is strictly my POV,becaz i am elder one in my family LOL
But,to certain extent Dutta is right,Nakku cann't dream on behalf of Sonu.She can dream for her happiness ,but the route or the path to that happiness is Sonu's choice,Nakku can be her guide if she wish,but not the decision maker.Dutta had echoed today's generations thoughts so well thru hsi words.Hats off Shilpi,i wonder how much research u had done to right such meaningful words.Clap
Despite Sonu's naivity,i was impressed by her clear mind & much clear thoughts.She is so focused & sure about her dance ability .The way she said about science being the only thing in parents mind,is right till date,becaz it still helps u earn stable job & good future.I liked the way Dutta was talking with her considering her as an adult.For the 1st time ,she felt she too has voice of her own,her opinion do matter.I am not saying Nakku or Kala don't listen to her,but then the way Dutta gave her freedom was different.I could understand her desire & her surity to pursue dance in her words.I also liked the fact that Dutta told her that he will help her ,but for that 1st she had to complete her 12th.Education is also necessary naa.Besides afer 12th only u can choose the faculity u want to pursue.
Nakku heard their talk,i hope she heard complete convo.warna aur ek problem ho jayegi.Confused
Dutta still smokes,tilluji how much ever u change deo or anything,she is ur aardhangini,u cann't hide from her.Ab toh aap gaye kaam se.LOL at his comment about military trainingLOL
Once again,hats off to uClap,how do u manage to write so beautifully.Indeed u have blessing from Maa Saraswati,god bless u & may ur writing talent reaches many more readers*crossing my fingers*
Edited : Vandu & Warda,it was pleasure to read ur commentsThumbs Up.As usual there was so much maturity in ur thoughts,i wish i too can write like u both.

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prncz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 July 2011 at 7:31pm | IP Logged

Hi Shilpita .as always loved your update and as always u  do get a point of thought and different POV's  and so well the points are presented

loved dear  Dr Dutta's anger of course apart form the heat he was upset becoz of nakku's health
2ndly I loved how rationally he looked at at the situation and kept his calm ,
I liked his POV but i knw wht Nakku was talkig abt ,,there are times whn u have no choices ,,
but then there is no age to fulfil ur dreams Winkso may be  the time was not rite but time will cme again and one can grab the oppurtunity  to  fulfil ones dreams
i dnt blame nakku for wht happened in the past and i kwn dutta will understand this and help her fulfil her and sonu's dreams
thats why i love this Dr Dutta u seeWink
and I loved , the way  Kala tai loves NAkku's  family , also Leela tai's rational approach bth sis are diff but are wise and lovable
ofcourse N-D ki nokh jhonk ka kya khena,  they are cute and Dutta sniffing his hands ,, was endearing waiting for next as alwasy we want it soonest but i knw u have ur commitment  too all i can say pl try Wink

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shilpita87

@ warda: Thanks for long comment..i thought ki ye part loggon ko accha nahi lagega..they will want more romance...but i can't strech romance till a point! and i felt it was apt that their first major disagreement as couple should be due to ppl they both love so much...coz only then they will realize ki even though their thoughts are differnt they want the same thing!
I loved it to the sure everyone did Smile ...and i love it how in almost every update you bring out such issues which are part of  our everyday lives or are being faced at any point of life...
and as far as romance is concerned even their you are going very realistically...this is what actually real life is...with a lot of ups and downs...people full of  imperfections ...yet you cant resist to love your loved ones despite of their flaws...Embarrassed
moreover the concern they (tasha) are showing regarding each other and their level of understanding is in itself very romanticEmbarrassed ...

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Warda. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 July 2011 at 9:34am | IP Logged
@ Pooja: Thanks a lot ...its so sweet of you Hug
In fact i would say after reading yours and vandu's comments i wish even i get that perception the way you guys understand and analyse everthing... brilliant...Thumbs Up

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Hamlet53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 5:44am | IP Logged
listen thanks for the pm..and apologies for the delay! bogged down by my FF update
the intro; the tiredness  due to travel,the crankiness caused by traffic;the moan about the in flight  meal, the erupting hot exchange of words...little bits butvery true and therefore make us laugh at our selves as to how we would, or do behave under similiar circumstances  in our daily rut  of life!
the trauma ,shame ,degradationwhich is spelt out for the family of a girl who bhaags
from her parents home... here leaving home at 14.15,16,is the general norm[not amongst Asians ,i hasten to add] fact here it's seen as the young adult enroute to fending for themselves ,i.e taking fact generally parents see that as
one less to cater to...however below 13 year olds, parents are held liable!
oops! Sonu caught in the ticket evasion!this is getting better by the second;personally I would saythe girl has clout! can travel on her own,little way ward though!
and haan the double standardslog kya kehan ga bit, and than family doing a runner to let the dust settle typical middle class morality!but Dutta with his one liner Indian Tragedy!  so phunny! but have to say he is clued on  why does it have to be a
man to be the wise one and us the dimwits...
excellent section the challenges of balancing enrichment activities;  studies ; future career prospects;and parental aspirations; also fulfilling loved ones unrealized dreams! so much a young adult has to deal with not to mention hormone changes!
well put Shil!.. but where is the onus on ask the young adult what thy want...oh no!
perhaps she is too immature to make serious decisions?
 typical reaction chastise the young adult to arouse remorse and repentance in them
and adults justify the where did I go wrong  my upbringing"! universal feelings Shil...Big smile
Dutta bless him !has the realistic approach ..again I feel is it because he's a man [we all know his sort and what he's weally like!] have to say use ful to have some one in life
who can be objective... so other's can calm down in volatile situations!..and see reason...
indepth and moving section... throwing light on dreams ,ambitions..and should I add
adaptabilty of dreams to circumstances,giving it a sacrificial dreams! Dutta's stance ,his logic as superb..this was the high light of the update,as points the sub title!
loved the checking out the saali bit he is such a sweetie awwh!
debate between Sonu and Dutta what a fine way to deal with conflict resolution!
and the words of gyaan Shil  style people have to have a chance to realize their  dreams as opposed to materializing other's!
the end hilarious "pardhey-likhey gawar jo hai aap" heee he  so sweet the pair of them...  thanks for another thought provoking update! Hammie in awe guru jee!

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meriyaar Goldie

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Posted: 16 July 2011 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
loved loved loved it!
shilpi that was such an awesome chapter! i'm just falling more and more in love with dutta, he is so sweet and understanding. naku can be a tad bit annoying but then again i can understand where she's coming from but she tends to start their little arguments.  anyhow they're still amazing and they complete each other, hope naku soon understands what her hubby is tryna say. im sorta picking sides here but i just can't help it. sonu has some big dreams and i hope she gets to fulfil them but she really shouldn't have run away she could have always phoned naku. but she's still young and is bound to make mistakes. 
thanks shilpi for giving such real stories i love the storylines that fit in so well and are so realistic.

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Nimmi. Senior Member

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Posted: 20 July 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged

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