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Ch4: Exhausted

"Yeh kyun leke jaa raha hai? Kya ye chottiyon mein jaroori hai?" Leelawati picked out the 5packs of Marlboro that were pushed inside the back-pack that was his sole luggage apart from his medical bag and Laptop. Dutta kept browsing the medical magazine that he had picked up from the pharmacy representative today at the hospital. He was considering a few medicines of this company. They were trying out a new percentage mix of the same old combination. Interesting! "Dutta! Ikadey lakshya deya!(Pay attention here)" leelatai rebuked him like a kid to get his attention.


Dutta looked up with an irritated frown-Kai Tai, aata kaa(what Tai, what happened?)…His voice trailed off as he saw what Tai was waving at him. "Tai, tum mere cheezo ko kyu haath laga rahi ho? I told you I am packed."

Leelawati-I can see how you packed? There's hardly more than two sets of proper formals or even a towel or sock..Dutta this is not one of your rowdy hiking trips. And what is this doing with luggage? You are on leave. Yeh kyun liye jaa raha hai? She pointed at his medical bag.

Dutta growled- Tai, don't pester me. I am going on leave…formals ka achaar daalunga? Aur yes, this is enough; if I need more I'll buy it there. Teek hai? He took the packs of cigarettes and pushed them willy-nilly in the backpack, "And I can take a leave but the doc inside me can't… I have used my suffix Dr on the ticket and by rule I need to carry this as precaution for emergency services….Obligation of duty, OK?"


Leelawati mumbled- Jo mann aye kar..bahut bada ho gaya hai..pahele apna school bag bhi pack karwane mere piche-piche bhaagta tha..ab meri jarurat nahi hai. Acha hai shaadi kar lega to tai to puri redundant ho jayegi..mere samne khada hoke smoke karta hai..main kuch bolti hoon to ghurata hai…ab kuch nahi bolungi..chali jaungi mere chotey se Thane ke ghar mein.. Leelawati started walking slowly to the door all the time sniffing loudly…loudly enough for Dutta to know what was up.

"Enough of Emotional Attayachar! Ok…you pack what you want to pack in one, mind you one suitcase…no more but my train is in three hours and station is far and this is Mumbai,Ok?" Dutta glared at her before turning back to his magazine.


Leelatai bit back a smile," wo maine packing pichle haftey hi kar lee thi. Ab tu itna busy rahta hai…hai na?"

Dutta narrowed his eyes at her feeling like a fool. All his sisters can be very wily and scheming when it suited them. He had huge misgivings about letting these women make the most vital decision of his life. If they get a clone of them, he'll be royally screwed and it would all be his fault. Ah..well, jab baaja baajega tab khaaja batega!


 He looked at his ticket to confirm the seat number." AC 2nd class A1 31L. Good enough!" He thought. And immediately revised his conclusion when his eyes turned on his companions. The girl on the upper berth diagonally opposite to him was already eyeing him like appetizing hor d' oeuvres. He looked at the berth below her to save his honor but it was occupied by a very frail looking man who was comfortably settled. It felt like a sin to even ask him to move to this seat. Damnation! Why did he pick out that hellish town of all places for his first vacation in three years? He pushed his suitcase under the seat with his feet and gave his most scary smolder at the girl. She seemed to get even more peaked up by that. Amazing, absolutely beautiful!

"Beta, yeh tumhara berth hai." Dutta looked up to see the woman in her sixtys look at him with soulful eyes. "Jee!" he replied. "Mujhe gout hai upper berth mein chardh nahi paungi…tum mera berth le logey..please."

Dutta could feel the girl's interest raising another notch. He suppressed a sigh, "Sure!" and looked out the window. The train would leave the Terminus in few minutes. Five hours delay, he'll reach tomorrow by night surely. Twenty-six hours. Oh well! He can see the landscape pass-by for sometime. Entertaining enough, quaint though!

"Waise abhi chale Jaate to thoda lait leti…thoda kamar ko aaram ho jaata!" Dutta closed his eyes and nodded.


Two hours later, Dutta was having a raging headache coming on. He had sidestepped the girl's every attempt at conversation to the point of rudeness. He was good at being charming and rude at his convenience. So it was easy to be a beast. But his other companions definitely had a very low opinion of him now. A man who literally screamed at a friendly young girl, manner less! He lay on his back with his hands under his head. He tried to think why she irritated him so much. She was attractive enough, interested enough and available enough. The murmur of that nurse's voice before the operation two weeks back sounded in his ears."I want to scrub more than your hands Dr.Patil…..Would you like that Doc?" He opened his eyes with a snap. The voice was husky, seductive, inviting and warm, with promise of hot sated night spent languishing under covers but it left him cold. Why? He asked himself again. Why? Why was it happening to him? This kind of invitations always used to excite him. The recklessness, the speed, the thump of blood always used to egg him on. He thought back to his college days.

He had gone to Goa trip with his friends and had met a group of girls from Mumbai College. Dutta had liked a girl in that group Most of the train journey was spent making out with her in the dirty washroom of the train. They had gone out couple of times and then the relationship had phased out. He couldn't even remember her face now. Not only her, he couldn't remember faces of most of the girls he had met in last few years. He lived on excitement and thrill. A few days ago, he would have said that his life was perfect. He had achieved what he wanted to. Becoming a doctor had always been his one dream. With time it had become an obsession. He pushed himself to excel in his endeavors always. Success gave him a rush like nothing did. He loved being high on it. He had never spared a thought about marriage, about family, about settling down. His sisters were always after him to get married but he had successfully dodged the issue. Till now! That one incident at the operation table had freaked him out too much and he had given in, just like that. The next day the enormity of the situation had scared the daylights out of him. He had wanted to trace back his steps but then he had heard the happiness in his sisters' voices during their phone conversations. There was a strange quality in it, a peacefulness that had given him pause. It had stopped him from saying anything.


He remembered his conversation with his friend and senior Dr. Pulok Ghosh. "I think that you are too stressed out,Patil. Yeah, I know that you love your job and that every surgery gives immense satisfaction. I admire your skill with the knife. I mean, what you something mnay people don't have in years. To be a surgeon requires a lot, skill, knowledge, dedication. And you have it all. At your age people are still assist under seniors but you are already heading your group. I always admired your focus and single mindedness. But I think there is something called too much of something. In your case, it's too much of everything. Your job, your drinking, your fagging, your parties and of course your companions to these parties. You need to take a break. Fatigue is the cause of that tremor. You are a doctor, I don't need to tell you where your lifestyle is heading. Just go away somewhere for a few days.try living without excitement for a few days…live a boring life for once…you'll appreciate this excitement again."


Dutta had thought of ignoring him, about cancelling at the last moment all the while he had booked his ticket. He had even thought of getting out of this marriage thing. He would say 'no' to every one of the girls. But he was here, travelling to that town where he had had most miserable 4months last time. He had hated the idiotic boys kalatai had wanted him to make friends with, he had hated the fact that some neighbor's kid had ruined his collection of comics and there was some other incidents that he couldn't recall about some other kid of that neighbor. He felt restless thinking about being there for next two months, 1440 hours. Man! That was hell of a long time. He got up in a sudden movement and banged his head to the roof. Holding the hurt spot, he swore loudly while he got down and went to the washroom to have a pull. He looked at the mirror in the washroom. He came out and saw the ticket checker.


"Ticket downgrade ho sakta hai? sleeper class?"Dutta asked. The man threw an incredulous glance at him.


Fifteen minutes later Dutta was laying on the lower berth of dirty Sleeper class compartment without a blanket to protect himself from the chilling bite of wind hitting him from the window. On the floor people without confirmed tickets were sleeping on laid out newspapers. He looked at the dark sky visible from the open window of the train. The trees flew past him in dark shadows and a few stars were visible. He remembered all those times they used to go out for trip, all of them. His parents, sisters and him. He had hated travelling in AC and dad used to get Sleeper tickets. At each station he would want to buy something, books, toys, eatables, ice-creams. He used to watch with rapt attention the antics of the street gymnasts, who used to perform on speeding trains. Dad would play cards with other men and mom would gossip with companion ladies as his sisters played various board games. Not a dull moment! Last thought as he drifted off to sleep was that even the thought of so much activity was exhausting.


The next morning, he woke up due to absence of motion. The train had stopped at some station. The buzz around him was rife. The man in the middle berth asked if he was done sleeping. Dutta bought a cup of tea from the platform vendor and sipped it. It was disgusting, he grimaced and dropped it on tracks. Suddenly, a small trolley of toys passing by caught his attention. He bought a pack of cards and shifted through them a smile tugging at his lips. He looked at the people around him. They were all busy amongst themselves, talking on cell phones or listening to iPods. Some were sitting with their laptops. Dutta spread out the cards to play a game of solitaire. "Bluff aata hai?" the man beside him asked. Dutta looked at him perplexed ,"Jee?"

When Dutta got down on the Rajnandgaon station, that evening, with many people waving him goodbye from the window. his facebook friends count had increased by 14. And  he was armored with the knowledge  given by two aunties on the train that apparently any vegetable on earth can be pickled and they all tasted good, though he was clueless how this knowledge was supposed to help him in any walk of his life. He saw Kishore Jiju and Kalatai waiting for him near the AC coach. He called them and  hugged them and suffered through tai's loving ministrations. As he got into the car he remembered something.



Kishore-Kya hua Dutta? Dutta- main kuch train mein bhul gaya. Kalawati looked worried-Kya? Kya bhool gaya? Dekha, kishore? Kuch jaroori tha?

Dutta- hmm,my pack of cards. Those men were still playing with it when I got down. Kalatai laughed- Pagal, bas taash ke liye itna soch raha hai?


Dutta turned to give her a beatific smile- and my medical bag.  


Dutta stepped into the room where he had stayed during his last stay. It looked nothing like he remembered. He looked at the walls and the curtains, the soft lamps making the shadows come alive. The fresh white flowers on the pot gave sweet scent.'Rajnigandha, how quaint and old fashioned', he thought. Not the pastel delicate orchid and lilies he was used too. His eyes swept the room minutely for each detail. Abdul was keeping his luggage at a corner. Kalatai came behind him- Bhau, passand aya karma..sab theek hai naa?

Dutta- perfect hai, tai. Bas..ek cheez out of place hai.

Kalawati looked around frowning, "Kya?"

Dutta walked towards a chest and lifted the Krishna idol from its place on top. He weighted it in his hand and playfully threw it up in air and caught it with other making Kalawati gasp in shock."Yeh. Iski yahan jarurat nahi. Aap le jao."


As Kalawati stepped out still a bit in shocked bewilderment, Dutta took out his pack and lighter and put it in the place where idol had been. Yeah! Now his room was perfect, he looked around again.


Nakkusha cried with her head tucked in her naani's chest as naani stroked her unbound hair.

Naani- nakku, aise kyu ro rahi hai? kya hua? Bata na. tu chup to hamesha rahti hai par aaj itne mehmaano ke beech mein bhi teri khamoshi mujhse bahut kuch keh rahi thi..bol na..kya hua?


Nakkusha- naani, main baar baar ek hi galti kyu karti hoon? Kyun baar baar sapney dekhne lagti hoon? Jo mera nahi hai..kabhi mera nahi ho sakta uskey liye kyu dil bana leti hoon? Kitna dard hota hai..jab sapna tootta hai.


Naani stroked her softly. They were sitting out on the empty courtyard. Everyone was asleep and grandmother and grand daughter were having their special moment under the moon. Naani's lap felt like maa's. It was one place where Nakkusha always found solace, felt safe, like now.


Naani- beta, sapney dekhne mein koi burai nahi hai. kyunki sapney humare un ichchao ko jeeney ka tareeka hai jo shayad asliyat mein hume na milley. Sapney dekho..par har sapney ke sach hoone ki umeed mat karo. Waise bhi agar sapneo mein tumne kuch paa bhi liya to kya wo paana paana hua..aur ankh khulte hi agar wo kho gaya to kya wo khona hua?


Nakkusha kept silent and closed her eyes replaying didi's words in her mind, her father's words to shashi kaka.

Naani- Wo Raja aur sunehri maina ki kahani yaad hai, naaku.

Nakkusha smiled in the folds of her naani's sari,"Raja ke bagiche mein suneri maina ghayal giri thi. Raja ne us maina ko apne paas rakha. Uski dekhbhal ki. Kuch dinno mein maina theek hogai aur bagiche mein ghumne lagi.

Naani- Roj subha raja ki neend uske meethe gaane se khulti.. aur raja uske awaaz mein kho jata…raja ko laga ki maina uske liye gaa rahi hai..usse neend se jagane ke liye. Wo sochne laga ki ussne us maina ko paa liya hai…par..


Nakkusha- par..maina to apne saathi ko bulane ke liye gaati thi..wo ussey millne ki aas liye aapni awaaz mein dard bhar ke ussey bulati thi..par raja ko bas wo meethas sunai deta tha…dard nahi…ek din jab maina ka gaana nahi sunai diya to raja bechain ho gaya..sare bagiche mein dunda par wo nahi milli…wo apne koye saathi ke saath chali gait hi…par raja ko laga jaise uski maina ko kissi ne cheen liya hai…usne bag ke saare panchi maar diye..gussey mein…saara bag ujaar diya..


Naani- ek sunehri maina ki awaaz jo ki kabhi uskey liye thi hi nahi use pane ke liye raja ne un saare paanchiyo se unki awaaz cheen li jo sirf raja ke the..uske bag mein barso rah rahe the…kissi paraye ko pane ke liye usne apno ko dard diya…jabki wo kabhi uska tha hi nahi.


Nakkusha moved out of her arms and looked at her wrinkled age wizened face. Nakkusha wiped her tears and smiled faintly- saahi kaha aapne naani. Main bhi cheez kabhi paayi hi naa ho uskey khone ka kya gum?


Naani- beta, kabhi aapne aap ko bhi khush hone ka mauka de…apne par faila..akash ki aur chehra uttha…har chehra sundar nahi ho sakta..nahi hi har mann kuroop…inn sabka sangam hi insaan banata hai..sundar mann ho ya roop..ya dono ho ya kuch nahi…har tarah ke log hai..aur is duniya mein sabki jagah hai…bas hume humari wo jagah dundni hai. Samjhi?


Nakkusha smiled swiping her eyes- Naani, aap itni samajhdar kaise ho? Pata hai..sonu ko bhi main kabhi kabhi bolti hoon. Nakkusha made a stern face and mimicked- Sonu, apni padai kar meri naani bananey ki koshish mat kar.

She looked with mischievous twinkling eyes at the old woman who cracked a laugh with her.


Naani kissed her forehead. Nakkusha closed her eyes as the pain off past few days eased making her feel light.



Shukla family returned Sunday night but Nakkusha had to stay back for another few days as chotti maami with the little baby couldn't cope with all the work left after the guests departed. Naani was too old to handle everything and badi maami had her school. Nishikant assured nakku that he can manage for two days without her. And everyone was relieved that nakkusha would stay back. Naani felt that it was good that she stayed back, she needed some distance. Though she was not sure from whom.


She came back on Wednesday night and cried looking at the condition of the house. By the time she had cleaned up the mess made by them all it was too late and she was too tired.


At around 3 in the night she got up to have some water. As she pass the open window a light caught her eye. She looked out at the source.

The window of the first floor of kalawati's house was closed and the light in the guestroom was on. A tall figure was walking to and fro by it casting a huge shadow on the glass. Nakkusha came closer to her window and looked at the shadow. The walks was like debbu when he tried to by heart his lessons..yet it was restless and a caged beast's.


Suddenly the shadow stopped and threw open the window. Nakkusha hide behind in the darkness of the room.


His face was not visible but she could make out dark cruel features of his face. She could almost see the anger he felt. He stood still for a second as if he could see her even in darkness. Nakkusha's body shivered at the thought.

He brought his hand close to his mouth and it took a second more for nakkusha to realize why.

"To kaladid ke tillu ko ye achchi adat bhi laagi hai?" nakkusha mumbled to herself before turning around and going to sleep. Her last thought before darkness enveloped her mind was he didn't appear that great a man to her. He definitely had feet of clay as far as she was concerned.


Dutta was bored, he was restless and felt trapped. He had not expected kalatai to be so prepared. She had shoved at least a hundred bio-datas in his face in past few days. When he had told Ghosh he had laughed saying,"arey to dekh le.. bas yahi ek waqt hai jab ladkiyo ko dekhna lafangebaazi nahi sharafat kaha jaata hai.."


Dutta  stood near the open window looking at the small house across the road. The window was open to one of the rooms. He had felt like he was being watched from there. He stood for another second and pulled on his smoke. Immediately, he felt being watched with distaste as if he had been found wanting on some grounds. The hair on his nape stood up for a second before the feeling went away. He stood looking at the dark window a long time, the cigarette burning away unnoticed between his fingers.


……..To be continued.








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Aagayi mein firseTongue

Leela's ishmart..blackmailing DuttaLOL...aur pehle se hi suitcase packed...she knows how to ge tDutta to do whatever he 'formals ka achar daloonga'LOLLOL..and the last wali line was nice..the baaja khaaja waliLOL 
ROFLSab ladkiyan Dutta ke peeche pad gayi hain..and what that nurse said..hawww is she a nurse, ya subhe ek kaam, or raat ko kuch aur...?Censored
Sleeper class mein chala gaya...and sab ke saath mila...and +14 fb friends..aise logon ke paas bhi facebook hota hai?LOL That girl...I hope she didn't love Dutta..if it was just a lil fling, then fine...waise, why'd he go by train, I thought ki plane se jaayega..plane se zyaada maazein aate hainLOL
Nani is so wise...and that story is so reminds me of india ka school ..'and the moral of the day is..?'LOL I am glad ki Nakusha ke paas koi toh hai to share her feelings, that she doesn't keep it all bottled up inside she's to scared of sapna dekhoing kyunki it might tootofyCry...but, Nani is right, how can she feel sorrow for something that wasn't ever hers...a sapna should be a sapna, Nakusha let it become almost reality, for her, and isiliye usse dukh huaCry Bechari...
LOLMein bhi apni behen ko kehti hoon 'meri dadi mat banne ki koshish kiya kar' and something along those linesLOL Dutta doesn't believe in God..thats okay, but he shouldn't disrespect God eitherAngry...put his lighter in its place..gadha ek number ka...being stressed out or super modern or getting thrilled by success isn't an excuse to be disrespectful....even I am like Dutta in someways...mujhe bhi top pe ponchna hai...but I dont want to forget everything else...I dont want to become some robot...itna pagal hai Dutta..he can have so much more, but usse kya farak padta hai...his own 'successful' life is boring...
Nakusha saw him smoking...toh she found out that she wasn't missing out on a lot (for now..jab pyar ho ga, tab ki tab dekhengeLOL)...and he sensed her...hayyyyyyeeeeeeeDay Dreaming
Awesome update, Shilpii
and sorry yaar, for taking soo long to edit my commentEmbarrassed

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Wow Shilpi,this was pretty fast .
I will come back & read it aaram se.Wink
EDITED: look i came specially to bore uLOLI will read & update my comment simultaneously.
I loved the whole nok-jhok between brother & sister.**Formal ka main aachar daluga kya**ROFL.
He does have a wittiness in him  like the other day he was saying about himself being future patient becaz of his smoking habit.Why does he need to carry cigs. ,kya cloths ki tarah cigs. wahan nahi milegi kya,ya phir he knows Kalatai will not allow him isliye apna stock leke jaa raha hai.
I just loved Leelatai ka emotional atyachar,she had already packed the bag & yet she was haressing poor guy,sure he must have felt like fool.But,then he knows naa that all his sisters love him so much.Its like they are his 4 moms.
OMG ,again u cracked me up - Jab band bajega,tab khaja bategaLOL
I have heard  & used similar type of proverb(in Gujarati) so many times.Wink
The train journey reminded me of my train journeys in every summer & diwali vacations to my native place.Though it only used to be 3hr. travel from mumbai,but i used to demand every poosible eatables & my dad used to buy it for meSmile.
Dutta ki kya kismat hai -one young girl,one elderly lady & one manLOL as a companion.
I loved that he gave his seat to old lady,but it has more to do with his profession ethics than being mannered.Now,if he was giving cold shoulder to that girl,then how was he rudeConfused
I agree with Dr. Ghosh's advice-too much of everything is not good.For once a person should live boring life.
Even after reading about his fast lifestyle & his smoking,drinking,why do i have this constant feeling that there is more to it then what is in front.
Mera ye doubt aap kab dur karengi Shilpi dear.Wink
Poor guy changed his seat & sleeper coach reminded him of his childhood memories which btw were really sweet.
OMG,he even counted the hrs. as to how time he has to spend at Kala's placeD'oh
My dear Dr.,i bet by the time ur hoildays will get over,u will be asking for more timeTongue
Ok,he didn't like rajnigandha.What exactly are his likingsConfused,iss gahde ko kuch pasand bhi aata hai yaa nahi.Here also i will advice him that he better get used to rajnigandhaLOL,becaz ye toh hamari nakku ki choice hai naaWink
Dutta ko god se bhi allergy hai kya,arre Dr. saab apni itni saari allergies ka ilaaj kyun nahi karte.
Poor kala,must have got shock of her life seeing Dutta throwing idol in air.
The whole convo. between naani & nakku was awasomeClap
All those talks about dreams,hope explained so well by a grandma story.Thumbs Up
The way u have explained about inner & outer beauty,is so true & i am wordless as u have left nothing for me to comment.
But the most interesting thing that caught me was how easily naani read Nakku.
Dutta & Nakku -Kya kismat connection hai.Wink
She can sense his restlessness,anger from far away & he on the other hand felt as if someone was watching him.I just loved nakku saying-kaladidi ke tillu ke ye achchi aadat bhi hai LOL
Nakku dear,mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai ki aap ye aadat bahut jald chuda dengiWink.
I hope this comment does not bore u muchWink,enjoy readingLOL

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My place.........A nice updt.....
So kalas decision was good.......... of not agreeing to nakku fr Dutta..........Nakku is so much down to earth and Dutta jst the opposite........doesnt even blieve in god........... God!!! Dutta is too difficult to handle..........One thing true..... only Nakku will be able to bring him to ground.............updt soooooooon..........Thanx fr PM

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hmmm....very interesting train journey, glad he could make some friends along the way. So he forgot his medical bag in the train, is he going to miss it-i wonder.
i was hoping that naku and dutta bump into each other, but i guess not.  we will have to wait some more before you decide. 
Have a very bad feeling that their first meeting is going to leave them pissed off with each other.  Excited to see how they develop feelings for each other.
Update soon girl - anxiously waiting!!!

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hi shilpi,
nice update, especially the nani-nakku conversation, iust loved it.and the story u used in this update has reminded me of my grandma bcoz i heard this story from her.
iam eagerly waiting for the tasha first meeting. how will they met?what is the reac. on dutta after their meeting?will dutta fall in love with nakku? omg so many questions are coming in my mind.
plz update asap.

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wow awsome update!!!!! the last part was intersting!!!

Dutta  stood near the open window looking at the small house across the road. The window was open to one of the rooms. He had felt like he was being watched from there. He stood for another second and pulled on his smoke. Immediately, he felt being watched with distaste as if he had been found wanting on some grounds. The hair on his nape stood up for a second before the feeling went away. He stood looking at the dark window a long time, the cigarette burning away unnoticed between his fingers.


Technically my hair to stood up, wow did he see her!!!

plzzzz update the next part soon!!!Hug
PS- i got ur PM *blink blink*
thank u jiBlushing

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All the sisters seem to behave like his mum, too good for him..somehow Dutta comes across as a very restless person, something troubling him and he himself not able to put his finger on it..but still he packs his cigars..that is more important than packing clothes and other essentials..he is a grown up man, but in some aspects still a kid. and he secretly enjoys his sister bullying him..he loves his sisters a lot though he is not the kind to display it..otherwise he could have easily changed his mind and ashed their hopes of looking for a girl for him..i think he is ready to get married too and does not trust himself to find a good girl and so is quite happy to use that as an excuse to give that duty to his sisters?! But as any man who has said yes to marriage, even his mind sometimes questions him whether he is doing the correct thing!


Well, at first read, you may think he was being rude in that train.. I don't think so.. he is camouflaging several things with his supposed rudeness..if he was in fact rude, he would never have swapped his berth with the old lady or agreed to go up to that berth as soon as she said she wanted to rest there..but his problem is with attention from girls.. as he himself said, he used to love that sort of attention, but not anymore..wonder what happened to cause this?!! Any incident or just self realisation..i am more inclined to self realisation and having reached a point of saturation with that lifestyle he least until now, it looks like that..but then again, he is trying to keep to himself in the train and when he cant do that, he downgrdes! So there you go, he is not a snob either! But someone with a troubled mind and soul..

Well, the Goa incident also makes me wonder whether he fears commitment..whether the happenings of the past makes him feel vulnerable to give into love and commitment.. he saw what happened to the family when his parents died..they were all heartbroken..and then he saw the slow disintegration of his sister's marriage.. again not an ideal scenario to be witnessed by a growing lad..he probably lost faith in such relationships..felt that they tied you down and gave the other person the ability to hurt you as and when they pleased..trouble is he has not experienced love to understand how pain and happiness go hand in hand in being even when you are hurt, the power of love gives you the courage to overcome such obstacles/pain in he is sort of running away from anything meaningful..not a bad guy at all..


The sleeper comp description was spot on.. esp in today's wprld where everyone is busy in themselves, ie., laptop, phone etc and don't indulge in chit chat.. wow.. he made 14 new friends!! And that too on FB.. pretty cool!but he left his cards and doc case behind.. just goes to show what a great time he had to have even forgotten his doc case! Esp since he has been living a medic's life for last so many years and not letting anything come between him and his career! And he forgot his doc case.. very interesting!!


Glad he did not ignore Dr Ghosh's talk..sometimes for a person like Dutta he could have taken it the wrong way too.. but glad he understood the care/concern behind those words and decides to do something about it even if it meant handing himself over to his sister! Wow, so 2 months with kala tai.. huh.. hope he/circumstances don't cut short this trip..he remembers his previous trip as being miserable..well, his state of of mind in his previous trip was such.. so anything good would have also been viewed with suspicion and distaste by him na.. friendly overtures from other kids his age were also not welcome as he probably wanted to be left alone and wallo in self he never allowed himself any chance to see light at all..was clinging to unhappiness with a fervour..well, he couldn't remember that incident with naku..hmmm..

Hmmm.. he loves the room.. but thinks rajnighandha is old fashioned.. wont judge him on that as he is used to lilies and a diff class of life.. so will take some time to get used to other beautiful things in life! I am not at all surprised when he did not want the idol in his room..just one more after effect of his troubled childhood..he forgot the good things like his sisters as he was just wallowing in grief maybe?! Or did he have a major incident in his past that we are not aware of?!!


Nani is so sweet .. and it is true that grandkids and nani have a special bond.. I am in no way saying a dadi is less imp, but personally I feel nani-grandkids rishta is something more special, more maternal!and nani used such a beautiful story to make naku understand what is imp in life and she should never stop dreaming..loved the following lines.. Waise bhi agar sapneo mein tumne kuch paa bhi liya to kya wo paana paana hua..aur ankh khulte hi agar wo kho gaya to kya wo khona hua?

The story also makes me think how it relates to dutta too.. in his own sorry, he is hell bent on ignoring the beautiful things he has in life..searching for that elusive something?! This will probably make more sense once we get to know if indeed there was something more in his past!


Wow.. first meeting was absolutely great..she can only see his shadow walking. But assesses correctly that he is like a caged beast..cannot even see his face, but can feel his anger stood so far from she still has not seen his face.. like in the dream, it is still in darkness! Still a bit misty! But she has seen him smoking! And OMG, he also feels her distaste..though he has not even seen her or knows she exists! Superb ending or shall I say beginning ;-P


Thanks so much for a lovely part :)

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