Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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piamist Senior Member

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
@Ari very good idea and a nice post ClapClap

I will try my best to put my feeling of kmh in this post

My phase of Kmh started very late, when i visited India in may 2009. My family is not much into the serials, so i never get to see Hindi serials, however they are interested in shows, so i know abt imagine luckily. Once i came to see the kmh song and surprised to know abt serials in imagine(hehe) , i think one of the best gift god presented that day. I loved all the lyrics of the song and the handsome chunk and his lady love, their romance, everything looked so real and natural. From then it made me never miss the show... wherever we go, I used to be home by the time show starts and even got scolding like "did u came to India to watch serial"...kmh ke liye cheltha... then the show is at the scenes where arohi reached mumbai and was in beach praying god...i never felt i missed some story...i used to feel bad for arjun and even scolded arohi for bad behavior with him, my stay in India was even more memorable by this lovely couple and i am glad that i never missed one day of show and helped trp.. 
After coming back its like hell without kmh and i used to call daily to get me updated with show...many difficulties, mom doesn't watch serials and don't know hindi. Lately realized i cud see in utube and saw it from the beginning and became a big fan of Kritika..for her Independence, self respect and lot more qualities in the character and also in real life... cud catch with sbs and sbb segments too(thx to internet)... i never knew this much when i saw it in India... Forgot to say that i learnt gud hindi, happy to say that i can ustand every bit of it now, thanks to kmh..
After kmh ended, its only chandni's vm and sbs and sbb segments kept me entertained...all my weekends are filled with kmh..friday, saturday and sunday..  used to complete the series offcouse skipping the other characters..arjun-arohi scenes used to be like kmh movie night.. we used to have get-togethers, when its my turn in my house, its only kmh movie.. hahaha... as i cook well so they cant miss my invite and they shud watch kmh...make them watch first 10 episodes, then we need not force them.. they will ask this way i made a group of kmh frdz...i remember forcing my best frd for one month to make her watch kmh.. when she came to visit me in last spring break i made her watch kmh she is a big fan too..After ndtvimagine in utube with English sub's, i cud refer kmh to more frdz and even at work.
One fine day, i saw an interview of Karan and Kritika on utube saying that kmh2 starts, i am so happy that the whole day i replayed that interview...its so sweet to here tht...from tht only came to know abt Karan's official page on fb.. till then i used to hate fb and think of fans pages as fake profiles..but from then it became by home page( Karan and Kritika's page's), there came the Mohabbatians family lead by Angels, i was a passive reader, then comes the Shilpa, daily postings abt India-Forums, tried registering and it dnt worked..but her daily remainders insisted to make an account, my first move in IF is joined Arjun Ka Swayamwar Official Thread(hahaha), never touched ML, was on safe side rating, commenting videos and i opened ML i cud only see lots of rules and then 'res' msgs and then spamming, so i used to do my daily job of commenting and then leave..slowing i dnt know when but got addicted to IF started read ML's, i must say after a great episode or if i dnt get enough of arjuhi or on weekends, for everything, come to ML and satisfy the thrust ...KMH, King K, Queen K, K Angels, IF( topics, games, polling, mainly ML) became part of my life...i must say i became more organised, doing everything fast and in advance to catch up with my feels like just yes'day season2 started and its already 100 epi. It feels nov to mar is so fast however weekends are so slow I dnt know how i will survive after season 2 and waiting for 3, cant even think of it...
(lol, i always things i cant write and i wrote this and such a big one... if anything is wrong or offending or out of topic, plz let me know, i will edit it)

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Love14 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:10pm | IP Logged
Hi Arifa....awesome post.........will do write my take...right now extremely busy with college workTongue...but will definitely be here on 100th episode celebration...........akhir DIL KA RISHTA HAI KMH SE......<3<3
aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
@ari.. i read ur intro post much after i wrote my own post here.. so thank u ji.. for making me leave my shy-dom to come n express my feelings!! Evil Smile

dint wanna spam this thread coz.. well..obviously.. bina spam kiye yeh thread lamba hona chahiye Approve chale aao logon...apne safar share karne, aur hamare safar ke fasanon ko suffer karne!! chale aao.. chale aao..

@ari.. tumhara mohabbat ka safar padh kar jaise humne 15 min mein 15 mahinon ka safar phir kar liya.. truly what a roller coasting, multi-star-studded, multi-emotional ride it has been.. n the surprising thing is we have all come across it in our own stumbling ways and then we are so hooked to it.. and now our loyalties to KMH n arjuhi n karanika are bordering on insanity n spamming offenses!! pagalon ki fauj and proud to be a part of it!! 

i am astonished u rem'ed my line from that take.. touched as well..n being one of the nuttiest members of MLSA.. tumhari humble request ko hum tahe dil se poora karenge.. good luck for ur exams kiddo!! aur ML ko tumhare hisse ka spamming zarur naseeb hoga.. chahe woh episode jaise bhi ho.. CVs - dekhlo.. the 100th epi better be mindblowing..tum logon se humne itni umeeden laga rakhi hai!! uss din humse hummer mat nikalvana!!

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kmharjuhi Newbie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 12:35am | IP Logged
                                        KITANI N ARJUHI
1-nov-2010, yeah..this was the day when i learnt to live again, to feel love coz on this day I boarded the train of love---KITNI MOHABBAT HAI -2---- n I developed a strong belief tht 'har achchhi cheez 8:00 pm hi start hoti hai' ;) n I am loving this journey'Arjuhi, sounds sweet na???
Nah, I am mistaken its not sweet.. it's the SWEETEST ;) but Karanika sounds much more sweet n can cause diabetes even..hehehehehe
 I can still hear that mesmerizing sound of flute played by Arjun in the first episode.. aahhhh that was lovely.. lovely bcoz he played it n it enchanted our darling Arohi also.. and I stood up from my chair when he grabbed Arohi tightly and gave tough looks..uffff!!!that was hawt
And thereafter I could taste nuts b/w the sweet chocolate and caramel I mean their Tom and Jerry fightsLOL.. But that mid-night wen they both were lost amongst themselves' those moments were out of this world n after that I started believing in destiny' ahhh how romantic BlushingBlushing
And I can never forget those memorable days which they both spent in the jungle together.. haye I wish somebody like karan abduct me and take me away from this world.. Karan n Kritika, both r versatile actors,they can do any and every role flawlessly..they set the atmosphere on fire through their sizzling chemistry... the magic of Arjuhi's love just blows my mind..!!!
Kuch log zindagi mein aake chale jaate hain
Par kuch jine ki wajah ban jate hain
Karan and Kritika,
Aap ke aane se rangeen hui
Meri zindagi ki har subah..har shaam
Meri dua hai ki
Jald ki jud jaaein yeah dono naam??
Arjuhi aur Karnika hain do jism par ek jaan
Aapse hi hai mera yeah jahan
Karan bhaiya ho aap bahut hottie
Baatein karte ho naughty naughty ;)
Aapki smile pe hun mein fida
Mast hai aapki har ek ada
Kritika aap ho ekdum unique
Humari beauty queen'antique piece
Aapke jaisa dikhna chahti hai har girl
Aapki nose pin'oye hoye n aapke mast curls ;)
Nazar na lage aap dono ki Jodi ko
And Karnu, 7 phere complete kar lena next lohri ko ;);)
Aur Arjuhi ke kya kehne
Unki toh har ada hi pyari hai
Chemistry itni sizzling hai
Saari industry mein aag laga daali hai
Role do chahe koi bhi
Performance inki ek dum mast hai
Inki khhati-meethi nok-jhonk
Har jhatke se zyada zabardast hai
Jab bhi dekho bas ek hi khayal aata hai
Ke haye in dono mein kitni mohabbat hai
Haan mohabbat hai :)HeartHeart
I donno how to thank Kitani for giving us such a lovely down to earth actors..I don have any bro in reality but i feel very lucky coz God blessed me with a bro like Karan n (gotta be) bhabz like Kritz :) Coz of karanika i got a virtual family on fb...Where m not recongnised as Mansi..but as a Kmhian,Kundraian,Kamraian n Mohabbatian...!!!!Heart
There i met angels....heavenly onesDay Dreaming...they r still a mystery but i love em like tht only...I have made an image of angels in my mind in which they r wearing a white gown with veil,holding a wand,there is a halo over their head..!!!!~~~~ They r mischevious,cutie pies,caring n their replies r very wittyWink

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Ashchv26 Newbie

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 1:03am | IP Logged
great post...super like it...Clap IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 31 January 2011
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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 1:28am | IP Logged
wat to say about kmh...!!words kam pad jayenge..!!!Thumbs Up
1st of all congratutions for 100 episodes...!!party tym for kmhians...!!! ClapClap
kmh season 1
i havent watch kmh 1 n season 2 also i start watching after 10th episode....!!
bt after started watching it becum an addiction...!!!!
i watched whole of d season 1 in just 15days...!!!
i cried wen dey cry i laugh wen dey laugh...!!!
kmh redefines d meaning of luv...!!!
saeson 1 is just awesum....!!!der r so many episode for which i have no words....!!!dey r just awesum.....!!!

kmh season 2....
though der r less romantic scenes in season it roxxxx...
every dream sequence is just wow...!!!
n d first kiss...full of emotions..pure luv...!!!
who cn i forget rtm sequence....hats off...whole cottage sequence is just awesum...!!!!
i just hope kmh chalta rahe chalta rahe....!!!season 3 4 5 6................till infinity....!!!
tueday 100 episode will b completed bt it feels like kal hi to start hua tha...!!!
karna & kritika
karan n kritika r d most down to earth luvable cute generous hot actor n actoress of d television industry...!!!dey both r d real KING n QUEEN.....!!LUV U BOTH....N THANK for ur official fb page...!!!u both roxxx...

angels r d true angels only coz of dem der page exist...!!!angels thanks for upadating about der each everything...!!!HugHug
karan kritika angels n all 1000000fans r becum my family.....!!!biggest n luvliest family ever,,....!!!

kmh team....
hats off to d team of kmh...!!u all r very hard jsut to entertain us..!!!thanks guys...

thanks to all ppl behind kmh all r directors creative team n special thanks to dialoge writter...!!!u all r gr8...!!
dialoge r just awesum...!!hats off to u guys...!!!!Thumbs UpThumbs Up

luv u karan kritika angels...!!!god bless u....!!!hugs....muuuaahhhh.....!!!!!
 keep smiling...!!!Big smileBig smile

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ObodroKargosh IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 1:36am | IP Logged
nida8724 Senior Member

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 4:35am | IP Logged
ok i started watching kmh1 when i saw the title song of kmh i just love that song and karan kritika in white dress they r looking really cuteDay Dreaming...
then from 1 episode i just love that drama becoz its not like other saas bahu drama Thumbs Up.... i just their jori i always wish ke ye real life couple hota then i get to know that they are Big smile........
i didnt watch full kmh1 becoz i dont have imagine tv and i dont know that we can see on online also but know i know so from jan i start watching kmh2 i dont know about season 2 i just searching title song of kmh1 and i get to know that their is season 2 also of kmh2 DancingSmile....
then first i watched all the pervious episode then in just 1 week i watched all the kmh2 episodesSmile and from then i watch regularly i just love them and this drama 

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