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MG FF- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Chapter 30 Page 82 LAST (Page 78)

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Chapter Twenty-Nine
(Towards her House)

The train reached Hoshiyarpur in almost half a day and it was time to get out of the train. Everyone took their luggage out of the train and Maan gave some to the coolie's. The coolie's took it out and Maan had already arranged a car for Hoshiyarpur. " Well prepared to be pati.. good job" said Geet as she patted him on the arm. " Papa... you can be so OCD sometimes.. no joke..." said Anjali rolling her eyes.

 " Princess.. yeh tumhare liye aur tumhari mama kay liye hai" said Maan as he grabbed onto Anji's hands. " Maan... I'm scared" said Geet. " Don't be... main hoon naa" said Maan. Geet put her arms around dadimaa and said, " dadiimaa... I might need your help again." Geet bete everything will be okay... trust me on that one" said dadimaa. The four filed out of the crowded station and went into the car. Maan drove and Geet gave the directions to her home.

Maan drove and he put his hand on Geet's to assure her that everything will be fine. Geet took a deep breath and she trusted in Maan... Nothing could go wrong with him around.

They finally reached the Handa mansion. For some reason it looked completely dead... Geet stepped out of the car and she opened the large gates.. " Its never open like this" said Geet with a frown. "Let's go in" said Maan. Geet nodded and they entered and Geet went to her doorstep... she was about to knock until she saw that the doors were unlocked and open.

She entered and she saw her mother sitting on the floor leaning on the couch looking completely lost. Geet walked over to her mother and she knelt down, " Maa... aap aisay kyun beheti vi hain?". Rano looked to her daugher and she had tears rolling down her eyes, " Geet puttar..." Rano hugged Geet and finally Daarji came out.

Geet broke out of the hug and saw Daarji looking a little angry and upset. She was scared but she spoke up, " Daarji... kya hua maa ko? and what is wrong with the mansion?!? why is everything torn up!?!" Daarji looked at her and he said, " Mujhe ek baat bata Geet... tu ne Prem ko mana kar diya.. shaadi kay liye". Geet looked down and said, " Jii". Daarji raised an eyebrow, " Tu ab kyun aayi hai...?"  

Geet looked up at Daarji questioningly and daarji continued, " Puttar ji! humari kitni bezati hui thi....... aapko pata nahin tha kya?". " Nahi Daarji...?" said Geet. " Aaja.. beht.. aur un logon ko bhi behtana..." said daarji as he sat down. Maan,dadimaa and Anji sat down. " GEET TU NE SAB KUCH KHARAB KAR DIYA..." yelled Rano as she was in the middle of tears. Geet had a lump in her throat... she was about to cry until her Daarji continued as he ignored his daughter in law.

" Prem nashe mein aaya tha aur usna kaha tha kay tu ne mangni tor di uske saath? is that correct puttar ji? " said Daarji. Geet nodded her head, " Prem came here?". " Haan ji! PUTTAR JI! do you have any idea what you've done!" yelled daarji. Geet shook a little.. she was scared... daarji's temper was not the one to mess with... Maan was about to say something until Daarji stood up and Geet did too. He took a deep breath and turned around slowy.

"Tu ne.. aapni zindagi bachayi hainn... mujhe bohot khushi hai kay tu ne usse shaadi nahin ki... I didn't say anything to your mother first puttar jii about Prem... because it would break her heart and possibly yours..." said Daarji as his facial expressions softened. Geet looked up in shock, " Daarji..". " Haan puttarjii... aur tu mujhe Maan se milwana chahthi hai naa?" said Daarji.

 Geet stood up," Daarjii... aapko kaisay pata...". " Kuch mat bol... Maan puttar.. idhar aaja.." said Daarji. Maan stood up and sat beside Daarji..." Main tumhe aapni beti de raha hoon... uska bas khayal rakhna aur bohot pyar dena.." said Daarji as he patted Maan on the back. " Main aapse wada karta hoon kay Geet bohot khush rahegi.." said Maan. Maan stood up and he touched daarji''s feet and daarji gave him blessings.

Maan went upto Rano and knelt down, " Main aapki beti ko bohot sataya hai is dus saalon mein.. mujhe maaf karenge?". Rano looked at Maan with tears in her eyes, " Naa puttar naa.. tere koi ghalti nahin hai... bus..tu meri Geet ko khush rakhna... bus.. yeh maa yehi chahthi hai". Maan touched Rano's feet and she gave him blessings.

" Acha Mohinderlal jii, shaadi ki date kab fix karein?" said Dadimaa. "Humay pata tha kay aap yehi kahengi... to humnay yehi teh kiya hai kay agle hafte hogi.... we contacted all the religious officials already" said daarji. "Yeh to bohot achi baat hai.. acha Mohinder jii.. hum apni baraat layenge aapke dwaare pe agle hafte..." said Dadimaa. Rano excused herself and she went into the kitchen to get sweets.

She came back out and she served all the sweets and tea. Geet looked at Maan and blushed... " Count your seven days all you like Geet... you;re all mine after that" thought Maan. Geet knew what he was thinking and she blushed... " Oh ho puttarjii.. Geet to bohot sharma rahi hai..." joked Rano. " Maa." said Geet. " Papa.. behave" said Anjali. Maan looked at Anjali and said, " We need to talk when we get home missy". " Papa.. we need to talk... seriously.. " said Anjali sarcastically. Maan laughed, " My witty 10 year old..." Geet laughed, " Maan.. choro.."

Maan, Dadimaa and Anjali had stayed for about two days and then they left for Delhi. Geet was getting ready for her wedding and she had to do all the shopping in a hurry... Rano was extremely busy with everything! Geet was so excited... she was finally going to be with Maan!

That week, Maan and Geet were to be married... Geet was led to the altar and she took her phere's with Maan...

She wore: ( I loooove this outfit.. .sorry guys.. may  be repeat for some of you),r:6,s:0

Her mehndi! (I love this one personally!!!),r:14,s:0

Geet and Maan got married smoothly and it was time for dinner... Geet and Maan sat in the balcony outside the main hall... they were eating out there... and Geet was so  hungry and she was scarfing down her food. " Geet.. yaar araam se!" said Maan as he saw her scarfing it down. " MAAN.. do you have any idea on how hungry I was! I haven't eaten all day... pehle spa in the morning... then makeup... and then hair and then OH GOD! maan... seriously.. wahts the use when you're going to rip it all off anyways?" blurted Geet as she was eating.Maan smirked, " How do you know that I was going to do that?" " Oh just a guess" said Geet as she mentally slapped herself for blurting that out. Maan smirked... " Yes... but its worth the effort... its all for me..."

Just then Anjali came running up and she said, " Papa.. its almost time for mom's bidaai... why do I sound so weird saying that?". Maan and Geet laughed, " Its okay beta.. go ahead.. we'll be right there..." Anjali nodded and she ran off. " Sweet girl" said Geet. " Im thinking of sending her to bording school.. what do you think?" teased Maan. " UHM NO!" said Geet a little irriatatingly. " Why?" said Maan. " Anji is the only nishaani of Pari.. and I want to keep her close... she is your daughter and Im her mother now..." said Geet.

Maan smiled, " I love you so much Geet... why didn't I realize it in university?". " Kyunki tum ek dum duffer aur idiot ban gaye thay" said Geet rolling her eyes. " Teeny Tiny Tina ke peeche peeche ghoomtay rehtay thay" said Geet. " Teeny Tiny Tina?" said Maan. " Yeah... main aur Pari usko yeh bolte thay..kyunki woh chotay chotay kapre pehnthi thi.." said Geet with a laugh. " Wow!.." said Maan. Geet laughed.. " Chalein?" Maan nodded and he got up and took Geet's hand and led her outside.

It was time for Geet's bidaai and Rano was already feeling emotional all through the wedding events. Geet knew that if she looked at her mother she would start crying. But she had to and she started to cry... " Maa... im going to miss you" cried Geet as she hugged Rano hard. " Puttarjii.. aab yeh tera ghar hai.." sobbed Rano. Geet hugged Daarji and said, " Daarji... main aapko miss karongi... kya karongi.. kaun uthayega mere nakhre aapki tarah". Daarji had tears rolling down his eyes and held Geet close... " Puttarjii... apna khayal rakhna.. aur tere dulhe raja tere nakhre uthayega... tu apne ghar ki hogayi hai.." Geet cried and it was hard to let Daarji go...

Maan put his arms around her shoulder and Geet cried a lot.. Anji looked around... " Is that how a girl's bidaai is done... Oh god.. mujhe bhi karna parega?" thought Anji. Just then between the crowds she saw her mother walking by and smiling. She put a thumbs up and blew a kiss towards Anjali. Anjali smiled and waved... and she saw Pari disappear from the crowd of people. Anjali turned around and she rushed towards her papa and mom.

Geet got into the car and it drove off... she was offically Maan's...


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finally Geet gor her Maan.... nice updateClap

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Yayy Awesome update again
Loved it
Fabulous part
Ugh kamina prem hate him
but thank god shaadi hogayi yay
balley balley
lolz geet busy eating
haha love when she said the clothes will rip offBlushing lol
anji is so cute
cant wait for SR
Most awaited i think
update soon
thank you so much

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yippe yippe
finally they got married
happy maverlous update
cant wait to read more
pls cont soonnnnnnnnnn
thanks pm
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Lovely update. :D
Thank God they got married smoothly. :)
Teeny tiny tina roflllll.

Do update soon dear.
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Loveeeeeeeeeeee the part.
Geet's family is sweetttt!!
So maneet r married!!!
Continue soonnnn.
Thanxx for the pm.

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that was amazing!!!

first i thought there will be no wedding that easily but thanks to u dear me happyCry ( happy tears )

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