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MG FF- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Chapter 30 Page 82 LAST (Page 75)

sweet scorpio IF-Sizzlerz
sweet scorpio
sweet scorpio

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 3:26am | IP Logged
wow!...that was FAST!
maan and geet are finally married!...*jumping*
continue sooN!

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 4:46am | IP Logged
liked it...
maaneet r married...yeyyy....
spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
part 29
lovely part.................
wow i love Anji's comments..................
Geet and Anji will make a good team to pareshan Maan.................
cont soon................
Desigirl144 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:26pm | IP Logged

Note Before Reading:
Hi guys! Thankyou for taking out time to read my FF! I really appreciate it! And as emotional as it sounds to me lol this is the last chapter of KKHH. I'm really sad that I have to end it because KuchKuch to ho chuka hai... Tongue But thankyou again for reading my FF and I will come out with new ones!

Chapter Thirty
(A New Beginning of A New Story)

Geet and Maan got to the Khurana mansion and she took a deep breath and was to finally see it after ten years... Anjali patted her hand, " Its okay.." Geet smiled, " Thanks Pari". Anjali smiled, " Mom says you welcome". Geet laughed and Anjali came out of the car... she helped Geet out and Geet and Maan walked towards the doorstep and Geet looked around... It still looked the same as the last time she left it.

Dadimaa opened the door and she did the welcoming rasams... and Geet entered her home. The one she always used to enter ten years before... who knew she would step in as the daugher in law. Dadimaa sat with Maan for a bit and the rest of the family. The girls however were particularily having fun in teasing Maan... " Nahi Maan bhaiya... hum nahi jaane denge.. pehle paaaaissaayyy!... what say girls?" said Pinky. Maan smiled, " How much?". " As much as you could give" said Pinky. " I could give you the world for Geet... but three lakhs should do for all of you?" said Maan. The girls cheered and Maan signed the cheque.

The girls led Maan upstairs and Maan took a deep breath and opened the door of his room... and he shut it behind him...

Geet was sitting on the bed with her ghunghat down and she was still as ever... Maan walked quietly towards her and he sat down on the edge of the bed beside her. " Geet" said Maan with a husky voice. Geet was still. Maan came closer and he sat in front of her... He could hear her breathing hard... he smirked and lifted up the ghunghat from her face. She was going red in shame and she was looking down. " Geet..." said Maan as he put his finger on her chin and lifted it up. She looked at him and smiled, " Maan...I'm officially yours and btw... that dhak dhakness of yours is alllll mine". He laughed," Oh really? you wish to unlock the contents?" " If its not too hazardous..." said Geet with a smirk.

"Well now.. we should take risk shouldn't we?" said Maan as he was so close to  her lips. They were trembling and he could hear her heartbeat getting even faster. He smirked and he took off Geet's duppatta and he let her hair go loose from the updo... Her hair slipped down her back and he let the two tiny curls at the side of her face free. She closed her eyes tightly and let Maan do what he wanted. He took off her mang teeka and earrings... He kissed her forhead and she clenched the silk sheets... he took off her necklace and kissed her neck all the way down to her collarbone. She put her hands on his neck and he slowly pushed her to the bed... He was inches away from her body and he could see her chest heaving up and down. He smirked, " I love taking risks". She laughed a little and she said, " Can I try something now too?"

He smirked, " Sure... its all yours". She started to unbutton his sherwani and pulled him closer... she kissed him on the lips and he responded passionately. Geet finally unbuttoned his sherwani off and Maan threw it off himself. " Ready Mrs. Khurana" said Maan in his husky voice. " I'm all ready" said Geet in a seductive voice. Maan violently took his undershirt off and Geet slipped off his pants and there she saw him only with his boxers... She smirked, " Now I get why girls call you dhak dhak... you definitely make my heart gooo way past that".

 " Enough talk.. now its my turn" said Maan in a husky voice. He slipped Geet's lengha off and slipped her tights off underneath... it revealed her legs that he wanted to see for the past week. He put his hands around her back and untied her dori's and slipped her choli off. " Well Well well... the contents are certaintly not hazardous at all Mrs. Khurana" said Maan. Geet put her hands around his neck and inched him forward, " Action?". Maan laughed a little and he put Geet's legs around his waist and he kissed her from top to bottom. She was moaning softly and she said, " Maan..." He stopped and looked at her, " Your turn?". Geet laughed, " Of course...

Maan nodded and he let Geet take over... Geet was on top of hhim and she ran her hands down his chest and she kissed him violently... she kissed him all the way down and he couldn't take it anymore... he turned her  around and he was on top of her, " Heey! I wasn't done" said Geet. " Now you are.. its my turn.." Maan slipped the rest of her undergarments off and Geet slipped his boxers off... She was a little embarassed to be naked in front of him but he smiled, " Its only mee." She blushed, "Maan..come into me". Maan put her legs around his waist and he completely went into her... They moaned in pleasure... Maan gave her a lovebite and for some reason it didn't hurt... she dug her nails into his back.

The whole night, Maan and Geet were quiet enough to not make any loud sounds. Of course if there wasn't any family inthe house... Maan would probably break the bed. " You are greattt in bed Maan" said Geet as Maan held her in his arms... " You are the most sexiest girl I've ever seen... I didn't know that my Geet was that good... do you want to go again?" said Maan. Geet frowned, " Save some for the baby making". Maan laughed, " I'll make sure that no one is in the house... I'll send them to vacation for about a month". Geet laughed, " Naughty Maan.." She turned herself around and she hugged him, " I'm all yours". " Thankyou for completely surrendering yourself to me... I love you so much Geet..." said Maan as he had tiny Geet in his big arms. " I love you Maan..."

-----------------------------------------------2 Years Later-----------------------------------------------------------------

" Maaaann!" yelled Geet as she was heavily 9 months pregnant and she felt her water break. Anjali ran into the room and she got a little scared and she ran out, " PAAAPPAAA.MOMS IN LABOR!" yelled Anjali. Maan dropped his files and ran upstairs... he saw Geet on the floor in pain.. " Maan! my contractions" Maan scooped Geet up in his arms and he went downstairs and Anjali said, " MOM! breathee!!". " MAAAAN" screamed Geet. Maan ran out towards his car. He put Geet in and Anjali quickly went into the backseat. Maan drove fast not caring that he might get caught...

Maan came to the hospital and he yelled, " My wife is in labor!". Nurses and doctors ran up and they got a white bed and Maan put her on it. They were rushing her to the delivery room and Maan was walking fast behind... " Maan! I want you in the labor room! I wont give delivery until my husband is with mee" screamed Geet. The doctors sighed and nodded, " Mr. Khurana! come here fast". Maan nodded and left Anjali and dadimaa in the waiting room.

Maan was in the delivery room and Geet was screaming, " HAYE RABBAA...". Maan held her hand and he was calming her down... " MAAAN.." screamed Geet as she was crying. Maan's heart was beating too fast.. he saw a pool of blood and she was pushing as hard as she could... " Geet.! we're almost done.. please.. almost" said Maan. Geet kept on pushing and her doctor, Dr. Nikita was encouraging her, " Geet! you are almost done.. please.. almost.. ring of fire.. the head!". Geet was frustrated and she tried as hard.. but she wanted to give up.. " Noo Geet.. push.. please". The head was about to come out fully and Geet screamed so loud that Anjali and Dadimaa stood up outside and they were worried.. " Dm! is mom okay in here?!!" said Anjali as she looked so scared.

Finally, the head came out and Geet pushed hard one last time... and she felt the baby's head come out and she breathed in relief. Maan had tears in his eyes.. he saw the tiny little being... all covered in blood and Geet put her head close to himm.. " You're done baby.. you're donnee" said Maan. Geet was crying and she had a smile on her face.. and she was breathing hard... Dr. Nikita smiled, " Its a boy". Geet looked at Maan with tears in her eyes... " Maan! our baby..." Maan nodded and he had tears in his eyes and he hugged Geet hard. They  both could hear the first cry of their baby boy... Geet was crying...

" Okay Mr. have to go out... we have to clean up mother and baby" said Dr. Meera. Maan nodded and he took off the plastic scrubs behind the screen and he washed his hands... He came back out to find Anjali and dadimaa looking so worried. They stood up and said, " Woh theek hai.. kya hua!!". Maan smiled, " Geet is okay.. its a baby boy". Anjali jumped up!. " A BABY BROTHER!". Maan knelt down and Anjali hugged him, " Congrats papa!!". Maan hugged Anjali hard and he stood up and hugged Dadimaa, " Congrats bete!".

After about an hour, Dr. Nikita came out and said, " Mr. Khurana... you may come in first and then your family.." Maan nodded and he went in to find Geet sitting on her bed smiling. " How are you feeling Geet?" said Maan as he sat down beside her... He took her hand and kissed it, " Thankyou.. thankyou so much for giving me this gift..."

Geet smiled, " I love you Maan..." Maan hugged Geet and then Dr. Nikita came in with the baby. Geet and Maan saw their baby wrapped in a blue blanket.. and Dr. Nikita gave the baby to Geet first. Maan put his arms around Geet's shoudler and said, " Hi baby.. welcome..." Geet had tears in her eyes, " Our baby Maan... Hi baby... im your mama and this is your papa". The baby moved a little and Geet felt his tiny fingers... and Maan kissed the baby on the forehead... and then kissed Geet on the forhead...

"What do you want to name him Maan?". Maan smiled, " How about Aryaan?". Geet smiled widely, " So filmy Maan..." " No seriously... I loved the name Aryaan from the start.. imagine.. Aryaan Singh Khurana..." said Maan with a smirk. Geet laughed, " I love it Maan.. I was just teasing you... so it is... Aryaan..." " Hi Arii.. kaisay ho.. im your papa" said Maan softly. " Hi Ari.. im your mama..." said Geet as she kissed Aryaan on the nose.

Just then, Anjali and Dadimaa came in with Daarji and Rano. Daarji put his arm around Anjali's shoulder and said, " Congratulations puttar jii". Geet smiled, " You are first daarji.. to hold your par pota..." Daarji smiled and he softly took Aryaan out of Geet's arms and he kissed him on the nose.. " Welcome puttar jii" said Daarji softly. Everyone held Aryaan and then Anjali said, " the same story again... im the elder sister and Ari is younger brother.. papa doesnt that sound familiar..." Maan laughed, " It is certaintly the same story again..." Geet laughed, " So miss didi... how did you like your younger baby brother..." " He looks exactly like papa.. but im  he'll  have your hazel eyes mom..." said Anjali. Geet opened her right arm wide and said, " Come Anjali". Anjali went to Geet and Geet hugged her while still holding Ari. " My two babies.." said Geet and Maan.

----------------------------------------------------------10 years later--------------------------------------------

" Geetanjali Singh Khurana!" yelled Maan. Anjali turned around

( this is how she looks!.. for all those who want to know) (Some of you may know her very well!!),r:6,s:0

" Ji papaa" said Anjali as she turned around from tutoring Aryaan. " Anjali!!!!!!!!" yelled Maan... he sounded so furious. " Didi.. you should go before papa goes crazy" said Aryaan. " I'll be back..." smiled Anjali. Anjali downstairs to find Geet trying to calm him down. Anjali raised an eyebrow, " Papa! why are you yelling". " Idhar aao!" said Maan. Anjali came up and stood in front of him. She crossed her arms and said, " You shook the whole house calling Anjali.. kya huaa papaa!". " Miss GEETANJALI SINGH KHURANA... What am I hearing from your mother?". Anjali suddenly knew what he was talking about, " Oh.. papa.. woh..." " Woh kya Anjali!" said Maan.

Just then dadimaa came rushing up and she said, "Maan! kyun chila rahe ho.. poore ghar ko sar pe uthaliya hai apne!". " Dadimaa! aap apni poti ko samjhahe!" said Maan.Dadimaa glared at Maan, " Isme buri baat kya hai Maan?" " Dadimaa! aapki ladli poti is not so innocent!..." said Maan. " Let me guess beta... its about a boy and its about Arush?" said Dadimaa as she rolled her eyes. Geet stood beside dadimaa was she was rubbing her head because they were literally like cat and dog when it came to this...  

" Papa don't act all bollywood filmyish... mom.. dadimaa... aap papa ko samjahe naa.." said Anjali as she turned around in anger. " Anjali! main tumse baat kar raha hoon!" said Maan as he was furious. " Papa! you're so unfair!" said Anjali as she was getting angry too. " Anjali!" said Maan. " Papa!" said Anjali. " Papa! I've graduated and Im interning at Sanjeevani! thats what you wanted right? Im almost a doctor! IT was part of the deal papa! then you said you would let me!" said Anjali. " Anjali! I dont remember anything like that!" said Maan. Geet was trying to get them to stop arguing. But then she was officially ticked off!

Geet took a deep breath and said, " ENOUGH!". Anjali shook a little and turned around to find Maan's expression to be the same as hers. " ENOUGH! i've had ENOUGH of your arguments... Maan! stop being such a typical protective bollywood father! and Anjali! stop arguing with your father" said Geet as she glared at Maan. " You always protect Anjali! always let her go!" said Maan. " Maan! if she likes Arush then.. let it be! and besides I approve of him..! and BTW.. his grandmother and father are going to  to ask for Anjali's hand!.. and guess what? you won't be able to stop me from saying yes.. think about it thoroughy Maan Singh Khurana!" said Geet as Dadimaa and Anjali were all glaring at him. But then....

Anjali smiled suddenly and said, " Papaa! apne mujhe bataya nahi". Maan turned around, " NO! we'll see Geet! I won't let this happen". " Um excuse me? Anji ko poora haq hai kay woh shaadi karay.. apne pasand ki... stop acting like a child Maan!" said Geet as she stood beside Anjali and crossed her arms. They both glared at Maan again... and two against one was not what he expected... and he finally gave up, " Fine... you can marry Arush if you want.. I knew there was something going on between you two!". Anjali screamed and smiled, " PPAAAPPAA I LOVEEE YOUU". She flung into his arms and said, " I lovee you papaa! thankyou thankyou thankyou". Anjali broke out of their hug and she hugged Geet and dadimaa tightly, " I love you dmmm and momm!!! thankyou so much". Geet had a tear in her eyes, " Love you too Anji..." Maan gave up being mad because all he wanted to see is Anjali happy with the person she loves... and he smiled... All four hugged tightly. " I'll miss you baby" said Maan. Anjali had tears in her eyes, "Papa! stop being so dramatic.. aap mujhe rula denge."

The next evening, Arush and his grandmother and father came for the engagement...

 ( This is what Arush looks like... for all those who want to know.. you should really see  it! I think you'll like it),r:11,s:74&biw=1024&bih=584

Geet and dadimaa brought Anjali down and she was dressed up beautifully. Arush stood up and he stared at her... Maan couldn't help but look at Arush who was ghooring at his daughter. Geet saw it and glared at Maan ," stop it Maan". Maan stopped but he noticed how beautiful Anjali looked. " Pari didi" mumbled Maan and he smiled. Geet had led Anjali to sit beside Arush. Geet brought the rings and Arush winked at Anjali secretly before putting it on,  " Aapko dekh kar kuch kuch hota hai" teased Arush. Anjali blushed, " Arush.. stop it... put it on  before papa throws you out..." Geet smiled and Maan put his hands around her shoulder and watched as Anjali and Arush got engaged...

Aryaan came up and sat beside his sister, " Congrats di". Anjali hugged Aryaan, " I love you motuu..." Anjali joked about his fatness because he was pretty tall for a young boy and he wasn't fat at all... but pretty cute... of course he took after Maan in the looks. " Ey hero... kisse flirt kar rahe thay?... don't you go around with some Tina.. or else I'll make sure that tera murder mere haathon se hoga.." joked Anjali. " Didi... too good for these girls now.." joked Aryaan. " You know you're handsome buddy.. I know it... !" said Anjali. " Waisay Aryaan... where is your crush?" joked Arush. " She's at camp.. wanna see?" joked Aryaan. Arush and Anjali laughed.

" Anjjalii ki baacchii" said Payal as she hugged Anjali hard. " Ouchh.. araam se yaar" said Anjali

(For those who want to see she is!!),r:11,s:16&biw=1024&bih=584

For those who want to see Armaan!,r:7,s:191&biw=1024&bih=584

Payal hugged Anjali so hard and said, " Arush! you cheater... you never told me that you liked Anji since the first day of camp!". Anjali laughed, " We were kids then..."
 " She's right.. I was shy Payal... anyways.. tumhara Armaan kahaan hai?" said Arush winking. " Please.. my so called pati is out talking to  his co senior doctor.." said Payal as she rolled her eyes. Just then, Armaan walked up and he smiled, " Hey beautiful.. kaisi ho?". Anjali stood up and hugged Armaan, " Im good Armaan bhaiya.. waisay... you are not paying attention to my best friend at all". Payal rolled her eyes and Armaan broke out of the hug and then hugged Payal, " Sorry patni jii... it was urgent". Payal smiled, " Its okay pati jii... aapko maaf kardiya"

Payal saw Geet and said, " Geet maam!". Geet looked over and excused herself from talking and said, " Payal! tum kab aayi!.. you look so good beta! ". Payal hugged Geet and was about to say something until Arush said " Aapko dekh kar kuch kuch hota hai" winked Arush jokingly. Geet hit him softly on the arm, " Maan se sunliya to tumhe maar dale ga..". Arush laughed, " I swear I won't tell him that you plan to run away with me". Maan heard it and he faked the anger and walked up to Geet. He put his arms around her shoulder and said, " Arush.. Anjali is there.. your Geet mom is mine"...

" Jab main tumhari mom ko dekhta hoon to.... Kuch Kuch hota hai" winked Maan... Arush laughed and put his arm around Anjali and said, " Sure... Geet mom is all yours... ". Anjali laughed and she elbowed him in the stomach... " Yeh ghissi pitti line kis par use karoge?"..."Forever... just for you.... to be Mrs. to be  Anjali Singh Rathod". Maan laughed, " I'm trusting you with my daughter... you screw it up... then..." Arush laughed, " Don't worry... I won't.. "

The family enjoyed the rest of the evening and truly... it was the beginning of a new story... a new life... for Maan and Geet's love story which helped bloom the love story of Anjali and Arush.

Maan and Geet watched from far and Geet said, " I know Pari is so happy"." I miss her... I wish she was here" said Maan. " She is Maan... I know she's watching us" said Geet.Maan and Geet watched their children enjoy themselves. Anjali smiling and laughing just like Pari... It feels like its her again.. Maan kissed Geet's forhead and she rested her head on his chest...

Maan and Geet believed that....Truly, madly, deeply... Kuch Kuch Hota Hai..  Sab Ki Zindagi mein..

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
hey nice update......Clap
sad k last update thaCry

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:39pm | IP Logged
superb last chapter, it was really well written!
Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:47pm | IP Logged
fabulous ending
Loved their SR--hayye both takin turns BlushingBlushing
Awwww anjali & aryaan are another version ov Maan & pari
Maan is such a typical filmi dad
Lol Maan telling arush dat Geet mom is only his
Loved the lines u've used at the end
Hope u cum bak wiv another FF
Luvin Jeene ki ishaare rite now
Cont soon Xx...
Thx 4 the PM
Tyro IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 March 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
loved the ending....Clap
cant believe the journey ended..alas...loved KKHH....
loved the story...loved the changes that u brought in the story.....
now waiting for u to start a new FF....

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