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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Guys Ayushmann the [Anchor/VJ]  has a show called Super Star Buzz on Star Plus..he gave the review of Soundtrack...He said it was a different movie...the direction was good..the screenplay was nice..he was talking about Soundtrack's story, how it is a story of a musician who goes deaf then he meets Soha & picks up the pieces of his life..he said that the first half of the movie was nice, the second half was a bit dragged.. he said that the only drawback of the movie is that, though the movie is about a musician, the music of the film is not very strong...then he said that Rajeev was very good in the role & he holds the movie together till the very end & he also said the movies highlight is it's protagonist, Rajeev Khandelwal...then he also said Soha was also nice after RDB...he went on to say the movie is not a typical masala film...he said for people looking for pure masala film, or family entertainer film, then Soundtrack is not for them...but for people who are looking for a different kind of movie & a good movie then they should watch Soundtrack...& yes he also said for people who like Anurag Kashyap kind of dark movies, they will like Soundtrack...Smile

[I have written whatever Ayushman said in a jumbled form]

MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Soundtrack on


Rajeev Khandewal and Soha Ali Khan Rock in One of Bollywood's Best Remakes

By: Parimal M. Rohit
October 8, 2011

(Indie Ideas/Saregama India Limited) Rajeev Khandelwal and Soha Ali Khan shine in the feel-good movie of the year, Neerva Ghosh's Soundtrack, which officially lit up silver screens around the world this weekend. A sanctioned remake of the 2004 cult classic, It's All Gone Peter Tong, Soundtrack chronicles the story of DJ Raunak Kaul (Mr. Khandelwal), an entertainer who skyrocketed to stardom as a deejay before alcohol and drugs brought him crashing back down to Earth. Raunak's fall is perpetuated by a sudden physical disability: he goes deaf.


Therein lies the heart of Soundtrack. Perhaps never touching a deejay console ever again, Raunak's misfortunes take a turn for the better when he meets Gauri (Ms. Khan). In Gauri, Raunak meets a lip-reading deaf person who turns out to be his partner and tutor. Even more, Gauri gives Raunak a reason to love music again and find a new way to entertain his fans: composition.

Essentially a biopic of a deejay who actually lost his hearing but became a music composer in real life, Ghosh presents Soundtrack with just the right mix of dramatic storytelling and compelling reality. Indeed, Soundtrack launches with a strong dose of reality  Raunak's escalating rise as a deejay meets uncontrollable debauchery, causing him to fall down almost as quickly as he came up.

A reality check comes in the second half, where the humanity of Raunak's rock-bottom situation as a man who had everything but lost it all suddenly takes over. Yet, instead of being a sob-story of someone who did not know how to responsibly manage his fame, Sountrack ends up being an intriguing tale of how one man's love for music was so strong, it helped him overcome even the most significant of obstacles, both self and naturally created.

After all, a story featuring a deaf man triumphantly finding a way to create music for the masses is next to impossible not to feel good about.

Accordingly, Mr. Khandelwal certainly delivers a strong performance as the chief protagonist. He definitely portrays Raunak in a way that makes him easily relatable to the audience. In short, Mr. Khandelwal is quite convincing.

Directly opposite him is Ms. Khan, who is quite classy and ingenious in portraying a similarly disabled person. Quite interestingly, Ms. Khan breaks the mold of the stereotypical leading Bollywood actress who is often just a vehicle to tell a love story. Here, Ms. Khan's portrayal of Gauri convincingly gives both the lead character (Raunak) and the film's story a substantive purpose.

The supporting cast features a memorable performance by Mrinalini Sharma; the film's cinematography is above average and the music, scored by Karsh Kale and the Midival Pundits, is top-notch.

Ultimately, Soundtrack is a well-put film featuring solid acting and a qualitatively feel-good story. While it has a few minor flaws that may keep it from being one of the best films of 2011, Soundtrack is still a must-watch, and there have been very few must-watches coming out of Bollywood this year.

Fans of Soundtrack may also like: Guzaarish, London Dreams, Rock On!!

Reasons to like Soundtrack: Strong storyline, acting, top-notch score

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MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 3:16am | IP Logged

Movie Review: Soundtrack

Soundtrack is an official remake of a 2004 flick, 'It's All Gone Pete Tong.'

Starring: Rajeev Khandelwal, Soha Ali Khan, Mrunalini Sharma, Mohan Kapoor, Manu Rishi

Director: Neerav Ghosh

Producer: Sanjiv Goenka, Apurva Nagpal

Music: Kailash Kher, Vishal Vaid

Rating: ***

Based on true events, the story revolves around Raunak Kaul (Rajeev Khandelwal), an aspiring musician from a small town with big dreams. He starts his journey in the world of music as a DJ in Tango Charlie -a big-time club in Mumbai, owned by Charlie (Mohan Kapoor.) Destiny takes Raunak to early rise to riches and fame, but not without its hard downfall as well. A lifestyle of excessive sex and substance abuse takes its toll, leading Raunak to permanent disability. Is he able to come out of abysses of his disability? How?

 'Soundtrack' does not claim any megastar cast. However, Rajeev Khandelwal has been able get to the heart of the character and pull it off flawlessly.
Soha Ali Khan as Gauri – a savior and a messiah for Raunak when he is in despair, has depicted nuances of a deaf girl with such subtlety and dexterity that even lisp in her diction sounds convincing. Mrunalini Sharma – as Raunak's girlfriend, does not have much to.

Neerav Ghosh, a debutant director, shows a promising career ahead of him. He has shown his grip on the subject right from the opening shot where Raunak and his passion for music are introduced.  Though, Neerav has created some really innovative camera moves, at some points, he seems to be repetitive and overdoing - especially, in the first part.

Storyline is appealing; and dialogues -particularly in the second half, are impressive.

Music of this musical drama, even though, syncs well with the temperament of the story, leaves much to expect.

Overall, 'Soundtrack' is a worth watch for meaningful and sound cinema lovers.

-- Washington Bangla Radio / Pen Men at Work
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 4:05am | IP Logged

Film Review- Soundtrack

Posted by Riyanki on October 9, 2011 at 9:39 am

Debutant director Neerav Ghosh's much awaited film Soundtrack has hit theatres. It is a Hindi adaptation of the 2004 Hollywood film titled 'It's All Gone Pete Tong'.

Story- The story of Soundtrack centres on Rajeev Khandelwal, a prolific musician who inherits his taste for music from his dad. The film beautifully traces the rise and fall of Rajeev as a DJ. To make a name for himself in music world Rajeev begins his career as a DJ at Uncle Mohan Kapoor's club Tango Charlie. Luck favours him as he gets an opportunity to work in Anurag Kashyap's film. Dazzled by the glitz and glamour, gradually he loses focus towards his work as he becomes a victim to excessive drug consumption, alcohol, sex and disc consoles. To add to his misery, he also starts losing his hearing ability.

Star Cast- Rajeev Khandelwal is undoubtedly the star of the film. Whether it is his interaction with the inner self, his music avatar, his moments of mental depression or the final self-rejuvenation, he manages to keep his audiences hooked on with the diverse shades of his character. Soha Ali Khan is refreshing and does complete justice to her character of a deaf girl. Mohan Kapoor is simply amazing; Mrinalini Sharma is impressive while Yatin Karyekar delivers an honest performance.

Direction: Filmmaker Neerav Ghosh has done an incredible job as a debutant director. The film has flawless and perfect performances by the actors and an extremely appealing story without a single moment of boredom. He has narrated the story in his unique and creative style which will help audiences to constantly remain focused to the screen.

Music/ Cinematography/ Dialogues/Editing- The music forms the backbone of the film. It beautifully syncs with the subject of the film. The cinematography is innovative and one of the plus point of the film.

Verdict- Soundtrack is a well crafted film. It has a fresh concept which will surely grab the attention of the audiences. On the whole it is a must watch.

MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 6:57am | IP Logged

Rajeev Khandelwal, Mrinalini Sharma on film 'Soundtrack'

October 8, 2011 | Filed under: Bollywood | Posted by: Ankan Basu

Mumbai, Oct 4 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Trust directors who make sure that actors get into their respective characters. And debutante director Neerav Ghosh is not to be left behind.

Neerav who's directorial debut film Soundtrack which releases on 7th October made sure that his lead star Rajeev Khandelwal visited several nightclubs in Bangkok to get his act right as he plays a popular DJ and musician in the film.

Although Rajeev did undergo a four week DJ training workshop in Mumbai, Neerav feels that DJ's in Bangkok are showmen and entertainers in their own right. The core idea was to get an understanding of how to engage audience with just the music when there are more avenues of entertainment.

"When I visited Bangkok for recce I was quit blown away by the distinct and happening nightlife in Bangkok. I wanted Rajeev's character to be completely wacky and insisted that he must visit these clubs in order to get the act right." said director Neerav Ghosh.

"We do have lot of clubs in Mumbai and renowned DJ's in India too but Bangkok which is known for its nightlife was the best reference we could get," said Ghosh.

Rajeev said, "Bangkok's nightlife has a reputation of being wild and rowdy so I was initially extremely skeptical when Neerav asked me to visit these night clubs to get a feeler. When we finally got to visiting one, I was taken aback by Bangkok's lust-driven dens of sin.

"It was only on Neerav's insistence that I finally agreed to recce night clubs to meet the DJ's there and learn about their mannerisms. I experienced the loud levels of music DJs are exposed to all the time. The learning was phenomenal I realized there is so much more to learn than just put on earplugs to be a DJ. "

Soundtrack is an edgy, modern day portrayal of India's most prolific musician and DJ played by Rajeev Khandelwal.

It traces his alcohol, drug and sex fuelled meteoric rise, as he battles his internal demons and a damaging handicap. The film also stars Soha Ali Khan and Mrinalini Sharma.
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 October 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged

Mehta Kya Kehta?

Movie Review: Soundtrack (2011)

By Aditya Mehta

Johnny Joker tells Raunak Kaul that he has taken it upon himself to entertain the world around him in such a way that he's now addicted to doing that. By this time, Raunak Kaul has stopped wondering who Johnny Joker is and what he is doing hanging around all the time, and simply listens to what he has to say. Even though Raunak has gone partially deaf.

Despite the malady, the one thing that never leaves Raunak's side is the bottle. Established right from the beginning, Raunak has the makings of an alcoholic. His love for music as strong as his weakness for drink and drugs (pot is all over the movie too), Raunak, ably played by Rajeev Khandelwal, hears music in every sound. It could be a train passing under the bridge he's on, a motorcycle being started, or a beggar singing for money  for Raunak, there's a beautiful melody in every thing.

But being a DJ at the nightclub Tango Charlie makes things go wrong for him; night after night of blaring music destroys his sense of hearing, and to save what's left of it, Raunak must spend time in complete silence. Which angers his producer Charlie, whose villa cum studio Raunak is living in and recording music at. Charlie: owner of Tango Charlie and mentor/producer to Raunak, is a bald, chilled-out dude played by Mohan Kapur (in a strong performance).

Soundtrack has cameos by several Bollywood celebrities, who appear every now and then to face the camera to talk about the kind of fellow Raunak was. Even Raunak's relatives and bandmates tell the camera what a special person he was. So, whether or not you're interested in finding out how the deaf-mute Gauri (Soha Ali Khan) teaches Raunak how to talk in sign language or how their romance brews, you'll surely want to watch Anurag Kashyap roll a joint. Yes, Sir. On the day I celebrate six months of being free of cigarettes, charas and ganja, I get to see Anurag Kashyap roll a joint.

With each segment of the story beginning with a quote from Ludwig van Beethoven (it's pronounced Bay-thoven), Rajeev Khandelwal is shown coping with his problem and eventually overcoming it to make a masterpiece of an album. Mohan Kapur is overjoyed at this development  so much that he bangs at the window of the deaf couple in the middle of the night.

Soundtrack is a very sweet movie with smart ideas  Johnny Joker is the Indipop song (composed by Biddu; sung by Shweta Shetty) Raunak used to hate as a child. When Raunak realizes he needs to stay off the booze, Johnny Joker thrusts a bottle of Black Label at him, singing 'Peelo na' and he stops at that. You expect him to finish it with, 'Johnny, Johnny Walker,' but he doesn't. That's smart. And Raunak's interactions with the ear specialist  those are smart.  He actually cribs to the doctor about cocaine being very expensive, and even says that he tried heroin once but it didn't go down too well because he must've been very drunk. Mix ho gaya hoga, says the understanding doctor.

It's like a breeze of fresh air, this movie by Neerav Ghosh. You'll leave the movie hall smiling, with a picture of two bombs on either side of Rajeev Khandelwal's head, with the unconventional hero thinking that maybe he'll hear a slight sound when they go off. But if a movie like this one comes every month, baaki sab ki vaat lag jayegi, baap.


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(PVR Saket, Delhi, and other theatres)

In the season of remakes this is one more. The inspiration has come from an independent Canadian film, It's All Gone Pete Tong , where a popular DJ goes deaf because sound becomes an occupational hazard for him. First-time director Neerav Ghosh tries to Indianise the idea and succeeds in creating the atmospherics and the texture despite the fact that there is no rock scene of consequence in the country.

Rajeev Khandelwal plays a small town boy, Raunaq Arya, who comes to Mumbai to make it big in the world of music. The opening sequence, where Raunaq finds melody in the mundane, catches the eye. With booze oozing out of his veins, Raunaq captures the console at a night club deliciously called Tango Charlie.

The cocktail of music, drugs and sex that Ghosh has created to depict the rise and fall of Raunaq is heady and Medieval Punditz's music provides it the authenticity and originality that the script demands to believe in the eccentricity of Raunaq, who brings home a beggar to record his first hit.

So is the mockumentary format that Ghosh has copied from the original. The biopic style keeps the audience eager about how far Raunaq will go with his quirks. Usual suspects like Anurag Kashyap and DJ Aqeel, who patronise such attempts, make short, interesting appearances breaking the fourth wall, helping fact merge with fiction in the process.

However, the way Raunaq has handled Raunaq's alter ego is rather amateurish and bursts the bubble midway. In an attempt to create the nostalgia of Johny Joker, yes, the Shweta Shetty song, Ghosh has got carried away. Also, he could not fully justify Raunaq's stature in the industry so that we felt the thud of his fall. After all he loses his capacity to hear even before his first big project. So when he tries to present him as modern day Beethoven, it is hard to digest. But to be fair to the debutant, he doesn't have the star and the scale to work with.

Ghosh recovers in the scenes when Raunaq decides to shun his audacious ways and embraces reality with a smile on his face, courtesy a born-deaf girl, Gauri, who knows how to speak. Soha Ali Khan plays this part with conviction. Ghosh makes her modulate her voice to make her sound as real as a mainstream Hindi film can afford to show a person who has learnt speaking by reading people's lips and she has a done a balanced job as Gauri could have easily become a caricature.

We know Rajeev has the cocksure attitude that Raunaq demands, but the way he bonds with Soha in the second half shows how he has matured as an actor.

It is not an original piece of work, but definitely an effort in the right direction.

-purnima- IF-Sizzlerz

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The drugs, alcohol and sex in Soundtrack was toned down" - Rajeev Khandelwal

Rajeev Khandelwal, whose current performance as a DJ gone deaf in Soundtrack has fetched him terrific appreciation, has discovered a new passion in life. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed He loved the process of getting to understand how a DJ moved, danced, played music. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed And he now wants to carry his new passion for the grooves forward.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Says Rajeev, "I took a crash course of seven weeks as a DJ. I went with my director Neerav Ghosh to nightclubs watched the DJs at work and then began to research on them. VJ Nikhil Chinappa who was my co-star in Shaitan EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed (the one to whom Mathur saab said EmbarrassedEmbarrassed ... kekde mein khoon nahi hota...& policewale mein imaan LOLLOLLOL )also helped me understand the art of DJ-ing."

And now Rajeev who makes it a point to get into the skin of all his characters wants to spend time practicing the art of DJ-ing.

Says the actor, "I did a 7-week crash course in DJ-ing. I can't claim to be a professional one though. But I know how to fit beats into a loop, mix two songs. We have a rather fixed image of a DJ as a guy who plays the songs and dances frantically gesticulating with his hands all the while. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed But I discovered many DJs are far more controlled in their movements."

As preparation for his part in Soundtrack, Rajeev also attended a workshop for the deaf. "I was coached by a teacher from the Helen Keller institute who was actually my co-star Soha Ali Khan's teacher. The thing is, I wasn't playing a guy who was deaf from birth. The body language and the quality of deafness that happens much later in life had to be different."

Rajeev says he made it a point not to watch the actor Paul Kaye in the Canadian film It's All Gone Pete Tong which is the reference point for Rajeev's character in Soundtrack. "No, I purposely stayed away from that film. But I did watch some footage of the DJ Frankie Wilde on whose life the Canadian film was based. The story of that DJ who went deaf was far more bizarre and debauched than what we've portrayed in Soundtrack. The drugs, alcohol and sex in Soundtrack was toned down."

The highest compliment that Rajeev received for his performance in Soundtrack came from his wife
. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"She said it was a good performance. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed She wouldn't bullshit me. If I am awful she would say so. So if she says I am good I must be." LOLLOLLOL

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