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srry yaar ppl!
bohot kaam aa gya tha!
aaj kar loongi!
am just goign to write!

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Part 74



Ranveer had been a bit busy with some calls he had to attend, and the online business conferences too. He had been ignoring tia since a very long time. He knew he just loved teasing the girl, but when she wasn't around, it drived him crazy. Tia had learnt, that ranveer need to be thought a lesson. He kept finding reasons to fight with her, and tia ahuja wouldn't take all of that. It had been a week now that she hadn't been in his room. Leave being together, he didn't remember when she smiled at him last.

He closed his laptop and rushed towards tia's room. He needed to see her right now.


Yuvi had been playing his guitar in the dark. He loved doing this when he had nothing to do. But this time he had a lot to do. The only problem was that he didn't know from where to start. He sang beautifully as he tickled his strings and tapped his feet to the beat. "mmm… love dekhe na koi reason na dekhe koi season…" he smiled "…..tu haan kar chaahe naa kar teri hai marzi!!! Kehte rahenge tujhse baate hum dill kii…"

Even after knowing ashi wasn't with him at the moment, he did trust his destiny. He knew he was the only one for her, and he would keep teeling her that! He would keep making her realize that. And as he promised soniya, he would keep trying.

Sany stood there behind him. She had been there throughout. She had seen her brother grinning like an idiot. She saw him frowning at times, and then shaking his head and smiling again. She couldn't understand what had got unto him. He was surely turning demented she had to agree. The red head was doing all this to him. The wacko mania had all begun. But how was she to get him out of this. She was adamant on what her plans were. She didn't want to back out. Sany quietly kept her hands on yuvis shoulders.

He turned back and slightly hissed.

Yuvi- "sany.. what are you doing over here? Don't you want to sleep? Its quite late.."

Sany- "yuvi.." (sitting) "are you okay?"

Yuvi- "alright as ever" (smiled)

Sany- "you were singing in the darlk and all.. so I thought.."

Yuvi (circling his arms around her)- "why do you think so much? Don't think. OKAY?"

Sany was shocked at this behavior of yuvi. He never liked getting to touchy with her. She was the only one who ended up hugging him or holding his hands. Yuvi never liked this gesture of hers, but had to tolerate her, as at the end of it, she was his little sister.

Sany didn't know she would like this so much. Her brother atlast letting her enter his personal space. She lay her head on his shoulder softly and waited for him to grunt or shove her aside. But to her surprise, he didn't move. He continued playing his guitar. " ……  love is in the air…."


"I don't want it!" tia folded her arms firmly across her chest and glared at ranveer warningly. "don't make tia kick you!"

"tia.. please stop being so difficult."

She shook her head stubbornly, knowing the whole thing was childish and stupid, but still not wanting to give in. "no!"

" why are you being like this?" ranveer sighted rubbing his forehead as a headache began to start. He had been pleading, coaxing and begging her to accept it for the past half an hour, and now his patience was wearing thin. He laid the small ring on the table between them and folded his arms.

"okay.. what exactly is your problem?" he demanded, returning her glare. She raised an eyebrow.

"you have to ask? Just look at it"

Ranveer frowned, his eyes not leaving hers. "tia.."

"ranveer.. you know tia wont accept this!" she blushed when he seemed desperate, but held her guard. When ranveer really wanted something and focused on her, she always felt like giving him what he wanted. Well, not this time!

"so you promise tia something else and get her this stupid ring.. that's hardly fair, you know."

"I know of no such thing!" he glared. "look!"

"no ranveer sisodia! You look!" she picked uo the ring and thrust it right up in his left hand, grabbing it.

"you promised tia the ring that maa had given tia, and you had to sell it instead for your studies. And then you behave as if tia doesn't  exist throughout the trip, and then come and say this is a surprise for tia? Great!!!

 I DON'T WANT THIS! I want the ring which maa gave me. Orelse, am not wearing any. Let everyone know how unlucky tia is, and how badly you are treating her!" she pouted.

"your point?" he asked kissing the hand holding it up.

Tia took a deep breath and tried to control the urge to strangle him or to kick his shin.


"sweetheart! I promised you I'd find you that ring, and I will. Though this ones the best, like the one you always wanted.."

"ranveer?" tia frowned at his tone. Why did he sound so..?

"stupid! tia wants that ring as soon as we get back to Bombay!"

"yep! Ive already spoken to the jeweler.." he pulled her slowly against his chest, kissing her forehead swiftly.

"besides," he added. "you didn't need to be upset with this tiny one.. see how it wants to fit into your hands.."

She smiled against his chest nodding, "your right"

"I know I am," he smiled against her hair. Tia lifted her head to look at him, her lips brushing against his softly.

Tia shh-ed and returned the kiss, sighing into his mouth as they grew deeper and his body pressed closer to hers. She felt him slip the ring onto her finger and smiled as he held her closer. She supposed, just once, she could let go. She'd teach him why not to mess with tia ahuja later. Besides, it was a diamond cut in the shaep of a heart.

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Part 75

Sany sat close to her brother wondering how to start.

To her surprise, he was the one who broke the silence first.

Yuvi- "how was the song?"

Sany- "pretty good. I loved the versus!"

Yuvi- "you know who wrote it?"

Sany- "who did?"

Yuvi- "someone did, he did it for the only person in this world who made this world  look worth living.."

Sany- "yuvi.. you did?"

Yuvi nodded

Sany- "for.. for ashi?"

He nodded again.

Sany- "yuvi, do you know, that girl is not worth you. And not worth all these efforts. After what she has done to you.. how can you.."

Yuvi- "after all I HAVE DONE TO HER, how can i…"

Sany- "you have done to her? Don't blame yourself bro! she was the one who left you!"

Yuvi- "I did deserve that.."

Sany (getting of the bed and grunting)- "what do you mean you deserved that yuvi? See.. this is why I didn't want to let you come to india. That girl has driven you nuts, and she wont even come back to you… do you even know that.. that.."

Yuvi- "what?"

Sany- "nothing"

Yuvi- "tell me!"

Sany (thought for a while)- "that she already has her special someone, and they are getting married soon. K..k..kabeer told me.." (she bit her lip)

Yuvi was shocked for a moment. But then he looked at sany as she turned red with guilt. He smiled at her and ruffled her hair.

"sany. Please don't try all this on me. We have passed the age of insecurity, doubts and possessiveness. Misunderstandings are there, but ill clear them. I really don't want you to increase them sany.."

"but yuvi, am not ly.."

"don't try"


"shh… you don't know her. And it is quiet difficult for us too to understand her. She is a packet of all flavoured beans. Every time the taste is different. I literally mean different."

He smiled as he said that. She did taste different everytime, he smirked.

"lovestruck puppy!" she muttered


"nothing.." she rolled her eyes. "besides, why are you being so nice to me? I don't think its my birthday, or am leaving you forever after today.. you being expressive towards me? I guess I need to cal mom and give her the good news! Her son is learning emotions!" she giggled

"shut up!" he smacked her. "ive always been expressive.

"ouch! Don't do that! Orelse.. ill call you bro in front of everyone"

"not before I call you my sister in front of everyone!" he smiled.

Sany was stunned at what he said. Was he actually losing it? What had gotten into him. God! How she longed have such conversations with him.

She touched his forehead and winced. "yuvi.. bhai.. aap theek toh ho? You are okay with the fact that your friends know that I am you sister? Papa's illegitimate daughter?"


"sudden change? You don't even mind ashi knowing it?"

"she already knows.." he tuned his guitar.

"what?" she couldn't take all this together. "and?"

"and shes upset with me.."


"not coz I hid stuff from her sor something, but for the coward I am, for not accepting you in my life"

Now sany had totally given up on sanity.  She looked at him with wide eyes.

"what?" he snorted

"she thinks that way? I thought she hated me.."

"I told you sany, its difficult to understand her.. itll take time for you to know her.. and one thing for your knowledge. She left me coz she saw me cheating on her while we were together... I told you, it was me.. not her.."


Sheetal giggled as ranveer kissed tia and signaled her with his thumbs up.

Sid was stunned at this.

Sid- "shells! How the hell did you do that? I was sure tia ranveer ko kaccha chabaa jaayegi!"

Sheetal- "I told you!" (sighed) "so, whos the love guru!"

Sid- "YOUU!"

Sheetal- "shhh! "

Sid- "but tell me how you did that?"

Sheetal- "aah! That was the simplest.. I had got this ring with soniya aunty for ranveer when we went for shopping last time, and gave it to him.. he didn't need help with the dialogs, but.. I mean.. you would.. but don't worry! Love guru is with you!"

Sid bowed to her joining his hands

Sheetal- "bolo love guru baby ki….."

Sid- "JAIII!!"

Sheetal- "shhh!!! Maar khilwaoge! Chale kabeer bhai ke room mein ab!"

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Part 76

Sany sat glumly on a ledge outside the hall. She seemed shocked as well as confused. Did she judge ashi wrongly? Would yuvi be happy with ashi? Was she good enough for him?

But one thing she was sure of right now. She wouldn't interfere in her brothers life now. Whatever ashi was, good, bad, selfish, whatever.. she did make her brother feel for her now. So now, she would let yuvi choose whats the best for him. But if anything went out of hand, she would side her own.

She was amused at the change love can make. Could love touch her this differently too? Yuvi would do anything in his hands to get his love back. Would the one written in her destiny love her this much too?

A hand suddenly came right in front of her and snapped. She was taken aback and looked up to see the same brown eyes she'd been thinking about. She was red uptill her earr but maintained her calm.

"kabeer? What wind blew you here! I wish my surroundings were parasite free."

Kabeer (looking back at sheetal and sid and nodding his head saying a NO)- "shift"

Sany- "what?"

Kabeer (hitting her butt slightly)- "shift!!"

Sany twitched her lips and moved, making some space for him to sit.

Kabeer- "so.. what are we doing next?"

Sany looked at him as if he spoke german.

Kabeer- "what? Yuvi.. ashi.. remember?"

Sany- "you were the one who backed out like a loser right?"

Kabeer- "well.. I don't leave any thing undone. Moreover I don't leave my partner in the middle of something, especially if shes this beautiful"

Kabeer leaned towards her as she felt her heart skip alternate beats. Or more maybe, she thought. She gulped as he came nearer and could feel his breath on his face. He smelt of pepper and chocolate. Weird combination she thought. Kabeer leaned towards her ears and said softly, "i.. I don't mind helping you keep  them away from each other.

Sany jumped out as he bubble burst. She could hear his smirk. She gritted her teeth and snapped back at him.

"I don't need your help! Moreover, let him do wht he wants, they are not kids anymore.. they are grown ups you see!"

"isn't this what ive been trying to explain you day in and day out? But I forgot that this thick brain of yours would never understand what Id say.."

"thick brained??? You called me thick brained??" she grunted

"yeah.. I did, but after I called you beautiful!"

Sany felt her cheeks going red every time he called her that.

"yeah.. but.."

"..but you only react to -what you want to react to.."

God!! This boy was making her go more crazy, she thought. All that drama in yuvi's room and then this. She looked into his eyes, shook her head and sighed.

"kuch nahi ho sakta tumhara!" she muttered as she lay her head on his shoulders, encircling her arms around his.

She was not the one who thought hundred times before doing or saying something. She always believed in the present, and did what she felt like. But she would never let her guard down in front of him. And for that matter, she would never trust him with her emotions. Never.


The next morning yuvi had been quite excited. He had been thinking for quite some while now. He sort of knew what could help him get ashi back.

History had  to repeat. He had to remind ashi, how they fell in love. How they learnt to trust each other. And what made them grow more fond of each other.

He knew he had to create such events.. and he knew that his friends would help him. But this might take time.. considering how long it took for both of them to confront each other in school.

"nevermind" he said to himself, "I have all the time in this world!"

"lost in jungle.. check!"

"next.. next was.. haan.. the masquerade ball!"

He picked up his phone and quickly made a call.


"yeah! Haan yuvi! Am in for it! Don't worry! Ill take care of the dance. The party will be held like it was before. … yeah yuvi! Haan haan! Masks ready hoge! Chill!" tia kept the phone and jumped back into ranveers arms.

She tells him the plan and he is all ready to help his mate. This did seem like a decent plan to him. Atleast they wont be hiding stuff from ashi. And wont be lying to her either. She would realize things on her own. But he also knew wht he had to do next.. message sheetal the plan. He trusted sheetal more with the plan. And moreover, he wanted tia's attention to himself at the moment.


-       -

Shells closed her ears as she entered the hall. Everyone was busy talking about something, or mostly- fighting..

She clapped her hands and stood on the table.

"LISTEN!! QUIET EVERYONE! Okay.. so guys! Thanks a lot for not being there with me on my birthday.  I am sure, you guys enjoyed being with each other instead of this kid. But.. but I do want my party, and you guys want to remain with each so I have planned a masquerade ball in the night. As my rules go- you all need to come with one date. Now that should be easy for you all right?"

Ashi turned her gaze towards yuvi and found him staring at her. She quickly turned her face and went to kabeer. Kabeer looked at her and shrugged. Sany had already asked him to be her date.

Next she looked at ranveer, who smiled back pointing towards tia. Tia too held his arms possessively.

She went back to sid.

Sid was delighted that he didn't have to take the pain of going and looking for a date this time. He grinned back at her and nodded until vrinda came by and kissed him on his cheek, asking him out.

Ashi rolled her eyes, as vrinda winked back at yuvi.

Had ashi given a option, she would have gone and dug herself in a grave, instead of going for sheetals party.

She finally had to go to yuvi.

Yuvi smirked as she came by him.

"yuvi.. would you.."

"I would love to!" he held her waist and took her to a corner, "but look at sheetal. The party is for her.. we missed it, we ruined it for her, and she herself doesn't hae a date. So I guess, ill ask her to go with me. Only if you don't mind."

"why.. why would I mind? Yeah do that" she stammered  "ill ask papa to come with me then"

She sighed deeply and walked towards sumeet. "ye kya ho raha hai? Ab in jaise losers bhi mujhe mana kar rahe hai?" she grunted.

"mamma! " she squeaked

"kya hua shona?"

"mamma, do you mind taking someone else instead of papa for the ball? Am taking him with me.."

"sure mamam! But he'd go for the ball only if he knew how to dance. Hes growing old you see." She hid her laughter.

"rubbish! I am coming with you ashi! And we shall see on the floor who's getting old!" he gritted his teeth and left pulling ashi away.

soniya smiled at this and looked at yuvi, who smiled back.

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Mwah MwahHug Hug
Huglove uHug
@part-74: Aww... tia ranveer are shooo cute n romantic tooEmbarrassed n OMG yuviShocked...really??? oh now he is a good broSmile u wrote this  superbly Clap

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@part-75: double hugeHugHug loved the sany-yuvi loves yuvi bhaiWink lizz, u have creat the magic of bro-sis chemistry...luv u n our love guru ke kya kaheneLOL "bolo love guru baby ki...JAII"ROFL

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@part-76: starting with sany-kabir...Wooohooo...pepper n chocolateROFL...Awww he called her beautifulEmbarrassed Ohh another ball dance han, everyone is refusing ashiLOL n yuiv alsoROFL

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OMG !!! Lizzieee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 updates back 2 back ... !!! isiliye itne dino se energy save kar rahi thi ???LOLLOLWink
I have read part 74 and 75 and loved both the parts ...Tongue
a special applaud for the yuvi-sany part ...ClapClap
you have expressed their convo beautifully and their bond is really sweet ...
they are actually bonding now and Yuvi is letting down the walls in between themTongue
liked the way Yuvi told her about Ashi Tongue

Ranveer and Tia was cute and sheetal was just outstanding ,... 'love guru'' -- she is just perfect for it ... poor sid !!! aise love guru ke samne shisya ka kya hoga?? LOL
will read part 76 soon and commentSmile

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