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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 00123trisha

@part-40 wow starting me hi sid ki jayjaykarTonguehe saved vrindaShockedLOLso finally yuvi told about ashi to every1 n sabne believe kiaBig smile

anks,sana where are u guys???lapata ganj me shift ho gay ho kya???LOL

trishu, thanks yaar!

now u or appy go next.. and day ka kya plan hoga?? kahaan ghoomne jaayenge woh tum socho..
sanu wil update on wed.. debby is in singapore- dragons ke saath lad rhi hogi.. and ashu toh LAZZZYYY HO GYI HAILOL apne own ffs bhi update nahi karti :P

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Posted: 27 June 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by BUBLAI

hey lizzie !!!
back 2 back 2 parts ... hum sab kitne kaam pe lag gayeLOLLOL
yuvi went to a babaji cum psychologist ... that's interesting ... but iss bhoot ko kaise bhagaye i hav no clue ... bhool bhulaiya style mein kuch , may be ...
lets see...main agar raat tak kuch soch nahi pati hoon ... toh u or trishu or someone else will update ...okayTongue

yep appy! i want it to be in the bhool bhulayaa style.. bhoot bhagaana mera kaam hai, tum days plan banaao, and kuch exciting scenes daalo..
let ranveer tia keep fighting for a while!!
they r fun like this tooEmbarrassed
and sany kabeer ka bhi kuch karo :P

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Part 41 :

All were discussing about what they should do that day ... the weather was great and all were excited to do something interesting ...

Tia : '' Guys chalo ... lets all go for a body spa ... that will be relaxing and will help us in rejuvinating ourselve '' she was smiling thinking about it closing her eyes ...
The others were all looking at her dumfounded but she has no clue of it ... when she opened her eyes , she saw all of them were looking at as they have seen an alien ..

Tia : ''Aise kyun dekh rahe ho Tia ko ... ??? stop staring guys .. Tia knows that her plan is out of the world ... itne obvious hone ki zaroorat nahi hai ''

Ashi :'' Ya Timbo ... totally ... its out of the world ... ekdum asteroids se milke aa rahe hai ''

Tia didn't get what she said but the others bursts out laughing ... Tia got very angry .. Ranveer too was trying to hide his smile ...Yuvi came in at that moment ...

Yuvi : '' kya hua guys ... kya maine kuch miss kar diya ? ''

Ashi : '' kuch nahi ... bahut kuch ... Timbo abhi abhi space mein asteroids se milke aa rahi hai ''

Yuvi was puzzled and looking blank ... Tia spoke out ...

Tia : '' yeah log sab Tia ke idea ka mazak uda rehein hai ... they didn't came up with anything but instead is making fun of Tia's idea of going for a body spa ... tum hi bolo Tia ki idea kitni achi hai na ..''

Yuvi just couldn't believe his ears ..

Yuvi : '' tia , babes , look , humlog spa jab wapas jayenge tab jayenge ... humlog yahan itne saalon baad mil rahein hai , toh kuch exciting karte hai ''

Tia : ''jao Tia ko tum logo se baat nahi karni '' and she walked away from there ..

Ranveer : '' Tia aap bhi na , hamasha bachon jaisi behave karti hai ''

Tia : '' tumse Tia ko koi baat nahi karni , yuo camel ! tumhe bhi itni hasi aa raha tha na '' and she went away from there ... Ranveer smiled and sat down again ..

Ranveer : '' humein kuch interesting sochna chahiye ''

Sid : '' what abt a date with the unicorns ?''

Ashi : '' lo ek aur rocketing idea aa gaya ... koi normal idea suggest nahi kar sakta hai kya ''

Kabeer : '' mere paas ek idea hai ... why not explore the mountains and may be skiing .. wat say guys ? ''

Ashi : '' now that's what out of the world is !!! iske saath river rafting will be great ''

yuvi : '' haan haan kyun nahi ... aise frozen rivers mein river rafting kum aur river finding zyada hoga , wacko ''

Ashi sulked at Yuvi's reply like a kid ...

Sany: '' ab kya humlog yahaan se jaa sakte hai , yaa phir yahan baithke plans karte karte hi poora din beetana hain ? ''

Sheetal : '' ya i agree , lets get going , main yahan baithke baatein sunte sunte bore ho gai ''

Vrinda : '' par guys don't you all think ke humein aapne saath koi professional guide rakhne chahiye ''

Ashi : '' maate , sirf tum hi aisa kuch soch sakti ho ... come on now , yeh mountains tumhein kha nahi jayenge ''

all went to get ready ... they were to meet at the lobby .. ranveer and yuvi were walking behind .. Yuvi was in deep thoughts ..

Ranveer : '' Yuvi , aap itne khoye hue kyun hai ? Ashi ke baare mein kuch socha ?''

Yuvi : '' haan dudu , I am working on it ... but yeh saare adventures abhi karna zaroori tha kya ... agar kuch risky ho gaya toh ''

Ranveer : '' Yuvi bana ... humein pata hai ke aap Ashi ko lekaar pareshan hai ... par aap fikar mat kijiye ... hum sab hai na... aur abhi toh world war III ladne jana hai Tia ke saath ... jab uhne plans ke baare mein pata chalega ne , toh yeh poora hotel sar pe utha legi ...''

Yuvi : '' ya dude ... Tia and adventure ...i can just imagine it '' and they both went to their respective rooms ...

Ashi went to convince Tia to come along ..

Ashi : '' Come Timbo , main tumhein khud manicure and pedicure karwane le jaungi ... atleast now come along with us ... ''

Tia : '' agar Tia ko kuch ho gaya toh ... aur Tia ko uss camel ke saath kahin nahi jaane ''

Ashi : '' tum dono ki shaadi hone wali hai , aur tumlog abhi se aise ladh rahe ho , shaadi ke baad ki practice kar rahe ho kya ? '' she was giggling and Tia was getting more and more angry ..

Tia : '' haan haan haslo ... tumhari bhi tym aayegi ... and then Tia will laugh '' ashi was going to reply but then Vrinda,sheetal and sany came in .. ''

Sheetal : '' You both are still arguing , humlog toh ready bhi ho gaye ''

Sany : '' haan Tia .. chalo na , the guys will be waiting for us ''

Tia : '' ya ya I understand tum itni impatient kyun ho rahi ho ''

Sany was blushing and the others were looking at her blankly ...

Ashi : '' abb tum dono ke beech kya chal rahi hai ? ''

Tia : '' I will tell you all later ... now Tia has to get ready , so all of you just go away ''

Ashi : '' so finally .. ''

All were waiting in the lobby , fully ready wearing their gears and all ... after what seemed like ages Tia came down ... everyone let out a sigh and they headed towards the mountains ...

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appy dear wat a updtHugyaar sab tia ko chirate haiLOL

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wow appy!!
ur too good at dialogs! specially tia and ashi's!!
every1s busy annoying tia! its fun to see her annoyed... ths so just her!
and bout ashi! river rafting in the ice! lol!! u knw, i was to put the same thing for the days plan! river rafting! but thnk god bach gayi! yuvi ne ashi ki badi udaayi! tum log bhi mera udaathe!
plz go next na!! pahlease! love to read ur parts

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thanks trishu ... and lizzie , thanks for liking my updates but baaki sab kahan gaye ...Confused
sirf hum teen hi reh gaye kya ??
okay ... I 'll go next ...

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Part 42 :

They all reached the mountain top .. the view was awesome from there ... the landscape was worthwatching ... everyone was busy admiring the scenes ...

Vrinda : '' wow ! It's so beautiful up here ... ''

Tia : '' yaa Tia totally agrees with you ... Thank you Tia's God that I came up here ''

Ranveer : '' Kyun Tia ... ab aap tareef kyun kar rahi hai?? ... pehle toh itna bhaw kha rehi thi aap''

Tia : '' shut up camel !!! Tia tumse argue karne ki bilkul mood main nahi hai ''

Ashi : '' toh phir tum kis cheez ke mood mein ho , snow spa ki ? ''

everyone started giggling ... she got angry and went and stood a little far away from them ...

Kabeer : '' sany , kya humlog skiing karne jaa sakte hai ''

Sany : '' Ofcourse , but sab ko chalne do , tab ... akele karna iss bad manners ''

kabeer : '' yaa i agree but don't you think if we wait for them to start we will be going back to the hotel doing nothing ''

sany : '' totally agree with you ... recent developments dekhke to aisa hi lag raha hai ''

they both were smiling and talking away ... ashi saw them ..

ashi : '' ye log itne bhi kya baatein kar rahe hai ... kya kuch chal raha hai , inke beech ... I will have to talk to kabeer ''

Ashi : '' Guys !!! kya humlog yahan pe Wordsworth banna bandh karke skiing karne chalein ''

Sheetal : '' yaa di , inlogo ko dekho ... kab se they are going on admiring the nature , lagta hain yahan baithke poetry ka full book compose kar lenge ''

Sid : '' Tumhe usse kya ?? tumlog jao na , aapne aap ... yaa phir darte ho akele jaane mein ''

Sheetal and Ashi ( together ) : '' Darr !! my foot !! ''

The others looked at looked coz of the way they shouted ...
Yuvi : '' wacko ... why are you shouting like hell ... bechare nature ko aise disturb mat karo ''

Ashi : '' Oh I am sooo sorry baby wordsworth ... main bhool gayi thi ke main aapke muse ko disturb kar rahi hoon "" ( she said it in a baby tone )

Ranveer was smiling ... and Tia : '' Guys !!! yeh world war ka kaunsa season chal raha hai ??... abb toh main counting bhi bhool gayi  ''

Ashi : '' come on Timbo we all know you brilliant you are in maths ... haar baar proof dene ki zaroorat nahi hai ''

Tia : '' You punk !!! Tia tumhe taunt kar thi , tumhe mujhpar taunt karne kisne kaha ''

they both started arguing ... the others are shooking their heads like '' they are impossible ''

Yuvi : '' Tia this is not right yaar ... tum mera limelight chheen rahi ho ... not fair !!! "

tia : '' tum dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta ... continue fighting aur sabka holiday ka ek precious day waste kar do ''

Vrinda : '' haan Tia bilkul theek keh rahi hai ... tum dono phirse ladh na maat start karo ... lets go foe skiing ''

ashi was shocked at Vrinda's reply : '' wah maate in waadiyon ne toh tumpar jaado kar diya ... itna skiing karne ke liye tum ucchal rahi ho ? that's unbelievable !!! ''

Ranveer : '' okay guys abb chalte hai "

Kabeer and Sany felt like '' finally '' and they too went to their skiing point ...
 everybody took their respective positions ... Ashi and Yuvi again started fighting with their positions ... ranveer had to intervene to sort it out ... Ashi was busy looking at the edge ... All started with their sport , even Tia ... but Ashi , busy looking below the edge , got engrossed in it and suddenly her head was spinning and she fell of the edge ... she was screaming like hell and all the others were trying their best to reach the edge by skiing ... but it was difficult for them to do so ... as none of them except kabeer and Yuvi are a pro at skiing ... Ashi managed to get a grip by holding a tree trunk , but as the tree was not that strong it was slowly giving away ...

Ashi : '' Help !!! Help !!! please someone help me !! "'

Kabeer : '' Ashi we are coming ... just hold on for some more time ""

Yuvi was still in shock

Ranveer : '' yuvi bana please kuch kariye ... kabeer aur aap jaldi jaiye ... we are tying ropes to both of your waists ''

Sid and sany rushed to get ropes and call the lifeguards , if any , from the hotel ...

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god ashi again in trouble, lovely updt dudeClap
okay i'll go the nextWink

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