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hey lizzie... thanks a ton for the sweet comments ... tum kuch zyada hi tareef nahi kar rahi ho ..LOL
par ek aur part ... okay I will give it a try ... only for you ... but uske baad kisi aur ko update karna padega ... okay Tongue

Part 37 :

Vrinda and sheetal were searching for Sid ..

Sheetal : '' Di ... bas ab aur nahi ... I can't walk anymore ... He will come back on his own ... koi chhota bachcha thodi hai !! chalo lets get back ... kahin usse dhoondte dhoondte humlog hi na kho jaye ''

Vrinda : '' sheetal ... aisa mat bolo ... he too is a stranger here ... what if he is unable to find his way back ''

Sheetal :'' Oh ! come on di ... he is not so dumb ... infact , if you don't realize he is quite smart indeed ... he can find his way back ... i am sure of that ''

Vrinda gets jealous hearing sheetal's words but doesn't show it infront of her ...
She decides to go back and tell the others about it ... so they can find him all together ...
while sheetal and vrinda were coming back ... they saw Tia and ranveer coming out of the cave hand in hand ... Vrinda rushed towards them and told them all that happened ...

Ranveer : '' aap fikar mat kijiye Vrinda .. woh aas pas hi kahin gaye honge ... aa jayenge ... hum log thode dur tak jaake dekhte hai ... aap log yahin rukiye ''

ranveer goes to find Sid and the others were waiting for him to return ...

Vrinda : '' pata nahi yeh ashi aur yuvi bhi kaha reh gaye ... ab tak toh aa jana chahiye tha .. itna late ho raha hai ''

Tia : '' Don't worry ... they are fine whereever they are ... tia is sure of that ''

Vrinda : '' I hope so too ...''

then Vrinda sees Ranveer coming back with Sid and Kabir and Sany too ...

Tia : '' Oh Tia's God .. yeh log Ranveer ko kaha mil gaye ''

Sheetal :'' Haan ... lane toh gaye the ek ko ... aur le aaye do aur ko ... kya free offer hai ''

Tia : '' Ranveer , tumhe Sid kaha mila ? ''

Ranveer : '' Tia ... humein yeh poochiye kya karte hua mila ...?''

Tia : ''kyun ? ''

Ranveer : '' Yeh bhaisahab ... cave ke peeche jo raasta tha .. waha ek nadi ke kinare haat fehlakar apne unicorns ko bula rehe the to inspire him and be his muse to write a cartoon ''... and Ranveer and all the others laughed out loud ...

Vrinda : '' Sid ... tum bhi na ... muse ko dhoondne ka aur jagah nahi mila ... khamokha ... everyone was worried for you ''

Sheetal :'' everyone or only you Di '' and she giggled ...

Tia: '' aur yeh dono kahan mila ?''

Kabir : '' arre humlog tumhe dhoondne aa rahe the ke ashi yaha pauchi hai ki nahi ''

Tia looked at Ranveer sheepishly ..sany was looking at tia and ranveer and she understood they were hiding something about AY ...but she didn't say anything ...

Ranveer : '' nahi bana ... par aa jayenge ... tab tak let's check out the place properly ...

On the other hand , Ashi and Yuvi were viewing the overtop view of the place from the cable car ...
Yuvi : '' Ashi , tumhe ek baat poocho ''

Ashi : '' Ofcourse psycho ... tum kabse permission lene lage aur woh bhi mujhse ... ask what evr you feel lyk but nothing gross ''

Yuvi smiled and asked : '' Tumhe kya lagta hai ... ke whatever is happening with you , is there anything particular with it ''

Ashi :'' I don't know Yuvi ... pata nahi kya hota rehta hai mere saath .. as if someone is trying to tell me something ... it's all very spooky ''

Yuvi : '' yaa it is ... i agree ... otherwise anvesha bannerjee ray ko scare karna is not that easy ''

Ashi '' totally ... but atleast now you believe me ''

Yuvi : '' aate waqt ho hua ... uske baad believe na karna will be quite stupid , isn't it ?...''

Ashi : '' totally psycho ... atleast your brain started working before I am a dead meat ''

Yuvi : '' yaa yaa ... I just hope nothing happens to you now ... ''

Ashi : '' me too ... I don't know ... what exactly happens to me ... I lose control over myself ...i don't realize who is with me... and if by any chance I hurt that person ... If I hurt you , I will not be able to forgive myself .. I don't know what will happen if I , myself do any harm to you ... ''
ashi was quite serious ... Yuvi saw the fact how much she cared for him ... and he was trying desperately to see if the love is for him si still there in her eyes ...ashi looked up with welled up eyes ... Yuvi leant forward ... hold her hands in his and said '' Don't worry wacko ... I know you can never harm me , I trust you completely .. ''

Ashi : '' don't trust me so much ... i am not that sure about what i capable of doing when I am under that unknown spell or whatever you call it ''

the cable car suddenly felt a jerk and it came to a halt ... the lights were flickering inside the cable car ... Ashi was getting quite nervous ... Yuvi can sense it ...
Yuvi : '' Ashi ... calm down ... aisa hota hai kabhi kabhi ... don't freak yourself out ..''

Ashi : '' Yuvi don't forget the fire '' ..'' please don't let me harm me .. tum sambhal loge na ? ''

Yuvi : '' ashi ... kuch hani hoga ... please calm down ''

Yuvi himself was looking anxious .. he can't believe Ashi was acting so vulnerable ... what has happened to the Ashi I have known for years ... woh apne upar se confidence kyun lose kar rahi hai ... I really need to find it .. what is happening with her ...

Ashi was suddenly turning pale ... Yuvi shifted beside Ashi and hugged her tightly ...

Yuvi : '' please Ashi ... don't let it get onto you ... keep your cool .. please dear ... fight it ...''
He can feel Ashi was giving away ...

Ashi , a little dazed : '' Yuvi please sambhal lena ... I don't want to harm you ... please ""

Yuvi '' and you won't ... I trust you ... I trust you ..''

Ashi was fighting with herself ... she was trying her best to get rid of what was going on inside her ... but failing miserably ... she was turning more pale ... her eyes were going red , nose was bleeding and she was breathing heavily .. Yuvi was shaking Ashi profusely ,,, but she was losing herself  and fading into the land of unconscious and obscurity ...
Yuvi : '' Ashi ... please ... fight '' Yuvi's eyes were welled up ... he can't see the only love of his life in that way ... he hugged her tight , was rubbing her shoulders, patting it ... trying his best to get her back to the normal condition ..suddenly Ashi's eyes shot open and she pushed Yuvi with all her force ... yuvi struck himself badly at the window .. his forehead was bleeding and the cable car was shaking ...he can't believe what just happened ... he looked at ashi who was looking at him straight with no emotions in her eyes ...

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goshShocked appy u updted. love uHug
back 2 back parts were so nyc n specially the last one it was so scaryConfusedpadte padte mere romte khare ho gayeLOL
okay i think i can go the nextWink

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Ashi was staring at him strangly like she doesn't know him.Yuvi's eyes were stuked in her red scary eyes.He couldn't believe what was happening.After few seconds he got back his sense that he need to control her, he need to stop her.So that he went to her again to catch her but she was moving one side to other & the cable car was also shaking.Yuvi wasn't moving so much coz he know that the car can fall down anytime anywhere.He was trying to call her.
"Ashi,listen to me.please come here n don't move so much this cable car can fell down anytime" he said gentely
But Ashi didn't listen to him.She was still looking at him & sometims looking down like she wanted jump down.Yuvi fastly went to her & once again hugged her tightly but Ashi got irritated.She was trying to releave herself but this time Yuvi was so confident & this cofidence and his feelings were giving him strength to control her.He was trying his best.
Other side,everyone were walking through the cave.They had torch lights but the place getting more darker.Tia got scared & Immediately hold Ranveer's hand.
"kya hua Tia?" ranveer looking at her
"Raveer,Tia ko iss andhere se dar lag raha hai" Tia dais with fright
"don't worry Tia,apko humpe trust hai na?" Ranveer asked
"khud se bhi zyada" Tia answered withy a smiled
"toh apko fikar karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai, hum hai apke sath" Ranveer replied
"oh god save me from this bekar lines" Sid looking up
"oh helllo, iss cave me upar god nahi bats milenge so look straight" sheetal snapped
Sany & Kabir was walking together.She was a lill bit of blushing.
"are you okay?" Kabir asked to her
"what? yes, i'm fine" Sany replied
Vrinda could understand what was going on with them.She was smiling.
"didi,ek baat puchu?" Sheetal asked
"han pucho" Vrinda replied
"apka koi boyfriend hai kya?" big smile on her face
Vrinda shoked & little angry.Sid coughed to hear that.
"what??" Vrinda angrily asked
"actually maine socha ki aap smile kar rahe ho toh maybe apka koi BF hoga" she replied
"or tumhe aisa laga hi kyu?"
"jab log love me hote hai tab vo aise hi akele smile karte hai, for example Tia didi" looking at Tia
Tia was blushing & smiling.
"tum na apna ye gyaan apne paas rakkho, don't through at me" Vrinda yelled & walked fast to others.
In cable car,then Ashi was in under control but Yuvi didn't noticed that she turned normal then,he was busy in huging her.After few mins he realized that she wasn't moving.Her head was on his shoulders,she was breathing normaly.He got happy to see that,then he kissed her forehead but suddenly he saw her eyes were closed, she was senseless,he got scared & start shaking her patting softly her cheeks.
"Ashi,get up sweet are my strong girl,your ghaggu's girl.You can't be so silent,come on get up" he was saying with crying voice
Then slowly she opened her eyes but she was still weak.
"Yuvi,please don't leave me alone,please" she spluttered
Yuvi wanted to say something about his feelings to her but he controled himself to say anything. 

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Hey Trishu ... really nice update ... loved the way Yuvi managed the entire situation ...
the vrinda-sheetal convo was sweet ... overall , it was really good TongueClap
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Originally posted by BUBLAI

hey lizzie... thanks a ton for the sweet comments ... tum kuch zyada hi tareef nahi kar rahi ho ..LOL
par ek aur part ... okay I will give it a try ... only for you ... but uske baad kisi aur ko update karna padega ... okay Tongue

wow appy!! love u 2 much for this!!
and mein zyaada nahi bolti hoon ok, ur just too good with ur words, even tho u dnt rite much :P
another adorable update!!
and lmao!! yahaan bhi unicorns ko le aaye!!lol.. sany kabeer bhi mil gaye free mein unko :P
and on the other hand ay!! u wrote them so amazingly.. i was so shocked at wht she did to him...hopefully all the misunderstandings will end soon, and theyll be together :D
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omg trishu!! this was one of ur best written parts!!
it was fun reading it..
ashi was so nt ashi, she had lost all the confidence she had in one go.. but uv managed to keep her safe and sane at the same time..
vrinda sheetal convo was amazing!
in all an amazing update..
now ill go next :D
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~~Part 39~~


All of them head towards the hotel from the cave. As they enter, tia sees something and hides behind ranveer

Tia(whispering)- "ranvver, aaj toh hum gaye"

Ashi comes storming towards the gang and pounces on tia.

Ashi – "TIMBO!!! KABHI TOH APNI DUMBNESS KA PROOF MAT DO! And ranveer?? You too?? Tum bhi timbo ke plan mein shamil the??"

Ranveer- "hum?? Nahi ashi! Bilkul nahi.. humein toh kuch nahi pata tha.. this was all tia's plan.. humein toh wahaan se nikalne ke baad pata chala"

Tia (all confused and furious)- "camel!! Yeh kya bol rahe ho??"

Ranveer- "oh ho tia.. its all okay. Ashi yuvi will not eat you up.. they know u did it all for them.."

Tia- "but.."

Ranveer(cutting her)-"… but wht u did was wrong too.. its their life..leave it upto them hw they want to live it"

Tia looked around.. she was quite tired.. she knew she wld have to deal with her sister and yuvi, but ranveer too?? She cldnt handle so much in one go.. she looked at sheetal and vrinda, and pulled them along as she stomped off..


Next day

Everyone were to meet for breakfast for the days plan. Ranveer walks behind tia and tries holding her hand. Tia had been quite upset since last night. Every thought of ranveer was irritating her. She was just waiting for a reason to choke him to death.

Ranveer could read it all over her. He smiled as he tried holding her hand.

Tia(pulling her hand back) -"Tia ka haath mat pakdo, wrinkles aa jaayenge tia ke haath par, and iske liye koi plastic surgery bhi nahi hai"

Ranveer (walking away)- "kitni interesting hai aap, aapke saath rehte rehte hum bhi cosmetics ke baareme kitna jaan gaye.. koi jaanna chaahe ya na chaahe…"

Tia went to the table where kabeer sanaya and ashi yuvi had been munching on their cereals. She reminds the gang tht it was sheetal's bday the nextday, and pulling kabeer along with her she left.

Tia (shouting)- "tia's planning an amazing surprise for shelly, so tia'll be bk in a while.. see you soon guys"

Ashi yuvi and ranveer look back at her as her car leaves.

Ashi- "thakur.. ur in deep shit.. timbo doesn't look too happy with u."

Yuvi- "yes banna, shaadi karne se mana toh nahi karne waali tia??"

Sheetal (hopping in)- "kyun??? Kiski shaadi cancel ho rahi hai?"

Ranveer- "erm.. lagta hai hamaari"

Sheetal- "arey bhayya, tension kyun lete hai.. tia nahi toh sany di hi sahi.. competion hai dono mein yahaan.. par shaadi toh honi hi hai…. Pahleaseee!!"

Ranveer ( rolling his eyes bk at shells)- "toh yuvi bana ka kya hoga??"

Sanaya stares at yuvi when all of them are busy having fun. Ashi senses his discomfort, and lays her hands on his. Yuvi lloks back at her and nods. He knows she want him to accept  sanaya in front of everyone. He was to say something when suddenly vrinda entered with sid. She was all bruised and shivering.

Ashi (worried)- "vrinda?? Kya hua tumhein?" (looks back at sid and tightens her fists) "SID?? Sid ne toh kuch nahi kiya na? MEIN ISKI SKIN KI JACKET BANWAKE TUMKO GIFT KAR DOONGI!! KYA KIYA IS IDIOT NE TUMHEIN??"


in the mall..

tia held her head as she heard his last words..

"what are you saying kabeer?? sany's yuvi's sister?? tia doesnt believe yuvi didnt tell this to tia.." she was quite confused as kabeer continued, "nahi tia... you cant ask him that.. he doesnt want to accept her. he was always a douche.. thers nothing new in this..just chuck it.." he picked come candles..

"chuck it??!??!?!?  sany yuvi ki sister hai, ranveer ki nahi..i dnt trust tht blonde.. tia ko waapis jaana hoga.. chalo kabeer!"

"what rubbish tia.. sany is not like that.. and forsure she isnt a blonde.. okayy???"  he snorted

tia- "OH MY GOD!!"

kabeer (irritated) - "WHAT NOW??"

tia- "YOU LIKE HER!! KABEER!! YOU LIKE HER??!!!??!!!  OH YES!! YOU DO!!!"

p.s-alright guys.. i knw tht was just too fast.. as we knw, there r not much readers left here.. but i dont want to leave this ff incomplete.. I AM NOT AKANKSHA :|

so guys, whoevers reading, plz keep commenting so tht we knw hw many we r together.. 

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Hey !!! Lizzie ... what an update yaar ... bechari Tia --- yuvi, Ashi and Ranveer too LOL she will lose her skin's glow with so much of tension ...LOLLOL so now it's sheetal's birthday ... good idea ... Tia 's reaction was at its peak hearing about Sany ... really enjoyed reading it Tongue

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