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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 3:24pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by elizaa

aah, finally, my kabeeru is hereEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
awwwww..... and he sees ashis pic in yuvis cupboard?Embarrassed and he is sorta upset with uv?Cry this hurst so much, but i so love reading it...
we need to get a few more sad angles, fun ke liye we have amazing actors/characters hereLOL
@ the campfire, my heart just came out wen i read tht yuvi doesnt want the fake dating thing to happen coz he remembers some old things connected to fake dates...
and again, am nt a drama queen.. uve writeen it so well.. mein kya karoon... u knw hw hyper i get wen i get to read your posts, and hw much do i have to keep bothering u, ki, likho likhoLOL
nvm, yuvi is just too adorable...
ashu- u fix in songs at the rite places, makes it feel real.. i guess i shld also try out this once.. but the thing is tht i knw ill mess up
and ahahhah, lmao..... sany kabeer meet was perfect!!
and sanu is going nextWink

Yep, he's here. Embarrassed

The idea just randomly popped up in my head when I was writing..I didn't even get the time to ask you if it was okay, but I'm guessing you liked it. :P Duh uh, ofcourse he's upset, won't you be?, if someone broke your best friend's heart?

LOL .. I always write on my own when I want to. Well, most of the times. :P Try ittt ! Songs make it feel real, agreed. :D

Yay! What's she writing? YM. 

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Akankshaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by elizaa

Originally posted by _Akanksha_


LOL .. I'm sorry, I LOVE AshiA ! I can't help it. :P Aha, I know you said that I should let Sanu handle Sid-Sheetal-Vrinda track, but IM SORRY, I LOVE 'EM. :D

Lmao .. I choked on my water when I wrote that! I mean, it's so like Sid himself to ruin everything. LOL Oye, you ain't breaking the misunderstanding just yet. Angry :P Hehe, thank you. Hug My part comes out good when I'm REALLY in the mood..and I was in the mood tonight. :P YOU MAKE ME FEEL LIKE IM LIVING A TEENAGE DREAM .. Ooh, wait, I got carried away. LOL I love that song. :P

ashia r awesome together..
u knw later we will have a few parts of girls v/s boys too... plz plz plz.
i wnt clear the misunderstang.. you will.. i dnt like the rona dhona and all.. wen all this will happen ill be making ranveer tia or kabeer sany romanceEmbarrassed
and i forgot to tell u bout a track we had discussed bout... illl tell u and sanu on ym..

OMG, I was thinking the same thing, like, a few minutes ago .. Girls VS/- Boys .. like they did when Shanaya came. :D

There is no rona dhona .. I can write senti, but I can't write rona-dhona. :P Don't make Kabir and Sanu fall in love just yet..Let them have a gradual story, too! Embarrassed


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sanu kabeer will nt strt nw.. they have a proper track too... we will get to it in a while.
girls v/s boys soon.. and the horror track is now
we r going to have FUNN!!

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woww akhi .. lovely update yaar .. sanaya and kabir ki larai dekh kar lagta hai ke jodi inki banine wali hai ....
wel acha hai agr aisa hoga toh kamsekam sanaya ashi yuvi ke beech main toh nahiin aayegi ...
next update soon guyzz...

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@Akhi-both parts r woow
i liked the ashi-tia's little fight
sheetal OMG lag gayi kaam peLOL........... so finally kabeer is backDancing

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Part 16

Ashi lay her foot on something that looked like a chamfered rock. She was inside the jungles, but could see the bonfire from there. As her foot touched the rock, she felt a sudden jolt of electricity pass through her. It was quite windy there, but the wind that touched he,r was so unpleasant. She felt something touching her cheeks as her tears rolled by.

It had been three years since then. And was she here to just know that she wasn't over him? No.. she was over him.. she didn't care.. why would she, when he didn't. he had got his girlfriend along for the reunion.. but why wouldn't he? They were not together anymore. He had always been that way. A jerk. a womanizer. Wasn't he doing worse wen they were together? He was two timing her.. but now he wasn't with her, he could do whatever he wanted to. Who was she to tell him that. Just that she had too many hopes from this meet, something in her heart told her, that may be he just changed.. changed for the best. But it was all her fault to assume things. Yuvi was not the kinds who would change for others.

She had so many things going in her at the moment. Her tears had all dried up.

But she felt it once again. A hand touching her cheek to wipe her tears. It was dark all over. "yuvi" she muttered.

She turned around. All she clould see was darkness. There was no yuvi there. She  sat down on the rock and bit her lips.

"I wish I knew what to do.. I wish someone would understand me.. I don't want to go through this all over again.. I just guess I should leave it loose now. Yuvi doesn't love me, and I should understand that.."

She was fidgeting with a sharp piece of stone, and she didn't realize, it pricked her as she said.. yuvi doesn't love me*

A few drops of blood fell over the rock as she started feeling dizzy. She caught her head tight and tried getting up. She suddenly found some force stopping her from getting up and pushing her towards the ground.

"Gravity in full force today" she muttered.

She tried her best to get up and fought against the force.


She heard her name being called.. she looked behind, but found no one.. the voice was crazy, sounded like a mixture of wind and hoarse voice.

She felt the touch again.. this was getting creepier now. She had to go back to the gang before they noticed her absence. She kept both the hands on the rock and pushed herself upwards and managed to get up. When suddenly the forced pulled her back and she found her self lying straight on the rock. She turned around and got up with a jerk. what was not letting her go away. She was not the types who was scared of ghosts. She felt humans were worst. She looked back at the rock and found something written on it. She quickly cleaned the dust with her hands and blew on it. With the help of her cellfone, she tried reading it out.

"R.I.P Saya.." she read.

"WHAT? This is a grave? SAYA?" she got up.


She heard it again.. "saya?" as she took her name, she found the force loosening her grip on her. She quickly got up and ran towards the bonfire.. she could hear footsteps following her, but she didn't stop running. She tripped over the uneven land a few times, but didn't stop running..

"aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" they all heard her scream.. she ran out of the woods, her eyes were blurry with the branches snapping out at her face, she couldn't see anything but she felt like a pair of eyes were watching her, she tried to remove the branches and rounded a corner when she smacked into someone.

She looked at him and put her arms around his neck at once.. she was breathing heavily, mixture of tears and sweat all over her.. she hugged him tighter as he kissed her on the forehead.

"ASHI?? Kya hua ashi ko?" came tia.

Yuvi looked at ashi as she broke the hug. She was still in his arms.. she looked up to him and felt peace.. "tum kahaan the?? Thank god you're here.." and hugged him again..

Yuvi still stared at ashi as he played with her soft hair.

He couldn't believe what he saw.. she was in his arms.. looked like she was at peace there. In kabeers arms.

Yuvi quickly left sanaya and ran towards her.

Tia shook ashi hard to ask her what happened. "bolo na ashi.. tum theek toh ho? Kya hua?"

Ashi- "koi mujhe follow kar raha tha.. I met something scary in the jungle"

Kabeer (still holding her)- "scary? Following you? What?"

Ashi- "I was sitting on a grave and.. I just couldn't get up. I felt some1 touching me and someone taking my name."

Tia- "oh tias god!"

Yuvi- "what rubbish.. looks like uve been watching a lot of horror movies"

Ashi (giving him the dirtiest glares she could)- "forget it"

Tia- "seriously ashi.. you must be hallucinating"

Ashi (growling) -"you think I am mad?"

Yuvi (smirks)- "thinks? We already know sweetie"

Ranveer- "yuvi.." (asks him to stop) "ashi.. are you sure.. looks like you just got scared after you saw the grave."

Yuvi- "or was it that you just needed a reason to hang on someone"

Everyone looked at him, and he knew he had to stop.

Yuvi- "err.. guys.. you know how she wants to be the center of attraction.. isn't this more than a proof that all this isn't true."

Tia- "tia thinks the same.. ashi.. if u wanted the attention then you could just wear normal clothes and come.. and if its about your random thoughts, then tia thinks you shoud rest"

Kabeer -"phew.. ashi, ill go get water for u" (runs to get water)

Ashi (irritated)- "guys.. its okay if you don't want to believe me.. I guess we should leave"

Ranveer- "ashi.. we have always believed you" (looks up at yuvi) "and will believe you today too.. par abhi yahaan hum sab hai.. tumhein kuch nahi hoga.. come here" (and pulls her in for a comforting hug) "I guess we all should leave"

p.s- this horror track is inspired from a ff of our dear friend komalTongue. so the whole credit for the idea of this track goes to her.. she is a writer on this track too, but seems to be a bit busy, and dunnoe wen she will continue.

the name of her ff is - darna mana haiSmile

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Res! :)


Liz, this has to be one of your BEST parts till date, or is it me being biased 'cause I love horror stuff. :P No, seriously, wacky used to be your best genre, add horror to it. :D And so much for I-can't-write-senti .. it was perfect. It wasn't overdrive with sentiness, you kept it Ashi-ish, me likes! Embarrassed She plans to move on, right? Let's see. :D

Oooh, a force pulling someone down. Okay, this is officially freaky. And Saya !? Duudeeee, itne saare shockers. D'ohI literally had a 'When-did-we-discuss-this' look on my face, before it turned into a WOW feeling! I LOOVEEEEE Kabir-Ashi! The way you describe that hug .. AWESOME. The way Yuvi was staring at Ashi while she was in his arms, SUPER AWESOME. :D 

Yay!..And the fights start now. DancingDancing Haha, Yuvi and Tia don't believe her, and they think that she's doing it for attention! How typically YT. LOL

PS - I have to mention.. this was another of my favourite parts, where Ranveer gave a look to Yuvi and went like, ''I have always believed Ashi and always will!'' Reminds me why I love him. Embarrassed

We're gonna pick some basic scenes up from Komal's FF .. That is, the idea, that is, like, the skiing one, BUT, we will be writing them on our own! And we did mention her name and gave her the credit, for the readers. Embarrassed

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lizzzzzzzz no need to mention it was amazing
k i live horror tracks withot d sight of blood
and ashi involve in horror track ............ amazing
and d hug between ashi and kabeer was gr8
it was clear dat uv was getting j
and why tia is not supporting herOuch

i think uv k saath rehne ka asar gai
awwwwwwwww i love thakur he is best
and d way he backfires uv
iwas soooo deadWink
now saya..... i love her name
i cant imagine dat we will turn out it as horror track
m really in love wid dis track
now waiting 4 next update
and tell me who is goin next

and lizzzzzzzzzzzzClapHug

love u 4 dis update

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