~When They Collide~ (AY, TR, SV FF)-Prt76Updt. (Page 104)

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At the ball, Ashi was looking for Sumit but her heart wanted to see Yuvi. She was moving there here. She saw Hina was coming towards her, looking little angry.

"So, miss Anvesha you n Yuvi han" Hina said making a face like she doesn't want Ashi with Yuvi, Ashi could see that on her face but she was confused because Hina said she n Yuvi

"what do you mean by me n Yuvi?"

"Oh come on, don't be like a full you know what I mean"

"seriously I really don't know, are you thinking that me n Yuvi are together?"

"do you think I am a full?" Ashi was thinking "YES you are"

"I know everything, you n Yuvi are engaged" Hina replied

Ashi shocked "WHAT???? Me n vo engaged? Are you mad ya what" Ashi yelled

"why? Are you not?"

"NO, who said this rubbish?"

"she was your friend. Her name was Tia I guess"

Ashi more shocked and got too much angry "vo timblet, who the hell does she think she is"

"so Yuvi is alone right, I can get him?"

Ashi's heart was brocken she she said that, her eyes were going to give up but she controlled herself n with loads of pain she said "Yes you can"

At the same time Yuvi entered In the ball with the others n saw Ashi with Hina

"guys, vo Hina Ashi ko kya bol rahi hai? I'm sure she is talking about me" Yuvi said

"yah dude, she is a girl toh tere bareme hi baat karegi na" Sid replied

"oh phalease Sid, pahele se hi vo Shina humare liye danger ban gayi hai or aab vo Ashi se kya baat kar rahi hai Tia have no idea"

"she is not Shina ya fir Nina, her name is Hina" Yuvi replied

Everyone got angry on him "banna apko ko Ashi chahiye ya vo Hina Nina Shina ya whatever" Ranveer yelled

"yah Yuvi, forget that girl n focus on your life" Sany said

"that's Ashi" Yuvi smirked

Other hand, Hina saw Yuvi n went to him smiling "hey Yuvi, yuvi darling" hugged him but Yuvi pushed her away. Ashi was watching all these and was hurt a lot

"stay away from me okay" Yuvi shouted at Hina

"why? You are alone" looked at Tia "and you miss Tia, what did you said to me? Yuvi and...and...

She didn't remember Ashi's name

"Anvesha" Sid reminded her

"yah yah whatever, I don't care, Tia told me that Yuvi and Anvesha are engaged" Hina replied to everyone

"listen you Hina Nina Shina whatever stay away from yuvi, get it" Tia yelled at her showing her finger

Then Ashi got angry on Tia because of that lie, she angrily went to others and stood front of Tia

"you listen to me Timbo, what are you trying to do? Tumne kyu bola that me n Yuvi are engaged?"

"Ashi, aap bekar me gussa ho rahi hai" Ranveer said trying to sooth Ashi but as she is "thakur tum choop raho yeh mere or Timbo ki beech ki baat hai so let us handle it"

"Ashi phalease, don't shout at Tia, Tia just wanted to keep Shina away from Yuvi that's it"

"Shina nahi Hina...Hiiinaaa" Hina screamed

"Tia don't care" Tia yelled at Hina n again turned to Ashi "Ashi don't talk to Tia like this, it's hurting me"

"or tum logo ke actions mujhe kitna hurt kar rahe hai do you have any idea?"

Tia downed her head. Then Soniya and Sumit entered in ball. Soniya ran towards Ashi and hugged her tight "Oh mumum, shona thand toh nahi lagi na?"

Ashi pushed her away "mumma, what's wrong with you, main kya bina cloths ke bahar gayi thi joh thand lagegi" 

"Soniya toh summer me bhi bol sakti hai TUMHE THAND TOH NAHI LAGI" Sumit nodded

Soniya strictly looked at Sumit "Kukreja, am Soniya...Soniya Ray or Soniya Ray kabhi aisa nahi kaheti hai"

"mumma papa please, stop this, you guys are our parents you two need to Sault out our problems, if you can't then please don't create your own, PLEASE"

"any one can please tell me what's going on?" Hina yelled

"if you have eyes then you can see if no then jake chashma kharido" Sid replied to Hina

Sany was too irritated with the fights, suddenly she remember that Kabir wasn't there, without telling anyone she went out for him

"Guys guys please stop fighting" Yuvi shouted at everyone

"Yuvi, lets go, kahi dooor chalte hai" Hina grappled Yuvi

"DOOOr meaning? Narak me?" Tia toned

"what the hell" Hina yelled

At the same time Sheetal entered in ball and quickly held Yuvi's hand & supplanted Hina "excuse me he is my partner" Sheetal said

"Who are you" Hina asked

"What? Tum Sheetal ko nahi janti, it's her party" Yuvi answered

"Yes, and might be know that without partner party me entry nahi milegi, so where's your partner?" Sheetal asked

"you don't have any one right? Then get lost" Tia snapped

Hina got angry on them, she didn't say anything just stormed out of the Ball

"agar Tia ke hath me hota toh Tia usska yehi murder kar deti"

"hum bhi" Ranveer said

"main bhi" Yuvi replied

"apko dekhke lagta toh nahi hai ki aap usska murder karte" Ranveer toned

"Ranveer bana, leg pulling ke alawa koi kaam nahi hai kya" Yuvi replied

"GOD, bcoz of this Nina hume kya kya karma pada" Sid said

"HIIINA" Yuvi yelled

"SHUT UP" everyone brushed off at Yuvi

Ashi also went in other way with Sumit. Everyone again started thinking what to do next.


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Originally posted by BUBLAI

@trishu : trishuuu I really loved reading this update ...
soniya was screaming from the balcony itself ...LOLLOL
hayee re itna sab kuch sirf imagination hi tha Day Dreaming
yuvi remembers the girl's name ... that's like our Yuvi ... Wink
now she is back at the ball ... lets see what happens nextTongue
thanx alot appsHug
1stly thought i should make the scene in reality but then thought itni jaldi thik nahi haiLOLLOL
next your turnWink

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Originally posted by purpleoliza

aww trishu!
whts chole esho! woh sabse pehle bataao meko!
and thn here dreams!
ashi skool ke strt mein bhi aise drea karti thi=))

haii na! lol
the best was yuvi!hehe!! nina nahi.. heena!!
this is our yuvi!  lol
"hey bhaggu, main kya karu in dono Buddha buddhi ko leke, ek jalta hai or ek jalati hai, what parents I have, anyways I have to go"

lol! ashi bechhari! kitne pareshaani mein jee rahi hai!

trishu update soon plzzz
awesome part tha! next aur lamba rakhna!
i knew it u'll ask thisLOL
it means come back
wen i was writiing that line buddha buddhi wala my mom dad was fighting on a rubbish topic usise idea ayaROFL
dekhlo lamba hua?Wink

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guys plz you two continue it till to 22 sept
i have my exams from saturday so i can't be here

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Ufff !!! Thank God that finally this shina,nina or hina ... whoever she is, is out of the picture Angry pehle hi problems kaam thi jo yeh madam bina partner ke gatecrash ki thi AngryAngry
the best punchline was by sidLOLLOL and Yuvi yaar --- kya Hina ke naam ke peeche pada hua thaLOLLOL
really loved reading this part Tongue
I am going next ... and All the very best for your exams !!!!!!!Thumbs UpGive your best TongueTongue

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wowie trishuu
this was such an amazing part!
loved every bit of it!
it was just awesome!
hina sheena gyi! eri bala se!
and yuvi bhi na.. full on..

next appy will go!
plz lambe parts appy!
and jaldi!

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Part 83 :

Soniya : '' mummum tum thik toh ho na shona ? ''

Ashi : '' ofcourse mom ... aur kaunsi language mein kahoon aapko ... ET ke language nahi aate mujhe ''

Soniya : '' Ki je bolo na ... okay now you dance with your boring partner ... I am going back to my hot and happening partner ''

Ashi : '' okay mom ... jaake dhoondiye unhe ... kahin mauka dekhke bhaag na gaya ho "

sumeet : '' haan possible ... mujhe bhi woh kahin nazar nahi aa raha "

ashi : '' cum on papa ... aap kabse ladko ko dekhne lage ? "

Sumeet : '' jab se your mom started feeling that she is 17 all over again "

ashi : " I think aap '1' ko galat jagah place kar rahe ho ... you should place it on the right side of 7 ... tabhi toh mamma ki real age pata chalega " sumeet and ashi burst into laughter and soniya got angry ...

Soniya : '' tum dono hi mere glowing beauty se jealous ho ... I am going now ..."
and she leaves them and goes back to her partner ...

ashi : '' okay ... papa ... Now can we please start dancing ? main yahan pe khare khare bore ho rahi hoon ...''

sumeet : '' okay ... but baaki o ko start toh karne do ...''

ashi : '' Oh ! cum on papa ... now don't be a spoiltsport .. "

Sumeet : '' ok chalo ..." and they headed to the dancefloor ...

On the other hand , Sid was getting bored with all this ... he thought that he should go to vrinda and ask her for a dance ...

Sid : '' Vrinda hain kahan ? yeh log toh koi aur mission pe hi busy hain ... aise karte karte lagta hain party kabhi start hi nahi hoga .. "

after looking here and there he found Vrinda and went up to her ...

sid : '' Vrinda please chalo na ... lets go and dance ''

Vrinda : '' okk... but atleast let sumone else start ...''

Sid : '' kya yaar ... tumse toh sumeet uncle bhi sportive hai .. look ... he is going towards the dancefloor "

Vrinda : '' ok fine .. let us also go "

Sid : '' Finally ! I thought aaj bina dance ke hi ball khatam ho jayega "
Vrinda smiled at him and went alongwith him to the dancefloor ...

on the other hand , yuvi : '' guys tumlog dance floor pe jao .. the dance has started ... apne apne masks pehno and go .. I am working on this problem "

Tia : '' don't worry yuvi .. Tia is sure tum koi acha plan soch loge ... ashi is just a bit hyper now , but don't worry she will come down "

Yuvi : ' calm down se kya fayda .. humlog kuch bhi soch le hamesha ulta hi hota hai and it all ends up with her being hurt "

Ranveer : '' bana ... dil chhota maat kijiye ... aapke efforts zaroor kaam aayega .. afterall whatever you are trying is straight from your heart "

Yuvi : '' I hope so dude ... I honestly hope so ... but aab tumlog jao and thoda enjoy karo ... mere chakkar mein no one can enjoy themselves "

Ranveer : '' Its nothing like that ... afterall what are friends for ? right ?"

Yuvi smiled at him and hugged him .

Tia : "aww ... how sweet ... tum bhi chalo na humare saath ... yahan pe khare rehke kya fayda ?''

ranveer : haan bana ... Ti a thik keh rahi hai ... aap bhi chaliye na "

Yuvi :'' no yaar ... you guys carry on .. I will join you all later ... afterall you people need sometime together "

Ranveer : '' ok bana ... par aap aa jayiga "

Yuvi : '' ya sure bro "

Sany went in search for kabir and saw him entering the ball ...

Sany : '' where were you ?''

Kabir : " nowhere ... just having some time alone from all of this madness "

Sany : '' alone ? I was finding you .."

Kabir : '' what for ? ''

Sany : '' Remember ... we are at a ball and we are supposed to dance "

Kabir : '' ya ... I totally forgot "

Sany : '' I thought so ... but can we go now for the dance ... and have brought your mask as well "

Kabir : '' how thoughtful! lets go "
they too haeded towards the dance floor ...

soniya too joined them with her cool partner and sheetal too went to bring yuvi alongwith her ..

Sheetal :'' what for are you standing here for bro ? remember you are my partner and this party is for me ... so can we go and dance ? and I don't want to hear a 'no'"

Yuvi : '' Hmmm ... How can i refuse such a sweet lady ? come lets go and join them "

Sheetal : '' chalo chalo ... ap bhi kabtak bahana dhoondoge Ashi di ke saath dance karne ke liye "

Yuvi : '' nothing like that ... I want to dance with you not with ashi "

Sheetal : '' bekar mein what's the use of telling lies ? now lets go "

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god!nw u both hv strted writing this in bengali!
meko sammjhaao p.s mein ki wht it means
loved the lil lil parts of every scene!
par again appy!
kitnu chotu sa tha!
plz update soon!
am loving reading yuvi's parts! they r so much fun and exciting to read! uff ye yuvi! :P

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