FF: KIDNAP 2 - An Sequel[Promo on page 25] (Page 8)

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Nice chapterClap......eagerly waiting for the next partBig smile.....

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Part 8


As the time passed by slowly, pratigya gradually became bored. She had been sitting doing nothing for hours. All she wanted to do was to get out and go home. The room brought back memories which she wished she could forget. She had woken up sometime in the night and since hadn't been able to sleep. She could hear the silent breathings of that man on the bed across the room. Suddenly she sat up, maybe he had left the door unlocked. She could then go out and maybe rescue arushi ma'am. But no what if she got caught. What would he do with her? She couldn't risk that nor could she? One if she risked it she would be safely back home and arushi ma'am also safe but if caught then she didn't know the consequences. She took a deep breath and sat up. She threw a glance at the bed then headed to the door. Turning the handle she realized it was locked. He had been smart enough to ensure she doesn't try any other antics to escape. She returned back to the sofa and sat. Then another idea clicked a phone. She could call, his phone must be somewhere around. As a reply to her thoughts something blinked on the table next to the bed. She quietly made her way to the bedside table. His face was turned to the other side and the phone was continuously blinking. Someone was calling on it but the phone was on silent mode. She picked up the phone and then recalled that it was a touch screen, and she didn't know how to operate it. As she placed it down back on the table, her hand accidently pressed the receive button on his phone and the phone jumped alive straight on speaker mode. Someone on the other side began saying hello. Krishna awakened by the noise sat up. In fear pratigya dropped the phone and ran back to the sofa. Krishna turned and picked up the phone.

K: hello……..sorry I was sleeping………yes its all right…..dont worry I remember…….ok yes yes……..fine………ya I know…….i will come ok……….yesss………ya fine……. I want to sleep can i?...yea sure……love you too and give my love to the baby….bye

He put the phone down and looked across the room. He had guessed that she had been touching his phone so then he spoke "I suppose you touched my phone?" pratigya didn't reply she was too scared to. "don't touch my phone next time". He lay down again placing one hand over his eyes. Pratigya was too scared to move but her mind was racing. She hadn't been able to read the name flashing as caller display but the voice had been of a female. He told her I love u over the phone and about the baby. Was he married and that had been his wife. He even had a child. But why was she feeling so bad about it. How did it concern her It's his life. Unintentionally she was feeling sad and her chest fell heavy. Why was she having feeling about it?? why?


Morning she was woken up with aarushi's screams. She was yelling right outside the room. The room was empty she noticed but she had been handcuffed to the chair once again. He wasn't taking chances with her. This time there was no food on the table. But why was arushi ma'am out of that storeroom? Where were they taking her? A few minutes later Krishna walke din and headed straight to the cupboard. He pulled out a small bag and stuffed all the contents of the cupboard in it. Then he emptied the bedside drawer, stuffing all that also in his bag except a gun which he stuffed in his jeans.  Pulling the bag he headed to the door and threw it out. As he walked towards her she saw his eyes. There was something wrong. He unlocked her handcuffs and caught her hand pulling her.

P: where are u taking me?

K(angry): shut up and walk.

P: but!!!!

He lead her upstairs into the house. She could see all the men were also looking worried and were carrying stuff out of the basement. As he led her out of the house, one of the men called him. He caught another passing-by man and told him to put pratigya in the car.

Man: with that girl???

K: no don't put her in the back seat with her. Make her sit in the front seat. And ya handcuff her to it. I don't want her running off.

He handed her over to that man and went back in the house. There were 2 cars and one jeep standing out. She was led to the first car and seated next to the driver's seat. The car was empty except for a tied up arushi fidgeting in the back seat, gagged, blindfolded and tied. The man left, rushing back into the house. Pratigya thought this was her chance to escape. She could try untying arushi but as she had been handcuffed she couldn't reach the backseat. Could she try talking with ma'am, but before she could make a attempt for conversation Krishna got into the driver seat and started the engines. Two other men got in at the back on either sides of arushi. The car started and drove towards the gates while the other car and jeep followed suit. The gates opened and the cars moved out. The man sitting behind pratigya bent forward and asked "should I blindfold her too?" Krishna nodded. Pratigya was blindfolded and she couldn't see where they were headed. Sometime later she felt the car stop and arushi was dragged out (because she refused to walk). She was unsure whether she should remove her blindfold or stay where she was. She felt the car start up again, fear gripped her. Where was she being taken?

P(scared): where am I going?

A hand was placed on her hand.

K: shshsh….its ok its only me. I'm just parking the car.

P: ok (feeling relieved)

The car turned and was parked properly. She heard the driver's door open and close a minute later. Her door opened and she felt his hand touching hers, unlocking the handcuffs. She raised her hand to remove the cloth off her eyes. His hands stopped her.

K: not now.

P: but how will I get down?

His hands creped under her knees and her back, and she was lifted and placed down.

K: like this. Now just walk.

P: where are we?

K: later now walk

Fearfully she walked as he led her. The ground was uncertain and it smelled like a horse stable. A fearless cock wandered near her feet and decided to crow. Hearing a loud cock-a-doodle-doo near her feet she jumped in fright and fell down. She could hear Krishna laughing and yelling shoo to the cock. He pulled her up and this time slid his hand around her waist as he led her. She didn't like this and she lightly pushed his hand away. He whispered a sorry and moved his hand away. Soon she felt she was in some house with tiles on the floor. This time she bumped into a sofa, a table and lastly a lamppost. Irritated she asked to remove her blindfold. He removed it. Her eyes met the magnificence of the drawing room. It was as lavishly furnished as the mansion rooms had been but was smaller. Krishna was standing looking amused inches from her.

P: where are we?

K: that's not your problem. Just walk.

He took her to one room at the end of the passage and handcuffed her to the chair. Turning around he walked out, on the other end of the corridor. Arushi was being locked up in another storeroom.    


Here again she sat bored handcuffed to the chair for the rest of the day with only occasional visits by the men to give food. Actually it wasn't food it was snacks. She didn't see that man for the rest of the day. As she sat there her eyes wandered around the room. It was similarly decorated in a light blue color scheme with everything from the curtains to the bed sheet in blue. The tables had different decorative items while the walls had paintings. The curtains were drawn closed so she couldn't see out. She wondered why they had moved away from the basement of that house. There was something sinister behind this, but what? Soon her eyes wandered to the bedside table which held a photo frame of a girl who was enveloped in that man (Krishna)'s arms. Was that his wife she wondered? They looked so nice together she thought but then another dreaded feeling overcame her. Why was she feeling bad about it? Was it because her conscious hurt because she had slept with a married man or was it something else? Krishna walked in minutes later playing with his mobile. He had a large red scratch on his left cheek which looked freshly wounded. He didn't give a glance also to her as he passed and sat on the bed. He seemed to be typing on his mobile. She was curious at why this shift had taken place, but was hesitant to call him. She cleared her throat to draw his attention, but he didn't respond. She did it again. On her third attempt, he spoke without looking up 'are you trying to communicate or the sore throat is genuine".

P: 'urm'……I wanted to ask something?

K: about the shift?

P: yes

K(amused): as curious as ever arn't you?

P: no I was just simply asking.

K: simply huh?…….(joking) well we also shifted "simply". *grin*

P; if you don't want to tell you could just say. *offended*

K: okay sorry…..a new complication developed that's why we shifted. Now I'm sure you are going to ask what complication? *grin*

P: no….if you want to say you can.

K: well let's not talk about it then…… did you like Henry??

P: whose henry?

K: the cock who wished you a good morning I mean cock-a-doodle this morning. *grin*LOLLOLLOLLOLROFL

P: very funny!!!!!

K: I know, you should have seen your face when it happened.

Pratigya looked away. He smiled and put his mobile aside. He could sense that she was offended. He sat down on the adjoining sofa and tried to talk.

K: you don't like animals do you???

P: why so???

K: well you are afraid of cockroaches, cocks so I thought you wernt much of a animal lover.

P: no I like animals but cockroaches give me the creeps.

K: are you going to go say sorry to henry then? He was quite offended today morning. *broad grin*LOL

P: sorry to a bird??? Do I have to?Embarrassed

Krishna laughed at her question. He was just pulling her leg and she took it seriously.

K: well if you want to.

P: is that cock really named henry?

K: no I just named it to irritate you.Wink

P: why do you have a cock in the house?

K: its not actually in the house. It lives outside in the courtyard. This is actually a farmhouse. Leaving henry and his buddy, you will find hens; cows, horses and I think there are ducks also.

P: why did we come here?

K: some idiotic person told the police that he had been one of the laborers to who had built that house and he had built a basement under the house. The police would have swarmed there to search the basements so we all shifted to the farmhouse temporarily.   

P: ok. What happened to your…….d scratch??

K: your ma'am scratched me when we were re-locating her. Wild cat she is.

P: when can I and arushi ma'ams go back?

Krishna's expression changed and he got up. He said "soon" and went back to sit on the bed. She understood he was angered by her question. She shouldn't have asked him that. Now what could she do to start the conversation again. She had to find out more about this place so that she could know everything if she attempted escape. And she knew he spoke freely with her when in a good mood. She had to retrieve more information. She looked around for any conversation starter. She noticed the photo frame.

P: your wife is very pretty.

K(absentminded): Thank you. I know she looks quite an angel……………………ShockedShockedShocked




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ufff!!!!!!finally u updated !
Preeetiii...Big smile
wen i didnt get reply to the pm,i thot u left the story halfway...thank u sooo much for coming back!
oh god!our preeti is back with a bang!!!!
poor pratigya got trapped in the house...umm hmm..Prats feeling uncomfortable to knw about krishna's wife(does he  have?) they shifted the house ryt?more complications...n does the new house belong to Krishna?
btw,lubd Henry Pratigya confrontation...LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...
nw hu is this angel?dont say its his wife...i'll kill uuu!!!!!!!!AngryLOL
but it was fantastic update.after a long take this for making us happy...
nw jaldi jaldi answer my questions...that means update soon!Big smile
n y r u not updating fanaa?eager to read it also!
u lub karan ryt?k k...

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hi preeti...henryLOLd way krishna was telling pratigya 2 say sorry 2 henry was funny...
so 4m nw i cn c hens,ducks,cows toubling pratigyaLOL...
but my cockroach s d best & i miss him alot...
nyc chp who s dis angel????
waiting 4 d nxt chp...bye tak care...

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thanks for updatingSmile...beautiful chapter indeedClap...waiting for the next one...

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Originally posted by zash_LubUKriYa

ufff!!!!!!finally u updated !
Preeetiii...Big smile
wen i didnt get reply to the pm,i thot u left the story halfway...thank u sooo much for coming back!now off to read..
I didnt receive the pm i tink.Confused...i am on holidays so kind of away from my laptop, thats why i updated so lateWink

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Originally posted by ninita

hi preeti...henryLOLd way krishna was telling pratigya 2 say sorry 2 henry was funny...
so 4m nw i cn c hens,ducks,cows toubling pratigyaLOL...
but my cockroach s d best & i miss him alot...he'll be backStar
nyc chp who s dis angel???? His wifeLOLLOLLOLLOL
waiting 4 d nxt chp...bye tak care...

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 I have read ur ff:kidnap/kidnap2/fanaa, all r superb.
Kidnap2 is a fanatastic ff, plz update next part soon.

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